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May 18, 2007

Hair Elf

If this is your first year on TFR, we have an annual thread where we discuss our goals from the previous year, and set new goals for the new year!

Last years thread can be found here (need archives, or ask a goon to look yours up):

My list from last year:


-Still sell the Remington 11-48 Done! Well mostly, I parted it out and still have a couple parts that didn't sell
-Sell my Smith and Wesson 1917. I don't ever shoot it Done!
-Sell my C96. I don't ever shoot it Done!
-Sell my extra AR15 lower. I'm never going to build another AR15 Almost did, but the buyer backed out

-Maybe turn my AES10B into an NPAP or something. I love the gun but I think I might like a proper AK over an RPK more. Decided to keep AES10B, it's too much fun despite its inconvenient size
-Buy a POF MP5 Done and Form 1'd!
-Finish assembly of FAL parts kit Did this too, go me!
-Get a lever gun in 357 Picked up a Rossi 92, it's amazing
-Shoot more (always a goal) I think I did?

This years goals:
-Sell AR15 still
-Form 1 my Z-43P
-Sell a bunch of my shotguns that I don't use and turn them into a smaller amount of nicer shotguns that I will use
-Get a decent reloading setup for 38/357 since I have a levergun now that is fun on the bun
-Learn to shoot gooder, maybe take a class or something
-Get a suppressor
-Get a PPC revolver

SpartanIvy fucked around with this message at 20:35 on Dec 27, 2015


May 26, 2004

you are a filth wizard, friend only to the grumpig and the rattata

I don't remember what mine were last year but I probably didn't do any of it. I probably won't do anything this year either.

edit: Yup. This checks out.

2016: Two suppressors and a few SBR forms currently pending, all on my trust. Buy a few more guns? SG 553? 5.56 krink? Anything to fill this hole inside me. I don't give a poo poo.

Get a new fuckin avatar maybe?

Make it to 2017?

Bummey fucked around with this message at 14:56 on Dec 29, 2015

Oct 21, 2009

Spend less on beer and dumb revolvers

Lol not gonna happen

May 18, 2007

Hair Elf

Bummey posted:

I don't remember what mine were last year but I probably didn't do any of it. I probably won't do anything this year either.

Sep 25, 2004
[This Space for Rent]

From last year:


For 2015: I'm just going to focus on getting the guns I have the way I want them. Mainly small accessories, reloading consumables to go shoot more, sights, and things like that. Going to continue to get everything financially sorted out to be on track to buy a house before we're priced out of the market. I don't think I'll buy any guns this year, and for the first time in a long time, there's nothing I urgently want. The guns I do want are kind of off in the future - there's stuff I'd like to have, but I'm not feeling any sort of desire to pursue them. I really want to spend this year shooting a lot more. I'd like to get into some of the clay target shotgun games, so I might end up with a gun related to that, but I doubt it.

I'd also like to have a kid, too. Trying, but nothing yet. Kids are pretty cool

So, none of that really happened. Bought a revolver in January, sold my LCP to fund that. It has become my main ccw gun. Did buy some accessories. Tried and failed to buy a house. No kid yet. Bought a car.

For this year:

Lose weight. Starting a program in January that I recently did a trial of with good results. Going full time with it should be good for me.

Continue to work on credit to buy a house. When we tried before we just barely missed the cut off on credit scores... mainly due to having to buy a car. Hopefully we will be in a better position next year or early 2017.

Go back to school. I plan to get my terminal education degree, either an Ed.s or Ed.d. It translates to a five or six thousand dollar a year pay raise which means no more having to work two jobs

May 14, 2007

For 2016 I'm going to re-up my range membership, finally get that vz82 finished, and keep making at least 1 trip a month with the goal of further improved accuracy on paper.

right arm
Oct 29, 2011

right arm posted:

buy all the guns on my 2015 gun list done, cz TS orange will not be out this year

buy a 6" pardini GT9 with my tax return money
bought a 5" instead, not with tax return money

buy a HK auto sear for my MP5SD and inevitable MP5K did not buy a sear and will not buy a sear

finish 550 build my 550 is totally done


finish my weird .223 collection by purchasing a HK SL6 and a daewoo K1A1 or K2 variant

save up for a PE57

buy a TS orange

buy a SIG 553

buy a gemtech one

Flatland Crusoe
Jan 12, 2011

Great White Hunter
Master Race

Let me explain why I'm better than you

Flatland Crusoe posted:

For 2015:
Really work on shotgun shooting, it's been really neglected. Maybe get professional coaching. - Fail

Continue to hunt out of state more, fewer more focused efforts.- double success on big game, so close on turkeys

Shoot a turkey with a bow. - I missed on video, see it here

Get a successful hunt really on film.- Uh really close again, missed a turkey on video, had another Hunter blow another turkey at close range, antelope kill is on video but little story line and isn't edited.

