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Feb 9, 2007
Good to the last drop

Hey remember X-Men Origins: Wolverine? The movie that took a giant dump all over Deadpool? This isn't that movie. Now lets all go back to forgetting it forever again.

I loved this movie. Not only did they manage to learn from Origins, and not make the same stupid dumbass mistakes all over again, it was actually pretty good (aside from a couple niggling concerns).

What we get:
The red suit: Deadpool's iconic red suit is (obviously) here. We all knew this one from the trailer.
The 4th wall: Deadpool's trademark 4th wall breaking is in full force here.
He talks: In Origins we got some of Wade Wilson's mouth prior to becoming Deadpool, but once he became Deadpool....we got nothing. None of that poo poo here, and its hilarious.
They didn't add any powers or skills: Deadpool doesn't teleport anywhere in the movie. He doesn't have wrist blades. Or eye lasers. None of that stupid poo poo happens here.

And finally they didn't cram every single joke into the trailer as many comedies do. Plenty to laugh about outside of what you've seen on youtube. There are also plenty of references here including Ryan Reynolds, Sinead O'Connor, and Ferris Buehler's Day Off.

-Ajax is as lovely villain on the screen as he in the comic book. His British accent doesn't push him over the edge to mediocre, and inability to feel pain is a lame superpower.
-It's a bit low budget and it feels that way. The X-Men help out, but there are only two of them (Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead). There's even a great crack about this.
-And finally I felt like it was a little to cheeky outside of the character Deadpool. It would have been better to make the rest of the movie serious and have Deadpool quip wisecracks to contrast with each other. Colossus tries to be amusing with a hero complex which is a fail.

Stan Lee makes his cameo in there (why? Beats me, he's never had anything to do with Deadpool) and the postscript is absolutely can't miss (hoping they were serious about Cable).

3.5/5 (very possibly a 4)

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