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alpaca diseases
May 19, 2009



Jan 7, 2010


Before going back to Actor Hei, I pay a visit to both Dogkicker and Dr. Bone.

I found Dogkicker sitting with back facing the wall of an alley near his home. He told me he like sitting there and get drunk because sometimes he will wake up with money around him. I can relate as it happened to me in the past. Not a lot from that kind of begging, but no effort either.

“What can I do for you today?” The quarter-way drunk Dogkicker asked. His mind remain sharp at this point and certainly can hold a conversation. Whether he will remembers what he said after he woke up, however, is another question.

Albeit that possibility, asking it now won’t work hurt. “Can you be my sifu?”

“Sifu.” His face went flat and the raised liquor pauses midway to his mouth. “As in master who teaches you martial art?”

I nods. Somewhat worried to affirm his thoughts since his expression when still and focused. Is it a bad thing to become a sifu? Actor Hei really disliked becoming my sifu, so there must be a very good reason.

Dogkicker shakes his head. “No. I am hardly qualify in both skill and stature.” He continues his drink.

“Why not?” I asked, knowing he already answered his reason, but Actor Hei did considered it after a bowl of noodle!

Time seem paused for Dogkicker again as his motion went still with a slightly annoyance face. He didn’t turn to me this time, but he answers, “For one, I can’t teach without mastering the technique, and the most important part, other sifu might not want you if I become your sifu.”

His explanation is the same as Actor Hei. I suppose it makes sense. If I have Office Wong become my sifu, Office Wright might not want to be my sifu out of personal reason. In fact, this is like choosing between Baba and Li Foil. I wished I were able to make them friends again, but I needed that panda skin to save uncle Liu… And I did promise madam Foil to side with them. Thankfully, no one gotten hurt.

The next best thing to ask would be... “Would you become my Sifu when you are qualify?” I have been rejected many time in my begging days, but It’s sad to be rejected twice by the two people I trust.

He immediately started snoring after falling asleep. I don’t know how alcohol works, but that must be strong alcohol. I toss him a silver in respect to his beggerhood and move on to Dr. Bone.

Halfway on a street to Dr. Bone’s home
Baba stares at me when we crossed path. His mouth going up and down, but made no sound. I may not be able to associate with him, but the promise does allow me to interact normally with him.

I tried to say something, but my mouth also open and shut regularly. Baba infected me with something! My annoyance become frustration at this awkward moment when I think I spotted someone looking like Li Foil.

“HI!” I yelled and then ran away.

I don’t like it. Baba is my friend. I could had talk to him more, but I feel so awful. I don’t know how to deal with this. I can only run away from this. Uncle Liu would be ashamed of me for my cowardice, but at least I greeted him. Professor Bei would say I am not well mannered, but greeting count for something! I-I…

Outside a butcher shop
“I want five baskets of beef bone, please.” A familiar voice drew my attention to the butcher shop during my hasty escape.

I stopped myself when I saw Dr. Bone is purchasing bones from the butcher. So that is where all the bone in his home came for.

“More bone broth soup?” The butcher asked with a smile.

Dr. Bone isn’t good at dealing with stranger. “Uh-hm y-yeah, I love soup!”

The butcher nods. “That’s good, that’s good. My bones will make you strong and tough like me!” He flex his right arm to demonstration the mountains on his tanned arm.

“Y-yes. I know.” He agreed with a nervous smile.

The butcher gave him a pat on the back. “Don’t worry, man. Once you get as big as me, you will feel more confident, hahaha!” He pats Dr. Bone’s back more as he laugh while the doc sweats nervously. “Oh?” The butcher slowed his pat and begin rubbing his should. “Ohh! Despite your appearance, your body is quite tough!”

“Ye-yes, it’s all thanks to bones…” Dr. Bone replies with a weak smile after the butcher backer off.

The butcher laugh again. “Well said! I would give you a basket free for knowing the stuff!”

Dr. Bone thanked the butcher and finished his purchase. I waves my arm and call to him after he slip a basket under his arm and hold the other two in his arms.

