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Jan 25, 2011

Hi. I forgot your name. Whatever.
My... point is...
Hi. Your head's on fire.

---The Game---
Saturn Bomberman is the 1997 installment in the classic formula for the ill-fated Sega Saturn. Which sucks, because this is easily one of the best games in the franchise. The levels are highly detailed, the music is creative and fantastic, the voice acting isn't abysmal, and it's a short but sweet campaign with an old-school game option thrown in for kicks. It also happens to allow for up to 16 players for online multiplayer - because online play is direct connection, you can still play online if you have the modem! And, you know, a Saturn.
Also this game introduces Mujoe and the Hige Hige Bandits to the franchise, which is always good eats. (Granted they have stupider names...)
Not the most difficult of Bomberman games, but the one worth coming back to the most.

The Story is Such:
The evil Mr. Meanie (yes really) and the evil-er Dr. Mechado, heads of the Meanie Group (AKA: Mujoe, Mechadoc, and the Hige Hige Bandits) revive the evil monster Crator and unleash him to cause destruction throughout time. It is up to Bomberman, Black Bomber, and their weird dust bunny thing to travel through time, kill as many unsuspecting creatures as possible, collect the crystals needed to stop Crator, and put an end to Mr. Meanie's evil plan. With bitching music!

---The LP---
This is a very quick LP in the same vein as the Super Bomberman LPs: there are five worlds, each with their own 20-25 minute video. My co-commentators are BigTUnit1 and Mugiwara Yoshi.

World 1 - Higeland:

World 2 - Samurai World

World 3 - Wild West World

World 4 - Dino World

World 5 - Mr. Meanie's Future World

Extra - A Quick Look at Master Game


Purple Dinosaur: This dinosaur emits ultrasonic waves to explode bombs and reveal the contents of soft (bombable) blocks. His ultrasonic waves grow as he grows bigger.
Blue Dinosaur: This dinosaur can kick bombs over objects. His kicking ability grows as he grows bigger.
Green Dinosaur: This dinosaur sprints down the line until stopped by an obstacle. As he gets bigger, he becomes faster and gains the ability to stop running and make turns while running.
Yellow Dinosaur: This dinosaur can stop your opponents in their tracks with his roar. His roar range grows as he grows. His roar causes other players to drop powerups
Pink Dinosaur: This dinosaur can jump over soft blocks. When grown, he can also jump over hard blocks, and jump further distances.

(By RasterPunk)

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