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Jan 25, 2011

Hi. I forgot your name. Whatever.
My... point is...
Hi. Your head's on fire.

Thanks to Suspicious Dish for the sweet banner, bomb icon, and character heads

What is Bomberman?
Bomberman is one of the oldest and longest-lasting gaming franchises out there, from its birth in 1983 to quietly dying under Konami in 2014. It started with a simple action puzzler by Hudson Soft wherein you play as a cute little robot guy, blow up bricks and balloon people, and make your way through nondescript grid-based worlds. As technology advanced, so too did the franchise, and Bomberman stretched his legs into many other fields: more widespread 3D action puzzlers, adventure RPGs, platformers, racing, minigame party games, and everything else Mario beat him to. The franchise is also synonymous with frenetic multiplayer, and frankly it seemed you could release any old poo poo as long as an old-school multiplayer mode is intact. But at his core (and core complacent fanbase), Bomberman was always that grid-based action hero.

So what's the point of the megathread?
Up until 2011, when I did my Bomberman Hero Let's Play, only two Bomberman LPs had ever been made on SA, both of which have long since been lost to the forum archives and the loss of videos on Daily Motion, Viddler, Blip, etc. I followed Hero with Bomberman Generation and Bomberman Jetters, but that still leaves dozens of Bomberman games un-LP'd. I give those previous three games a lot of poo poo, but I've yet to even touch the really good ones. This megathread is to kill those two birds with one stone.

What happened to the last megathread?
To those unaware, I originally tried this megathread at the end of 2012. Some people got into the idea, a few contributed LPs of their own, and I finished three LPs myself. However interest dried up quickly between possible LPers and my own teammates, and a year after I finished Super Bomberman I finally laid the megathread to rest.

I had no interest in doing any more Bomberman, but I left the possibility of doing more as a milestone goal for my personal Patreon. Welp, my patrons certainly wanted to see more Bomberman! I'll be playing Bomberman 64, Saturn Bomberman, Bomberman Fantasy Race, and the rest of the Super Bomberman series as thanks to them. To prevent the same thing from happening to this megathread as the last, I will be focusing it specifically on my seven LPs listed above, with other games possible for down the line either as full LPs or streams.

Will it just be your LPs?
The majority of the LPs will probably be mine, but additional LPers are welcome to tackle games I don't have, games they think they might be better at it than I would, or games I refuse to play (Second Attack). The current list of games for the megathread is further below. You're also welcome to show additional content or what-have-you for an already-LP'd game, but I'd prefer sticking to playing the ones that haven't been played yet. That's the point of this megathread, mind.

Since I'm running the thread, PM me any requests to contribute so that we can discuss how everything will go down/what it is you want to do exactly, and so that I can add your work to the respective posts.
Co-commentary is another matter. My LPs will have my own selection of guests; goons are welcome to leave their Skype if they wish to guest commentate, but I will not guarantee you a spot in a video. I like to work quickly, so I grab people to commentate based on who's online at the time and who I know would commentate best. If you wish to guest on an LP run by someone else, you should of course discuss it with them.

What will be the format for these LPs?
Since the length, difficulty, and gameplay change with each game (sometimes), the first video of each LP will usually explain how it will be laid out. If need be, the respective video's post will explain it.

For example - The very first Bomberman is basically one level repeated 50x with different enemies. As such I trim a lot of the fat down to the first many levels, then just the highlights, and finally the last level and ending.
On the other hand - Super Bomberman has different worlds with multiple levels, all of which are fairly short, so each world gets its own 5-15 minute video.

Will you be going in chronological order?
Aside from Super Bomberman 2-5, no, but the games I will be playing do not seem to follow a tight chronology or canon anyway. Bomberman's stories in-game and overall are kept loose from each other.

Will you be doing every Bomberman game?
Many, but not all. I'd like the grand majority to ultimately have completed LPs of their own, but Bomberman has a lot of games, many of which can't be easily found anymore, most of which are virtually identical from each other, and several of which nobody wants to LP.

Will there be multiplayer/tournaments?
Many of the games can't have multiplayer/tournaments among goons, due to there not being any simple ways of connecting players (though videos may show the multiplayer for the sake of completion). If anyone knows how to set something up for multiplayer/tournament's sake, feel free to share and we'll see if we can work something out.

  • Spoilers aren't a problem. Just remember to use the [spoiler] tags.
  • DO NOT POST LINKS TO DOWNLOAD COMMERCIALLY-AVAILABLE GAMES OR SOUNDTRACKS. You may post links to proven abandonware (E.G. Atomic Bomberman) or to an official stream of the music (E.G. composer June Chikuma's official SoundCloud), but no ROMs or ripped soundtracks if the game/disc can still be purchased. The point: we'd prefer it if you actually supported the franchise, and that means paying for your poo poo. Plus it's a legal grey area anyway.
  • Leave a positive comment on June Chikuma's page about how awesome the Super Bomberman 3 and Saturn Bomberman soundtracks are, or of how much you like "Redial". :v:
  • Fanart or anything Bomberman/thread-related is always welcome to be posted.

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