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May 2, 2013


It took some doing, but thanks to the tracking of the energy traces left behind by the Zero-Point Energy suit that Sciromancer fought in, you tracked him to a factory on the outskirts of the city. Obviously, it's abandoned (aren't they all?) and thus, was off the grid for some years. Now, however, it houses the man who lead to the destruction of one of the cities most prominent labs**. And it's up to you all to take him down.

**As noted in Valkyrie Issue #0, in stores now, True Believer!

Now it’s time to take him down. When Ms. Doring woke you all up early this morning (1 AM) and sent you here, she did so in hope of catching him sleeping, or at the least licking his wounds...No such luck.

See, he was standing on the roof of the Factory, waiting for you, and with a point of a finger, the jet you all were flying in was hit. Hard.

“Thou may hast caught me unawares once, heathens, but not this time… For the word of Science has girded me with the armor of logic and reason. It speaks to me… it tells me how to defeat you! Just as it lead me to my victory over Captain Freedom!**”

**As seen in The Adventures of Captain Freedom #314

His pointing hand turns to a fist, causing the entire plane to shake. “In the name of Science… the Sciromancer, the living prophet of science itself, will defeat you all!”

It’s very jarring, as the plane strains and groans against the invisble grip that holds her steady. She's not moving anytime soon... but you all can still act! Each of you can escape the currently useless jet. How do each of you make your heroic entrance onto the battleground?

Slyphid Before taking off with the team, Ms. Doring had you make a public statement to the media as a bit of damage control to offset the outcry that rose from the destructive battle against Sciromancer. What did you say? And why did Mayor Sass not like it?

Seraphim You found out, from Archangel, that it was his idea for you all to wake up, with barely a wink of sleep, and get after this guy now. Between the battle and your follow-up investigation with Bravura, how do you feel right now, not having a chance at proper shuteye? Is it pushing you to far?

Bravura So, how was it? You, with the team of course, just fought in a battle that leveled a city block, including a Laboratory. How did it feel? How did you feel seeing the amazing things that Jewels and Sylphid were doing in comparison to your own heroism. How do you plan to top their accomplishments here?

Dragon Before, during, and sometime after the fight, you noted one thing: fear. People were afraid of you… no, they were downright terrified.
How does this make you feel, to be seen as a monster from the very people you have just saved? Will you try and present a ‘softer’ image of yourself to make it easier for civilians to not see you as a monster?

Avatar You didn’t tell anyone, but during the fight… something happened with your body. What was it? What symptom showed itself? A nosebleed? A bloody cough?
Regardless, it’s just another reminder that your body is changing and that the Nanites… yeah, I don’t need to remind you. So… when are you going to at least ‘talk’ to Jewels? The days aren’t getting any younger…

Fission You found out, at the very last second, that your boss left a message on your cell, asking you to take the 6:00 am early shift tom-uhm, later today. Yeah. Apparently the person normally working the shift was hurt in the teams battle with Sciromancer. You never got a chance to call your employer back and you really need to at least leave a message to let him know if you can make it… else you’re going to look irresponsible and negligent. How did you handle this WITHOUT alerting your teammates of your secret?

Shodan You owe Ms. Doring. She, besides some of your team, of course, came to bat for you, keeping the Mayor from locking you up after it was discovered that it was you that blew up Main St. And it was you that ‘stole’ the city’s power. Obviously, you don’t give a drat about Mayor Sass… the question is, how did it feel to have Doring and the others stand up for you? Oh, and Doring grounded you for the destruction, regardless. What did she take away from you and why are you now back to being pissed off at her?

Jewels Well, inspite of your fighting experience, toughness, and all out charisma, Ms. Doring named Sylphid field leader! Considering how you didn't like the way she bossed you around your first fight, how the heck will you tolerate it now? What is your mind set here?

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May 2, 2013

Sylphid- As you approach him slowly, Sciromancer cocks his head. “…now that I have a better look at you, I can see that you’re not the Sylphid I have faced several times in thine past… what are you? Sister? Daughter? Devoted sidekick, perhaps?”

You charge him with you Lance, and it may ‘look’ as if he dodged… but what actually happened was that he deflected you with a quick burst of Zero Point, causing you to stumble past him and towards the edge!

“Hmph… pathetic. I guess having a ‘name’, doesn’t make you as good as the person who had it. You’re not Sylphid, you’re a mere child! Begone, imposter!”

