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Oct 10, 2007


Chronicles of the Psychic Wars - the Second Indonesian War
A GURPS 4th Edition: Action / Psionic / Ultra-Tech campaign that tells of the possibilities of a near future where psychic soldiers in giant robots fight each other to the bitter end in Indonesia for money, by aldantefax

Intro BGM


Is it any wonder that my mind's on fire
Imprisoned by the thoughts of what you do
Is it any wonder that the joke's an iron
and the joke's on you...

- Blue Öyster Cult, "Flaming Telepaths", from Secret Treaties[1974]



"Good morning, Falcons! This is Peregrine," an ambiguous but cheerful voice cuts through the sea spray and whipping winds. "This is a prerecorded briefing that is set to automatically be removed from memory at the end of the playback. Your objectives are to make landfall, get into the control installation and disarm the Indian Tiger Army AAA network in this area."

The inflatable speedboat slices roughly through another large wave, sending a fresh wash across the benches before being flung off the backside in a rush of wind. Not that anybody on that launch cared - the headsets that was feeding in data had excellent noise filtering. It's the twilight hours and no onboard lights are active, but the guide knows the way. He was born in these waters off the coast of Bali; good money was spent to secure him for this operation.

"Amaya is coordinating in the field," Peregrine continues, oblivious or uncaring to the physical situation at hand - he (or she?) is speaking from a recording, after all. "This will be a beach landing - whatever you can load onto the launch, you get." A quick check showed that everybody got their pick of the armory requesition before heading out. Vanguard missions always get top priority for firearms and armor.

"Slide takes point; Kaminski should have a data cache with security keys for getting into the actual compound. It's well hidden, but trust in the maps. You won't see it until you're right on top of it. Be prepared for anything in there - we heard that they hired a Technician from OWL. Just one. Be happy that you're a full squad instead."

The sky goes from the tint of midnight to a dull, distant curtain of steel. Clouds trace a pattern of misery ahead - heavy rain within the next three hours. "Arguello and Lee, you just have to do your thing. This is not a loud operation - repeat, *not* loud. Get in and disable the system, then you can do whatever you want afterwards. Extraction points have been downloaded to TAC-NAV. Please verify additional mission parameters indvidually."

Umbral tendrils reach long from the southern beaches of Bali as the Wheel Man cuts the engine. In its heyday, tourism was king here, with all the beaches populated with happy, smiling tourists and temples that haven't been converted into military fortifications. He subvocalizes to the rest and gestures with his free hand, << Silent running from here. Zero one to combat area. Landfall in thirty seconds. >>

"We have reports of Youxia activity in the area - two Youxia Battle Frames that were spotted about two weeks ago but may be in hiding for some reason. Last known good location is forty klicks north of your destination. Worth keeping an eye out for. Remember - the guns come out of your pay. You break 'em, you bought em." It's five klicks into the thick of it if the map's accurate, with the nearest extraction point another forty klicks away. Need to steal a jeep or something and take it there in any reasonable amount of time. There's a grip of flares, but still. For Steve and Jayline, they have notifications already waiting. Additional orders from FALCON - with high priority.

The same cheery voice cuts in with the sing song: "That's all she wrote! Peregrine, signing off." There is no fizzle as the audio playback finishes, only dead silence from the earpiece as the launch slides from the water horizontally onto the sand.

Just like that, everybody's on foot and the Wheel Man is gone without any further words spoken. Weapons free, TAC-NAV online.

Show time.

| CALLSIGN  | Character Name   | Player Name       | Team Role  | Action Template      |
| FALCON-01 | Rebecca Lee      | Mors Rattus       | Technician | Shooter (Pistolero)  |
| FALCON-02 | Nanako Amaya     | Razeam            | Operator   | Face Woman           |
| FALCON-03 | Mariana Argüello | Ambivalent        | Technician | Big Guy (CQC Expert) |
| FALCON-04 | Steve Kaminski   | Radioactive Bears | Wirehead   | Wire Rat             |
| FALCON-05 | Jaylene Slide    | Viva_Miriya       | Pathfinder | Asssassin            |

Style Key posted:

Italics for OOC or internal dialogue.
Bold your character name at the top of your post.
Normal text for actions.
"Quoted text" for spoken words.
<< Bracketed text >> for special communications, like subvocalizing, different languages, and so on

If you are using a skill, say what skill is and your effective skill value. If, for some reason, this value is being adjusted by known modifiers, be sure to clearly state them.

Dice Rolling Policy posted:

All dice rolls are executed by the GM. If you wish to request a specific roll be visible, logs can be provided for the roll.


Welcome to the game. Post a link to an up to date copy of your sheet in your first post. You have your weapons of choice up to $10,000 per person and a suit of Ballistic Armor. The Wirehead is responsible for the comm array and TAC-NAV maintenance. Detection and navigation rolls will be made using the Pathfinder's skill rolls. All other things are as normal.

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Oct 10, 2007


Reserved for additional information

Reserved for miscellaneous stuff.

Connecting to IRC

If you are trying to figure out how to use IRC, you can use a web client or one for your OS of choice. A guide is here to connect to synIRC: . I am always online as some iteration of "aldantefax" or simply "fax" in the channel #flaming-telepaths, and IRC is the most reliable way to contact me. I have a highlight set up for "Fax", so if you don't see me specifically by my nickname there, then you can highlight me that way and I will respond if I'm at the computer.

Equipment Quick Notes

On the matter of requesitions for when you're out in the field, the group will be allotted a certain number of points for meanginful gear. This represents a discretionary budget to subcontract certain operations (like having a medic), acquire information about what you're up against, and perhaps most importantly, buying your equipment. A typical TL9 loadout for mercenary operations should include the following list. An extremely useful short reference can be found on p148 of Ultra-tech for guns; for armor, check p186.
  • Ballistic armor (protip: if you see somebody in a Combat Hardsuit, you're in trouble! Most people only wear up to Reflex Tacsuits!)
  • Firearms - both a longarm and a sidearm
  • Survival equipment, as needed
  • Specialty equipment, as needed
  • Communications gear

Rules Notes

Let's talk about familiarizing with the rules. There are multiple people in the applicant pool which are unfamiliar with GURPS in general, which is fine - for the purposes of the game itself, it's important to think about "What can my character do?" versus what the rules explicitly state. GURPS Action 2 (Exploits) talks about the most relevant rules for the skills that your characters have, both as a matter of baseline competency and also specifics for guns and the like.

Understanding your chances of success is probably the most important thing. In GURPS, the standard is to roll low on 3d6. High numbers always carry a marked chance of failure, with 17 and 18 being critical failures (to one degree or another). Thus, your skills and other target numbers are to "roll at or under", which are modified by penalties and bonuses. You can self inflict penalties in order to do something special, such as making a trick shot or making your shots harder to miss. Think actively, since while the rank and file mooks you'll be mowing through won't; their commanders, however, will.

Onto more esoteric rules, you will also want to become famliar with Psi stuff. Psionics uses FP, and running out during a fight can be potentially disastrous - you fall unconscious! Choosing when and where to use your psi powers and coming up with some basic use cases of what they do should be something you want to make notes about, particularly for Not Steve Buscemi.

Optional Rules Depot posted:

Bulletproof Nudity: Off (I may reconsider this if we get into the same situation Antonio Banderas was in during Desperado often).
Cannon Fodder: On for basic run of the mill mooks on a probationary basis.
Cinematic Explosions: On only during the climax fight of a mission.
Cinematic Knockback: On only during the climax fight of a mission.
Flesh Wounds: Off by player request.
Melee Etiquette: Off.
TV Action Violence: Off for now.
Dual-Weapon Attack: On.
Infinite Ammo: Off. We are using Bullets, Beans, and Batteries instead.
Dumb Mooks: On for basic run of the mill mooks on a probationary basis.
Flawless Firearms: Off by player request.
Fast Reloads: Since people have Fast Draw (Ammo) they can speed load already with a skill roll to reduce reload time. Due to firearms not being flawless, this only makes sense to also be off.
Gun Control Law: On for this mission, but I may consider it being set to off in the future. You have been warned!
Mook Marksmanship: On for basic run of the mill mooks on a probationary basis.
Super-Silencers: Off, so make sure if you're going loud you're absolutely sure.
Unarmed Etiquette: Off since weapon jams are on and your melee expert is tough (and hopefully has the armor to back it up).

