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Dec 1, 2006

Not a cute boy, just a boring girl.

Since I already have 5 players, this game is currently not recruiting.

The setting is interdimensional futuristic magi-tek with both advanced robots and high magic together in the same space. Ancient systems are beginning to groan and creak under new stresses from culture and politics. Wars between worlds are not unheard of, and other powers are sought to intervene on behalf of one or the other. Even more ancient magic and technology from now obliterated cultures lurks in the unexplored reaches of space or the places between.

Hope - Titanic Cityship

Established millennia ago to prevent the great catastrophes of interdimensional warfare past, Hope (New Hope when it was founded) is the central hub for interdimensional travel (aka d-travel), one of the leading centers of commerce, and the headquarters of and premier flagship of the Space-Time Administrator Bureau, or STAB. Tens of billions of people live on this great dimensional battleship. Were it to be destroyed, the consequences would reach to all the known worlds. And not all parts of it are squeaky clean. This much commerce attracts its fair share of criminal elements and corruption.

Hope typically resides in a small, empty pocket dimension. It only moves out for the most serious of events. Since time runs differently in different dimensions, the common inter-dimensional calendar is synchronized to the time on Hope in this pocket dimension. This is called Standard Interdimensional Time, SIT.

Space-Time Administration Bureau, S.T.A.B.
The main force whose primary goal is to prevent interdimensional conflicts, which not infrequently among advanced races end up in planets being erased like in the Garlak-Kriton affair, which saw, at least as far as official counts went, several trillion deaths. STAB is not quite the single most well equipped force in the multi-verse, but it has certainly been powerful enough to act as a deterrent to just about all interdimensional conflict that will result in massive amounts of deaths.

STAB’s personnel is numbered in the billions, including both enlisted and contractors. Their warships (which tend to also be enormous due to the mechanics of shielding and modern weaponry) are in the hundreds. While you don’t have to be a part of STAB, expect to at least interact with STAB personnel in some way.

While time travel hasn’t really been invented, and STAB has some articles in place to begin governing this as well should it happen, different dimensions run at different speeds. STAB has been known to capitalize on this for everything from training to making difficult to counter strategic actions.

If you’ve seen Nanoha StrikerS, STAB is basically like the TSAB, but with a more englishy acronym and combined with the Citadel Council from Mass Effect..

If you haven’t, this is the rough idea of what it might look like if they send their best agents after you.

They aren’t invincible, but nobody messes with them lightly. They are magic-heavy in power, relying more on people with strong innate magical ability to fill their ranks, and this causes some discontent among the worlds less magically inclined.

Despite being a planet with more technical than magical aptitude, Earth is not quite as advanced overall as Hope, due to the general lack of magic ability in the dimension. STAB and many others were actually quite impressed with how far Earth humans managed to get into space without the use of things like ionocyrellic drives. Perhaps because of this aptitude for science and study, humans with the aptitude for magic tend to be stronger (if somewhat more narrow in function) mages than others once they have been given equipment to help bring out their latent abilities.

While most (but not all) people in other dimensions basically look and function like earth humans, Earth has been a relatively new contact for STAB and the interdimensional community it represents. About 40 years has passed since the 2193 test flight of the first gravitorift drive (one of the most basic methods of interdimensional travel without magic) which caused the dimension Earth was in to show up on STAB’s dimensional map (often called a d-map). As a regular part of STAB’s articles for any race that invents and uses interdimensional travel, Earth now has an embassy on Hope, as well as a task force of volunteers under STAB leadership.

Despite lacking the same magical power as many other worlds, the people of Earth are, however, probably the most ambitious racial group among the dimensions known to STAB.

United Earth Federation
After first contact with extradimensional life and the potential threat it embodies, the Earth race has largely banded together under one rule even if not one culture. This is the United Earth Federation. A conglomerate of Earth’s countries and the worlds colonized by it in its own dimension, plus a few smaller extradimensional factions that are discontent with the control exerted by the magic heavy dimensions though STAB. Where STAB is organizationally more reliant on people born with significant magical ability (who are also generally the only people who ascend to the upper echelons), the UEF is a somewhat more egalitarian collection of people relatively lacking in magical power piloting or commanding fleets of magitec vehicles supported by a smaller cadre of magical engineers.

This somewhat unprecedented organizational structure in combination with the UEF’s exposure to and uptake of magitek, and the population explosion from colonizing other worlds, has led to the UEF being poised as a potential future rival in raw power to STAB. While the UEF has not made any overt moves that violate the terms STAB imposes, many of the dimensions with fewer and/or weaker innate magical abilities have been looking at the UEF as the kind of leadership that better represents their interests. Some think a conflict between STAB and the UEF may be inevitable.

The Genotian Theocracy
The Genotian dimension is fairly unique. The “planet” genotia is really a flat plane, like it would seem Earth is to any person armed only with folk knowledge in medieval times. There is also no space for space ships to fly in. This poses a problem for the intervention of STAB and other agencies in the cases where Genotian influence has been unwanted. Similarly though, this means Genotia lacks any kind of space faring fleet. When they do participate in space battles, it is usually with the aid of others or via the use of their advanced teleportation and portal magic.

There is only one major governing body in Genotia, the Genotian Theorcracy. The entire organization and populace is beholden to a divinely ascended Will that can command the entire populace to do as they want. To directly contradict the Will is heresy, punishable by sentences up to death. For the last couple of centuries, Genotia has been without a Will to lead them leaving the populace in disarray, only loosely driven by habit of following orders left by the previous Will. Recently however, a new Will has ascended, Genevieve Adler, who promises to lead them to glory.

Her Royal Holiness, Genevieve Adler

The Will of the Genotian Theocracy by divine ascension and Head Knight of the Paladins of the Silver Sword by ability, Genevieve Adler is perhaps one of the most ambitious and personally capable rulers in the known dimensions. Prior to her ascension at age 12, the Theocracy had lacked a Divine Will for a couple centuries and had begun to fall into disarray. The ascension of Genevieve changed that, and gave the world a Will again. And Genevieve is a strong one, stoking the extreme nationalism of the dimension even farther. Under her desires, the people tirelessly labor to show everyone else the might and power of a united Genotia.

As seems common of people possessed by the Genotian God-Spirit Ruhm, Genevieve herself is said to be made of manasteel, inside and out. While she has no one to really call friend, she does command great respect. While she is often callous and treats people as tools to accomplish her goals, she is not cruel or deceptive. Also in part thanks to the possession of Ruhm, and in part because Genotians are often very capable mages to begin with, Genevieve possesses incredible magical power, and is on the list of the top 10 most powerful known magicians.

What her exact goals are are largely unknown, but there are rumors that she seeks to supplant STAB in some way and expand Genotian rule to other dimensions. And she may even have the power and ambition to accomplish this.

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Dec 1, 2006

Not a cute boy, just a boring girl.

I.D.S. Featherstep posted:

Scale bonus: 3

Health 30
Endurance 30

Barrier +1
Invisibility +1
Art of Invisibility +1
Teleport +1
Passion (Be a powerful warship) +1

Clumsy -1
Frail -1
Jittery -1
Languid -1
Obsession ( Be a powerful warship ) -1
Pacifist -1
Quirk ( Has an ego) -1
Sensitivity ( Being treated like a mere machine ) -2
Vulnerability (Shockwaves) -1


Point Defense Lasers (5 ct)
End 0, Attack 2, DX 1
Accurate +5, Weapon -5

Melancholic Missiles
End 5, Attack 4, DX 0, Ammo 3/3
Stunning +10, Multiple targets +10, Accurate +3x5, Will Attack +0, No Damage -20, Ammunition -2x5

DRIFT Cannon
End 15
Attack 1, DX 5
Effective +4x5, Area of Effect +10, Barrier Buster +5, Buildup -2x5, Recoil -10

Barrier Projector
End 0, Barrier 1
Ranged +0


Short Vibroblade (standard)
Accurate +5, Effective +5, Armor piercing +5, weapon -5, feather blow -5, unique flaw (-2 DX vs magic barrier defense) -5


Thundershock Single-Shot RPG (standard)
0 End
Area Effect +20, Effective +10, Stunning +10, Low Penetration -10, Elaborate Gestures -5, Ammunition -15, Inaccurate -5, Unwieldy -5
Featherstep's Crew
There’s also the ship’s doctor, Klein Sasperra. Using a combination of magic and leading techniques from places like Earth, we probably don’t deserve him. But he’s here. Says he enjoys the company. Hell if I can figure out why though.

