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Anita Dickinme
Jan 24, 2013


Grimey Drawer

Nickiepoo posted:


Banano posted:

gott im die mumble! raus raus!

I put about as much effort into this OP as PGI puts into this game so just ask about builds and stuff in the thread. The goon guides in the second post deserve a read though.

Skoll posted:

Save money on MWO by spending your disposable income on gun stuff. You get the good feeling of not giving money mixed in with the great feeling of shooting firearms.

MechWarrior Online is a Free to Play Online Arena FPS where players smash their GIANT ROBOTS against an opposing team of GIANT ROBOTS to GET PAID.

Or, in the publisher's words: it's "A tactical BattleMech simulation set in 3050 AD. As a pilot known as a "MechWarrior", you are about to take control of the most powerful mechanical battle units the universe has ever seen."

This game was pretty popular back in 2012/2013 with a heavy goon presence during the open beta. Unfortunately, the game has seen some pretty unpopular changes, such as:

- 3rd person view, which has turned out to not be a big deal.
- Major cash grabbing: $50 price tags on clan 'mechs which are superior to IS 'mechs (though can now be bought with A LOT of in game money), nerfed in game currency acquisition requiring grinding (f2p.txt), and $500 gold mechs. Yes that's five hundred dollars.
- 8v8 was changed to 12v12, which changed combat dramatically, with focus fire vastly reducing how long a 'mech could survive. Some of the maps are still 8v8 sized, and can be cramped. The addition of larger maps has helped this, however. Also, some of the smaller maps are being reconfigured for the larger teams.
- UI 3.0: The 'MechLab has been improved somewhat!

Despite these changes and more, goons have returned and are currently enjoying shooting robutts.

I'm a goon, and reading the OP is against my religion. What do I have to read?

Literally all of it.


MWO has been a rollercoaster of "interesting" decisions. Rather than going into detail here, I'll just point you to Chronojam's Timeline.

However, after a long slump, the game is fun again!

What Happened to Make Things Good Again?

Goons. Goons never change.

Brawling is the meta again!

Most goons still playing really only play because it's a (somewhat) fun, semi-unique FPS robot game. Just like every other game, the fun is increased when playing with other goons and beer.

Wasn't PGI that one company behind that train wreck Transverse?


In a single interesting month, PGI announced that they were parting ways with their publisher, IGP, blaming them for a lot of the PR and development issues. Scant days later, they launched a new IP: Transverse; a complete Star Citizen knockoff. The plan was to fund it via the lovechild of the MWO founder's program and Star Citizen's Kickstarter. Presumably, certain things, such as the Transverse website, were funded by the money PGI made in from the Clan mechs, promising that money was going towards developing MWO into a better state. During the month the funding program ran, they collected ~ $10k, and ended up refunding all of it. They also started a new sub-reddit to advertise the game, broke Reddit's TOS, and several PGI employee accounts got banned from the site. PGI Community Manager Nikolai Lubkiewicz blamed the goons, and linked to a previous MWO thread here on the forums.

Due to this PGI turned it's focus back to MWO, realizing it's the only thing keeping them from working out of a cardboard box on the side of the street instead of in their Canadian mall; resulting in a complete cash-grab cycle of mech preordering for the price of brand new AAA game titles.


Everything in a Clan 'mech is numerically superior to the IS counterpart. This is balanced by Clan 'mechs having a somewhat different customization system, and quite a lot of soft balance (lasers burn longer, cannons fire in bursts rather than single giant shells, LRMs fire in streams rather than clumps). Nonetheless, they tend to be very powerful robots.


To give the IS 'mechs a much-needed shot in the arm, PGI added quirks to nearly all of the IS 'mechs, with shittier mechs getting much better ones. Quirk bonuses effect how far or fast weapons can fire, heat generation, durability, and more. This has brought several unpopular 'mechs out of retirement, and made some good 'mechs great. The downside is that builds for individual variants have gotten a little samey, but now at least those variants get played.

Community Warfare:

CW was a selling point on the game for most people when the game was first announced back in 2011, promising to be an extraordinary mech shooter spanning across an entire galaxy. Never fulfilling that promise, when people would constantly bring up CW over the years, PGI's response was just "soon". With no actual development seemingly happening, the game was stuck in a state of a Call of Duty arena shooter styled robot game, and still is!

However, Community Warfare finally launched in December 2014 as a Beta, and is currently in Phase (AKA Beta) 2, with Phase 3 launching December 2015. It's all about Attack/Defend gameplay with dropships replacing fallen mechs. You select a "Drop Deck" of four 'mechs, with a mass of ~160-240 tons. One team defends a complex surrounding a giant anti-aircraft gun, while the other team tries to destroy it. It's basically a longer version of the regular queues and was just something they pushed out in less than a month after the Transverse fiasco to try and smooth over their PR with the MWO community,.

Neat little tool that shows which faction owns which little balls: IS MAP

If CW ever gets good, our long-term goal is to to capture and hold Butte Hold. Goons MUST control the Butte Hold!

Goon Units:

- Word of Lowtax [WoL] - The much feared Goon unit of old. Attached to House Liao. Currently run by Stalkerr.

- OPSEC [GIRL] - Born in the fires of MWO as a beautiful woman who won't conform to society's standard of thin and fighting down the Patriarchy. A goon clan led by Riyott, BMR, and Zyphoid. Attached to Clan Jade Falcon. Contact Anita Dickinme or Beraiye here for questions/concerns.


Praise to modpud whose brand is synonymous with high scores.

Right now being in either unit doesn't mean anything other than whether you want to be famous (GIRL) or infamous (WoL) as CW isn't interesting enough at the moment to get a team together. The best way to get an invite is to simply post your in-game name in this here thread and which unit you'd like to join.


Comms 4 goons and goon friends pw: mellon

Holy poo poo there are a lot of robots and factions and... ??!?

That's the up and the down side of attaching an MMOG to a tabletop wargame thats like 30 years old, with a "robust" fanbase.

Sarna is pretty handy if you want to know the backstory of what's going on (aka the "lore"). The basic idea is that there are six human space kingdoms full of '80s cultural stereotypes fighting for control of known space (the Inner Sphere). Several smaller, higher-tech human warrior cultures (who are themselves '80s cultural stereotypes) are invading and making GBS threads on everything with extreme predjudice. Elsewhere, there is a single planet with sentient avians chilling out, being awesome, and annoying grognards with their very existence.

But you don't care about the lore, so let's go over the types of 'mechs, and some goon favorites:

IS 'mechs tend to see decades, sometimes centuries of service. In MWO, they are very customizable and the new quirks setup really makes some variants pop. Each IS player can bring up to 250 tons across exactly four 'mechs to a round of CW. For just starting off with MWO, it's highly recommended you skip this section and check out the Stormcrow. Highly versatile and incredibly hard to kill, as well as being fast, it is an incredible first mech purchase.

Some goons started off with the Raven and said they really enjoyed it. Check it out under IS Light Mechs if you want.

Assault 'Mechs
Slow but heavily armored, Assault 'Mechs are the tanks of MWO. Like an mmo tank, their primary functions are to attract attention and absorb damage. As an assault pilot you want to shield your team from as much damage as possible, spread that damage around your 'mech as much as you can (torso twisting the whole time), and die nobly.

Note: As of the December 1st patch, Assaults are in a weird place and should probably be avoided by new players for now.

Atlas (100T)
The iconic Atlas is a great mech once again. Come brawl!

Suggested Builds: AS7-D-DC AS7-S

Both of these are played identically -- the AS7-D-DC has the ECM advantage and its shield arms last longer, while the -S wins on firepower and tankiness, but otherwise they're the same thing. Deliver a facesmashing alpha of all your weapons at close range, then twist so that your enemy can only hit your arms. Repeat as necessary. The right torso is the most fragile because the AC/20 gets easily critted once it's open, but the left torso does more overall damage with SRMs, so while you should shield with the right side first, you shouldn't rely on it exclusively. Hold off on the medium lasers unless you're either resting heat or you've lost one of your torso weapons.

And you will lose one, usually both of your torso weapons. Your job as an Atlas is to be the first one in a push and die gloriously while utterly ruining the day of one or more 'mechs. The enemy has to concentrate on you because you can one-or two-shot most of their robots, but you can stay alive for so long that your teammates following you can break them. Being fired upon is good, losing components means you're doing your job, and finishing a match with most of your ammunition expended and only your center torso left is the height of Atlasing.

The way is forward.

King Crab
100 Tons of Crab. It's even got the clamps!


Banshee (95T)

As made famous by BMR, the Banshee is a "secret" good mech. Almost no one uses it, and yet it's one of the best Assault mechs in the game. If people find out about it being so good it will probably get nerfed.


Stalker (85T)

The Stalker has a lot of hardpoints, and can lay down significant firepower. It's hitboxes help it spread damage pretty well, and it's way lighter than an Atlas. The fact that it looks like a walking dong has almost nothing to do with its popularity. This is only here because of its penis face and is still fairly decent in CW.


Heavy Mechs
Heavys tend to carry a lot of firepower, and are tough enough to use it. They also tend to be faster than assault 'mechs.

Thunderbolt (65T)

Goofy looking. IS knockoff of a Summoner.


Jagermech (65T)

Has high mounted weapons so you can peek over ridges and shoot people before going back down. Can carry and actually make use of a pair of Gauss rifles, making it a solid sniper mech. Since the introduction of the Cauldron Born the Jagermech has become mostly obsolete.