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Oct 10, 2007


Reserved for setting information.


Assembling the Team

Typically, a mercenary operative team in the Indonesian theater of combat will involve some mixture of the following:
  • Pathfinder - The covert expert. This is always the first person to make the drop and is responsible for informing the team of potential hazards. A proactive Pathfinder takes matters into their own hands and neutralizes them - from whatever range they deem acceptable. (Preferred Packages: Assassin, Infiltrator, Investigator, Ninja, Traceur)
  • Operator - This is the people expert. Tactics coordination and ensuring the team works in concert is their forte. Not only do they handle the team's internal affairs, negotiate the contracts the team will work. In the field, they may also pry information out of neutral or opposition forces through social engineering. (Preferred Packages: Cleaner, Face Man)
  • Wirehead - This is the mechanical expert of the team that knows how to service any number of things that move, be they conventional vehicles or complex war engines such as Psychic Battle Frames. The motto of a Wirehead is "There's Always Something Broken". (Preferred Packages: Wheelman, Wire Rat)
  • Signals - This is the computer and communications expert. Responsible for operating the primary communication relay for the team and disrupting the opposition's at the same time. If there's an encrypted database with tactical information the team needs, it falls on Signals to get it done. (Preferred Packages: Hacker, Wire Rat)
  • Technician - This is the weapons expert. Long range, short range, whatever your preference, this is the one who goes in for the kill. Sometimes, it's more important to extract a target alive; that's where the finesse comes in. (Preferred Packages: Big Guy, Demolition Man, Fast Guy, Medic, Ninja, Shooter, Weapon Master)

About Psis

In general terms, everybody has some level of psychic potentital, but it requires intensive training in order to bring out anything approaching weaponized usage. Society generally accepts psychic usage thanks to the great boon they provide. Psi users tend to find greatest amount of work in the heavy labor industry where piloting Psychic Frames is more common.

As a precautionary measure in order to avoid being scanned by malicious psi users, the majority of the population in the developed world undergoes rudimentary training at a young age to avoid broadcasting surface thoughts to other people (it helps so that when you’re walking down the street you don’t go insane). A formally trained mind reader is a powerful resource kept under heavy guard

Psychic professionals are generally available depending on their aptitude but otherwise life goes on as usual. Advertisement agencies and market research tend to treat them as a new demographic; companies will tend to have applications which will ask if someone is psi-enabled; and so on.

Psychic toys and other things which may seem outrageous to a non-psi user tend to be more elaborate. Those details are interesting for general background flavor, but otherwise have minimal impact on the actual game.

About Psychic Battle Frames

This setting’s got giant robots powered by psychic reactors rather than nuclear fusion engines. Deal with it!

Western-constructed Frame (to scale), front hatch type

Chinese "Youxia" Frame chassis prototype

Marine-retrofit Authority Frame chassis example
  • Requires Battlesuit TL/9 to pilot, and Psionic talent. The Frames use psi-drives as a power source and are controlled by neural interfaces, making them extensions of a user’s body.
  • Frames are particularly effective against weapon crews and artillery that has limited or no mobility. They are weak to anti-vehicle weapons if someone gets an ambush on them though (limpet mines, HEAT rockets, etc are effective against them)
  • Frames are modeled in game rules as self-actualized psychic power suits. Thus, they provide a temporary Advantage package (Extra ST, Armor, etc) that lasts as long as you’re inside of one. Because of this, that means all of your Advantages and Powers apply while in the Frame!
  • Frames are SM+3, or roughly about 20 ft. tall.
  • Psychic Battle Frames more mobile than tanks, but its agility remains limited. The suit can sit or kneel, but the user cannot crawl, get up from a prone position, jump, or swim.
  • A Frame can accommodate one pilot in a combat suit, but can carry additional load (usually provisions). This means that it is a “one size fits all” suit that does not require special fitting to each user. It has a hatch that the user must climb into (depending on manufacturer origin, it could be back, top, or front; due to its height, the suit should be in a kneeling posture to enter, or it takes an extra second to clamber into it. Entry and exit are otherwise similar to most battlesuits.
  • Note: certain things such as psi powers and character advantages such as Light Walk etc. may require you to take a VH Technique roll in order to actually replicate it while in the Frame. No Default!
  • The standard production models are TL9 Combat Walkers.
  • Prototypes and other one-off highly customized Frames could potentially be TL10 Battlesuits.
  • Frames cannot carry tank guns - the load is too high for normal Battlesuits.
  • The suit’s exoskeleton provides Lifting ST+20 and Striking ST+20. Due to its longer legs, it also adds +1 to Basic Move. While wearing the suit, the wearer suffers Bad Grip 2 (p. B123). The entire suit’s weight is ignored for encumbrance. However, if the combat walker loses power, the wearer is effectively paralyzed until he leaves the suit.

Getting Gear for Psychic Battle Frames

  • Armaments are gripped by hand actuators permitting dynamic switching between ranged and melee weapons. This is inteded to be more natural for the pilots who operate the Frames as an extension of their own body.
  • Different countries have overall different build qualities and may restrict/permit different configurations and attachments, but otherwise take from the core “Frame” design.
  • There is an aftermarket industry that sells weapons and attachments for the Frames. It is internationally recognized and helps to adapt Frames to a wide variety of situations (not just military actions).
  • Frames manufactured in communist or socialist countries are generally manufactured at state-operated factories; Frames produced in capitalist nations are made in the private sector, though there are government skunkworks projects for prototypes.
  • For these government-paid Frames, there exists a healthy black market of parts from other countries since they are usually of a higher quality than the mass-produced models. Governments often turn a blind eye to this black market, as it’s typically true that these other parts are in better supply and make.

Hacking Other Psychic Battle Frames
You can steal other people’s Frames if you can get into the cockpit! Probably, anyway - there isn’t a guarantee that the neural interface doesn’t have a defensive measure or a killswitch should a non-identified user be jacked in. Considering Frames are psi-enabled only, the amount of people who would be able to hijack a giant robot is slim. Maybe there are other ways to disrupt Frame operations - that is, doing a directed psychic attack or anti-psi attack against the Frame itself (power source, joints, etc) or to the pilot (if you don’t need LOS to it, this can be incredibly effective).

About TL9^

The world we know it in 2015 CE is considered to be in the midpoint of TL8. This game represents the period of time where near future technologies proposed in GURPS Ultra-Tech are available. Medical aid, robotics, and basically everything is great! That is, for people in developed societies who have access to that. The sidebar here is that in addition to all of the fixings that TL9 has:


Terrestrial - Cars in general are automatically driven and psychically enabled - either manually input your destination or think about it and you’ll be taken there! In developed nations, highways have been overhauled with mass energy delivering roadways, allowing vehicles to operate for long distances between recharges/refueling. Gas and diesel powered vehicles are still around but relegated to rural areas or developing nations where biodiesel can be utilized as a primary fuel source.

Aerial - VTOL technology has been significantly improved and has matured to replace fixed-wing, fixed-rotor planes and helicopters for transportation. In addition to operations which allow dropping payload from a fixed aerial position, a new category of freight planes designed to carry Frames allows for rapid deployment to anywhere that dropships can reasonably reach at cruising altitudes.

Celestial and Interstellar - Space elevators and manned interplanetary space flight are not on record. Humans have not developed FTL technology and cannot send spaceships into deep space on manned expeditions with a reasonable expectation of returning. The moon is considered a place that many do not go to, however many nations have devoted resources to sending scientists to the moon in order to research new materials under the crust to avoid meteor strikes.

