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Oct 2, 2010

This is a sequel/revival thread for my Emerald Stars game. I'm going to summarise what happened last thread, skip the ending to the last adventure and describe what probably would have happened, then we'll start a new adventure.

Previously, On Emerald Stars posted:

• You (the crew of the Otokodate-maru) started in the headquarters of the Minor Clan Alliance: the City of the Smiling Tortoise, on the Scorpion capital planet World of Dreams.
• City Governor Toku Bakami hired you to help the Monkey Clan prepare for the upcoming Winter Court, by going to the fog-shrouded Mantis world Yama-no-Kami's Remembrance and picking up a gift they commissioned from a ronin named Akihabara.
• You tracked Akihabara and his magnificent hair to his hidden workshop and got the Monkey Clan's gift: the most average sword in the galaxy. It is breathtaking in its flawless adequacy. The Monkey are weird, man.

• You had a few days to kill, so you went to the local theater. The local troupe showed plays about a ronin related to Emma-O who talks to ghosts and gets killed trying to avenge them.
• You talked to the troupe's leader, a ronin named Choumaru who is definitely not related to any of the Fortunes. She talks to ghosts. Through her you met Hida Kaiya, a foul-mouthed Crab ghost, who said that there were many ghosts on this world and a bunch are "going apeshit".
• You also met the planet's stubborn old governor Yoritomo Atsuya and his guard captain Shudo Saeko. Saeko was pretty busy with weird happenings around town, but mostly because Atsuya kept wasted her time with pointless errands.
• Saeko sent you to arrest the Phoenix shugenja Isawa Natsumi on suspicion of being behind the weird things going on. She was not, but based on her grumbling you decided the mountain Kantanzan might be.
• You went to Kantanzan and found Natsumi's old sensei Agasha Bantarou, who'd been using the ancient standing stones there to summon the Nibui no Oni. You shot Bantarou and then ran the Oni over in a van.
• Then you sent Risuta's shugenja wife Kohansuki to cleanse the place, convinced Choumaru to follow you offworld to get a patron, and invited Kaiya to haunt your spaceship.

• A week later you brought the gift to Bakami and stuck around to catch an Imperial announcement. The herald Miya Seiyuko announced that Winter Court 3122 would be held in the City of the Smiling Tortoise, and everyone went bananas.
• Bakami hired you to go to the Dragon world Kitsuki's Eye, to tell the Minor Clans headquartered there to get ready. You also met the Scorpion ambassador to the Minor Clans, Bakami's spooky friend Bayushi Asaji.
• You landed and went to Lucky Star City to meet with its Clan Champions: Tako Tsugumi of the Octopus, Mitsubachi Aoi of the Bee, Oguma Otori of the Bear, and Kawaso Mikuji of the Otter.
• While you were there you discovered that Tonbo Hamaya, a Dragonfly samurai who worked with the Clan Champions, was dead.
• You decided to investigate and started talking to people, like Tsugumi's yojimbo Tako Takako, Misuko's manager Toki Yukari, the garden-tending monk Tsutsuji, the magistrate Kitsuki Taehime, and the ronin crime lord Mekajiro.
• Asaji hired Kei to deliver a love letter to Mikuji, and Kei convinced her to not run screaming.
• That's where we started skipping ahead, so let's go ahead and spoil the rest of it: Tako Takako had the strange power to see when people have a Dark Fate, and killed Hamaya hoping to prevent his. He also killed Hamaya's secret associate Mekajiro to cover his tracks (Mekajiro was secretly a robot but that didn't really matter). With your work done, you left the Octopus to sort that poo poo out (hint: seppuku) and left.


. . .

Palace of the Small Forest, City of the Smiling Tortoise, World of Dreams
14th Day of the Rooster, 3122

Well, this sure has been a month.

In the two weeks since you visited Kitsuki's Eye, things have somehow become even busier. This is the point where there's still a lot of work left to do, not a lot of time, and everyone's panicking. The Great Clans have already started to move in, and they're somehow all helping and getting in the way at the same time. It's bureaucratic bedlam in here. Governor Bakami actually has most of her schedule properly booked instead of relying on her "eh, just show up and we'll fit you in" system for once.

You get slotted in between 10AM and 10:08AM. When you reach Toku Bakami's office, it is a mess. The massive viewscreen window is mostly blocked by windows displaying scheduling and logistics information, and a bunch of extra screens and storage boxes are slowly taking over her leisure space. There's barely enough room for her Mobile Suit Ō-yoroi figurines. Governor Bakami herself is at the viewscreen, checking on the messages her subordinates deemed important enough to send to her in the last five minutes.

Toku Bakami, Governor of the City of the Smiling Tortoise

Bakami looks a lot more tired than last time, but she's clearly holding up. In fact, she seems to have turned into some kind of frightening paperwork machine.

"Ah! There you are," she smiles and bows. "Long time no see, by this month's standards. If you don't mind, I'd have some work I'd like you to do."

She waves her cyber-hand, and a colony ship appears on her screens.


Hotarugari 1
Type: Space Station (Tatsu-class Colony Ship)
Alleigance: Minor Clan Alliance/Crab Clan
Primary Clans: Firefly, Oriole, Crab, Dog, Unicorn
Population (est.): 5 million

Here's what you all know: The Hotarugari is a colony ship carrying a Rokugani-like environment with mountains, seas, and a city. The place was built by the Firefly Clan with help from the Crab and Unicorn, and it's surrounded by a massive shipyard. When someone hires Firefly to build a ship, this is where they pick it up. The weaponsmith Oriole Clan have a lot of territory here, and as the Firefly rely on the Dog Clan for protection they have plenty too.

Misuko was actually headed there in a few days for a singing gig - a lot of Great Clan samurai are visiting to pick up ships they want to bring to the Winter Court, and they're desperate for good entertainment. Bakami seems to have heard...

"The Hotarugari. I hear you're going there soon?" Bakami confirms. "Sorry to impose, but as it happens I'd have something I'd like you to check on while you're there. Do you remember Tako Tsugumi? The Octopus Clan Champion? She's stopped over there to, ah, try to repair some of her Clan's reputation before the Winter Court. Shame about Takako-san..."

"Ah, anyway, she tells me that one of the Firefly's artisans is in trouble. Kato Hononori. He's the Clan Champion's nephew, I believe. He's also supposed to be helming some new ship the Firefly are bringing to the Winter Court, but for some fool reason he's challenged a Crane samurai to a duel. The Firefly tell me to mind my own business, of course, but if he gets himself killed they might not show up and I can't afford such a mess. The new parking arrangements alone..."

Bakami looks at the clock and smiles. "So, that's it. Long story short, please find out what is going on and make it stop before I get an ulcer. Any questions? How are you, by the way?"

. . .

Welcome back! Please post your stats here for quick reference. (Feel free to tweak your sheets first; if you change any of your fluff, post about it OOC.) Rolls can be done in #scorpionemperor and pasted here since we're all there anyway, or by rolling in Orokos if you'd rather (use the campaign name "Emerald Stars: Way of the Minor Clans".)

OOC thread is still here!

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Comrade Gorbash
Jul 12, 2011

My paper soldiers form a wall, five paces thick and twice as tall.

Marumaru Naganori

Naganori looks a bit nonplussed by all this. Things have gotten way more involved than he was expecting, and he's clearly out of his depth. "I'm fine, Toku-sama," he says politely, not quite stopping himself from rubbing the back of his head.

"I'm sure we can help out with that. I mean, I've got to head out there anyways. You've probably got a message in there somewhere about it," he gestures at the screen, "but the Clan decided to assign someone more senior since we're acting as magistrates, and involved in the Winter Court so much."

Naganori doesn't sound put out by this - in fact, he sounds a bit relieved. "Thing is, they're sort of stranded on Hotarugari 1 right now. I didn't exactly get what was going on, but they're stuck in the Crow Clan archive-hostel there, so I need to go pick them up."

He raises his hands a bit defensively towards the rest of the group. "I'm not gonna leave! But I'm really not trained for all this. I'll stay on as a pilot and take care of the ship. And besides, the new magistrate is great! I should know. I mean, she's my big sister."


A few systems over, a bushi sneezes for no apparent reason, rubs her nose, and proceeds to lose her last koku on a game of go.

Character Sheet posted:

Marumaru Kaihime

Clan: Crow
Family: Marumaru [+1 Ref]
School: Marumaru Bushi [+1 Agi]
School Rank: 3
Insight Rank: 3
Insight: 184
XP: 138/140

Social Stats
Honor: 7.7
Glory: 3.9
Infamy: 0.0
Status: 1.5
Taint: 0

Rings [72 xp total]
Air: 3
Reflexes: 3
Awareness: 3 [12 xp]

Earth: 3
Stamina: 3 [12 xp]
Willpower: 3 [12 xp]

Fire: 3
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 3 [12 xp]

Water: 3
Strength: 3 [12 xp]
Perception: 3 [12 xp]

Void: 2

Derived Stats
Initiative: 5k3
Armor TN: 20 (15 Base + 5 Armor) [24 (+4 Kata)]
Reduction: 3

Katana Atk: 7k3 | Dmg: 7k2 | Keywords: medium, samurai | Special: may spend 1 VP to increase damage +1k1
Wakizashi Atk: 7k3 | Dmg: 6k2 | Keywords: medium, samurai | Special: may be thrown up to 20'
Type 6 "Hibana" Pistol Atk: 4k3 | Dmg: 3k3 | Keywords: medium, samurai | Range: 100'
Type 98 "Ikazuchi" Rifle Atk: 4k3 | Dmg: 4k4 | Keywords: medium, samurai | Range: 500'

Type 6 "Cicada" Assault Armor Armor Bonus: +5 | Reduction: 3 | Special: Increases the TN of Athletics and Stealth rolls by 5. May use Pilot in place of Athletics to jump at no penalty.

