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NieR Occomata
Jan 18, 2009

Round four of the mega-poll. Rarity and I are gonna make a fuckin list bros. Will check it twice. Not gonna do the naughty or nice distinction since all of you are garbo people with horrible tastes in television

What is the TVIVer’s Poll?

Essentially, it’s a super poll. Inspired by DivisionPost’s link to HitFix’s Annual TV Critics’ Poll, I decided at the spur of the moment two years ago to replicate the situation with the posters in TVIV. Anyone who posts in TVIV is free to submit a top ten list of their favorite shows in the year 2015, in reverse favorite order starting with 10 (their least favorite) and ending with 1 (their most favorite) in one post. Submissions are open right now, as you're reading this, and will remain so until the end of this month, midnight PST January 1 (aka New Year’s Day). The poll will then be closed, Rarity “and I” will total up the results, and post them a couple of days later.

We will assign ten points to your submission’s favorite show-the number one slot-nine to second favorite, etc etc etc down to one point for the number ten slot. The total number of points accrued will give us an aggregate favorite shows list as chosen by TVIV in 2015.


1) Every item on each person's top ten list must have aired in part or in full in the calendar year 2015. This should go without saying, but just to be clear: as long as your show (if it's a show; miniseries, webseries, "on-demand" series (think Netflix and Hulu series) and TV movies are also open to be picked- maybe you really loved Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, whatever, I don't judge. Wait, what am I saying? Going Clear was fuckin' excellent. Yo, if you haven't you should go watch Going Clear because man that was a great fuckin' movie and should probably be on some top ten lists) aired at least one episode in 2015, it's available. If you pick a show for the top ten slot which has aired two seasons in 2015, but you're only picking it for one of those seasons, clarifying which would be much appreciated, but not necessary. (I'm thinking specifically of The Walking Dead season 5 vs. the first half of season 6). Conversely, if you pick a show which has aired two seasons in 2015 and you're picking both seasons, clarifying that you're picking both would also be much appreciated, but not necessary. To be clear, this doesn't affect placement or tabulation, but I think it's interesting to know what specific seasons of television people like and dislike (Survivor seasons 30 and 31, for example).

2) This isn't PYF. Please write up something about the shows on your list- why you picked them, what you loved and hated about the season, whatever, just don't do a bare list. This isn't negotiable; simple, bare-bones lists won't be counted. (It doesn't have to be a massive screed; a sentence or two after each selection is fine. Just write something.) It's really boring anyways, and this thread is also meant to foster discussion. Obviously, discussing what you loved about a season of a show requires discussion of that season, and that means spoilers, and I don't want to wade through a CIA document so feel free to spoiler all you want. Obviously, this also means WARNING: YOU CAN AND WILL BE SPOILED ABOUT ANY SHOW THAT'S AIRED IN 2015. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK.

3) Don't be an annoying shitbird about other people's lists. Obviously discussion about the qualities of specific TV seasons that have aired is accepted and, in fact, encouraged, but don't bring this thread down with an annoying bitchy flamewar about That Show You Hate. I'm speaking specifically about flaming people who list The Leftovers, Girls (actually, Girls hatred is pretty much non-existent nowadays), Steven Universe, or Community on their lists. Especially Community. Don’t be loving annoying about Community. If it gets real bad I'll lock the thread, so don't be stupid. Obviously everyone's lists are gonna be subjective as hell so imagine a giant IN MY OPINION written in bold and underlined before everyone's lists.

4) I can’t believe I have to make this rule but here we are. You HAVE to have ten shows on your list. No more, no less. It HAS to be in order from 10 to 1. 10, in this case is your LEAST FAVORITE SHOW. Repeating again: 10 IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE SHOW, ASCENDING IN FAVORITISM TO 1 BEING YOUR FAVORITE SHOW OF 2015. It HAS to be numbered. You CANNOT list two shows within the same submission and expect your submission to be counted, even if they are complimentary shows. You MUST post your submission in comprehensible English. You MUST post your submission in one post. You cannot violate any of these rules and we will not count your submission or even link it if you don’t. NONE OF THESE RULES ARE NEGOTIABLE. The by far biggest headache for both Sophia and I two years ago when running this poll was people being unable to count to ten and/or being super special snowflakes who decided to submit all hosed up orders to their show. It got a whole lot better last year, where pretty much only the obvious joke submissions broke the rules, which you know whatever.

For clarification, honorable mentions are allowed and if you really really want to do a top 25 or something ludicrous like that, you can. Only the top ten is going to be counted, though, and that top ten has to conform to the above rules.

5) HERE IS HOW EDITING YOUR SUBMISSIONS WORKS. When y’all submit your polls, I will periodically be pulling your posts and end up hyperlinking all of them in the post right below this one. Then, Rarity and I will pull from my hyperlinked list that I’ve made to compile all of your submissions into an Excel document. YOU ARE FREE TO EDIT YOUR SUBMISSIONS AT ANY TIME. But- and this is important- before you edit your submission- CHECK THE SECOND POST TO SEE IF YOUR POST HAS BEEN HYPERLINKED. If it has, YOU MUST EDIT THE POST THAT HAS BEEN HYPERLINKED. That’s what we’re going to pull from to compile your points and it makes our jobs, again, much much easier if you do that. Then, please pm me or Rarity (we both have plat), post in the thread that you’ve edited your submission, or- best option- do both. Please make sure to do this, we will be compiling literally dozens of submissions in a week and we’re just two guys and we WILL miss your edit if you don’t tell us you’ve edited it and then we’ll both feel bad because we’ve slightly misrepresented the data.

If I haven’t hyperlinked your submission- feel free to do whatever. Delete your original post, and resubmit under a new one, edit it- WHATEVER. Don’t care.

The simple, concise summary to what I just wrote: If you’re editing your submission- are you hyperlinked? EDIT THAT POST. No? GO HOG WILD DUDERS.

In that same vein, please please check 1-2 days after you submit to make sure that I’ve hyperlinked your post. If I haven’t, it might be that neither Rarity nor I have counted your submission and that would be a real bummer to you. I will be hyperlinking in chronological order so if I “skip” you that’s a good warning sign. Then bother me, I’ll make sure to get it fixed.

If you change your username in between when you submit and when we count up the votes, please also let us know, we’d like to attribute to each poster accurately and it’s also a good check if me and Rarity are all like “who the gently caress is GOD HATES NIGGERS and why does he like Duck Dynasty so much” and suddenly you’re all like “I go by Inoffensive Username now. Got an e-wife and children I gotta settle down from my SA Anarchist days.”

Winter End Television Schedule

If you want to set up a schedule for television that's airing up until the end of December, I highly recommend checking out pogdesign. It allows you to make your own personalized tv schedule, and all it requires is an email address and the five minutes or so it takes to pick your favorite tv shows.

Top Fifty TVIV Shows of 2014

TVIV poll 2012:
TVIV poll 2013:
TVIV poll 2014:

I went to last year’s thread and pulled the top fifty shows from last year, removed the ones that didn’t air in 2015 for whatever reason, and listed them for you so you won’t forget any of the more “culty” shows that aired this year. Everyone thank Rarity because this was her idea. THANK HER.

