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Jan 20, 2011

I am now all animes

Arcadia's a wonderful place to live. From the Ko-Sak colony of Fuji, you get a lovely view of the planet's indigenous jungles, and Konohana-Sakuya luxuries and security make sure that your vacation is one to remember.

BUT gently caress THAT

You're a long shot from Fuji, friends. I mean, if you squint, the dented, rusted ATV you just fell out of maybe kinda resembles the city possibly, but otherwise it's jungle all around. At least you're not far from the settlement you were supposed to meet your contact in. That part's good.

Oh, right. I forgot. There's that other ATV full of marauders that are out for your blood. That part's not so good.

"We don't take kindly to Ko-Sak dogs like you, around here!" The driver says as he hops out and pulls a shotgun from under his seat. Probably not the best place to put it, but now's not really the time for a firearms safety lecture. These guys seem to think you're working with Ko-Sak. That's not good. There's four of them, and four of you. Pretty nice odds, if I say so myself. Well, while you're here, why not dust yourselves off and warm up a bit?

as THE BEAST QUEEN (Mors Rattus)

Hey Eina, you should be very familiar with these jungles. Where are your beasts to help you now?

as THE LEGACY (Kumaton)

Well well. Looks like the old man's come out of retirement. Thought you got out of the business long ago. What makes you think you can kick it with the new generation?

as THE LOOSE CANNON (TheTatteredKing)

Jesus Christ, look at you. You're more unstable than anybody else on this goddamn ball of trees. Are you gonna behave? What am I saying, of course you're not!

as THE AUTONOMONK (Comrade Gorbash)

What's the Wuclang Secret? Come on, you can tell me!

Prepare for combat and roll initiative! Roll a 4dF and I'll suss everything out.

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Mar 5, 2013


Waffleman_ posted:

as THE LEGACY (Kumaton)

Well well. Looks like the old man's come out of retirement. Thought you got out of the business long ago. What makes you think you can kick it with the new generation?

Omri knew what he was getting into. It was gonna be dangerous. He would have to go against other hunters, the wildlife, people with better and newer firepower than his Clydesdale and whatever guns he could procure. There's one thing that kept him calm, though - all these kids, the ones looking for the Motherlode, the ones covering the jungles - they're all working off the rules Omri wrote. He was the one who tested the tactics, he was one that plotted the strategies. And, of course, he kept the best ones for himself.
When he went to Ko-Sak and was assigned to this group that he had never heard before by a overly-enthusiastic Izanagi employee and shuffled onto a rusty ATV (couldn't they afford better? Whatever.), he didn't know what to expect, other than that none of the guys around him had half the experience as he did, or, for that matter, knew who Omri was, as he was wearing a brown cloak to cover up his tattoos. You couldn't call Omri humble.
There's a young kid covered in teeth and fur, an even younger kid that looks like a walking junkyard, and a well-prepared merc covered in stuff that she doesn't look sane enough to operate. Yep. Sounds about right.

Of course, that has to go to ^#$@. The ATV gets bombed, and Omri gets thrown out the back. The cloak comes off in the tumble, revealing the hides of extinct animals and the tattoos covering his body. The next thing he knows, he's face-to-face with a shotgun.
With a somewhat-smile, somewhat-scowl, Omri pulls out the recoiless rifle he has strapped to his back, since he still doesn't trust all that instant constructing tech all the kids have nowadays. Without thinking, he pulls out a ballistic shell from one of the pouches on his chest, slams it into the cylinder, and levels it at his attackers, hoping that this'll keep his assailants away - or make them start attacking him. He missed getting shot at.
Initiative Roll: 4dF = +1, -1, +1, -1 = 0

High Concept: One Last Job
Invoke: Chasing the old high
Compel: Chasing the old high
Mercenary (Explosives, Physique, Provoke, Rapport, Combat, Contacts) (+3): (Once The) Best In The Business (Signature)
Invoke: Pretty much wrote the book on being a mercenary
Compel: The game's changed while you've been away
Action (Athletics, Combat, Notice, Physique, Provoke, Vehicles) (+2): Veteran Of One Thousand Wars
Invoke: Fought for almost every cause
Compel: Fought against almost every cause
Survivalist (Athletics, Notice, Survival, Will) (+1): Ghost of the Jungle
Invoke: Travel through the wilderness unhindered
Compel: Possibly revered by the local bandits, not used to civilized life
Omega: Forgotten Yet Wanted
Invoke: Passing through places undetected, most of the time
Compel: The bounty's still in the system

Explosives: Attack, Create An Advantage (Destroying the scenery, using specialized grenades/shells), 
Overcome (Clearing a path, etc.) 1 pt.
Survival: Attack (Indirect traps and homemade poisons/tools), Create An Advantage 
(Specialized plants/drugs/medicine/tools), Overcome (Treat a wound, using the environment) 1 pt.

