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Jul 6, 2011

Required by his programming!


XCOM 2 is a direct sequel to Firaxis's smash hit XCOM: Enemy Unknown and an immense source of joy to all true neckbeards. Firaxis's last game proved to be a very faithful and quite solid modernization of the original game, so hopes are quite high that the sequel will rock as many faces as the EU did. It is slated for release Februray of 2016, so we don't even really have that long to wait!

The typical narrative is getting up-ended a little bit. At the end of Enemy Unknown, XCOM failed. Do you think that's lame? Well keep it to yourself Ramona, nobody cares. They were defeated, scattered, and the aliens took control of the general human population. We pick up twenty years after this failure. The aliens have erected massive cities and made grand promises of a bright future through cooperation to humanity at large, and, outwardly, they seem to deliver. However, the atmosphere is one of choking totalitarianism underneath the veneer. Enemies of the new order disappear, and only those on the fringes of society dare to think for themselves. Basically, aliens made 1984.

XCOM still exists as an insurgent organization, using a mobile base to launch a guerrilla campaign against the alien order. The fight is desperate and the goal is far, far off. But that goal is nothing less than the obliteration of the alien order and the extermination of every filthy xeno gently caress who thought it was a good idea to enslave Homo Superior.

The Geoscape has changed substantially. Now, instead of deploying ships around the world and building hangars to extend your reach, you are restricted to the Avenger, XCOM's mobile base, and short range drops from the Skyranger.

Time mostly passes in transit on the Avenger, and distance is now important to access various missions. For example, to do the following mission:

One would actually have to BE in Western Europe.

There are also many mission types, varying from urban patrol combat, to full on invasion of a loving black site.

Furthermore, as the aliens are now in control of earth, they have numerous irons in the fire at any one time. These irons come out as "Dark Events", which manifest as projects that make your life harder in various ways. You will be warned about Dark Events as they come up, but don't expect to be able to prevent all of them.

In addition, the aliens have a cryptic win condition known as the "Avatar project." If their progress completes on it, XCOM loses the game outright. You can complete Dark Events and undertake missions to stall the Avatar Project, but the only way to truly stop it is to win the game.

The Battlescape is also very different. Each mission starts out in tactical concealment, during which time XCOM is undetected and can position themselves along the map without worrying about getting shot to pieces the first time a squad slides into view. It also gives you the crucial first shot in most situations.

Concealment can be broken early by a patrol bumbling into your squad, but their viewed squares are clearly marked. Also, once you shoot an enemy, the entire map goes loud. Soldier classes are also much updated from the original EU (and generally seem much better thought out this time around).


This is the expansion pack to XCOM 2. And yes, it is an expansion pack in the old sense, like Enemy Within was for EU and Brood War was for Starcraft. It completely overhauls many parts of the game and adds in a ton of new challenges and mission types, including the titular Chosen - three very powerful captains of the aliens' will that exist entirely to make your life hell on both the geoscape AND the battlescape.