1. Hannibal
2. Fargo
3. Arrow
4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
5. Person of Interest
6. Last Week Tonight
7. The Flash
8. True Detective
9. Agents of Shield
10. Rick and Morty
11. You're the Worst
12. Silicon Valley
13. Game of Thrones
14. The 100
15. Review
16. Parks and Recreation
17. Nathan For You
18. The Americans
19. Doctor Who
20. Veep
21. Orphan Black
22. Bob's Burgers
23. Z-Nation
24. Manhattan
25. The Knick
26. Jane the Virgin
27. Mad Men
28. Continuum
29. Gravity Falls
30. BoJack Horseman
31. Shameless
32. The Good Wife
33. Louie
34. Rectify
35. Transparent (NOTE: this airs later this month)
36. Community
37. Broad City
38. Vikings
39. Justified
40. Steven Universe
41. Faking It
42. RuPaul's Drag Race
43. Drunk History
44. The Leftovers
45. Black-ish
46. Scandal
48. The Walking Dead
49. Banshee
50. Playing House

Shows That Aired in 2015 That You Might Have Forgotten About

Based off Rarity's suggestion two years ago of a list of "Good Shows that came out in 2013", I've decided to rename this list and differentiate its aims slightly- instead of a list of "good shows", it's just a list of shows that, as you're making your list, you might've forgotten about because they either aired early in the calendar year, weren't or aren't popular in TVIV while they were/are airing, or both. I can add to this list as the thread goes, so if you have any suggestions let me know.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Bojack Horseman (season 2)
Show Me a Hero
The Jinx
The Americans (season 3)
Fresh Off the Boat
The Last Man on Earth
Another Period
Better Call Saul
Halt and Catch Fire (season 2)
Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief
Review (season 2)
Mr Robot
Broad City (season 2)
Nathan For You (season 2)
The Eric Andre Show (season 3)
Mike Tyson Mysteries (season 2)
W/ Bob and David
Wet Hot American Summer
Agent Carter
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

A Note

In case you couldn't tell from the numerous times I used her name previously, Sophia (who used to run the thread alongside me for the last three years) had the good sense to quit this garbage heap of degenerates masquerading as a webforum, so Rarity graciously stepped up to the plate and will be replacing her for data wrangling. As always, I'm extremely grateful for the assistance, being a professional moron and all-around stupid rear end in a top hat. Anyways, any congratulations and thanks go her way and any complaints go mine; it's pretty much always my fault.

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NieR Occomata
Jan 18, 2009

Everyone's Top Ten Lists:

1. joepinetree
2. X-O
3. Hakkesshu
4. xeria
5. DarklyDreaming
6. Senerio
7. IRQ
8. Big Bad Voodoo Lou
9. Not a Twat
10. adhuin
11. xcore
12. buddhanc
13. BSam
14. Illinois Smith
15. Air is lava!
16. Bulky Bartokomous
17. Goofballs
18. Zythrst
19. Mukaikubo
20. Digital Jedi
21. MrBuddyLee
22. Fast Luck
23. Superrodan
24. Joramun
25. Rocksicles
26. smg77
28. bou
29. CeeJee
30. Shneak
31. sbaldrick
32. Zaggitz
33. Escobarbarian
34. Regy Rusty
35. Problematic Pigeon
36. ShakeZula
37. Tuxedo Jack
38. centaurtainment
39. Pan Dulce
41. DivisionPost
42. Cart
43. Andrew_1985
44. karrethuun
45. achillesforever6
46. oh jay
47. bagrada
48. Rarity
49. Toxxupation
50. Jerusalem
51. Yer Burnt
52. Junkenstein
53. Snak
55. Ernie.
56. hcreight
57. HorseRenoir
58. Pet Rock Band
59. Asiina
60. Little Mac
61. EccoRaven
62. Gandalf21
63. Shageletic
64. Slamhound
65. Spatula City
66. MrAristocrates

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Oct 21, 2010

Excuse me, I'm a gamer!!

Hello, friends! Once again we dive into TV's finest spectacle where shows face off in brutal combat in a fight to the death to determine which of this year's entertainment will gain the honour(?) of being Goondom's Favourite TV Show of 2015 while holding the still beating hearts of its enemies. This year will see us answer a host of important topical questions. Can Hannibal and Fargo repeat their successes of 2014? Does anyone still care about Game of Thrones? Will Marvel's influx of new superheroes put them ahead of DC in the superhero showdown? Netflix Netflix Netflix Netflix Netflix Netflix? Did anyone even see Yahoo's new season of Community? Why can we still not vote for My Little Pony? And when will we all wake up and realise the best show on TV is really The Talking Dead?

So join with me and Toxx while we take you on this journey, remember to wear your safety gear and high-vis jackets, keep all arms inside the cart and prepare for one hell of a ride. The greatest contest in the history of our species (proven fact) has begun!

Regy Rusty
Apr 26, 2010

You've got the 2013 thread linked twice, here's the 2014 link:

I definitely want to see the winter finales for a bunch of shows before making my list this year. I have a feeling I'm going to have a hard time picking.

Oct 21, 2010

Excuse me, I'm a gamer!!

Regy Rusty posted:

I definitely want to see the winter finales for a bunch of shows before making my list this year. I have a feeling I'm going to have a hard time picking.

I have no idea what order my top 5 is going to be this year, they're all really close together and most of them are already done for the year

Jul 7, 2003

by Lowtax

Is there some weird local restriction on which shows qualify? Like US only or something?

NieR Occomata
Jan 18, 2009

if it aired in calendar year 2015, in any form, on any service, it qualifies

NieR Occomata fucked around with this message at 20:16 on Dec 5, 2015

Oct 21, 2010

Excuse me, I'm a gamer!!

wayfinder posted:

Is there some weird local restriction on which shows qualify? Like US only or something?

What Toxx said. People in the past have voted for shows from Canada, UK, Australia, Korea, Netflix, Amazon and even Youtube (rip Sex House)

Jun 28, 2006

Nobody likes you.
Everybody hates you.
You're gonna lose.

Smile, you fuck.

Yo, Toxx, would you be cool with me listing 20-11 in a separate post, or is doing so just begging for a punch in the dick?

NieR Occomata
Jan 18, 2009

i actually was gonna ask that people do that because it makes the list of lists cleaner but then i realized that's unnecessarily pedantic

but yeah i prefer the top ten lists to be "just" a top ten list with honorable mentions

Apr 5, 2012

10- Narcos -
Good but not great story, good but not great acting. Somewhat disappointed by Padilha's usual tendency of justifying police brutality and rarely looking at its costs. As a result, a series that could be the Latin American the Wire feels more like the Latin American Law and Order (in the sense that it is set up so that we always sympathize with the folks on the side of the police/army, even when they mess up).

9- Parks and Recreation -
disappointing final season, but it had its moments. But even disappointing Nick Offerman is still great Nick Offerman.

8- Vikings -
Mindless fun, though the plot armor for some characters gets to be a bit much at times. At least they tried to give some of the other characters their own story this season.

7- The last kingdom -
Like vikings, but characters like Leofric, Ubba and Guthrum push it above Vikings, though the protagonist is a bit unlikable. Fast paced (though at times too fast paced), every episode is pretty satisfying on its own.

6- The Americans -
still good, but it was mostly a season designed to get each character into certain positions for some big showdowns next season. Certain plot threads were dropped too quickly, or done in a sort of painting by the numbers style where the goal was clearly to get a character to a certain state of mind, and once that was achieved that part of the story was simply dropped.

5- Orphan Black-
Occasionally abuses the whole "shocking twist- yet another clone" plot, but Tatiana Maslany is phenomenal, as is Jordan Gavaris. May eventually suffer from "x-files syndrome," where every conspiracy is solved only to reveal an even bigger conspiracy, but so far so good.

4- Hannibal -
Good final season, though occasionally I felt they were trying to be inaccessible for the sake of being inaccessible. Can't imagine what someone who hadn't seen the first 2 seasons felt like if they stumbled upon it by accident.

3- Justified -
very satisfying ending after a disappointing season 5. Olyphant and Goggins were always great, but Jere Burns occasionally stole the show. Boon was a perfect final antagonist, just the right amount of sleazy and unlikable.

2- Better call Saul -
I was skeptical of the spin off, but the writing is pretty great, and Odenkirk and Banks are terrific actors. There is not much more that can be said about Gilligan et al that hasn't already been said.

1- Leftovers-
The current season, even before the finale, is one of the best single seasons of television I have ever watched. I can't remember a show that would get me to listen to 2 hour podcasts about it like this one does. We could probably spend 10 pages discussing each individual scene, because they each are so carefully constructed and full of symbolism. Only breaking bad at its peak made me wish for a time machine this much, just so I could see the next episode NOW.