Weapons, Armor, and Energy Sources

Lasers are generally available but are on par with conventional ballistic weapons and mass drivers (that is, railguns), so while nifty, most places do not bother with them overmuch because they have the same issues and cost more to produce. Nuclear fusion plants have not been miniaturized to the point where they are practical for use out in the field, and still take a large amount of effort to implement in a stationary area (though the energy yield is significant enough to warrant the effort, it just means you won’t have fusion reactors built overnight).

Psychic Reactors - Of special note for energy sources is the power of the mind! Psychic reactors take the place of portable nuclear fusion engines by allowing psi-enabled users to connect and use special equipment (with the appropriate training). Because it costs no energy other than the mental strain of the operator, the minimal environmental impact in the event of a containment failure means the unit simply shuts down, rather than exploding. There are documented side effects which can manifest if there are forced disengagements with a psi reactor - however, psychic medics are typically available in areas where Frames are in use.

Lasers and their Effectiveness - Laser/hardlight weapons don’t suck, but they are more expensive than their conventional counterparts making them a risky venture for military purposes. It was suggested that lasers be used as a primary armament in aircraft for use in dogfights and other high speed tactical engagements due to their penetration power, and for a period of time this was true (fighter jets cost a bunch of money already!), however power capacity issues severely limit the amount of use a laser can have. Ablative and reactive armor materials further limit the overall effectiveness of skirmish/dogfight lasers while airborne, in addition to ambient atmospheric dispersion.

Air & Space Superiority - Satellite lasers are a popular alternative to mounted lasers on fighter jets and mechanized infantry; without the worry of atmospheric deflection or gravity impacting the size of the power cells and firing arrays, a satellite laser can pepper a fixed-wing airplane as long as it has a target lock on it from a terrestrial or airborne source such as AWACS. Several thousand feet down, however, and the lasers lose a lot of effectiveness, particularly in areas with extremely heavy vegetation and cover such as Southeastern Asia. Satellite lasers have not been engineered to fire at each other, though it has been theorized what with the abilities of positional thrusters they could realign their aim at any time to do so.

Robotics - For many applications, psi users that demonstrate basic psychokinetic capabilities can use exoskeletons or robotic “Frames” to accomplish medium to large scale duties, using a special “safe” psi reactor. Operators use suits with neural interfaces in order to direct the movement of the Frame. Since their introduction in the China-Tibet conflict other nations rapidly developed their own versions of the Frame once the designs were reverse-engineered from decommissioned models. They have since found use in the heavy industry, construction, and military sectors as an all-purpose machine. The demand for psychic operators rises every month as new Frames roll off mass production lines.

Biotech and Cybernetics

A majority of human organs and tissues can now be engineered at biotech facilities as a result of stem cell research. Research into the “Psi” gene have proven inconclusive, but a host of pharmeceutical and bioagents have provided useful in researching how conventional medicines interact with psis.

An extension of the psychic reactor, artificial limbs used as replacements have proven popular but remain prohibitively expensive - a person can’t go to a local doctor and request to have a flesh and blood arm replaced with a cybernetic one. Medical research is experiencing a renaissance where biotech and cybernetic limb replacements are becoming a reality for common people, but a major roadblock is the psychic reactor issue - because it requires intensive training to reintegrate a cybernetic limb and activate it with psychic power, this serves as a natural inhibitor from people being able to use cybernetics normally. Other replacement limb projects for non-psis are fairly mature but do not give a 1:1 degree of control and tactile response similar to what a psychic cyberlimb can provide.

Pharmeceutical Impact on Incarceration - As an ancillary effect of research into how pharmeceuticals impact psychic-enabled people, non-psi-reactive drugs that affect the perception of the passage of time have been used to sovle a growing problem of prison overcrowding in most major population centers of the world. Through an elective program prison inmates can be offered a chance to serve out their sentence while under a chemically induced time dilation serum to serve out the remainder of their sentence up to 50 years in under a week. Violent offenders do not have this option such as people who have capital offenses, but it is seen as a humane method of administering punishment and legislation is being brought to the fore for people who have committed violent crimes to be incarcerated in this fashion against their will. Studies have shown that there is no noticeable side effect and reintegration into mainstream society is generally improved upon exit exams for incarcerated individuals that opt-in for this method.


For both psychic-enabled and non-psi people the world of entertainment has never been better. Short throw holographic displays with real-time status updates and positionally aware equipment in addition to special VR suites designed to simulate a wide variety of terrain types and substances have created a new interest in virtual spaces. Online networks and communities are thriving and most people in this day and age utilize at least one form of widely acknowledged social media application in developed societies - even people who are elderly have the experience of using these types of communication methods since they were young. Gaming, recreational areas, and overall quality of content has increased. With the rise of virtual idols in the beginning of the 21st century, the medium has developed to the point where it is more common to see a virtual idol than a hybrid or fully real one. Combat sports have entered a new era where form fitting body armor permits usage of real melee weapons without causing lasting mental or physical trauma from losing a limb to an axe wound, and are popular across the globe as a rapidly developing new sport revenue stream.


In Port Moresby, it's only customary to never meet the client you're accepting the contract for. There is always a middleman, and a middleman for the middleman, so on and so forth until the employer is so unclear that the only thing left to do is figure out if the job itself is worthwhile. Thanks to LXAI, there was a price floor established for contracts to ensure that even a mercenary outfit just getting started was being compensated appropriately, however the sky was the limit based on the type of contract and the people that were working for it. Old mercenary companies with names that were little more than colors mixed with natural features like Blackwater certainly made their presence known, but their inability to adapt to the psychic landscape meant that it was all too likely their mercenaries were the ones that disappeared in scores when a psychic team went in.

The first people to make use of psychic mercenaries was not China, but the Warlord Federation. With plenty of cargo plundered and taken into custody from the lesser protected waters near the Malacca Strait, the Federation knew the power of money perhaps better than any of the international competition in the area. Originally China and India had footholds in East and South Sulawesi, but thanks to the discretion of the Birds of Prey, both powers found themselves completely ousted within a month of the new war underway.

The Birds of Prey. EAGLE, FALCON, OWL, RAVEN. These four are primarily responsible for the introduction of psychic mercenaries to the Indonesian theater of war. While mercenaries have been around since the time man invented money, these outfits seemed purpose built to root out the best of the best and to establish a ranking system in order to make their operatives not just valuable, but indispensible to the hiring managers. The names are synonymous with strategie par excellence. Such is their reputation that their unique designators on the LXAI contract marketplace are always capitalized - no other outfit is permitted to do so, though many copycat ones have tried.

It's said that there are fewer than two hundred psychic mercenaries registered (nulls excluded), and at least one hundred of them are divvied up amongst the Birds of Prey. FALCON, specifically, has five autonomous squads totalling twenty five psychic mercenaries. The distribution amongst the others are less clear. RAVEN has the majority, while OWL is somewhere in the middle to take up the difference. The right people who need that information know where the numbers lie; for the rest, it's all smoke and mirorrs.

EAGLE is rumored to have just five psychic mercenaries on retainer. nobody is quite sure who they are or even if they are still alive. They boast a mission success rate far higher than even RAVEN's expert operators; every passing month, more reports of someone piloting a Psychic Battle Frame with EAGLE insignias on it in seemingly impossible situations come in. EAGLE, meanwhile, remains fully anonymous save for its sole point of contact, a kiosk on the 7th floor of a skyscraper fully owned by them adjoining the Exchange.


Life as a Mercenary

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

When in doubt, go where the action is. Many people have reasons for being a mercenary, the least of which is altruism. Crushing debt, being on the run from the law, or just because you have a knack at violence; the warzones of the world are calling. Many national militaries tend to deal with affairs internally but do not have enough resources to wage war everywhere they’d like. With mercenaries, as long as the money is good, even entire wars can be fought by PMCs and free agents - an extremely valuable disposable asset for many Mind Kings.

