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Feb 21, 2013

Prince of Space posted:

In case anyone might be interested:

Bee Bonk's most excellent Co-Op/PVP Sci-Fi survival game,

is entering its second "Season" of play!

Signups have begun for new Wreckers and Sponsors for Heap 2 / Map 1 of Wrecking Crew!
(Updates regularly: 6 nights / week!)

Notably, all the original player's characters from Episodes/Maps 1 & 2 have either died or retired by this point. There will only be two first-time veterans coming back onto the field and everyone else will be starting anew. It's a newbie's game out there!

Come join us in tele-fragging space horrors while getting closer to the futuristic human ideal: a hulking neosoldat cyberdemon who utters monosyllabic blessings to the gun-gods as they rend and tear through technoflesh.

A strong recommendation from me too, the game owns, Bee owns and is a machine at updating. More people should play with us!


May 20, 2001

Buncha slack-jawed faggots around here

Thirding the recommendation. If you don't have much time to participate you can act as a sponsor, buying items for the wreckers and deploying airstrikes upon request for fun and profit.

Also, Bee Bonk's art is fantastic, as is their worldbuilding.

Nov 14, 2004

Hail to the speaker,
Hail to the knower,
Joy to him who has understood,
Delight to those who have listened.

- Hávamál

After a hiatus Hell is Empty is back! We are playing using the Demons: The Descent rules and setting but you do not need to know anything about either.

So far, we are Ms. Ink, a fallen angel of the biomechanical demiurge that controls all reality. We were sort of responsible for the Dust Bowl and chose to leave God and live as a mortal. Currently we are living under the cover of Mabin Pilliager, a young Ojibwe internet activist from Minneapolis and running around with a group of Demons devoted to carving out our own slice of Hell on Earth.

So far we have stopped an angel from being born, co-opted a chunk of godly Infrastructure, started the Demonic Socialist of America cult, and might be time traveling soon. Please come join us!

Jan 7, 2010


New summary for Other World CYOA:

We are a broken man who used fo drive truck in the other world. Gone insane from doing mr. cthulhu delivery task and now volunteered to represents him in the God-wide Pantheons of mass-aduction for recreational god-enchanced racing.

We gained Estoric Mind as part of the god blessing, this stack with our Insanity to turn our mind into a Lovecraft MC. Our snake-bro personality got removed to become a guardian spirit within us for advise and what not.

It seem our faction will be riding Lovecratian vehicle.

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