Apr 28, 2002

Long Live The King!

OK, separate posts for runners up? Fine with me. These are presented without comment because the comments are saved for the Top 10.

25 - Justified
24 - The Muppets
23 - Playing House
22 - The Grinder
21 - Agent Carter
20 - The Flash
19 - Haven
18 - Review
17 - Black Sails
16 - The Americans
15 - Arrow
14 - Agents of SHIELD
13 - Mr Robot
12 - Daredevil
11 - 12 Monkeys

X-O fucked around with this message at 02:32 on Jan 1, 2016

Apr 28, 2002

Long Live The King!

And the Top 10.

10 - Limitless
Probably the most surprising show of the year for me. This just came out of nowhere. I had no expectations for this show at all. I'd heard about it being based on the movie and thought the movie was fine but I never expected the show to be what it is. And that is a procedural that plays fast and loose with the regular procedural tropes and has a lot of fun doing it. And it has a charismatic lead that carries the show with a two sided performance that really shines. Watch this show, you'll have a lot of fun.

9 - iZombie
Just an absolute blast of a show. Easily the best comic book show airing on actual TV. Has little to nothing to do with the comic it's based on but it's at times really funny and then it can turn and punch you right in the gut. Very well written dialogue and character arcs separate it from other comic shows on TV.

8 - Jessica Jones
A show unlike any other superhero show since maybe Alphas, it's mostly about severely broken people and less about superheroics. With a villain that is downright disturbing to an unimaginable degree. It's hard to believe that this was made by Marvel just because of how crazy it is.

7 - Manhattan
I love everything about this show. The atmosphere, the story, the characters, and my god the acting. This show is an actor's showcase. Some of the best performances on TV that sadly next to no one is seeing.

6 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Another great comedy in a year where comedy was mostly lacking. Unlike Veep it's not so much the sharp writing but the performances and cast chemistry that makes this show exceptional.

5 - Veep
Still with the highest funny joke density of any show on television. And the important part being the funny. Possibly one of the best written comedies I've ever seen. It's smart, fast, and hilarious. If you've been missing out then go get HBO Go and treat yourself.

4 - The 100
Man, brutal and ruthless is the way to go for shows this season it seems. A show that goes way beyond the expectations you have for it. Filled with characters that make decisions that they have to eventually pay for. Most of them harshly. This show doesn't bullshit the audience. It never takes the easy way out. And that's a rare thing these days.

3 - Shameless
Another really solid season. I've talked about this show over and over again so if you've ever read one of my lists you know what's great about it. And it's all still great. Jeremy Allen White especially has turned into an acting powerhouse and really taken over the show.

2 - Mozart in the Jungle
Wow, talk about getting in under the wire. I wrote this list a few weeks back and then my number one show from last year drops a whole new season the day before the deadline. Luckily the show is on 10 episodes at a half hour each on average so it was easy to knock out in a day and half. And I'm so glad I did. It's still too fresh in my mind to grab the top spot but after reflection it'll probably be my favorite of the year. Unfortunately due to time constraints it'll have to settle for second place on my list. Everything I loved about the first season is back on display, especially Gael Garcia Bernal who is just fantastic in this role. Loved seeing the cameo from Gustavo Dudamel early in the season as well since Bernal's character is somewhat based off of him. I'm not sure if the show will be popular enough to garner a third season, I said the same thing last year though, but I love the 20 episodes I've gotten so far and if that's all I'll get I'm just fine with it.

1 - Vikings
This show just keeps on getting better. This was definitely my favorites season so far. I don't really look forward to any show week to week like I do this one. Probably one of the best filmed shows on TV as well.

X-O fucked around with this message at 02:38 on Jan 1, 2016

White Rabbit
Sep 8, 2004

We Do Not Sow.

1. Mr. Robot
From the start you know this is something special. Originally planned as a movie, this is the kind of creation that conjures an evolution for the TV show medium as a whole. Bold in it's depiction of realistic hacking, it's especially fascinating because of the strategic pacing throughout the season. I usually think voice-overs are lazy screenwriting but here even if it will sometimes explain what is going on it is mostly used brillantly to give depth to its protagonist. The photography, lightning, scenery and the performances... everything you see is heavily inspired by Stanley Kubrick and all of it works perfectly to draw you into this parallel but oh-so-close universe, just around the corner of Orwellian dystopia and what could be our own future in a few years time.

2. Fargo
Another one with movie-quality lighting/photography and very strategic pacing, Fargo continues following in the path of the original Coen movie, actually improving on it. Dark humor, unique characters, one of a kind setting - like Mr Robot this really blurs the distinction between TV shows and movies, confirming the former into the singular art form it has become. Must watch.

3. Rick and Morty
Hard to beat season one of the best cartoon + scifi show of last year, season two is a bit uneven but still introduces the best episodes of the series so far. Completely deserves it cult status. Thousand years, forever and ever.

4. Broad City
Best live comedy show around this year, the writing and the performances are incredible, it'll consistantly make me laugh out loud.

5. Daredevil
If you have to watch one superhero TV show this is the one. Dark and gritty, violent, inspired by comics as much as movies - terrific blend of influences and incredible cinematography / photography / fight choreography. Each episode moves the story forward so much! Character development as well as storytelling momentum is relentless (unlike Jessica Jones which I havent finished yet but seems a little slow compared to DD), after a few episodes you won't think of watching anything else.

6. Nathan for You
Nathan already has really good grades from a Canadian business school but he deserves a spot here for the Man-zone & Hotel gangbang segments alone. Holy poo poo.

7. Last Week Tonight
Thought provoking, eye opening segments on (mostly American) society. Can be very funny, albeit already formulaic after a couple dozen episodes.

8. Wet Hot American Summer
Never saw the movie this was inspired by so it took me a couple episodes to get into it but this is relentlessly funny and smart, it gets crazier than one could imagine. Brilliant cast.

9. American Crime
Probably the best surprise this year, came out of nowhere and definitely left a mark. Insightful storytelling, reminiscent of The Wire.

10. Louie
Short season but quite decent return to form after a lame season 4.

White Rabbit fucked around with this message at 22:31 on Dec 5, 2015

Nov 3, 2009

10 - Vikings

This was maybe the weakest season yet, but it still managed to impress by not being afraid to put the characters through absolute hell. The siege of Paris is maybe the best large scale battle sequence I've seen on TV, and generally the show has such a strong sense of style to it that continues to make it extremely likeable. That one prisoner beheading is one of the funniest scenes of the year. I think this show continues to be much better than Game of Thrones which had its absolute most dire season yet.

9 - Parks and Recreation

One of my favourite comedies ever came to a somewhat tepid conclusion in 2015. I'm not of the opinion that the show ever became bad, but there were times when it was definitely spinning its wheels, not being quite as energetic and irreverent as it used to be. Still, it was a pleasant surprise that they even got to make this last season to begin with, and that we got to say proper goodbyes to everyone in a way that was maybe a bit too saccharine, but absolutely keeping in line with the boundless optimism and small-scale humour that the show always did so well. Setting it in the near future was a great little touch as well.

8 - South Park

Not a lot to say about this one since it's not done yet, but this season has been extremely good. I always considered South Park to be the most consistently funny animated comedy ever, especially considering how long it's been going, and this season is one of the better ones to boot. I'm a big fan of absurdist comedy and this show does that like no others I can think of. Last season they started to respect continuity between episodes, and that technique has a much bigger payoff this season with a more connected story that has provided me with the biggest laughs of the year.

7 - Star Wars Rebels

I was not a huge fan of the Clone Wars show, it was something I watched because it was kind of neat to see a modern Star Wars TV show and it was well-produced and had some good episodes, but it never came quite together for me. Star Wars Rebels did, almost from the very beginning, but season 2 is where it really started to break out of its licensed shell and just be a really good show on its own merits.