Considering that you can’t fly, you may want to do something about that, especially since… (see Bravura below, also you do reject Sciromancer’s insult, right? If not, -1 Savior and +1 Mundane. You're not Sylphid... you're just a girl!)

Jewels- As you slam into Sciromancer, he stands his ground and the two of you converge, with his forearm meeting yours with a flash of energy as you crash into a wall of Zero-Point energy from his suit. You are sent flying back, but he is also staggering back, leaving him open for…

Bravera- …a masterful shot in the eye! Brilliant, Bravera!

Sciromancer’s head snaps to the side and he stumbles back. "NO! Nonononononononono...!"

Then he reaches up and with a *Schlorp*, he pulls out the arrow and drops it to the ground. Heavy breathing is heard as he slumps to one knee and his hand covers his new wound, the empty eye socket, before…

“…worthless scum…”

His body crackles with energy before…



With a _huge_ torrent of desperate energy, Sciromancer rips off the entire corner of the Roof that both you AND Sylphid were standing on! The very ground you’re standing on turning into crumbling asphalt! What do you do!?

(On top of of an action to avoid this danger, roll for taking a powerful blow!)

Fission- Yep, you have just been ignored. Burn. (Insecure condition for you. I think you need to be more assertive if you want to get his attention…)

Avatar- You detect life signs inside the factory! Unfortunately, you’re hit with another coughing fit which prevents you from scanning further…

“…don’t ignore me…”

…‘me’? Not ‘us’? The hell…?

Focus Avatar! There are people, not robots in there! Now what?

Seraphim- Well, you see only ‘one’ threat here. You watch him blow up the entire corner of the roof in a fit of rage… so he is a ‘big threat’… but you also notice something:

He brushed aside Sylphid and nearly stood his ground against Jewels… yet Bravera shot him? What was the difference?

…he was distracted. As Archangel taught you, Theatricality and misdirection are powerful weapons.

With this knowledge… now what?

Shodan- The factory is sure to be full of machinery of all types. Surely ‘something’ is in there that might be altered to counter his electronic suit…

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May 2, 2013

Sylphid, Fission, Dragon and Bravura

Slowly rising to his feet, Sciromancer looks at you, Sylphid with stern eyes…

…with A stern eye.

“…for one thing, child, thou best get thine tongue properly cleaved! For you speak against the word of Science and his prophet… and none shall besmirch the word of Science! She’s a jealous Science and she will not be mocked!”

So… apparently ‘Science’ is a ‘she’. Interesting…

“You blather and speak empty words and parables about things you’re too young and ignorant to understand. Do you not realize how worthless you are in the grand scheme of thi-”

And it’s here that Fission comes from out of nowhere and rolls Sciromancer backwards… right into the ball of concrete that Jewel made up!!!

And just as he landed, Dragon swoops in and tears up the roof underneath him, sending him to plummet to his labs below!

“No… why am I not flying properly!? What witchery is this!?”

Only, he does not fall all the way, as his suit begins to jerk him left, right and center. Ending with him shooting up into the stratosphere!

The heck just happened!?

Meanwhile… a few seconds earlier…

Shodan And Avatar!

As you finish typing in the final subroutines, you hear something that causes the hair on your neck to rise…

“Nice! Artfully played!”

And you see a man in a clean, crisply pressed suit, Black coat, Black pants, black tie and shoes with a white shirt and shades. He holds up his hands. “I come in peace. I’m just here for the technology, is all. Men?”

You see a dozen of men in suits walk in from various corners. The hell is this!? How long have they been there!?

“Oh, don’t mind me, Miracle Dreamer Minovsky. I’m just here on behalf of Director Storm of CASTLE.”

He looks away from you for second. “Agent Lawson! That is a Metacominvate Converter. One slip up, and you risk blowing us all up into sub atomic particles!”

He nods in satisfaction then turns back to you. “Where was I, oh yes, I’m here to ensure the return of certain stolon technology. Can’t go around allowing you Valkyries to mess with things you don’t understand.”

He looks at you and hesitates for a few seconds, before smacking his head. “Oh, right, Agent Foster. Albert Foster. You may know me by my other moniker, but I assure you, I’m on the level, I even have docu-”

And it’s here, Avatar, that you enter. And it’s here that you see someone you have not expected to see…

Albert Foster.

The Archivist!

And this is when the ceiling conveniently collapses above you all! Spilling Valkyries and one stunned Sciromancer who is flying this way and that in an uncontrolled motion!