Medium Mechs
Generally faster than Heavies, but not nearly as durable, IS mediums are in a bit of an awkward place currently. If CW ever becomes relevant again, being lighter than a heavy can help them fit in a dropdeck, however.

Hunchback (50T)

Hunchbacks are primarily brawlers, which is a tough role in the current long-range game. Sneaky Hunchbacks can still do work during a push, however.


Blackjack (45T)

It's like a mini Jagermech! Vomit lasers as you swagger stomp everywhere with your special Blackjack walk.


Light Mechs
Light 'mechs are one area where the IS pretty well outshines the Clans. Arctic Cheetah has been released. To quote Daft Punk "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger".

Firestarter (35T)

Want to GO FAST and SHOOT BUTTS at a college level? This is the 'mech for that. Seriously.


Raven (35T)

The Raven 3L is a solid ECM carrier, with a nice hardpoint setup. The other variants have gotten much better via quirks, but the average Firestarter is still a bit better. If you feel as though you're definitely a faster paced kind of gamer, try this out. It'll be cheaper than a Stormcrow and won't set you back much if you don't enjoy it.


IS 'mechs and Community Warfare:
If you grab one type of chassis from each of the weight classes, you should have a legal drop deck for CW (unless you get an Atlas or Crab, they are WAY heavy, and require a bit of deck tweaking to fit in). You could also do something silly like 3x heavies and one light.

Clan Omnimechs run fast, hit hard, and have incredible range. They have the ability to swap arm, torso, and leg sections with other variants of the same 'mech, leading to a unique customization situation. The trade off is that they can't change their engines, and some equipment is not removable. Each Clan player can bring up to 240 tons across exactly four 'mechs to a round of CW. The clan mechs below are the best in their weight class and should be your focus for regular gameplay or getting a drop deck together if you chose to join GIRL.


Direwolf (100T)

Slow and huge, if not supported the Direwolf is vulnerable to fast harassers. With a little support, it's one of the most powerful in the 'mechs game. Can carry all the ballistics, or all the lasers. Or both? Slowest mech in the game, do not purchase until familiar with Assaults or you will have a bad time. Another BMR special, the build below will absolutely wreck robutts, and you'll have the most fun in your life... if you don't mind being the slowest guy on the map.



Timberwolf (75T)

The iconic Clan 'mech. Fast, well armed, and flexible, there was no way this wasn't going to become one of the most popular 'mechs in the game. Surprise! it did.



Stormcrow (55T)

A very flexible and powerful 'mech, the Stormcrow has become a very common sight. Almost certainly the best use of tonnage in the game (maybe competing with Firestarters and Timberwolves). This should be your first ever mech purchase. There are so many amazing things you can do with this monster, and it's a pain to take down.

SUGGESTED BUILD: SCR, Lasers and SCR, Streakcrow SCR, Gauss


Arctic Cheetah (30T)


Baby's first dropdeck should include a Timberwolf, two Stormcrows and an Arctic Cheetah until you get the feel of knowing what you're doing. Yes, you can do this!

Spergsheet of decent robots and builds that have not been crucified by awful goons who know nothing.

Love Stole the Day posted:

So I skimmed through the past 15 pages and made a Google Spreadsheet of recommended "good" robot builds that goons have made itt without getting flamed over it. Then I added my main SCat builds because why not.

If this goes anywhere (and if it's maintained), future goons can just refer to the spreadsheet and Ctrl+F their robot for recommendations. It also has a link to the original post for context sake.

If you want to help maintain it, send me a PM or something with your fake porno gmail account or whatever and I'll add it to the whitelist.

Great Beer posted:

Posting the undisputable best options for the new champ robots:


You may notice a theme here. And that theme is that if you aint using LPLs and SRMs you aint poo poo.

Preordering brand new games Mech bundles guide post thing

Willfrey posted:

the best "deals" to be had are probably the mech packs

Mastery bundles are so so, they would be much better if you could pick the variants you want.

Buying mechs straight up with MC is a terrible deal.

As i have played i found it is best to be patient and use your favorite mechs to make cash with premium time, by the time mechs are available for cbills you'll have a good grasp on what mechs are worth the time or what mechs are turds, or what mechs are propped up with early adopter quirks and hitboxes that magically get balance patched when they are cbill ready. Betcha Marauders hitboxes will change before they become free to play

Willfrey posted:

if i were to add anything to that i would say Early Adopter rewards are pretty good, but the risk is you end up with turd mechs. We can generally eyeball mechs and see what will be good from the getgo, for instance we knew the clan arctic cheaters would own hard and they did, while at the same time we saw the orion and highlander IIc's and most super smart goons (like myself) only got the hunchback/jenner teir for $40.

Trial 'Mechs:
In the past these things were mind blowingly awful and liable to induce suicide. Luckily all IS 'Mechs have gotten the Champion treatment, meaning they're based on popular community designs, and are now fairly safe in regards to your mental health. Look for the (c) in front of the Trial label or behind a 'Mech's name for a Champion design. Clan Trials haven't gotten this treatment (yet?) so they're a bit dicier, though a few of them are probably alright by virtue of being Clan 'mechs.

Fine, I'll play your robot game. Where do I get it? You can make an account and download the game here

or download it on Steam!

Okay, I downloaded this thing. How do I shoot butts with goons?


Joining the Goonrathi Forums (where the goon MWO offsite forums live):
The Star Citizen goons were kind enough to give us a home, so you need a SC Forums account... (It's free!)

1) Go make a Star Citizen account.
2) Follow the steps over at FLJK under 'enlist'. (Goonrathi is the SC Goon group.)
3) For your clearance code enter "Sexy BULBASAUR 69" and in the comments write "MWO Refugee"

Once that is done, you should be able to access the Goonrathi/WoL/GIRL forums, the jabber, the wiki, and the mumble. (If you're old or technologically impaired, click here after making an account.)

Don't do this, just go to the next step to get on mumble with goons.

Make sure you download mumble if you're weird and haven't already for some reason.

But I can't be assed for that, I just want to shout at goons!

If you don't care about all that fancy stuff you can just PM someone here and get the mumble information or if you were smart enough to not give Lowtax for Plat, the mumble info is in the Message of the Day for both units.

Play the game!

The first thing that happens when you launch the game will be a bunch of dumb animations that you can skip by mashing spacebar until you get to the login screen. Once there log in, obviously. You'll be prompted to run the tutorial or something. Do it, play it, don't shoot that Atlas guy telling you to do things and when you finish it you'll get a sweet five million EC. Afterwards, you'll be able to play the actual game but limited to trial 'mechs. Your first 25 games will give you a significant increase in payment, which you can use to buy and build out your first fully-fitted 'mech. You should try different 'mechs during this time, to figure out what you like. The heavier robots do tend to have a higher sticker price, but light mech's tend to need a lot of upgrades before they are really tuned up right. Its also worth remembering that Inner Sphere-aligned pilots will only be able to pilot Inner Sphere 'mechs, and Clan-aligned pilots will only be able to pilot Clan 'mechs in Community Warfare, which doesn't completely matter at the moment. It may be wise to pick one type or the other before you start buying things. Outside of CW, you can drive whatever.


Try not to spend all your cash. Mechs and builds are expensive. Ask a goon™ before you do and you'll be golden.

Try to drop with Goons as much as possible!

I can't stress this enough. THIS GAME IS WAY MORE FUN WITH GOONS Get on Mumble. Also, goons can typically lead you in the direction of decent robots not listed in the OP. There's a good few for advanced players.

Fix the Settings!

- Turn off Third Person View on mission start (F3 in game, can be permanently disabled in settings) 3PV is okay if you can't remember where your legs are pointed (hint: the minimap shows this), or you want to see your pretty, pretty paintjob. It makes aiming harder, and prevents you from using the map, though. Do not use it. Stop using it. Why are you not stopping it yet!?

- Turn off throttle decay! Unless you are using a joystick without a throttle or (Kerensky help you) a game pad, turn this off. It's a dumb "feature". Also joysticks are bad for this game.

- Turn off arm lock! Arm mounted weapons (usually) have a wider/taller arc of fire than torso mounted ones. On your HUD, arms aim at the little circle, while torsos aim at the +. Arm lock prevents these from diverging, at the cost of removing the extra traverse of the arm weapons. It can help certain builds, but it is toggleable in game, so there is no need to have it on all the time.

- Turn on "All Chat"! Disabled by default these days, there is an option to talk to/at the other team. It's worth noting that people can be a little report happy towards "goon humor", so don't say anything TOO stupid.

Also, suggesting that Alt+F4 toggles 3rd person view (or anything else) is bannable. We did it so many times however, that the default button for it used to be F4. It has since been changed to F3, but still a Cultural Victory!

- Enable VOIP (Optional). The lower Elo brackets don't use voicecom too much, but it's really handy if you can handle the mouth breathing pubbies.

Hey, this game doesn't really help new players out too much, eh?

Nope! While the New User Experience is something that PGI has been trying to improve, your best bet is to play with people who know what's up. If you have any questions at all, post it. There are no dumb questions, only this dumb game that causes dumb questions. Additionally, there is the New Player Help forum.

It looks like it might take a while to get the c-bills together to buy the stuff I want. Should I throw money at the game?