In keeping with its name, it has a very rebellious atmosphere in that it respects the conventions of a lot of modern action cartoons, but also subverts your expectations by being surprisingly smart and emotional. It has a great, likeable cast that all get to shine, and it doesn't constantly wink at you, metaphorically shouting "DON'T YOU REMEMBER HOW COOL THE MOVIES WERE HUH HUH?". As the thread likes to say, it has a similar vibe to a pen and paper RPG campaign based on Star Wars; it clearly loves its universe, but isn't a slave to it and is more concerned with just letting you have fun and crazy experiences in space. Also Ahsoka goddamn Tano rules, hard.

6 - Sense8

A nice surprise coming from the Wachowskis of all people. It's such a unique show that subsists on style more than substance, but really gives it its all and makes you feel for the characters and their lovely situations. It's a show about breaking away from your problems and becoming the person you want to be, and even as someone who prefers to be dark and surly all the time I couldn't help but be continually uplifted by these characters and their stories. Beautifully shot and extremely evocative, this will be a show that sticks with me for a long time.

5 - Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Last Week Tonight was on there so I figure this fits too. First off, I think Stephen Colbert is the greatest talk show host of all time, no contest. I was so bummed when he quit the Report, and was extremely skeptical about the Late Show gig since I never really watched or cared much for the traditional style evening format. But I've seen every single episode of this run and I think Stephen's been loving killing it. He's not trying to reinvent the format or anything, but he's still such a breath of fresh air even after having watched him for a decade. His interviews are stellar and he makes a deliberate effort to try and differentiate each guest by doing weird off-kilter bits and gags. As someone who has little interest in the typical celebrity wankfest that this type of show tends to thrive in, it's definitely kept my interest throughout. I'm confident I could watch literally anything Stephen does at this point.

4 - Jessica Jones

I am a big fan of the Alias comic, so naturally I was incredibly excited for JJ and just from watching the first trailer they really seemed to get everything right. They almost did. It's less of a straight adaptation and more of a serialized take on the same concepts. Most of the bits and pieces are there but the way they fit together is almost completely different, and it works both to its benefit and its detriment. Mostly, it's kind of messy. There are too many tangents and too many weird side stories that seemingly go nowhere, it could have benefited from maybe cutting three or so episodes and exorcising some characters entirely, like Simpson's entire role in the show feels so slapdash and irrelevant to anything else.

Anyway, don't wanna just complain because I did like the show a whole lot. Krysten Ritter is a great lead and David Tennant is legit terrifying and they use his power to greater effect than the comics ever did. Boy does this show throw dark, and it loving earns it too.

3 - Better Call Saul

By default I tend to detest prequels, and prior to its release, my interest level in Better Call Saul was drat near zero. I liked Breaking Bad, as most people do, but not so much that I would automatically seek out anything related to it without hesitation. Needless to say I was extremely skeptical, but it quickly ended up winning me over by not only not being anything like I had expected, but also by not making a lot of dumb WINK WINK NOD NODs to Breaking Bad. It was its own thing entirely and Bob Odenkirk put in a stronger performance here than he ever did on Breaking Bad. Michael McKean also deserves special praise here for being one of the biggest piece of poo poo characters in recent memory, it's incredible. Hope the show will continue to do its own thing and withhold the pandering.

2 - Daredevil

Maybe the best superhero adaptation ever. A wonderfully tight story filled with great performances and a strong atmosphere, I was really impressed by every aspect of its production. The fight scenes were some of the best I've seen on TV and the way it used violence in general had much more impact than any other superhero show or film that I can immediately recall. That car door scene was so loving brutal. Also Vincent D'Onofrio is one of the strongest performances this year, maybe surpassed only by Ann Dowd on...

1 - Leftovers

I was rather tepid on the first season. It had a lot of potential and a couple of great episodes, but otherwise was just extremely slow and meandering and none of its themes really hit with me. Season 2 is like a whole new show. It's Twin Peaks on crack, it's balls out nuts, almost every episode has been better than the last, everyone is acting their loving soul out, it's astonishing how good it is. Not only the best show of the year but one of the best shows of the last decade as far as I'm concerned.

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White Rabbit
Sep 8, 2004

We Do Not Sow.

By the way I'm still not sure if giving 10 -> 1 points for entries 1 to 10 is quite fair. I'm sure this has been discussed to death but if a show makes it on the 10th spot on ten different lists surely that makes it better than an oddball show with a single n°1 entry, no?

Here's a suggestion on how to score lists to give a bit more weight to the last spots. Just a thought.

1. 5 pts
2. 4.5 pts
3. 4 pts
4. 3.5 pts
5. 3 pts
6. 2.7 pts
7. 2.5 pts
8. 2.3 pts
9. 2 pts
10. 1.5 pts

Jun 18, 2009

My urges are becoming...


Not posting my list till Fargo ends but I look forward to being really mad at anybody who doesn't have Fargo on their number one spot unless this season somehow shits the bed at the ending!

Oct 21, 2010

Excuse me, I'm a gamer!!

White Rabbit posted:

By the way I'm still not sure if giving 10 -> 1 points for entries 1 to 10 is quite fair. I'm sure this has been discussed to death but if a show makes it on the 10th spot on ten different lists surely that makes it better than an oddball show with a single n°1 entry, no?

Here's a suggestion on how to score lists to give a bit more weight to the last spots. Just a thought.

1. 5 pts
2. 4.5 pts
3. 4 pts
4. 3.5 pts
5. 3 pts
6. 2.7 pts
7. 2.5 pts
8. 2.3 pts
9. 2 pts
10. 1.5 pts

Yeah that's overly complicated and dumb and arbitrarily deciding that one person loving a really niche show makes their opinion less valid so I'm not doing that.

Regy Rusty
Apr 26, 2010

White Rabbit posted:

By the way I'm still not sure if giving 10 -> 1 points for entries 1 to 10 is quite fair. I'm sure this has been discussed to death but if a show makes it on the 10th spot on ten different lists surely that makes it better than an oddball show with a single n°1 entry, no?

Here's a suggestion on how to score lists to give a bit more weight to the last spots. Just a thought.

1. 5 pts
2. 4.5 pts
3. 4 pts
4. 3.5 pts
5. 3 pts
6. 2.7 pts
7. 2.5 pts
8. 2.3 pts
9. 2 pts
10. 1.5 pts

It's designed that way deliberately so that shows a few people really love can do unusually well.

Zaggitz posted:

Not posting my list till Fargo ends but I look forward to being really mad at anybody who doesn't have Fargo on their number one spot unless this season somehow shits the bed at the ending!

I'm holding off on my list for the same reason, but right now while it's gonna be way higher for me than it was last year, its finale is going to have to truly blow me away to gain the top spot. There were some really really great shows this year.

Regy Rusty fucked around with this message at 23:11 on Dec 5, 2015

Jul 26, 2004

Ruh roh...

10. UnREAL
Jesus christ, everyone is a terrible person on this show but it's loving captivating to watch it all unfold.

9. The 100
Zaggitz knows the occasional conflict I have with the show, but it's still a mostly consistently good serialized show, and I support more of that on network TV.

8. The Jinx
Real interesting watch as it unfolded, especially coming into it as someone who didn't know about all those murders or Robert Durst.

7. Fresh off the Boat
Constance Wu is a comedy treasure.

6. Jessica Jones
Dialogue wonky sometimes, but overall real good exploration of abuse and PTSD in the guise of Marvel tv show.

5. Last Week Tonight
Some of the jokey parts started to feel repetitive, but it's still my Monday morning go-to.

4. Broad City
Okay, so just all sitcoms after POI at this rate.

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Indiana trial aside (and even then, Jon Hamm was great), this was a loving funny show.

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Consistent hilarity, and feels like it's more or less snatched up that baton of "charming and funny sitcom" left behind by Parks & Rec and run with it. Gina Linetti is the best.

1. Person of Interest
Quality dropped off a bit following the stellar If-Then-Else at midseason, but it's still by and large my favorite show on television.

Honorable mention to women's soccer, since that's actually (much to Zaggitz's chagrin) what I watched the most of this past year.