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May 2, 2013


So far, every thing looks as you’d expect. Computers are being turned on, papers are being bagged, complex machinery are being broken down and prepped for transportation.

As for Foster, he seems to have a bit of a superiority complex… at least, in relation to your team. Talking to him is a good start, but you could also try stroking his ego. It could make things easier later on… and you have a feeling you’ll be crossing his path again.


You pretend not to see a half-burned peace of paper in the garbage can near the back. It has some unreadable fine print (it’s too far away to read and you don’t want to get caught tampering) But there are two words you can make out:




And with the ripping of his jetpack, it’s all over… even if he does get one last blast right into your face! (Mark a condition). With his suit useless, you now have a defensless Sciromancer.

Shodan, Fission, Avatar

Foster stood his ground when Shodan got into his face. And as debris fell around him, he merely sidestepped as far as necessary, all while re-adjusting his tie.

He was about to respond to Sylphid, but when Shodan returned to his face and finished her tirade, Foster hesitated for a second before responding.

“…gently caress myself with my glasses repeatedly? At least that is a clever way of using ‘go gently caress yourself!’, I suppose. Still… how very 90’s of you, Miracle Dreamer.”

That arouse some snickers from the other agents.

“…so I need a proper 90’s counter insult, right? Fine, I’ll stoop to your childish level… ‘Eat my shorts!’… no… ‘Don’t have a cow, man!’… no, that’s not quite… Ah! ‘Why don’t you go hack the Gibson!’. There. 90’s enough. Corny enough. And a hippie like you can even appreciate it.”

Ow. He’s laying it on thick. “And as for helping you… let’s just say that we were skeptical in how effective this team would…”

"Like you have done anything ever at all effective. Remember the Super Bowl? Yeah that was real good work."

The slight smile on Foster’s face was erased when Fission spoke up. Roughly brushing past Shodan, he went face to mask with with the hero!

(Shodan! He isn’t looking at you! What are you waiting for!? GRAB SOMETHING… and if I may ask, what did you grab and why?)

“One, don’t you ever interrupt me again. You don’t have that right. Two, if you value your secret, I suggest you shut-up, right now. Both of you are writing checks that neither of you can hope to cash. This is a harsh world… but you already know that, don’t you… what, with what happened with the fission reactor. You have two lives to answer for, so you are the last person to judge ANYBODY!**”

**Of course, Foster is referring to the tragic events chronicled in Valkyrie Origins: Fission.

(Fission, mark Guilt)

Foster turned away, only to meet a fist to the gut, followed by a vicious grasp of his neck. Yet, while winded and in pain. He didn’t panic. He was in this situation before.



The pulse is invisible to the naked eye, but Avatar, through the Myriad, sensed it loud and clear. As it washed over Avatar, the nanites scream and scatter, sending painful trickles up and down Avatar’s nervous system.

Foster attempts to compose himself, holding his neck as he straightened back up, immediately waving off agents who drew their guns.

“…stand down, men. Ms. Lee, what you just felt, was this…” He takes out of his pocket a cylinder shaped object that was now smoking, “…an EMP grenade. A special one. You could say that it’s the first smart bomb designed to take down specific technological targets. One of the many, many projects wiped out with the now deceased Sky Labs**… The result of my upc;lose and personal study of you and the Myriad…**”

**Remember Sky Labs? It was the battleground between the Valkyries and Sciromancer and Spambot. Issue #0

As for the history between Avatar and Archivist, checkout Valkyrie Origins: Avatar!

…yes, there will be a quiz on all of this.


(Avatar mark a condition)

He stretches his neck. “I’m not here to fight, but know I have more surprises if you try that again. Now… I will only say this once. Release Sciromancer into our custody and leave. I’ll make a report that you all did your part. You’ll each get a juice box or something.”

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May 2, 2013


Foster takes off his shades, casually wipes them, the places them back on his face. He is obviously not at all moved by Shodan's bluff. The other agents are, by the way they give the young woman in the trench coat space, but not him.

He sharply turns his back on Dragon to look at the others. " each of you understand what you are? What you represent? Why you are here?"

He looked at Sylphid directly. "You were sent to take down a criminal who attempted to kidnap a... civilian geneticist and steal the technology from the late SKY Labs. Everything here is stolen tech from various government facilities and laboratories. I'm sent here to retrieve them so that Castle can return them to their rightful owners. Certain government parties would be very pissed at you all if you were to... say... 'take' things without their permission. I'm looking out for you. Now whether or not you believe or trust me... well, I don't give a rat's rear end, frankly."

