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May 18, 2004

Redlining my shit posting machine

I'll do one. First thunder dome. Send me a story


May 18, 2004

Redlining my shit posting machine

I am inverting the winner of Thunderdome CIII:

I'm sorry:

Whimsy 975 Words

The Master emerged from a revolving door, its wooden surface painted with a crude portrait of an ancient man.

“My newest addition!” The Master offered, extending his hand for Jonah’s.

Jonah clutched a sun-shaped metal charm that hung around his neck and shook his Master’s hand. He was nervous, the two had barely met before today.

“A bit… crude, don’t you think” Jonah’s eyebrow raised quizzically in reply, before tensing.

“Ah” The Master smirked, stepping back to admire his prize. “it’s a bit bright in here to truly enjoy the tomb. A bit of mystery best reserved for more… romantic lighting. Now my dear Jonah, where to begin? With a flourish the Master spun about and strode to a nearby table, his bedazzled cape catching the light as he moved.

“It was Elaia that brought you here was it not?” The Master offered, now rummaging through a pile of accoutrement on the Table

“Yes” Jonah said, sighing heavily.

“Picked you out of the crowd did She?” The Master looked up briefly and winked at Jonah.

“Yes she did.” Jonah replied. He felt his face flush at the memory. “She was magnificent, its why I am here. She stood there, in front of so many… and she was amazing. She showed us things I never thought were even possible. I locked eyes with here there, in the crowd. She seemed to pick me out, we shared a moment and that was only the beginning.”

The Master stood now in front of Jonah, a wand held loosely in one hand, his eyes alight.

“And how long ago was that dear boy?”

“Fully ten years I should think” Jonah replied softly

“Ten years…” The Master said waving his wand about lazily

Jonah though back to when he first met Elaia, she was different then, a gifted witch full of life and promise. The spark, though, has since faded, her magic dull and jaded. Jonah wasn’t even sure the last time she left the house.

“She was good, Elaia.” The Master offered. “Though the last time I saw her practice she seemed bored, and rushed. Almost angry in her practice. Not many who witnessed her then were very amused I should think. Not the way to practice the art! You need mystery my dear boy.” The Master drew very close to Jonah in that moment before he whispering. “And whimsy my dear boy, you need whimsy.” The master spun around with another flourish to his desk and began to rummage again.

Jonah sighed before speaking. “I am afraid it’s worse than that, she hasn’t left the house in ages and she has taken to the drink. Spends most of her time huddled in the dark. I can barely get her to speak, even to me!”

The Master paused a bit from his rummaging. “Oh dear. Yes, a dark thing indeed. It has happened to others.” He looked up, locking eyes with Jonah. “The practice takes a lot out of you. You have to go out every night and deliver, with conviction.” He raised his hand gripping it into a fist. “It’s not all arcane arts you know. Some think I just need wave a wand and mutter the words. The truly great sway, convince, and mesmerize!” The Master produced a small bottle from his desk, uncorked it and sprinkled out a small bit of powder on his hands. “Tell me about the time you saw Elaia at her happiest.” He began to rub the powder over his hands.

“Well that was probably when I proposed to her.” Jonah offered, his eyes grew a bit distant. “I spent a long time hunting down her favorite flower, a rare one, a Deborah. I Proposed on one knee with the biggest diamond I could afford. Really lit her face up, I’ve never see her smile so much.”

“Ahh, Diamonds, lovely” The Master replied as he turned to face Jonah. He rolled up his sleeves and wriggled his hands in front of Jonah. “Now my dear boy, a bit of the old whimsy, and a favorite of Elaia’s I might add.” The master uttered a few arcane words and with a flick of his wrist a tiny ball of flame formed just above his out stretched hand. It grew quickly to small ball of lively flame and hovered just above his palm.

Jonah gasped, he instinctively began to reach out for the flame

“Hold your hand out.” The Master commanded

Jonah held his palm out, and the flame gently glided to rest just above his palm. He could feel its heat on his hand, but it wasn’t burning him. “It’s beautiful” He muttered.

“Now for the fun!” The Master grinned, flicking his hand once again.

The ball of flame sputtered out and landed in Jonah’s hand. It was a delicate black sphere, and barely weighed anything at all.

The Master drew close. “Now of course you know about playing cards, yes?” he asked.

“Of Course.”

“Well then, go on pick one.”

“Pick one?”

“Break the ball open.” The Master commanded.

Jonah pushed his finger easily into the ball, and it quickly collapsed into a pile of ash. He could feel something waxy. Jonah blew the ash off and revealed a card. A ten of Diamonds. “I don’t believe it!” He gasped.

“Whimsy my dear boy.” The master winked at him, a big smile on his face.


Elaia sat, her head resting against the table, a bottle snuggled against her face. She sighed deeply, her eyes fixed on the window across the room

“ELAIA” Jonah yelled, swinging open the door.

She looked up to see her husband Jonah rush towards the table.

“I have it!” Jonah said, triumphantly. He slapped the table. “Its whimsy!” He declared, a gigantic smile on his face.

Elaia snorted before letting her head hit the table once again.

May 18, 2004

Redlining my shit posting machine

Hey thanks for the crits! The intention was that its a magician and not actually a wizard but I'm bad.

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