Things I've learned -- my attention span for anything besides sitcoms has gone to poo poo at this point.

NieR Occomata
Jan 18, 2009

Rarity posted:

Yeah that's overly complicated and dumb and arbitrarily deciding that one person loving a really niche show makes their opinion less valid so I'm not doing that.

Yeah the whole point of this poll is, as mentioned, so that culty favorites can get undue weight and therefore surface more underrated shows onto TVIV at large (people have told me numerous times over the years that they use this poll as an informal recommendation for new media to consume) and also it's a direct response to the hitfix critics poll, which uses that specific ordering system

also please organize your list from 10 to 1, in ascending order

NieR Occomata fucked around with this message at 23:48 on Dec 5, 2015

Apr 4, 2009

Welcome to Disney XD Everyone!

10- Agents of SHIELD

Everything about season 3 has been near perfect. Good action scenes, the characters I like are evolving in ways that make sense, and characters I didn't like are now becoming fun in the right ways. Just all around good

9- Arrow

Managed to bounce back surprisingly well after an incredibly terrible season 3 by realizing that people don't want dour and depressing grit all the time and injected some much needed fun into an action series based on a comic book

8- iZombie

One of the rare mystery procedurals that actually managed to do something interesting after a status-quo shakeup in the first season, and is all the better for it.

7- Vikings

I put this show on my top ten list just because of the planting scene where Lagertha sacrifices a cow and showers in its blood which is only one out of many images from the show that can be called "Metal as gently caress "

6- Z Nation

I said I was surprised by how good this show was last year, and this year talking about how the zombie show by The Asylum with the same budget of a fast food cheeseburger is leagues better than The Walking Dead went from serious question, to running gag, to overused meme in the course of a half-season of TWD. This show is just fun, the characters are instantly lovable and every now and then something happens that is ridiculous in just the right way

5- The 100

Quite possibly the only show that glamorizes genocide, and that's just the kind of well-written brutality that makes the show awesome

4- Justified

Managed to stick the landing in just the right way. I am going to miss everything about this show.

3- Jessica Jones

Smart when it needed to be, badass when it needed to be, just a good piece of serialized action drama

2- Daredevil
Deciding which Marvel Netflix series to put in front of the other was hard, especially because you can ctrl-C and ctrl-V my Jessica Jones review above and have the same review for Daredevil, but Daredevil edges closer to the top for having better fight choreography and a season finale that actually felt like a season finale.

1- Better Call Saul

If this show was just Bob Odenkirk, it would still be amazing, but it's also Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Michael McKean and Rhea Seehorn putting in career-defining performances backed up by drat fine writing and amazing cinematography. It deserves number 1

Oct 19, 2009

Ooh! Are we messing with Adora?

10) Galavant

Galavant is a dark horse candidate. I admit that that episode title is half of why I picked it. The other half is that I wrote a song about it in the thread, and I think that's too much commitment to leave it off.

9) Faking It

Seasons 1 and 2A were in 2014, and both were amazing. Then they had a year's hiatus. Season 2B was still strong, but there was a lot of TV this year, and it was still really good, just not... A+ material.

8) 12 Monkeys

Man, this show was amazing. I was hooked from the first minute all the way to the last. I can't wait for Season 2!

7) Agents of SHIELD
Just watch that. Iain de Caestecker was amazing in that scene. The whole show was great this year. The season 2 finale was the best Superhero film in 2015.

6) Gatchaman CROWDS Insight

Gatchaman CROWDS Insight is the sequel to the excellent Gatchaman CROWDS. It is a story about the dangers of going with the flow and letting a single person decide everything on their own. It was probably my favorite Anime this season, and if it aired in 2014, would've been in the top 3 easily.

5) Forever

Man, Forever had a great ending to its first (and, sadly, last) season. We got to find out that Abe was actually related to Henry, test out Adam's theory that the weapon that initially killed you could permanently kill you. Nope. And we actually got closure on Abigail's death. It was a solid show. I'm still bitter there wasn't another season.

4) Daredevil*

Man, I loved this show. If you asked me right when the show came out, it would have been #1. Easy. That's a testament to the quality of my top four.

3) iZombie*

iZombie is Veronica Mars 2.0. Do I really need to go on from there? I will anyway. Rose McIver is great as Liv, who has to change personalities each week to match her new brain. Her ex-fiance Major Lilywhite is quite fun to watch as literally everything ever goes wrong for him over the course of Season 1. Even when he starts to get a semblance of peace in Season 2, it's clearly all about to fall down on him. The rest of the cast is all really fun. Her roommate who misses the old Liv but supports this new Liv, even though she doesn't know why she changed. Her new boss, who knows she's a zombie and is working on the cure, but is also incredibly fascinated by every aspect of her. Her friend on the police force, the straight man in the whole show, who nonetheless can be quite funny. The main villain, played by David Anders, the guy running the brain trade in the city. They're all great!

2) Jessica Jones*

Jessica Jones was actively uncomfortable for me to watch. The fact that multiple people I know can say that they have met the exact person Kilgrave is, only minus the superpower is something that I can, too sadly, believe. I found the characters compelling, the villain disgusting, and overall, I thoroughly enjoyed being uncomfortable for all thirteen episodes. What could be better than a show I gave such high praise to?

1) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the greatest show that none of you are watching. Bar none, it is my favorite show of the year, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second the show was on my screen.

Rebecca Bunch is a big-shot New York lawyer, who should, objectively, be happy at the fact that she is getting a promotion to partner in her law firm, but she isn't. She runs into her old boyfriend from summer camp, Josh Chan, who tells her that he's planning on moving to West Covina, California (Only 2 hours from the beach 4 in traffic!) Hearing how happy he is in West Covina makes the town seem really appealing, and Rebecca moves there because Josh is there and also by coincidence, Josh is there.

The story is an exploration on the term "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," exploring the person behind the label, and what it would take to make someone follow a man across the country. Rebecca is crazy, and she did in fact follow Josh across the country, as much as she denies it, but that's far from everything about her. It's smart, it's funny, and it's currently getting a 0.3 rating. Please watch it.

Every song in this show is hilarious. I love them all, and here are a few songs from the show.
Rebecca gets ready to go on a date with a guy she met who knows Josh, Greg.
Rebecca reveals her true feelings about Josh's girlfriend, the beautiful but high-maintenance Valencia.
Rebecca's co-worker and friend Paula gives her advice.
Greg asks Rebecca out on a real date!
Rebecca's boss, Darryl, explains about how difficult being a father of a daughter you love with all your heart is.
Greg sings a lament about how he will be stuck in West Covina for the rest of his life. Song of the season right here.
Rebecca is depressed, and the French are the best at being depressed.
Rebecca's mother comes to town in the mid-season finale, and it was even better than it appeared to be.

Every episode had at least one standout song. Some had multiple. There were a few pretty great parodies too!
A parody of the music video for Beyonce's Partition, about a one night stand.
A Nicki Minaj parody about impressing the in-laws.

So everyone, watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and have a wonderful California Christmastime!

*A Power Ranger has a major role in this show.

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Spatula City
Oct 21, 2010


Sweet! I don't watch a lot of TV, but some. Hopefully I can finish Sense8, Hannibal s3, and Mr. Robot the next couple weeks, as well as watch a few of the shows already mentioned.
Ideally at least a few of Narcos, The Man in the High Castle, 12 Monkeys, iZombie s2 thus far, Better Call Saul, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Galavant. maybe even Fresh Off the Boat or Blackish.

Strong contenders for my list: Hannibal, Mr. Robot (but I've only watched four episodes), Sense8, Fargo, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Survivor: Cambodia, Jane the Virgin, Doctor Who, Master of None, iZombie, UnREAL, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Agent Carter, Another Period. OH NO THAT'S SEVENTEEN SHOWS.

I'm bitter enough about the most recent episode of Agents of SHIELD to not list it, and I won't.


there's lots of acclaimed shows in, what, their 3rd, 4th, 5th seasons, but I don't feel inclined to try to catch up on them.