Then there’s the requisitions officer, Hiro Ninomiya. Hiro makes sure the ship is stocked with food, medical supplies, ammunition and so on. He’s quiet and largely keeps to himself down in cargo. Doesn’t ask for a lot other than to not be constantly bothered while he does whatever it is he does on the computers.

Last of the major officers there is Wanda Williams, the ships’s science officer. She’s the one that helps us sort out any strange anomalies that come up. She’s not much for combat, but she is skilled in analyzing physical and magical phenomena. Plus she’s nice to have as a backup navigator if the Featherstep is somehow incapacitated.

InterDimensional Calendar (IDC)
In Hope, seasons do not exist. So every calendar year is counted entirely by days and year. By a stroke of coincidence, one IDC year is nearly equivalent to 1 Earth year, includes 365 days, 24 hours per day, 60 minutes per hour and 60 seconds per minute. The standard time format is Year.Day.Time.

The dimension Subrosia is best described by ruthless efficiency and envy. The extremely tiny percentage (estimated 0,0000000000035%) of magic capable humans compared to ordinary people found in this dimension form the upper echelon of Subrosia’s leadership.

Hopelessly corrupt, said leadership is barely capable of ever agreeing on a single subject. It also has a very high turnover-rate thanks to constant assassinations, plots, or disgrace. There is, however, one thing they can agree on: The STAB’s constant demands and sanctions need to go. Problem is: Both sides got weapons of mass destruction, and Subrosia is far more vulnerable to them than STAB.

Living conditions in Subrosia tend to be extremely suboptimal. Most people are stashed away in city planets, literally entire planets built over to create one giant city, with the underground hollowed out as far as possible for extra surface space. On those planets, even things such as oxygen need to be brought in from external sources – there simply isn’t enough greenery left to even sustain a breathable air. If you have the misfortune of living in such a slum, that is. As for transport between city planets, the only publically available way is via government supershuttle, which travel once a month each.

This came to be because of yet another scarcity: Habitable planets. The dimension naturally has very, very few habitable planets, and while creating livable conditions on a non-habitable planet is possible, it is expensive. Technology in Subrosia is very… focused. Mostly on things with military application. While their battleships are absolutely gigantic (roughly double the size of a STAB battleship), only the flagships are adequately shielded to survive more than a few well-aimed hits from magitech weaponry.

So, how does Subrosia intend to win again such odds? They are constantly seeking new avenues to undermine STAB’s authority, sometimes even going into the petty. Their labs, tucked away extremely well hidden on remote, uninhabited planets to the point of being unfindable unless you know where to look, are always working at maximum efficiency, and they have found disturbing results:

Magical energy can be extracted from humans (in all but very few cases, killing the ‘donor’) and implanted into another to artificially create mage-like beings. However, the implantation process is often just as lethal. Not that this would stop Subrosia. With a population of 937 billion across the entire dimension, they got plenty to spare. And with that, the Military Aberrant project was born.

The Military Research Bureau

The most heavily funded Organization in the entirety of Subrosia, it’s easily one of the most influential. It’s also the most defended, with roughly 33% of the military capabilities firmly in its hands.

It boasts many achievements, such as the famous interdimensional drive that runs completely without magic, the RFSB (Rapid-Fire Shield Breaker) cannon, and most recently, the Military Aberrant project. But what does it actually do?

The exact procedure is a secret only known to the MRB. But, what it does is taking the magical energies of roughly one thousand people per subject and transplanting it into a single recipient. Only roughly 3% of said subjects survive said transplantation.

The end result is an amalgamation of many ‘colors’ of magic, clearly visible to those who can see magical auras as something utterly unnatural. These artificial mages have no capability of sensing outside magic, and while they tend to be vastly more powerful than rank and file mages of STAB, their control over their magic is usually subpar at best and they simply lack the experience to wield it properly.

On top of that, they have a dangerously high chance of becoming mentally unstable, often resulting in strange phobias, quirks, aggression or passiveness, if not complete insanity. Despite this, the project was praised as a resounding success.

Cecile Embers

The Head Researcher of the MRB, Cecile Embers is famous for being a genius with very little regard for human life. As the inventor of the MA process, Embers is one of the very few people almost all of the Magocracy hold in very high regard. She sees everyone and everything as a test subject, and some people say she even turned herself into a MA.

A secret Cecile toils very, very hard at keeping as such is the fact that she has the curious ability to absorb the magic from dead MA’s without harm, which is usually dangerous to the point of lethality. As such, her actual power level is completely unknown. Between that and her own army of MA’s, rumors say that she plans to usurp the Magocracy and make the entire dimension a base for her twisted experiments. But surely, those are just rumors… right?

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Yami Fenrir
Jan 25, 2015

Is it I that is insane... or the rest of the world?

Maria Efour (Military Aberrant: Radical Internal Augmentation - Experiment 4)

March 2300, Dimension #320: Subrosia

In a small laboratory in the middle of nowhere, in a isolated dimension of far less importance than it would like, what appears to look like an ordinary young woman. But, things never seem as they really are...


"Confirm effects of wavelength #320 on her brain." a man outside of my tube orders his aide.

A painful flash of white noise filled my brain. "You are number four" filled my mind, repeating itself.. You are number four. You are number four...

"I am... number four...?"

"Test successful!" the man orders. I got no response. "Test substance Alpha 3!"

I felt... weird. Hot. Cold. Both at the same time. My bones felt like they were shrinking and then growing again, large enough to push my muscles against my skin. My heart started to race...

"Heartbeat abnormal! Stop the test! Apply sedatives!"

As I drifted to sleep, I wondered what I did to deserve this... All I did was steal some food...


Several weeks later…

Tap… tap… tap. Someone’s coming. But I can’t sense their mind at all… I don’t understand…

The lights turned on, blinding my eyes for a moment, and then my tank got drained and then opened, and I fell onto the ground.

This someone gave me a hand and got me onto my feet. Only now I realized it was a woman. Despite them being right in front of me, it was just blank. My mind told me I was the only human being within a twenty-five meter radius. How is this possible?

“Hello, Maria. How do you feel?”

“Maria? Is… is that my name?”

“It is now. Please answer me.”

“I… I’m scared. I want to go home…”

“You have nothing to be afraid of. You’re one of the most powerful people in Subrosia, now.”


“How does your body feel? Do you feel sick? Are you feeling unusually aggressive, or lethargic?”

“I, uhm… I feel… fine, I suppose. Who are you?”

“I’ll tell you that in just a moment. But first, listen. Surely, you’re angry at what happened to you? Don’t you think the Magocracy is going overboard? Doing this to people like you?”

“I… I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore. All I want is to be normal…”

“Alright. Now, let me introduce myself. I am Cecile Embers, the director of this place. Although, I suppose that’s a fancy title for someone who’s just an unwilling cog in a machine, just like you. Tell me, do you hate me?”


“I… I’m not sure… I have this anger in my heart, yes, but I don’t think it’s directed solely at you… but why are you telling me all this?”

“I… I need your help.”


“The Magocracy… They want a ‘showpiece’. Something to brag to the STAB about. If I don’t present someone to them soon, they’ll kill me, you and everyone else here. The exact details are unclear, but you’ll be away from this place. And from Subrosia.”

“I… I’ll do it.”

"I cannot express how grateful I am. All I need is some final tests regarding your capabilities..."