+5: Combat
+4: Physique, Provoke, Athletics
+3: Explosives, Rapport, Survival, Contacts
+2: Vehicles
+1: Will

Focused Combat
Specialized Survival
Have 5 points left over, not sure what to do with them.

Physical: [][][][]
Mental: [][][]

Modified Clydesdale Revolving Recoilless Rifle (Mega Hardware, 2 Benefits)
A relatively old firearm, chambered in 25mm. Designed to fire several types of ammunition, including explosive shells, 
less-than-lethal rounds, anti-materiel rounds, and shotgun shells. Modified by Omri to 
be harder to hold and control than the average launcher so that only he can effectively use it.
Function: Variable Ammunition System
Flaw: Hard to Hold, Harder to Aim
Ballistic Rounds: Weapon:1
High Explosive Shells: +2 to Attack when using Explosive shells, but at a cost: high environmental damage. Weapon:3

Been Through Worse: For a Fate Point, can reduce a Consequence by 1 slot. Cannot remove Consequences entirely.

Soldier of Fortune: Can use Combat instead of Rapport when negotiating.
(Sorry for the relatively stilted writing, not sure how exactly to parse what I was going for in this)

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Jan 20, 2011

I am now all animes

You're not on IRC, so a reminder that you're on this job for Izanagi, not Ko-Sak.

Feb 15, 2011

Communism will help more white people than anyone else. Any equal measures unfairly provide less to minority populations just because there's less of them. Democracy is truly the tyranny of the mob.

Physical stress 0/5 Mental Stress 0/2

"Oh hohohoho!" Tami let's out a belly laugh after she settles upside down being thrown from the vehicle. "No dull moments, yes? Will be fun vacation!" With a wild grin she gets to her feet and scrambles to her precious weapons. She cradles her shotgun in her arms. "They come for a big kiss from Lola? Their mother should warn little boys about girls like Lola." She shoots in the air to punctuate her joke. She huddles beside the wreck for cover. "Nah, even better idea!" She attempts a whisper but manages only an indoor voice. She pulls out the launcher from the case she left in the back. Her eyes grow wide and hungry as she caresses the weapon. "Little men must not have car to hide from me with. Ohohohoho."

2 to go


High Concept: Adrenaline Junkie
Paid Killer: Unprofessional Soldier (Combat 2, Contacts 1, Physique 1, Provoke 1, Stealth 2, Rapport 1)
Action Girl: Never back down(combat 2, Notice 1, Physique 1, Provoke 1, Vehicles 2, will 1)
Saboteur: One woman could do it, moving unseen (Notice 1, Stealth 2, Athletics 2, Burglary 1, will 1)
Omega: Childlike wonder

(Specialize Combat, Physique, Stealth; focus Rapport)

Combat 5
Physique 5
Stealth 5
Provoke 4
Rapport 4
Contacts 3
Notice 3
Will 3
Vehicles 2
Athletics 1
Burglary 1

Physical stress 0/5
Mental Stress 0/2

Comrade Gorbash
Jul 12, 2011

My paper soldiers form a wall, five paces thick and twice as tall.

Phys: OOOO | Ment: OOO

With a whine of protesting metal and the sharp pop of breaking plastic, the half-crushed and bent door of the ATV peels open. Using the leverage of the robotic arm, Riza launches herself out of the wreck, landing in a combat stance alongside her companions.

"I don't suppose we might talk this over first? No? Well then - time to bring the ruckus!"