Spatula City fucked around with this message at 04:39 on Dec 6, 2015

White Rabbit
Sep 8, 2004

We Do Not Sow.

Rarity posted:

Yeah that's overly complicated and dumb and arbitrarily deciding that one person loving a really niche show makes their opinion less valid so I'm not doing that.

overly complicated because of decimals? I mean this looks like a ton of effort already, I didnt expect my suggestion to pass as both dumb and overly complicated just for changing simple values.

The point of rounding up the edges in everyone's lists is to better credit all of their choices and not just the top few - basically acknowledging that TVIV watches a lot of different shows and not just Parks & Rec and Game of Thrones. Everyone being given just 10 choices in such a brillant year for TV shows will make people think hard even on the last few spots. I personally dont think my 10th spot is worth 10 times less than my first, but that's how the current systam works. You do see that right?

Still the effort is appreciated and as Toxxupation said I'm one of those who will actually use this for recommendations and discovering new stuff to watch. So yay, and thanks for the efforts.

Jun 18, 2004

Grimey Drawer

leftovers for 1 leftovers for 1

Sep 9, 2001


10. Star Wars Rebels
It wouldn't be my list if there wasn't at least one cartoon for you turds to mock me about. This iteration of Star Wars EU dumpster fires is surprisingly not a dumpster fire at all. It's actually really pretty great, and very obviously takes it's cues from the OT. The only thing it really takes from the prequels is the flashy hyper choreographed light sabre poo poo. Which I fully expect to be in the new movies as well. Although it's not as egregious as in the prequels here. Anyway, the characters are actually quite good and it feels like the first time we've returned to the world of Star Wars that someone gave a drat enough to make it feel like the OT since like, KOTOR? It's been awhile anyway.

9. Vikings
Vikings is another show that I felt had been building up for a long time, perhaps too long, but much better paced than Black Sails at any rate. This season was a spectacular bloodbath of craziness. Shame how Priest went out though.

8. Survivor Second Chances/Cambodia
This has been the best season of Survivor in years if not ever. It's ranking so low because the show itself is stale as hell and it could still manage to end really terribly and, for me at least, who wins a season can considerably change how I feel about it. It would skyrocket to #1 if Russel Hantz parachuted in and won, and will go down as the worst season ever if Abi wins.

7. The Flash
I never thought I'd like something about the Flash, he's fast, that's it, that's boring, but much like Fake Batman with a bow, the CW managed to make what I previously thought was a D list hero really compelling.

6. Black Sails
There's about 3 shows in my "Most Improved" list this year, but only Black Sails is going to make top 10. It went from a plodding slog of pirate politicking last season to pirates doing actual pirate poo poo this season. In retrospect the first season set it all up, but I feel like it could and should have been paced a bit better. That said, season 2 was all payoff and was as awesome as season 1 was mediocre. So pretty awesome.

5. Bojack Horseman

4. Fresh off the Boat
My landlords are Chinese. The authenticity of the, shall we say, culture differences regarding money, is hilarious. It's a little formulaic (see Black-ish) but that's fine, it works and I never fail to laugh my rear end off. Constance Wu completely steals the show, and that's saying something because the rest of the cast is really solid, even the child actors.

3. Z Nation
Continues to be a show that unfailingly leaves a smile on my face. It's Dumb in all the best ways but still manages to make you care about its characters. I really appreciate a frantically paced lighthearted show in the sea of slow moving dramas we have these days. Zombies made of weed? Sure! A giant cheese wheel mowing down zombies across half the country? You bet! A few people seem to virulently hate this show for being what it is. I would posit that those people hate fun.

2. The 100
I can't wait to see what civilization Ghengis Clarke genocides this season!

1. Brooklyn 99
B99 remains the funniest show on tv in a year that has offered up a lot of solid sitcoms. Everything about this show just shines, pitch perfect casting, writing, characters, jokes, all of it. I didn't even really like Samberg's "I'm so goofy!" thing before this show, but drat if it doesn't work here. It also even manages to have some sentimental weight somehow.

Sep 9, 2001


And here's the honorable mentions, Saul and Daredevil were both bumped, and it was a tough call for Saul. In no particular order:

Rick and Morty, Silicon Valley, The Americans, Arrow, neutered CBS Colbert Report, Noah's TDS, Black-ish, Bob's Burgers, Arrow, Master of None, Daredevil, Kimmy Shmiddt, Better call Saul, Killjoys, 12 Monkeys.

Most improved:
Halt and Catch Fire, Last Man on Earth, Black Sails. All had mediocre to terrible first seasons, only to rebound in big ways for their second outings.

Most declined:
Last Week Tonight. Please try being funny again instead of telling me poo poo I already know is hosed up about the US. It's not a bad show now by any means, but the magic is gone.

Big Bad Voodoo Lou
Jan 1, 2006

10. Hannibal (Season 3).
Still the most gorgeous show on TV this year (and perhaps ever), I loved the Italy sequence, culminating in the escape from Mason Verger's mansion of horrors. But I felt the Red Dragon sequence was anticlimactic, both for spending so much time on Dolarhyde at the expense of the more established characters, and for building him up as such a threat, after all the horrors Hannibal and Will had already seen and survived (and perpetrated themselves). But it was a worthy end, and I'll miss it.

9. Broad City. (Season 2).
A hilarious comedy about two Jewish millennial stoner girls who are underemployed BFFs in a multicultural New York City, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobsen charmed me this year as I binged Season 1 and caught up in time to watch Season 2 weekly. The episode where Abbi got dental surgery and wreaked havoc at Whole Foods with the help of her imaginary friend Bingo Bronson was the funniest thing I've seen all year.

8. Master of None. (Season 1).
I'm a huge Aziz Ansari fan -- love his stand-up comedy, his work on Parks and Recreation, and even his recent book on relationships. This ten-episode Netflix sitcom was a brilliant auteur piece, inspired equally by Louie and '70s Woody Allen films (especially Annie Hall). It was funny, insightful, sad, clever, and most of all, it felt very true to life. I'm a few years older than Aziz and the character he played, but I related strongly to it. Also, it showed us what a mistake Lorne Michaels made in firing the charming, adorable, hilarious, cute, talented Noel Wells from Saturday Night Live. She was wonderful in this show, and I look forward to seeing more of her in the years to come, in interesting projects like this.

7. Parks and Recreation (Season 7).
Another fitting final season for a show I've watched live since Season 3, which I really came to love and look forward to. It became one of my all-time favorite sitcoms, and with most of the shows I like leaning toward being dark, depressing, and disturbing, I appreciated its message of positivity and hope and its cast of awesome, hilarious characters who genuinely seemed to like and respect each other, working together to accomplish good things. It had maybe the most charming cast of any show ever, a group of actors I would love to be friends with in real life. And the finale became one of my all-time favorite series finales ever. I cried, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

6. iZombie (Seasons 1 and 2).
I read the DC/Vertigo comic because the co-creator, Mike Allred, is my favorite comic book artist of all time. But other than his art, it wasn't anything great. This is a rare occurrence of an adaptation completely abandoning the source material and doing its own thing, and improving dramatically. A clever procedural about a zombie medical examiner who eats brains to retain her humanity, taking on personality aspects of the deceased and receiving visions of their lives to avenge their deaths, it also has lots of humor and heart, with serialized elements that have built throughout the series. The adorable Rose McIver is wonderful in the lead role as Liv Moore, but the supporting cast is great too: her awesome boss Ravi, her long-suffering ex-fiance Major (who went from being a bland CW-style hunk to the most interesting character on the show), and even smarmy-but-occasionally sympathetic villain Blaine. It's a Rob Thomas show, with a spunky, cute, capable blonde heroine solving mysteries and narrating each episode. Veronica Mars fans, look no further.