“Oh, Filial Child! Did you need something?” He approach me without a spark of nervousness from before.

I have wondered if that is some kind of sickness, but my priority is taking care of Uncle Liu’s sickness of death first, and that requires having my chi sickness cured before it gets in the way. The more sifu I can get, the faster I am cured! But what if he rejects me too? Actor Hei only considering, but haven'

“Yes, would you become my sifu?” I asked to the immediate shock of him dropping both baskets of beef bone.

“W-w-w-w-what!?” People begin to stares but he too occupied to become nervous by the attention.

“Would you become my sifu?” I repeated.

“YES! YES!” He almost shouted. The grin in his intensifying face reveal a perfect set of teeth.

“Yay!” I celebrated! Finally someone accepted me! I would feel bad if he also rejects me. “Yaaaay!” I ran around him in circle and we begin to dance in circle to the increasing onlooker until Dr. Bone come to his sense.

“L-let’s go to my home before we continues this.” He whispered and make sure I nodded before leaving the scene as quickly as he could.

Dr. Bone’s Home of Bone
Dr. Bone is calmer after he got home and placed his baskets to the side. The smell of beef from the bone would had make me hungry if I haven’t eaten at Actor Hei’s home.

“So,” He begin with a smile and a question. “Why the sudden occasion?”

I explained to him what happened at the Actor Hei’s house and the reason I need to cure my chi issue as soon as possible.

Dr. Bone have a frowning face when I asked Actor Hei to be my sifu, but that become worst after I reiterate the curing method of Actor Hei. He stayed silent till the end of my story.

“That fool!” He muttered loud enough for me to heard, then speak to me normally. “Filial Child, what Actor Hei planned to do is teach you how to expel all fives element through your body.”

I nodded. “As you said.”

“The problem is-“ Dr. Bone hold up his finger to point at a picture of the wheel of five elements. “The problem is you learning All Five type of chi!” He hovers his finger around the wheel as he explains:

“If you possess a type of chi that opposes another, then it will take twice as much effort to cultivate it! If you have TWO type of chi that opposes that same element, it will take TRIPLE the effort!”

“For example-“ He moves he points at the Earth, water and Fire character. “Because Water controls Fire and Water is controlled by Earth, further cultivation in the water will be triple as hard while juggling the fire and earth in you! Your best bet would to be learning either learn the promotional Metal or nourishing Wood without penalty!”

I considered what Dr. Bone said. It seem elements don’t with two other element inside the same body, but… “I thought I have no ‘pot’ to hold chi.”

Dr. Bone pause. Clearly forgotten about that, but countered with another question. “I thought you want to make a pot?”

“Is there a reason to make a pot?” I asked. Now I am curious as to what are benefit of these option.

“Hmm, uhh, you can hold them cultivates it to even higher level that could really give you an edge like… Shooting a jet of water instead of the garden watering version!” He come up with another argument as quickly as it crossed his mind. “Having the pot let you covert normal chi into element chi that can be stored! You won’t have to deal with those trickling amount that will leak out of you!”

“Why would I want to make my water shoot harder?” I asked. Pondering why I would want anything that could ruin the flowers.

Dr. Bone clears his throat to buy himself some time to think. “Let’s say… hmmm… Let’s say your house is on fire, and the jet would be better than bucketing water from the well and the flower watering dribble won’t help?”

That’s a good point. If Uncle Liu is trapped in there and I can shoot big water at the fire… “But how do I make a pot? And what about my training with Actor Hei?”

“You can keep learning from him, but I don’t recommend cultivating all five elements.” Dr. Bone reassured. “As for the pot… I am still working on it, but I am planning to store the elemental chi in your Bone.”

1) Should I make a pot?
A) No, that sounds bad
B) YES! That make sense!
C) I will rather make a different kind of pot.
D) Write-in

2) Do I want to consort with Actor Hei about this? Would he rejects me for having Dr. Bone as sifu?
E) Yes, let ask his opinion
F) No, I can’t risk losing a potential sifu.
G) Write-in

alpaca diseases
May 19, 2009

1D- our pot will be made of bone


Also is Karl still with the Dr?

