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I Am Crake
Mar 31, 2010

There is so much beautiful in the world if you look around. You are only looking at the dirt under your feet, Jimmy. It's not good for you.

Hey goons!

I'm looking to buy a printer because I made a decision which involved me quitting a fulltime job and going back to university. Because I didn't have an adult job I also don't have a lot of things an adult household should have. Because I'll be going back to school I will probably do a significant amount of printing which, if I ever needed to, I used to do at work. Because it's been about ten years since I've last lived somewhere that had a home printer, I'm looking for a somethingawful-approved printer that should be affordable in the short and long term. I am very poor at the moment because of the costs involved of going back to school. I don't have a set budget because the most important thing is buying something good. It should be as cheap as possible with regards to replacement cartridges because I'll be printing quite regularly for the next 4 to 5 years, so that is definitely more important than the initial cost. I'll mostly print word documents so it does not have to be a color printer. If I ever need a color sheet I can pay for those at school.

I would very much prefer it to be some sort of cloud or wi-fi enabled printer so I can print from my iPad and smartphone as well as my laptop. If this makes it cost-prohibitive I could live with one that works via USB.

So in short:

- Cost effective in the long run
- Does not need color
- Preferrably with cloud printing
- Is not a piece of poo poo that I will hate (I don't know if they make printers like this yet)


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