That is up to you. Many Goons are still angry about certain game mechanics, slow development time, and PGI's attitude toward the playerbase in the past. Others have spent $500+ on robots. The nicer paint options all require MC (the real-money currency), as do cockpit doodads and premium time. I'd suggest waiting until CW or the game in general gets better. You get a cadet bonus of ~11,000,000 Cbills for your first 25 matches and another 5,000,000 for completeing the tutorial, which should be enough to build a single fully fitted mech; and the trial mechs aren't too terrible these days so you should be able to get a solid idea of whether you like the game without spending any money.

My Gaming Computer is a Piece of poo poo (MGCPOS), can you help me?

Eatpants posted:

A couple people have been complaining about low FPS. Here's my user.cfg

place user.cfg in \Mechwarrior Online -- most important is to set it to read-only!

Now you need to go into \Mechwarrior Online\USER\Profiles\yourname and edit Attributes.xml , change this option <Attr name="OptionCfg.sys_spec" value="-1" Make sure it is set to -1

Now set Attributes.xml to readonly as well and launch the game! wooooohoooo bad computers

Also if your videocard is a decent dx11 card you will get a slight performance boost running DX11 instead of DX9


-Goonrathi ForumsThe clubhouse has a fair number of good (and bad) 'mech configs, and houses the offsite MWO Goon forum. REQUIRES AUTHORIZATION, SEE ABOVE!
-Smurfy's MechLab Until the return of Mechomancer, Smurfy is the best web-based 'mech builder. You can use it to share favorite configs, and test fit new ones.
-MWO forums The official MWO forums. "Affectionately" known as the Brown Sea.
-List of quirks All the info on the re-tuning of the IS 'mechs, in a fairly easy to grasp format.
-Reddit There are two different terrible subreddits about MWO. This link shows the new posts for each.
-Sync Video It's a site that lets people share Youtube playlists, and watch together. A fun group activity we do while waiting for drops. NO ALBUMS OR NOT MUSIC YOU SHITS.
-Falafel An Android-based mechlab.

OB Juan - Previous OP
The Shadow Council - Editing Help
Eatpants - user.cfg info
Paramemetic and Pattonesque - see next post
The thread at large - new builds for the OP.

Never Forget:

Kazvall posted:

We're even getting poo poo early now. It's insanity. If ghost heat is removed I will pluck out all my pubic hair one by one.

Blackdog420 posted:

Here's a list of dumb terminology that new players might hear while in mumble:

Goon Stuff::
Old Birds - Goons from the Beta golden days. I personally consider any goon who played before the 'Phoenix Pack' as an Old Bird. I started playing right as the phoenix pack released, and I do not consider myself as an Old Bird.
New Birds - New goon MWO players who are evidently masochists or suffer from mental illness.
Squawk - Squawking in game is a practice that you will see some goons partake. More often enough, you will see non goons squawking too (due to cultural victory). Feel free to squawk whenever you want, as it's your right as a Tetatae Warrior.
The PGI Timeline - A timeline consisting of PGI's mistakes created by fellow goon, Chronojam. Forged by pure madness with a dash of autism.

Robot Stuff::
Ghost Dad - AS7-D-DC (with ECM)
Dad¹ - Atlases in general.
Splatlas - AS7-S (with x4 SRM6)
Rhino - Classic close range Stalker (STK-3F) builds sporting SRMs and lasers. Generally seen as SRM6s with medium lasers.
Splatapult - Catapult with SRMs
Streak Crow - Stormcrow boating 5x C-SSRM6s
Streak Dog - Mad Dog boating 6x C-SSRM6s
Shame Dog - MDD-PRIME(I). A special variant Mad Dog given to those shameful few who spent too much money on this game. Granted by purchasing the Clan Masakari package + Clan Wave II.
Trash Bucket - Trebuchets. In the dark days of pre-quirks, this robot earned it's name. You'll still occasionally hear old birds use this term.
Metal Baby - Commandos.
Urby/Trashcan¹ - Urbanmechs.
Cheaters¹ - Arctic Cheetahs.
Direstar - Gimmick dire wolf build with ~*11x*~ C-ER-PPCs that is meant to be alpha fired precisely two times, resulting in an overheat death. No robot in the game can withstand a direct CT hit. Coined after the Deathstar. It's bad.

Game Stuff::
Wubs - Refers to pulse lasers
Lurms - Refers to long range missiles, ya dingus
Laser Vomit - Laser builds with high alpha damage. Not the same as laser sniping.
Gauss Vomit - Similar to the above, but substituting some lasers for a gauss. Used effectively by manually syncing the gauss charge mechanic when firing lasers.
Poptart - A poptart basically refers to any mech using jumpjets and effectively shooting their weapon load at the same time. Normally it's PPCs, but that's not always the case.
The Butthole - The center volcano area of the terrible Terra Therma map
Popcicle¹ - When a robot that has lost all of its guns and is therefore not worth paying attention to anymore
Zombie¹ - A mech with center torso weapons capable of continued fighting after all arms and side torsos have been stripped. STD engines only, obviously. Some Atlases and Centurions make good examples of zombie mechs.
Helios¹ - A controversial subscription based hacking utility with wallhacks, aimbot, and more. Used by sperglords who care about their kdr.
Team Helios¹² - Essentially any group of players we suspect might be hacking. Even if they aren't actually hacking. Because we're suspicious grumpy old farts.
Yell Boss¹ - Someone who is calling targets and offering sick-nasty strats. Although with goons it's more or less a hodgepodge of everybody collectively sharing beneficial information of what's on the field. Sometimes.
Markemp/Heffay¹ - Some PGI fanboy that no one cares about.
NGNG¹ - No Guts No Galaxy. Originally a fan site and podcast about Battletech stuff that is now basically a promotional arm for PGI. Founded by Sean Lang who uses Twitch™ alot.
Lurmageddon¹ - Could refer to one of several incidences of PGI buggering up LRMs with hilarious consequences. See link.
Shield Side/Dead Side¹ - Loading your weapons asymmetrically in a mech so you can torso twist the opposite side into incoming fire protecting your weapons allowing you to pew pew longer.

Disclaimer: Some of these terms are exclusive goon terms that only goons use and understand. Use outside of goon mumble at the risk of sounding like a complete loving idiot.
I'm sure I'm missing alot of jargon, feel free to add or correct

EDIT: added little footnotes with links to the original source of contributor, because im gay. I might be terrible and either abridge or add my own opinions.

Still curious about MWO? Here's more useless stuff!

Lonjon posted:

What is MWO?
A gripping tale, as visioned by Microsoft Captionbot.

How would you describe Mechwarrior Online to someone that has never been a robot Kerensky? It's tough, because we all carry our own Mechwarrior biases that taint our perceptions. I believe it is impossible for any of us to accurately describe Mechwarrior Online to another human without having our own perceptions and experiences corrupt our Mechwarrior narrative.

Fortunately, out friends in Redmond made a solution for us! Microsoft Captionbot, using the powers of science, optics, and possibly nanites, can process images and return 100% accurate, unbiased results! I asked MS Capbot to evaluate my Mechwarrior Screenshots folder so that we could all gain the perspective of a perfect, unbiased, robotically superior megamind. I will share the results with you, because you are the best of friends. Except for Veedub.

There you go. Mechwarrior Online can best be summarized as, "A person carrying luggage past a store display while two non confident giraffes enjoy some green bananas by a fireplace."

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Anita Dickinme
Jan 24, 2013


Grimey Drawer

Goon Roboting Guides

Comedy guide that actually turned out to be good. Read it!

Pattonesque's How 2 MWO Guide

Intro: Uhhhhh

I dunno why you’ve decided to get into Mechwarrior Online, my dude. The game is p. unbalanced, change comes slowly or not at all, and the developers only get things right by accident. Still, there’s a core of fun in the game that keeps many awful nerds coming back even after multiple uninstalls. Also many of us are nostalgia serfs.

Anyway, if you’re gonna get into this dumb game, here’s how to do it.

Your Stompy Robot And You

The game is shooting stompy robot mans with your stompy robot man. There are game modes in which capturing little nodes or destroying generators is one way to win, but the overwhelming majority of matches will end with one side destroying everyone else. The basics of piloting are covered in the in-game tutorial, which actually is not too terribly bad. These are more intermediate concepts that will help you not die immediately in-game.


Roughly, this is moving your mech out of cover long enough to fire all your weapons, and then immediately moving back behind cover. You may have memories of tooling about in the open for ten-minute long duels in Mechwarrior 2 or whatever, but staying out of cover for too long in this game is very bad. What you want to do is dish out as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time possible while taking as little damage as possible.

There are two ways to poke: hill-humping, and side-peeking.

Hill-humping is pretty straightforward -- you walk up a hill or hill-equivalent until all your guns are poking above the hill. You fire your guns. Immediately before firing your guns (ideal), while firing your guns (fine), or right after firing your guns (less-than-ideal), you stop accelerating and reverse course. This lets you expose small amounts of your ‘mech to return fire (your legs are entirely safe) while being able to dump a full alpha into whatever bad guy you see.

Also, ideally you do not want to march straight up the hill -- try doing it at an angle, and you’ll present a slightly more difficult target.

Certain ‘mechs are better at this than others. A JagerMech, for instance, has all its important guns mounted at or above cockpit height, so you only have to expose a small amount of the mech to see and fire at your target. An Atlas, on the other hand, has most of its weapons at hip level, which means it’ll be in danger for a longer period of time before, during, and after firing its weapons. It also runs a higher risk of its shots impacting cover. If you’re piloting a ‘mech with low mounts, you should avoid hill-humping, although sometimes you can get away with it.