Skills [54 xp total]
Skill			Rank	Trait	Emp	Roll	XP
School [+1k0]
Athletics		3	Str	-	7k3	5
Defense			1	Ref	-	5k3	-
Iaijutsu		3	Ref	-	7k3	5
Kenjutsu		3	Agi	-	7k3	5
Lore: Bushido		2	Int	-	6k3	-
Lore: Nonhumans		1	Int	-	5k3	-

Artisan: Origami	1	Awa	-	4k3	1
Calligraphy		1	Int	-	4k3	1
Courtier		3	Awa	-	6k3	6
Drive			1	Int	-	4k3	1
Engineering		1	Int	-	4k3	1
Etiquette		3	Awa	-	6k3	6
Firearms		1	Ref	-	4k3	1
Games: 0g Kemari	1	Agi	-	4k3	1
Games: Go		1	Int	-	4k3	1
Games: Sadane		1	Awa	-	4k3	1
Hunting			1	Per	-	4k3	1
Investigation		3	Per	-	6k3	6
Meditation		1	Void	-	3k2	1
Perform: Drums		1	Agi	-	4k3	1
Perform: Samisen	1	Agi	-	4k3	1
Pilot			3	Int	-	6k3	6
Sincerity		1	Awa	-	4k3	1
Athletics 3 - Moderate Terrain no longer impedes movement, and movement across Difficult Terrain reduces the character’s Water Ring by 1 instead of 2.
Courtier 3 - Gain +3 Insight above the total normally indicated by Rings and Skill Ranks.
Etiquette 3 - Gain +3 Insight above the total normally indicated by Rings and Skill Ranks.
Iaijutsu 3 - Readying a katana is a Free Action rather than a Simple Action.
Investigation 3 - A second attempt to use the Search Emphasis may be made without an increase in the original TN.
Kenjutsu 3 - The total of all damage rolls made with a sword is increased by 1k0.

Advantages [16 xp total]
Absolute Direction (1 xp): You possess an almost supernatural sense of direction, and you always know what direction is north, no matter the circumstances. This ability does not function if you are more than one day’s travel inside the Shadowlands.
Language (1 xp): Hanajin.
Prodigy (12 xp): You are a marvel of the dojo, and your sensei believe that you will accomplish incredible things in your lifetime. Whenever you make a School Skill Roll, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to the roll.
Strength of Earth (2 xp): In your soul can be found the spirit of the mountains and the strength of stone. You can overcome injuries that would cripple other men. The TN penalties you suffer from Wound Ranks are reduced by 3. Bushi characters may purchase this Advantage for 2 points.

Allies [4 xp total]
Name			Inf	Dev	Notes
Kakita Mifune		2	2	Master swordsman
Choumaru		1	2	Ronin playwright, medium
Hida Kaiya		1	2	Ghost
Kaiu Tachiko		2	1	AI expert, philosopher
Void Drifters		1	1	Cyborg ronin
Disadvantages [10 bonus xp total]
Bad Fortune: Unknown Enemy (-3 xp): Someone somewhere in another Clan hates you, and wishes to see you dead. You have no idea who they are or why they hate you, but you will very soon.
Compulsion: Gambling (-3 xp): There is some activity in which you are hopelessly compelled to partake. It is a ritual that is so ingrained in your behavior that it requires a feat of will to forsake it, even in dire circumstances. The Disadvantage requires a Willpower Trait Roll of TN 20 to overcome.
Dependent (-2 xp): Marumaru Naganori, younger brother.
Idealistic (-2 xp): You adhere closely to the code of Bushido, perhaps too closely, and you have a hopelessly naïve view of the world and how things work. You have impossible standards that not even the most heroic individual could hope to meet, much less you. Whenever you lose Honor, the loss is increased by 1 point.

The Crow school is founded on the notion that any one person can make a difference; samurai, however, can make a more martial difference. For each foe you are engaged with past the first, you may add +1k0 to attack rolls while in the Attack or Full Attack Stance, or +3 to Armor TN while in the Defense or Full Defense stance. The number of bonuses you may gain from being outnumbered in this fashion is limited to your School Rank. All Kata cost 1 XP less for you. You can learn the Kata of other bushi schools provided you can find a sensei to teach them to you, which may require you to obtain the appropriate Ally advantage.

Each blade is a soul, but with two blades, a person may divide their soul. You may have two Katas active at once. Katas activated in this fashion may not stack the same bonus, but only take the higher of the two. Bear in mind added dice and kept dice are counted separately - if one kata adds 2k0 to a roll and another kata adds 1k1 to the same roll, the total bonus would be 2k1.

Crow bushi learn to strike without fear or delay. You may make an attack as a Simple Action if you are engaged with more than one foe, or if you are engaged with an opponent who is capable of making attacks as a Simple Action.

Kata [4 xp total]
Breath of Wind Style (2xp): Your Initiative Score increases by 2 during the Reactions Stage of each Combat Round. This effect stacks but disappears immediately if the kata is no longer in effect.
Strength of the Crane (2xp): When fighting with a sword or spear you add an amount equal to your Honor Rank - 3 (minimum 1) to your Armor TN [+4].

Healthy (+0)		Nicked (+0)	Grazed(+2)	Hurt(+7)

Injured (+12)	Crippled (+17)	Down (+37)	Out (-)

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Feb 28, 2011

Indulging in daytime naps is the highest pleasure mortals can attain!

Toki Misuko

Misuko does the polite thing and smiles. To think that the governor would put them to work just because they happen to be on the way to Hotarugari 1! That sounds, well, that sounds a lot like her, really. But Toku has been living up to her word and putting in funding for Choumaru's plays, so it's not like Misuko can complain. Hopefully they can settle the matter before it gets in the way of her concert.

"I'm sure once everyone involved knows that I'm coming to the ship, they'll come to their senses and be on their best behavior." She says with absolute assurance. "I do hope you already reserved a seat for my performance in the Winter Court, Toku-sama."


Toki Misuko

Clan: Ibis
Family: Toki (+1 Awa)
School: Kakita Artisan (+1 Awa)
School Rank: 3
Insight Rank: 3
Insight: 176
Experience: 140/140

Social Stats
Honor: 6.9
Glory: 3.2
Infamy: 0
Status: 1.0
Taint: 0

Air: 4
Reflexes: 4
Awareness: 4

Earth: 2
Stamina: 2
Willpower: 2

Fire: 3
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 3

Water: 2
Strength: 2
Perception: 2

Void: 2

Derived Stats
Initiative: 7k4
Armor TN: 20

* Courtier		6    Awa    10k4 +1k0
* Perform (Song)	5    Awa    9k4  +3k1
* Etiquette		4    Awa    8k4
* Sincerity		3    Awa    7k4
* Acting        	5    Awa    9k4
* Perform (Samisen)	3    Agi    6k3
* Games (Sadane)	2    Awa    6k4
Games (Go)		1    Int    4k3
Artisan (Poety)		1    Awa    5k4
Lore (Heraldry)		1    Int    4k3
Lore (Popular Culture)	3    Int    6k3
Calligraphy		1    Int    4k3
Tea Ceremony		2    Void   4k2
Defense         	3    Rfx    7k4
Allies: Toki Yukari, Misuko's Manager (2 Influence / 2 Devotion)
Fame (+1 Glory)
Hero of the People (TN for non-samurai to recognize Misuko is lowered by 10)
Voice (+1k1 on any Perform skill that uses voice)

Bad Fortune: Secret Love (There's a really obsessed fan out there...)
Compulsion (Always look her best)
Driven (Pursue acting)
Lechery (Temptation (Seduction) rolls against her add +1k1 to the total of the roll)
Obligation - Rank 1 (Do idol work for Toki Yukari)


Wakazashi - Atk 3k3, Dmg 4k2 (Medium, Samurai, DR: 2k2, Special: Throw up to 20')

Soul of the Artisan: When making skill rolls with Perform (Song) or Acting, gain a +2k0 bonus and Raises are not limited by Void. Gain a free raise when criticizing a performance with Games: Sadane.
The Soul's Dream: When presenting a public performance with Perform (Song) or Acting, Misuko may make a Contested Social Roll against the Etiquette (Courtesy)/Willpower of the audience members. Those that fail the roll are profoundly swayed to and their emotions shift to whatever Misuko desires, lasting as many hours equal to her Insight rank.
Courtier Mastery: +3 Insight, +1k0 to all contested rolls using Courtier.
Etiquette Mastery: +3 Insight.
Acting Mastery: The TN to create a disguise is reduced by 10.