A couple of things War of the Chosen adds:
- The Chosen themselves. There are three of them, and they oversee parts of the globe that the Elders have entrusted them with. As you sortie into their territory, the will slowly take actions against you to learn about XCOM. As this knowledge grows, they will become more and more dangerous, until they eventually launch a special Avenger intercept mission to take you down for good. They will also interfere in otherwise normal missions, giving you a boss fight when you least want it.
- The Lost. Did you ever wonder what happened to all the luckless bastards that got picked up in the abduction gunk of EU/EW? Well, wonder no longer. They're a zombie horde in the most classic sense, hostile to both you and ADVENT. Not quite a traditional third force, the Lost have a tendency to show up as a wrinkle in missions to make things more complicated - though this doesn't necessarily mean harder for you...
- Advancement Points (AP). Have you ever leveled up a soldier and wished you could take BOTH of the skills on offer? Well now you can, sparky. When you build the new training center facility, you can take a peek at the entire level tree for a soldier, including their hidden skills (which are now impossible to miss thanks to this new system). As a soldier gains ranks, they get a separate pool of AP that they can use to take bonus skills not on their normal advancement path. And in case that pool isn't enough, XCOM as an organization also gets its own pool of AP for performing flanking and ambush kills, defeating the Chosen, and generally doing well in the campaign. Yes, it is finally possible to have a Specialist that is both a hacker AND a medic!
- Fatigue. Will is no longer a static number, but rather something that goes down as your soldier takes actions on a mission. Using a single soldier over and over again will sap their Will and leave them tired. A very tired soldier will panic more easily, and at extreme levels of fatigue could develop negative quirks that hurt their combat efficiency. You can restore will by....letting a cat sleep for a change ya jerk.
- SITREPs. These are one-mission modifiers that change the context of a map. They generally are there to provide spice to what would otherwise be 'another run.' They go from beneficial (all soldiers can conceal once for free during the mission) to problematic (extra pods deploy, or they have better stats) to 'could go either way' (the Lost spawn on the mission, even if they otherwise wouldn't).
- New standard enemies. ADVENT can now field a flamethrower-wielding Purifier unit, and the aliens have gone full Alienware with a unit that's can copy your soldiers using a swarm of nanomachines (son).
- And more, more, more. This expansion is real, strong, and your friend.

With War of the Chosen, there is an incredibly confusingly named "integrate DLC" checkbox when you are starting a new game that affects the Shen's Last Gift and Alien Hunters. This is what that actually does:

If checked: The individual missions (and, consequently, rewards) that introduce Shen's Last Gift and Alien Hunters are disabled. Instead, they become projects you must pay for and complete in the Proving Grounds - and they're not cheap! So, you will not receive the first-tier array of Alien Hunters weapons for free, and you will not receive a free SPARK with DLC integrated. As you cannot undertake the mission that activates the Alien Rulers, they are instead redeployed to guard Avatar Facilities and will only activate when you meet them in those assaults.

If unchecked: The DLCs will behave precisely as they did without WotC installed. As the hooks for both Alien Hunters and Shen's Last Gift occur pretty early into the game, this will lead to a very hectic opening act to your game - and the extreme length of the Shen's Last Gift mission is likely to leave the squad that completes it very tired. Of course, you will be able to obtain the first tier of Alien Hunters weapons for free by investigating a rumor, and you will get a free SPARK for completing Shen's Last Gift. You will also be able to control the activation of the Alien Rulers by simply doing or not doing the Alien Hunters combat mission.

Important: If you do not want to deal with alien rulers AT ALL, you should UNINSTALL the Alien Hunters DLC from the Steam UI. This is the ONLY way to entirely disable the DLC.

The Ranger: Kind of the Assault adapted to the new guerilla environment. It can either focus on cutting enemies to pieces ala RULES OF NATURE or improving its stealth capabilities ala BE CAREFUL DOWN THERE, BOSS. Reveal video:
The Sharpshooter: The Sniper from the first game is mostly unchanged, simply improved. Can focus on reactive play focusing on their pistol, where six bullets is more than enough to kill anything that moves, or long range sniping. No, love cannot bloom on a battlefield. Reveal video:
The Grenadier: The Heavy from the last game now rocks a loving awesome minigun instead of an LMG and a grenade launcher instead of a rocket launcher. Yes, it's still an improvement. Anyway, they can focus on blowing everything up or filling the air with more bullets than God knew existed . Reveal video:
The Specialist: The Support has gotten a totally sweet UAV buddy known as the Gremlin, and his upgrades surround what the Gremlin is best at. He can focus on hacking enemy equipment, or healing and shielding allies. Most everything the Specialist can do is done at a healthy range due to the Gremlin, so they generally seem to work much better than the old Supports did. Reveal video:
The Psi-op: Psionics has finally gotten an equal shot in XCOM 2, after forever being treated as an awkward add-on that made one lucky soldier a deity while relegating everyone else to languishing in the lucky guy's shadow. Skills focus on using psi to either screw up enemies or bolster allies, but the powers are generally much better thought out and much more lethal and effective now that people don't need to worry about these great powers showing up on some jerk who is already a god. Reveal video:

With War of the Chosen, there are also three new 'third party' soldier styles you can recruit, drawn from the other fractious resistance groups out that have been pestering the aliens while XCOM has been away:
The Reaper: STALKER aesthetic at its finest, the Reaper is a big coat, a gas mask, a low powered sniper rifle, and six shades of trouble for Advent. They freely enter an advanced form of Concealment known as Shadow, which makes them impossible to detect unless they are literally right next to an enemy. As quick as they are quiet, Reapers make ideal scouts and demolitionists for your crew, able to plant explosives on enemy pods before they know your squad is there, or to detonate volatile barrels and vehicles without revealing themselves. They are the epitome of the scout/sniper and hilariously fun to use.
The Skirmisher: ADVENT troopers that have ripped out their own control chips and now fight the order they once served. They are insanely mobile and make heavy use of their grappling hook to make a joke out of vertical areas - when they're not using them to latch on to enemies and zip around for ripjack assaults. Their bullpup rifles are low damage, but natively do not end the turn after they are fired, making Skirmishers great at the hit and fade attacks you'd expect them to be good at, given their name.
The Templar: Human psi users that have developed their own powers through blind tinkering and raw talent, rather than through the careful experimentation of your own psi-ops. Templars focus on melee combat using psionic gauntlets, and get more powerful as they land good hits and kill things. Hard to use but undeniably powerful, Templars bring dicing to your slicing game.

Overall, this game owns. If you disagree, I want you to consider that this is how you interrogate enemies now:
And then reconsider your entire life.

One of the coolest parts of this game is the ability to export characters from your game, so they can appear again in subsequent campaigns, or your friends' campaigns!
idonotlikepeas has generously collected goon self-inserts so you can import them to die horribly for your guerilla resistance! Check out this link to get the latest goonpool, and put it into Documents\my games\XCOM2\CharacterPool\Importable. Then you can see the pool in the Character Pool menu item and pull them into your game!

To get your own self-insert put into the pool, email him at (his username)! Please make the pool name the same as your character's name, for his convenience.

Other fun character packs!

Orgophlax posted:

OK, finished my G.I. Joe characters for now. These are based on the original 80s cartoon.

Also, requires Capnbubs Accessories Pack for Flint's beret to show up:

- Talking about XCOM 1 is okay.
- Talking about XCOM 1 mods (like Long War) is okay.
- Talking about the technical aspects of modding XCOM 2 is okay.
- Talking about OpenXCOM is okay.
- Seriously, . We are all friends in the XCOM thread.
- Please do not engage in zealotry either for or against your favorite or least favorite mod.
- Just be a reasonable, level-headed adult.
- So basically, no Junpeis.
- If Coolguy is in your campaign and he dies be sure to post it to the thread I'm collecting my deaths. Video is preferred but an image with a funny epitaph is also good.

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Jul 6, 2011

Required by his programming!


QoL mods
This is a listing of simple mods that do not change the basic experience of the game, but make various things easier or quicker. They are by no means required, but are generally considered improvements to your overall experience.

Thanks to Antti for this handy-dandy list:
Stop Wasting My Time, reduces Bradford VO and makes Gremlins faster
Instant Avenger Menus, removes the transition animations in base management
Overwatch All
Evac All
Gotcha, to see if it's a flank or not before you move
Perfect Information, for displaying hit/dodge odds when someone shoots

Long War 2
PLEASE NOTE: Long War 2 has not and will not be updated for the expansion pack War of the Chosen! Firaxis declined to pay the team to update the mod, and they in turn decided to focus on their original IP project.
So the same team from XCOM 1 has returned and made another mod with similar ambitions and design to the XCOM 1 mod. If you're not familiar with it, it is a very broad-reaching overhaul that changes a lot about the main game - and it tends to be very controversial on whether or not it is good. So much so that the above chess rules are drafted purely because people get in slapfights with each other about this drat mod so often, with such vehemence, and with such a long history (it's gone on for literal years). Will you enjoy it? That is difficult to say. It is best described, I believe, as an acquired taste.

