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Away all Goats
Jul 5, 2005

Have you seen my glasses

uftheory posted:

It was one of the more rewarding discoveries in the game for me (I knew about it, wanted it, then eventually got it) and I'm surprised people want to take that away and make it available from the start.

It's Early Access syndrome. People play a game in its development and decide they like certain things and don't want it to change. It's the same reason there was such backlash over corpses in Darkest Dungeon.

Personally I don't see the problem. If you've played the game in EA you know where the multipurpose rooms are. If you haven't, you don't know what you're missing and will be pleasantly surprised when you do find them.

Heck, from some of the LPs and streams I've watched some people don't even bother to build a base at all until they're like halfway through the game.


Jan 4, 2015

The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.

Yeah, these days when I start up a new game of subnautica, once I have a seaglide I head straight for floater island so I can scan what I need to build my main base and get it stocked with edible plants.

Oct 3, 2007

It was so peaceful beneath the glittering stars.

I am really bad at driving the cyclops. Is that usual?

Jun 16, 2001

Aerofallosov posted:

I am really bad at driving the cyclops. Is that usual?

Yeah its a clumsy deathtrap at first, a couple more terrifying failures and you will start to get it. If you want shortcuts:

Get the sonar upgrade so you aren't confused and overwhelmed by the cave and canyon environments due to terrible visibility. Turning off the internal lights seems to help but might be a placebo.
Use the external cameras whenever your moving, watch that tail swing.
Use slow ahead and silent running once you are in the depths, less crashing into the walls, less monster aggro.
Dont Panic when a monster does attack just keep going where you are going in slow ahead and silent running.

Oct 4, 2013

Found my first time capsule!

Had aeorgel and nickel ore, plus some other stuff probably but it kinda got mixed up in my inventory. Dunno how useful this is, but at least the message was pleasant!

Jul 27, 2012

GlyphGryph posted:

You can find them via:
Commander Keen's orders (he sends a transmission ordering you to meet him on the floating island, and if you have even a modicum of curiosity it's impossible to miss the base with the multi-purpose room. You might not realize you should scan it, though)

Uncovering either the grand reef or jellyshroom cave Degrassi seabases. These are also plotline locations, although they require you to have actually completed the plotline tasks on Floater Island to show up on your HUD, so they are mostly a second and third chance to do the scan if you didn't realize you were supposed to while exploring earlier. Entering the Jellyshroom caves at all should immediately reveal some constructions and provoke you to explore for more though, so still a valid route - I actually found that really early on without being guided there. Deep reef base you probably won't just stumble upon.

The Sunbeam plotline - this should end with you exploring inside the alien base and also the rest of the island. They have towers that light up and literally guide you to the portal from right next to where you are supposed to meet the Sunbeam. The portal drops you off right near the scannable bases on Floater island.

If you explore the mountain island a little bit you should find the portal - there's a very clear path that leads you right to it, with moving parts and lights to make it more obvious.

Also I don't mind them locking up the multipurpose room because it's... not really terribly useful? It's mostly there for decoration and optional late game stuff, if you spend the whole game without it the only thing you miss out in is the alien containment - and you can only get that from places that have multipurpose rooms to scan!

IIRC two of the lifepod signals (17 and 13) are next to jellyshroom cave entrances, one of which (13?) is directly above the Degrassi seabase. You get 17 for crafting the seaglide and 13 for entering the grand reef, although reaching it from the other side would probably be difficult without the seaglide or prior knowledge.


Nov 20, 2005

> propitiate the dread god arengee


Huh. Yahtzee in his Zero Punctuation persona actually liked a game. High praise indeed.

(edit) Whoops, forgot to mention, spoilers ahoy.

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