Finding Work

In general terms, anybody with money can walk into Port MOresby to hire a mercenary. However, actual miltiary operations demand a more formalized set of contracts, not to be confused with the skulduggery that criminal organizations tend to outsource these days. There are a few PMCs which have substantial backing that handle business completely sight unseen; everybody else tends to represent themselves as free agents.

Luxemberg Asset Integrations (NYSE: LXAI)

Originally a centralized clearinghouse for secure payment processing, it has since expanded out of its namesake territory by employing an extremely competent network of fixers to connect mercenaries with job postings, accessible anywhere in the world via digital access or branch offices. Mercenaries register and provide basic work credentials proving they can take on missions; there are no questions asked by LXAI regarding background, personality, or criminal history (an obvious plus, for many). Employers pay a commission to LXAI, which makes a healthy fee from contracts that are posted. For advanced military operations up to an including Psi-Ops, there are much more stringent processes in order to ensure that a portion of payment is held in escrow by LXAI to avoid credit fraud. As mentioned elsewhere, mercenaries typically do not meet their clients face to face; most contract issuers pay for a “Verified” status to LXAI to ensure there is no shortage of personnel to fulfill their needs.

Once a contract has been accepted, LXAI and the respective PMC handle the paperwork with time sensitive digital signing in sealed, secure channels. Globetrotting tourists can tell how active a given area is for mercenaries simply by looking at the size of the LXAI office in town - the more space allocated for each office, the more contracts can be signed per hour. For Port Moresby specifically, the LXAI exchange covers a full city block downtown. Lastly, LXAI has an excellent support staff and arbitration team for any issues de jure, including: payment subrogation; breach of contract remediation; and technical issues when leveraging the company’s services.


Mission Types

LXAI is primarily responsible for the standardization of mission types, necessary in order to automate their job listing system and to remove ambiguity for employers. Some may take umbrage at how blunt some of the classifications are, but brevity triumphs in all cases. Missions are separated into an 70/30 classification structure under three major headings - that is, mercenaries can expect to spend 70% of their time fulfilling a specific role out in the field, with 30% of the time expected for planning/transportation/miscellaneous activities that are necessary for contract execution.

Assault Class

By far one of the most popular class of missions (both in pop culture and in reality), this is where many up and coming mercenaries throw themselves into in order to gain fame and recognition amongst their peers. This covers offensive military operations of various types. Naturally, it has the highest demand by employers, but also the highest casualty rate.
  • Vanguard (direct assault) OR ambush (subterfuge)
  • Assassination - The precise targeting of a VIP which must be carried out without fail.
  • Diversion - Making a big show of things in order to draw attention away from other operations
  • Duel - A special mission type between two parties who arrange a formal duel with witnesses to resolve certain issues. One of the most famous ones is a duel between EAGLE and FALCON, but the specifics are classified.
  • Skirmish - Unit versus unit combat attempting to gain decisive victory by destroying the opposition. Not to be confused with Vanguard missions which prioritize assaulting specific positions, the objective of this mission type is the destruction of the opposition.
  • Siege - Engage in medium to long term operations to attack a fortified area to obtain territory control.
  • Sabotage supply lines

Defense Class

Smart mercenaries typically get their feet wet with this class of mission when attempting to build a reputation for reliability. Many times, nothing happens, but protecting key interests of employers has been proven to be a steady money maker. Specialists for this class of mission tend to favor reinforced Frames that have extra supplies and other sustainables in case they are cut off in hostile territories. Local garages sell preconfigured packages at a reasonable rate (for them) to new mercs, but anybody who's been around the block knows how hard it hits their bottom line.
  • Sentinel - overwatch position, guarding tactical assets, escort VIP
  • Bastion (siege defense) - take and/or hold positions, protect a fortification, or reinforce/relieve defenders
  • Counterforce - Infiltrate and attack rear echelon of attackers, anti-materiel operations, providing exfiltration

Support Class

While its categorization may be misleading, many of the most important missions that impact the overall Indonesian theater are classified under this heading. Esoteric requests find their home in this class of missions as well.
  • Recon - terrain survey (special features, hidden areas), forward observation (for artillery), scouting (identify points of interest)
  • Retrieval - VIP extraction (vs. hostile forces), VIP rescue (vs. environment), recovery (special assets)
  • Counter-insurgency - search & destroy vs guerillas or local resistance, military police duties, hostage rescue
  • Psychological operations

Actions in Port Moresby
  • pull new contracts from LXAI
  • discover and investigate rumors
  • compete in arena matches in a Psychic Battle Frame
  • acquisitions for personal user (black market, special orders, etc)

Actions at FALCON HQ
  • upgrade/manage mercenary company (TBD)
  • maintain frames - make repairs to Frames available in hangar for an upcoming mission
  • manage personnel - hire additional mercenaries out of discretionary funds, manage your team, etc.
  • research and review intel pre-mission, if available

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Mors Rattus
Oct 25, 2007

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Rebecca Lee, Warbird

"So that's why they said no grenade launcher for this one...all right. Quiet it is." Becky checks her guns and spare ammo clips before ever getting off the boat. Then she puts on her glasses and grins. "Well, Indian Tigers...should mean we can just avoid the Chinese frames. Good - don't want to go up against one of those without at least a rocket launcher." She flicks through various spectrums, then nods, twirling the guns around her fingers. She doesn't generally put them away once on-site. She's never really needed to.

"God, I hate that rear end in a top hat, though. So loving cheerful. No one should be that chirpy this early." She shakes her head. "Ah well. loving jungles...still, as long as we get inside, I can make a bloodbath just like they're paying us. Steve-o, your job is to not die of loving dengue fever or whatever tropical bullshit you're gonna catch until AFTER we get into the compound. Amaya, get me some tunes on tactical. I need killing music that works for jungles. None of that ultrawave techno poo poo."

Current Loadout
*Smart Magnum Pistol, 15mmCLP	4d+1 pi++	2(+1)	235/2600	3/1		3	9+1(3)	11	-2	4

* - +1 acc when dual-wielding due to Weapon Bond

Reflex Bodysuit (12/4, body/limbs), Reflex Gloves (6/2, hands), Assault Boots (12/6, feet), Armored Shades w/HUD (10, eyes),
	Light Clamshell (30, torso)

Hyperspectral Video Glasses (the Armored Shads), HUD Link for pistols (+1 Acc within 300 yards), Multispectral Laser Sight 
	for pistols (+1 to skill when used within 1/2D range if dot is visible to shooter), Silhouette, TacNet (+1 Tactics),
	Targeting (+1 Pistols) programs if available, Access Control on pistols (Recognition Grip), Power Holster (+TL/2 to
	Ammo Fast-Draw)

APHEX: armor divisor (2), plus an extra explosion (see Ultratech p152)
Monochain: Half damage, half range, +1 to hit, armor divisor (10) if it hits neck, face, skull, extremity or limb, cutting damage if 
	hits those places

ENCUMBRANCE: Light (-1 Dodge, 0.8x Basic Move)
COST: 9980/10000

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Jaylene Slide, Psi Null Pathfinder

“I really hope I don't have to deal with those Psi Frames in this jungle." Jaylene says as she slings the Storm Carbine with the underbarrel 25mm Grenade Launcher on her back and slips into the jungle.

Navigation (Land) at 12 + 3 for the TL9 Inertial Compass Time to walk us in. Stealth at 20 for general ghosting nerds I guess.

