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Oct 4, 2010

[Story Premise- Power Rangers.]

The Power Rangers were a group of young American human fighters and friends who were recruited by an intergalactic sage known as Zordon to wield mysterious medallions of power that allowed them to morph into an elite fighting force known as the Power Rangers; and to summon giant mechanical dinosaurs that they would pilot and could combine into a giant Megazord.

{{{This story supposes that they have basically lived out the original Power Ranger series, fighting monsters summoned by the Sorceress Rita Repulsa; always succeeding without too much difficulty. Getting stronger with every battle, still living their normal lives…}}}}

The Ranger’s last story opens with them responding to a cataclysmic event.
Rita (who is from another dimension) Has gone insane and ripped open an inter dimensional portal above Angel City. Through this portal a vast array of entities are either forcibly sucked, or invited onto our planet. As the Rangers morph and respond, they witness the rift, high up in the sky above their home.

Through this portal they see a torrent of terrifying things pour forth, including:

A fleet of starships belonging to an exiled prince, looking for a home for himself and his loyal forces.

A gigantic spider queen looking for a nest, who scurries north.

A massive sore-covered worm who instantly drills into the earths surface and disappears.

Thousands of tons of debris and corpses of unknown species that spill onto the streets of Angel Grove.

The various vehicles of dozens of outlaw alien bands, who, like the prince, need a safe haven; as well as thousands of wild demons and aliens, from the primeval to the super-technological; all with different motives and reasons for fleeing through the sudden portal that presented itself to them.

The Sorceress Rita Repulsa stands triumphant on top of Angel Grove High School and taunts the rangers, telling them that she has destroyed their world.

The rangers notice that the overwhelming majority of things pouring through the portal are dispersing in all directions, but that a good number of the unknown entities are headed straight toward them.

The sky is dark, and it seems unlikely that that it will ever be bright again. The air is not the same.

Zachary Taylor, who was the Black Ranger, is the first to realize that hell has truly been unleashed on earth. Consumed with rage he screams and leaps onto the roof of the two story building and in a flash buries his axe into Rita’s brain, killing her.

Rita’s bodyguard, the Golden Armored Gargoyle, Goldarr, decapitates Zach and takes his Mammoth Medallion before flying off.

Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger, fires a few photon arrows from her bow at Goldarr, but he escapes, seemingly unharmed.

Through the portal, there are a good amount of alien monsters who are drawn to the greatest power close to them, and these demons flock to the rangers.

With no time to grieve for their fallen brother, the remaining rangers are attacked from all sides by dozens of independent forces that range from easy to defeat (insectoids and beasts.) to at least three that would have been impossible for them to defeat, even if they had all faced it alone. (great power-hunters and psychotic demi-gods.) These beings might all have had their own stories, but the long-and-short of it was that they were bad guys and assholes.

Billy Cranson, who was the Blue Ranger, and who wields twin tri-pointed maces, is the second to fall. He loses his weapons when he buries them in the skull of a terrifying Hellhound that was the nightmare of a being too powerful to keep his own nightmares. His victory is interrupted by an inter-dimensional glory-hunter who charges him. Billy draws his blaster and fires. Two shots glance off the hunter’s helmet. The hunter closes the distance and drives his knife through the blue rangers armor and pierces his liver.
The Blue Ranger falls unconscious and will die of his wounds within the hour. (It’s worth noting that the slaying of the Hellhound was a legendary achievement.)

Witnessing this event, Trini Kwan, who was the Yellow Ranger and Kimberly Hart both draw their blasters and kill the glory-hunter. (It is worth noting that Kimberly Hart was engaged to marry Billy Cranson.)

While this is happening Jason Scott and Tommy Oliver, who were the Red and Green Rangers are engaged in a bloody battle with what can best be described as an interdimensional biker gang.

(It is also worth noting that in the space of twenty minutes, the rangers, who have never killed a sentient being before, will in their desperation take 78 sentient lives.)

One of the more powerful beings that falls through the portal is a Great Spider Queen. The Queen immediately recognizes the unsuitability of Angel Grove as a nest, and decides to head for the nearest big city. At the same time the queen feels the power of the rangers and decides to spawn a brood of strong warriors to deal with them.

Jason and Tommy finish killing off the outlaw gang, and are quickly rejoined by Trini and Kimberly, who carry the mangled bodies of Billy and Zack.

(It’s worth noting that the rangers have a few moments of peace on the battlefield to grieve over their fallen comrades and to lament the fall of their planet before they are set upon by the newborn elite warriors.)

Jason Scott wields his sword with as much skill as he ever has, and he alone stands his ground and kills three of the Queen’s Elite before he is too pierced to resist further piercing and dies.

Tommy Oliver, who had always been the one to discover new ways to harness the power of his medallion, distracts and leads off a group of spiders before exploding, killing himself and twenty-six of the Queen’s Elite. His Green Ranger Coin is destroyed with him and the remaining rangers experience a surge of power as his energy is given to them.

Trini Kwan stabs one spider to death before clambering to the top of a nearby convenience store and uses her blaster to shoot four more to death before being overcome, held down, and lethally envenomed.

Kimberly Hart, the nimblest of all the rangers, reeling and filled with adrenaline and terror from seeing all of her comrades killed, leads the spiders on a long chase over the rooftops of Angel Grove. Using her bow, she lasts half an hour and shoots fifteen spiders to death before, becoming too tired to run and jump anymore, she splits her bow into twin short swords and kills one more spider before she alone is captured alive, partially envenomed and wrapped in silk.

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Oct 4, 2010

While the unconscious Kimberly Hart was being dragged north by spiders, encased in web, her home town of Angel Grove was ground zero for an inter dimensional open mic night of chaos and destruction.

Karen was a twenty three year old waitress who had been walking home from work when her civilization was dealt it's mortal wound.
An ear shattering crack had accompanied the opening of the rift in the sky. The air around her changed and became instantly harder to breathe. Everybody around her was staring at the big hole in the sky. Things were falling from the hole like a rain of random shapes and specks. A worm and a spider dwarfed the rest. Then things starting flying out of the hole in every direction. Vehicles and ...buildings? Then there were loud explosions and bright flashes of light. After a couple of strange pillars of light shot into the sky, the screaming started.

She was light headed, but she saw a crowd of people running down the street in her direction, and she ran into a doughnut shop nearby. She ducked under the counter along with two employees and a man. She grit her teeth and covered her ears against the loud noises that would not stop. Loud bangs like sharp thunder. Sounds like movie explosions. Outside nothing could be seen through the dust but the strange illuminations from explosions. The windows shook through all of this, but they didn't shatter until something shrieked. As the glass exploded she looked at the girl next to her and noticed that she had blood running from her nose to her chin. She felt the same blood dripping from her own face.
Her new friends began to pass out one by one, and she felt her own vision tunneling quickly, but she was a bit grittier than her current company, and managed to keep herself conscious.

She wasn't sure how long she spent huddled under that counter, semi-conscious, but eventually she crawled out and stood up. What was left of the windows were coated in dust, and nothing could be seen outside through it; but the store was still well lit. She walked toward the door and gripped it's handle. She listened, and only heard distant booms and cracks. She decided to go outside and opened the door.

Outside she could only see about a hundred feet in any direction through the dust. Besides all the glass being shattered the buildings around her seemed intact. There were a few seemingly abandoned cars near her on the road, but she didn't see any people.

Suddenly through the dust, skittering down the street in her direction, she saw car-sized spiders, dozens of them. Light-headed and barely able to think, she ran as fast as she could away from them.

The spiders skittered and she ran, looking back every few seconds. She wasn't running fast enough, and they were closing the distance. Terror made her legs numb and wobbly. Terror made her run slow.

As she decided to try and think of something else to do, a bright light appeared in front of her in the dust, blinding her and stunning the spiders. She covered her eyes and continued running a few steps before collapsing and tensing her body, preparing for the dripping fangs of the gargantuan tarantulas.

She felt wind and pounding footsteps within inches of her head as something ran past her toward the spiders. She turned away from the light and saw a group of large men in armor jogging toward the spiders.

"Ammo conservation boys! Swords and spears! It's only bugs!"

She tried to look forward into the light and was blinded by it again.

She looked back and saw that the men were stabbing and slicing up the giant spiders. They were hooting and hollering and laughing. After a few second the men were walking back in her direction with their weapons held over their shoulders, talking and laughing.

"Aren't you glad you came now? I told you it would be crazy. I told you it would be straight up monster killing mayhem!"

The man replying laughed. "Hey I listened to you, didn't I? God I know so many guys who would be so jealous. We're out here loving up ogres and demons and crazy spiders. We're so glory rich right now!"