Decide whether I'll ever get a CCW in this state then act accordingly. - still haven't decided this one

Consolidate all .243 brass to one load or maybe 2, buy a second set of dies if 2.- essential done Barnes TTSX 45.5 gr H4350 and now 3 antelope, a whitetail and a mulie have fallen to it from 80 to 450 yards

Go hunting out west again.- Wyoming antelope, NE Sandhills mulie (Bonus, thanks Charliebravo77)

Shoot a practical LR rifle match. Fail, Guys schedule everyone conflicting with the rest of my life

Shoot once a month. -still getting maybe (6-10 range trips/year tops thanks to hunting/cycling)

Get the bow restrung and tuned, join Lincoln park archery club.- done

1. Hunt Elk
2. Shoot more archery
3. Join true LR range
4. Buy a bigger hunting rifle
5. Get rid of all my poo poo gear whether that is for sale, give away
6. Buy 4 figure $$$ binoculars
7. 10mm handgun

Shima Honnou
Dec 1, 2010

The Once And Future King Of Dicetroit

College Slice

Uzi carbine.
Mac-10 pistol.
Lose weight.
Get dates.
Fail at least one of the above.

The Rat
Aug 29, 2004

You will find no one to help you here. Beth DuClare has been dissected and placed in cryonic storage.


Goals for 2015:
Stay fit (continue moving towards 240lbs dead lift/squat/bench press; am currently at 210/220/240 respectively)
Do well in school
Bounce the gently caress out of school if another tech contract job becomes available in Afghanistan

Got to 240lbs on dead lift/squat/bench, but then had to move down on dead lift and squats after tweaking my back on a long hike. Did all right in school. No tech contracts have come up, so here I go still in school

2016 goals:
Stay fit.
Finish this drat bachelor's degree.
Get a job after school is done.
Hit expert in IDPA ESP.
Spend some more time in the national parks in Utah and the PNW. Maybe Glacier again.

Butch Cassidy
Jul 28, 2010

- Buy fewer guns, more ammo

- Fix the five guns that need repair

- See if I can get a FFL in this house to start accepting locals' pistols for holster work

- Get the vacuum press and surge tank built

- Finalize my holster workshop setup and work benches

- Pick up the handful of tools I need to make life easier, spindle sander being item #1 on that list

- Start playing with leather

- Settle my reloading setup and re-stock my consumables

- Buy a hunting license and get out a few times with my dad

- Snag another lower or two and SBR one

- Pick up kid-friendly grips for the Model 10

- Hike, camp, swim, kayak, and ride bike more. The last year and a half has been E/N hell and I need to get back to my old self

- Nighttime snowshoe to have a fire and roast hotdogs a few times. At least once with my father

Darth Freddy
Feb 6, 2007

An Emperor's slightest dislike is transmitted to those who serve him, and there it is amplified into rage.

Some one quote mine....or buy me archives.

right arm
Oct 29, 2011

Darth Freddy posted:

2014 sucked major rear end with tons of poo poo happening, heres to 2015 being better.

Non gun goals.
Get off my rear end and get my CDL or bite the bullet and be a oil field hand.
Get my rear end in shape. My blood pressure is high, my cholesterol is way high and I am pre diabetic. So make a work out plan and stick the hell to it.
Maybe get a new tattoo.

Gun plans.
Try and learn how to reload, I have some equipment but no idea what they are really and need to learn to use them and get what else I need.
Learn to build a AR. It looks easy but every time I start looking at parts it gets a little over whelming.
Get my CDL and a new compact pistol to go with it.
Maybe go hunting.
Befriend sixgun, right arm and that Canadian dude

Goal. Do the get in shape and find a decent job thing. Reward my self with a new firearm.

Mar 18, 2010

Bad Dog

"GoGoGadgetchris" posted:

2015 goals:
1. Repair S&W 2206
2. Repair Colt MkIV Series 70 1911
3. Sell PS90(Maybe... I've been meaning to do this for 2 years)
4. Shoot more - For all the money I spend on this hobby, I only make it to the range about 3 times a year.

1. Gave it back to my dad
2. Gave it back to my dad
3. Sold that shiiiiiiiiiiit and bought two suppressors with the $$$
4. I made it to the range 3 times last year, so at least I didn't get any worse.