Court Robes, Beautiful Clothing, Wakizashi, Portable Sound System, Fan, Traveling Pack, 10 Koku

Healthy (+0)	Nicked (+3)	Grazed (+15)	Hurt (+10)

Injured (+15)	Crippled (+20)	Down (+40)	Out (-)

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Infinite Oregano
Dec 31, 2007

I'm going to make my friends eat infinite oregano and they'll have to do it because the recipe says so!

Ujina Risuta

Risuta spoke from his seat, his expression was largely calm and placid, though occasionally his eyes just flicker about as though in search of something. "Challenging a Crane to a duel? A most unfortunate turn of events. At this rate it will also become apparent that they trained a Kakita dojo, no doubt. Alas, such is life sometimes. Nonetheless, it will be somewhat of a relief to stretch our wings and take in the views somewhere a bit farther afield, I fear that this city maybe starting to become a little cosy, given how we are being graced by such... virtuous souls. So many that could be harbouring... dark secrets. My fellow Hares are quite busy, but a Hare being a magistrate is a very classical view." Also Risuta's absence would be a temporary relief on their sake supplies.

Ujina Risuta

Clan: Hare
Family: Ujina
School: Usagi Bushi
School Rank: 4
Insight Rank: 4
Insight: 202
Experience: 175/175

Honor: 5.5
Glory: 2.5
Infamy: 0
Status: 1
Taint: 0

Air: 3
  Reflexes: 3
  Awareness: 3
Earth: 3
  Stamina: 3
  Willpower: 3
Fire: 3
  Agility: 3
  Intelligence: 3

Water: 3
  Strength: 3
  Perception: 3
Void: 2

Initiative: 7k3
Armor TN: 24

Skills:			Rank	Trait	Emph	Rolls
Acting			3	Awa		6k3
Artisan: Songwriting	1	Awa		4k3
*Athletics		3	Str	Running	6k3
Battle			1	Per		4k3
Courtier		3	Awa		6k3
*Defense		3	Ref		6k3
Driving			1	Int		4k3
Engineering: Tech	1	Int		4k3
Etiquette		3	Awa		6k3
*Firearms		3	Ref		6k3
Games: Zero-g Kemari	2	Agi		5k3
*Hunting		1	Per		4k3
Iaijutsu		3	Ref		6k3
Investigation		3	Per		6k3
Jiujutsu		3	Agi		6k3
*Kenjutsu		3	Agi		6k3
Knives			1	Agi		4k3
Lore: Bushido		1	Int		4k3
Lore: Crab Clan		1	Int		4k3
Lore: Heraldry		1	Int		4k3
*Lore: Maho		2	Int		5k3
Lore: Underworld	1	Int		4k3
Meditation		3	Void		5k2
Perform: Guitar		1	Agi		4k3
Perform: Singing	1	Awa		4k3
Piloting		1	Int		4k3
Sincerity		3	Awa		6k3
Stealth			3	Agi		6k3

Acting 3 - The TN to create a disguise is reduced by 5.
Athletics 3 - Moderate Terrain no longer impedes movement, and movement across Difficult Terrain reduces the character's Water Ring by 1 instead of 2.
Courtier 3 -  The character gains an additional +3 Insight above the total normally indicated by his Rings and Skill Ranks.
Defense 3 - The character may retain the result of a previous Defense / Reflexes roll rather than make a new roll if the Full Defense Stance is being
maintained in subsequent rounds.
Etiquette 3 - The character gains an additional +3 Insight above the total normally indicated by his Rings and Skill Ranks.
Firearms 3 - Deal +1k0 damage when firing a gun.
Iaijutsu 3 - Readying a katana is a Free Action rather than a Simple Action.
Investigation 3 - A second attempt to use the Search Emphasis may be made without an increase in the original TN.
Jiujutsu 3 - The damage of all unarmed attacks is increased by +1k0.
Kenjutsu 3 - The total of all damage rolls made with a sword is increased by 1k0.
Meditation 3 - A successful Meditation Skill Roll restores up to 2 Void Points.
Stealth 3 - A character's Simple Move Actions while using Stealth allow him to move a distance equal to his Water x5.

	Strength of the Earth: In your soul can be found the spirit of the mountains and the strength of stone. 
You can overcome injuries that would cripple other men. The TN penalties you suffer from Wound Ranks are reduced by 3. (2)
	Daredevil: You have a natural flair for athleticism and a complete lack of self-preservation when it comes 
to physical danger. Whenever you spend a Void Point to enhance an Athletics Skill Roll, you gain a bonus of +3k1 to the 
total of the roll instead of the normal +1k1. (3)
	Ancestor: Usagi Reichin: The founder of the Hare Clan was a man known for both his cheerful nature and for 
his clever tactics and great courage against the Bloodspeaker Cult. His guidance grants you a +1k1 bonus when resisting 
Fear effects; if the Fear is caused by a Bloodspeaker, the bonus is +2k2 instead. (7)
		Constraint: Although Reichin was a pragmatic ronin, he also fought with supreme courage in the 
Battle of the Bloody Retreat. If you ever flee from a battle with a Bloodspeaker when there is still a chance of victory,
 Reichin will forsake you.

	Compulsion: Sake: There is some activity in which you are hopelessly compelled to partake. It is a ritual
 that is so ingrained in your behavior that it requires a feat of will to forsake it, even in dire circumstances. This 
may be something illicit and addictive, such as sake or gambling (it's sake), or it may be as innocuous as visiting every
 major temple you pass. The basic Disadvantage requires a Willpower Trait Roll of TN 15 to overcome. (2)
	Cursed by the Realm: Meido: The ennui of the Realm of Waiting fills your soul. When unoccupied by physical
 activity or social interaction, you tend to lapse into a trance-like state that causes you to suffer a penalty of -1k0 to
 all Perception-based rolls. (4)
	Fascination: Spicy Food: You are completely fascinated by some subject, and will go to great lengths to 
learn more about it or to experience it in new ways. Typical subjects of a samurai’s fascination include music, horses, 
poetry, and history. This fascination badly impedes your judgment, and you will take even dishonorable actions to learn 
more, which could end in absolute disgrace if your actions are discovered. (1)
	True Love: True love in Rokugan can be a wonderful experience, but more often than not it is a disaster, for
 it is rare for samurai to be allowed to marry for love. Whenever you are in a position where you must choose between love
 and duty, you must spend a Void Point before you can choose your duty over your lover. (3)

Ashigaru Armour (Bonus to Armor TN: +3 Reduction: 1, Price: 5 koku)
'Tatami Armour' (Bonus to Armor TN: +4 Reduction: 1, Price 10 koku)

Katana - Atk 6k3, Dmg 7k2
	(Medium, Samurai; DR: 3k2)
Wakizashi - Atk 6k3, Dmg 6k2
	(Medium, Samurai; DR: 2k2, Thrown (20'))
Standard Rifle - Atk 6k3, Dmg 8k4
	(Medium, Samurai; DR 4k4, Range 500')
Standard Sidearm - Atk 6k3, Dmg 7k3
	(Small, Samurai; DR 3k3, Range 100')
Unarmed - Atk 6k3, Dmg 4k1
	(Small, DR: 1k1)

The Hare are known for fighting with a speed and agility reminiscent of the animal for which their clan is named. In any
 situation where you have room to dodge, jump, and otherwise manoeuvre (GM'S discretion), you may add your Athletics Skill
 Rank to your Armour TN except when in the Full Attack or Centre stance. Your Water Ring is considered 1 higher for the 
purposes of how far you can move with Move actions.
The Hare bushi has learned to strike with a devastating springing attack that catches many opponents off guard. If you are 
in the Full Attack stance, you can leap forward and attack an opponent up to 15’ away without taking a Move action. All of 
your attacks on this Turn must target that opponent.
The speed and flexibility of the Hare allows him to strike with fearsome rapidity. Your attacks with unarmed strikes, knives, or
Samurai-keyword weapons are considered Simple Actions.
The Hare has learned not only how to strike with speed, but also how to dodge and avoid his foes at the same time. You may now 
perform your Rank Two Technique while in the Attack stance instead of the Full Attack stance. If you perform the technique in the 
Full Attack stance, you may make your second attack of the Round against another opponent within15’ of the first opponent.

Ashigaru Armour, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Standard Rifle, Standard Sidearm, 'Tatami Armour', Traveling Pack, 3 koku

Healthy (+0)	Nicked (+0)	Grazed (+2)	Hurt (+7)
Injured (+12)	Crippled (+17)	Down (+37)	Out (-)

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Feb 17, 2011

The strongest! The smartest! The rightest!

Kasuga Kei

Kei speaks up, standing way, way too close to the Ibis, hitherto unseen.

"Bum ba-da-dum dum! It's me, Kasuga Kei, everyone's beloved imouto! I am fine, as always! Thank you for asking!"

With a sharp sound, Kei's fan goes up to cover her eternally impish smile.

