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Dec 26, 2012


Sly 3: Honour Among Thieves is a "platform stealth game" according to Wikipedia and the third entry in the Sly series (Serperoth and I let's played the other two games here). Released in 2005 on the Playstation 2, this game is pretty much the same of what you got in Sly 2, except with some changes in our favorite thief-gang's moveset.

Things... really didn't end off on a high note in Sly 2. With Bentley in a wheelchair after nearly having his legs bitten off and Murray leaving the gang, it's a broken Cooper Gang we find in Sly 3. After meeting with an old friend of Sly's dad, Sly and Bentley do however find out about the legendary Cooper Vault, which have existed for millennia. When they get there, they find out that the island it's laying on has been taken over by a baboon called Dr. M, who's been trying to get into the vault for years without any luck and has made the island into a fortress during said time. With no way to get in without some other gang members, Sly and Bentley sadly has to abandon the vault for now, while looking for new thieves that can help out.

Serperoth will just like before help me with commentating on this game and every update will have a cut (no commentary over cutscenes) and an uncut (all talk all the time) version. This is being played on the HD re-release of the game, so expect to see some wide-screen issues. With that out of the way, let's play Sly 3: Honour Among Thieves!

Part 1: Beginning of the End (Uncut Version)

Part 2: The Lion of the Opera (Uncut Version)
Part 3: Fruitful Precaution (Uncut Version)
Part 4: Explosions of Venice (Uncut Version)
Part 5: Revenge of Octavio (Uncut Version)

Part 6: Nature's Destruction (Uncut Version)
Part 7: Unleashing the Dreamtime (Uncut Version)
Part 8: Rumble n' Tumble (Uncut Version)
Part 9: Daughter of the Mask (Uncut Version)

Part 10: Mile High Club (Uncut version)
Part 11: A Really Bad Night (Uncut Version)
Part 12: Dogs and Foxes (Uncut Version)
Part 13: Black Baron's Brutal Beatdown (Uncut Version)

Part 14: Panda King's Pandemonium (Uncut Version)
Part 15: Getting a Job (Uncut Version)
Part 16: The Wrath of Tsao (Uncut Version)
Part 17: Crouching Hippos, Hidden Pandas (Uncut version)
Part 18: Trial of the Dragon (Uncut Version)

Part 19: Thieves of the Caribbean (Uncut Version)
Part 20: The Secret of Dagger Island (Uncut Version)
Part 21: Swashbuckling Around the Seas (Uncut Version)
Part 22: Smartest Parrot on the Sevens Seas (Uncut Version)

Part 23: Fighting For Our Cane (Uncut Version)
Part 24: Honour Among Thieves (Uncut Version)
Part 25: Glitches n' Stuff
Part 26: Multiplayer and Sly Collection

Master Thief Challenges Part 1: When In Venice
Master Thief Challenges Part 2: Rules of Nature
Master Thief Challenges Part 3: Up in the Air
Master Thief Challenges Part 4: Strike Like a Hippo, Sting Like a Raccoon
Master Thief Challenges Part 5: A Pirate I Was Meant To Be
Master Thief Challenges Part 6: Treasure on the Horizon
Master Thief Challenges Part 7: The Island of Dr. M
Goodbye My Sweet
The Evolution of Sly
Dimitri Dance Movie
Venice Gallery
Australia Gallery
Holland Gallery
China Gallery
Caribbean Gallery
Kaine Island Gallery

Name: Sly Cooper
Our raccon hero and leader of the Cooper Gang. Coming from a long line of thieves, Sly was about to acquire the Thievious Racconus from his father when a ferocious gang of thieves called Fearsome Five killed Sly's parents and ripped the thieving book into pieces. Sent to an orphanage, where he would meet his friends Bentley and Murray, he wouldn't be able to take revenge for his parents murder until some years later, where he would also restore the Thievious Racconus and have a sweet boss fight in a volcano with the leader of the Fearsome Five, Clockwerk, while riding around with a jetpack. Despite Clockwerk falling into dangerous magma, his pure hatred for the Cooper Clan kept him alive and Sly had to find all the parts so that they wouldn't fall into the wrong hands. Even though the gang managed to find all the parts, Clockwerk still reformed and it wasn't until they took him down once more and destroyed his hate chip that the robot owl died. Now on the hunts for gang members that can help him break into his family vault.

Name: Bentley
The brains and master hacker of the Cooper Gang. Used to be a snarky shut-in who only told us to jump and press the circle button all the itme, but appears to have gained some confidence and courage throughout the events of the past games and now is a central part of the team even during field missions. Having his legs crushed by Clockwerk haven't stopped him from being helpful too, as he decide to upgrade his wheelchair into something that Q would be jealous of. He can even steal stuff from enemies now!