Age: 3ael43k
Occupation: ... Data retrieval error. Rebooting database...
Hobbies: None specified
Fave Food: Military rations

Health: 40
Endurance: 70

Positive: 22

Attack +3
Barrier +3
Knowledge (Psychokinetic Combat) +4 (half cost!)
Vigorous +3
Flight +1
Iron-Willed +1
Psychic +4
Sixth Sense +2
Telekinesis +3

Negative: -17

Amnesia -2
Easily Distracted -1
Endurance Use (Telekinesis) -1
Fear (Scientists) -1
Mute -1
Naive -2
Outcast -1 (Anti-Subrosia Movements)
Servitude -2 (Cecile Embers)
Soft Spot -1 (Tasty Food)
Loyality -2 (Cecile Embers)
Unlucky -1
Weak -2


Mindburn [5]
Turns out headaches do more than just screw up your ability to think when they're amplified twentyfold!
[Continued Effect +10, Will +0, Ranged +0, Feather Blow -5]
Attack: 7 / DX: 5

Overwhelm Consciousness [5]
Mental Exhaustion is a bad thing in a battle. It's far worse if someone can trigger it intentionally!
[Effective +3 15, Will +0, Ranged +0, Fatiguing +0, Feather Blow -5, Inaccurate -5]
Attack: 6 / DX: 8

Mental Paralysis [0]
Anime was wrong, flashbacks in the middle of combat are actually really bad! So is being incredibly dizzy, the world suddenly turning pink and whatever else Maria can come up with at the time.
[Paralyzing +20, Will +0, Ranged +0 No Damage -20]
Attack: 7 / DX: 0

Megakinesis [25]
Don't make Maria angry if you don't want your house thrown at you. It's as simple as that.
[Ranged +0, Barrier Buster +5, Overwhelming +15, Redirectable +5, Strike Through +5, Area of Effect +10, Effective 4 +20, Endurance Cost: Telekinesis +5, Open to Attack -25, Inaccurate 2 -10, Low Penetration 1 -5]
Attack: 5 / DX: 8

Force Lock [10]
Hold still, damnit.
[Ranged +0, Paralyzing +20, Area Effect 2 +20, Accurate 4 +20, Endurance Cost (Telekinesis) +5, No Damage -20, Concentration -20, Elaborate Gestures -5, Unwieldy 2 -10,]
Attack: 11 / DX: 0

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Aug 14, 2005
"Something." - A famous guy

In the year Rebirth Century 0048, war erupted between the planet Zekrello and its colonies. The planet's government had long abused the colonies, and an opportunistic Bigro Dukedom took the opportunity to start a war of conquest in the name of liberation. After a year of fierce fighting, Bigro tested its experimental "5D Bomb," and almost instantly, the system was invaded by a group of aliens calling themselves S.T.A.B. Their forces were far greater than either side of the war, and they quickly forced an end to both the conflict and any further experimentation with such weaponry.

Like many other soldiers from her world, Sparkle Burst decided to take advantage of the new opportunities that came with the opening of interdimensional borders. Unfortunately, it was harder than she expected for a soldier of her caliber to find work. These aliens were strange. They were huge. About as big as a mech. Not that that intimidated her. She was sure she could take one out easily if she had to. But it was very hard to convince any of them of that. They just seemed to think she was cute. Even putting on traditional battle glitter just seemed to make things worse. Others of her kind found more success if they stayed in their mechs and pretended to be giants in power suits, but Sparkle was proud of who she was, and she was going to get work for who she was or die trying.

Sparkle Burst is a 6" tall fairy mech pilot. She's good at what she does, but thinks she's even better. She gets frustrated with the strange judgments that all of these aliens make based on her appearance, but she'll respect almost anyone who shows her the respect she feels she deserves. If you want her to like you, listen to her war stories with a straight face.


Health 20
Endurance 40

Art of Invisibility 2
combat expertise 3
dexterous 2
Flight 1
Knowledge (engineering) 2
Pilot 3
Quick 2
Sixth Sense 1
Vehicle (Mecha) 4

Bizarre Appearance -2
Frail -2
Hatred (Zakrello Federation) -1
Impulsive -1
Naive -1
Overconfident -1
Quirk (cute and thinks cute things are badass) -2
Weak -2


Fairy Fighting:
Roll: 5
DX: 1/2
END: 0

Sparkle Laser:
Roll: 6
DX: 1
End: 0
Accurate +5
Weapon -5


Mech stats:

Armor: 1
Health: 50
Endurance: 50

Armored 2
Attack 3
Strong 1
tough 1
Vigorous 1


Beam Saber:
Roll: 5
DX: 5
End: 0

armor piercing +5
weapon -5

Sniper shot:
Roll: 7
DX: 6
End: 10

Accurate x2 10
Armor Piercing 5
Barrier Buster 5
Effective x2 10
Stunning 10
Activation -10
Delayed -5
Recoil -10
Weapon -5

Roll: 5
DX: 7
End: 20

Area effect +10
Ranged +0
Stunning +10
Ammunition -5 (5 uses)
Effective +15
Recoil -10

Laser Barrage:
Roll: 5
DX: 5
End: 20

overwhelming +15
ranged +0
Effective +5
Multiple Targets +10
Buildup -5
Unwieldy -5


Rikkert Launcher
Roll: 5
DX: 14
End: 10

Effective x9 +35
Assisted -15
Unwieldy -5
Weapon -5

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Oct 11, 2012

Everything. Is. Fine.

Artemis Anxi, the Disgraced Ace

You ever think about how easy it is for your whole life to turn upside down? Go from top of the world to buried, in a single day, and no amount of power or righteousness makes a bit of difference. I was top of my class at the Academy, poured my heart and soul into being a STAB operative and promoting peace in the multiverse.

Never thought even for a moment that my biggest enemy would be in STAB itself, not outside of Hope. Never thought that the agency built to maintain justice would have anyone unjust in it. Biggest mistake of my life. Commander Wahl was the one who brought me down. See, there's this one dimensional world - Ziz, which he considered irredeemable. Kept causing problems, producing rogue sorcerer-kings that brought strife elsewhere. He ordered it to be neutralized - permanently.

I know, the smart thing to do would have been to follow orders, but call me stupid all you like, I do what's right, not what's smart. So I refused, disobeyed a direct order from a superior officer. I guess I didn't think they'd kick me out, dishonourable discharge... you know that's meant to be reserved for the people who commit serious crimes while in the STAB, right? Worse than that, they didn't discharge me for disobeying orders, oh no - the official reason for my discharge is that, through negligence, I stole the magic of a fellow cadet, Rhea, and she backed them up on it, personally, blamed me by name. Do you have any idea what that does to your reputation, when people think you committed a crime as heinous as that!? I can't even defend myself, who's going to take my word over the entire bloody STAB?

Well, that's why I'm here. Got the skills to go far in STAB, but I'm blacklisted there, name's in the mud, and I'm scrabbling for anything to make things right. I want to be a warrior for justice, even if STAB's refused that duty.

How am I able to do that, when they confiscated my External Soul? (That really hurt, by the way, I had that since the academy, it was a part of me!) Well, in Hope you can find bootleg versions of anything. I got an External Soul from a Ziz black market dealer, and even if it's... damaged goods, it does the job I need it to, and I can resist its' previous owner's influence. I am strong, and I am righteous, after all.


Agile 2
Attack 3
Barrier 2
Charismatic 2
Endurance Reserve 2
Flight 1
Intuitive 2
Iron Willed 1
Knowledge (STAB Combat Training) 4
Knowledge (STAB Combat Tactics) 2
Perceptive 2
Quick 2
Smart 2
Strong 1

Transformation 3 (Attack 3 Barrier 3 Agile 2 Loss of Control -2)

Arrogant -1
Code of Conduct -2
Focus -2 (Attack, Barrier, Agile)
Fussy -2
Impulsive -2
Infamous -2
Kind-Hearted -2
Overconfident -2
Rival -3 (General Wahl of the STAB)
Room for Two -2 (Echo of a Ziz Sorcerer)
Obsession (Setting Wrongs Right) -2
Stubborn -1

Health 40
Endurance 40


Lunar Lance:
Attack: 8/Dx 5 Endurance 5
Ranged+0 Armour Piercing +5 Effective +5 Feather Blow -5

Attack 8/Dx4 Endurance 10
Ranged+0 Area Effect+10

Solar Strike:
Attack 8/Dx 5 Endurance 10
Defensive +5 Reach +5

Void Cannon:
Attack 11/Dx7 Endurance 10
Ranged+0 Effective +15 Accurate +15 Strike Through +5 Open To Attack -25

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dank glitterqueef
Nov 6, 2005

Once upon a time, Hirōko Kōkyū was your average teenage schoolgirl. One day, all that changed when an adorable alien robot named Yūku (or Yū-chan!) appeared and granted her with magical powers and the duty to protect the universe! Using her trusty magical cell phone to transform and defeating evil after evil, clumsy young Hirōko grew into Pretty Space Valkyrie Hirōko, a powerful guardian who could always save the day.