The first man laughed. "We're some real righteous loving crusaders aren't we? Complete heroes, to be honest."

The second man hollered, "This is truly the place to be!"

A few other men hollered guttural cries in response.

The line of soldiers reached her and one of them jogged forward and helped her to her feet so roughly that she instantly fell back down.

"Sorry!" he exclaimed, as he lifted her back up more gently.

"Hey Indigen, are you okay?"

He was seven feet and clad in strange looking armor with a strange looking spear.

"I'm-I'm-I'm okay I think."

"I doubt it." He laughed, "but you're alive and you have all your blood."

She laughed shakily and wiped blood from her chin, "It still count's if it's on me doesn't it?"

The soldier smiled. "Someone's still got her wits. If all the Indigens are as tough as you, you all might just manage through this."

She felt vomit rising in her throat.

"What is happening?" She asked the armored man.

"Well..." He answered. "It seems like somebody with too much power and too little sense decided to tear a hole in your sky."

The man stuck his spear in the corpse of a spider that she just now saw was right next to her. She flinched and scurried a few feet away while the man took his gloves off and adjusted his armor.

"A lot of bad things are coming through that portal, and your planet is never going to be the same. To be honest your civilization as you know it is done. A lot of people are going to die, but you're lucky; because we came through that portal too, and we're not gonna let this planet be a rotting home to demons. We're here to kill monsters."

"Who are you?"

"Me? Without getting too confusing, I'm a knight, and I'm from space. I serve a prince."

At that moment the bright light shut off and the woman looked toward it and saw what looked like a giant robotic centipede. It was the armored personnel crawler that the knight's had been travelling in. It consisted of three long segments, each of which had a gunner in a turret.

While she was observing the strange tank, a massive monster crash landed on top of the hardware store across the street. The thing looked like a nightmarish skeletal combination of a Tyrannosaurous and a Praying Mantis.
It roared. One more impossibly loud noise for the day.

"What the gently caress is that!?" a soldier screamed.

The voice of the commander from earlier yelled:

"Ammo conservation is suspended. Light that fucker up!"

The three turret gunners began to unload their weapons into the body of the beast and the waitress held her ears and clenched her teeth.

Missiles were launched. Guns were fired. Lasers zapped.

The waitress was relieved to hear hooting and hollering and laughing. She looked up and saw the monsters giant corpse half slumped on the roof of the building. After a few seconds it convulsed and fell off onto the sidewalk across from her.

The men continued to scream and celebrate.

The commander, who she now saw standing in front of the tank in different colored armor was talking to a soldier who wore a headset. The communications soldier said loud enough for her to hear.

"Sir, second platoon is requesting assistance. They're having trouble with a Wizard."

"A wizard!?" The commander asked.

The communications soldier listened to his headset for a second.

"Roger that sir, a wizard."

Muffled yelling could be heard coming through his headset.

"Apparently he wields the power of Ice and Flame."

More muffled headset yelling.

"Yeah, they're pinned down. Ice and Flame."

The commander turned toward her and his men.

"Alright gentleman, you heard the news, second platoons got a wizard problem, we're on the bounce. No time for trophy taking, let's just get a quick picture with this giant monster and get over there to help them. Gather round and let's go fight a wizard!"

The men hooted and hollered again.

The Knight looked down at her. "Well neighbor, that's all my time. By the way, real quick, is that sun setting or rising?"

"Uh...It's setting I think. Yeah setting."

"drat, I don't suppose there's another one about to come up? How long is night?"

"N-no, uh...12 hours I think."

"You think? Come on Indigen it's your planet!" He laughed

"Yeah, it should be 12 hours, that's half a day.

The knight smiled. "Night is usually half the day. Hey it was good to meet you...."

"Karen." She stammered.

"Karen." he repeated. "And what is this world called anyway?"


"Urth?" He made a face and laughed. "Alright I guess. Hey listen, it's gonna be a long night and a rough couple days, so get some shelter and keep your head down. Everything's gonna be alright. Prince October has great plans for this planet, and it's not a subjugation thing either." He smiled before jogging back to his caterpillar tank with a spear in his hand and a big sci-fi rifle on his back.

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Oct 4, 2010

Prince October had traveled through the unexpected portal knowing that it was a one way trip. He knew that shortly after he and his forces crossed through, the portal would be secured and guarded by his father's forces, and that anything trying to cross back into sovereign space would be obliterated without question.

That was fine because the Prince and his men had no plans on returning, and they intended to inflict the same fate on anything coming through on their end, once they got established.

The prince had only recently been exiled, and reaching the borders of his fathers space to fulfill this banishment without support was going to be a challenge that he was honestly not expected to meet. It was a de facto death sentence for him and his retinue. The opening of the strange portal had saved them.

The fact that a thousand of his ten thousand sworn knights and their families stayed with him when they were offered pardons and positions in the King's army was a testement to his personality.

Currently his capitol ship, along with eight smaller ships were landed on the cornfields just outside the city of Angel Grove.

The Prince had considered flying somewhere more safe, farther from the portal to establish his foothold, but decided that if he and his forces were to have any chance here, they would have to prove it by securing their base right here, in the middle of the insanity. Besides, this was prime hunting ground, and as many of these things as possible needed to be killed. Specifically anything that looked like it could breed.

The Prince had one Sparkor Bomb that he had bought from a rival civilization and had hidden from his father for years, and if he had too, he would use it. He didn't want to wreck ten percent of his new planet, but he would if he had too. There was no going back now.

An hour after landing, his forces were doing their best to contain the chaos, and the cornfields had become his base of operations. The Battle of Angel Grove was raging on, and the Prince was using his communication devices to speak with the few friends he still had on the other side of the portal. He was trying to figure out exactly where in space he had come out.

Inside the command room of his ship, his two Captains used their computers to monitor and command their halves of his army.

Prince October, having just received some useful information, walked in on his busy commanders

"Gentleman, how goes the operation? I have news of our location if you can spare your attentions."

Captain Thrace turned from his monitor. "I have a moment, Prince."

Captain Karn concentrated on his monitor. "Please give me one minute, Prince."

"Of course, Captain." the Prince said sincerely.

After half a minute Captain Karn turned in his chair. "Alright I've got some time." He laughed, "not too much though."

Captain Thrace snorted, "Yeah same here. So where the hell are we?"

The Prince smiled. "What do you men know about Rita Repulsa?"

Captain Karn leaned back in his chair and interlaced his fingers over his stomach. "Yeah, Rita Repulsa. Rita the Conquerer. A few years back she was making waves, had conquered a hundred planets."

Captain Thrace leaned forward. "Right, but then she got stalled out on some remote rock. Her good-guy brother Zordon decided to stop her and he gave his powers to some local primitives, made a little fighting force."

Captain Karn smiled. "Right, and crazy Rita lost her mind when she couldn't beat them. She let her empire crumble around her while she obsessed over that little rock trying to beat her big brother's child soldiers. It was hilarious."

Captain Thrace looked more stern. "An idiotic waste of power and talent, from both of them."

Captain Karn nodded. "Agreed, man, agreed."

The Prince rolled his eyes. "Agreed; but guess where we are now?"

Captain Karn guffawed, "THAT rock? No way!" He laughed more, "That's awesome! So where is the old witch?"

Captain Thrace seemed less amused. "Then she was the one who opened this portal. Probably gone fully crazy over not being able to take this place."

"That's almost definitely what happened." The Prince said. "She's dead now though. We found her body on top of a building. Head split by a power weapon."

"Zordon's kids?" Karn asked.

"Rita was powerful." Thrace said. "Zordon was just as powerful and actually had a brain. I think we need to worry about these young soldiers."

"You're right Thrace." The Prince responded. "But they're all dead too. We found their bodies nearby and three extremely powerful medallions that they seemed to draw their power from. I've got the sage examining them now."

"Well that sounds like good news to me." Karn said. "Psycho witch Rita dead. Zealous local guardians dead. Nobody to oppose us besides monsters and criminals, and we should be able to handle that."

"I'd love to share in your enthusiasm Karn, but I'm concerned." Thrace said. "Zordon's fighting force held this planet against Rita Repulsa for what? Three years? And now they're all dead from a little surge of monsters? It doesn't really add up. We need to find and talk to Zordon too, if he's got a soft spot for this planet he's not gonna just let us take it."

Karn scoffed. "This is hardly some little surge Thrace. There is some serious badassery falling from that rift. We floated above the worst of it but I'm pretty sure I saw a Nelki Queen run off, and some big worm buried himself in this planet's mantle. Wiping out a few of the demons and monsters stupid enough to stay where they landed is not our main challenge here. There are some serious loving diseases that just infected this place that we want to make our home.