I joined the Tri County Gun Club this month, so hopefully I'll shoot more now that I have an excellent facility 20 minutes away that I'm paying big bucks for.

Darth Freddy
Feb 6, 2007

An Emperor's slightest dislike is transmitted to those who serve him, and there it is amplified into rage.

Hey 2015 sucked a little too.
Bad things. My mom passed away.
Good things. Got married.

Goal wise. Did not get my cdl but did get into the oil feild and got one of the best paying jobs I have ever had, it's not much but beats the poo poo out of retail.

I lost about 20 pounds. Stopped eating like poo poo. So my blood pressure has gone down, my blood suger is looking good and even my cholesterol is looking better.

Didn't build it but I purchased my first and second ar.

No reloading or hunting, chl is achieved.

So this year. Reloading is back on the list, get more range time. Got a crossbow for Christmas so going to learn as much about that as I can.
Know people with them so going to hit up a deer lease.

Hrmmm I suck at goals

Mar 2, 2007

Ain't No Thang.

From last year


CZ 527 x39
Tikka 6.5x55
Benelli Supernova

Dang only got like half of one of those.

Got the Tikka but in 270.

Still working on the 527 and maybe a Supernova but probably thinking more Mossberg 500.

List is gonna be something like

Sig Nitron 1911 Railed

CZ SP-01

CZ 527 x39

Benelli Supernova or Mossberg 500

Aug 12, 2011

I am Centurion Titus Polonius. And the only trouble I've had is that nobody seem to realize that I'm their superior officer.

Last year's resolutions:

Beardless posted:

Take a pistol shooting class
Start doing IDPA
Start reloading

Guns I want to get:
Savage 99 (This one's kind of a gimme, I've got it on layaway.
Henry Lever Action in .22
AR (Even just a lower)

Non-Gun stuff:
Lose weight, get in shape etc.
Start going to college.

I never took any classes, didn't start IDPA, and I have yet to reload a single round. On the other hand, I did get two of the guns that I had planned on getting (The Savage 99 and an AR), as well as two that I had not made resolutions about, an M1 Carbine and a single-shot .22. As far as the non-gun stuff, I'm still pretty fat, but I have started going back to school, so that's good.

2016 Resolutions:

Shoot more.
Start reloading.
Have the Savage 99 rebored in .358 Winchester

Guns I want to get:
Henry levergun in .22
Some kind of Winchester 92 clone
SAA in .357
S&W M&P9, fullsize
.308 bolt-action rifle.

General stuff:
I'd still like to get in shape.
Stay in school etc.

A Wizard of Goatse
Dec 14, 2014

I don't remember any prior resolutions, which means they're done and I'm awesome and definitely don't need to examine too closely what I spent this year doing

- build rest of hydraulic power suit
- crush enemies
- stick a Madsen or something on it

Sep 17, 2009



1. work on getting my out-of-state CCW permits
2. Acquire a 9mm carbine of some sort. Camp carbine, AR, The new CZ, something.

Mar 27, 2010

From last year

doc_awesome posted:

Keep doing USPSA, ideally one match/month
take two classes (already taking a Frank Proctor class this weekend)
Get another 30cal suppressor and another 9mm suppressor
Better glass for my savage
XLR element chassis for my Savage
get a dedicated 9mm lower for my 9mm ar sbr and maybe do a .300blk sbr with the spare lower
Lose weight I gained last year after not working out
Maybe buy a semi-auto .308 of sorts

Did like 5 matches this year due to weather being lovely.
Took the Proctor class, was supposed to take a Vogel class but that got cancelled last minute
Sold my Savage for a Tikka
Nope, turned my 9mm to a DOE clone
Lost a bit of weight

For 2016
Don't buy any guns
Shoot at least 5k pistol rounds this year
Get quantitatively better in USPSA
Do at least one long range shooting match
Lose more weight
Get my bench/squat/deadlift to 250/450/500 pounds (currently at 210/385/445)

Sep 14, 2007

I don't think I did 2015, but this time around:

~ 2016 ~
- Pull some pistol permits (NJ ) and a CZ75 Shadow to fill one. I've had mags and a holster for it for a while.
- Make the trip out to Mifflin to get to shoot farther than 300 yards.
- Actually take time to go shooting and do more jeep stuff. Between work and moving, 2015 was hosed in that regard. Take some Fridays off, do some poo poo instead of working.
- Build out a .22 trainer and maybe pick up an Evo carbine.