Twenty years later, Hirōko is thirty-three years old and being a magical girl is not quite the same anymore. Her patience wears thin and despite being well into adulthood, her frilly uniform is still pink and covered in bows and hearts. She trusts Yūku when he reassures her that it's still her destiny to be a pretty warrior of the galaxy, but it's been so long that she's lost sight of who she is outside of her magical duties. Quicker to fight and get it over with than to look inside herself for anything resembling hope, Hirōko is a force to be reckoned with and definitely prefers the term "magical woman". Can banding together with a team of trusted warriors renew her spirit and drive any of the bitterness away? Nah... probably not.

"Living means an endless struggle to be yourself in spite of everyone's expectations. As for me, I'm a grumpy rear end bitch."


Normal Form:

Health: 40
Endurance: 40

Beautiful 1
Companion 1
Evasive 1
Passion (love) 1
Transformation 4
Sixth Sense 1
Smart 2
Shape Shifter 1

Compulsion (Cell phone games) -1
Focus -2 (shape shifter and transformation)
Quirk -2 (swearing like a sailor)
Rude -1
Short tempered -1


Health 50
Endurance 40

Agile 4
Attack 4 (2 when suppressed)
Beautiful 1 (2 total)
Quick 1
Tough 1

Bizarre Appearance -1
Love Magnet -1
Suppressed Power -1 (event: ally loses all health)



Beautiful Data Supernova
Effective x2 (10)
Ranged (0)
10 Endurance
Attack 6, DX 7 (5 when suppressed)

Digital Burst
Ranged (0)
0 Endurance
Attack 6, DX 5 (3 when suppressed)

Glittering Valkyrie Crush (defense piercing)
Armor Piercing (5)
Barrier Breaker (5)
Effective (5)
Ranged (0)
Elaborate Gestures (-5)
10 Endurance
Attack 6, DX 6 (4 when suppressed)

Galactic Flash (Blinding)
Area Effect (10)
Blinding (20)
Ranged (0)
Elaborate Gestures (-5)
Ineffective (-5)
Low Penetration (-5)
15 Endurance
Attack 6, DX 4 (2 when suppressed)

Eternal Beautech Explosion (super powerful once a day attack)
Redirectable (5)
Effective x6 (30)
Ranged (0)
Ammunition x3 (-15)
Elaborate Gestures (-5)
Unwieldy (-5)
10 Endurance
Attack 6, DX 11 (9 when suppressed)



Healer 3
Knowledge (Computers 2)
kind-hearted -3

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100 degrees Calcium
Jan 22, 2011


Rikkert's earliest memories are that of being an orphan on the streets of Hope. He never knew his parents or even who they were. He was initially "adopted" by the Hopeless Fists, a gang of thieves and malcontents that saw the defenseless boy as an ideal lacky. However, at the age of 6 he was able to compensate for his relatively small stature and lack of strength with cunning use of his environments, hiding the things he wanted and himself in unlikely places and using his wits to pit the gang members against each other. At age 12, he could have been a contender to lead the gang himself, but his rivals took the first move and ousted him The Hopeless Firsts had deemed him too much risk and not nearly the benefit he had initially seemed to be.

A childhood of cunning urban survival and self-sufficiency gifted Rikkert with tenacity and strength that made him a shoe-in for the Hope Police Force. He should have been a rising star in the Force, solving and often preventing record cases in his first year. However, what his upbringing had given him in determination it had taken from him a sense of restraint and propriety. The injury he caused to perpetrators, not to mention the dozens of vehicles and buildings that somehow endured extreme damage in his cases, was simply more than the HPF could overlook. Rikkert was forced to turn in his badge and gun.

Legal and even semi-polite society had no place for someone as brash as Rikkert and his skillset was applicable to a fairly specific kind of work. In the end, he was forced to pursue "extralegal" employment, offering his services as an attack dog or amateur sleuth to the highest bidder... or in most cases, simply the bidder with the strongest stomach and weakest conscience.

Health: 70
Endurance: 70

Agile +2
Attack +1
Combat Expert +3
Endurance Reserve +2
Intuitive +2
Iron-Willed +4
Pilot +2
Tough +3
Vigorous +3

Impulsive -2
Infamous -1
Loner -2
Overconfident -2
Passion -1
Rude -2
Short-Tempered -2
Stubborn -2
Unlucky -3

Left Hook [5]
Accurate (+5)

The Ol' One-Two [15]
Accurate (+5), Overwhelming (+15), Feather Blow (-5)

Sucker Punch [15]
Accurate (+5), Impairing (+10)

Pistol Shot [0]
Accurate x2 (+10), Ranged (+0), Ammunition (-5), Weapon (-5)

Now I Have a Machine Gun. HO-HO-HO [0]
Area Effect (+10), Ranged (+0), Ammunition (-5), Weapon (-5)

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Oct 11, 2012

Everything. Is. Fine.

Changing character up as previously established. Meet Prince Ly Ru nam Teiven


Health 30/30 Endurance 40/40

Barrier 2
Beautiful 2
Charismatic 2
Connected 2
Famous 3
Healer 4
Knowledge (Chakra Manipulation) 4
Performer 1
Smart 3
Teleport 1
Wealthy 2

Companion 2 (Intuitive 2 Perceptive 1 Crybaby -1) The prince's advisor and confidante, Fern Greenwood, empathic and responsible, but emotionally fragile. [picture coming soon]
Minions 2 (Attack 2, Strong 1 Code of Conduct -1 Airhead -1) Doubling up so there's two stronger minions, the prince's bodyguards, Sirs Brynn and Keirn nam Luach. Brothers with a healthy rivalry and not so healthy habit of brawn before brains. [pictures coming soonTM]

Absent Minded -1
Arrogant -1
Easily Distracted -2
Fear (Spiders) -2
Frail -1
Fussy -2
Greedy -1
Guardian (Fern) -2
Impulsive -1
Jittery -2
Pacifist -2
Quirk (Overly Formal) -1
Sensitivity -1
Slow -1
Soft Spot (Chocolate) -2
Stubborn -2
Wanted (Runaway Royal) -2
Weak -2

Attacks posted:

Royal Flash:
Roll: 8
DX: 0
End: 5

Accuratex2 +10
Blinding +20
Ranged +0
Elaborate Gestures -5
No Damage -20

Roll: 8
DX: 0
End: 5

Accuratex2 +10
Paralyzingx2 +20
Elaborate Gestures -5
No Damage -20

Roll: 8
DX: 0
End: 0

No Damage -20

Ly Ru nam Teiven (Yes, please use our full name, we are very important royalty here!) is from the Tir dimension, a land of bounty, riches, noble graces and cut-throat politics between the members of several squabbling, sprawling dynasties, all competing to be High King or High Queen of their dimensional system. Ly Ru fled before his coming of age ceremony, where he would have been betrothed to a princess he had never met, and expected to immerse himself in the arena of politics. Fleeing with only a few trusted followers, he's being hunted by his parents' servants and sworn knights, who want to bring him back because he figures very heavily into his parent's plans to make a power grab in Tir...

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Dec 1, 2006

Not a cute boy, just a boring girl.

Going out of town this weekend. I'll still try to make a post if something goes off the rails though.