Name: Jaylene Slide
Race: Human
Current Points Total: 325
Unspent Points: 2

Attributes [185]
ST 11 [10]
DX 16 [120]
IQ 12 [40]
HT 11 [10]

HP 11
Will 12
Per 12
FP 11

Basic Lift 24
Damage 1d-1/1d+1

Basic Speed 7 [4] (Medium Encumbrance)
Basic Move 7

Ground Move 7
Water Move 1

Social Background
TL: 9 [0]
Cultural Familiarities: American
Languages: American, Japanese

Advantages [106]
Craftiness (4) [20]
Gunslinger [25]
Luck [15]
Psi Static (Psi) [30]
Psychic Armor (Psi) (2) [16]

Perks [2]
Gaze into the Abyss [1]
Simple Defense [1]

Disadvantages [-50]
Callous [-5]
Code of Honor (Stay bought) [-5]
Duty (15 or less (almost always); Extremely Hazardous) [-20]
Greed (12 or less) [-15]
Sense of Duty (Team) [-5]

Quirks [-5]
Congenial [-1]
Dislikes That Spaghetti and Meatballs MRE [-1]
Distinctive Feature [-1]
Likes Menthol Cigarettes [-1]
Proud [-1]

Packages [0]
Assassin (Action) [0]
Military (Action) [0]

Skills [87]
Acting IQ/A - IQ+4 16 [2]
	includes: +4 from 'Craftiness'
Armoury/TL9 (Small Arms) IQ/A - IQ+0 12 [2]
Boxing DX/A - DX+0 16 [2]
Camouflage IQ/E - IQ+4 16 [1]
	includes: +4 from 'Craftiness'
Climbing DX/A - DX+0 16 [2]
Computer Operation/TL9 IQ/E - IQ+0 12 [1]
Driving/TL9 (Automobile) DX/A - DX-1 15 [1]
Fast-Draw (Knife) DX/E - DX+0 16 [1]
Fast-Draw (Pistol) DX/E - DX+0 16 [1]
Forced Entry DX/E - DX+0 16 [1]
Forward Observer/TL9 IQ/A - IQ+0 12 [2]
Garrote DX/E - DX+0 16 [1]
Gesture IQ/E - IQ+0 12 [1]
Guns/TL9 (Grenade Launcher) DX/E - DX+2 18 [1]
Guns/TL9 (Pistol) DX/E - DX+4 20 [1]
Guns/TL9 (Rifle) DX/E - DX+6 22 [20]
Guns/TL9 (Shotgun) DX/E - DX+4 20 [1]
Hiking HT/A - HT+1 12 [4]
Holdout IQ/A - IQ+4 16 [2]
	includes: +4 from 'Craftiness'
Jumping DX/E - DX+0 16 [1]
Knife DX/E - DX+0 16 [1]
Navigation/TL9 (Land) IQ/A - IQ+0 12 [2]
NBC Suit/TL9 DX/A - DX+0 16 [2]
Observation Per/A - Per+0 12 [2]
Psychic Armor Will/H - Will+0 12 [4]
Savoir-Faire (Military) IQ/E - IQ+2 14 [4]
Scuba/TL9 IQ/A - IQ+0 12 [2]
Shadowing IQ/A - IQ+4 16 [2]
	includes: +4 from 'Craftiness'
Smuggling IQ/A - IQ+0 12 [2]
Soldier/TL9 IQ/A - IQ+0 12 [2]
Stealth DX/A - DX+4 20 [2]
	includes: +4 from 'Craftiness'
Survival (Jungle) Per/A - Per+0 12 [2]
Swimming HT/E - HT+1 12 [2]
Tactics IQ/H - IQ+0 12 [4]
Throwing DX/A - DX+0 16 [2]
Tracking Per/A - Per+0 12 [2]
Wrestling DX/A - DX+0 16 [2]

Stats [185] Ads [106] Disads [-50] Quirks [-5] Skills [87] = Total [325]

Melee Weapons
Large Knife (Superfine)  LC:4  $240  Wgt:1  
    Swing  Dam:1d+1 (2) cut  Reach:C,1  Parry:10  ST:6  Skill:SK:Sword!, SK:Knife, ST:DX-4, 

Ranged Weapons
Shotgun Pistol, 18.5mmPC  LC:3  Dam:1d+2 pi Acc: 2  Range: 75 / 375 
    RoF:3x9  Shots:5+1(3)  ST:10  Bulk:-3  Rcl:1  $660  Wgt: 4/0.7
Note: ETC Modification, HUD Link included in final accuracy value

Storm Carbine, 10mmCL  LC:2  Dam:10d+2 pi+  Acc: 5+2  Range: 1050 / 3150    
    RoF:10  Shots:50+1(3)  ST:10†   Bulk:-4 500 Rcl:3  $5000  Wgt: 8.9/2
Note:  TL9 Compact Targeting Scope and HUD Link included in final accuracy value.
Mods: ETC Modification, TL9 Compact Targeting Scope and 2 Accessory Rails (Underbarrel GL/Top Mount Scope)

Underbarrel Grenade Launcher, 25mmPC  LC:1|1  $300  Wgt:1.5/2  
    HE  Dam:5dx3(10) cr inc + linked 2d cr ex [1d+1]  Acc:5+2  Range:360 / 2200  
    RoF:1  Shots:3(3)  ST:10  Bulk:-  Rcl:3
    SC  Dam:4d cr ex  Acc:5+2  Range:360 / 2200  8.9
    RoF:1  Shots:3(3)  ST:10  Bulk:-  Rcl:3 
Note: TL9 Compact Targeting Scope and HUD Link included in final accuracy value.

Light Infantry Helmet w/Visor $400 Wgt: 6 Location: Skull/Eyes & Face DR: 18/15 (Helmet/Visor)
Mods: HUD

Reflex Gloves $60 Wgt: neg. Location: Hands DR: 6/2* (Full DR vs Piercing/Cutting. Second value against all other attacks)
Note: Flexible
Mods: TL7 Basic Camouflage (Jungle)

Reflex Bodysuit $1800 Wgt: 6 Location: Body, Limbs DR: 12/4* (Full DR vs Piercing/Cutting. Second value against all other attacks)
Note: Flexible
Mods: TL7 Basic Camouflage (Jungle)

Assault Boots $300 Wgt: 3 Location Feet DR: 12/6 (Full DR against attacks to the underside of the foot. Half DR normally)
Note: Adds +5 (TL/2 rounded up) to the Hiking skill.
Mods: TL7 Basic Camouflage (Jungle)

50 Rounds of Shotshell 18.5mmPC $90 Wgt: 4.6
500 Rounds of Standard 10mmCL Ammo $400 Wgt: 20
12 Rounds of HE 25mm GL Ammo $52.8 Wgt: 4.8
6 Rounds of Shaped Charge 25mm GL Ammo $52.8 Wgt: 2.4

Inertial Compass $120 Wgt: 0.2 Battery: A/200hr
Filtration Canteen $180 Wgt: 3

Total Gear Budget used  $9650.6
Total Weight Carried: 65.4lb (Medium Encumbrance up to 72lb: Basic Move * 0.6 & -2 to Dodge)

Ammunition Expended on Current Mission:
2 rounds HE 25mm GL
10 Rounds Standard 10mmCL
1 Round Shotshell 18.5mmPC

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Jul 13, 2004


Nanako Amaya

She hums and checks her gear during the boat ride. Amaya stops humming when Peregrine nominates her as squad leader. This uncharacteristically silent period ends after Becky asks her a question. "I guess so," she murmurs a reply, her mind returning from elsewhere. Another moment and she chirps, "Oh! Big sis… maybe this one!" A few instances are spent fiddling with her gadgets to send Rebecca an eclectic J-Pop playlist. "All carnivore dances!" she utters while balling her tiny fists. The petite mercenary demonstrates by emulating a great cat swiping with its massive paw! After a smile, she bounces forward and then follows Jaylene's lead.

Equipment will be picked later!

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Oct 14, 2006


“Can’t wait for ‘quiet,’ drat.” She shakes her head, rising to her feet and taking a heavy step off the boat onto the beach. Her gear’s been double-checked and worn well in before they even departed, so she devotes her attention to the others’, wordlessly reaching down to adjust a strap on Nanako’s shoulder. “Yeah, yeah, real scary. Just keep it between you two – I don’t wanna hear that,” the music she means, “on my channels. Or ever.”