5. Jessica Jones (Season 1).
The most emotionally draining show I've watched since Breaking Bad, this was the darkest the Marvel Cinematic Universe will ever be again. A superhero show for people who hate superhero shows (like my wife, who loved it), it was an excellent noir-thriller about triumphing over PTSD, abuse, and the scariest, most evil villain in any fiction in recent memory (who even made you sympathize with him at times, before reminding everyone how awful he truly was). Krysten Ritter and David Tennant were both well-cast, but I regularly marked out over just how fantastic Mike Colter was as Luke Cage. I am so excited he's getting his own Netflix series next. SWEET CHRISTMAS!

4. Person of Interest (Season 4).
I'm glad I gave PoI a chance this year, a show I had dismissed as another bland, boring CBS procedural, a "show for dads" (my dad loves it), and possibly even right-wing pro-surveillance state propaganda. My wife and I binge-watched the first three seasons on Netflix over the last three months, and finally finished Season 4 on DVD last night, getting us caught up. It turned out to be an epic action show, a superhero show (Reese and Finch together are pretty much Batman without his distaste for guns), and a dark cyberpunk thriller. After the first few "case of the week" episodes in Season 1, I thought it improved dramatically by introducing a recurring antagonist (Elias, my favorite character) and then by developing all the other main characters over the course of the series, more than I ever thought possible. It's so much fun, and I am now eagerly awaiting the next (last?) season more than anything else.

3. Mr. Robot (Season 1).
The biggest pleasant surprise of the year, even bigger and better than PoI in that regard. An actual good, compelling, dark, twisty show... on USA? Yes, and from a first-time showrunner, too. I dare not say too much about Mr. Robot, to possibly spoil anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but it was awesome. It pays very obvious homage to its influences, but that isn't a bad thing in itself. You might even figure out the twists early on, but considering Season 1 was originally supposed to be the first act of a movie, that isn't a bad thing either. This is a show that's about the journey, not the destination, and I'm glad to be along for the ride, as much in the dark as our main character (if not moreso). Fantastic acting from everyone (who knew Christian Slater could be this good?), great music, realistic hacking, and probably my favorite title cards of all time.

2. Fargo (Season 2).
Last year, I couldn't decide what my favorite show was: True Detective, Hannibal, or Fargo. They were all so great! This year, I didn't dislike True Detective like most everyone else, and Hannibal was still awesome, but Fargo changed its entire setting and premise and still stayed wonderful. Hilariously funny, brutally violent, sometimes surreal, but always fantastic, with probably the best cast on television. For the Emmys next year, I think Patrick Wilson, Kirsten Dunst, Ted Danson, Cristin Milioti, Nick Offerman, and Bokeem Woodbine all deserve awards. Woodbine's Mike Milligan is probably the breakout character, though -- so much fun to watch and listen to, like he has stepped out of a Tarantino movie, an Elmore Leonard adaptation, or an actual Coen Brothers script.

1. Daredevil (Season 1).
DD is my favorite Marvel superhero, and after the tremendous disappointment of the 2003 movie with Ben Affleck, I hoped against hope they would tackle him again and do right by him. He may be Marvel's most TV-ready character, after long, critically-acclaimed comic runs by Frank Miller, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, and Mark Waid: a lawyer (perfect for introducing "case of the week" elements), a gritty, urban vigilante with a mobster arch-enemy, relatively low-key super powers that wouldn't take a movie budget to portray, lots of tragic romances, and decades of classic tales to adapt. And they got it right! I couldn't be happier that they got it SO RIGHT on Netflix. Probably my favorite superhero adaptation of all time, and with a second season coming next year, I'm glad everyone else finally got to see what I've always seen in Daredevil... and that isn't a joke or a pun because he's blind.

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Not a Twat
Oct 11, 2010

Oops you almost got away without your Diddy

10. Veep (Season 4)
Veep is still really great. Really sad that Iannucci has left the show, but I'm confident his successors will be able to keep it going
Favourite moment: Amy quitting

9. iZombie (Season 1)
I was really surprised by iZombie. But I love the cast and tone.
Favourite moment: Clive almost eating the brains

8. Cucumber
A comedy drama by Russell T Davies about a gay man's nervous breakdown and mid-life crisis. It's sooooooooooooo gay. More gay than Sense8 (although less queer overall). Vincent Franklin is fantastic. TRACK IT DOWN!
Favourite moment: Episode 7 is in a whole other league. Even if you don't like the rest of the show it's worth it for this. Not spoiling it though!!

7. The Bridge (Bron/Broen) (Series 3)
This is the Danish/Swedish original by the way, I haven't seen any of the other versions. Maintains the standards set by the first two series despite a major change in the cast.
The gimmick of this dark crime drama is that the cases take place on both sides of the Sweden/Denmark border, forcing detectives from two different departments to work together. Sofia Helin stars as Saga Norén, a homicide detective who probably has undiagnosed asbergers. She's loving fantastic.

6. Master of None
It's like Louie, except not as depressing. Thoughtful and funny.
Favourite moment: Dev reading from Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar, and the fact that this was a very literary call back to the earlier scene when he couldn't decide where to buy a taco.

5. Catastrophe (Series 1)
Best new sitcom of the year and best romantic comedy ever. Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney are both hilarious and human. It deals with dark stuff but never gets depressing. The first series is available on Amazon Prime and you should watch it. Carrie Fisher guest stars as Rob's awful mother. Series 2 has already finished but I have yet to start watching.
Favourite moment: Rob and Sharon go see Tobias Menzies for a second opinion on her "pre-cancer" diagnosis

4. Hannibal (Season 3)
I found the final season somewhat disappointing, but it remained beautiful and fascinating. I will miss it.
Favourite moment: Jack Crawford vs Hannibal

3. Better Call Saul (Season 1)
Far better than I ever expected. I especially loved how it wasn't afraid to focus on things other than drug dealers and violent crime.
Favourite moment: Saul investigates the bins outside the care home.

2. Fargo (Season 2)
Favourite moment(so far!): Peggy's actualization

1. Sense8 (Season 1)
I love the central gimmick, the score, the charming cast, the action... whatever they tried to do with this show, it worked for me.
Favourite moment: "I can't drive". "I can!"

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Sep 9, 2001


Not a Twat posted:

7. Literally Anything
A ... by Russell T Davies ... It's sooooooooooooo gay.

You don't say!

Sep 15, 2008

Take over the World!

10. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Very Tina Fey and at the same time very funny show. Perfect binge-watching fodder about ex-kidnappee of 15 years & her re-enter to the world in New York.
Also Jon Hamm was an excellent pick for a charismatic cult-leader/DJ.
9. The Arrow
Its a fun show again! I don't mean that it was bad before, but it's way less angsty and more upbeatish and heroic show about guy in a mask punching/shooting other people.
8. Jane The Virgin
2nd season has been more of the same fun telenovela craziness that (few of) us have learned to love here in TVIV.
(Not part of the show, but featuring the Latin Lover Narrator, the most important member of the cast)
7. The Librarians
Based on straight to DVD Indiana Jones-style adventure romps. It's very fun in casual b-adventure movie kind way and the 2nd season hasn't had a bad episode yet.
6. Lucha Underground
Even if I'm first to nominate a wrestling show this year, please don't hit me.
A Little wrestling show that could. It combines mexican style wrestling with a well filmed tv-series style backstage drama that results in awesome matches and ridiculous (in a good way) storylines.
Ex: a Phoenix faced an incarnation of Death in a casket mask and buried him. But this all was a ruse make Mil Muerte stronger and he rose from the dead with new minions and captured all the Title-belts. They recently got renewed for 2nd season that starts in january and I can't wait for it.
(Matches were recently pulled from official channel, so here's the backstory promo for the Temple)
5. Doctor Who
I'm willing to say this was the best season of the series starring the best Doctor (sorry McGann) and the greatest companion (sory Rory).
The 2-parter heavy structure gave stories room to breathe and there were many nice experimental episodes that just worked. Also Sonic Sunglasses.
4. Jessica Jones
A Nice exploration of cycles of abuse in all its forms. Also some superhero antics and misery-porn.
Just please please do not agree with Simpson about anything!
3. The Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
John is still in his top form taking down complex issues with 15-30 minute well researched pieces that are both informative and funny.
The man can literally turn a piece about the blight of the small-time chicken farmers into a captivating tale.
(A shorter video. You can watch pretty much every main story in their youtube channel)
2. Sense8
a Nice mysterious scifi show with optimistic attitude. I can't believe how it could pull my heartstrings with a crappy 90:s pop-song sing-a-long, but it did!
It is very stylish and I choose to believe that there's substance in there somewhere.
1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Thanks thread for this excellent suggestion!