Side-peeking is horizontal hill-humping. What you do is, with your torso twisted toward the enemy, march out of cover to one side of an obstacle. Which side you do this with will depend greatly on your ‘mech. Hunchback-4Gs have their best weapon in the right torso, so if you’re piloting one of them, you’ll want to march out to the right of your cover, fire, and then reverse into cover. Also after you fire, twist so you’re looking straight ahead -- this will effectively get you into cover faster and protect your important weapons. You’ll minimize the amount of return fire which hits your important side.


This is part of poking and peeking. You will rarely be able to fire without someone firing back at you, so you have to judge whether or not you’re winning your trades when you do. If you poke out, deal 20-ish damage, and receive 10-ish damage in return, this is good! If instead you are impacted by a billion gauss rounds all in your center torso, owning you so hard that your cursor moves to the uninstall button of its own volition, well, this is very bad! If you are winning your trades, you will wear down the enemy and you’ll be in better shape when the brawl or push starts. If you’re not winning your trades, you need to either wait a bit before poking out, poke out in conjunction with more teammates, or (best option) find a new place to fire from. The best players in this game know how when to keep on the same spot and when to keep moving. You’ll figure it out in time.

Occasionally it’s OK if you lose a trade. If you take more damage than you receive, but you secure a kill, this is good. If you take out an important enemy component -- the left torso on a Banshee-3E or the right arm of a Wolverine-6K -- this is also good.

General trading rules:

Don’t trade with multiple enemy robots
Don’t trade with something that outguns you and is focused on you


This is when you move on the enemy’s position. The expectation is that you will take a certain amount of fire at first, but you will win out with either massed firepower or sheer numbers. If everyone pushes more or less at once, you will probably win. If only part of the team pushes, you will likely lose. If only one robot pushes, that robot will get brutally owned and everyone will be mad.

Basically, when the person in charge says push, go immediately. If you’re first in, you’ll probably die horribly (unless you read the next section!) but that will be good, as your teammates will hopefully pick up the slack. Generally, tanky ‘mechs should lead pushes. Atlases are occasionally still very good at this, especially when you go in with your arms twisted toward the enemy.


Probably the most important skill to learn in this game. Your ‘mech is divided into components -- left and right arms, left and right torsos, center torsos, rear versions of each torso, left and right legs, and the head. Some of these components are more important than others. Say you’re running a Banshee-3E -- most versions of this robot have three AC/5s in the left torso. This is by far the most dangerous part of the ‘mech, because those three AC/5s fire very quickly and can dish out oodles of damage. If you’re firing at a Banshee-3E, the left torso is naturally an area of focus. Since most people can hit what they’re shooting at, you have to find a way to prevent the enemy from shooting at your good components.

The way to do this is twisting. Broadly -- when under fire, twist your torso so that the enemy is unable to concentrate fire on a single part of your mech. This will drastically increase your survivability and can keep you in the fight much longer than if you’d stood still like a Bad.

Some ‘mechs are designed with one “dead” side. The classic Centurion-A has three missile slots in the left torso and two energy slots in the center torso. If you’re on your game as a Centurion pilot, you can make the enemy chew through your huge right arm and right torso before they get at your important weapons -- and when they finish with that, you can give them your left arm before they get to your important left torso.

Obviously you have to balance this with firing back at the enemy (ALWAYS FIRE BACK AT THE ENEMY) but while your weapons are cooling down, you should be twisting like a madman. if an important component is open and in danger of taking internal damage, twist that component away from the enemy and hold it there until you’re ready to fire again.

Sometimes this will entail looking away from the enemy entirely. This is fine -- you should be able to find them when you look back. It can take some getting used to!

Also, make sure to never stop moving while you’re twisting! If you stand still, you’re dead.

This video is a good example of how twisting can benefit you, and how to do it:

Why LRMs are bad

Essentially, LRMs are very good against new players (because they stand in the open like bads and panic when fired upon) and useless against anyone who knows what they’re doing (because all you have to do is get into cover or break the lock).

If you absolutely must use LRMs, don’t run them on assaults or heavies, because you’re robbing the team of firepower. Don’t run them on lights, because you won’t be able to take enough to make a difference. Don’t run them on most mediums for the same reason. Instead, use them on the Hunchback-4J, which has quirks that let it launch LRM-10s at an absurd rate. This is probably the only “good” LRM ‘mech in the game, because it fires them so quickly that it makes up for the other deficiencies.

Some decent starter builds for the -4J:

General concepts

Learn how to keep your shots steady on a single component. If you wave your lasers around like some kind of Jedi or whatever, no one will be afraid of you.

Learn ‘mech hitboxes and layouts. Example: a Thunderbolt-9SE probably has all its weapons in the left torso, so shoot it there! This is an excellent resource:

Keep moving if you’re under fire. You can stand still if you’re taking cover or otherwise safe, but otherwise, keep moving.

Always have an escape route that you can preferably back into while still firing.

Don’t ever stand directly behind a friendly ‘mech, especially when it’s poking. You have no firing lanes, you can’t see the enemy, and the friendly will take more damage when he’s backing into cover.

Seriously, don’t stand behind a friendly ‘mech. Do stand behind enemy ‘mechs if you can.

If you’re a light, never ever stand still, or one alpha in your ST or leg can end you. Even if you’re waiting, run around in a circle or back and forth or something. Also, never ever run straight at anything unless you absolutely need to close the distance now.

Don’t blaze a trail on your own or get left behind. One ‘mech of any class will almost always lose to two ‘mechs of any other class. It will definitely lose to 12.

Corollary: if you’re in a slow ‘mech, don’t chase a fast mech. You will take way too long to kill it, and in the meantime the rest of your team will miss your firepower.

Armor is a resource. When you’re trading with the enemy, you want to have as many of your spacebros trading with you. Presenting many targets to the enemy means it’s tougher for them to focus one robot down.

Always be firing back. Obviously you don’t want to overheat, but even when you retreat, you should be firing back at the enemy. Don’t not fire back at them. Don’t overheat, obviously, but it’s better to overheat than do zero damage. Even if you get jumped, pick a target and pump as much damage as possible into its CT or other important component.

When building a ‘mech, try to avoid “bracket” builds -- i.e., builds that mix long range and short range weapons. They can occasionally work, but you’re better off using one type of weapon, so you can maximize your firepower. Better to be excellent at one range than just OK at many ranges.

Try to stay at the ideal range of your ‘mech’s weapons. Have a lot of ER Larges? Park your robot 7-800 meters away and go wild. Small pulses and SRMs? Hold off from engaging until you can get within 1-200 meters.

Paramemetic's How 2 Light Guide.

Paramemetic posted:

Here it is guys, the results of entire minutes of mindless timewasting while at work over the last few days. For submission to the wiki and linking from the new OP, I submit to you:

The Official Consolidated IS Light Tantra

I have been asked to expound upon how to murder everything in lights. Though I am an inferior robot man, I shall pass on what I have learned from the light masters.

Praise to Ohsh, whose metal babby inspires all who would go fast without care. Praise to modpud whose brand is synonymous with high scores. Praise to VariousCheeses whose Raven is never seen.

So you want to play lights?

Are you really sure? Because everybody else finds other robots a lot more fun I guess. Goons love brawling. Goons love rolling up heavy and pounding guns into one another. Lights don't do this. But maybe you are retarded, or maybe you have the need for speed, or maybe you just need some lights so you can bring a pair of Atlases to CW. Whatever your reasoning, you want to learn how to light mech. Okay, I'll tell you.

Go fast. Shoot butts. Die hard.

But of course there's (slightly) more to it than that. By way of bringing a bit of consistency of terms, and solidifying a doctrine for future newbirds, I offer this guide, drawing on the wisdom of better mech pilots than I, and the knowledge of our supreme mathwarriors.

But really, what the gently caress do I do?

So the first thing to consider is what you are doing in a light mech. Light mechs essentially have several completely different roles, but their primary roles are scouting and interference. While it's possible to steal just boatloads of kills in a light mech, especially one with MGs, light mechs shine in other areas and are arguably more beneficial before the kill stealing phase has begun.

Light mechs roles can be summed up as scouting, intercepting, and skirmishing.

A scout is exactly what it sounds like, it goes fast and looks for robots. With the new rewards, you make a sweet 2k cbills every time you are the first person to target a robot. So mash R a lot while running around. Once you've spotted things, tell people. Information is what you communicate, and communication is, after all, key.

Intercepting means responding to other lights and scouts. If you see them, chase them off. If someone says "there's a loving firestarter on me," generally just running straight at that light will chase it off. This allows your heavier teammates to keep doing poo poo that matters without having to swat flies.

Skirmishing takes two forms, which is brawling and harassing. Harassing is the much more important form for lights. In this activity, you'll pop out behind the enemy and shoot them in the butt until they turn around, at which point you'll get the gently caress out of dodge. During a big brawl, if you can get a couple enemy robots to turn around, you can literally win the day without even doing meaningful damage. With that firepower focused on you, or, in the best scenario, chasing you fruitlessly across the map, it isn't shooting the vanguard of our company as it pushes.

That sounds like a lot of words about autistic nerd poo poo, can't I just shoot robots?