Jan 7, 2010


Btw, this is catergorize as Xianxia genre. we can have a final choice of what kind of genre we will pursue (dynasty warrior, wuxia, xiancia, politics, next episode in dbz, etc) when we are done with stating our Filial Child.

alpaca diseases posted:

Also is Karl still with the Dr?
During the time where Dr.Bone threw a bone at your boat, those cultists falling into the lake scared it away.

Swedish Thaumocracy
Jul 11, 2006

Strength of >800 Men
Honor of 0

Grimey Drawer

If we stored our CHI in our bones, could we use Elemental Sickness purposefully to give our skeleton different qualities? Like.. make our arms watery and to make them elongate or flow around blows, and then switch it to Earth to make us punch like a mountain once we actually reach our theoretical opponent?

Jan 7, 2010


In theory, yes. But noodle arm get cut off easily.

And you need to be really good at that element.

Edit: or specific style that do it

Nyaa fucked around with this message at Sep 27, 2018 around 16:19

Jul 10, 2008

alpaca diseases posted:

1D- our pot will be made of bone


Sounds right.

Our bones are bone. Our flesh is noodle. Our blood is broth.

Mar 20, 2010

Shamanistic Tendencies


Jan 7, 2010


Dr. Bone was happy that I agree to making bone pot out of me, and asked to tag along for asking Actor Hei’s opinion. He seem very nervous, but shouldn’t that only to stranger he don’t know well? Is Actor Hei a stranger to him?

Frontyard at House of Hei
“You return sooner than I thought, kid.” Action standing half-naked in his garden pond said. He seem to be playing with water, and I would like to join in with this summer heat. “No, I am not playing!” He denied when I asked.

“Hello.” Dr. Bone greeted with the blandest emotionless voice.

“Hello.” Actor Hei greeted back awkwardly in his quarter-submerged position on the pond. “I am not playing.” He attest to Dr. Bone.

“I… I understand.” Dr. Bone replied. He does not seem convinced and it shows on his face.

“What do you need, Filial Child?” Actor Hei, the master of words decided to use the advance technique known as ‘Change The Topic’ to ask why I have returned on the same day.

“Dr. Bone offers to make me a pot!” I explained with excitement leaking all over my voice. “With my Bone!”

“Bone?” Actor Hei narrows his eyes as he stare dagger at Dr. Bone.

“Yes?” Dr. Bone answered nervously.

I would urge him to join Actor Hei in the water since he is sweating quite a lot, but Actor Hei doesn’t seem to be done with using the pond. It’s not particularly big, but enough for all three of us and two fishes to enjoy the cool water. Actor Hei didn’t strike me as a shy person or someone who won’t share.

“No, I am not calling you name.” Actor Hei clarifies, “What does he mean ‘With his bone’?”

“W-well, y-you see…” Dr. Bone’s worried smile is stuck on his face as he tries to explain with strenuous effort. “It’s… Uhmm… H-how should I…”

This might take a while, so I interrupted to explain. “Dr. Bone said he wants to turn my bone into pot to hold my chi!”

“Holding Chi with your…” His eyes turns back to stares at Dr. Bone. “Bone?”

This time even Dr. Bone knew he isn’t calling his name. He nods slowly. Each nods slower and slower as Actor Hei continues to stare at him in silent.

This feels like a very awkward scene between a half bathing man and two sweating people who wants to get in? Actor Hei must not like to bath with other, and Dr. Bone really wants in? Wait, is this what they are really talking about? “We should respects his decision and find another po-“

“Wait! Wait! Not yet!” Dr. Bone interrupted my suggestion for another pond. He really likes this pond for some reason, and really wants to join in. He got himself together to explain to Actor Hei coherently, “It’s a legitimate way to get around the lack of pot!”