sky shark
Jun 9, 2004


This year:
  • Continue working out and dropping weight. Down 30lbs and 6" in the belt line thus far, first time I've had a 36" waist in over a decade.
  • Buy new gunbelts to match my new size. Also buy one in black and not just brown so I have something to match all clothing choices.
  • Switch over to 9mm for daily carry all year. Already carry the Shield for summer, but am using the 226 in .40 in winter because I haven't bought a decent IWB for my Glock 19s (they are all paddle OWB).
  • (If released in 2016) Buy a Tavor X95
  • Put an optic on Jr's Ruger 22/45 and take him shooting for the first time, now that he's 5. Since the gun has a threaded barrel, I finally have a dedicated host for my .22 suppressor.
  • ICW above, if possible, reconfigure my 10/22 to make a dedicated plinking rig for Jr. It's currently in a Krinker Plinker rig that was a huge mistake.
  • Trade in Eotechs for Aimpoints or Trijicons
  • Get my kit squared away. I have too much crap that isn't set up all the way that is taking up space and not ready.

Apr 9, 2007

Pretty Little Lyres

-- whenever I get back to the US, go to a shooting range since it's been forever
-- while I'm living outside the US, at least play some darts or something so I can get I at least some form of projectile hobby, since I'm not sure Liberia even allows airguns
-- when I'm next back in the US, even if just for a week or two, buy some sort of rifle (either an Ares SCR or some pawnshop levergun so it's something I can take even to a ban state). Since right now it feels fundamentally wrong to be an ex-Marine and not own a rifle anywhere in the world, since back in the US I just have some pistols and a couple subguns stored away but sold my last rifle before I moved to Germany.

Apr 20, 2001

What the hell are YOU?


Start some kind of AR project.
Get non-resident licenses for CT and NH. Maybe RI if I can swing the requirements (I live in MA).
Continue carrying my tiny Austrian pants-gun everywhere I'm legally allowed.
Shoot mad bullets at paper. Mad of em.
New exhaust and tune for the Challenger.

Jul 24, 2007
Po babitos una te babito kokeros

Reached most goals of 2015.
For 2016 likely getting rid of 90% of my collection before I'm forced to do so due to legislation stupidity in the EU

Jul 11, 2004

Bubakles posted:

For 2016 likely getting rid of 90% of my collection before I'm forced to do so due to legislation stupidity in the EU

Buy a boat. Or just rent one for the afternoon.

May 19, 2007

Black Lives Matter

Last Year
Get a safe, which I did, sort of. It's a Rigid Tool chest, loaded full of heavy poo poo it will stop any smash and grabbers from taking muh guns.
Get some AR15 lowers, which I did
Shoot more, which I did.

This Coming year
Get a CHL
Attend more IDPA/IPSC/etc... shoots and get better.
Get myself a 1911 (had one, sold it, regret it)
Get myself something for CC (Glock 43?)

At this point this is poo poo I probably won't get done but will try to if money/time allows.
Go to some classes
Reloading setup
Decent Night vision Scope/Goggles
.357 levergat
45-70 Levergat (another gun I used to own and regret selling)
An upper for my incomplete AR15 DMR project.

Jul 11, 2004

Craptacular posted:

Goals for 2015:
Start shooting IDPA weekly again (stopped late 2013 when I got a bit burnt out with shooting in general).
If possible (need to talk to the range owner where we do 3-gun about this), start up a regular submachinegun match. I don't shoot my Uzi much because while it's fun to do a couple magdumps occasionally, it gets old pretty quick. There's a regular subgun match in Dallas I've gone to in the past, which I really enjoyed, but doing something locally would be easier.
Get a box magazine-fed 12 gauge and shoot Open in 3-gun (rifle doesn't need much to be Open, maybe a bipod, and I have an RMR'ed G34 for an Open handgun).
Build up the ammo stash.
I am shooting IDPA weekly again.
Subgun thing didn't pan out.
The club where I was shooting 3-gun closed, so I got out of the habit of shooting it. There's another match I could attend, I just need to start.
Not going to buy an AR10 12-ga until I shoot 3-gun more and until I can see some 3rd party reviews of the model I'm interested in.
Pre-Nov 8 ammo stash purchase plan has been underway for awhile, just need to stay on the plan.

Pryor on Fire
May 14, 2013

2015 resolutions same as 2016:

Don't buy anything made by Remington
Never set food in Florida for any reason

Looking good so far.

Doctor Grape Ape
Aug 26, 2005

Dammit Doc, I just bought this for you 3 months ago. Try and keep it around for a bit longer this time.

Pryor on Fire posted:

Never set food in Florida for any reason

Hey man, if you just leave food somewhere you're asking for it to be taken.