The Basics of Lights

You're gonna get rocked if you try to be a hero, kill poo poo, whatever, early on, but there are some things that can help. First, go fast. You range from having paper armor to tinfoil armor, but not much more than that. Your defense is that you can outpace everyone except other lights in a straightaway, and it's easier to reposition yourselves. Do not always just run away though! Some mechs literally cannot shoot you if you close the gap. Not long ago, I ran up to a Banshee in a FS9-A and he couldn't shoot back as I opened him up. (I ended up killing their last 5 dudes solo, it was sick). Basically, consider going fast as your second defense, with your main defense being timing, waiting until other mechs are engaged or preoccupied.

Second, aim your shots. This really, really matters. Indiscriminately spraying damage is great when you're flying by, but once you've committed to fighting a dude, you want to be methodical. You don't have twin gauss and 4 PPCs to blast a dude apart, you alpha for 20, so punch the same spot. On mastered mechs, I usually use Fast Target Acquisition because it brings up targeting info fast. And on that note, never not hit R. Compulsively hit R every time you see new robots, every time a robot you're killing dies, or just periodically if you don't have a specific target. If you are in combat and you don't have a target you are wrong and bad.

Related, prioritize your targets. Lights pack a lot less weaponry than bigger robots. If a target is completely fresh, and you're alone, you can expect to maybe kill it if it's stupid as gently caress and gives you its back for 4-5 vollies. More realistically, you can maybe take a leg on a stupidly designed heavy or assault, or you can maybe take shoulders. Truth is, you don't punch out enough damage to solo poo poo unless it is truly solo - if you catch a lone WarHawk you can probably kill that in a good light, but you'll use up all your ammo if you have ammo (missile robits like Huginns, Oxides) or you'll spend a ton of time with lasers. You should aim for open torsos or red armor. If it's an open torso, use MGs, if it's a red armor, strip that poo poo then use MGs. Which relates to . . .

MGs are good now! I know you remember them being bad, or think they might be stupid, but each projectile has a chance to crit. These things fuckin' wreck open torsos. So, a good thing to consider is packing a fair bit of punch to strip armor, then opening up the MG firehose. This is the secret to Embers being the Primo poo poo. This is why the Huginn is a Decent Robot despite not having a single energy hardpoint.

Edit to Add: SHOOTING BUTTS IS REAL. When I say shoot butts in this guide, I mean really shoot butts. Shooting a butt will put damage on the front CT because magic. Since during a brawl your brawler teammates will be shooting front-CT, this is good because it continues to concentrate damage in one spot, on the front . . . from behind. Like a reacharound.

So this leaves us with three principles:
1) Go fast.
2) Aim your shots.
3) Prioritize your targets.

How do I put out insane damage scores like the great masters?

My damage score is usually half of that of Ohsh, but the general idea in casual play is that if you pluck torsos off you get tons of damage points, and you should always shoot weak components off if you get a spare shot and the dude isn't about to die. This is how VariousCheeses' LPL2ML Raven used to own (the timings are off sync now, RIP). Ohsh does his with just being a savant at running through the battlefield. Scientists will probably have to autopsy his brain to discover his actual secrets.

Basically, though, insane damage comes from prioritizing targets.

"Advanced" poo poo lol

Piloting lights is basically that: don't engage until the battle has started, shoot weak poo poo like a predator picking the sick and dying out of a crowd, chase other lights off your dudes until they're the last ones left or just run them down like dogs. However, there are more complicated ways to think about that can bring your game NEXT LEVEL. Most of this is learned by experience, but I will elaborate on a few points that come to mind.

First, while most people don't think much of lights, they really can turn the game around, but often this involves selfless sacrifice. Generally, good intel early on wins matches, so for Serious Business, consider packing UAVs. Drop these as close to the enemy as you safely can without being spotted, or along paths you know the enemy is likely to take. In pubs and non-serious drops I see lights basically brazenly running through the enemy group and making GBS threads a UAV in the middle of them, but I am not sure this is good doctrine for CW. CW comes with rewards better than individual money rewards, for us, the return to our ancestral homeland of Butte Hold, for the pubs, dumb canon sperg poo poo. So people will probably be playing harder and more cautiously in CW. First, this means that they will be expecting UAVs, so they'll know what's up if you do a run through. Secondly, you will probably get hosed up if this happens, and even if you survive you won't have been able to do much because a run-through before the brawl commences means you'll be shooting fresh robots and doing inconsequential damage, rather than shooting hosed up robots and doing critical damage.

Timing is everything. Your best defense is timing, not speed. Speed is how you use timing, but speed alone will just get you killed faster. There are techniques to making speed work better, such as jumpjet hopping and jumpjet turning, which can make straight up running away much more survivable, but generally speaking running at an angle to an enemy and jumpjetting over an obstacle to break line of sight is going to be better than zigzag running. Your real defense is not being spotted or targeted until the battle has commenced. This does not mean hanging back with the blob, unless you're a particularly brawly build that will get eaten alive by other lights (Oxides, Huginns). Rather, be sneaky, use lots of cover, plant strategic UAVs, and make yourself known at the right time.

What is the right time? Coordinate with your main blob. Light doctrine is different than standard goon doctrine, but it works together really well. Standard goon doctrine is traditionally the deathblob brawl. It's less about the deathblob, and more about the brawl - goons like a short range, high damage game. Goons like to close the gap and punch each other. For goons, this is a rockemsockem robot simulator, not a sniper robot simulator. For obvious reasons, this is difficult for lights to participate in directly, however, there are two ways to work well, and this is where timing comes in.

Depending on the map, the position of your team, and so on, lights want to hit either just before or just after the brawl commences. Hitting just before the brawl commences is harder to coordinate, but potentially much more game changing. The idea here is to distract and turn the enemy, steal a kill or two if possible, but not really to get kills or even really do damage. Often, the blob will form up in a way that there are two deathblobs facing one another, but around a corner or on opposite sides of a hill or ridge. Generally, if these two blobs run into one another, it's going to be down to the catherders on each team who wins - good focusing on primaries, and good decisions on primaries, will determine who goes down first. Lights can change this game by turning or scattering the blob. This happens with concentrated strikes on a run through, and high risk, high reward suicide circles.

The suicide circle is a technique where lights pick out their weaker or more important target in the middle of a blob, lock the throttle on high, and start circling and shooting. It's similar to the suicide shuttle, which is where you run through the blob hitting loving anything you can once or twice as it zips by. Both of these work, but the circle is better for "real" combat for two reasons: 1) you have chosen a primary that you will gently caress up. If you know who the commander is on the other team this is awesome because you can distract him during the push. If you don't, but you shoot a heavy hitting brawler, you take a heavy hitting brawler out of the fight for a moment at least. At the moment when you know all eyes are on you, your team crests the hill or rounds the turn and starts loving poo poo Up. With the red team busy trying to swat flies, the main force will get to smack one or two dudes with very little return fire. A good company commander can point the pain train at the heaviest dudes on the other team, clear them out, and then the roflstomp is on.

Chances are, you will die. You may not even get much damage or assists. That's okay, that's what pub matches in the solo queue are for. For CW, you have done a much better job of securing our glorious march to Butte Hold by allowing us to stomp some dudes. Your service will always be remembered.

The second, easier for us but not as game changing, time to hit is just after the blob strikes. In this scenario, your dudes have rounded the corner and run face first into the enemy. Now your goal is to steal every possible kill. The reason for this is simple, but the benefits are enormous: the faster a dude dies, the quicker you can move on. The quicker you move on, the faster another dude dies. Lights pack weapons that make for great finishers: namely, machine guns and point damage you can focus on bright red poo poo to turn it into no poo poo. Once a brawl starts, the catherder will be naming "primaries." You want to be watching those primaries and machinegunning or shooting the bright red bits as it shows up. If you have a good swarm of lights, you can actually let the command dude know that you're on it and allow him to switch primary just before it's killed. You can also work to neuter the assaults and heavies by plucking off arms and torsos, or by plucking off legs. Do this whenever you can by shooting things like direwolfs from the profile side. This forces them to either turn to face you or lose the torso. DWFs, STKs, and other big assaults cannot torso twist enough to take their profile away from you, so you can always be hitting the same point, and that is perfect. Atlases can torso twist enough, but that just reveals their meaty rear torsos, so that's fine too.

In this scenario, you can finish the fight faster and help the blob, and you can get mad kills and damage, but your role is not as definitive.

In either scenario, have a light or two designated to work as interceptors. Better interceptors are lights with lasers, as SRMs are unreliable in light on light skirmishes. FS9-As and JR7-Fs make the best interceptors in the game right now, followed by LCT-3M and -1E, and then other poo poo. Huginns and Oxides, which are the brawliest lights, make the worst interceptors, because SRMs can be hard to lead and they lack the point damage to wreck a leg or CT on a fast running light.


If you are a good dude and ready to sacrifice the body, another thing you can do in a light is stand directly behind big assaults while shooting their butts. Faced with a push, 9/10 dudes jam on the reverse. If you stand directly behind them, they can't go backwards, and this confuses the gently caress out of them and lets our dudes shoot them a lot. It also lets you shoot them in the butt. If the other team sees you they will destroy you immediately because you're standing still and a free kill, so you have to do this wisely, again, timing is crucial. You can also do this to other dudes who are advancing to slow their advance, especially in a Locust or Jenner or other small profile things, or against extra tall robots with high mounted guns like Banshees, Jagermechs, and Shadowhawks. However, if you stand in front of a dude to stop them, know that they WILL just try to go around you, and also that you will have your back to your own dudes who will probably friendly fire you with SRMs.

