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Carrion Luggage
Nov 24, 2006

love how it is falling to pieces so quickly


Sentient Data
Aug 31, 2011

My molecule scrambler ray will disintegrate your armor with one blow!

You meant to link to

It needs js turned on, and give it time to load

Mar 19, 2016

The idea of that site is amazing. They're sure down with the philosophy of bitcoin, in they have an incredibly retarded idea for 'improving' something that already works okay with a 'solution' that is much worse in every way.

Burt Sexual
Jan 26, 2006

Aida Cuevas is my Ranchera Princess

max4me posted:

That caliconnect moron who trade marked his silkroad name got busted from modesto of all loving places.

I would like to think that he had connections to pot growers, but it totally possible he just had a Medical Pot card and went to a pot shop to fill orders.

I live in the central valley and their are loving green cross shops everywhere hell i have a cousin who basically sleeps in one, he says its a bunch of gangbangers trying to go legit.

I can also say this you get these growers and gently caress everyone one is growing. The first step is to hot tap the power to your house to steal electricity. New homes that dont have a over head drop from the pole ( a weather head) but instead have conduct from the ground. Seems the conduct is plastic so put on some line man gloves and take some nylon rope and a few hours of rubbing you can tap into the power.

Now with all those lights your are gonna need some cooling, so most growers get a mini split system.

I had a system put in my workshop and they install thought I was gonna grow pot hence the weird conversation about how they do this poo poo.

The current big thing is THC extract or wax/shatter If you see a bunch of butane bottles in a dumpster that is what they were making. I saw apartment building a few blocks from me burn down because the assholes was doing that poo poo inside and turned on his loving garbage disposal.

Waiter, I'll have what he's having.

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