One of the nice things, however, about the mod is that most things are broken up into .ini files that you can edit to tweak the overhaul to your preferences. Which is legit very nice! However, since they are not native changes to the mod, updates to the mod on the workshop will overwrite your changes. To counteract this, it is actually easier just to make your own preferences mod. Instructions here:

Exposure posted:

I would suggest making a personal mod folder, like go to (wherever XCOM 2 is installed)\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\mods

Make a folder and call it something like Exposure'sPersonalTweaks

Make a text file, rename its extension to XComMod, add this (I believe this is what's needed for the launchers to detect it as an non-steam mod)

Then make a config folder inside that folder, put in your customized tweaks to it, and you basically got a place to put all your custom tweaks without having to worry about anything overriding it.

As an added note for this sort of thing, if you're trying to replace config variables with this, it's best practice to set up changes like:


Only real issue is that some of Long War 2's config variables are defined with const, which makes altering them a bit load order dependent instead of "Is this config properly set up? Merge it with the rest." from what I understand of other mod authors gripping about it.

If you are having difficulty with these instructions or anything else, feel free to ask in the thread.

WHAT THE gently caress IS DOORN NOW

Okay okay. So, Van Doorn was an escort target in XCOM 1, who was clearly intended to be a little bit more than a random defenseless VIP. His voice pack made him sound ready to pop off and murder some fool aliens, and despite a high pitched voice, many people liked his moxie. This included the Long War crew, who changed his mission so he joins XCOM after being rescued. The guys at Firaxis, being total ballers, also made some old voice acting available to give him a unique voice pack. Basically, Van Doorn is cool.

The Snake Tits reveal of XCOM 2, and the consequent comedy factory produced this gem:

PORN WHEN became DOORN WHEN in the last thread. Well, in the new game he's a cheat soldier, where if you name a soldier Van Doorn, he becomes a demigod of murder. So, Doorn when? DOORN NOW!

Why doesn't EVERYONE play on Ironman?
Because XCOM games have a long and proud history of being humongously buggy and this game is no exception right now. Ironman is not for the faint of heart because of that. You are just as likely to lose your game to a corrupting bug as you are to your own mistakes. I would personally recommend NOT playing on Ironman right now due to this - give the game a few months to iron out the worst of its issues.

i heard there were lots of ways to die up in this poo poo
You better believe it, buddy! So many, in fact, that the thread made an entire alphabet of horrible pain, misery and death! The contributors were many, and much fun was had. Art imitates both life and death in the XCOM thread.

A is for Atlas, erased by an Avatar... B is for Bishop, too close to a car
C is for Clair, became a Chrysalid mother... D is for Darren, chose a gas tank as cover
E is for Esther, hugged by a snake... F is for Franky, caught in the 'Zerker Queen's quake
G is for Gary, soaked in Andromedon's blight... H is for Harry, thrown high as a kite
I is for Ian, under a Sectopod's body... J is for John, blown up by a squaddie
K is for Kaitlyn, fell through a house... L is for Lee, ate a turret's gauss
M is for Maura, who felt a Gatekeeper's glare... N is for Nestor, who punched a Muton on a dare
O is for Oliver, gunned down by MECs... P is for Piper, who didn't one-shot a Codex
Q is for Queefy, caught in poison gas... R is for Robert, Chrysalids too fast
S is for Simon, left on the ground... T is for Timmy, got thrown around
U is for Una, who bled out with no medpack... V is for Vincent, too slow for the evac
W is for Wiley, who wore a red shirt... X is for Xena, put in a world of hurt
Y is for Yoko, flanked by a Lancer... Z is for Zed, left XCOM but got cancer

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Jul 6, 2011

Required by his programming!

I am here for the murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome, friend!

witness beaglerush straining the overwatch system to its hyper-violent limit
and again

also have a fine collection of our finest soldiers:

Antti posted:

I'm up to tutorial mission 3 and this is one of the rookies the game randomly spits at me.

GOTY 2016.

Perestroika posted:

Sometimes you just kill a MEC so hard it waves you goodbye

I am here for the snake tits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, friend! Here is your required pre-snake tits viewing of the Rules of Snake Tits, an educational video designed to educate YOU about being a weird deviant!