My universal algorithm for how to light mech can also be broken down into the "defensive driving" tactics taught to emergency vehicle operators and I think in some driver schools? But with some alterations. The acronym is SIPDE:

Scan for robots to shoot at. Alternatively, Scout for the enemy.
Identify the best robot to shoot. Identify the enemies you've scouted to the catherder.
Predict how likely this dude is to gently caress up your poo poo. How likely are you to gently caress up it's poo poo? Where can you run away to esape?
Decide whether the time is right to gently caress up its poo poo. Is this a good time to die, or are you wasting tonnage? Do you have a plan for bailing out if your poo poo gets hosed?
Execute your plan, by attacking, strafing, whatever. Bail out as necessary.


When scouting, it's best to give as much information as possible for as little risk as possible. I know this is detestable, but consider using third person while just under ridges, as it lets you see a little more while exposing a lot less. Toggle back to first person when combat starts though 3rd person sucks for precision aiming.

Give all the information you can to the group leader.

Pertinent information includes:
1) Where are you going? Tell the dude where you're going. Scouting is the only time it's a good idea to be out alone in a light. Bring an accountabilibuddy everywhere else, but scouting you should fly solo.

2) What do you see? Once you've spotted something, give as much information as you can about the actual things you see. If you can get a lock, the best format is target ID, robot type, location. So for example, you're on Caustic and you run out to the D4 ledge. You pop over and quickly get a lock on a DWF coming up C3. Your report might go like "Delta, Direwolf, C3."

A lot of times though, you can't get a lock either because it's out of range or because there's ECM or whatever. In that case, more detail is still better. In the same scenario, let's say you see a bunch of robots. Maybe there are 3 Stormcrows, 2 Kitfoxes, 2 Timberwolves, and 2 Direwolves trailing. Chances are good you're not going to get those numbers, you ain't got time. If you can do that exactly, that's great though! So wait a second to think about what you're going to tell your team. Again, timing is the key here. It is way more useful to tell a dude "hey there are 2 direwolves and 3 timberwolves just below the bottom of the hill" versus "OH poo poo LOTS C3" if the blob is still forming up. If however they are pushing to crest and poo poo's about to go down, it's not at all useful to say "hey there are 2 direwolves and 3 timberwolves loving your poo poo up right now." So basically, slow down for a second, and assess what is useful. More detail is good early on, but it's too much to be talking about specific bullshit once the catherding has started. And once the brawl has commenced you want to limit comms to only essential details, because dudes need to be able to hear their primaries. It doesn't matter if you see a firestarter. Go fuckin' shoot it, the blob doesn't care. Lights might care, so maybe a message like "lights, firestarter India" but keep it short.

3) Where is it going? Once you see some poo poo, where is it going? Direction is good, location is good, ETA is best. If you can say "hey there's some DWFs in G2" that's useful, if you can say "and they're heading up the 2 line" that's better, "and they'll probably be to your location in 3 hours" that's best.

TL;DR: Fast mechs, calm minds. Enter the meditative samadhi of light robots. Own everyone with the top shelf owns. Most importantly, be prepared to sacrifice yourself in order to turn a blob, the road to Butte Hold will be built on the corpses of our enemies, and the corpses of our enemies will sometimes be built on the corpses of our light pilots. Sometimes, it is best that a locust must die so an Atlas can punch a dick so hard it pops. It's all good, if ever you lose faith, recite the mantra of light robots: HOLD ONTO YOUR BUTTS, and remind yourself of the greater goal.

Short mech descriptions!

IS Lights

LOCUST: (20 tons)
Fastest 'mech in the game, has some p. good energy quirks to make up for the fact that one good alpha will end you. Never stop moving. Probably the strongest IS light at this point.

COMMANDO (25 tons)
Very fast babby 'mech, but can't do damage and really doesn't have a role in this game beyond comedy value. Only buy for nostalgia

SPIDER (30 tons)
Can pack on jump jets like whoa, has an ECM variant, but lacks the hardpoints to do reasonable damage. Fun to play because of how agile it is. The Spider-5K with an LPL and four machine guns is secretly one of the best lights in the game and can do hella damage.

URBANMECH (30 tons)
The best garbage can in town. Slowest light, can pack a lot of firepower, very tiny, has the unique ability to torso twist 360 degrees. Often ignored at the enemy's peril.

Best light in the game for a long time, now essentially dead due to an ill-advised resize that made it as tall as some mediums. Do not buy for the time being.

JENNER (35 tons)
Once the king of lights, now fragile due to big CT hitbox and release of better lights. Hero version (Oxide) good now due to SRM buffs.

PANTHER (35 tons)
Has a niche as a slow jumpsniper. Otherwise not really worth buying

RAVEN (35 tons)
Versatile 'mech. -3L is the best IS light platform and is a good ER Large sniper or SRM/ML brawler. -4X and -2X both have good energy quirks.

WOLFHOUND (35 tons)
Marginally tougher (maybe) Firestarter without jumpjets.

Clan lights

MIST LYNX (25 tons)
Don't even bother, my dude. Very fast, but can't hurt a fly

The Murdergod. ECM plus five or six small pulses plus JJs plus really good hitboxes means this thing is a must-kill. Can also do ER-Large sniping from weird locations because of the JJs. Not quite as powerful as it used to be, but still a top-tier light.

KIT FOX (30 tons)
Mostly a support mech (ECM, up to three AMS slots) in a game that does not reward supporting. Only buy if you don't like shooting at things. HOWEVER -- if you buy the hero Kit Fox (Purifier) you get four torso-mounted energy hard points that are all high mounted, and suddenly you can do things like 7 ERML with ECM and jump jets. You're still slow and oversized but you can pump out the damage in that build.

ADDER (35 tons)
Kind of like a pocket medium. Runs a bit too hot, hitboxes aren't great, slow, and no JJs. No one is scared of the Badder

JENNER IIC (35 tons)
Like its IS cousin but with clantech. Probably not quite as good as the Cheetah (no ECM, worse hitboxes) but packs a big punch, especially the one with all missile slots. The all-missile Jenner can work well as an assassin -- 36 SRMs right in your rear CT will one-shot most mechs.

IS mediums

CICADA (40 tons)
Basically a light 'mech. Can do some nice PPC sniper or skirmishy pulse laser builds

BLACKJACK (45 tons)
Fast, tanky, packs a punch. Has excellent structure bonuses, and can do laser builds very effectively (-1X with 6 ML and 2 MPL is great). Two variants also make AC/2s semi-viable. Pro-purchase.

VINDICATOR (45 tons)
Trash. Fat, slow, bad weapon mounts and not enough of them. If you want a Vindicator, the -1AA actually makes a pretty good PPC jumpsniper, but you really have to do a lot of work to make it viable.

PHOENIX HAWK (45 tons)
Not great mounts as most weapons are in low-slung arms, but the PHX is one of the most agile 'mechs in the game. -3S has MASC, which allows short bursts of speed that make it temporarily the fastest robot in the game. My personal favorite is the -2, which can do 6 MPL, ECM, jump jets, and a big engine. Generally not a 'mech for beginners, unlike the ...

CENTURION (50 tons)
A nice beginner's mech. Many builds make use of a "dead" side that you force enemies to chew through in order to get to your actual weapons. CN9-A with triple SRM6s and two ML is a classic brawler and will teach you a lot about how to twist effectively.

CRAB (50 tons)
Not a lot of firepower and low-ish mounts, but very fast with good hitboxes. Can do some decent all-energy builds. Is about the size of a 'mech 15 tons lighter than it.

ENFORCER (50 tons)
Decent brawler with good ballistics quirks. Tall and thin with good shielding ability. Low weapon mounts, mainly arm-mounted, so can be disarmed easily. -4R can do a pretty good left-arm large laser build

HUNCHBACK (50 tons)
There is a Hunchback for every type of playstyle, from classic Big Gun play (4G) to laser spam (4P) to LRMs (4J) to brawling (4SP, which is the tankiest mech in the game due to double structure quirks) to skirmishing (4H) to gauss (Grid Iron). Very good quirks. Majority of firepower is in the right torso, and it's a big target, so make sure never to be the enemy team's primary target and you'll do great.

TREBUCHET (50 tons)
Mostly trash. -7M is a decent lurmboat, but there are better lurmboats out there. -5J could be a serviceable brawler if no one ever fires at you.

GRIFFIN (55 tons)
Terrifying. Fast, with huge shield arms and great hitboxes, the Griffin's missile quirks make it a deadly SRM bomber. -3M and -2N (with ECM) are the two best variants, but it's tough to go wrong with a Griffin. Hero version (Sparky) is unique in that it is all-energy.

KINTARO (55 tons)
Very bad. Occasionally you will see a comedy 6-LRM5 build in the wild. Often will be the last 'mech killed because you can straight up ignore it

SHADOW HAWK (55 tons)
Good mounts, good quirks, but hilariously big. Like seriously, about as tall as an Atlas. The -2D2 works as a baby Atlas and killer scouting mech with an AC/10 and 4SRM4s, while the others generally do some combo of a big ballistic and lasers.

WOLVERINE (55 tons)
The -6K is pretty great, because it has laser duration and range quirks that make large lasers very deadly. They're all mounted on the right arm, which is bad because if you lose it you're boned, but great if you know how to shield and side-peek (like theB33f does here Protect the God Hand and all will be well.