Nov 5, 2010

Warning, Internet
may prove lethal.

Character sheet WIP

Janus - The Prime Soul

Transformed state


-From the report of S.T.A.B Research, Observation, and Development (R.O.D) department Thaumaturge, Dr Strong-

Research subject: #15996320 - 9B

...Following on from the study on Inaccessible Dimensions & Theoretical Rift Portals by Dr Manning, I have discovered a previously undocumented instance of a 'living rift'. Unlike the stationary rifts discribed in Dr Mannings study. This rift not only moves, but is reported to be sentient.

Existing as a human shaped door to what is theorised to be an entirely separate dimension. The 'door' self identifies as "Janus" but it is unclear if this is a title or a name. Janus appears to be a normal human male. Roughly 5' 7'', fare skinned, with piercing orange eyes. Multiple physical descriptions have been reported, but they eyes are consistent across all instances. Janus is not a single person, but a multitude of diffrent peronalities which appear separate from Janus itself. Thamaturge Sirgi theorises that Janus is an artificial being and that each different appearance may be a separate manufacture of this same door. The implications of this could be that the beings of this dimension are using Janus as a spy tool, observing our own worlds. We should investigate the potential risks and defensive strategies to implement in the event that they attempt to invade.

When the "door" is open, a number of things can occur. Basic forms can emerge, currently a maximum of 6 have been observed. These forms have been dubbed "Shades", their abilities are weak and can achieve a few limited tasks. These shades can be summoned easily and with little effort. Witness reports have stated that the Shades display personality 'quirks'. However, these witnesses cannot be relied on for accurate reports as many lack supporting evidence. Regardless a few notable personalties have been sighted on multiple instances. Please see attachment *R for the currently complied list.

Janus can additionally call to more powerful beings, dubbed 'Phantasms' or 'Wraiths'. These are far more individualistic and harder to control. Janus appears adept at summoning and banishing these creatures, though weather they're the same as the Shades or drawn from some other place is difficult to determined. Past report have shown Janus bargaining with the strongest of these Wraiths. It may be possible to turn these creatures against Janus, I have sent a request to Proffessor Xarn of the Enchanting Bindings and Runes team to begin investigations. Janus may know many of the answers to these questions, but past attempts to interview him have been unsuccessful. Please see attached incident report AAB8826-15/917.

Aside from the portal properties that Janus has displayed, it has shown some skills of its own. Minor combat abilities, and knowledge. It's greater combat reliance seems to be on the Shades. However, one field report mentions a modification of it's physical form that resulted in increased strength and defensive capabilities, alongside an inhuman appearance. Possibly a last resort should the situation warrant it as Janus's appearance was so monstrous that it was easily identified in the midst of the battle.

Personality reports advise that Janus is not socially versed. Displaying markers that suggest it is unaware of many of our social customs. A certain brash rudeness, coupled with detachment and empathy issues may suggest sociopathic tendencies. But conflicting reports show moments of altruism and compassion for no reward. Regardless in all instances Janus seems distracted by the chatter of it's shades and is noted to speak to them out loud in many instances. It is possible that the shades are influencing Janus's actions. Like different pilots at the bridge of the same ship.

With intentions as of yet unknown, and no obvious pattern of movement. I recommend further observation is required. It is possible we could obtain powerful allies. But until we can confirm the rifts objective, it would be unwise to offer access to what could prove to be a hostile enemy agent.

Janus looked up from the papers, stroking his chin. Curious lot, this S.T.A.B group were. It was amusing to see how desperately they were tying to figure him out. He idly leafed through the other pages of the report. The minds behind his eyes commenting and highlighting different sections of the text. Yadda yadda yadda "hostile force of unknown intentions" blah blah blah "no known afflications to recognised organisations" ect ect ect "Recommend immediate extermination" bla- wait, what? Oh, wait, they're talking about something else. False alarm.

He dumped the papers back onto the desk, already piled high with scattered documents, and turned the swivel chair he was sitting in to face the man the Shades were holding still.

"So, interesting report you've got here. Don't suppose you've got an explanation as to why you tried to lure me into an ambush?" He asked lightly, observing his hostage. A merc if he'd ever seen one. Scruffy bounty hunting badass with more scars then sense. He struggled vainly against the six figures holding him still. Janus had not intended him to come back. He'd hoped to raid the place and leave with Rambo here none the wiser. Still, in for a penny in for a pound.

"You drat freak! Don't think you're walking out of this alive!" The Hunter spat. Apparantly he was missing a few teeth as well. Charming.

"It's lovely of you to be so concerned for me. But I'll be fine." Janus muttered, half focusing on the man. He rose from the chair, stretching. He needed to get out of here. It there were bounties being put on his head, he'd clearly overstayed his welcome. Plus pissed off someone with enough connections to get report copies from the S.T.A.B. Why did things have to be so difficult? Sure, he'd brought down that smuggling ring, but they'd attacked him! It was hardly his fault that he'd won the fight. Some people just did not known how to not let things get personal.

[what do we do, Janus? Kill him?] Dakuvak, one of the shades asked.

"I'm thinking, I'm thinking...!" Janus waved the question aside. He knew exactly what he was going to do. "So, first, places like this are notorious for suddenly catching fire, or so I hear. But of course, I, as an upstanding citizen of this wonderful universe of ours, would never set a place on fire myself." The Hunter narrowed his eyes in confusion.

"However..." Janus continued, his voice suddenly a lot colder. "I don't have to." He raised his hand and streched his fingers. The space in the room felt suddenly wrong, like it was out of focus. The Hunter's panting breaths crystallized in the air as the temperature dropped. "I call to you...!" stated Janus his eyes glowing with a power that filled the old mercenary with a dream he had not felt since he looked into the eyes of the man who took his arm. He thought he was going to die when he looked into those eyes back then. Now looking deep into these irises glowing with arcane power, he knew he was going to die.

Something unseen seized him by the head. He could feel cold long talons cradling his skull. The razor sharp points bringing trickles of blood to the surface. Something formed from that sensation. Otherworldly, wrong, terrifying. The mercenary didn't notice that the Shades had dispersed. His whole world consistid of the skull like face that he was forced to stare into. Pitiless eyes aeons old that made him feel so small and so weak.

"The bargain is struck, gatekeeper! it hissed.

"I shall leave you to your work." Janus replied. leaving the dwelling and closing the soundproof door behind him. The screams started soon after. But the safehouse had been designed to not let any sound out. No one knew what was happening until the entire building's fire alarms went off. Janus melted into the fleeing crowd, and was long gone before the local constabulary showed up. His heavy hood hid those bright eyes from the swirl of humanity all around him. The Super shades of Rene, Sammi, and Rags formed around him, as though they always had been there.

[What's the plan, boss man?] Rags asked. Teeth bared, eager for more action. There was just no helping that guy. He'd kill the whole world if he had the chance.

"We needed a way of this world." Janus stated.

[But there's still so much to see!] Rene interjected, pouting. [The arena was offering a fighting torment. The local gossip said a few of the contestants were even off worlders! Perhaps you could bargain your way on board?]

"That's... Not actually a bad plan...!" Janus said, supprised. Rene was not known for making the best decisions. She looked pretty pleased with herself. "Pity I have nothing to barter with." he pointed out.

[W-W-Well, m-maybe I can h-help?] Sammi stammered, she was a shy little thing. But she had a knack with machines that bordered on genius.

"Would you be up for doing that?" he tried to keep the disbelieve out of his voice. She gave a nervous little nod, and then leant in on him, seeking comfort from him. Janus put an arm around her shoulders without thinking about it.

"Well then, we have a plan boys and girls. Lets go get us a ride." Janus nodded. Fading once more, into the steady stream of people. The great unwashed mass of humanity carried him along, away from the blazing flames that raged through the safe house, and the quickly blacking scraps of the S.T.A.B report.

- - -
A list of notable shades

- Notably smaller than most other shades, 'Sammi' takes the form of a young girl, possibly in her teenage years. Her personality appears to be shy and nervous. Sammi is only ever seems to appear in moments of calm, often hiding under Janus's arm. Her talents seem to lie with machinery.