Both fishes in the pond is circling the new installation of an unmoving structure that is Actor Hei like a playground item. That quickly changed as Actor started yelling. “ARE YOU INSANE!? Putting Chi in the bone!? I know you are a weirdo, but I keep it to myself because you are Old Man Liu’s friend!”

Oh no! Actor Hei really don’t want to share the pond! I look to Dr. Bone in hope he would give up, but strangely enough, he stood his ground.

“I-It’s not insane! I have been testing it on bone! It will wo-“ Dr. Bone desperately trying to pacify the angry man in mid-bath.

“Why!? Why would he need a pot!? We are suppose to FIX his exotic chi accumulation issue!” Actor Hei took a step in the pond, scaring the fishes further away. “Making a pot is the exact reverse of that!”

“N-no! The side effect would stay mostly in the bone!” Dr. Bone realize he haven’t answered the question and added. “Pot is good! It’s good for the body to have more chi!”

“That’s the dumbest solution I heard heard!” Actor Hei insulted back.

“H-HEY!” Dr. Bone become agitated at the outright refusal and retort. “It’s not as dumb as learning all FIVE Element! Do you know what that would do to his cultivation!?”

“Of course I do!” Actor Hei pointed his finger at Dr. Bone angrily. “The GOAL is to prevent him storing elemental chi! Not to make him a Master of All Chi!”

Strange. I thought they are subtlety talking about pond access (Because both adult are shy), but this doesn’t seem to be sharing bath anymore. They are talking about my chi issue now!

Dr. Bone pointed his finger back at Actor Hei. “The child clearly have great destiny ahead of him! Ruining his growth is not cool!”

“I allowed the child to learn external kung fu from you,” He begins to stroll out of the pond. “But as he (maybe) sifu, I am going to retract his involvement with stupid bone man like you!”

“Stupid!?” Dr. Bone is as pissed as Actor Hei and also starts to stroll forward to meet him head to head. Except Dr. Bone is closer to the pond edge, so Actor Hei is still standing in the pond by the time they meet up. The lower elevating of the pond force Actor Hei to look up at Dr. Bone from a faceoff disadvantage.

Did Actor Hei not want Dr. Bone to get in his pond? It’s hard to tell at this point. I wish I know what to do at time like this, but at least I am not being stare by a few dozen eyes this time.

[Write-in or keep watching]

Mar 20, 2010

Shamanistic Tendencies

These guys gotta chill out

Dec 31, 2002

Go in the pond and cool off.

Swedish Thaumocracy
Jul 11, 2006

Strength of >800 Men
Honor of 0

Grimey Drawer

Actor Hei; Without bones, where would you rest your clever lies?
Dr. Bone; Without Acting, how would you convince people to let you work their bones?
We cannot stand alone against the impossible.
We cannot enjoy Noodles without both Broth and Presentation.
Least of all without the company of friends and loved ones.

My condition is unique, so to much my teachings.

Please, Dr. Actor. Heibone! Be me Sifus! Teach me everything!

Jan 7, 2010



These guys gotta chill out
The heat must have gotten to them. It is quite a hot day where playing in on the pond is the best remedy against the heat.


Go in the pond and cool off

I slowly step in from the corner of the pond, Actor Hei and Dr. Bone either didn’t notice me or choose to ignore my initiative to cool off before I become like them. The pond isn’t deep enough to cool an adult like Actor Hei, but it’s up to my knee and ducking down submerges half my body into its gentle cooling. I can feel relaxed already.

“You!” Actor Hei standing sideway at the pond raises a pointing finger at Dr. Bone. “From the brief argument we are having, I can tell your true motives for coming here!”

Detect Inspiration: 45

“You are inspired by your research of chi infused bone!” Actor Hei accused as he move his finger to point at me. “No one in the right mind would accept modification of their bone if not for childishness or trust from their parent! Can you say you aren’t exploiting such trust for your own personal gain!?”

“T-that’s…“ Dr. Bone can’t find a retort.