May 16, 2003

Clearly their proficiency at shooting is supernatural, not practical, in origin.

All I really wanna do in 2016 is make GM in USPSA.

Marvin K. Mooney
Jan 2, 2008

poop ship

NickBlasta posted:

All I really wanna do in 2016 is make GM in USPSA.

Same but A. I need a lot of work though.

Jul 14, 2007

dodecatuple secret probation

For 2016:

start doing service rifle matches
dont suck so bad on the steel challenge

May 17, 2005


For 2015:
Get stocked up on reloading components. I bought the press, dies, other equipment 2 years ago. Unfortunately, the prices for components around here have been higher than buying ammo. I hope this changes so I can get started in this part of the hobby in earnest.

Get my collection a bit more organized and focused. I've got a lot of guns that I never shoot, don't really enjoy anymore, and have no reason to hang onto. I need to get them gone and replace them with others that I'll get more fun out of. I don't have any reason to have 10 Remington 22 rifles. I got over collecting them. I want to convert them to other things.

I was able to get one daughter to go shooting with me in 2014. She now has to go whenever I do. I need to get the other daughter involved. She hasn't shown any interest but her sister is starting to win her over. I'd like to at least get her out there and familiar with how to handle one. All my kids know the 4 rules and are trustworthy around firearms. I just want them to be proficient in using them in case they need to.

Get my shop organized. Can't find poo poo without having to root around in my garage for a while. I've got too many projects going on because of that. Need to get my gear organized and get some of the projects completed so I can start others I want to work on. This would allow me to get it set up to do more gunsmithing.

That should do it. I'll be starting my new job in a couple of weeks. Won't be traveling any more. Should make things easier to get accomplished around the house. Yeah who am I trying to kid?

Reloading is still on the list for 2016. I did pick up some stuff but not nearly what I was aiming for.

I did work on my collection. Sold all the Remington 22 rifles that I didn't really need. Kept a few that I do enjoy. Focused more on Smith&Wesson revolvers.

Second daughter didn't care for shooting. I'll keep trying and we'll see how it goes.

Did organize my shop more. Clutter seems to be an ongoing war though.

For 2016:

Reloading. I'm gonna get where I wanna be on this I swear.

Loose more weight. I'm down 60 lbs. 45 more till my target weight. I'm feeling 15 years younger and that's saying something because I turn 40 tomorrow. Doctor isn't on my rear end anymore about blood pressure or any other issues. Should have gotten checked out years ago. Out of control glucose levels is no joke.

Get my M1A worked out and start shooting long distance. Need to get that scope mount worked out and get to cracking. Reloading falls right into this too.

Continue on the S&W kick. I'm focusing on pre WWII revolvers. Registered Magnum is in my sights this year. Have to find just the right one.

22 Eargesplitten
Oct 10, 2010

Certified Centrist Trash

Buy safe
Buy magazine for my CBC 122 (Rem 513 clone)
Go shooting at least once.

Shima Honnou
Dec 1, 2010

The Once And Future King Of Dicetroit

College Slice

Bubakles posted:

Reached most goals of 2015.
For 2016 likely getting rid of 90% of my collection before I'm forced to do so due to legislation stupidity in the EU

Just bury it in a cache, seems that's what all the Euros did after WWII anyway. Then forget about it and it'll be found in like 70 years and cause a panic in the news media over there about safety, assuming ISIS or Trump hasn't taken over Europe by then.

Feb 7, 2005

Go shooting more
Finish my trust
SBR my SL107UR
SBR my 9mm AR
Go to Tue Night Steel
Vaulterize my gun room

May 11, 2014

Spend less, focus on current collection. Maybe pickup an EVO and SBR it.

Shoot more. In progress, joined local club. Possible take a professional lesson or class.

Learn how to actually shoot a handgun, Mr. Magooing it isn't working.

May 20, 2007

I didn't do that well


SBR my TNW Suomi. Nope
SBR my SIG SG 551-2SP/remove the extension. Double Nope
Find a Swiss Luger. Success! 1900/06 Waffenfabrik Bern
Find a 300 meter range on which to shoot my collection of Swiss madness. Sort of: Found one, not a member of the club yet
Prevent myself from getting another milsurp influenced companion. (Berner Sennenhund best hund) This was easy, one 120 pound bundle of furry joy is more than enough

If I accomplish even one of the four Swiss things I'll consider it a success


SBR my poo poo
Become member of the gun club and participate in their monthly bolt action milsurp matches


May 26, 2004

you are a filth wizard, friend only to the grumpig and the rattata

Gonna have to request pics of that 120lb doggy

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