Karn looked toward the stern prince and continued. "Don't get me wrong Prince. I agree with the decision to come here. That portal truly was our salvation, but it was salvation with a big loving dose of irony. This planet is quickly becoming only a notch more hospitable than the vacuum of space that we faced. We can't afford to mess around here."

Thrace looked toward his peer disapprovingly. "While I share your concern Karn, I can't help but feel a bit disgusted by your defeatist attitude. This is still nothing more than a spilling of random monsters and crimi-"

"Enough!" Prince October snapped. "I've informed you of our location. Please turn your attention back to your monitors and command your men. You are my Captains; yet you worry me greatly. Karn, you dismiss the opposition of monsters and criminals and then within the same breath you doubt our ability to tame this diseased planet. Thrace you spit at your comrades cautious attitude while at the same time spouting defeatist thoughts of your own.

If you're going to oppose each other, I ask that you at least make sense. Secure our foothold here. Contain your thoughts and words to that purpose please, gentlemen."

"Of course, Prince." They said in unison.

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Oct 4, 2010

[Quotes from Captain Karn over the next few days, who is young and smiles.]

"What a crazy loving bitch! Good thing I'm here; the world's happiest little janitor, with my magic little mop. I just love cleaning up the blood and tears of an entire goddamn species. Listen to my jaunty little tune that I whistle while I do so!"

"Look man, I like to be the handsome, aloof character who eventually does the right thing while being kinda lovely about it. I never saw myself as a straight up villain."

"Come on man, are you going to make me be the voice of reason right now? Are you going to make me go that far out of my comfort zone?"

[Quotes from Captain Thrace over the next few days, who is old and smiles less]

"Anything with nutrients in it is technically food. We can't be squeamish or overly moral here, not now. I've been very open with you all about my experiences with cannibalism during the Pellinora Campaign, and this isn't even that. So suck it up."

"Explosions speak louder than words."

"The Tamari knight is the greatest fighting unit in the universe, and I'll hire a Renidi knight to kill anyone who says otherwise."

"Who is your constructor, Indigen? Can you really not tell me who built all of these houses? We need walls!"

Oct 4, 2010

Kimberly dreamed that she was at the Angel Grove water-park with her friends. They were all standing in line for a water-slide. Trini was in front of her, and Tommy was behind her. Everyone wore one piece bathing suits that matched their ranger color. Even the men, funnily enough. Kimberly wanted to laugh, but thought that it would be rude.

Kimberly couldn't see anyone's faces because they didn't have them, but she didn't want to talk to them anyway because she knew that they were mad at her.

They were probably mad at her for no reason, or maybe they were playing a joke. It would all be better when they got through the slide. They'd get their faces back and everyone would come out laughing.

Everybody else in line wore gray bathing suits, and the line went on behind them for miles. They were almost to the slide though. The gray suited people made her angry because they looked like Putties; mindless soldiers from Rita's animated golem army.

Kimberly killed putties on sight, and she wanted to kill these people too. Kimberly ripped putties' heads off. She punched holes through their chests. She ripped them limb from limb with her hands and her feet and her teeth. She tore putties to absolute shreds.

She probably would have done the same to these annoying putty people too if her feet didn't feel so heavy. She was barely able to advance in line. Anyway she really wanted to go down the waterslide, and killing other people in line would probably get her sent to the back along with her friends, who were already mad at her.

Had she already gotten them sent back? Was that why they seemed mad?

Finally it was their turn in line to go down the slide. Kimberly couldn't help but smile. She wanted her friends to get their faces back.

Zach went down first, silently. Zach was a joker and would be the kind of guy to ride a roller coaster with a straight face just to look silly. Zach always made Kimberly laugh.
Whenever Kimberly felt like her life as a Power Ranger was becoming too stressful, she would talk to Zach, and he would make everything seem alright.He was the first Ranger to recognize that Zordan regulated how much power they had:

Zach smiled "Can't you feel it flow in and out of us, depending on the threat? Zordan already told us that a condition of our power was that we not kill Rita. If he were to just let us completely loose we could rip her and Goldarr and all of her soldiers to shreds. Zordan and Rita are two space-gods playing a game, and we're just a part of it. He's not going to let anything happen to us or his crazy evil sister. That's why I just see it as a job. You don't need to stress Kim, we got this. Besides, you're definitely more of a badass than me, with all those flips and high kicks. Do I need to bring up the fact that you actually pilot a badass Pterodactly plane while I'm over here driving a big elephant!"

Billy went down the slide next. In the dream they weren't engaged yet, but in the dream they both knew that they would be. Kimberly wanted Billy to turn around and smile at her before going down the slide, but he still didn't have a face. She would have to wait. Billy went down the slide and made a strange wheezing sound that concerned Kimberly.

Billy imitated Zordan. "When you claim the power that I've given you, when you morph into a Power Ranger, The defense of this world must be first and foremost in your heart. Not violence. Not anger. Never offense."

Kimberly laughed, "Good impression, baby."

Billy smiled and kissed her. "Thanks. My point is that there is one single reason why I have never had E-morphile Dysfunction, and that is because I am always thinking about my world, because I am always thinking about you; and our future family, and protecting this planet for them."'

Next up down the slide was Jason, who had been the first to convince them all that they had the strength to defend Earth. Jason shot down the slide lightning fast and shook the whole drat thing, causing Kimberly to roll her eyes. If he couldn't be first, he'd settle for being loudest.

They were all fourteen years old when Rita had began her journey to Earth and Zordan had at last decided to meet and face her.

Kimberly, Trini, Zach, Billy, and Jason had all signed up for an after school martial arts program, and that was where they were chosen by Zordan. As he and his sister raced toward their planet for opposing purposes, he reached out and began to influence these five teenagers, cultivating their fighting spirit and empowering them, as much as he could, from a distance.

With his influence it had only taken a week before they had been able to best their Australian middle-aged black-belt sensai in both strength and skill. At the same time they were drawn to one another and had become instantly inseparable. They felt a desire to share their deepest secrets and darkest thoughts with one another. They spent every waking moment together training and talking in a feverish rush to understand everything about one another.
Frustrated at quickly outgrowing their only fighting teacher, they resorted to beating the hell out of each other all night every night in the cornfields outside of town. The laughed and loved each other with bloody noses and black eyes.

As Zordan drew closer they found their strength growing, and their need for sleep disappearing. They replaced sleep with training

Their golden period of love and hitting each other ended as Rita approached. They found their emotions becoming darker and less reliable. Their new bond had also began to suffer and they had begun sneaking dirty, angry hits on each other while sparring.

It was in this dark cloudy time that Jason had come forward to them, smiled and said. "It's all about to make sense guys, I had a dream last night. Hold hands, take a few deep breaths, and think of your favorite color. We're about to go see someone."

Trini was next down the slide. Instead of sliding down the big plastic tube, she gripped it's sides and began to kick at it's foundations. Kim saw that she was beginning to dislodge the water-slide, and decided to shove her down it.

Trini let out a bloodcurdling scream, and the overall tone of the dream began to shift. Kimberly wanted to get off the slide.

Trini was Kimberly's best friend, and she was restless and angry.

Kimberly was a gymnast, and had always tried getting her best friend Trini to join her on her weekend Gymnastic sleepovers.

"Come on, it's fun. We can just swing on the rope and fall into the foam pit. It's fun!"

But Trini preferred to spend her time complaining about her large and overbearing family, and playing stupid Nintendo games. Usually violent ones.

Kimberly didn't see passion in her best friend's eyes until she suggested they join an after school program that involved punching other people.

Trini was definitely the least conflicted Power Ranger. When Zordan had asked them all to imagine weapons for themselves, Trini had shouted out that she wanted claws.

For Kimberly, after all the other's had chosen, a Bow and Arrow was all she could think off. It wasn't until later that she chose to imagine the bow's ability to be split into two short swords.

Trini liked being The Yellow Ranger more than she liked being Trini Kwan. Once, Kim had told her about how she and Billy thought about each other when they morphed.

Trini smirked, "I think about you guys too, because I guess that's love. I don't think I care about anyone else. Sometimes I think about strangers. Like, I think about the people of the world as a concept. I'm pretty sure if I thought about anybody else that I actually know, I wouldn't be able to care enough about them to morph."

Kim just laughed, and said, "You and Tommy should date."

Then it was Kim's turn to go down, but the slide was dark and the screams of her friends echoed from it's entrance. Tommy grabbed her shoulder and cut in front her, pushing her back into one of the putty-looking people. The putty people all fell back like dominoes and dissolved, and then it was just her and Tommy.