Actor Hei points his finger back at Dr. Bone. “There is no reason the child need to gone through your procedure! Unless-!”

Detect Passion: 39

“You care about bone more than the child!” He shouted strongly as If the force of an arrow was fired into the target.

As if pierced by an arrow that barely missed the heart, Dr. Bone recoiled two steps backward from the accusatory words! Sweats pours even harder from his hair to the chin. “I-I, th-th-…“ Word forms and dissolves from him who already have stuttering speech with unfamiliar people.

Actor Hei did not end at that note. No, the person in front of him is having a very dangerous and stupid idea! They won’t change their mind without weakening their motivation to do so! He is not letting this man leave without giving up the stupid idea!

Secret Arts: Soothing Passions! 26+15 = 42
Method of Secret Arts of Intrigue: Righteousness

The accusation finger have been lowered, the once shouting man become somber. Actor Hei at the center of the pond stopped speaking as he stares at the plum flower tree hanging above the pond. The scenery become otherworldly as if it staring at a painting, and Actor Hei stood still as part of the background. Small wind sway and move trees and leaves, but all feels natural in its action. The courtier who is watching nature, have become nature, and this nature speaks in a humble tone: “Confucius once said:
Your flesh and bone came from your parent,
Your parent give you life from their life,
Harming a life is equal to harming its parent!

The poetry flew across the mystical realm of the spiritual pool, echoing Confucius teaching in the recipient’s mind. Nature, no, this otherworldly nature of greater spiritual depth of faraway mystical mountain spokes its wisdom. It is the truth of the world, an universal logic of life, how could one not feel ashamed by their selfishness to indirectly harm Old Man Liu himself? Indeed, in this moment of enlightenment, even a child with a filial heart would add:

Swedish Thaumocracy posted:

Actor Hei; Without bones, where would you rest your clever lies?
Dr. Bone; Without Acting...
Calm down both parties: 32+10 = 41 vs 42

“Be quite, boy. I am explaining to this man why bone is not worth the precious life he seek to mess with!” Actor Hei snapped, and just like that, the sunlight that tries to brighten the landscape was deny by wall of clouds. The cool air of the land resume to baths in its sensual breeze of the wind and without carrying the laughter of children to this land - A perfection of Purpose for living within the landscape artwork that do not allow foreign influence to alter its perfection. Something stupid and dumb like BONE would be not be al-

Dr. Bone’s Confident (-5) Defense : 7 7 7 6 7 7 9 0 = 57 -5 = 52 vs 41 & 42

“Are you implying,” A deepening voice that of an unnatural storm arrives. “Bone. Is. Not. Life?” Each of the last four words boom like a thunder strike to the tallest tree, questioning their existence of truth and righteousness! “A sifu is the student’s second parent!“ Dr. Bone took one-steps forward; the sky of Actor Hei darkens as the storm intrude closer! “His bone is previous as my bone, and BONE IS LIFE!”

Actor Hei were forced to take a step back in the pond, yielding to the lethal pressure of malevolent intention of the approaching storm bending his grass and trees in swiftness! Threatening to torn it all apart! “Oh, Actor Hei! Actor Hei” The courtier thought to himself. “You sure have pushed the biggest sore spot of the supposedly socially awkward and unconfident mad man! To think he would have such a deeply rooted dumb ideal in his very soul! What happened in his life to make him so ingrained with bone!?”

Dr. Bone took another step, the giant hurricane approach closer, stripping more land of reason and logic from Actor Hei’s world. The wild storm speaks again, “You dare to question the value of Bone!?” He took a third step and force Actor Hei to take another step back in the pond from the enmity of doom. If this keep going, he would be backed into the corner of his house’s fence! The entity that seeks to destroy the makeup of this world continues in booming voice of god like pressure. “Without bone; How can a human live their life?”

Not only does the storm stripped the reasoning of the land, it imprints the newly destructed wreckage as the new law of the land. The invasion is only a matter of time before the storm consume this world fully to prove that it really, really likes bone.