Clan mediums

VIPER (40 tons)
Essentially a light 'mech. Very fast, huge amounts of jump jets, not much pod space for weapons. Fun!

ICE FERRET (45 tons)
Used to be trash, is now actually pretty decent as a harrasser and light hunter. Shockingly good in scouting.

SHADOW CAT (45 tons)
Sneaky with ECM and probably the highest jumper ton-for-ton. Use if you like to stand on a building at medium-long range and annoy folks. Two LPLs are a standard build and can do a lot of damage.

Like its IS brother, a huge amount of firepower in a versatile chassis, but lack of structure and armor quirks for the easy-to-shoot torso hunches make it a glass cannon. All its torso mounts are high mounts. The current meta is to load up a HBK-IIC with two ERPPCs and jumpsnipe away.

NOVA (50 tons)
No longer oversized, the Nova is now a tiny little bastard with two laser punch fists. Almost all the weapons are in the arms, and they're knuckle-draggers so you can't poke and will find rocks intercepting your shots. That being said, 12 small lasers at close range will tear anything to shreds, and you can make it a decent ERPPC jumpsniper.

HUNTSMAN (50 tons)
Decent addition to the Clan medium stable. Can do gauss vomit, some laser vomit, but the best variant loads up on SRMs and goes to town.

STORMCROW (55 tons)
Formerly the best pound-for-pound mech in the game, now still excellent but overshadowed a bit. Can do most any kind of playstyle with it -- from sniping (but not jumpsniping!) to laservomit to brawling to light-hunting. Incredibly fast, great hitboxes, excellent twisting ability -- just super-duper.

IS heavies

DRAGON (60 tons)
Horrible hitboxes (it is basically a giant center torso) with low-mounted weapons. The -1N used to have insane AC/5 quirks that made it great despite all its negatives, but now it is a shadow of its former self.

QUICKDRAW (60 tons)
Mostly bad except for the -4G and -4H, which have crazy good laser quirks and good structure bonuses. Risky buy as these could be changed at any time.

RIFLEMAN (60 tons)
Essentially a larger Blackjack, but less agile with slightly more weapons.

CATAPULT (65 tons)
The OG missile boat. Hitboxes are not great, but the 'mech was recently shrunk which has made it able to stand up better in a brawl. 6 SRM6As on the -A1 are pretty nasty, but people will always aim for your boxy arms.

JAGERMECH (65 tons)
Some of the best mounts in the game, but not something that can really stand up in a brawl. Great poke/peek 'mech. Can run dual gauss for ranged fun, or dual AC/20s for big booms, or 3 UAC/5 for dakka.

Used to be an absolute piece of trash until quirks came in, which made it a beast offensively. MPLs on -5SS, LPL on -9SE, ERPPCs on -9S, or large/ER large on the Top Dog are all viable. Very tough to kill for a 65-ton 'mech. A good buy and a CW staple.

ARCHER (70 tons)
Terrible cockpit placement (basically in the middle of the mech) and bad hitboxes makes this not a great robot! One variant can do 9 SRM mounts, which is the only fun you'll get out of it.

CATAPHRACT (70 tons)
Mostly ballistic-based. Wide torsos make it tough to spread damage, low mounts mean you have to really choose when to commit. Very much a dakka robot.

Lots of jump jets, very tall, decent hitboxes. Pile on the lasers, jump like your namesake, dump a 50-point alpha. One of the best ERLL boats in the game.

WARHAMMER (70 tons)
Excellent IS heavy. Can do laservomit well, is one of the few robots that has dual AC/10s as a viable build, and the Black Widow hero with 2 AC/5 and 2 UAC/5 is one of the best 'mechs in the game.

BLACK KNIGHT (75 tons)
Used to be very bad due to low mounts and a CT you could hit from anywhere. Structure bonuses have moved it back to good. The BL-7-KNT-L has the best offensive energy quirks.

MARAUDER (75 tons)
Slow but very tanky and able to mount good firepower in decent mounts. The -3R with two PPCs and two UAC/5s on the right side will teach you how to twist.

ORION (75 tons)
A baby Atlas, very tough to kill, but sadly can't dish out enough punishment before it dies to make it worthwhile. The Orion is what happens when you give a 'mech a few of each type of hardpoint -- since you can't specialize in any one thing, you end up being bad at a lot of things. Do not buy.

Clan Heavies

MAD DOG (60 tons)
Clan LRM boat, if that's your thing. Can also mount six SRM6As or Streak SRM6As, which is fun, but it can't stand up in a brawl. Tough to spread damage on it.

EBON JAGUAR (65 tons)
A baby Timber Wolf without jump jets. Very good at peeking due to high mounts. A bit fragile, but with a punishing alpha strike.

LINEBACKER (65 tons)
The fastest Clan heavy by far and pretty tough, but all that engine leaves little room for weapons. Not really worth buying right now.

ECM heavy 'mech with high mounts. Fragile but a CW staple for clans. Can't quite dish out as much damage as the EBJ or TW, but the ECM helps a lot with survivability at range.

SUMMONER (70 tons)
Not a good 'mech. It's reasonably fast and has lots of jump jets, but bad mounts and not enough good hardpoints hold it back ... unless you have the loyalty variant and hero, which lets you do two ERPPCs in the torsos. Then it becomes a fearsome jumpsniper -- one of the best in the game.

ORION IIC (75 tons)
Suffers from the same problems as the Orion. Somehow worse than the Orion. A million times worse than the ...

TIMBER WOLF (75 tons)
Has been a contender for one of the best 'mechs in the game for a long time. Somehow is fast, agile, tough, and dangerous all at the same time. Seriously, a 75 ton 'mech with jump jets, good hitboxes, and the ability to dish out 50 point alphas on the regular is Stupid. Use the Timber Wolf -A left torso pod because its mounts are all above the cockpit. No weaknesses save for low-ish arm mounts. Buy three Timber Wolves when you can.

NIGHT GYR (75 tons)
Probably slightly better than the Timber Wolf now -- significantly slower, but can mount more weapons in good locations. King of the jumpsnipers with two gauss and one ERPPC, or a dakka monster with a UAC/10 and 3 UAC/5s. Incredibly powerful.

IS Assaults

AWESOME (80 tons)
Trash. Wide as a barn door which means it's rendered helpless very quickly, and doesn't have the firepower to dish it out. The Pretty Baby is the worst hero 'mech in the game. The -8Q with four PPCs is realistically the only one that can do work.

VICTOR (80 tons)
Average brawler at best. Used to be a terrifying jumpsniper, but now it's not really viable. Same problem as the Orion, except the Victor has the benefit of jump jets and the draw back of being stupidly oversized. Rarely seen in the wild. Recently received armor buffs that make it slightly better.

ZEUS (80 tons)
Semi-tanky, but again, not able to dish out enough damage from its low mounted, diverse (in a bad way) hardpoints.

Used to be p. bad, now is p. good due to quirks. Can stand way back at range and poke things to death with shoulder-mounted ER Large Lasers, or stand at slightly closer range with 5 LPL and just tear things to shreds. -2C gets crazy structure quirks and can actually brawl a bit if that's your thing.

STALKER (85 tons)
Slow, but really excellent due to weird hitboxes. Essentially: the CT is a thin strip down the middle and the STs are huge, which would normally be a bad thing except the way the Stalker is shaped means you only have to twist a little bit to shield one side from damage entirely. Weapon mounts are all at about cockpit height. -4N with six large lasers is great. -3H can do ER large boating pretty well. -5M with 5 SRM6As is a beast up close. Misery hero 'mech is great because it can mount a ballistic, which means you can do 2PPCs and an AC/20 with one entire side of your 'mech as a shield. Almost meta-proof.

HIGHLANDER (90 tons)
MORE LIEK LOWLANDER LOL. Again, used to be a great jumpsniper, but now it's kind of a liability. Can't jump on enemy robot heads and crush them. Not worth buying.

CYCLOPS (90 tons)
Generally requires an XL to run well, which is risky but pays off in a humongous weapons payload. The -Q can mount seven SRMs, which means it can rip other mechs apart at close range very quickly.

MAULER (90 tons)
The ultimate IS Dakka 'mech. Variants can do 5 or 6 AC/5s, or two AC/20s plus backup weapons, or the same with dual gauss. Can also do brawly SRM builds. Never put LRMs on them, what the hell man. Downside is that it's incredibly slow in even the best cases.

BANSHEE (95 tons)
-3E and -3M are the best variants. -3E with AC/5s can spit out shells at a decent rate due to quirks, while the -3M has very high energy mounts and can mount a lot of pulse lasers. A bit fragile for a 95-tonner. Watch BMR150 for an example of good Banshee play.

ATLAS (100 tons)
If you like leading a push and dying historic on the Fury Road, this is your robot. Insane structure quirks plus great hitboxes and shield arms make it the tankiest 'mech in the game. -D-DC and -S are the best variants -- both do AC/20s and SRM6As, but the -D-DC has ECM while the -S has four missile hardpoints instead of three. Watch Kazvall play an Atlas to get a sense of how powerful it can be.

KING CRAB (100 tons)
Lots of weaknesses here (low mounts, wide mounts so tough to converge fire, hitboxes are just OK) but it can utterly ruin other robots with four UAC/5s. Watch Randy Butternubs to get a sense of when to push with a King Crab -- because you have to commit with it or die.