Looking out into the jungle, Mariana gives a broad, reaching stretch overhead then yawns. She tips the switch on her belt to go chameleon, “Anyone even thinks they sniff that OWL, speak up, yeah? An’ if we run into armor, we find hard cover or run it back into Jay.” And with that, she stows it, going quiet as she steps after Slide.

I’m real bad at equipment, I got the important stuff down though – will do ammo and stuff later. Going at Stealth – 13, but with Chameleon Surface, as noted on the sheet.

Mariana Sansón Argüello

Attributes [170]
ST 15 [50]
DX 13 [60]
IQ 10 [00]
HT 14 [40]

HP 15
Will 13 [15]
Per 10
FP 14

Basic Lift 45 lbs.
Damage 1d+1/2d+1

Basic Speed 7.00 [5]
Basic Move 7

Social Background
TL: 9 [0]
Cultural Familiarities: 
Languages: Spanish, English, Crude Portuguese 

Advantages [67]
DR 1 (Limited, Crushing, -40%) [3]
Luck [15]
Trained by a Master [30]
High Pain Threshold [10]
Fit [5]
Striker (Crushing; Shin, -20%) [4]

Perks [3]
Deadly Pose [1]
Dirty Fighting [1]
Focused Fury [1]

Disadvantages [-50]
Compulsive Behavior (Brawling) [-10]
Obsession (Beat A Specific Rival)* [-5]
 (Carlos Reynaldo Mena, former commander of la Guardia, frequent nemesis from la revolución.)
Sense of Duty (Team) [-5]
Berserk [-10]
Stubbornness [-5]
Chummy [-5]
Odious Personal Habit (Collects trophies.) [-5] 
Social Stigma (Criminal Record) [-5] 

Quirks [-5]
Tall [-1]
Coffee Snob [-1]
Likes: Chinese Stuff [-1]
A Bit Of A Lazybones [-1]
Melodramatic Tattoos [-1]

Skills [49]
  Judo DX/H - DX 13 [4]
  Karate DX/H - DX+2 15 [12]
  Fast-Draw (Pistol) DX/E - DX+1 14 [2]
  Guns (Pistol) DX/E - DX+1 14 [2]
  Stealth DX/A - DX 13 [2] (+4 with Chameleon Surface)
  Intimidation A - Will 13 [2]
  Streetwise IQ/A - IQ 10 [2]
Military [20]
  Soldier IQ/A - IQ 10 [2]
  Guns (SMG) DX/E - DX+1 14 [2]
  Guns (Rifle) DX/E - DX+1 14 [2]
  Knife DX/E - DX+1 14 [2]
  Camouflage IQ/E - IQ+1 11 [2]
  First Aid IQ/E - IQ+1 11 [2]
  Tactics IQ/H - IQ-1  9 [2]
  Swimming HT/E - HT+1 15 [2]
  Hiking HT/A - HT 14 [2]
  Survival (Jungle) Per/A - Per 10 [2]
  Driving (Cars) DX/A - DX-1 12 [1]
  Battlesuit (PBF) - DX+1 14 [*]
  Kiai HT/H - HT-2 12 [1]
  Immovable Stance DX/H - DX-2 11 [1]

Techniques [8]
Disarming (Karate+1) [1]
Ground Fighting (Judo-2) [2]
Kicking (Karate-1) [2]
Knee Strike (Karate) [1]
Neck Snap (ST-2) [2]

Psionics [83]
 Regeneration (Fast) [45]
 Mind Shield 3 (Active) [8]
 TK Grab - Short Ranged 2 [8]
 PK Shield 4 [12] 
  (Reactive on taking physical damage)
  TK Grab - Short Ranged - IQ/H   IQ 10 [4]
                                Judo 12
                              Karate 15
  PK Shield - IQ/H IQ+1 11 [4]
  PK Shield 4 (Battlesuit) Skill/VH 10 [2]

Frequent Gear:
Reflex Bodysuit
  DR 12/4, full vs. pierce, cut; Wt. 6; body, limbs
 (Thermo-Optic Chameleon Surface, +4 to Stealth vs. ordinary & infrared, +2 vs. hyperspectral or UV, +1 vs. hyperspectral; Halved when in motion; $4000)
Assault Boots
  DR 12/6; Wt. 3; feet
Magnum Pistol, 15mmCLP
  Dmg 4d+1 pi++; Acc 2; Rng 235/2600; Wt. 3/1; RoF 3; Shots 9+1(3); Bulk -2; Rcl 4; $870
PDW, 5.7mmCL
  Dmg 4d pi-; Acc 4; Rng 350/3000; Wt. 4.5/1; RoF 10; Shots 100+1(5); Bulk -3; Rcl 2; $1000
Zap Gloves
  Dmg HT-6(2) aff (stun) or 2d burn (kill); $400; 10 zaps; DR 5 for hands
Superfine Large Knife
  Dmg sw cut or thr+2 imp (armor divisor 2); Reach C,1; Parry -1; $240; Wt. 1
Grey Smoke Grenades x3
  Dmg --;  $10; -10 to Shootin'; DX to hit a general area
Plastex B, 10lb. $200 (+Detonators $20)
  4x TNT (REF 4) B415
Will Do Ammo Later

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Radioactive Bears
Jun 27, 2012

Creatures of horrid visage and disposition.

Steve Kaminski

Kaminski stumbles off of the boat, completely absorbed in learning his further orders. Some kind of data switch? Should be easy, assuming the rest of the mission doesn't kill him.

He absentmindedly overhears everyone talking, and looks up nervously.

“Is dengue fever even a concern in the area? I'm not sure I've been vaccinated for that yet, Beck...” He trails off.

"Wait, what the hell is playing over the channel?"


Light Encumbrance [1, Move 4.8, Dodge 6]

Fine Needle Pistol:
	Damage 1d2+2 pi-, Acc 2, Range 50/150, Weight 1/0.3, RoF 3,
	Shots 100(3), St 7, Bulk -2, Rcl 2, Cost $1000, LC 3, Malf 18

	500 Rounds 3mmN APHC, Cost $60, Weight 0.9, LC 2
	500 Doses Sleep Poison, Cost $150, LC 2

Super Fine Assault Carbine:
	Damage 6d pi, Acc 6, Range 700/4000, Weight 7/1.5, RoF 15, 
	Shots 50+1(3), St 9†, Bulk -4, Rcl 2, Cost $8000, LC 2, Malf 18

	500 Rounds 7mm APHC, Cost $540, Weight 15, LC 2

First Aid Kit [$50, 2 lbs, LC4]

Food Tablets [$10, 0.75 lbs]

Tiny Computer [$50, 0.5 lbs, 2B/20 hr, LC4] 

Ballistic Suit [12/4, Body/Limbs, 6 lbs, LC3]

Total Budget	$10,000
Total Weight	33.15 Lbs.
I am not sure if I've done gear right, but I really wanted to use all my budget, and wasn't sure what to grab.

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Mors Rattus
Oct 25, 2007

FATAL & Friends
Walls of Text
#1 Builder


"Oh, yeah, definitely. I knew a guy who got dengue. Threw up for a week straight, it was fuckin' disgusting." Becky pauses.

"What, you saying you don't like my music? I gotta have my music to kill people, Steve. Helps me focus."

Oct 14, 2006


A sigh, “Nobody’s gonna get dengue, we’re not campin out. S’hardly even a real jungle anyway.”

Oct 10, 2007


0445 - BEACH

One last weapons and equipment check and the team forms up and gets moving. With Jaylene leading the way it is fairly trivial even in the lovely weather to get into the jungle and keep bearing straight. With the TAC-NAV assisting, moving through the jungle is slow, but Jaylene's pretty confident with where they're going.

However, if TAC-NAV was all that was needed, Jaylene would be looking for a new job. The reason why she's around is because she can see ahead to some un-ID'ed contacts. Five visible, they do not appear that they have noticed the squad. Common rank and file, and their insignias spell it all - Tiger Army patrol. As many as they are, it is a mere suggestion of just how tight security must be at the actual AAA compound. Of course, this is all well expected - that's why the employers hired FALCON, after all. The payout that the squad saw is handsome enough for a basic operation - the rest for logistics et al likely far eclipses the payout. Mercenary bureaucracy's a pain like that.