"The Crane, they are the best duelists, of course, but! This duel, is it to the death? How odd! I'm sure Kato-san has a reason for it. But I wonder what? Kei-chan thinks we should look into this! If the duel is announced then there is not much that can be done, other then, convince one side to forfeit? Very hard! But! You got Kei-chan for this job, and she always wins because she tries her best!"

Kasuga Kei
Kasuga Smuggler 3
Age: 18

Insight 185	Honor 2.9		Status 1		Glory 2.2		Exp 163/165

Earth	2	Stamina		2	Willpower	2
Air	3	Reflexes	3	Awareness	4 
Water	3	Strength	3	Perception	3
Fire	4	Agility		4	Intelligence	4
Void	3

Way of the Tortoise -  Free Gaijin language with each purchase of Language advantage, no honor loss for Low Skills or glory
loss for public Commerce if it's for the clan, +2k0 to social skills towards the lower classes.
The Shell of the Tortoise - Physically attacking or openly slandering Kei without known provocation causes a loss of 4 points of
The Eyes of the Emperor - When acting for the good of the clan, +IRk0 to all Low Skills I have at least one point in.
Courtier Mastery - +3 Insight
Etiquette Mastery - +3 Insight
Investigation Mastery - no TN penalty to when making a second attempt to Search
Stealth Mastery - Move Waterx5 while Stealthed

Skills:			Rank	Trait	Emphasis	Rolls
Acting			1	Awa			5k4
Artisan (Bonsai)	1	Awa			5k4
Athletics		1	Str			4k3
Calligraphy		1	Int			5k4
*Commerce		1	Int			5k4
Courtier		3	Awa			7k4
*Etiquette		3	Awa			7k4
Firearms		1	Ref			4k3
Forgery			1	Agi			8k4
Intimidation		1	Awa			8k4
*Investigation		3	Per	Notice		6k3
*Lore (Underworld)	1	Int			8k4
Medicine		1	Int			5k4
Meditation		1	Voi			4k3
Programming		1	Awa			5k4/8k4
*Sincerity		3	Awa	Deceit		7k4/10k4
Sleight of Hand		1	Agi			8k4
*Stealth		3	Agi			10k4
*Temptation		1	Awa	Bribery		8k4

Advantages			Disadvantages
Bland				Failure of Bushido (Honesty)
Read Lips			Small
Language (Hanajin)
Language (Mekham)		

TN-to-be-hit:	20
Initiative:	6k3
Damage:		6k3

Outfit: Extravagant Clothing, Wakizashi, Sidearm, 5 koku

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Alien Rope Burn
Dec 4, 2004

I wanna be a saikyo HERO!

Kohaku Kozue

Arms folded, Kozue looks down, brow furrowed and lips tight. Suddenly, her eyes widen in realization, as if she was just struck by a thunderbolt or a firework or whatever the inspirational metaphor is amongst the Emerald Stars. "Oh, don't worry! We should be able to take care of it!" Clearly, she has an idea. "Oh, and I'm fine, thank you for asking!... though I had... hoped..." She pokes her fingers together and then trails off, quiet, and then just shakes her head. Apparently, her heart isn't quite as on her sleeve as it usually is.

Looking to Kei, she says, "Hm? No, there are other ways... oh, you're just saying that." She looks sly, pointing over in a "gotcha!" glance. Subtle, Kozue.

Kohaku Kozue

Family: Kohaku	Clan: Carp		School: Kohaku Bushi
Rank: 2		Experience: 110		Insight: 164
Honor: 6.5	Glory: 2		Status: 1.5

Initiative: 6k4		Armor TN: 25 (base 20 + armor 5)

Air 4	Awareness 4 (16 xp)
	Reflexes 4 (16 xp)
Earth 2	Stamina 2
	Willpower 2
Fire 3	Agility 3 (12 xp)
	Intelligence 3 (12 xp)
Water 2	Perception 2
	Strength 2
Void 3	3 Void Points (18 xp)

School Skills		Rank	Trait		Emphasis	Roll	CP			

Athletics		1	Agility		-		4k3	-
Firearms		1	Reflexes	-		5k4	-
Games: Sadane		1	Awareness	-		4k3	-
Kenjutsu		2	Agility		-		5k3	2
Meditation		2	Void		-		5k3	2
Lore: Theology		1	Intelligence	-		4k3	-
Sincerity		2	Awareness	-		6k4	2

Other Skills		Rank	Trait		Emphasis	Roll	CP			

Artisan: Poetry		1	Awareness	-		5k4	1
Courtier		3	Awareness	-		7k4	6
Etiquette		1	Awareness	-		5k4	1
Games: E-Letters	1	Awareness	-		5k4	1
Iaijutsu		2	Reflexes	-		6k4	3
Investigation		1	Perception	-		3k2	1
Lore: Ghosts		1	Intelligence	-		4k3	1
Perform: Storytelling	1	Awareness	-		5k4	1

Advantages			Benefit								

Benten's Blessing (4 xp)	+0k1 on Social rolls when trying to convince.
Ancestor: Kohaku (5 xp)		+1k1 on Social and Bugei rolls when no samurai are watching.
Luck (9 xp)			Reroll and keep the higher roll 3/session.

Disadvantages			Drawback							

Bad Fortune (1 xp)		Fail one roll spectacularly at GM's discretion.
Gullible (4 xp)			+1k1 on Sincerity (Deceit) rolls against her.
Overconfident (3 xp)		Willpower TN 20 to back down from a challenge.

Kata				Benefit								

The World Is Empty		Add VPk0 to Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu for VP rounds, then lose 1 VP.

Ally			Influence	Devotion		Notes				

Choumaru		1		2			Ronin playwright, medium
Hida Kaiya		1		2			Ghost


Joy in Adversity (Carp Bushi Rank 1): The Carp learn to laugh off failure, confident that the rise
and fall of fate will ultimately fall in their favor. When you miss an attack or take damage, you
gain a free raise to be used on your next roll. If you have the Luck advantage and reroll a failed
roll, the raise must then be applied to that roll. Additionally, they gain +1k0 on rolls when
participating in a contest or duel, or +1k1 when a life is at stake.

Showing the Pattern (Carp Bushi Rank 2): Carp bushi have a flashy, distinctive swordsmanship
style that distracts and confuses foes. For each raise you make on an attack, you may raise your
Armor TN by 3 until your next action.  This bonus does not stack if you make multiple attacks in a
turn; simply take the highest number instead.

Weapons			Attack	Damage	Keywords	Special					

Radiant Katana		5k3	5k2	medium, samurai	May spend 1 VP to increase damage.
Radiant Wakazashi	5k3	4k2	medium, samurai	May be thrown up to 20'.
"Yakamo" KI9 Pistol	5k4	3k3	medium, samurai Range 100'.
Jiujitsu		3k3	2k1	-		-

Items: Light Radiant Armor, Carp Kimono, Radiant Daisho, KI9 Pistol, 10 Koku

Traveling Pack: Chopsticks, Kamiunicator, Lampstick, Pocket Kami Scribe, Scrolls, Sweets,
Writing Kit

Oct 2, 2010

Bakami nods. "Resolve it how you like, as long as the Firefly and their ship get here. I know the Firefly well enough to know that if there's a problem with their ship, they'll leave some of their delegation behind to fix it, and the death of the helmsman who knows how it works sounds like a problem. The Alliance will survive without them, but they're one of our biggest financial backers. It will be tough. If you solve this dilemma I will back you myself, of course."

"Tsugumi-san is visiting them right now, so I'll tell her to get your sister. Oh, and I hear the Firefly make model ships from Mobile Suit Ō-yoroi. If you see any new ones, I'll pay you for them! ...It's for a friend."

. . .

Hotarugari 1, Kaiu Prime System
15th Day of the Rooster, 3122

The Hotarugari 1 rotates between the systems of the Crab and Unicorn who helped build it, spending about a year in each before moving on. At the moment, it's drifting near a gas giant at the edge of the Kaiu Prime system. The station is surrounded by a flotilla of ships: Crab guards, Firefly creations awaiting pickup, some of the Firefly's personal ships, damaged ships brought here for repairs or scrap, and even a few ronin ships.

You have the correct travel passes, so the Otokodate-maru is sent to the closest landing bay to your destination.

Shiro Kato, City Beneath The Stars, Hotarugari 1

The Firefly spend most of their lives in spaceships, so their ancestral home was built on land for a little variety. Shiro Kato towers over a coastal city near Hotarugari's edge, and most samurai you pass on your way up are taking their time to enjoy the view. There are courtiers sent by other Clans to maintain good relations, scientists trading knowledge, Firefly on unknown clan business, and a few samurai just here to relax before heading to their next destination. Most of the guards are from their allies, the Dog Clan. You hear what sounds like the mechanical clanking of service robots in a few places, but the Dog politely steer you away, and point you to the elevator leading to the Kato's court instead.

The Firefly court is a collection of lounges on the highest floors of the building, decorated by models or pieces of important ships in the Empire's history. Right now, the courtiers - Crab, Unicorn, Firefly, Mantis, and a selection from various Minor Clans - and several other potentially important NPCs are having a philosophical argument in one of the main halls. You're quietly ushered to some empty seats near the back, where Tsugumi is sitting with a Crow bushi.