Control Volume posted:

      (' <-<
       \ \
        | |8
        | |
 ______/ /
god bless

Happy Noodle Boy posted:

Don't kill the snakes.

Michaellaneous posted:

Your opinions are awful and if you think massive guns and rag-tag armors are stupid you should reconsider your life choices.

Captain Invictus posted:

Firaxis has announced its partnership with General Mills and included a free female snake with every purchase of a box of Cheerios.

              GOOD LORD. RUFFIANS.

              I SAY

Coolguye fucked around with this message at Jan 21, 2017 around 01:53

Jul 6, 2011

Required by his programming!


Before doing anything else, you should enable the Autosave. Go to the Options and look for it. Trust me, when you're learning the game it saves you all sorts of heartache.

We want to encourage discussion of XCOM 1 for those of you who are just finding the game. It's a great game and it's still very worth playing, even years after its release. To do this, we have a reasonably well populated FAQ. However, in order to not bury this post in a deluge of words that nobody will get any value from, I've moved it to a pastebin.

You can find the XCOM 1 FAQ here:

The Nexus has opened a subsite for Enemy Unknown here. The main mod people talk about, though, is The Long War.
The Long War - Be sure to read ALL the instructions on their releases!

It is difficult to even call this a mod since it changes pretty much everything about the original game. There are now 8 soldier classes, with 8 MEC classes, a swarm of new equipment, a completely overhauled tech tree, and much, much more. Pretty much everything about the base game got changed in Long War, some for weal (larger squad sizes, difficulty curve fixed to make the early game generally harder than the late one, fatigue requirements to encourage the use of more than a half-dozen soldiers) and some for woe (there are now a lot of time sinks and development traps that are almost completely nonfunctional for the overall game, many things are completely inscrutable without a guide).

Will you like the mod? That's hard to say. There are certainly a ton of things to be very excited about with Long War. It gives an experience that's much like the old UFO Defense - the game is asymmetric, and each mission is pretty unique with the sheer amount of content that the developers have installed. You will be unable to go on an eternal victory streak. Just stop trying, it is practically impossible. This makes the game, at its soul, much more interesting than vanilla. The difficulty is also ratcheted up several notches, with each month more harrowing than the last. This is refreshing for those of us that have beaten Impossible/Ironman and are now looking for an even greater challenge. However, the mod is highly unpolished and has a lot of extraneous niches in it. "Fixes" were applied to items that were never broken in the first place. New, kludgy features were added to systems that already worked very well. Other systems that were perfectly functional before have been expanded to the point of being overwrought. The improvements that were added are rarely tested in conjunction with one another, so even if two things are objectively a huge improvement over vanilla, when taken together they can sometimes create a very bad experience.

All that said, if you have beaten the vanilla game an enjoyed it, you owe it to yourself to at least give Long War a try. It's a wild ride and a definite work of love on the part of some extremely devoted developers. It's a free download, so even if you end up hating it, it's a fun way to spend a weekend.

It's worth noting that Long War, like Skyrim, gets better the more you customize it to your taste. Many of the mods for Long War get rid of some of the jank and cruft that drags down the experience. Most mods require PatcherGUI to install. There's also the user-configurable DefaultGameCore.ini with a number of settings you can adjust.

The Iron Rose, a goon modder for Long War, has helpfully compiled a list of recommended mods and settings for a first playthrough of Long War that improve the playing experience.

The Iron Rose posted:

Modding process of XCOM is not that easy. You Unreal Engine Explorer to decompile scripts and then various patching utilities to change them. UPKUtils allow you to get some low-level information about upk objects, but still you need to understand hex codes in order to write your own upk patches. Read this wiki article about editing upk files, which has almost everything you want/need to know:

Anyways basically what you're going to be doing is finding a function you want to change in UEExplorer, dumping it with the hextopseudocode command line tool from UPK utils. For example: you might run:

HexToPseudoCode.exe XComStrategyGame.upk XGFundingCouncil.UpdateSlingshotMission > XGFundingCouncil.UpdateSlingshotMission.txt

This will create XGFundingCouncil.UpdateSlingshotMission.txt with decompiled pseudo-code inside. Open it up in notepad++, set up your ALIASes for easy customization, make your changes in the pseudocode, patch with PatcherGUI, and test.