Seven yards ahead of Slide, the Tigers come into a small clearing where they begin to take a break. One radios back an all-clear. The rest of Jaylene's compadres are a few yards behind.

Jaylene succeeded on a navigation roll and visual perception check.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Jaylene Slide, Psi Null Pathfinder
Current Sheet

Jaylene gets low and blends into a nearby tree as she listens to the radioman give the all clear. She subvocalizes back to her team. <<Zero Five to all. New contacts are being AR marked on the TAC-NAV. 5 Man squad, Tiger Army. No threat at this time. Going to ghost them and recommend you all do the same along the blue, repeat blue route. How copy?>>

Jaylene will ghost the enemy patrol and try to guide the team away from them unless group consensus is to engage. In which case we can figure that out via RP. Per FAX on IRC, we're 5km from the mission site, I say we just ghost them and not worry about them being missed as we trek through the jungle to the target. Speaking of IRC, channel is #flaming-telepaths come on down.

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Mors Rattus
Oct 25, 2007

FATAL & Friends
Walls of Text
#1 Builder


<I say wax 'em. Otherwise they'll be on us as we try to make our exit.>

This is not a surprise. Becky's vote is usually for murder.

Radioactive Bears
Jun 27, 2012

Creatures of horrid visage and disposition.


<<This is a quiet mission, Beck.>> Steve subvocalizes, sighing silently, <<I'm all for avoiding them.>>

This is also unsurprising. Steve's vote is usually for non-murder-based alternatives.

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Oct 14, 2006


<<We take ‘em out, starts a timer.>> They just checked in, so that’s good. Stopped for a break, so that’s also good. <<Maybe half an hour, up to two tops, before command post figures it out and things get thick. We could make the base by then, we double-time it… Or we could leave ‘em.>> She just advises, offering no vote, though she’s already doing that low panther slink, moving to flank the squad. The responsible side of her says 'leave it, no need,' but those uniforms put a thumb on the scales a little. Tiger Army. Imperialists.

<<There'll be plenty more later on. Leave it.>>

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Jaylene Slide, Psi Null Pathfinder
Current Sheet

<<We're going to run into more patrols on the way in. I rather take my time getting us all in there before we light the fire. Then we don't have to worry about quiet because the jobs done.>>

Jul 13, 2004


Nanako Amaya

<<Eh, they don't look very important,>> she tells her team. Amaya squints at the small clearing and continues, <<We should talk to anyone important. Let's move on, okay!>>

I still have to do equipment! But she'd go pretty light, maybe have two pistols, undercover armor and sneaksie gear.

Mors Rattus
Oct 25, 2007

FATAL & Friends
Walls of Text
#1 Builder


<Uuuuugh. Fine. Fine. But when we have to kill them on the way out and they're actually shooting back, I loving told you so.> Pause. <Earth to anime sparkle planet, we're loving here to kill an entire base, not talk to them.>

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Jaylene Slide, Psi Null Pathfinder
Current Sheet

<<And thats why we let the little fish go now to harvest a whole school of fish 5 km out.>>

Jul 13, 2004


Nanako Amaya

Amaya pouts at Becky, <<Interrogate, I mean… it'll make it easier to do our job, right? So, let's, like, keep an eye out for any officers.>>

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Jaylene Slide, Psi Null Pathfinder
Current Sheet

<<Steve, if we can ambush the patrol and take one or two of them alive can you tap into their comm and TAC-NET? Becky gets something to shoot and we can respond for the dead patrol, then we have no problems.>>

Radioactive Bears
Jun 27, 2012

Creatures of horrid visage and disposition.


<<Uh, potentially yes? I'm no hacker Jaylene. I can operate their equipment if we get our hands on it, and modify it if we need to, but it might not be the safest option.>>

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Jaylene Slide, Psi Null Pathfinder
Current Sheet

<<They aren't jacked into TAC-NAV like we are. These are just regular soldiers, they aren't that well equipped. Drop the RO, drop one or two more guys and take prisoners. Its an option to say the least. I'm still for ghosting them and leaving no trace but if we could grill them for what they know it gives me an idea of whats ahead.>>

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Jul 13, 2004


Nanako Amaya

<<Oh! That'd be really neat. Let's go for it!>> she says before moving to a vantage point over the Tigers. Amaya then begins relaying orders to ambush and at least capture a few enemy combatants. <<Becky's in front while Mary flanks them! So, Lena covers Becky; me and Steve cover Mary. Okay… take spots for our surprise attack and go when I say so!>>


Oct 14, 2006


<<We in position? Guns up?>> Alright then. She leaves her PDW slung over her shoulder and draws her hulking ‘sidearm’. <<Pick targets, I got the unlucky nino off toward me.>> Holding a moment, she waits for the others to eye a soldier, << I’mma step out into the open and plead our case. Lee, let ‘em get a look at you too – if they’re not buying what we’re selling, or they're a little took quick on the draw, you pop one - in the head if you can, yeah? Everyone else, hold fire ‘less your guy starts getting thoughts.>>

Stalking out of the edge of the foliage and into the clearing, gun raised, she barks out, harshly, “Nobody move! Hands up! Easy! You touch a thing an’ we paint the forest with bit'a your skull. Don’t do anything stupid and you might make it through this, yeah?”

They’re taking a break, right? Mary’s going to step out into the open with her gun trained on one, and go for Intimidation – 13 + whatever situational modifiers GM deems apply. It might not even be necessary. We’re likely ambushing them on account of the tactics, our stealth, and their state of unreadiness! Hope this is cool

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Jaylene Slide, Psi Null Pathfinder
Current Sheet

<<Got a bead on the radioman. Do your thing.>>

Jaylene will just take aim on the radio operator and let Mary do her thing.

Mors Rattus
Oct 25, 2007

FATAL & Friends
Walls of Text
#1 Builder


Becky's scowl shifts to a grin. <That's what I'm talkin' about!> She hangs back for just a moment, taking bearings. Jaylene's holding fire on the radio man, Mary's going to play the tough face. That's the carrot here - someone might let you live. That means, clearly, it is Becky's job to be the stick.

Someone won't.

She steps out, guns at the ready. Her movements are all too casual as she picks the two soldiers she likes the least - one picking his nose, another with a haircut that offends her sense of style. Music pounds in her ears as she moves, her eyes cold and dead. Her grin is lazy, almost not even there. At the last possible instant, two red dots appear on the foreheads of her chosen targets.

Two pulls of each trigger. Just to be sure.

"Oops. Fingers slipped. Oh well, plenty more of you assholes. Listen to the nice lady."

Okay, lemme work this out. Base target for both attacks is 16 skill each, +2 Acc (because Gunslinger), +1 Weapon Bond, +1 Laser Sight, +1 HUD Link. +1 Targeting Program.

So: Each attack is made at an effective skill of 22. Recoil is 4, so I need less than 18 to hit with both shots on each attack.

Damage is 4d+1 pi++ per hit, I'm just using normal bullets.

Radioactive Bears
Jun 27, 2012

Creatures of horrid visage and disposition.


<<Seriously, Beck!?!>> Steve nearly vocalizes, fumbling for his needler. He trains his eyes on the Tiger Army Patrol. Familiar pathways in his brain light up, focused on the mental image of circuits and wires going cold and dead.


Readying the Fine Needler, and using Dampen and Projection at 12 to catch as many of the soldiers as I can in a 1-yard radius.

Oct 10, 2007


0448 - JUNGLE

Mary steps into the clearing, seemingly unaccompanied. As she walks out and barks her orders, the Tiger soldiers have a split-second to consider their options. One opens his mouth to say something just as the report of two distinct guns from behind Mary echo through the clearing, sending wildlife scattering. In quick succession, the man's frontal forehead collapses from the impact of a Magnum round before the exit wound on the other side causes a wet thud. The other target has two rounds pass through one ear and out the other, causing a splash of gore and the tree behind him to splinter. The first now-dead soldier, slumping over with his mouth still open, has his radio fizzle to life and then turn off.