Name: Murray
Murray definitely took the events of Sly 2 the hardest and blamed himself for Bentley's paralysis. As he felt that he was a burden to his best friends, Murray left the team in order to get his thoughts in order and to quell his anger. Instead he went to Australia and found a shaman of the "Dreamtime", who told him to go on a soul-cleansing journey across the globe. Eventually ended up in Venice, where he's been told to not return back to his master until "the black water runs pure".

Name: Carmelita Montoya Fox
Inspector Fox is still Sly's love interest, but she doesn't seem to have taken Sly's usual escape from her handcuffs at the end of the second game very well, and decided to toughen up and not take any of Sly's poo poo anymore. Or maybe that has something to do with her new voice actress, I don't know. In any case, she also ended up in Venice to stop the tar from flowing everywhere and, despite not having any evidence, knows that Don Ocatvio and his mafia gang is behind it all. Guess she's not that bad of a cop after all.

Name: Don Octavio
As a young man, Octavio was a well known opera singer and was about to described to be the next big tenor... but just as he was about to become famous across the globe, music tastes changed and suddenly, opera wasn't very popular anymore. Furious, he was approached by some of his friends in the mafia, who recruited him into "the buisness". Octavio would soon reach the rank of Don, becoming known as Don Octavio, but he never really forgave the world for abandoning opera music and he will make it love opera again, whether they want to or not, starting in Venice where he's been pumping tar into the water for some odd reason.

Name: Dr. M
A paranoid mandrill doctor obsessed with breaking into the Cooper Vault. Like, seriously obsessed. Bought the deeds to the island the vault is on and built a ton of defenses. Seems to like creating mutant hybrids that can act as guards, like gorilla-bat-elephant-horse hybrids, and some sort of giant King Kong turtle thing. Having had no luck with breaking into the vault doesn't seem to have helped his psyche at all, so we can probably presume he's insane.

Name: The Guru
A koala and master of the "Dreamtime", as well as Murray's new master, The Guru excel in everything peaceful and some parts un-peaceful as well. Although he cannot attack on his own, he posses enough psychological power to take over the minds of others by jumping on their back, as well as transform into something completely different to the naked eye. This didn't stop violent dingoes to crash his humble tent and stow him away in a make-shift prison, but hey, he still has plenty of power for such a small creature!

Name: The Mask of Dark Earth
If you didn't get this from the name already, this is an evil mask that has returned from the depths of the earth, thanks to all the mining going on in Australia. Unlike most other villains in the Sly Universe, The Mask doesn't seem to lead any sort of gang of his own, but rather takes over the minds of others, as well as enlarge them and give them more power. Clearly an environmental message: Stop digging in our sacred old rocks, or evil masks will appear out of nowhere and mess everything up. Also, there doesn't seem to be any concept art of The Mask anywhere, so all you get is this in-game picture. Sorry about that!

Name: The Black Baron
A flamboyant and arrogant dog (?) who has controlled the dog-fighting air space for the last couple of years, defeating challengers left and right. thanks to his gunship blimps. Outside of that, no one knows much of him, not even his real name. But perhaps a silly thing as identity isn't very important when the unknown man is shooting down your planes.

Name: Penelope
A genius Dutch mouse with a love for and exemplary skill in remote-controlled vehicles, Penelope is one of the Black Baron's mechanics, thinking that he is the best of the best, even going so far as to not join the Cooper Gang unless we beat the big mustache himself. Her love for tech and skill at Photoshop rivals that of Bentley's.

Name: Dimitri Lousteau
A party-loving marine iguana who used to be part of the Klaww Gang, where he printed false money and sold illegal spice on the black market. After Sly defeated him, he seemingly turned from his criminal ways and became a simple dance instructor... but somehow, he found his way back in jail. Thankfully, Sly ended up saving him, and is now the commentator for the ACES competition.

Name: Muggshot
A mean, gun-toting bulldog, who after being picked on by bullies, and with some inspiration from mobster movies, decided to start working out until literally half of him was muscle that could beat the crap out of anyone that had made fun of him. Used to be a part of the Fiendish Five, the same gang that killed Sly's father, but was beaten by Sly in Mesa City, thanks to concentrated life. Unlike Dimitri, Muggshot stayed on his criminal path and picked up a taste for dog-fighting between games, where he's renowned for his brutal and vicious tactics.

Name: Panda King
After being turned down by Chinese royals who believed his firework techniques were lacking, the Panda King became a ruthless explosions master, who threatened villages with being buried in snow unless they paid "avalanche security money". If that wasn't enough villainy, he also was part of the Furious Five, the gang that killed Sly's parents and ripped apart the Thiveous Racconnus. After his defeat at the hands of Sly, he went back to his family and took care of his daughter Jing King.... until she was taken away by General Tsao, who also forced Panda King into exile, where he meditated upon his greatest defeat over and over again.