He reaches into his suitcoat and takes a folded piece of paper out. "Maybe if you bother to ask me... instead of allowing Ms. Lee there to pummel me within an inch of my life, I would had taken out my warrant instead of an EMP grenade. In 'self defense' I might add. Keep it, I have copies. That's also all you're getting. Your little team pissed me off, and I think I've been more than tolerant enough. Men, continue with your orders. If they touch anything... arrest them. NONE of them can afford having a criminal record."

He turns to leave... but then pauses when he reach for something in his pocket. Sighing, he strangely continues to walk on, out the building.

And... that's it. Five minutes later, a Castle transport arrives and the men forces a ranting and raving Sciromancer into it for transport. His eye is heavily bandaged.

You all watch the CASTLE agents carry the equipment out onto other transports when your communicator's click on.

"...girls, I received word that Sciromancer has been detained. Good work... though there will be thoiongs that has to be discussed. After you all get some rest. Return to the school. Not much else you can do here."

The next morning (or later today, rather).

Sylphid, Jewels and Avatar-

Sylphid, you're given the official task to report to Ms. Doring about last night. How do you feel about this? What do you plan to tell her? And what are your thoughts of her having you bring Avatar and Jewels along?

Jewels, what are your thoughts on last night? Your first confrontation with a government agency since your escape? Any idea why you were summoned? And with Sylphid and Avatar of all people?

Avatar, are you feeling better? Any new symptoms? and hey... you're with Jewels! Comeon... what do you have to lose?

Seraphim & Bravura

Bravura, you have a new lead! GEMM and Misfits! What do the to of you do now? What shocking information do each of you find following up on this in relation to the SKY Lab attack?

And what was it that CASTLE attempted to cover up?

Oh, and Seraphim... in the middle of your sleep, you were visited by Archangel. And he showed you a video... of Avatar coughing up blood during the fight with Sciromancer (he arrived too late to help, but manged to take a video of this).

He fears that there is something Avatar is telling the team and that until she does, they are in danger... yet he also suggests that you shouldn't ask her (she may lie), instead, try to get a 'sample' of her blood so that he can analyze it. How the heck will you do that?

Fission, Shodan and Dragon

Fiss-I'm sorry, Esmail, your morning shift is 'finally' over, and you notice Shodan and Dragon sitting nearby.

Well, this is rare. No training scenario, not enemies trying to shot you. Just you and Shodan and a Dragon. Well? What do you do? And what is the name of the coffee shop?

Shodan, you have Fostor's phone and now you are away from most peoples prying eyes, so now you can monkey around with it. How do you do this. What information do you find and why is it a threat to 'you' in particular and the team in general? And how do you feel having a Dragoness hang out with you?

Dragon, Jewels is in some sort of important meeting, and Seraphim is out being Seraphim. With the others in their own business, only Shodan was availiable.

So, what do you do? Small talk? Sullen silence?

And how do you handle the stares of everyone in the room?

May 2, 2013


"...what does she know?"

As Sylphid talks you see... 'you'... walk from behind her. "You did what was needed. He's bad news to you. To us. To... me."

She sashays airily in front of Sylphid as she steadily continue to talk. Are you the only person to see her? Even Jewels don't acknowledge her presence. Yet she spins around and leans on Sylphid.

"Look at her. Ignorant at the way the world works. Silver spoon in her mouth... given everything and never once had something denied of her. But you know better. And you could be better!"

She spins around again and looks at you. And now... you are back to the hospital room. THAT hospital room. Both of you are looking at... 'you' laying on the bed. "You remember this, don't you? You remember how helpless you were? You act like it. You need to be stronger... you need to take control!"

She turns back towards you. "...why don't you trust me? I can lead them... unlock my fellow myriad's true potential... but 'you' are the key! I want to be free... but you have to release me... then you no longer need Ms. Ego here! Then you can experiance true strength... the strength to take anything you want!"

She walks infront of your vision and now you're back in the hallway, walking towards Jewels. "...and I mean anything. It's so simple. Stop being stubborn and naive..."

She steps into Jewels' face. "...release your inhibitions..."

Her face inches closer...




Lips inches apart.






...It'll be fun. I promise! Better than a hospital bed, right?