“This isn’t good.” Actor Hei thought to himself. “This will escalate into a life and death battle that will destroy my whole house and garden! Cursed! Why must this happen at my house! I haven’t pay the mortgage in full yet!” The storm ceased its advance, however, when Actor Hei called out a truce: “Actually, I think you might be right!”

The wind returns to its normal hustle, and there the storm waits. “You do?” It asked questionably with a slightly softened deep voice of pure displeasure.

“Not completely!” Actor Hei replies honestly. The face of Dr. Bone darkens again, but the courtier isn’t going to let the storm set the pace again. “That’s why, you must prove it to me!” He challenged.

Dr. Bone raised an eyebrow. “Prove?” He asked uncertainly at what the ‘half-believer’ is implying.

“Yes.” Actor Hei nods. “If you claim that bone is as strong as life,” he look back at the tree shading over the pond before continuing. “Such as the mighty hardness of a tree, which is the embodiment of both bone and life whom faces strong wind and flood water day by day, yet it never move from its spot saves for the greatest catastrophic force of god!”

“You think wood is harder than bone?” Dr. Bone challenged with rising antagonism. Then the implication connects in his mind. “You wish to test the mettle of bone through the hardship of a tree.”

“A quick and simple simulation.” Actor Hei smiles in respond. “Many sees the tree grows bigger than bone, so it’s reasonable for them to assume the bone can’t hold their own like tree against the weather.”

“I will prove it.” Dr. Bone asserted. “How do you wish to test it?”

“Draws a circle matching the size of your leg, that will be unmoving range of the tree.” Actor Hei instructed. “If you can stay in that small circle for five of my water strikes, then I acknowledge your view.

“Hmph, to simulate a storm with my bone as tree.” Dr. Bone remark with distain, but he bend down and draw a...

“A bone?” Actor Hei asked with a raised brow.

Now the one smiling is Dr. Bone as he explains. “The bone do not need a large circle like a tree, it can stay strong as a thin skeleton.”

Actor Hei doesn’t care about this bone thing, getting fool to dance to his tunes is always entertaining. He can’t help but grin at the foolish penalty the fool have self-imposed upon himself. A human foot is not make to stand like that nor do the bones within! This mad practitioner of medicine clearly did not altered the slightly larger than average bone of his legs, but even he can tell how muscular the doctor’s leg are when the muscle being in use like that! It matters not, for the next five strikes will topples like a small tree against the force of typhoon!

“I am ready.” Dr. Bone informed Actor Hei after a pause of nothing happen, which pulled the courtier out of his internal villainous analysis.

“Fufufu, you call be ready?” Actor look at the same pair of raised foot holding the stringently the whole of his body. Maybe he could stall a little more to expires his stamina? Make the soil wet enough to be difficult to stand? All valid, but unneeded. He pulls out his metal fan that also serves as a weapon for the skilled. “Very well, I shall a simple water art from my younger years for practicing writing.”

Dr. Bone frown, but remain cautious. “Give me all you got if you truly wish to test the bone.” He admonished. “I won’t want you to make excused when I win.”

The mouth of the courtier is hidden behind his fan, but the Filial Child at the side can see Actor Hei excited grin with his teeth wide. “Very well.” He said as he fold off his fan, and immediately make a for circular turn to dip a long wave of water on the pond. The fan raised above the water surface half-way in the spin, and a line of water being pull out as if attached to the fan!

Mandarin – Number ONE!

In one smoosh motion, Actor Hei sends a horizontal semi-solid line of man-length water mimicking the shape of the Chinese character ‘one’ flying toward Dr. Bone’s foot! It’s a concentrated force rivaling a tsunami trying to knock a tree down its root! But the tiptoeing doctor easily dodge the low elevation line of water with a simple jump.

Mandarin – Number TWO!

Dr. Bone bites on his teeth in irritation for falling to the courtier’s trick! The first line was to make him jump because that is only water to dodge it without moving out of the bone shaped area! Now there’s two lines of water aiming at the upper and mid-section right on where he would fall into it! The force of one of those lines of water would be enough to push him far enough out of bound!