The Green Ranger looked back at her and said, "Sorry Hart. You have to take the stairs." Then he exploded and sent her tumbling down the stairs behind her."

The Green Ranger was not an original member of the Power Rangers. After six months of intense fighting with her brother's Power Rangers, Rita had the idea to corrupt a teenager of her own, and found a candidate in the young martial arts champion Tommy Oliver.

Zordan, the great sage, permanently sacrificed around 75% of his power to create the Power Coins. He presented these coins to his five chosen humans, and asked them to imagine themselves as an elite fighting force. The fourteen year old humans had chosen colored armor, weapons, and robots. The fanciful humans had imagined their powers quickly, and the power of a god had been put behind them.

Rita, incapable of this kind of sacrifice, had only lent her power to the teen that she corrupted, and the Power Ranger's, in defeating her were able to both convert Tommy, and snatch away 15% of Rita's total power forever. It was their greatest victory over her.

Tommy spent two years fighting with the Rangers, and, opposite of Trini, he hated every minute of battle. He carried the memories of the thing's that he had done under Rita's spell.

"Green isn't even my favorite color. I prefer white, because it isn't anything yet. It hasn't been touched. Anything done to blank piece of paper is not an improvement." He would say strange things like that a lot. Usually to nobody in particular.

He didn't even have a real weapon, he elected to carry a knife too small to be of any use, as a statement. He fought without style or fun. Kimberly once watched him take down ten putties the same way, one after another, by stabbing them in the temple.

Kimberly was tumbling back down the miles long staircase that led to the water-slide. Except it didn't seem as bad as falling down stairs. It seemed more like she was being dragged across a road, in a bag. In a sticky sac. In a spider's web...She woke up.

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Oct 4, 2010

Kimberly awoke, being dragged down the highway by an alien spider in a solid web cage.

She heard the sickening clacking noise of at least five spider’s footsteps. She saw light shining through the pores of her sac, but not much. It was either dawn or dusk, and she hoped it was dusk. It was 5:00 PM when she and her friends had met Rita for the last time.

She was still half drugged from the spider’s venom and began reaching into her pockets frantically searching for her coin.

Her sluggish drugged brain had one thought: “These spiders have me and my friends in web sacs.”

In her current state she had no memory of the battle.

The spider that was dragging her realized she was awake and chirped to notify his companions, who were also dragging prisoners of their own. They all knew that the prisoner he carried was very, very special to the Queen, and that made him a very, very special spider; so they all stopped on his command.

Kimberly stopped being dragged, which worried her. She rolled around in her sac looking for a way out and felt something jab her in the back. She rolled around again and saw it, her Pterodactyl Power Coin.

She hurriedly grabbed for the coin and held it in her hands.

“Six Billion humans on earth and you idiot spiders chose to abduct a Power Ranger!”

Five sets of spider fangs shot through her cocoon and began to shower her with liquid.

“Pterodactyl!” She screamed, attempting to morph.

She did not morph. She breathed in the venom spray and fell unconscious again.

Hours later she awoke. The venom was no longer directly affecting her mind, but it had left her with a nasty hangover.

She was lying on her back in the remains of her web sac, which was split open and burned.

She groggily rose to her feet and in front of her she saw seven giant spider corpses, on their backs engulfed in flame. She was standing in the middle of the highway. She was surprised that there weren’t any cars around. How long had she been out?

She felt a rush of dizziness and fell to her knees. After taking a few deep breaths she got up and turned around.

Fifty feet away, she saw a sight that lifted her spirits and got a bit of much needed adrenaline flowing through her veins. Her Zord. She could feel the venom being flushed away as she smiled at the sight.

Kim had felt dumb and unprepared when she had chosen her weapon, but after the other’s had chosen their giant robotic dinosaurs, she felt like she was the smartest person in the room when she chose her own.

A Pterodactyl. A Jet.

Her Zord. An armored robotic Pterodactyl that was the only flying Zord; the back of the Megazord.

Kimberly Hart was no trained pilot, but her Zord was a creation of her imagination, and she could outperform any of earth’s greatest pilots in her Pterodactyl plane.

“Yes!” She laughed. “Yes!” Her Zord was perched upright on it’s talons, waiting for her.

She turned back around and saw that the marching line of spiders had been seemingly killed by a strafing run from her amazing, beautiful, flawless, bad-rear end Pterodactyl Zord.

A moment later it all came rushing back to her.

Goldarr chopped Zach’s head off. Took his coin.

Some Alien stabbed Billy, and she killed him with Trini.

Jason was killed by spiders.

Tommy exploded himself.

Trini was killed by the spiders too, unless maybe she was taken alive.

I need to get back, she thought. If I get back I’ll be able to find them.

I should morph first.

She took her Pterodactly coin into her hands, and thrust it forward.


She didn’t morph. She could feel the power of the coin in her hands, but she knew she wasn’t successfully summoning it.

“Okay.” She knew the conditions of her power. “Get your mind right.”

‘We’re gonna defend earth.’ She thought. ‘Monsters are everywhere, our friends are in trouble and maybe not dead. Our intentions are noble. We need to morph, So lets morph.”

“Pterodactyl!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, as nothing happened.

“gently caress!” she screamed. She didn’t need to wonder why it wasn’t working. She knew that she was too angry, too frantic, and too hateful.

“Use your powers only for defense.” She remembered Zordan saying.

All she wanted to do was offend every single alien demon monster life-form on her planet until they were smoking corpses. She wanted to kill them all so quickly that she could still have cheer-leading practice on Friday, and have none of her favorite TV programs interrupted.

She was so full of hate that she even hated Zordan. He had insisted on sparing the life of his crazy sister, who had wound up causing the deaths of her fellow rangers and maybe her entire planet.

Zordan knew that his sister had the power to do this kind of thing the whole time, but the life of that crazy, evil witch was more important than the lives of all the humans on this apparently unimportant planet.

Zach should have buried his axe in her ugly face years ago. None of this would have happened then. Kimberly was proud of Zach for having the courage to do so against Zordan’s wishes as soon as the portal opened.

Zach had the kindest heart of any of them, and was the truest defender of earth, she thought. She only wished that he’d somehow managed to kill Zordan too.

Zach always said that they could have been more powerful if Zordan had let them.

Maybe then Billy, the love of her life, could have deflected that alien’s knife. Trini could have escaped those spiders. Jason could have stood obstinate against any threat. Zach would have never been out maneuvered by that big dog Goldarr.

Even Tommy, the outcast, would have never been desperate enough to kill himself.

Kimberly thought about her parents and her little brother back at Angel Grove. She needed to find out if they were okay, and protect them if they were. She also wanted to retrieve the bodies of her friends, and their Ranger Coins if she could.

Well gently caress Zordan, and gently caress dead Rita, with her split skull. She pictured the image of Rita’s dead mutilated face and lingered on it hoping that somehow Zordan would see it.

Kimblerly jogged toward her Zord, and climbed into it’s cockpit un-morphed for the first time.

She piloted it into the sky and flew back in the direction of Angel Grove.

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Jul 11, 2005

psycho killer
qu'est-ce que c'est?

good poo poo op

Oct 4, 2010

Prince October and his two captains had been reviewing their position under a canvas tent in the middle of their cornfield camp when they each sensed a power entering their territory. The Prince had sensed it first, and his captains shortly after.

"You guy's feel that?" Karn said first.

A smaller human woman wearing white denim overalls, with a pink tank top,pink socks and white sneakers walked in a determined manner toward the outer guarded area of the camp.

Two Knights stood in her way. They looked at each other, confused, as she stomped forward in their direction.

"Indigen, are you okay? We're sorry but you cannot come any further unless you require medical aid."

Kimberly Hart, the 5'2'' nineteen year old Power Ranger shot her fist into the diaphragm of the knight who had just addressed her. He sank to his knees and collapsed unconscious, unable to draw a breath until just after passing out. The second guard backhanded her with lightning reflexes and sent her tumbling ten feet away.

"A commotion." Captain Thrace said. Sensing the energy from the nearby fight.

"One of my boys is out cold. I feel it." Captain Karn responded.

"It's a local." The Prince said.

The two captains looked to their prince surprised, but trusting his superior senses.

"Interesting." Captain Karn said.

Captain Thrace grunted. "Worrisome. My sentry is now unconcious too."

The trio made their way to the source of the commotion and found a ring of knights surrounding the girl.

Dozens of knights had witnessed the takedown of the two sentries,and the first thing that they did was to make sure that several sniper cannons were trained on the threat, and that it could be eliminated in short order if necessary.