EDIT: gently caress it! After considerable consideration (and watching it thrice in a very very short time),
I declare Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to be the best show of my heart!

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Looten Plunder
Jul 11, 2006

Grimey Drawer

10. Silicon Valley - Whilst last season was awesome, this season took it to a whole new level. This show is brilliant.

9. Nathan For You - I don't know how he keeps doing it, but Nathan Fielder is a genius and this show is an absolute gem. It's really interesting reading AV club articles about these episodes that actually dig in to what makes this show so much more brilliant than it looks on the surface. "Smokers Allowed" and "The Movement" sit right alongside "Dumb Starbucks" as his best work.

8. Rick and Morty - I wish I could get people in real life to be obsessed with this show as I and the rest of the forums are. Holy poo poo this is good.

7. Broad City - Only discovered this show this year, so it was all new to me. The chemistry of these two girls is amazing and the show is genuinely funny. Unlike anything else I've seen and it's a pleasure to watch.

6. Better Call Saul - How did this actually work? I don't know, but I love it. God bless Vince Gillighan and his team.

5. Mr Robot - What a special show. Came out of no where, looked slightly generic to begin with and blew my loving socks off. Did a great job of subverting expectations and was a hell of a ride as a result. One of the best shows of the year.

4. Shameless - I'll keep fighting for this show whenever I can until more people watch it. A return to form after a much darker previous season. Can't wait to have the Gallaghers back in my lounge room early next year.

3. The Genius - If this was the final season, what a great way to go out. A really special show, unlike anything else on TV. Really wish I could get some more people IRL to watch this, but I can be happy that I have met other likeminded people in our little pocket of the internet to obsess over this show like I did.

2. Survivor - Pound for pound is the show I dedicate the most hours per week to reading and talking about. After all these years it still has me completely hooked.

1. Fargo -I don't understand why people are like "yeah.... it's pretty good, but I haven't connected with all of the characters." gently caress that! Every minute of these show is amazing and I never want the episodes to end. The story is amazing, the cinematography is amazing, the cast is amazing, the script is amazing, the music amazing. Give this show All The Awards.

Hon Mentions: Veep, Last Week tonight, Catastrophe, Kimmy Schmidt, Review, Master of None, Unreal, Narcos, Drunk History, Show Me A Hero, Walking Dead, The Jinx

Shows that might have been on the list if I had got around to watching them: Hannibal, Leftovers, The 100, Brooklyn 99, Jessica Jones, Daredevil

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Oct 19, 2012

by Nyc_Tattoo

Page 2... new list.

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Feb 16, 2010

10. Legends (TNT)
The show centers around an FBI agent named Martin Odum, played by Sean Bean, who is caught up in a pretty grand conspiracy involving multiple government agencies, foreign powers, terrorists, etc. There's quality action, pretty fun spy craft, and a really engrossing story line. Sean Bean is really convincing in all his different legends (a fabricated identity used by undercover operatives in the intelligence world) and it's generally a fun ride.

9. Arrow
This season is markedly better due to less relationship drama and more action. The villains are cool, the gadgets are awesome, and the Arrow generally kicks rear end with his team.

8. Flash
The Flash is another great comic book show that has gotten to be an amazing watch every week. The actor who plays the Flash does a fantastic job and Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells is great. Lots of action and insane super hero stuff.

7. Brooklyn Nine Nine
Andy Samberg, Joe Lo Truglio, Terry Crews, Andre Braugher and a bunch of other great actors fill this show with lots of laughs and hijinks. It's based on a precinct / division of detectives in Brooklyn that are seemingly incompetent and skilled at the same time at their jobs, but their personal lives and love for all things fun add an extra element to solving crime. It's consistently hilarious and has just entered season 3 this year.

6. The Blacklist
Another espionage / law enforcement related thriller on NBC. A notorious international fugitive named Raymond Reddington, played by James Spader, forms a relationship with a specific FBI agent on her first day. They catch criminals that are on Reddington's "blacklist." I watch this show almost entirely for James Spader and he never disappoints. He carries everything he's in and his portrayal of Reddington is no different.

5. Elementary
Modern Sherlock Holmes starring Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock and Lucy Liu as Watson. Miller is a perfect fit for the Sherlock role and their cases are always fun and interesting.

4. Homeland
The current season of the spy thriller Homeland is definitely the best one since season one. Intriguing storyline and really great action.

3. Scream Queens
A fantastic black comedy about a serial killer on the loose who is mowing down members of a particular sorority on a college campus. This is my favorite work from Ryan Murphy. Glenn Powell and Emma Roberts are both phenomenal as Chad Radwell and Chanel Oberlin respectively.

2. Limitless
I had very low expectations coming into this continuation of the movie by the same name. Boy was I wrong. Definitely the most surprising show of the year. It's a fun and unique show about a fella named Brian Finch who falls into the world of a drug called NZT. He finds himself working for the FBI as a consultant eventually and they have a new case every week. The season long arc is developing well and really rounds out the show nicely.

1. Fargo
What can I really say about this? The first season was nearly flawless and I didn't think they could top it, but they absolutely have so far. It's just about perfect in every way and everyone should watch it ASAP.

Honorable Mention- iZombie, Wet Hot American Summer, Jessica Jones, Narcos, Unbreakable Kimmy, Person of Interest

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Jun 18, 2004

Grimey Drawer

It's weird how both the "yeah I'm the cartoon guy lol!" posts have had Star Wars Rebels rather than actual good cartoons

Illinois Smith
Nov 15, 2003

Ninety-one? There are ninety other "Tiger Drivers"? Do any involve actual tigers, or driving?

lol what NXT made last year's list? I never even thought about putting wrestling shows on this, really tempted to throw away a spot on Lucha Underground now.

Sep 9, 2001


Illinois Smith posted:

lol what NXT made last year's list? I never even thought about putting wrestling shows on this, really tempted to throw away a spot on Lucha Underground now.

One dude listed like 3 wrestling shows and not a lot else.

Sep 15, 2008

Take over the World!

Surely it's a spot from the top of the Darios Office? a Very high one.


Nov 24, 2012

10 unReal
Great show, it's good to see what Rosalind Price does while not running the ACTU, she executive produces reality tv, and she's drat good at it.

9 sense8
And so I cry sometimes when I'm lying in bed just to get it all out what's in my head and I, I am feeling a little peculiar.
And so I wake in the morning and I step outside and I take a deep breath and I get real high and I scream from the top of my lungs what's going on?

8 Doctor Who
There's never been a single bad episode of this show, and that is still true to this day.

7 Community
Sorry Yahoo, most of the people who watched the latest season of community are me, and I used adblock.

6 Marvel's Agent Carter
I love all this Marvel Cinematic Universe stuff, and this one is great because it's in the past.

5 Marvel's Daredevil
I love all this Marvel Cinematic Universe stuff, and this one is great because it's in the dark.

4 Marvel's Jessica Jones
I love all this Marvel Cinematic Universe stuff, and this one is great because I watched it all and now I need a hug.

3 Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
I love all this Marvel Cinematic Universe stuff, and this one is great because it's good to see what Quinn King is doing when she's not making amazing reality television, she's dating a man with a robot hand.

2 Marvel's Powers
All I need to say about this is wow, what a season finale.

1 Tommy Wissou's The Neighbors
"What a day!" more like "What a show!" am I right?

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