Soft Body Skill – Swimming through Storm!

Bending in wider angle that an average human’s rigid bone structure, Doctor Bone motion his body in midair to lay flat forward and slight dive between the two lines of water with some of his body part curving up a small arc that would have snap the bone inside!

His dive turns into a quick forward flip after passing the water lines to land within the bone zone on his front foot again. There are only a few spots light wetness on his outfit.

“Soft body skill, huh…” Actor Hei smirks with a slightly impressed, but expectant face of a superior evaluating a simple performance of the new hired. “The direct opposite of Iron Body Skill, which I thought a boner like you would go all hard over your bone.”

Dr. Bone sneers at the hidden insult behind the comment. He would normally be embarrassed, but right now, he have an honor to defend and all the blood went to the head to care! Still, he can always stop to talk about bone. “That’s incorrect!” He declared proudly with a genuine smile. “Not many realize the bone can actually bend a little before breaking! Just like a tree will bend by the force of wind instead of taking the full force with its body!”

“A little bend for man, but an arc for the so called bone of yours.” Actor Hei corrected. “That seem to be the limit of your bone before they snap. However, I will admit that I am slightly impressed that you managed that with your spine.”

“Indeed.” Dr. Bone agreed. How could he not agree with that reasoning even if the foe is in the opposition? The tension lessened as he feels the courtier seem to see the way of the bone! Surely th-

The positive thoughts of the doctor was interrupt by the surrender shout of the courtier! “Foolish!” Actor Hei tapping his fan on his other palm in a gesture of facing someone who is in the wrongdoing! “That only makes the bone More Fragile when you suffers a blow by others! Hardening it will save yourself from broken bone more often than you can dodge!”

Dr. Bone narrows his eyes in a frown. “Then why don’t you try?” The tension returned to its prior heat rivaling this summer day. There is so many thing wrong with the courtier’s statement, but Dr. Bone realize this man is the kind who need to sees the truth himself to believe in something.

“Mandarin – Number THREE!”

Although the shape of ‘Three’ covers the full height of a man, if Dr. Bone can do pull off a midair sliding between two lines, this won’t be much of a problem. However, the Courtier is clearly sending the number ‘Four’ immediately to take advantage of which every gap I choose in ‘Three’.

Four, It is a sudden jump in complexity of the writing system. Whoever invented that after the easy ‘One’. ‘Two’, and ‘Three’ must be a horrible person! It even takes five stroke to write it!

More importantly, keeping both ‘Three’ and ‘Four’ shape in mind, the best and only way to dodge thing with an adult size is by ducking down and do a small hop to get through the lower gap of ‘Three’ and repeat the same again to take advantage of the wide open gap at the lower bottom of ‘Four’!

Sure enough, ‘Four’ is already coming after he hop through the gap of ‘Three’, but-

“Oops! My hand slipped, but it’s still legit!” Actor Hei said with a wide grin as the poorly written character of ‘Four’ with a shrink lower-gaps flying towards the doctor who is still halfway passing over the lower line of ‘Three’!

Nov 29, 2004


Numbers never lie

Jul 10, 2008

Actor Hei posted:

“Oops! My hand slipped, but it’s still legit!” Actor Hei said with a wide grin as the poorly written character of ‘Four’ with a shrink lower-gaps flying towards the doctor who is still halfway passing over the lower line of ‘Three’!


Although having our teachers know how to demonstrate trickery is potentially useful, after all.

alpaca diseases
May 19, 2009

Actor Hei foolishly unaware that bone naturally encapsulate and subjugates water it order to produce components vital for the body’s life





Feb 22, 2013


Swedish Thaumocracy
Jul 11, 2006

Strength of >800 Men
Honor of 0

Grimey Drawer

Be like a cat and realize you are only as big as your bones; and your bones are tiny. Thus; you can squeeze through anything.

LEGENDARY TECHNIQUE: Cat squeezing under door!

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