Tako Tsugumi, Octopus Clan Champion

"Good timing," Tsugumi whispers. "We'll speak soon. I'd like to hear the rest of this, if you don't mind." She nods her head towards the Crab courtier wrapping up her argument.


Kaiu (Maisuna) Tachiko, Crab Courtier and AI Philosopher
Tachiko's profile marks her as a courtier who specializes in scientific debate, and a regular Firefly liaison. As a Crab she's a lot more blunt than most of her peers, who are more used to getting blank praise on message boards, but she seems nice enough. She doesn't have that bandage over her left eye in her profile, but eh, whatever.

"... so therefore, while Honesty is more important to an advanced AI for maintenance purposes, an AI in charge of a ship cannot also understand its role without Sincerity. Now—"

"Hold on," someone interrupts. "Who are these people?"


Kato Hononori, Kato Engineer
Here are the two kinds of notes on Hononori's profile: extremely bland Kato remarks about his remarkable engineering skill and past successful projects, and extremely sincere remarks complimenting everything about this guy except his personality. We are talking "the kind of samurai every daimyo would be glad to have in his engine room" sincere. Think about it.

Hononori doesn't get out any more character-establishing remarks before the big guy in the big Firefly chair next to him leans forward to chew him out.


Kato Tamagoo, Firefly Clan Champion
Tamagoo seems to be locally renowned for being compassionate to those under his charge, even ronin and heimin, but most of the notes left to your Clans by other visitors remark that he's also focused on getting wealth and status to the Firefly to a worrying degree. Some comments remark that he has "surprising compassion for those with talents to nurture", in a suspiciously passive-aggressive way. Hmm.

"Hononori-san!" Tamagoo scolds him in a voice that sounds like a slowly deflating balloon, or maybe an ancient leviathan with a lung problem. "Come, don't interrupt a fellow scientist like that! We're having a discussion here."

Hononori waves it off. "Sorry. I was just curious. She's pretty much done, anyway, this theory doesn't sound like it was thought out much further."

Tachiko smiles as Tamagoo pinches the bridge of his nose."Oh, don't worry, Tamagoo-sama. I am done, as it happens. I'm sure the court understands by now. Perhaps a short break while Tako-sama's friends get comfortable?" She winks at you.

"An excellent idea, I think," Tamagoo claps to make it so. "Then I have some economic matters to discuss. Yasuhiro?"


Kato Yasuhiro, Firefly Merchant Patron
Yasuhiro is marked as an honorable-seeming man who holds the honor of overseeing the purchase and trade of most of the Kato family's ship construction supplies. He seems to do his job quietly and with the minimum of fuss, except for the fact that most of the really sincere remarks on his coworker Hononori seem to come from him.

"Yes, my lord. I believe today's issues are a new request from the Salamander Clan, renegotiations with the Utaku, and the possible death of your nephew. Not in order of priority, of course," he adds sincerely.

. . .

Looks like you're free to talk to people! If there's something else you'd rather do, feel free.

Marumaru Kaihime is with Tako Tsugumi, and you can assume you've become more or less acquainted with the Octopus Clan Champion by now.

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Feb 17, 2011

The strongest! The smartest! The rightest!

Kasuga Kei

"Who am I? WHO AM I?! Why, none other then...KASUGA! KEI! CHAN!"

She suddenly snaps her fan open with a...well, snap, and covers her lower face, eyes wide open in alarm!

"But, the death of a nephew! Everyone knows, death is unlucky! Especially for the one who has died! And to talk about it so blandly...Kei-chan is worried! Did we come at an inopportune time? Kei-chan is sorry if that is the case!"

Feb 28, 2011

Indulging in daytime naps is the highest pleasure mortals can attain!

Toki Misuko

"Inopportune, but familiar nonetheless."

Misuko takes a step forward before Kei makes this even more awkward.

"I am Toki Misuko, my lords and ladies." She nods. Does she need further introduction? Not if the court wants to reveal themselves as fools. She has a concert in this very island! "I'm glad to take part of this court today."

Infinite Oregano
Dec 31, 2007

I'm going to make my friends eat infinite oregano and they'll have to do it because the recipe says so!

Ujina Risuta

Ujina Risuta regarded the collected samurai warily, although he refused to allow such emotions to rise to the surface and become apparent upon his visage, the Hare samurai attempted to size up the assembled people for signs of peculiarity that could be a sign of something else. But then again Risuta generally did this when meeting new people, so it's not like this is an unusual reaction. The discussion of AIs is an interesting one, and one that troubles Risuta somewhat; after all what limits do these machine-minds possess? What can they comprehend? Being artificial in nature it would presumably be up to their creators to give them directives and objectives and whatnot, but it could be so easily forgotten to give them limits that might prevent them from dabbling in... forbidden topics.

"It is a great honour to have the opportunity to meet such resplendent individuals as yourselves." announced Risuta, going for a more standard greeting, his eyes flicking across the room to see if any refreshments were being supplied by his hopefully gracious hosts. For the moment Risuta would allow his more gregarious comrades to take the fore, while Risuta would regard how they respond and deal with such interesting people. How they react to Kei is going to amusing as usual, imagined Risuta.

Alien Rope Burn
Dec 4, 2004

I wanna be a saikyo HERO!

Kohaku Kozue

At some point Kozue probably needs to get tugged away from staring at the robots, or at least politely reminded that there is, indeed, a meeting. Still, she's late. By, like, thirty seconds. Maybe forty-five.

"Oh, me? Um... I'm Kohaku Kozue!", the Carp cheerfully explains to the engineer as she slips into her seat. "And I'm here to be the champion in your duel." This is not something that she has consulted with anyone about. "So you can take it easy now! Everything's handled. Oh, wait-" She pulls out her pocket scribe, thumbing away. "- there is one other thing. Be right with you."

>> oji-chan
>> favor for takami and firefly
>> iai duel v kakita ? y/n
>> probly to death ?

Technically, the "journey up the river" means that Kozue hardly consults with her daimyo as per their tradition. But there are limits, and so it's time for her to bother Ageshige for the first time since her gempukku. A formality, really, certainly he won't impinge on her journey or her foolishness? Then again, she is his niece. "There. Um. It's great to meet you all! Wow. Spaceships. Am I right?" She beams in her seemingly guileless way.

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Comrade Gorbash
Jul 12, 2011

My paper soldiers form a wall, five paces thick and twice as tall.

Naganori, who's been mostly looking over at the other Crow bushi in the room, stumbles through his introduction and trails off at Kozue's announcement.

Kaihime breaks the awkward silence that follows by with a laugh, then stands up herself, a lopsided grin on her face. "Well, that's certain to cause a stir. Kato Tomagoo-san, this is the new group of magistrates I mentioned, who I've been assigned to." She bows to the group. "I am Marumaru Kaihime. Please take care of me." She'll take some time to have a proper reunion with her younger brother later.

As she finds her seat again, Kaihime is still grinning. "Spaceships indeed," she says under her breath, laughing to herself again. This should be fun.

Oct 2, 2010

Once the debate ends and a Tortoise shows up, many samurai in the room decide to disappear into their own conversations and leave you to talk to these guys.

"Yes, a duel," Tamagoo tells Kei wearily. "A ship of Kakita artists has stopped here on the way to the Winter Court, you see, and—"

"We just had a disagreement," Hononori interrupts his daimyo. "I thought their ship wasn't as impressive as ours, and they were wrong."

Tachiko sits and smiles. "Remind me again who this was?"

Tamagoo sighs and calls their profile up on a suitably large holo-screen.


Kakita Komatsu mk.2
The duel tracking network Kettōhon lists Komatsu as a graduate of the Kakita Dueling Academy, with a win-loss-forfeit record of 106-0-1. Most of them are to first blood, but she's "permanently settled" her share of disputes. The forfeit seems to have been because she believed continuing would be dishonorable.

"Their guard," Tamagoo says. "Honestly, Hononori..."

Tsugumi raises an eyebrow. "A duel to the death over whose ship is nicer?"

Everyone else looks at Hononori, who shrugs. "We had a spirited argument."

"And you insulted her," Tamagoo says.

Hononori waves it off. "I merely asked how she could have been a good duelist if she needed half her body cyberized."

"She was defending her ship from pirates," Tamagoo valiantly avoids slapping his nephew. "A ten on one battle, the Kakita said. If one of my samurai performed such an act of heroism I'd want them to live too, Hononori."

"Yes, well," Hononori shrugs. "I heard that afterward."

"Ah," Tachiko hides her continued smile behind a fan. "Let me guess. This is when you offered one of your famous apologies, and she challenged you to a duel for some strange reason."

"Yes. I'm sorry she's offended, but she doesn't look like a duelist, does she? She looks like an art project. Besides, none of the cyborgs I know are built for combat. Anyway, yes, some other things were said and she overreacted. But don't worry, I'm sure Uncle can arrange something."

"Don't get excited," Tamagoo says. "Any luck on your end, Yasuhiro-san?"

