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Apr 2, 2007

HP: 11/22 Luck 10/11 Armor: 0 Souls: 30 Flask: 5/5 Spice: 2/2 | Rotes, Cause Fear, Charm Person

Let's see if I understand this right. Aster knows how to mask the 'scent' of his soul-stuff. He's holding nine or more claims tickets on behalf of other gamblers, probably to help conceal their stake and not scare off competitors by being so heavily favored. And by my account, likely to win this weird courtship anyways. I know who I'm betting on.

Aster seems to know what the hell he's doing. After some fascinated-looking people-watching, I'm going to put my current wallet of thirty soul-bucks on Aster. I will also take an aside to speak with my party members and encourage each of them to, "Trust me!" and do likewise.

Irvine, though. He's putting up Telepathy for a wager. It's an easy one to under-value. However, I'd rather not leave somebody destitute, spell-less, or stranded here if they've any inclination to continue on a journey. Neither Alarai nor my conscience could abide screwing somebody who'd rather leave, and besides, good-will can pay dividends. As soon as he mentions the name 'Reanne,' I give him a brief, grave shake of the head, and tip him off that he's trying to screw himself further into a debt-hole.


Oct 26, 2010

Are you in or are you out?

Ysolde, you are tapped on the shoulder by a platinum-haired Human and their bandanna-wearing Spectre. They introduce themselves as Lenore and Sergio, respectively. "Thou art a fellow wizard, are you not? I would offer you a trade, as my spellbook's chapter of lesser spells is missing but one entry–Contact Spirits. Whichever other is thine: Detect Magic, Telepathy, or Alarm." Her smile reminds you of an old friend, who? What memento stayed behind with them?

Venner, your canniness tips you off that Sergio is nervous as he listens to his Human like a stall so bad they would inadvertently give away their operator. Not only that, but as they subtly box in Ysolde, they also leave their claims tickets exposed.

Agerios and Dominik, you each notice a serious looking pale bald Spectre perk up his ears at mention of a spell trade. His gaze moves from Ysolde to Lenore and back again, then he surreptitiously points the elf out to a Human with a well-groomed graying mustache. He nods, and his Spectre moves to another table to her back. His eyes never leave her for long.

What do you do?
Soul Bank: 250

Apr 10, 2013

you guys made me ink!


Agerios Lapheusix
HP: 30/30 Armor: 3/3 Souls: 27 Luck: 5/7 Bag of Obols: 5/5 Shears: 2/2

I whisper to Dominik: "That bald spectre and moustached human. Do they look suspicious to you, too?"

I try to read the situation as best as I can; looking first at the two approaching strangers, then Lenore and Sergio, and try to draw a connection. "Do they seem to be working together?" I ask Dom.

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