The most likely Shade to: Want a hug.

Rene - Female shade that seems to enjoy parties and dancing. Most often sighted leading a ranged unit of Shades. Reports indicate she's outgoing, and quick to take action, but may not be the best at coming up with plans. Likes to try and tease others, but seems incapable of taking it herself.

The most likely Shade to: Drink too much and pass out.

Rags - Sighted only when there is violence to be found. Leads melee unit Shades. Enjoys fighting, a little too much to be honest. Rags throws himself at problems recklessly. And often argues with Janus when he tries to not solve problems with murder.

The most likely Shade to: Laugh when you fall down the stairs.

Rosethorn - Rarely sighted. Intellectual male Shade who seems to have terrible arrogance problems. No one seems to like him. But has his uses here and there. Only ever summoned to consult. Enjoys hamming it up and being the centre of attention anyway.

The most likely Shade to: Insult you until you cry, and then continue to insult you because you're crying.

Argus - Appears as a kindly old man, with a stooped back. Usually surrounded by a gaggle of other shades. Provides medial aid and words of encouragement. Seems to be some kind of leader. Little else is known.

The most likely Shade to: Be incapable of seeing you through his eyebrows.


HP: 40/40
Endurance: 50/50

Agile 2
Attack 2
Combat Expert 2
Connected 3
Evasive 2
Invisibility 2
Minions 3
Quick 2
Smart 2
Spirit Medium 4
Transformation 3
Knowledge 2 [Spirits]
Knowledge 2 [languages]
Vigorous 1

Absent-Minded -1
Bizarre Appearance -1 [glowing amber irises]
Code of Conduct -1
Emotionless -1
Easily Distracted -1
Fear [Small spaces] -2
Focus [Invisibility - Bracer] -1
Focus [Spirit Medium – Silver Ring] 2
Endurance Use [Invisibility] -1
Love Magnet -1
Impaired Sense [Taste] -2
Outcast -2
Loner -1
Rude -2
Quirk -2 [staring]
Overconfident -1
Room for Two -1
Short Tempered -1
Wanted -1

Transformation: 6
Attack 1
Armoured 2
Combat Expert 1
Intimidating 2
Quick 1
Strong 2
Bizarre Appearance -2
Short Tempered -1


Minions: Shades

HP: 10
Endurance: 20

Arcane Magic 2
Combat Expertise 2
Evasive 2
Iron Willed 1
Perceptive 1
Sixth Sense 2 ["Gut Feelings" (Echos from the other side)]
Vigorous 1

Accidental Transformation (bizarre appearance -2, Emotionless -2, Slow -2 Incorporeal form 3) -3 [Trigger: Lost Control]
Easily Distracted -1
Dependency [20 meter range of Janus] -1
Dependency [30 meter range of Janus] -1
Room for two [All the other shades] -2
Naive -1
Dull -1


Janus's Attacks

Grapple a go go! - Roll: 6 | DX: 0 | End: 0
Ranged+0, Paralizing+20, No damage-20
Summoning a group of Shades, Janus instructs them to grab and pin the target, holding them still.

Hands of Dust - Roll: 7 | DX: 3 | End: 0
Accurate+5, Defensive x2+10, Fatiguing+0 -Low Penetration x3-15
An unarmed defensive attack utilizing martial arts. A basic low key form of self defence for blending in.

Force Pulse - Roll: 8 | DX: 5 | End: 5
Effective x2+10 Ranged+0, Inaccurate-5
With a gesture, Janus fires a burst of magical energy

Shade Blitz - Roll: 9 | DX: 5 | End: 10
Overwhelming+15, Effective x2+10, Accurate x3+10, Build Up x3-15, Unwieldy x2-10, Weapon [Unsummoned shades] -5
Drawing his target close, Janus summons a ton of shades in rapid succession, battering his opponent relentlessly with attacks from every direction.

-Transformed attacks-

Claws of Dust - Roll: 9 | DX: 8 | End: 0
Accurate x2+10, Effective x2+10, Unwieldy x3-15, Low Penetration x1-5
Janus attacks with his transformed body, hacking and slashing with great fury and power.

- - -

Shade's Attacks

Shade Melee - Roll: 4 | DX: 1 | End: 0
A simple melee attack with armaments formed out of Shade stuff

Shade Ranged - Roll: 4 | DX: 1 | End: 0
A simple ranged attack with armaments formed out of Shade stuff

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Yami Fenrir
Jan 25, 2015

Is it I that is insane... or the rest of the world?

Kuzunoha Kabuki, the Kitsune

In the busy streets of one of the many cities of Regalian Earth, a loud commotion disrupts the everyday slog.

"Thief! Catch the Thieeeef! She's got my phoooone!" a young mother yells out, running out a shop and chasing after a young girl currently weaving through the masses with practiced agility. Chasing her into the alleys, she suddenly vanished.

Unable to locate the thief, the people chasing her returned to their schedules.

Minutes later, a decidedly different looking woman leaves the alleyways.

"Hah, nice. This thing's amazing! Newest model, Interdimensional Wifi, AND no password? How cool is that!" she mumbles as she switches through all of the different functions of her new phone.

In the corner of her eye, the girl notices a holodisplay showing her previous disguise. 'Huh, that way quick... I suppose I should find another place to hang out, huh? Maybe I can hitch a ride with the foreigners in the tournament...'


Kuzunoha Kabuki isn't quite what she seems. She appears to be a young woman, barely out of her teen years. ... Sometimes. You see, Kabuki is a kitsune from Märchental. One with three tails, meaning she's more than three hundred years old. Unlike the folk tales of the inhabitants of Märchental, foreign mythical creatures are not limited to their place of creation.

... They're usually not quite as benevolent, either. Youkai are well known for their... colorful morality. Of course, the general worship of these Spirits still holds true, so they went with the next best solution...

Giving them free transport to STAB affiliated dimensions. Naturally, STAB is not informed of this.


Health: 40/40
Endurance: 40/40

Abilities: 30
Agile - 1
Art of Invisibility - 1
Attack - 3
Beautiful - 1
Charismatic - 1
Dexterous - 1
Evasive - 2
Heal - 2
Heightened Sense - Smell 1
Illusions - 3
Knowledge (Youkai and their Powers) 4 - 2
Magic, Witchcraft - 4
Quick - 1
Shapeshifter - 3
Sixth Sense - 1 (Spiritual Disturbances/Youkai Influence)
Smart - 3

Weaknesses: 23
(Unique Weakness) Ominous Tails - 1
(Unique Weakness) Youkai Morality - 1
Accidental Transformation (Turns back into fox form, triggered by prolonged presence of dogs) - 3 (Turns into fox form and gains Weaknesses: Coward 2, Jittery 3)
Fear (Dogs) - 1
Focus: Dexterous, Charismatic, Shapeshifter, Illusions, Beautiful, Charismatic, Heal (Leaf) - 3
Greed - 2
Impulsive - 1
Ineptitude (Piloting and Driving) 4 - 2
Love Magnet - 2
Quirk (Likes messing with people for the sake of it) - 1
Secret (Being a Youkai) - 1
Short-Tempered - 1
Soft Spot (Tofu) - 2
Suppressed Power (Attack) - 2



Weapons are very fun to steal. The look on their faces never gets old!
[Accurate 3 +15, Disarming +10, Requirement: Humanoid Form -5, No Damage -20]
Attack: 10 / DX: 0


Go for the Eyes! [0]
Being able to see your opponent in combat tends to be pretty useful. So let’s put an end to that! Violently.
[Accurate 1 +5, Blinding +20, Will +0, Build up 2 -10, Low Penetration 2 -10, Requirement: Humanoid Form -5]
Attack: 8 / DX: 2/4


Playing Rough [0]
Censored to keep it T for Teen. Too violent.
[Accurate 4 +20, Effective 3 +15, Build up 2 -10, Finisher -10, Feather Blow -5, Recoil -10]
Attack: 11 / DX: 5/7


Will-O-Wisp Nodes[0]
Usually used to lure travelers to their doom in dangerous places, these can also be used more directly to burn them to a crisp. Mmh, crispy.
[Accurate 1 +5, Effective 2 +10, Trap +5, Continued Effect +10, Ranged +0, Low Penetration 3 -15, Elaborate Gestures -5, Delayed -5, Requirement: Tails revealed -5]
Attack: 8 / DX: 6


Spit Foxfire[0]
Being able to spew fire at will is great at parties! Also great for roasting your enemies, but that's secondary.
[Accurate 1 +5, Effective 2 +10, Defensive 1 +5, Continued Effect 2 +20, Overwhelming +10, Ranged +0, Low Penetration 3 -15, Elaborate Gestures -5, Ammunition 2 -10, Build up 2 -10, Feather Blow -5, Requirement: Tails revealed -5)]
Attack: 8 / DX: 8

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Nov 5, 2010

Warning, Internet
may prove lethal.