The merchant patron checks his pocket scroll. "Well, let's see. There's Kozue-san, of course. Everyone else is either busy preparing for the Winter Court or has suddenly fallen ill, it seems. I could have some other candidates before the duel tomorrow, but I think you might have to accept what's happening, my lord."

"Absolutely not," Tachiko says. "Did you all forget our betrothal? We had a deal. A very profitable one, too. He's not worth anything dead and I don't know if we'll take a dishonored engineer either. You should call it off."

Tamagoo frowns. "Is there any way we could change the terms? A duel to first blood would be perfect. Hononori needs to learn a lesson, I think."

"What lesson?" Hononori says. "It'll be fine! I have a Carp second now. We're close with the Carp, right? Problem solved. Can I go now?"

. . .

Kohaku Ageshige>> That is a terrible idea. I say go for it.
Kohaku Ageshige>> By the way, if you're with the Firefly, avoid the daimyo's fool nephew. You'll thank me later.

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Feb 28, 2011

Indulging in daytime naps is the highest pleasure mortals can attain!

Oh, Naganori's sister. She certainly looks like someone Misuko can get along with better.

"I remember Kakita Komatsu. Or at least the incident that surrounds her fame. She's the real deal." She looks at Kozue worringly. "Are you really alright with seconding this duel? Even first blood seems unfeasible when your opponent doesn't, uh..."

Alien Rope Burn
Dec 4, 2004

I wanna be a saikyo HERO!

Looking down to her scribe, Kozue says softly, "Oh, snap." As she looks up at the display, her eyes widen, and she looks over to Misuko, rubbing her neck as she laughs nervously. "It'll be fine!", she insists with forced cheer, before her gaze shifts downward for a moment, either in worry or thought. Probably both. "I stand by my word.", she says far more soberly, gravely, even, before she looks sidelong to Honohori, as if emphasizing that fact to him in particular.

Overconfidence check is 12, which certainly doesn't beat 20. Her Sincerity, though? 54.

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Infinite Oregano
Dec 31, 2007

I'm going to make my friends eat infinite oregano and they'll have to do it because the recipe says so!

Risuta tried not to show a response to Kozue's sudden revelation. At the least if Kozue dies it will probably be less of an impact on Alliance affairs than if the idiot with the big mouth gets left in a hundred pieces by a killer cyborg.

"Perhaps we need more... details before we set ourselves down an irreversible path." remarked Risuta before turning to the Firefly champion and his nephew. "Kato-sama, Kato-sama, it would be most advantageous if you would provide us with any further pertinent details regarding this duel, as well as anyone else involved. Who in particular made the challenge? Also where are the artists and their entourage currently, if you would be so kind?" inquired Risuta, trying to be diplomatic as he steadfastly ignores any further faux pas committed by the engineer.

Not sure if those are the correct honorifics to use!

Oct 2, 2010

An excellent roll! With that 54 the Firefly Clan will definitely make Kozue their choice, and the three members you've met will focus on other matters.

"It should be fine, Misuko-san," Tachiko starts ingratiating herself to the Ibis pop idol. "Damaging the cyber counts as first blood. Besides, she still has parts that bleed. Aim for the face, I think."

Tamagoo sits back in awe at Kozue's sincerity, and looks over at Yasuhiro. "Unless you've got the Fortune of Blades on the line Kozue-san will be his second, I think."

Yasuhiro checks his pocket scroll. "Well, there's Tsi Yoshihiro. You know, the Tsi smith who had an accident in the lab and thinks he's Goemon now?"

"..." Tamagoo bows. "Kozue-san, we would be honored to have you as our champion."

Hononori nods and heads for the doors. "In that case, I'm going to check on our ronin employees and take a nap. I'll come back when the Luck of the Mountains is ready to go."

Tachiko snaps her fan over her face and heads for a different exit. "Suit yourselves. We'll talk after the duel. Hopefully not about your loss."

Tamagoo nods and turns to the rest of you. "If you want to inform them, I believe they've been exploring the market district since they got here. Just look for the Crane. There aren't that many. Their ship is the Kakita's Fan if it's not Komatsu-san you want to talk to. I think it's near your landing bay."

. . .

So, that's the situation! You have the rest of the day to do your research, talk to people and make maneuvers, if you're planning to influence the outcome of this duel. Ask OOC if you don't have any ideas! If you'd rather not interfere in the duel, feel free to look for something else to do. There are plenty of Clans on this habitat who could use a helping hand.

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Comrade Gorbash
Jul 12, 2011

My paper soldiers form a wall, five paces thick and twice as tall.

Kaihime watches the two depart, then stands up, stretching as she joins the group. "Well this should be fun. If I know Bakami-san, she wants to minimize the political fallout from this mess. So Hononori needs to survive, and that needs to happen without pissing off a Great Clan. And while you're at it, pick up the latest Mobile Suit Ō-yoroi model."

She bows slightly to Kozue. "Want to go meet your opponent, Kozue-san? And anyone else who wants to is certainly welcome to come along."

Kaihime is going to go talk to the Kakita either way.

Feb 17, 2011

The strongest! The smartest! The rightest!

Kei gives a long suffering sigh once the room has mostly emptied out.

"Should we mourn for you now or later, Kohaku-san?"

Feb 28, 2011

Indulging in daytime naps is the highest pleasure mortals can attain!

"If it will come down to a duel, then I'll leave preparations to the duelists." Misuko nods, also about to take her leave. "I'll step out for a while and get some things ready for my concert. Please don't make me dedicate a song to your memory, Kohaku-san."

She says that, but ends trailing quite closely to Tachiko on the way out.

"Kaiu-san~" Misuko shows her a smile. "I just caught end of your discussion, very interesting. My mother has always been interested in artificial intelligence, half-worried they may take over our duties someday! Oh, you will be coming my concert, right?"

Oct 2, 2010

I'll post Kaihime's first, then Misuko. Feel free to follow one of them or do your own thing.


Market District, City Beneath The Stars

The Market District is pretty much what you expected: a mess of stalls and storefronts set up by merchants from all across the nearby systems. Many of the stalls are transient, setting up only until the Hotarugari moves to a new system, so there are some big empty spaces on the district's fringes.

There are a few Kakita around, accompanied by guards to make sure they get to the Winter Court safely. Komatsu is taking a break, and Kaihime finds her sampling the local food.

Kakita Komatsu, Cyber-Duelist

You can tell Komatsu was fitted by Crane cyberneticists, because they treat their work as a form of art. They probably made her wardrobe match, too. Her laser radiant sword is sheathed on her back at the moment, but the Minor Clan samurai and ronin in the area are carefully avoiding her anyway.

Right now she's sitting outside a Unicorn sweet cafe, looking at a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows and a slice of cake like she isn't sure it's not going to attack her. As Kaihime watches, she lowers her visor and allows herself a sip.



Outer Balcony, Shiro Kato

Tachiko likes coming out here to enjoy the view, and she's down with Misuko joining her. (She tries not to look too excited to meet a Minor Clan samurai.)

"Oh, of course! But I wouldn't worry about AI, Misuko-san. People have many good qualities that distinguish them from AI." She glances back at the court. "Most people."

Comrade Gorbash
Jul 12, 2011

My paper soldiers form a wall, five paces thick and twice as tall.

As soon as Kaihime spots the Kakita duelist, she nods to herself and heads into the cafe. When she comes out, she drops a slice of pie and a mug of mocha onto the table next to Komatsu's, then drops into the chair nearest. She leans back in her chair casually, mug in hand.

"The cake is good, Kakita-san, but the pie is to die for." She takes a sip of her drink. "I'm not entirely sold on this coffee stuff, but the mocha is like the hot chocolate but more so." She grins, then manages a nod that indicates a bow. "Marumaru Kaihime. Are you the Kakita that has the duel with the Firefly Champion's nephew?" Kaihime takes another sip of her mocha.

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Feb 17, 2011

The strongest! The smartest! The rightest!

Noting the singer was already going off to visit the Kaiu, Kei sends her a quick message - [@Toki-san make sure you find out exactly what the arrangement is regarding her and the noble firefly Toki-san! *flood of emoji] - and goes off to do her own investigating. Tamagoo seemed the best to trail; a few artful smudges of dirt, some tightening (or loosening) of clothing, and she became simply the background noise of his life, waiting for him to be alone, or at least less busy. And once he was...

The Kasuga may as well have faded into view like the legendary ninjas of old.

"Kato-san! What a wonderfully pleasant surprise to see you here!" A quick snap of the fan to cover her ever-present impish smile. "You look like you have had a very very busy day! And worrying! Let all your worries fade away; tell this super cute little sister in front of you what troubles you! Have you talked to the Crane yet? Have they said anything about this duel? And! The deal with the Kaiu! She said it was profitable? Kei-chan is a simple Tortoise girl, but she knows that proper economics is the backbone of so many clans that they refuse to understand. You can tell Kei-imouto-chan all about it! She - that is, I - am the bestest listener in the world. Who is also volunteering to help ensure your nephew will continue to bring an appropriate amount of honor to the clan, I am thinking I should maybe also throw that out there."