Dumbfounded, the other four look at each other, paralyzed from the scene that just unfolded. They raise their hands in the air.

From the radio officer's comm unit, there is a request to repeat SITREP due to weather conditions. His eyes dart to the push to talk button on his shoulder, then back to Mary. He's otherwise scared stiff. Everybody knows that if you don't radio back in fifteen seconds there's a general alarm that gets raised. Better move quick.

Mariana succeeds in her Intimidation check and Becky puts both marks on ice. Steve activates a ranged Psi attack but fails his Projection roll, causing the ability to go off-center and land next to the dead soldier. Nanako's Tactics roll places Jaylene at their flank, so she's the closest to the radio man.

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Oct 14, 2006


She sighs and scratches at her brow in frustration. With a wave of the barrel of her gun, she motions to the man with the radio, mouthing for him, ‘all clear.’

Then she drops her guard a little to address her cohort, “poo poo like this is what I’m talking about. Look at this loving mess, they weren’t gonna do nothing. Now it looks like I came out here in bad faith, you make me look bad, see? drat. Look at the rest of them – this one’s gonna bleed all over, rest of them freaked the gently caress out.”

Mors Rattus
Oct 25, 2007

FATAL & Friends
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"Moment we left, they were gonna call us in. This way, they know we're loving serious. Besides, they're enemy combatants." She grins at the man Mary has given the instruction to. He can figure out the threat on his own.

Radioactive Bears
Jun 27, 2012

Creatures of horrid visage and disposition.


"We could have just taken their radios. That was an option." Steve waves the needler around, "I even have tranq darts. Literally no one needed to be murdered."

Jul 13, 2004


Nanako Amaya

Amaya idly tugs at the hem of her left glove. <<Okay! My turn, you guys!>> She slinks towards the surrendered soldiers and uses her teeth to remove the tugged glove. An aura inducing docility in the Tiger unit radiates from the telepath as she arches her back to reach the radio officer's cheek. Its energy bears the psychic impression of a fathomless pond. When she brushes then touches a part of his exposed face with her fingertips, she giggles and concentrates on issuing a telepathic command to him: REPEAT PREVIOUS SITREP.

Aspect-17 (base Reaction modifier: +6/+2 from attracted/unattracted; +11/+7 if aspect works, desired response is docility); Suggestion-17

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Jaylene Slide, Psi Null Pathfinder
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"Goddamn it Becky we were supposed to hold em up, get their comm gear and then when we got there you coulda killed to your hearts content. You stupid bitch!" Jaylene shouts aloud in the jungle as she steps out into the clearing.

Jaylene looks to the RO and keeps his gun trained on him. She tells him simply. "Call in the all clear and you'll live. I can't bring back your friend but I can guarantee you go home to your family. You and your boys. We'll take your gear then we tranq you and when you wake up we'll be long gone. It'll just be a bad dream. "

Oct 10, 2007


0448 - JUNGLE

Not fully comprehending what's going on in the span of five seconds, the others stay tight-lipped as Mary and Becky chatter among themselves. Paralyzed with fear and being clearly outgunned, the radio man's face is one of panic as Nanako places her hand on his cheek, but soon his arms drop complacently. At the fourteen second mark he hits the button. "Repeat HQ, all clear. No anomalies in the vicinity. Over."

There is a pause, then the radio crackles to life - certainly in the field, radio technology should be more advanced like the ones the FALCON squad was carrying, but national armies have to deal with a number of things like a taxpayer's budget. India still hasn't quite figured out how to fully control a population behind the scenes and do whatever they want with their budgets while posting arbitrary numbers that look right - or, if they did, they definitely were not sharing any of that money with these poor fellows.

Blood leaks down into the undergrowth, invisible save for the stain on the tree behind the second guy that was gunned down. Iron and plasma will provide more unnecessary nourishment for the fecund greenery that surrounds.

"HQ Copy. Shift rotation is on Schedule B, so if you're getting rained out, find some shelter. Out." What Schedule B actually means is left unsaid, but the radio man goes back to putting his hands up.

The other two look from their compatriot to Nanako, and blanch as they realize just how deep in they are.

Nanako successfully passes both checks.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Jaylene Slide, Psi Null Pathfinder
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"Good. You made the right call. Guns in a pile over there" Jaylene says as she points with her off hand. "LBE gear right next to them. We have some questions for you gentlemen and you will answer truthfully. If there is doubt I may be of a mind to let my associate just kill you all. Remember thats always on the table. Now I have some questions. Tell me about your base camp. I wanna know everything about its defenses. Platoon size? Company sized? Vehicles? And where are the prisoners held."

Requesting a default on interrogation or whatever would be appropriate. With prob some bonus modifiers cause we killed someone+we just made one of them do a 180 emotionally with a palm on his face. all that fun poo poo

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Oct 14, 2006


She holsters her pistol, “Ask ‘em about the OWL.” And with that, she’s lost most of her interest in the prisoners and takes a few steps walking away, looking out into the jungle around the clearing, scouting out for any additional company. Her face doesn’t really show it but the big soldier’s body language does a pretty clear job of demonstrating her frustration.

Radioactive Bears
Jun 27, 2012

Creatures of horrid visage and disposition.

HP: 10/10
FP: 9/11

Kaminski grips the needler as hard as he can, until he's close enough to Jaylene to hand it off. “It's got tranqs, so again, no one has to die. On this quiet mission. The one what is meant to be quiet. That mission. The one we're on.” He says, staring daggers at Rebecca. “I'll get on the equipment...”

He ignores the interrogation going on, and instead bends down and begins sifting through the dropped LBE Gear littering the jungle floor. With how old the Tiger Army's gear apparently was, it wouldn't be as enjoyable as toying with FALCON's stuff, but it was his element at the very least.

“Let's see what we're getting out of this...”


Just examining their gear as closely as possible in the time we have, and trying to figure out if I can use it to get the drop on folks by spying on their communications or seeing if they had any kind of TACNAV. That sort of thing.

Electronics operation for communications, sensors, security, and surveilance is all at 18, and computer operation is at 15 if it matters.

Mors Rattus
Oct 25, 2007

FATAL & Friends
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"You have no idea what 'quiet' means, do you, Steve? Anyway, we're good now, we can do whatever we like with these assholes. No loving clue what's got all your panties in a twist." Becky doesn't bother to put away her gun. She likes having them to hand. She turns to Steve again. "Check if they got any jewelry on. I know a guy.."


Oct 10, 2007


0457 - JUNGLE

The hostages have their equipment in a pile in short order, radio included. Steve gets to work on the radios - rudimentary, but the Tiger Army isn't incompetent - their two-way radios go to HQ but no other channels to prevent any significant tampering. The best that could be done is to send static and feedback to HQ. Clicking through to other channels picks up no noise in the general vicinity. They don't have a TAC-NAV or even LBE, really - this is nominally just a group of soldiers in fatigues, their guns, and their lunches. Clearly, they weren't intending to be out for more than four to eight hours before their shift was over.

The leaves rustle as the wind begins to pick up. Lightning races through the clouds as the sun begins to make its journey somewhere further above.

The group is unable to intelligbly answer Jaylene's requests. Considering their being forced to spill the beans among the cooling bodies of their squadmates, they're scared stiff. These aren't hardened veterans that eat nails and poo poo rust out - they clearly have no idea what's going on. One tries to speak up to say something about the rotation, while the other corrects him, and the radio man just babbles (a side effect of Nanako's mood tampering?). If there is an operation involving an OWL mercenary, these guys weren't informed; clearly they are rank and file militia with no meaningful information to share.

Jaylene fails a default roll on interrogation, even with bonuses.

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