Name: General Tsao
A sexist, disrespectful and ruthless dictator, Tsao is obsessed with his family line and want to make it the greatest in all of the world. He seems to have respected Panda King while he still was criminal, as Tsao wants to marry his daughter Jing King for the only purpose of uniting the Tsao and King bloodlines, even forcing Panda King into exile to make sure he would never interfere with the wedding plans.

Name: Captain LeFwee
A pirate parrot who, despite his size, has become the de facto ruler of Bloodbath Bay (even though it's supposed to be a lawless place). Merciless, intelligent, egotistical and just kinda creepy, he might be the greatest adversary that the Cooper Gang has ever faced, if only because he's one of the few villains who keep an eye on their stolen stuff.

Carlioo fucked around with this message at 17:25 on Oct 29, 2015


Dec 26, 2012

...Right, this. Inbetween me getting back into FFXIV, updating my laptop to Windows 10 and having to reinstall a lot of programs because of reasons, as well as Serperoth going to France and preparing himself for it, I kinda put this on the backburner. Probably should have gotten here faster so that the old thread didn't get locked! Oh well, all the last videos are basically finished now, so the last bit of the road shouldn't be too long. Speaking of basically done:

Part 23: Fighting For Our Cane (Uncut Version)

Master Thief Challenges 6: Treasure on the Horizon (Treasure Hunts)

In which we lose our cane again. And again. And again. Should probably put a leash on that thing.

Oct 21, 2008
Hello again, glad to see this back on track. Its funny that you happened to stop right before the final chapter.

Dec 26, 2012


Tombot posted:

Hello again, glad to see this back on track. Its funny that you happened to stop right before the final chapter.

You have to make it seem climactic somehow! :v:

Mar 20, 2014
Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially gotten to the chapter where the game's title comes from. Dr. M worked with Sly's father and Jim McSweeney from the comic I brought up in the original thread and clearly harbors a grudge against Sky's old man for some reason which will become clearly soon enough.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Clapping Larry
This does raise the question of what Sly's going to do with this gang once this caper is over. I have a feeling a lot of the people involved are going to want to do their own thing.

Dec 28, 2012

Glazius posted:

This does raise the question of what Sly's going to do with this gang once this caper is over. I have a feeling a lot of the people involved are going to want to do their own thing.

Considering how much wealth the Cooper family has accumulated, I'm betting the original team is just gonna go back to stealing but with the added bonus of being untouchable by the law because they could by the entire state of whatever jail they try to put them in.

Dec 26, 2012


RareAcumen posted:

Considering how much wealth the Cooper family has accumulated, I'm betting the original team is just gonna go back to stealing but with the added bonus of being untouchable by the law because they could by the entire state of whatever jail they try to put them in.

I mean, the gang was basically already untouchable considering how smart the police are in the game... Seriously, it took a betrayal to catch them and they broke out within a month or so anyway :v:

Feb 21, 2013

So, because he hasn't said anything, I might as well break the news!

Carlioo is now married

The cake.

No he's not, but if he won't post this funny and relevant pic, might as well do it myself

Dec 26, 2012

Part 24: Honour Among Thieves (Uncut Version)*

Master Thief Challenges: The Island of Dr. M
Kaine Island Gallery

And that's it for the main game! Next time we'll cover glitches and other silly stuff.

Mar 20, 2014
So yeah, while McSweeney had a seemingly good relationship with Sly's old man, there was an apparent falling-out between the old man and Dr. M. The exact cause of this falling-out can only be speculated on but there are some key things to remember.

While Dr. M is brilliant, he's also unquestionably insane with a tenuous sense of morality. Granted, Sly's father apparently lacked his son's sense of honor as well according to M but M himself crosses the line as a criminal and it's possible that the old man objected to M's methods.

Hell, we've seen Bentley's plans be somewhat questionable as well so it's not like it's that much of a stretch to imaging someone being just as brilliant but with far fewer ethics.

Dec 26, 2012

Part 25: Glitches n' Stuff

Some things that I didn't have time to cover in the video was how you unlock the bonus movies:

Goodbye My Sweet: Part One - Beat Beginning of the End
Goodbye My Sweet: Part Two - Complete the game at least 70%

The Evolution of Sly - Beat Episode 6
Dimitri Dance Movie - Complete the game 100%

There are also a lot of codes that take you to certain days (like Episode 1, Day 2). But these aren't really interesting (there's no code that takes you to the prologue for example), so I didn't bother showing them off. Oh well!


Dec 26, 2012

Part 26: Multiplayer and Sly Collection

And it's done! Sorry for taking so long to put out this last update, real life got in the way of things. Thanks to everyone for watching the LP! Sorry for the overall updating schedule, but I guess that's just part of let's playing a game!

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