Initiative [Notice]: 4dF+4 5

Character Sheet posted:


Concept: The Last Gunfu Master
Martial Artist: 36 Chambers of Shotgun
Guerilla: Oppose Zugzwang, Restore Wuclang
Action: The Smiling, Proud Wanderer
Omega: A Full Belly Conquers All


Superb (+5): Combat, Physique
Great (+4): Athletics, Notice, Stealth, Will
Good (+3): Contacts, Provoke, Rapport
Fair (+2): Vehicles

Martial Artist (Weird Mode): Athletics, Combat, Notice, Physique, Stealth, Will. Cost: 9.
Guerilla (Weird Mode): Combat, Contacts, Physique, Provoke, Rapport, Stealth, Will. Cost: 9.
Free Improvements: Focus Athletics, Combat, Notice, Physique, Provoke, Stealth, Will. Specialize Combat, Physique. Cost: 0.
Paid Improvements: Focus Contacts, Rapport, Vehicles. Cost: 3.
Remaining Points: 0


First Degree Conveyor Belt: You have a +2 bonus overcoming physical obstacles with Athletics based on obstruction or poor footing. You can also move one zone further than normal whenever you do move.

Speak With Your Fists!: You may use Combat to overcome social obstacles by performing an astounding martial arts demonstration or feat.

Third Eyebot [Hardware]: +1 to overcome technological stealth or concealment with Notice. +1 to create an advantage by noticing details with Notice.

Will of Steel [Mega-Stunt (2 Benefits)]: Once per scene, you can check a mental stress box to absorb physical harm. If you do, you get a free boost. Additionally, you have Armor:2 against fear based attacks.

Hardware posted:

Monk's Wrench
Function: Robotic Arm of Doom
Flaw: Big and Heavy

Mega-Stunts [3 Benefits]
Crane Style: Absolutely stronger than a normal human (Physique), but at a cost. You can spend a fate point to shatter, splinter, or otherwise break physical objects or barriers you aren't supposed to be able to.
Iron Fist: +1 to attack with Combat when fighting hand-to-hand; Weapon: 2.

(Total benefits: 8 - 5 = 3 fate points to the GMs reserve.)

Physical: OOOO
Mental: OOO


Mors Rattus
Oct 25, 2007

FATAL & Friends
Walls of Text
#1 Builder

Eina grins. If these men don't recognize her, it's their own fault - this is her jungle. "Are you sure you want to do this? Don't you know who I am?" Of course, she only has on her fur and spear now. She doesn't have her entourage with her - because they're out working. Above, Turtak the Skysnake has been scouting ahead, while Hara the Bullymong was out gathering food for when they made camp. (Hara can run fast enough to catch up once they stop.)

Eina does not fall out of the ATV so much as vault, spear in hand, to land ahead of the others, the hide cloak she wears billowing dramatically. Turtak dives, shrieking, to spread his wings wide behind her, as she has trained him to do. (She has learned that looking terrifying is the first duty of a fighting queen.)

"I AM EINA, QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE! Who wants to whet my appetite?"

Initiative [Notice]: 3


High Concept: Space Tarzan
Jungle Queen (+3): Raised By Wolves Giant Spiky Space Dogs
Action (+2): Wrestles With Space Gorillas
Banter (+1): If I Shout Loudest That Means I Win
Omega: Inexplicable High Society Family Ties

+5: Athletics
+4: Physique, Combat, Notice, Beast Tamer, Will
+3: Provoke
+2: Vehicles, Empathy
+1: Contacts, Deceive, Rapport

Specialized Athletics, Focused Beast Tamer, Focused Empathy.

Jungle Queen (8): Athletics, Physique, Will, Combat, Beast Tamer, Notice

Beast Tamer (1): Overcome a physical obstacle by getting an animal to circumvent or help with it, Create Advantage by getting animal help, Attack physicall with an animal

Stunts (6 Benefits)
Queen's Entourage: Eina may spend FP to summon forth a beast, designed as a Hardware mega-stunt. This costs FP equal to the number of stunt benefits, and only one Entourage may exist at any given time.
Savage Land: +1 to create an advantage or defend with Athletics when in a natural environment.
Speak By Action: Use Physique in place of Rapport when dealing with colonists.
Pack Brutality: When accompanied by a beast, Weapon: 2
Predator Mind: Fearproof, but at a cost. Armor: 2 against all other mental harm.

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