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Dec 12, 2013

I received a Blue Snowball USB microphone for Christmas and am having issues running any software to equalize the audio I'm getting from it because my internal soundcard is hosed up.
This thread consists of two questions:
1. Does the Snowball USB microphone require a direct connection to a computer for anything other than power?
Does it require processing functions that are handled by the plug-n-play drivers on the device? Does the USB connection just deliver audio to the PC?
If the above is possible/true, then...
2. Where can I find a powered USB female to 3.5mm aux cord adapter?
The female USB hub MUST BE POWERED, which cannot be done from the 3.5mm connection to the computer. Is there an adapter that sends audio from a USB device into a physical mic-in/line-in while powering the USB device?
I have a Blaster Z soundcard that does not recognize USB connections (it does not have a USB in and does not acknowledge USB connections to the motherboard), and this is what I intend to use the 3.5mm adapter to connect to.

If there is a software solution that would let me spoof the soundcard's line-in and mic-in ports without VST fuckery or those freeware "virtual cables" (none of them work for me), please post it.
[posted to IYG because the HARDWARE Short Questions OP says audio stuff and accessories go here]

Edit: typoes

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Nov 11, 2011

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USB Microphones are their own, separate, (generally) input only soundcards. Selecting them as an input source will generally be done in the software you record in. Any other soundcards in your system don't need to be aware of it or interact with it. No inputs will need to be spoofed as long as the software you're using allows you to select different input and output devices, which generally will be the case. You're not mentioning it, but I'm assuming you're trying all this on a Windows PC.

The usb connections indeed delivers audio to the pc, as well as powering the mic.

As for usb female to 3.5mm aux cord adapters, if they exist, which I doubt, would be a terribly hacky workaround for you to use the wrong type of microphone in all sorts of ways that nature never intended.

So maybe start at the beginning and tell us in what sort of setup you're trying to use it, with what software, to achieve what sort of end goals and what part of it isn't working the way you want it to.

Also, audio stuff generally goes here, but for recording purposes the question would have been appropriate in the Musician's Lounge as well, maybe even more so.

Dec 12, 2013

Sorry for not mentioning it in the OP.
I'm on Windows 7 64 Ultimate Edition.

This is the problem I need to solve:

My new soundcard only accepts direct connections to its line-in and microphone 3.5mm ports. I intended to receive this type of microphone but the person that gave me this one didn't read all of my notes on what I wanted this christmas (and there were a lot of bulletpoints on this point so I don't blame them for missing one of them, even if it was vitally important...).
To get a direct connection I want to find a powered usb female --> 3.5mm out adapter. I don't care how hacky this solution is, I don't want to return this gift. I am willing to spend stupid amounts of money to not upset the giver.

Edit: and to be clear, I have googled this.

Edit2: had a bit of a breakthrough. What's the cheapest physical equalizer/pass through that accepts USB audio and has 3.5mm output?

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Grey Area
Sep 9, 2000
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Are you sure you need Creative's Crystalvoice? Have you tried recording with the Snowball mic? The drivers that come with the mic may have similar features to whatever Creative's software does. If the results are good you can ignore the Soundblaster software entirely.

Dec 12, 2013

Grey Area posted:

Are you sure you need Creative's Crystalvoice? Have you tried recording with the Snowball mic? The drivers that come with the mic may have similar features to whatever Creative's software does. If the results are good you can ignore the Soundblaster software entirely.

The drivers for the Snowball don't include any actual software, they just let the computer recognize the mic. There is no equalizer, audio balancer, anything like that. All of the software I've tried does not use my new soundcard and immediately attempts to use the broken internal card, with poor results.

It's looking like I'm going to be replacing this microphone anyway...

Dec 12, 2013

Does anyone know of an android application that does live playback of the input from USB OTG audio source? I'm currently trying a setup with an old Android device (that recognizes and utilizes the Snowball) but I can't find any apps that let me just... Route audio out of the device...

[this reply will probably get cross-posted into an Android thread when I get chance]

Jun 1, 2009

Fallen Rib

Yes you're not going to reasonably get the Snowball mic routed to an analog input.

What will you actually be using it for? Live narration/radio broadcast, voice chat, or narrating video recordings?
For the latter, you can do post-editing in a regular audio editor, and shouldn't need any live processing.
For voice chat, a headset is probably going to be more comfortable and less prone to picking up environmental noise, like keyboard clack.
For broadcast, same thing about environmental noise applies, but is otherwise the least unreasonable scenario.

Anyway, what you could do, is get a small USB sound card dongle, and then use a jack-jack cable to connect the output of that sound card to the input of your SB. Then use something like VoiceMeeter to route the microphone's input straight to the USB sound card's output.
Note that this is a really stupid setup, and will probably add a noticeable delay.


Jan 20, 2008

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It will be more expensive but IMHO the best way to do this is with a USB Audio Interface

I picked up a Tascam us-122mkii at a pawn shop recently and it has XLR and 6mm Mic inputs, I just want to use it as a better soundcard but it's covered in ports. Even has phantom power for condenser mics.

Paid $60 for mine from the pawn shop, might be some on ebay.

Something like this, that uses ASIO Drivers, will be much better than trying to dick around with anything that creative offers.

Bunch of them here:


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