Then, as could only be expected of a group of Renidi knights, they formed a body ring around her, and set about testing the strength of the strange new opponent by throwing fighters at her one at a time.

"You all have something that belongs to me! Let me talk to your leader!" She yelled.

A knight who was of middling strength, sensed through his platoons psychic bond that he would be most suited to face the girl next.

He handed his spear to his friend and stepped forward, hulking over the little threat that had already put two of his friends to sleep. The knight wasn't dumb. He knew that she could fight. He planned on being more cautious than the sentries.

His plan was to act stupid at first, maybe pretend to rush her, but then fake to the left and jab quickly at her temple. She might be able to hit hard and true, but there's no way he could fail to knock her down with a solid hit.

The knight rushed forward, and at the last possible second juked to his left.

He was suprised to be met with a white Reebok sneaker, that contained an impossibly heavy and fast foot, making contact with his own temple. The small human's legs had made an almost 180 degree angle to reach their target in a way that really shouldn't have happened.

His vision quickly tunneled into blackness. Not his first time being knocked out, but maybe his most surprising.

The surrounding ring of knights sounded out with cheers and a resounding, "Oooooh!"

There was also clapping and whistling.

"Little indigen's got moves!" Someone yelled, laughing.

"Good job, Raka!" Another shouted.

"Yeah, and good night!"

"Check out this little badass!"

"I think I'm in love!"

The Prince and his two captains walked up to the scene just in time to witness the knockout kick.

"Enough games." The Prince said loudly. "Sergeants, Stun her please; full power."

Four knights from the circle advanced towared Kimberly with the glowing butt-end of their spears pointed forward.

Kimberly assumed a defensive stance and kicked away the first spear thrust. The second thrust connected with her stomach. She screamed and staggered back three steps, before standing up again.

The Prince's eyebrows raised.

Captain Thrace grunted, concerned.

Captain Karn snorted, "Did that indigen just gut a blast from a fully cranked stunner?"

Captain Thrace looked at him, "Don't be stupid. Your men are negligent. Tell them to keep their spears charged."

Captain Karn stammered, "Negligent!? Cha-...I can see that it's charged from here! Nice try though you actual-rear end in a top hat..."

"Enough!" The Prince barked as he thrust his hand forward casting forth as much psychic energy as he could muster.

Kimberly Hart's body rose a foot off the ground and her limbs were locked in place.

Captain Karn hollered out, "Now that our illustrious Prince has been compelled to intervene, feel free to stop being cowards and stun the tiny girl. Please."

A knight took three steps forward and jammed the stunning side of his spear into her stomach.

She shook and screamed. He shook too. He held his spear to her stomach and grit his teeth for a few seconds as nothing happened. She continued to scream and his muscles experienced a strange unprecedented backshock from the spear. Plenty of weaker knights would have let go of their spears, but this sergeant managed to hold on. Finally the spear exploded in his hands, his face was peppered with metal splinters as the Indigen woman was flung back, finally rendered unconscious.

"Good Job, man!" Captain Karn yelled sarcastically. "You know we can't just order more of those things anymore, right!?"

The stunned knight turned towards his superiors and cast his hands up in frustration.

"Yeah, I know." Captain Karn yelled. "It's not really your fault but get ready for a stint of kitchen duty anyway ."

"Don't yell at a Sergeant in front of his subordinates." Captain Thrace snapped.

"Don't tell me how to do my job." Karn replied.

The Prince looked at his two Captains, barely hiding his frustration. When ninety-percent of his army had left him, there were many promotions to be made. He missed his old Captains.

However, the Prince thought, you can't put a price on loyalty.

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Jul 11, 2005

psycho killer
qu'est-ce que c'est?

my constructive criticism is that they should touch each other a little bit and kiss

Nov 28, 2006


I am 100% seriously jonesing for an update here

Axel Serenity
Sep 27, 2002

I am enjoying this story and was wondering if perhaps you would allow us, the Something Awful community, creative license to adapt this for other mediums. Specifically MS Paint.

Oct 23, 2010

Legit Cyberpunk

this is tight as heck op - but, are you sure you're allowed to take such a license with this IP? seems like you're going pretty far from the original material, and I'd hate to see the property owner treat you like the pink ranger treats rita repulse and bury an axe in you brain killing you instantly! (metaphorical axe)

Oct 4, 2010

The Prince and his Captains met in the ship's command room. The two Captains sat at a large oval meeting table and the Prince stood in front of them.

The Prince addressed them. "The girl is in a cell, unconscious. She should be out for a few hours, but I wouldn't be surprised if she were gnawing at the bars of her cage as we speak."

"She is impressive." Karn replied. "Everything we know about the locals contradicts what we all just witnessed. She knocked out three of our knights, and it didn't take her more than one swing per."

Thrace spoke next. "It's not surprising at all. It's obvious that she's one of Zordan's fighters, and that means they're not all dead after all. For all we know there are fifty of them out there still. She said we had something that belonged to her. She was probably talking about the gold coins we took from those corpses."

The Prince had been holding Kimberly's Pterodactyl coin behind his back for about thirty seconds, since he had walked in the room. His hands were on fire with pain, and his head was dizzy. He was about ten seconds away from being unable to mask his pain.

The Prince tossed the coin onto the middle of the table.

"You are correct Captain. This was found in her pocket, just like the ones we found on the dead soldiers."

The two captains both averted their gazes and tried not to wince at the coin's sudden proximity to them. Before long they both stood up from their chairs and took a step back away from the coin on the table.

"Shouldn't that thing be in some kind of containment field?" Karn said, alarmed. "I really don't want to get cursed, or diseased, or mutated."

"Don't worry Captain, the power coming off that coin is completely clean, and encoded to the girl. It doesn't want anything to do with us."

"It could have fooled me." Thrace said rubbing his temples while avoiding looking in the coin's direction.

"Right?" Karn said. "Feel the loving buzz coming off that thing? It's wild. I doubt I could hold onto that thing for ten seconds before my nose started spewing blood. You're telling us this thing was in her pocket?"

The prince motioned toward the door and two soldiers in protective gear walked in and retrieved the coin into a solid black box before wheeling it out of the command room.

Captain Karn rapidly blinked his eyes, relieved. "I feel as though I have been painfully proven a point..."

Captain Thrace picked his words more carefully. "What do you think this means, My Prince?"

"That coin contains the concentrated power of Zordan. Permanently stored, and permanently surrendered." The Prince began. "To ease your concerns, Captain Thrace, knowing what I know of Zordan's power, I don't see him being able to create more than ten of these coins without becoming a bedridden husk. So I doubt there are fifty more of his soldiers out there. My theory is that this girl was the sole survivor, and that she was drawn to the power of her three comrade's coins that we have here."

"There's a difference between four and ten though, my Prince." Thrace said

"True." The Prince replied. "I still believe that she is the lone survivor, and I also believe that she is not fully in control of her power, and that she is in mental distress. She approached our camp alone, and without subterfuge. This seems like a foolish act, but if she were truly able to wield the power of that coin, I don't think we would be here having this conversation right now.

The captains let a few moments of silence pass, out of respect for the Prince's words.

"I would like to get back to how she can even carry that coin. It's exploding with a disorienting amount of power." Karn said.

"Well." The Prince replied. "My theory is that these locals are uniquely nonsensitive to power, perhaps even completely numb to it."

"So she wouldn't feel any of the energy coming off that thing?" Karn asked.

"Not only that." The Prince said. "but it's power could be channeled through her body effortlessly. She could wield it without the decades of training or pain and discomfort that it might take the most powerful among our species."

"Do you really think a simple numbness to power would really enable these unremarkable indigens to do something like that?" Captain Thrace said.

"I do." The Prince said. "With minimal training."

Captain Thrace thought for a moment. "So it would seem like this planet and it's species were an extremely lucky find for Zordan, if his goal was to create a guardian force capable of stopping his sister in the middle of her conquering spree."

The Prince looked at his captain, interested. "What are you implying Captain?"

"Well." Captain Thrace began. "The story has always been that the good sage Zordan, overcome with guilt, finally decided to confront his sister, and stop her on her galactic conquest."

"Here on this planet." Karn said hazily, still nursing his headache from the power coin's presence.

"Right." Thrace said. "A planet where he just so happened to find the only civilized species numb to power in the known universe. The only humanoids he could pump unlimited amounts of power into."

The Prince smirked. "You're implying that Zordan may have been waiting for this opportunity, which is the same as implying that he stood by and waited while all those other planet's were being conquered and destroyed. That's a serious accusation. Zordan is a highly regarded champion of all that is right."

Captain Thrace smiled. "I speak with the freedom of the doomed, and I think that above all he did not want his sister to die. Otherwise he would have killed her a long time ago."