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Dec 31, 2007

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Risuta, desiring to size-up the... softer elements of the competition, heads to go find the Kakita artisans in general. While their ship is an option, coming aknocking would require more of a ploy than Risuta was willing to attempt right now, maybe later if things get more serious. For now Risuta follows Kaihime to the market area, after all, if their cyborg killer was there, at least a few others would probably be there too. It would be unlikely that they'd let her wander entirely alone, plus they are Kakita after all, they'd probably want to see if there's any objet d'art that they can snub in person.

Arriving, Risuta distances himself from Kaihime, as she seems to be more focusing on Komatsu, and the Hare did not want to have to deal with someone like that right now. Before Risuta will go have a proper look at the other Kakita however, the Ujina will scout about for any place selling kare raisu or similar, they might even have more exotic forms of kare; similarly any place selling sake, or failing that anything strongly alcoholic. Risuta has spent far too long without his vices.

However while he was doing this, Risuta will at least try to get a glance at the assembled Kakita, and what they are up to - any interesting conflicts that are visible from afar or similar other things of interest.

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Dec 4, 2004

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Kozue slips in after Kaihime, looking over her shoulder with a green tea in hand. Well, something like green tea with entirely too much milk and sugar. "Hello!", she says as she swings around, bowing deeply but quickly. "Kohaku Kozue!" She looks to Kaihime. "Ehhhh?! Are you sure?" She puts her hand to her brow as if trying to discern that herself as she looks perhaps-too-intently.

Feb 28, 2011

Indulging in daytime naps is the highest pleasure mortals can attain!

Misuko quietly reads and dismisses Kei's message. Eh, she can try to pull that off right now.

"Yes, I see that. You mentioned a deal with Kato-sama earlier? A betrothal?" It makes sense that the Kaiu and the Kato are close, but marriage? "Please tell me you're not the unlucky one."

A pause.

"With all due respect."

Oct 2, 2010

Komatsu, Market District (Kaihime, Kozue)

Komatsu glances at you to check your mon as she cuts herself a slice of cake. Her voice has a sort of electronic backing to it, but whoever repaired her took the time to give it some pleasing harmonics.

"Yes, that is me. Kakita Komatsu. Are you a friend of his?" She pauses. "I should say, are you here to plead his case?"

Spicy Food, Market District (Risuta)

Risuta can find a place that sells sake and spicy food nearby. It's just out of sight of Kaihime and Kozue, though.

On the upside, he spies two Kakita in the outdoor seating area: a woman eating a hot bowl of curry rice and chicken katsu, and a man nursing a green tea milkshake and a soup curry with an expression that suggests he didn't choose this restaurant. A holo-projector on the table is displaying some kind of model ship surrounded by numbers. Risuta can't hear what they're talking about without getting closer, but he can definitely see a Firefly mon over the ship.

He might be able to eavesdrop if he's careful.

Tamagoo, Shiro Kato (Kei)

Tamagoo prefers to spend his free time wandering through Shiro Kato's workshops and labs, checking up on things. Sometimes he calls a samurai over to discuss something, sometimes a samurai approaches him with a problem and they spend a few moments poring over figures. Kei finally gets her moment when Tamagoo stops on a balcony overlooking a room full of samurai poring over screens, Δv maps, and star chart holograms.

"Ah, the Tortoise!" Tamagoo is put off by the act, but seems okay with the Tortoise being here in general. "A big mess, isn't it? Two weeks out from the Winter Court, too."

Tamagoo leans on the balcony. "Only seen Komatsu, since the challenge. I'll go talk to the Kakita tonight. They were here on a tour when they ran into Hononori and, well, words were said. They were talking to him about the Luck of the Mountains. That's the ship we were taking to Winter Court. Could have won some impressive contracts with a display like that. The Hotaru worked on the outside, it's stunning."

"...Maybe a little too stunning. Apparently they thought we made their ship look bad!" Tamagoo laughs. "But theirs has a certain elegance I doubt we can match. Pity they said that to Hononori instead of me. He never was good at grasping Courtesy, poor boy."

"Now we're stuck with this mess. If we make an enemy of the Kakita at the Court, we won't get contracts. 'Course, if Hononori dies, I lose a nephew. Taking the ship could be a challenge, too. We think it's bad luck to fly a ship you're not familiar with. Hononori's team understands it, of course, but they're ronin. Wouldn't be impressive if we flew in with them at the helm, yeah?"

"Then there's the deal... well, long story short, Hononori and Tachiko are to be wed. They're offering a big dowry for his expertise, and with the stronger ties to the Crab we should be able to marry a few Kaiu into the family. It'll pay off well for us, in the long run. But our dowry is some of our research and I'd rather not have the Kaiu up the price, if you know what I mean."

Outer Balcony, Shiro Kato

Tachiko laughs. "Ha! Don't worry, I don't mind. But yes, I'm the bride. It's not a bad deal, really. I'm not interested in marriage, so marrying a samurai who'll spend all his time in the lab sounds like a good deal, right? Besides, I've known him for years. We're... acquaintances. Sometimes I'm not sure Hononori knows what a friend is. I think Tamagoo-sama is hoping the Crab will slap some sense into him, to be honest."

Tachiko rubs her bandaged eye and looks out over the city. "If it even happens. If the Kaiu realise just how much of a hassle Hononori can be... they'll probably call it off. I think Tamagoo-sama would rather that than renegotiate the dowry anyway."

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Dec 31, 2007

I'm going to make my friends eat infinite oregano and they'll have to do it because the recipe says so!

Risuta sat content in front of his perfectly-legitimately-gotten gains, and as he ate and drank he became acutely aware of the nearby Kakita, in particular that they were discussing a Firefly ship; perhaps even the ship that the foolish boy had attempted to defend. Perhaps they were scrutinising it for talking points should they encounter Hononori again (or perhaps doing so should they attend the duel), or maybe they want to barb insults. The possibilities sloughed their way through Risuta's mind as he took another drink of sake.

Withdrawing his personal device, he began to play with it idly as he leant forward and listened in, hoping he could catch enough of the conversation from his own seat, while he maintained the pretence of merely playing around while enjoying the premises.

Investigation: 4d10o10k3 21

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Feb 28, 2011

Indulging in daytime naps is the highest pleasure mortals can attain!

Misuko leans against the railing, her back facing away from the city view.

"Somehow, I'm both relieved and disappointed to hear that." She looks and smiles at the Kaiu courtier. "If Hononori-san would look over a charming woman like you for a laboratory, that's his unfortunate loss."

To any observant person, it might look like that Misuko is coming on to Tachiko. And what can she say to that? Perhaps there's something dashing about that eye bandage.

Feb 17, 2011

The strongest! The smartest! The rightest!

Kei's eyes widen!

"Kei-chan's eyes are widening! Ronin? So risky! Who would he hire to pilot the ship amongst ronin? A full gang? Why? Your nephew is so very curious!"

Kei spends a moment fanning herself.

":...Ne, ne, Kato-san. What is YOUR desired outcome of all this?"

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Jul 12, 2011

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"Friends - no no, of course not. But it turns out his fate is of interest to the Alliance." Kaihime shrugs, then rotates her chair to face the Kakita more fully. "If you will forgive my directness, I am wondering if you would only be satisfied by his death, or if a particularly conspicuous apology would suffice."

Oct 2, 2010

Komatsu, Market District (Kaihime, Kozue)

Komatsu puts her fork down. "So you have met him! Then you should know why I'm punishing him. Even Firefly seem to think I'm doing him a favour. I'm surprised Tamagoo-sama doesn't keep him on a leash."

She picks up another mouthful of cake and looks you over. "Do you think an apology would be sincere? I feel like it would be letting him off lightly. But if you've got a proposal, I'm listening..."

If Kaihime can pitch an idea that includes disciplining Hononori, Komatsu is all ears!

Spicy Food, Market District (Risuta)

Risuta is able to eavesdrop on their conversation. He's also able to ID them: the man is Kakita Dengakuhazama, a courtier and art historian, and the woman is the master keyboard player Kakita Nō.

Dengakuhazama is talking when Risuta leans in. "... shame if we missed this opportunity, don't you think?"

Nō swallows another spoonful of curry rice. She ordered the hottest thing they had. Her breath might be deadly now. "Hazama-san, you're too focused on the short term. So what if the Firefly have a nice ship? It would be better in the long run to seek the blueprints, not cancel their project."

The man with the long name holds a tissue to his face. Just being near Nō's meal is making his nose runny. "You're too focused on the long term, Nō-san. We must make the best first impression to maximise our gains from the Winter Court. The Luck of the Mountains cannot fly."

Nō grins. "Oh? And how do you plan to accomplish that? Talk it to death?"

"You underestimate me, Nō-san. Komatsu's duel is very convenient. Once she wins, I will talk the Firefly Champion into doing something about it in exchange for my favour during the Winter Court."

"Hmph! And our shipwrights will still be behind the Firefly. What will your schemes do about that? If they shared their research with us instead of the Crab, we could match their advances. That would be far more advantageous. Mad advantageous."

"Well, I'm just carrying out my orders Nō-san," Dengakuhazama says. "I wasn't told to arrange a research agreement."

"Then you need more initiative! Surely your Firefly contact can help."

"Well, if you'd like to try, I can put you in touch."