Clan Assaults

GARGOYLE (80 tons)
The fastest clan assault and generally limited to recreating an SPL/SL nova build on an assault mech. Said build is very powerful, however, and at short range is very scary!

WARHAWK (85 tons)
A bit big for an 85-tonner, often visually mistaken for a Dire Wolf. Can kind of make ERPPCs work because it can rock four of them with a million heatsinks. A o D makes this robot work, but it's tough! Now essentially obsoleted by the ...

MARAUDER IIC (85 tons)
Better than a Warhawk in every way, and the hero (Scorch) can do 2 LB20x/4 SRM6, which just deletes other robots. Pro-buy.

Same problems as the Highlander, but worse because it's hotter. DO NOT BUY.

Kind of mobile 'mech with jump jets and MASC (gives it a short accel/decel/speed boost). It's OK, I guess? Decent enough brawler.

DIRE WOLF (100 tons)
Formerly the scariest mech in the game, now generally too slow and clumsy to keep up. Still, dual gauss plus 2 LPL/4 ML is nothing to sneeze at.

KODIAK (100 tons)
The Kodiak-3 was a mistake. Four torso ballistic mounts, all cockpit level, means you can spit out shitloads of damage very quick on a tough chassis that moves fast for an assault. It is the best 'mech in the game with the only downside being people will target you immediately. -2 has jump jets and can boat LPLs, Spirit Bear is a scary assault brawler with MASC that is a faster, more fragile Atlas-S. -1 and -5 aren't necessarily. MONSTROUSLY expensive.

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Dec 2, 2009

Oh god, not again.

Is the summoner good yet

Sep 10, 2009

born to roam

i like robots and model trains

Jul 30, 2005

Nap Ghost

Can I get an invite back into WoL? I want to reap sweet, sweet rewards from this event.

In game name is also Devorum.

Jan 15, 2006

The Suffering of the Succotash.

Don't play clans in the current meta.

Sep 29, 2003

A gift from Coyote! Nothing could possibly go wrong here!

Fallen Rib

I'm probably gonna come out of retirement briefly for the steam release as the potential for comedy is high.

Jul 20, 2007

Fun Shoe

Paramemetic posted:

I'm probably gonna come out of retirement briefly for the steam release as the potential for comedy is high.

drat wish I didnt have a high a PSR now. Playing on teir 4 would be a massacre

yeah if you've not played in a while you should hit the pubdrop queues, your psr will be low and the influx of steam users should be hilarious fun

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Ice Cracker
Mar 27, 2007

"Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong."

Is the auth thingy for working? I'm gonna give this steaming pile of poo poo another try, but playing with pubbies is like stabbing your dick with a rusty spork.

EDIT: I'm just too loving stupid to remember the directions and didn't put "MWO Refugee" in my comments, can anyone help me unfuck this?

Ice Cracker fucked around with this message at Dec 5, 2015 around 16:43

Anita Dickinme
Jan 24, 2013


Grimey Drawer

Ice Cracker posted:

Is the auth thingy for working? I'm gonna give this steaming pile of poo poo another try, but playing with pubbies is like stabbing your dick with a rusty spork.

It should be. If not I can let somebody know they need to fix it.

havent heard a peep
May 29, 2003

When Steve Jobs died it wasn't the first job I'd lost that week.

Two days ago I was renamed from upinya to MechWarrior0424161 without any notification from PGI. Not even a courtesy "what are you up to buster brown" email or private message in game. A fellow PUGS unit member who had the same thing happen a month ago was instructed to email in a list of three name changes and PGI would be kind enough to pick out one of the three. I love the new name but I suppose I should come up with a list to send in.

1) ggclose

2) russlied

3) MechWarrior420noscope

Sep 29, 2003

A gift from Coyote! Nothing could possibly go wrong here!

Fallen Rib

I love that GM patience is apparently completely racist and hateful of AAVE. "upinya" isn't even. . . I mean, really? Really?

Ice Cracker
Mar 27, 2007

"Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong."

Anita Dickinme posted:

It should be. If not I can let somebody know they need to fix it.

Yeah, I'm just too braindead to remember the instructions in between reading the post and loading the goonrathi website, so I forgot to put "MWO Refugee" in the comments. What can I do to unfuck this (I submitted for auth yesterday morning)?

Aug 11, 2008

Lipstick Apathy

im not going to play this game, OP

Jul 26, 2013

Oh You'll Love My Toxic Love

Grimey Drawer

I will reinstall this bad game, play it for a day or two, and then uninstall it.

Jul 20, 2007

Fun Shoe

liquidfire posted:

Two days ago I was renamed from upinya to MechWarrior0424161 without any notification from PGI. Not even a courtesy "what are you up to buster brown" email or private message in game. A fellow PUGS unit member who had the same thing happen a month ago was instructed to email in a list of three name changes and PGI would be kind enough to pick out one of the three. I love the new name but I suppose I should come up with a list to send in.

1) ggclose

2) russlied

3) MechWarrior420noscope

had the same thing happen to me. my 4 suggestions:


various cheeses
Jan 24, 2013

Willfrey posted:

had the same thing happen to me. my 4 suggestions:


Hahaha god dammit man.

hemale in pain
Jun 5, 2010

Salad Prong

I didn't read the OP because it was too long and my eyes glazed over. Can I just jump in and shoot some mechs with goons or do i gotta grind out robots or something lame like that.

May 18, 2011

sleep sleep sleep
fly fly post post
sleep sleep sleep

Ayy. I can probably stay connected via steam. You can also prod me if you see me doing E:D instead.

Sep 2, 2007

Muay Thai is great but Buttscoot-Shin-to-Balls Style is undeniably better.

Ice Cracker posted:

Yeah, I'm just too braindead to remember the instructions in between reading the post and loading the goonrathi website, so I forgot to put "MWO Refugee" in the comments. What can I do to unfuck this (I submitted for auth yesterday morning)?

Sorry, you only get one shot at this. I don't know how you managed, but I think you've also admitted to setting the Chicago fire, and being the father of Hitler.

You really hosed up that application.

Mar 20, 2009

I'm safe because they will never remove ghost heat, and I have no pubic hair left after the accident.

Feb 4, 2013


first page

Sep 1, 2006

Don't ever leave me hangin' buddy!

Game bad, don't play.

Oct 25, 2010


MWO, not even once, but definitely not twice or more.

Dusty Lens
Jul 1, 2015

All Glory unto the Stimpire. Give up your arms and legs and embrace the beautiful agony of electricity that doubles in pain every second.

Installing this game is a bad idea and I wouldn't suggest you do it.

Playing the game is basically doubling down on a bad decision.

Jul 20, 2007

Fun Shoe

good to see all the bitter vets back

TV dog Wishbone of PBS
Jul 20, 2007

You think that's illegal? Heh, watch this.

i... i wanted to believe

Aug 11, 2008

Lipstick Apathy

Blackdog420 posted:

i like robots and model trains

Eonwe posted:

im not going to play this game, OP

Skoll posted:

I will reinstall this bad game, play it for a day or two, and then uninstall it.

same but im not going to install it

Chomp8645 posted:

Game bad, don't play.

Prawned posted:

MWO, not even once, but definitely not twice or more.

Dusty Lens posted:

Installing this game is a bad idea and I wouldn't suggest you do it.

Playing the game is basically doubling down on a bad decision.

Aug 11, 2008

Lipstick Apathy

unless you want kimsemus to play and also free him

Oct 23, 2010

Legit Cyberspook

good op OP



Praise to modpud whose brand is synonymous with high scores.

Surprise Giraffe
Apr 30, 2007
1 Lunar Road
Moon crater
The Moon

Battlemaster 1s makes a fun alternative as an srm brawler. Missiles refire really fast with quirks and modules and it can be a bit quicker than the splatlas. Shame its so fragile though. Its actually fatter than the atlas with much less hp and no ablative appendages :/

Anita Dickinme
Jan 24, 2013


Grimey Drawer

hemale in pain posted:

I didn't read the OP because it was too long and my eyes glazed over. Can I just jump in and shoot some mechs with goons or do i gotta grind out robots or something lame like that.

You can just jump in and play with goons while you grind out robots.

May 11, 2012

have your fun with MWO now, before it starts drinking and gets that look in its eye again

May 14, 2003


Time for me to update my bookmarks it seems.

Are any of you goons coming to the PGI Steam Launch event?

Jan 15, 2006

The Suffering of the Succotash.

Number19 posted:

Time for me to update my bookmarks it seems.

Are any of you goons coming to the PGI Steam Launch event?

May 14, 2003


I like to go out for drinks with goons when they are in town. Or when I'm in their town.

E: really I just like to go out for drinks

Mr. Unlucky
Nov 1, 2006

that timeline is pretty funny, the people who made this are extreme gently caress ups.

Jan 15, 2006

The Suffering of the Succotash.

Number19 posted:

I like to go out for drinks with goons when they are in town. Or when I'm in their town.

E: really I just like to go out for drinks

If I'm ever in... idk, Vancouver? I'll take you up on that offer. I'll pass on the tour of the office, though.

Internet Explorer
Jun 1, 2005

Oven Wrangler

#19, why did they wait until just now to make incremental changes to quirks and gauss to improve the brawling meta? It has been terrible for a long time already. Why now?


May 14, 2003


Internet Explorer posted:

#19, why did they wait until just now to make incremental changes to quirks and gauss to improve the brawling meta? It has been terrible for a long time already. Why now?

I do not know

I don't make design decisions

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