"So all those planets and lives? He was able to just watch them suffer and perish?" The Prince asked.

"If his own sister was capable of such psychotic violence, I see no reason that he would not be capable of such psychotic sentiment."

The Prince smiled. "You impress me, Captain."

Captain Karn interrupted. "Do we care about this? Is this something that we are caring about now? I think we have a lot of monsters to kill right now."

Captain Thrace looked at him. "Zordan is extremely powerful, and he and his fighters are a real wild card in this situation. I want to know everything about him and his reasons for involving himself here. I want to know how much power he still has here."

Captain Karn laughed. "Wild card!? I've got ten thousand wild cards for you. They all fell out of the sky just yesterday!"

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Jul 11, 2005

psycho killer
qu'est-ce que c'est?

I am shocked and offended you didn't take my constructive criticism into consideration


Oct 4, 2010

"Alright." The prince spoke loudly. "As much as I am enjoying this free flowing exchange of ideas, we do have more things to attend to. Check your inboxes. Our intelligence men have managed to tap into a primitive internet system, and the Ratkin Civilization Report has been compiled. It's been sent to you both."

"Ooh, already?" Karn said, clearly interested as he leaned back and looked straight ahead at his implanted holographic screen. His eyes moved left and right and his thumb flicked slightly in his lap as he flipped pages.

Thrace watched Karn for a second and then opened the report for himself. He flipped past the cultural information and went straight for modern day military strength.

The Prince waited patiently for them to review the report.

Thrace looked up at the prince. "Nukes..."

The Prince looked back. "Primitive nukes."

Karn remarked. "Okay...nukes, lame."

Then he laughed. "Wait a second; nukes, then moon landing, then networked computers? That's weird. Have you ever seen things in that order?"

"No." Thrace said.

"People don't usually crack nukes this early, like their species survival depends on it." Karn said.

"Unusually big, modern wars." The Prince replied.

Karn read a bit longer and laughed again. "They dropped nuclear bombs from this!" He flipped his screen to display a large picture of a Boeing B-29 Superfortress.

"I'm starting to like these crazy little goblins."

The Prince rolled his eyes.

Thrace looked up at the Prince. "This isn't what we were hoping for. I think we may need to change our plans."

"I've realized that, Captain."

"Hey I'm down for some co-existence." Karn said. "These people seem like they might be kinda okay. Does this report have an art highlight?"

"Not yet, they're working on it. It's not a priority."

"I love art highlight reports. It's so cool to just flip through an entire civilizations best stuff, and this might be our last chance to do that."

"Alright men. You've got your basic information. I want you to go get your weapons and armor and link up with your battalions in the city. You'll be leading the final stages of this battle personally. I want this town secured. I want it safe. When you reach them, message me and I'll take up terminal command personally."

Thrace smiled. Before his big promotion he was a Senior Field Sergeant, and he felt his place was among his men. He didn't like leading from behind a computer screen. He had spent twenty years as a field sergeant, managing the lives of his men. He was sure that they had been lost without him. They probably had been neglecting their hygiene and their physical training.

Thrace's formative army years had been during a time of unprecedented peace. By the time his unit was involved in a real fight he was a senior NCO, and spent his time safe in the commander seat of a Centipede Tank while his footmen faced the enemy. This might be his chance to finally kill an enemy with his own hands.

Karn didn't smile. Before his promotion he was an Intelligence Lieutenant. He was still a Knight, and nobody could question his strength or his martial skills. He had found out early on in his military career however, that his nerves might not be as strong as most of the soldiers under his command. He had been in one battle.

During training he had been told that during a battle, his body would stop all of it's digestive functions. That was bullshit, he had a stomachache the entire time. To his credit he had managed to hold himself together, and he had led a spear-and-shield charge against an entrenched enemy. He drove his spear into an enemies side and immediately took a sniper blast to his left calf. The charge ended in victory, and it was the worst experience of his life. His men celebrated as he vomitted onto the ground and cried like a child while his leg automatically tourniquetted itself. He got a medal.

"Roger that." Thrace replied.

"Roger that, my Prince." Karn said as he scratched his prosthetic leg.

"Karn." The prince addressed his Captain.

Karn looked up quickly, "Yes, Prince?"

"Before you head out, would you please go visit our prisoner and soften her up a bit? I want to talk to her myself, but I'd rather not deal with a hostile."

"Yeah, yeah. Sure." Karn smiled weakly. "I think I can turn on the charm. Should I head over to the brig now?"


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Oct 4, 2010

Captain Karn had decided to don his armor and kit before he visited the brig to speak with the prisoner.

He wore a thin, lightweight, and nearly indestructible set of Chitanium plate armor that had been hard earned. It was fitted to him, and had been presented by the Emperor himself when he had achieved knighthood. It was worth nearly thirty years of his salary on the black market, but more illegal to sell than any narcotic or contraband.

He wore a belt that contained, among other item's, six identical foot long rods.

The three rods on the left side activated to become a long spear, a short spear, and a sword.

The three on his right side activated to become a large circular shield, a massive wall shield, and a Crushmaul, for smashing vehicles.

Across his back was slung a standard issue rifle, with all the best attachments. The rifle was slung somewhat awkwardly over the yellow cape that marked him as a Captain.

He walked to the doorway of the brig, where two grey-caped Corporals saluted him and stepped briskly aside.

Inside a blue caped Sergeant stood up at his desk and saluted him.

"Good day Captain." The sergeant said. He would have said good morning, or good evening, but he had no idea what time it was. "The Indigen is in the last cell on the right."

She was their only prisoner.

"Is she awake?" Captain Karn asked.

"Yes sir, she has been awake for about an hour."

"She was only captured an hour and a half ago. I was just with the Prince. Why weren't we notified that she had woken up?"

The Brig Sergeant was surprised at the Captain's intensity.

"I'm sorry sir, we thought that you had better things to do than worry about this little local. She hasn't caused any trouble."

Karn calmed himself down down. The Sergeant wasn't aware of their suspicions that this girl was one of Zordan's warriors.

"You didn't think it was odd that this girl regained consciousness so soon after taking a full stunner blast?"

The Sergeant's eyes widened. "I was not aware that she took a full blast, sir."

The Sergeant hesitated, then continued. "By full blast, you do mean a 100% charge, right?"

Captain Karn sighed. There really should be more transparency here among this small army, he thought.

"Sergeant, this girl knocked out three Knights before taking a 100% charge. She shrugged off that blast and fought until the prince himself intervened to hold her still while a 100% charged spear was held to her stomach for five full seconds until it exploded. Then she finally was rendered unconscious. For apparently twenty minutes."

The Sergeant maintained his composure but seemed clearly concerned and annoyed. "Sir, this is usually the kind of thing I like to know before I take on a prisoner. This is my job, after all."

"I know Sergeant. Things are a bit hectic right now, but I apologize for neglecting to inform you of this prisoner's power."

"It doesn't matter Sir, we have everything under control here. My men are ready to escort you to the prisoner's cell."

"Thank you Sergeant but that won't be necessary. We actually believe that this indigen will be an ally, once we help her to realize what is going on."

"Sir may I ask why this indigen is so strong?"

"Sergeant I'm afraid it's not my place to say, not yet. I do believe that the army will be addressed by the Prince soon, and you'll have more answers than you have questions."

"Understood Sir. I'll keep my post. I have to say, though, you seem pretty heavily armed for a prisoner visit. It adds to my concerns."

"Don't worry Sergeant, I'm not expecting trouble here, but I'm reporting to the battlefield after this visit."

"I see; well good hunting to you Sir, I hear it's pretty glorious out there."

"Don't worry Sergeant, there's a decent chance we'll all be choking on glory before this is over."

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Feb 14, 2012

by Lowtax

Oct 23, 2010

Legit Cyberpunk

Digging the living heck out of this,

Oct 4, 2010

Captain Karn was standing outside of the door the the ship's brig. He did his best to reconcile his relaxed demeanor with how intimidating he looked in his full armor and kit, and walked into the brig. 'Last cell on the right.' he thought. He had only seen the little fighter from a distance, but she had taken down several proven knights, one of which he knew was a better fighter than himself.

As he walked up to her cell he began to speak without immediately looking at her.

"Hello young lady, my name-". As he turned to look into the cell he saw the girl fast asleep on her cot, facing him. He watched her for a few seconds.

Annoyed he turned around and walked back out of the cell room, finding the Brig Sergeant at his desk.

"I thought she was awake." Karn said.

The Brig Sergeant held back a laugh. "She is awake sir. I've been watching her. She started pretending to be asleep as soon as she heard the door open. She was in the middle of a workout just a second ago."

