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Oct 23, 2010

Me "IRL"

Fun Shoe

The world is ancient. It's peoples are scattered. Those who came before have faded, leaving only ruins of those times before. Barbarism reigns. Slowly, a few scattered individuals of strength and skill have risen, and seek to impose their wills upon the land and it's peoples. They gather their followers, their troops, and those who would seek their protection and guidance. They stake claims upon the world and seek to master it's primal wilderness. For glory, for power, for wealth, for the favor of their gods, the particulars are as numerous as there are people who reside within the world.

You stand upon this precipice - ready to take your first step and claim your place upon the world; but the question remains - will you rise to prominence, or will your works return to dust?

Ok, so since I've been trumpeting this thing (quietly) for a bit, I suppose I should out with it. This will be a realm building game based in 3.5 (because everyone knows it). In it, you'll be depicting a ruler in charge of a realm of your design out there exploring and claiming territory and interacting with others via diplomacy and warfare.

It's uh, going to be a bit number crunchy, but that can be fun too, right?

It's going to use a couple pages out of some pathfinder stuff (because 3.5 doesn't have an easy mechanic for realm building) which are covered at the following links:

Anyway, as far as mechanics go:

Ruler Building:

level 10, 32 point buy

Free leadership feat (regardless of Charisma), also gain an additional level 3 cohort

Cohorts are outfitted using NPC outfitting for their level, and gain ability scores using the elite array (as adjusted by racial modifiers/level ups).

Any classes/prestige classes are allowed (including variants/paragon classes)


Your ruler and starting cohorts/followers must be of races present in your kingdom. You have a total of +3 LA (which does factor into your class levels still) that can be used for your demographics (so you could use all +3 on one race, or spread out three +1 races, etc.) You can have a total of 5 races of significant population present within your kingdom (but can have less) at the game's outset.

Out of your initial population, only 25% in total can be made up of races with level adjustments.

Your starting Terrain (and the terrain within at least 2 hexes) must conform to the terrain favored by the majority of your population (can choose if Any). If water, use the Coastline terrain and select the favored terrain from your second-most populous race, if any. If water-based terrain on a race that takes 100% of the population, choose Coastline and then select a Terrain, as with Any.

Kingdom building:

Begin with 50 BP

Kingdom Alignment should be same as Ruler's.

You do not need to fulfill all leadership roles from the outset, penalties will only accrue at size 11 or higher (may be adjusted if necessary) - however you will not gain benefits for roles not taken, and your Ruler will still be in the Ruler role.


As presented in the Mass Combat link - though special abilities will be limited to 1/unit and may be represented by more classes than is shown. If you qualify for more than 1, pick the one that the unit will specialize in.

Keep in mind you've got to feed your military! And you need somewhere to put them when they're not in the field - which means a Barracks will house a single army of up to size Medium. A Garrison will house any number of armies of any size (it's abstract, deal with it).

Until further notice, military rank and file will consist of npc classes (warriors, experts, and adepts).

Other Stuff:

On the note of what you can do per cycle: So there's three er, phases, to every round. Exploration, where you're going out and discovering stuff, kingdom, where you're managing your homefront, and military, where you're bashing your armies into things. Your ruler, and your cohorts you have assign to one of these phases, but they can only assign to one, each. (more than one can assign to each) - hence me giving you three so you can do all three phases, as necessary.

I'm probably missing something but, if so, ask and I'll answer and put it here.

I'll make a map up once we know what we're rolling with as far as terrains and demographics and all, though it will be incomplete (intentionally, of course).

So, what I'll need from y'all is: your ruler, their cohorts, their settlement's name, kingdom's name, and some fluff/history stuff. Go wild, nothing as far as fluff goes is really verboten (within reason, obviously). Basic jist is everything that used to be around as far as major civilizations go has been destroyed thanks to various bummers. You can use that recently or make it more ancient, up to you (they didn't all die out at once, after all). Or have nothing to do with the previous cataclysms, that also works!

Small bit about religion: there's a giant Pantheon in charge of everything called the Multitudes - so named because there's tons of Gods that appear and disappear all the time (this means divine characters can pick and worship whatever they want if they want a specific God/domains).

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Jan 13, 2008

Will try and work on mechanics over the next day or three. Basics to help other players get some idea of what I'm going with, though.

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