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Dec 19, 2002

Entrapta fucking loves robots

Grimey Drawer

BiggerBoat posted:

Can we talk about Adobe for a second?

They're not running a scam in any traditional sense but their business practices and subscription model are a good example of how a "Scam" isn't really a scam because it's common place.

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator by trade and work in large format and offset printing. I've used Adobe software for decades and was around when it first came out and when my profession first made the move to digital creation. They've tended to make great software over the years.

About 4 or 5 years ago, they went to a subscription only model where you pay by the month. This kills me as a free lancer. You can rent the Creative Suite for something like $40 or $50 a month. Trouble is, I can go months at a time with NO freelance assignments at all or might have a month where I do one or two small jobs that make me, let's say, $125. There's no way for me to make a profit like this using the "always online" Creative Cloud and, tbh, an easy $100 job helps me a lot. For now, I can still use older software but recently I read that Adobe is planning to brick older versions of their software that I paid for and licensed. So I either have to generate new work and the create the extra time to do it or keep hoping against hope that my older software will hand on and work properly.

They also, for some reason, feel they have to release an "update" to this poo poo every year, which usually means breaking poo poo that worked fine, re-mapping keyboard shortcuts that have become muscle memory to me, shuffling commands and tasks around their menus for no reason and basically creating new problems that actively make my job harder instead of easier. I don't understand why they just don't fix the broken poo poo, leave the software alone and just sit back and count money. The way they do it now, by "upgrading" poo poo every year, it almost forces me to download the new poo poo even though I spent the previous year finding workarounds for crap they broke and which I've finally gotten to work fine.

They have a monopoly in my industry and like most companies in this position have abysmal customer service or any kind of help. When you manage to get any help at all, they ask if my $2,000 computer is more than 3 years old.

I'll give you a perfect example:

For some reason, Adobe InDesign decided to change their "text engine". What this means is that the way the software displays and flows text is different. So now, I open an old 48 page file that a customer prints every year but only changes the date or some poo poo, and the entire book re-flows (or, worse, cuts off text entirely). Fucks up an entire job that should be a simple re-order if I am not diligent and careful. The exact same file opened with a new app I never asked for with a simple one line text change can poo poo the bed and cost us an order.

TL/DR: Constant software updates that break your poo poo, sometimes intentionally, when everything was working fine feels like a scam to me. Happens with my phone and Xbox too. gently caress constantly updating poo poo if you don't want to and companies that break poo poo on purpose. gently caress subscription based creative software too that's hosed up my freelance side work.

poo poo like this is why piracy is making a big comeback


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