Captain Karn wanted to laugh himself. "Right...okay."

He walked back to Kimberly's cell and leaned against the opposite wall. He watched her pretend to sleep for a few seconds. Her breathing was actually sloppy, he noticed.

He loaded up an alarm noise on his interface and set it to 115 decibels.

He put a set of earplugs in, reached his hand through the bars of the cell, and hit play.

The sharp alarm blared. Kimberly flinched and winced on her cot.

Captain Karn frowned. "Well, I was really expecting you to hit the ceiling, or at least fall out of bed."

Kimberly was more surprised by her alien captor's informal, human tone, and she opened her eyes and sat up.

"Sorry for the prank." The big blue skinned alien said. "I never can resist."

"Who are you?" Kim asked, keeping her words short.

"I'm a Renidi Knight. A Captain here. Who are you?"

"Why are you on my planet?" She asked.

"I'm here with my friends, we're lost and looking for a home." He said, thinking about how sympathetic the word 'lost' was compared to 'exiled'. At the same time he wondered if he sounded like he was trying too hard to seem innocent.

"You came with all the other monsters?"

"Sure. We flew our ships through that big crazy portal and we came through with all the other monsters, spirits, bacteria, demons, and refugees; but we're not monsters. I don't know if you noticed but right now we're out in the streets of this city slaughtering absolutely everything that isn't native."

Kim still felt groggy from the spider's venom, and every muscle in her body ached from the overcharge she received from the stunner. She laid back down on her cot, put one leg on the ground and closed her eyes.

"Why am I a prisoner? Why was I attacked?"

"My friend, you were not attacked. You attacked us. The fact that you're in a cell instead of a grave should tell you how committed we are to ingratiating ourselves with the natives of this planet. You hurt some of my men."

"You have something I need. Something that belongs to me."

"I'm sorry but I don't know what you're talking about." He lied.

"I can tell that you're lying." She lied.

"We have a lot of things, how would we know what belongs to you? I've already picked up a few souvenirs. I have a cool primitive little camera, and some paper money."

Captain Karn looked over at the girl, who appeared to be asleep again.

"Hey, are you awake?"

He watched her for a few seconds. She had either gotten much better at pretending to be asleep, or she had really passed out.

He turned around and walked back to the Brig Sergeant's desk.

"Sergeant it occurred to me that this prisoner should probably be in the sick bay, and not in a cell. Have your guards transfer and admit her. Tell them I want the doctor himself to screen and take care of her, not a nurse, not a medic."

"I can do that sir, but I believe the Prince has made plans to visit her here shortly, and I do have security concerns, especially after what you told me."

"You're the jailer, Sergeant. Tranquilize her, restrain her, encase her in foam for all I care. Just secure her and transfer her to the doctor's care. I want her examined, and treated if necessary. I'll shoot the Prince a message about it, don't worry."


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Dec 2, 2004

Fun Shoe

OP I was all ready to make fun of you for your power rangers fan fiction...but then I unironically started to like it

Marta Velasquez
Mar 9, 2013

Good thing I was feeling suicidal this morning...

Fallen Rib

Bardeh posted:

OP I was all ready to make fun of you for your power rangers fan fiction...but then I unironically started to like it

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Oct 23, 2010

Legit Cyberpunk

It's the froglight magic

Oct 4, 2010

Prince October's Flagship was landed in the cornfields east of the Angel Grove city limits. His three much smaller warships had landed north, south, and west of the city. The Renidi forces formed a perimeter, blocking all roadways and monitoring every inch of ground around the portal.

The Prince's directives even before they had traveled through the portal was that anything else coming through, anything non-native to whatever planet they arrived at, was to be considered hostile. Absolutely no quarter was to be given until further notice.

The Renidi had fought their way from the outskirts of the city inward, killing brainless monsters, hellish demons, and unarmed desperates alike. Very few innocent people rushed through strange inter-dimensional portals that suddenly appeared in space/time/.

There were of course Indigen casualties, collateral damage. Not many, though.

By the time the Prince had ordered his Captains' to assume personal command of their halves of the army, the Angel Grove Front Lines consisted of a twenty block square surrounding the downtown area of the city. The Renidi Forces had been stalled out, with troublesome powerful forces holding out against them. One final push and the city could be taken and secured.

Up until this point the operations had been controlled by Lieutenant Commander Garba, an experienced remote commander who sat behind a massive set of computer screens and advised the movements and actions of all field commanders. It was his place that the Prince planned on taking once his Captains' had made their way to the front lines.

Captain Karn and Captain Thrace met briefly in the hallway near the Brig. They were both suited for battle and had walked into each other unexpectedly.

"Captain Karn." Thrace addressed Karn.

"Captain Thrace." Karn nodded, a bit awkwardly.

There was nothing like an impending battle to put things in perspective. The two bickering commanders shared an unprecedented cordial moment.

"Are you headed to the mortar tubes?" Captain Thrace asked Karn, referring to the on-board cannon that would launch a man with all his equipment in a drop-pod to any point within a hundred miles.

"Oh no." Karn laughed. "gently caress that thing. I'm hitching a ride with a research team going out to study all the crap we've killed so far. They're gonna try to find a pattern of what's coming through."

Captain Thrace almost smiled. "If I had the energy to spare, I'd call you a baby, but I don't; so I'll just say good hunting out there, Captain."

Captain Karn held out his hand, "Good hunting, Captain. Have you gotten used to the rank yet?"

Captain Thrace clasped Karn's wrist. "Not at all, man."

"Yeah, good to know it's not just me." Karn said.

Captain Thrace looked Karn up and down. "You know I've never seen you suited up. You actually look like a soldier. It's surprising."

"Yeah, yeah. Hey listen, do me a favor and try not to get shredded out there, I don't want to have to start all over with some new, old rear end, up-jumped Sergeant."

"Don't you have a truck to catch, Lieutenant?"

"Don't you have a cannon to be shot out of, Sergeant?"

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are they gonna kiss later

Oct 23, 2010

Legit Cyberpunk

They were kissing all through that scene imo

Oct 4, 2010

Prince October walked into the ship's sickbay.

Before he was exiled, and before he had lost 90% of his retinue, the medical element of Prince October's forces had been lead by a truly amazing doctor.

She was a genius, without flaw or vice. She was at the forefront of current research. She was a uniquely gifted caretaker and an experienced combat doctor. She was also an expert rifleman and a certified infantryman.

Soldiers who deployed with her in their orbit fought with the courage of the immortal, because they may as well have been.

The Prince had personally witnessed her bring a man back to life after half of his head had been blown away. She had manually re-crafted the man's brain from an old scan.

Imagine waking up tomorrow, and realizing that it was six months later, and that you had been killed yesterday.

This legendary doctor's appointment to his army had been a birthday gift from his father. She had left him along with most of his army after his exile.

His current head doctor was her apprentice: A man who was just barely a real doctor. A man who had remained in the Prince's army despite his mentor's urging.

The Prince understood that every single person in his army was betting on him; from his two Captains to his lowest Privates. They had all given up everything to stay with him, and he was going to do everything in his power to reward that loyalty.

The Prince walked into the sickbay and addressed his Head Doctor.

"How is the Indigen?"

Dr. Korma saluted awkwardly. "Well, we think she's going to be fine."

The Prince raised an eyebrow. "Go on."

Dr. Korma pulled up Kimberly's chart on a nearby screen. "Well, we've obviously already got all of the biological data on the native people here, and we also understand that this subject is something above that in terms of....well, everything. When she was admitted to my care her blood contained a ridiculous amount of neurotoxin. She should have been dead ten times over. After observing how quickly her body processed and eliminated the venom, I determined that she had originally been injected with ten times that amount. Her resilience is obviously supernatural."

"Right, she's got god power." Prince October said, wearily.

"Yes. Unusual for sure, but nothing we can't analyze. From what we're seeing here she is beyond tough. We know about what it took just to stun her, and it's been crazy expensive just to keep her sedated. I'm actually very concerned about how much of our sedatives are being spent keeping her under. Her metabolism, her 'god powered metabolism' is burning through our strongest narcotics. It's really not sustainable. My official recommendation is that we let her wake up and secure her in the brig."

Prince October let out a frustrated breath and put his hand on his sword.

"Cut off the sedatives, and call a security team. We're going to sort this all out now."

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Oct 4, 2010

Kimberly Hart regained consciousness on a strange and comfortable bed.

She opened her eyes and found herself lying on her side, making eye contact with what she immediately identified as seven alien soldiers.
Her hands were clasped together and tucked under her face in a classic sleeping pose. She could only be glad that she wasn't drooling on her pillow. She was obviously at a disadvantage here.