I recommend taking a look at my Assorted Long War Gameplay Modifications, Customize Unique Soldier Stats, and Customize the Air Game to basically deconstruct your average patchergui mod.

Her nexus profile with all her mods is here. If you need advice, help, or just have something you want to change about Long War you can PM her on SA or the nexus.

Her list includes a couple of bugfixes, some UI improvements, and her own re-balance of Long War.

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May 24, 2007

Thank you... and thank you!

Are we allowed to have one Junpei?

Aug 6, 2010

You see this post?

It's the Gosh Darn APOCALYPSE, baby!


The Dark Events are kinda like a mechanic from that XCOM board game.

I'm a little disappointed that the 5th class was just psionics instead of something new. As much as I want MECs back I will be let down if that's the 6th class that's in the DLC they announced.

The Iron Rose
May 12, 2012


Aug 10, 2015


gently caress YES! Bradford been doin' this for 19 years! You gonna fight him, fight these tears?!

Anime Schoolgirl
Nov 28, 2002


I still want a compilation of those Kelly comic edits.

Jul 17, 2009

And how do we do that? We hurt a lot of people...

What are the chances that decrypting a 45 gig preload is gonna take longer than just downloading it once it's unlocked?

Jul 6, 2011

Required by his programming!

Anime Schoolgirl posted:

I still want a compilation of those Kelly comic edits.

Post 'em? I've been stupid busy the last couple of weeks so I basically didn't see the last dozen pages of the last thread.

I'd also ideally like more badass webms to put in the OP (in the place of the existing images) to provide a better experience for those doing their civic duty and listening to XCOM Gon Give It To Ya

Wizard Styles
Aug 6, 2014

level 15 disillusionist

Anatharon posted:

I'm a little disappointed that the 5th class was just psionics instead of something new.
It should have been dogs.

Anime Schoolgirl
Nov 28, 2002


Coolguye posted:

Post 'em? I've been stupid busy the last couple of weeks so I basically didn't see the last dozen pages of the last thread.
I might have to do the ol' image skim with DTA on that thread and then sift through the mess of snake tit pictures that were posted concurrently for the solid gold of right-wing pro-ADVENT punditry

The Iron Rose
May 12, 2012


Vodos posted:

What are the chances that decrypting a 45 gig preload is gonna take longer than just downloading it once it's unlocked?

Oh totally. One of the perverse downsides of downloading 17 mb/s is that it almost always takes longer to decrypt the game than it does to download it!

This is textbook firstworldproblems though.

Coolguye posted:

Post 'em? I've been stupid busy the last couple of weeks so I basically didn't see the last dozen pages of the last thread.

I'd also ideally like more badass webms to put in the OP (in the place of the existing images) to provide a better experience for those doing their civic duty and listening to XCOM Gon Give It To Ya

Besides the Long War Thin Man.gif I hope that there is footage of xcom blowing up buildings and collaborators.

On the other hand people should download gooncam and record their own gifs.

Jul 6, 2011

Required by his programming!

The Iron Rose posted:

Besides the Long War Thin Man.gif I hope that there is footage of xcom blowing up buildings and collaborators.

On the other hand people should download gooncam and record their own gifs.
Yeah that's going to be the banner for the Long War post I'm currently editing, presuming I can find your goddamn line back from our Steam conversation.

Apr 21, 2010

Crushes tea, and tea-related rebels.

Slippery Tilde

Coolguye posted:

Post 'em? I've been stupid busy the last couple of weeks so I basically didn't see the last dozen pages of the last thread.

I'd also ideally like more badass webms to put in the OP (in the place of the existing images) to provide a better experience for those doing their civic duty and listening to XCOM Gon Give It To Ya

Linked that skulljacking one to someone, was replied with "OH MY loving GOD YOU CAN DO THAT?!" a few moments later.