The shy cyborg Inventor


An Arena, watching people fighting for prizes. Not the kind of place she'd thought she'd be. But apparently it was important. The pungent smell of stale sweat and spilled alcohol floated lazily through the air, like a fly with nowhere to go. Draped in the awful scent of vomit and injury. The crowd chanted and bayed for blood. The fighters gave it too them. The brutality was breathtaking in it's callousness. It honestly made her a little sick. Although that might be because she could see the boils of the man in front jiggle along with his fat every time he cheered.

Sammi Cubrick did not like this place.

She was thankful that she was only there in 'spirit'. The Janus drive allowing her and a few others access as a simplistic ghost creature. The complicated holo rigs that matched their movements to their shades on the other side gave them full life like control. It was quite beautiful in it's own way. She could experience that world safely from the cradle she had designed and invented. As a mechanic she wasn't really supposed to be doing this. But the other leaders insisted. Especially Rene. She always worked hard to include Sammi, look after her. Rene didn't even mind it when she fell asleep in her lap during the long boring meetings they sometimes forced them to attend.

Besides, they systems still had some bugs in it. They needed to be ironed out before they could be rolled out to other locations- A signal flashed on her readouts, energy marker. The woman.... nooooo! Oh towers! It's a robot! No! Wait! Even better! A mech! A human sized mech! Sammi sat up, her eyes gleaming. The Sensation feedback of Janus's arm around her shoulders buzzed. Stopping her from moving fully. But she didn't care. Technical readouts flashed up on screen and she navigated through them with trembling fingers. The pilot was a tiny creature. Some kind of sprite? Didn't matter. It was using tech. As far as Sammi was concerned that meant that it was her champion. The only fighter out there who really stood for her. She tapped out a quick message *I hope the fairy mech wins*. Rene's reply was practically instant. *The Fairy mech? Marker please *.

Sammi obliged, and watched in awe as the fairy did battle with numerous foes. Her heart was in her mouth for most of it. Watching the mechanism dodge and weave with it's red circle hovering over it's head. It wasn't until the psychic girl paralized her that Sammi started to not enjoy herself. *That's not fair! TT_TT* she typed. The opposition was cheating! Rene's reply was mesured. *Aw, sorry your fairy didn't win kiddo, but you know, that girl reminds me of you a little bit.* Sammi blinked in surprise. How? She was quiet, and shy, and... oh, now she thought about it, they were kind of alike. *Well... at least I'm not a cheater!*. Rene did not reply.

She watched the girl with interest, a little pang in her heart, like looking upon a kindred spirit. She snuggled closer into Janus's cloak. Feeling conflicted. Then the new challenger entered the arena. Then all she felt was panic. Warnings flashed on her displays.

"Y-You've got t-to get o-out of there! R-R-Run! She's d-dangerous!" Sammi yelled. Wondering why her voice wasn't projecting. She buried her face into Janus's chest so she didn't have to watch. Realising she'd switched off her mike set. "T-They're g-g-going to w-win, r-right Janus?" She asked. He was good at fighting, he'd know the answer. His response did little to inspire confidence. Nor did the psychic keeling over. Sammi checked her scanners, something had knocked her out. A signal of some kind. Forgetting that she was by no means a fighter, Sammi made her attempt to escape first from Janus's cloak, and then from the man himself.

It lasted all of about three seconds before the servos jammed. He'd got her pinned. No! What about the girl! What about the Fairy mech! She couldn't sit here and do nothing! *Rene! Help!* she typed quickly. *Do that thing that I taught you. You know the bad touch thing!* came the reply. She couldn't quite understand why Janus reacted the way he did. But it worked. She was running, jumping, dashing down the steps. More warning flashed on screen as the battle continued. The screen flickered for a moment. But she was there! The barrier hummed in front of her.

"C-Come on... g-g-get up!" She yelled to the psychic. Flicking through the signal identifiers. Whatever it was, it was unusual. She'd never come across anything like it. She rerouted power, trying to boost her own signal. But she couldn't get it across the breach. Nothing got across, nothing except these shade forms anyway. She slammed her fists weakly against the barrier. It pulsed merrily.


Sammi blinked. Janus was on top of her. So was Rene. What just happened? She froze as his bright amber eyes met hers. He was so close, she could feel his breath on her face. Sammi blushed profusely. Her vitals reported a rise in body temperature, heart rate increased. Beads of sweat prickled along her spine. *Oooh, I think someone likes you! ;p* Rene's text flashed on hud. Sammi squirmed, Rene had a talent for finding what embarrassed Sammi more than anything else. She only had to mention kissing and Sammi would start to panic and blush. Although if she was joking around right now, then maybe the danger was passed?

"You okay Kiddo?" Rene asked. Patting Sammi's head. She expected that familiar feedback buzz. That phantom sensation of something touching you. Instead something seazed her. Sammi screamed. Alarms blared almost instantly. Pain, real pain shot through her scalp where a hand gripped hold of her hair. She was torn from the cradle. The sudden feedback knocking her senseless. Sammi whimpered where she lay, stunned. The room span, she was going to be sick. Her brain screamed at her GET UP! GET UP!

Something grabbed her again, hard and cold. Dragging her from the floor and slamming her into the wall. She flailed helplessly, limbs no longer following commands. Tears rolled down her face as she cried in terror. So scared she couldn't even think. She could hear someone yelling her name. She raised a hand, blindly reaching out in that direction.


The world exploded. Sammi felt herself being torn appart at the seams and scattered across a screaming void of black nothingness. She felt herself steach and contract. A hand plunged deep into her chest like an icicle. Wrapping around her heart. Something started to crush her head. Noise like the end of the world howled in her ears, louder and louder! And louder! AND LOUDER! AND LOUDER!!!

Sammi flew through the air and landed hard on the earthy ground. She bounced. Her natural armour absorbing most of the impact, but still whinding her. Sammi rolled to a stop. Panting, dizzy. Her stomach twisted. She took a few moments to let the world stop spinning. Sammi sat up, and took in her surroundings.

Panic set in.

She scrambled to her feet, her heart pounding, she looked around. She was in an alleyway. It looked like the city she'd watched Janus walk through. A blacked batch of smoking ground her point of entry. She could smell the grease and blood. The smell of burning stone. She breathed it in. Wait. That shouldn't be possible. The air was filtered back at the lab... Oh towers no. The readouts told her everything she feared. She was no longer in the lab. She was outside in a place she had never been before. She was alone....

Sammi Cubrick, started to scream.

Sammi Cubric is not of this world. That much is clear. Especially given how she entered it. The same portal that sucked in Janus, spat her out. Which was something of a surprise to all involved. Especially Sammi, because she was under the impression that it was impossible.

Her body is partly mechanical in nature, although it is unclear if these modifications happened at birth or later on. She looks completely human for the most part. But exposure to EMP causes her modifications to show through. She's managed to retain some of her abilities, but her main skills revolve around her genius grasp of technology. She can quickly manufacture items for quick use. Or spend longer making a more powerful device. The only two things that can drag her out of her shell is machines and gadgets, and desserts. Sammi speaks in a nervous stammer face to face, but through electronic means her speech loses the stammer.