Kimberly chose to not move a muscle. She could tell that the aliens were nervous. She knew they were nervous about her. She remembered the fight. She remembered knocking a few of them out. She was relieved to remember that she had held back, she knew she didn't kill anyone. She remembered being painfully subdued.
Kim felt calm and rational for the first time since the hole in the sky had appeared. She was tired and in pain. She would have liked to have had a few minutes alone to really get her thoughts together, but it seemed like that would have to wait. She closed her eyes and allowed herself one deep, meditative breath.

"You are desperate for a moment of peace.". A voice spoke. "I can tell. Please, relax, and collect your thoughts. You are safe here."

Kimberly immediately responded, "Who are you?"

"I'm the one you hope I am, I'm the one in charge here." The alien smiled as he felt her thoughts. "Who are you?"

Kimberly fought back nausea, and grit her teeth for a few seconds during a painful stomach cramp. The spider venom was still working itself through her system.

"I''s complicated. I protect this planet. You have something I need. If you people are telling the truth about wanting to help, just give it back to me."

The Prince spoke to his guards. "Wait outside."

The other aliens walked to a nearby door an exited the room. One of them hesitated and looked at the prince.

The Prince addressed him and said, "Really, it's alright. You'll know if I need you."

The last alien joined the others and left the room.

The Prince turned back to her.

"You're one of Zordan's soldiers."

That took Kimberly off-guard. She had never heard anyone outside of the rangers speak Zordan's name.

"You know who Zordan is?" She said without thinking.

"We all know who Zordan is. He's no secret being among my people."

Kimberly closed her eyes and laughed sickly, "That is extremely interesting to me." Her body relaxed and her speech began to slur. "What is he to you? Is he a god?" She started to fall asleep. "Is he a trickster thing...."

"Trickster thing?" The Prince responded. "Zordan is actually very highly regarded among-" The Prince stopped speaking as soon as he realized Kimberly was no longer awake.

Prince October looked over to the doctor.

The doctor gave a helpless shrug. "Like I said before, she's processing around a hundred doses of lethal alien venom that her species has no genetic experience with. She should be crazy dead, but her power is dealing with the venom as fast as her physical body can handle. It's some really amazing stuff, but she's going to be in and out like this until it's over."

The Prince nodded. "How long until she is lucid and whole?"

The doctor shook his head dejectedly. "I absolutely cannot say. My personal hope is that she continues to defy her own biology and burn her way out of this semi-coma as soon as possible."

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Oct 4, 2010

{Excerpt from the Renidian interview of Kimberly Hart.}

Int: Last question: Have you ever killed a sentient being?

Kim: Yes.

Int: Oh, uh...What sentient life have you ended?

Kim: I have killed more putty soldiers than I can count, and I have participated in the killing of dozens of powerful creatures in the service of Rita Repulsa.

Int: Rita's golems? (laughs) No, those...those don't count. Mindless constructs don't count.

Kim: The putties seemed mindless, but most of her monsters had personality. They seemed sentient to me. I can definitely remember plenty of them cracking jokes as we fought. We ground them to dust, beat them to death, cut them up, shot them up.

Int: You do realize I'm just trying to help you get through this process, right? Nothing you killed that was sent to your world by Rita counts as murder. You can't murder an animated golem, and you can't murder a murderous invader. There's your crash course in Renidian murder law.

Kim: I killed Jennifer Moore.

Int: What is Jennifer Moore?

Kim: She was the captain of the cheerleading team. She was a human, like me. She was my friend. Rita turned her into one of her Dark Rangers.

Int: Dark Ranger?

Kim: The Dark Rangers was the best plot that Rita ever had. After a year of sending otherworldly monsters at us, she decided to fight fire with fire, and she exploited some human teenagers of her own. Except where Zordan sought us out for our empathy, pride, love, and courage, Rita sniffed out our peers who harbored violent psychosis, distrust, jealousy, and hate. It was easily the greatest threat we ever faced.

Int: Listen, Indigen, I'm sorry, I mean Guardian. I'm just here to process you so we can get you enlisted. Once you're enlisted I can give you a displacement spear and a set of armor, and assign you a bunk and get you cared for and fed; but even exiled Renidians are sticklers for paperwork, and I can't sign arms over to an admitted murderer, so let's just say you didn't kill the Jennifermoore, okay?

Kim: Okay, that's fine.

Int: Great, we are all done here. Welcome aboard! Let's give saving this infested rock a shot!

Kim: .....Great. What now?

Int: Now we wait. The Prince is meeting with his Captains but he wants to see you next!

Kim: Awesome....

Int: Yeah...I know. Hey though...Since we have nothing to do but kill time, I'm actually kind of curious to hear more about this whole Dark Ranger Saga...

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Oct 4, 2010

One month before the opening of the portal, Rita Repulsa decided to create her own force of human teenage warriors in hopes of finally annihilating her brother's 'Power Rangers'.

“I am, after all, more powerful than him. My own 'Power Ranger's' would slaughter his.”

It is true that Rita was significantly more powerful than her brother Zordan. His defense of Earth against his sister's attacks was only successful because he had permanently surrendered his power to the rangers via their transformation medallions, a selfless act that left him bed-ridden and often mentally confused; a sacrifice that he knew his own sister was incapable of.

“My immortal brother has crippled himself to create a ridiculous monkey militia to protect this worthless rock. We will slaughter these unfortunate slaves, and return my brother's power to him.”

So Rita created five faceless identical black masks, the same way her brother made his medallions.

Instead of surrendering her power to them, she simply linked them to her, so that she could give and take power from them as she desired.

As soon as she started reaching out into the minds of young Angel Grove teens she realized how genius her brother was in his creation of the Power Rangers.

“These power-numb apes are perfect soldiers.” she ranted in the presence of only a bored Goldarr.

“They really are the weakest sentients I've ever seen. Watch what they will do for a bit of power, and watch how well they process it!”

After an hour of meditation she announced, waking up Goldarr. “I have my apes!”

In the same way that Zordan called and bonded the power rangers, Rita used their dreams to worm her way into their minds, and irreversibly molded and damaged their psyches, shackling them to her by their miseries, until she was ready to summon them all to a cornfield just outside of town. Where they were masked and bonded to each other.

Joshua Graff- “Jackal”- Josh was son of a disabled former Army Ranger who broke his legs during a training jump, and was discharged before he was given any kind of mission.

Josh was skinny, short, and an undiagnosed asthmatic. He was abused and hated by his father, who had always hoped for his son to succeed and surpass his own military ambitions.

Josh was dropped from the JROTC program in school after he failed to show physical improvement in his push-ups and running. No matter how many times he was forced to fire a rifle at the gun range with his father, he flinched, and pulled away. He was a naturally gentle and artistic person, but the expectations of his abusive father completely crushed his own desires and inclinations. He could have been a pretty adept writer.

At the age of 16, Rita Repulsa gave him a black mask and he became Jackal, the ultimate soldier. His power armor was adaptive camouflage, like a chameleon's skin. He wore an impenetrable body armor vest, decorated with an array of magic grenades and ammo magazines. Slung across his chest was a massive energy bolt firing rifle. In his imposing armor he stood 8 feet tall. Like all the other Dark Rangers, he was given superhuman senses and abilities. In his capacity as the 'soldier' of the group, he was given a knowledge of the human body that surpassed that of any other human; and an advanced alien med-bag. He was a member of a team, and that was all that mattered to him. He was a real soldier.

“God help the fool that opposes my allies.”

Paula Torres- “Porcelain”- The daughter of a plastic surgeon. She was well off, but thought of as the ugliest girl at Angel Grove High School. 150 pounds overweight, with heavy acne and short, thin black hair.

She was very smart and witty, but most of her wit was spent hatefully fending off the childish insults of her peers, and her clever retorts were always under appreciated. She had plenty of reasons to be depressed, and she felt alone. She was all too ready to accept Rita's promise of power and fellowship.

Rita gave her a mask that transformed her into Porcelain, a perfect specimen of human beauty, with a flawless supermodel's body and long golden hair that flowed around her blank mask.

She was instantly made a perfect practitioner of torture, mutilation, interrogation, and cruelty.

As with the other Dark Rangers, her powers were determined by her pain and hate. She brandished surgical blades, bone saws, drills, vices, and razor sharp vacuums. She could see your deepest fears as easily as she could see your eye color.

Within the ranks of the Dark Rangers, her insanity was amplified by the fact that she never chose to morph back to her human form after her first time morphing into her ranger form.

“Killing an enemy is freeing an enemy.”

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