Dengakuhazama thumbs at his pocket scribe under the table to send her the details.

"Alright. Then if you don't mind, I'll pay them a visit tonight."

Tamagoo, Shiro Kato (Kei)

Tamagoo smiles.

"I hired the ronin, Kei-sama. I nurture talent anywhere I can find it, and these ronin are very talented. I wouldn't mind introducing you, just perhaps not at Winter Court. They're... well, you'd understand if you met them."

"Hononori's talented too... but he's got lessons to learn yet. I'd like him to learn one here, but not a deadly one. Ideally without being indebted to the Crane. I'm sure there's a way, I just need to think of it..."

Tamagoo wants Hononori to live and learn to be courteous. He has no idea if this is possible or how to do it.

Outer Balcony, Shiro Kato (Misuko)

Tachiko beams. "Why thank you, Misuko-san. Oh, do you have any other questions about AI? Because I was about to get something to eat. I don't have much to do today unless the shop finishes with my eye early."

If Misuko wants to ask Tachiko anything else - or better yet, use her as an excuse to get anywhere - now is a good time!

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Jul 12, 2011

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Kaihime laughs at Kotatsu's suggestion. "A muzzle would probably be a better choice!" She adopts a more serious tone as she continues. "He does need a lesson, but a fatal one isn't really good for anyone. Especially since Kohaku-san here is his champion."

Kaihime picks up her pie plate and takes a bite. "We Crow have a saying - not the one about swords, there's another one. Take a samurai's life, and all you've done is dirty your blade. Don't have to tell you about feathers and mountains, I'm sure." She gestures with her spoon. "Anyways, like you said you're practically doing Hononori a favor as it stands. Proper repayment for that insult would take away the thing that made him issue it in the first place, wouldn't you say?"

Feb 28, 2011

Indulging in daytime naps is the highest pleasure mortals can attain!

"I was about to head to where my concert is being held. Of course, I just realized that I have no idea how to get there." Misuko says, smiling. "Do you think you can show me around town after we eat? I'm sure I can find some questions to throw at you in between."

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Dec 31, 2007

I'm going to make my friends eat infinite oregano and they'll have to do it because the recipe says so!

Risuta had heard enough, fell deeds were afoot. Or possibly afoot. Deeds that Risuta didn't like, that's for sure.

Risuta had already ordered, of course, deciding for something a little more exotic from the menu, to go with his sake. While he ate and drank (and kept the two kakita in the corner of his eye), he made notes on his device. Followed by a message sent to the rest of the group:

Kakita have a 'contact' in the Firefly.
Known to K Dengakuhazama and K Nō.
N will try 'contact' tonight.
D/N desire F ship blueprints/secrets,
Unsure how to proceed.
After he finished the message he thought some more, for the moment he had the luxury of time. He could follow them, however it would take a while before Nō'd get around to meeting Dengakuhazama's contact and during that time there would be a lot of risks. For the moment, Risuta would wait for a response and otherwise try to be inconspicuous as he enjoyed his meal (and kept a slight eye on the pair of Kakita).

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Dec 4, 2004

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"W-what?", Kozue says as she looks up from staring at the tea stalk floating at the top of her cup. That's not even supposed to end up in milk tea. "That was supposed to be a surprise...", she huffs slightly at Kaihime before looking up to the Crane. Kozue has probably surprised her crew enough for one day, though. "Well, he's quite the engineer, or so I'm told, so much so that no person wants to interrupt his work. Losing his talent would be a loss to the Empire.", Kozue explains simply, even if a little of her sadane practice is bleeding through. "Maybe there could be something else on the line other than his life...?", she muses. "I don't really want to die.", she says with a laugh, though here's a confidence in her that makes it sound more a joke than an admission.

Feb 17, 2011

The strongest! The smartest! The rightest!

Kei snaps her fan shut and gives A Look.

"Hey. I know Kei-chan is lovable and everyone wishes she were their sister because gosh, she's just the best, but don't forget! I'm not your actual imouto, and! Kei-chan! Is! Kasuga-san!!! Kato-san, the Tortoise know plenty about ronin having their own skills and talents. In fact, now Kei-chan is curious! Where could she meet these wave-men? And! Kei-chan cannot give any promises, but! She will try to ensure this has a happy ending with everyone learning a valuable life lesson and all heads continuing to be on shoulders - and blood in bodies. Maybe a bloodied nose here or there, but, well, business is business. You know how it goes."

Oct 2, 2010

Komatsu, Market District (Kaihime, Kozue)

"His mouth?" Komatsu's raised eyebrow has probably ended duels before. "Just kidding. The Luck of the Mountains, was it?"

The Kakita has another slice of cake and thinks it over.

"Well, I would still like to grind my heel into him, but I suppose I could be satisfied with another arrangement. I believe the Firefly daimyo is hosting the Kakita for dinner at Shiro Kato tonight. We can settle the details there. Don't bring Hononori."

You're off the hook for now, probably!

. . .

Spicy Food, Market District (Risuta)

The rest of the meeting is pretty plain: Nō and Dengakuhazama bicker a little, decide to go "sightseeing, or whatever they're calling it these days" until the Kakita visit the Firefly for dinner at Shiro Kato, and eventually leave. Risuta isn't caught!

That's pretty much all the information they had at this meeting! Risuta is free to do something else or go consult with the others now (and you can talk OOC if you want to plan something). If you don't have anything better to do you can always tail one of the Kakita.

. . .

Tamagoo, Shiro Kato (Kei)

Tamagoo laughs a little.

"Hah! Very well. They should be in the Golden Throne—er, the engineering deck below Shiro Kato. It's where we make engine parts, mostly. The ronin should be down there. Ask around for the Void Drifters. The short man with the head like an asteroid and the wide visor is their leader Inseki."

And so...

Golden Throne [Firefly Engineering Prime Base, Sub-Level 10], Shiro Kato

The Firefly's main ship engine facility is packed. It seems like every stretch of corridor has had something packed into it, even if it's just a little break room or a vending machine or a spare computer terminal. This is one of the last sub-levels populated mostly by samurai instead of heimin, so it figures the ronin would make their home here.

Most of the people here are Hotaru researchers, but they gladly direct Kei to the bay the Void Drifters supposedly work out of. When Kei gets there it looks a little like an exploded robotics facility, all half-finished engines and loose cables tended to by a bunch of clanky old robots—

No, wait.

The Void Drifters (ft. Inseki the Ronin)

Machinery making quiet humming or clanking noises isn't that uncommon, especially in a place like this. Hearing it coming from the space where a samurai's head should be is a little weird, though.

The Void Drifters all look like some dickhead kami cut random parts off them and picked replacement cybernetics out of a lucky dip bag, but none of them seem to mind. Even the ones audibly breathing through a mechanical pump carry themselves with a quiet grace, like everything is going according to plan. Inseki (third from the right) doesn't seem to make a noise, but he was definitely broadcasting electropop through the room before Kei showed up.

Inseki's also the one who greets Kei. His voice has a sort of electronic backing to it, but whoever built him the time to give it some pleasing harmonics. "Hello there. How can we help you?"

. . .

Meiko Ampitheater, City Beneath The Stars (Misuko)

So, the place Misuko is singing is pretty cool.

"...It was named after the Toritaka who first sang here," Tachiko is telling you as you wander through. "The design's mostly Kaiu. The place is already big, but the architecture is designed to make it look even bigger. I think it's usually used by the governor here for—"

Tachiko trails off and looks around.

"Hmm. I think someone's here, but I can't—aha!"

The lady who was hanging out on top of the architecture slides down to the ground in front of you and bows in the same movement. She dresses like a ronin, but she's wearing the symbol of the Bat Clan.

Komori Kikazaru, Bat Journalist

"Hello, Kaiu-san, Toki-san," the woman's weird high-tech hood thing swivels up and down her head as she straightens up. "Komori Kikazaru. I'm a journalist for the Yumeji News Network. Forgive me if I startled you, I was just looking around."

Dang, she talks quick. "Ah, but if you don't mind the intrusion, I'd be honored if I could ask some questions..."

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Dec 4, 2004

I wanna be a saikyo HERO!

Kozue stares for a moment, then just sips her tea. "Right.", she says simply, rising and bowing before turning away. "It was an honor to meet you." Looking at her pocket scribe, she blinks, scratching her cheek lightly, and thumbs back to her fellow magistrates.
komatsu wanna talk at dinnner

no duel maybe?

wants no honomori tho
She looks sidelong to the Crane for a moment, and then to Kaihime, resting her hand on her hilt. "Ready?"


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Jul 12, 2011

My paper soldiers form a wall, five paces thick and twice as tall.

"A pleasure, Kakita-san." Kaihime says, taking a moment to shovel down her last bite of pie before joining Kozue.

As they depart, Kaihime shrugs. "Well that went pretty well! Nobody's died yet anyways." She taps her fingers on her own sword hilt, then adds, "No offense meant to your dueling skills, Kohaku-san. It just seems like no matter who won, it would have been bad for the Alliance."

"Now we just have to convince the Firefly to agree. Think Tamagoo-sama will go for it?"

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