Was I insane in remembering that one of the interviews/streams mentioned that xcom 2's modding assets will have xcom 1's features in it? I cant... find it anywhere online.

Oct 20, 2010
Yossarian lives!

Going to love downloading XCOM 2 on 200kb/s max internet in the desert

Sheen Sheen
Nov 18, 2002

Is there a demo? I feel like I was able to download a demo of the first one to confirm that it would run reasonably well on my lovely ancient laptop (it did), and I would like to be able to do the same for this one if possible.

Dec 30, 2010

He presumably spends
his time traveling the world, annihilating any rapper foolish enough to challenge him

Yeah I'm making my peace right now with either camping out at work to leech campus wifi to make the download more bearable, or just not playing for a couple days. Oh well! Just gives me more time to plan out my Character Pool of stupid pop culture references. I can't wait for the arrival of a standard voice pack modding tool.

Liquid Penguins
Feb 18, 2006

by Cowcaster

Grimey Drawer

Take me down to the xcom city where the grass is green and the snakes have tittay

Jul 6, 2011

Required by his programming!

Liquid Penguins posted:

Take me down to the xcom city where the grass is green and the snakes have tittay

Nov 13, 2005

Not sure I should admit this but I bought a 2nd SSD because of XCOM2. Couldn't decide which Steam game to move to the platter HD and just thought gently caress it...

I'm hyped.

Any news of a preload yet?

Aug 10, 2015


Wizard Styles posted:

It should have been dogs.

Feb 29, 2012

Let's start that faux kelly collection

Jul 6, 2011

Required by his programming!

holy poo poo


in other news i have completed the OP migrations and there's officially more screen space devoted to cool screenshots, fun movies, and jokes than there is to stupid walls of text that less than 1% of anyone will ever read

this makes this thread better than That Other Thread (you know the one I'm talking about) (no you don't) (because i don't know the one I'm talking about)

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Jan 10, 2007

DrManiac posted:

Let's start that faux kelly collection

oh my god, who did that and are there more?

Jun 18, 2004
Mile High Club

Jan 2, 2012

Grimey Drawer

Wizard Styles posted:

It should have been dogs.

But then I'd gently caress up and get a dog killed

Jul 6, 2011

Required by his programming!

now in the second post

Jan 10, 2007

The Devil Tesla posted:

But then I'd gently caress up and get a dog killed

Combat dogs would be a really sweet mod if implemented properly

Aug 19, 2008

Don't worry. I've got it under control.

I am so ready to do the terrorism fight for freedom.

Nov 13, 2005

DrManiac posted:

Let's start that faux kelly collection

That thin man is not the only one who is "tit"-illated

Sep 13, 2012


You know, I only just now put my finger on it, but XCOM2's setting actually reminds me kinda of the original Syndicate. And that's really cool. I wasn't sure how I felt about the whole "aliens occupy the world and you fight to win it back" setting, I wanted something more like literal TFTD continuing the X-COM feel of being a military superpower base, but I've warmed up to the idea since then.


DrManiac posted:

Let's start that faux kelly collection

Wow that's perfect

I want more xcom kelly

Jan 10, 2007

I can't wait, and I also cannot express how happy I am that I no longer have to worry about satellites or interceptors. I really disliked that part of EU/EW

Oct 27, 2010

Could at least flip one or two, maybe.

x-com: pyf memes

kelly is good tho

Nov 6, 2010

I unlocked the phy stuff in X:COM one and then quit because the game got too repetitive and the terror missions ridicolous.

Dec 22, 2009


I am excited to play this game y'all

Aug 25, 2008

The only mystery left,
is what I put in your tea.

I am sad that the game will be released the same week my classes start.

Anime Schoolgirl
Nov 28, 2002


DrManiac posted:

Let's start that faux kelly collection

There are a lot fewer of these than I thought or I saw them in other places with less robust image and post archiving (rip)


Mar 26, 2007

I just finished Enemy Within savescumming, I want XCOM2 to be a new beginning where I can play like a real human being.

I would turn on Ironman because I want to have losing be part of my learning curve and also legitimately see the game over screen, but I am worried about stability issues with a new game.

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