Though she is not much of a social butterfly, Sammi longs for the approval of those around her. Trying her hardest to help however she can. Though this can often lead to her being easily manipulated. At least until someone can point out that she's being misled. She loves cuddles and snuggling up with someone, often she'll attach herself to one person, who she looks up too like a big sister/brother. She's quick to tears, and blushing. It's entirely possible to make her do both by looking at her long enough. Due to... events in her past. Sammi can't sleep unless she has ether her stuffed animal doll or another person to hold onto, and her understanding of certain events and subjects has a childlike if not fairy tail like bend to it. Though this may be because she's far too shy to talk to people and have her beliefs challenged.

Sammi is not the girl that you'd want with you in the middle of a fight. She's quiet, scared, shy, and would much rather be anywhere else. Which is why she built Mach. He's got a couple of glitches that Sammi's trying to work out of his system, but he's still her best and only option to fight back when something is trying to kill her. The rest of the time she runs and hides until the danger passes.

Mechanics are said to come in all shapes and sizes, and as they go, Sammi would definitely be ranked on the small side. Her naturally shy and meek personality mean she is ill suited to field work. Preferring to stay in the nice comforting safety of the labs and hangers of her home/workplace. Now separated from her native dimension and trapped on this side, she finds herself caught in a position that she'd never dream she'd be in. Which is... unfortunate.


HP: 40/40
Endurance: 60/60

Armoured 1
Attack 1
Cute 2
Dimensional Pocket 3
Flight 2
Inventor 4 (Free item - The Hedge Hawk)
Knowledge (Technology) 2
Life Support 2
Passion (Technology) 2
Pilot 2
Sixth Sense 2 {vision modes, and tactical readout hud}
Smart 2
Vehicle - Mecha 3
Vigorous 2
Walking Arsenal 3 (Vehicle -Mech)


Ageism -1 (young teenager)
Awkward Size -1 (small)
Accidental Transformation 1 (Bizarre Appearance 2 (Robotic cybernetic form) Trigger: EMP damage.)
Clumsy -1
Compulsion -2 (Gets excited/distracted around new technology)
Coward -1
Crybaby -1
Fear -1 (Thugs)
Jittery -1
Ineptitude -2 (Talking in front of a group)
Kind-Hearted -1
Naive -2
Obsession -2 (finding her father)
Quirk (stuffed Animal) -1
Shy -2
Soft Spot -1 (Desserts)
Unlucky -1
Vulnerability (EMP) -3
Weak-Willed -1

The Hedge Hawk

An Anti-grav hover jet that Sammi made, works as a stealth transport jet, and can attach to Mach and act as a modular jet pack. Plus transport multiple people at once.


The Hedge Hawk
Gear 4 (Vehicle - Mecha 4)
- Flight 2
- Quick 2
- Life Support 2
- Invisibility 2

Mach the Mech

Sammi's combat mechanised armour. Scratch built, which a rush-coded AI which she has dubbed Mach. Mach is something of a problem for Sammi. Having missed out the part of the core rules that stops Mach being able to edit his code, Mach has since gained himself a lot of leeway. Especially when it comes to piloting the mech. Sammi is still working on it, but it's taking some time. Till then, Mach is a powerful tool. Capable of altering it's form to suit the needs of the situation. Giving Sammi a lot of power. However, Mach's personality is difficult to work with.

Sammi is not a very forceful person, so she struggles to deal with Mach when he decides to take control of the mech. Which he can, and will do. Beyond that, he's stubborn, rude, and egotistical. But he does worry about Sammi and tries to help her. It's just his programming is not complex enough to show him where to draw the line.


Mech 14/6 (14) (-7)
HP: 60/60
Endurance: 40 (+40)
[Has walking Arsenal]

Armour 2
Attack 2
Barrier 1
Combat Expert 2
Gear 2 (Endurance Reserve 2)
Evasive 1
Quick 1
Strong 1
Tough 2

Room for two -1 (Onboard AI)
Code of Conduct -1 (Do not leave the Mech, Control the mech when the user is incapacitated doing it wrong, Ensure the survival of the pilot THAT YOU LOOK AWESOME AT ALL TIMES)
Overconfident -2
Rude -1
Stubborn -2
Compulsion -1 (Won't stop back/front seat driving)
Ineptitude (Fine manipulation) -1


Attacks - Sammi

You've activated my- boom! - Roll: 7 | DX: 3 | End: 5
Area Effect +10, Impairing +10, Trap +5, Accurate x4 +20, Ranged +0, Effective +5, Activation -10, Low Penetration x2 -10, Buildup -5, Unwieldy x2 -10, Elaborate gesture -5, Delayed -5
Crafting parts from her own (limited) energies. Sammi Throws a little gadget, made to impair the target, can be set on a trigger or explode on contact.

Assault Beam - Roll: 6 | DX: 3 | End: 5
Range +0, Barrier Buster +5, Accurate x3 +15, Effective +5, Buildup x2 -10, Activation -10
Producing an emitter array, Sammi fires a concentrated beam designed to pierce through shields and barriers.

Power to Shields! - Roll: 3 | DX: 2 | End: 5
Defensive x5 +25, No Damage -20
Sammi puts her power into her shields, focusing more on protection then attack.

Hammer Attack - Roll: 6 | DX: 3 | End: 5
Stunning +10, Accurate x3 +15, Effective +5, Unwieldy -5, Open to attack -20
Folding out a two handed hammer larger than she is, Sammi swings to stun an attacker who got too close for comfort. Letting the kenetic energies held in the hammer do the work her natural strength could not.

Oh look! A distraction! - Roll: 5 | DX: 4 | End: 20
Overwhelming +10, Continuous effect X2 +20, Range +0, Accurate x2 +10, Effective +5, Strike Through +5 Elaborate gesture -5, Activation -10, Feather Blow -5, Buildup x2 -10
Flash building a swarm of tiny robots, Sammi sends them to inflict distracting damage while she makes a run for it.

Attacks - Mach the Mech

Mach Melee - Roll: 7 | DX: 5 | End: 10
Accurate x2 +10, Effective +5, Stunning +10, Unwieldy x3 -15
With a big swing, Mach slams his fist into whatever he's targeting. Letting the kinetic discharge coils knock the enemy flying.

Ready, aim, fire! - Roll: 7 | DX: 3 | End: 0
Range +0, Accurate x2 +10, Ineffective -5, Feather Blow -5
Bringing the basic armaments to bare, Mach unleashes a hail of fire.

Void Shields - Roll: 5 | DX: 4 | End: 5
Area effect +10, Defensive x5 +25, No Damage -20, Low Penetration x2 -10
Unleashing a wide area barrier field. Inside the barrier hostile movement is limited. Protecting both against range and melee. However, It has no ability to differentiate between friend and foe. Meaning it is best used at range when near allies.

Missile/beam barrage attack - Roll: 7 | DX: 4 | End: 10
Ranged +0, Overwhelming +10, Vampire x2 +10, Accurate x2 +10, Feather Blow -5, Unwieldy -5, Activation -10
Locking on, Mach fires a swarm of assault drones, blasting the target and stealing matter to repair its systems with all in one go.

Nova collapse! Black hole warp cannon! - Roll: 9 | DX: 8 | End: 20
Area Effect +10, Impairing +10, Ranged: Strength powered +5, Accurate x4 +20, Armour Piercing x3 +15 Effective x3 +15, Activation -10, Recoil -10, Open to attack -20, Buildup x3 -15
Unloading the full destructive potential of Mach, Sammi sets up a devastating beam cannon and unloads on the target. Maximum effect!

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I'm resigning from the game. My motivation and overall emotional balance have been at an all-time low. While posting in a PbP game isn't exactly the most demanding task, it's easily the first thing that falls off when I start making cuts to my obligations. Instead of drawing it out further, I'm just gonna cut out now. Sorry for all the delays and for bowing out so early. I hope the game continues to go well.

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