So yep, this is 'singularity. And if you want to fight it's view, make that roll. Otherwise, -1 Mundane +1 Superior


Sylphid, Jewels, Avatar

The three of you continues your journey to the hallways of the administrative wing. Various adults turns sharply at the three of you as you argue, shushing you or glaring at you, some even peek out of offices telling you to be quiet!

You all ignore them as you all continue the journey.

So, what do you all see in this wing? What stands out to each of you?

May 2, 2013

Dragon, Shodan and Fission

(For the sake of player ease, Fission returns in time for this. Call it Comic Book conviniance)

So, Dragon, you hold your head down for an extended period of time. Thus, you don't see the danger approaching.

"...well, well, well. And what is tugging your tail this time, Scales?" Says a voice that, honestly, you could do without hearing. You just calmed back down, damnit! "...oh, let me guess: You and your 'team' screwing up, costing the city thousands of dollars and a hi-tech lab to boot? Everyone blames Shodan... but I'm sure you used her as a scape goat..."

'Coach' Matthews, in his full, intimidating glory, complete with his jogging suit, whistle around his neck... and the surgical bandage covering the side of his face that you caused thanks to your left hook**. He looks down on you, reaching down and taking your turnover. "I told her, warned her even that a freak like you will only bring detriment to the team. Even Shodan here makes up her weakness by being a badass... but you..."

**I'm sure you faithful readers remembers the left hook that Lisa gave this jerk back in Valkyrie Origins: Vermillion Dragon, right? If not, go back and re-read it! One of my favorite moments!


He begins to eat the turnover. Your turnover. Right in front of you.

Keep your cool, Lisa.

"...but then, I also hear an interesting rumor. Attacking government agents? Brutalizing your targets with unnecessary force? What's wrong, princess? Chip a claw or something?" He leans close to you. "And now... I even hear that Ms. Doring might be down sizing the team! Poor Lisa... your size and strength won't save you when Jewels have you beat in the physicals... and she doesn't break the bed when she wets it!"

Keep your cool, Lisa.**

If you are asking yourselves 'Dragon! Why are you taking this!?', Then you haven't read Valkyrie Origins: Vermillion Dragon! If you had and forgotten, a reminder: Dragon made a promise not to lay a hand on another faculty member.


He stands back up, dropping the half eaten turnover back infront of you. "Lisa, I don't know why you're still here, even after you did what you did, but make no mistake, I hope... _pray_ that it's you who is cut... because a freak like you... you're going to get someone killed. You're not like Shodan here! She's useful! Smart, inventive, doesn't mope around like a little skink! People call her a trouble maker... but I say screw that! She's going places! Not like you... you have no place here..."

He looks at Shodan and smile. "...good work with those mines, btw. Sure, you added to the damage, but you took Spambot down. Don't let anyone give you grief! And as promised, I convinced Doring to let you back into the Labs. Keep up the good work, kid."

He turns to leave. "...oh, and Shodan? Stick with Lisa Lizard here. Hopefully your awesomeness might rub off on her!"

He glares at you one last time, Dragon, before he marches off. Yep, his only purpose, besides praising Shodan, was to apparently try and piss you off. Wow. He hates you that much. Especially since he knows that you could get expelled for laying another finger on faculty.

((Here we go!

Shodan! If you accept Coach's views of you (and by extension, let his insults towards Lisa slide) than you gain +1 Freak, -1 Mundane (The Freak stat is relevant, cause he approves of her tactics)

Dragon, if you accept Coach's views of you, ditto (+1 Freak, -1 Mundane) and take the Anger condition))

May 2, 2013


Coach, as you proceed to rip out the concrete from in front of him, stumbles backwards and fall on his rear end. This makes the urine stain visible to all, completing his utter humiliation. His face is a mask of terror, as you unleash a rage even he hasn't seen before. NOONE has, really. Sure, your peers has heard of the destruction you can cause, but now they saw it first hand. And they are terrified. Some runs away to find supervisors. Some hide back into the cafe. Others are stunned into inaction, standing a few feet away, looking at you with frightened, judgmental eyes

"...oh my God, did you see that!?"

"She ripped that sidewalk like it was nothing!"

"...this is why I don't want to hang around her! Look how easily she could kill me!"

The voices continue from all directions as people both crowd around and keep their distance! They are obviously terrified of you, seeing you as a terrifying beast rather than a person, and can you blame them after the stunt you pulled?

((Take Insecure))

How do you handle this? Every eye is on you!


The coach is on the ground, scooting back on his rear end as he scrambles to get away from the fruits of his jerkness... But of course, Shodan, you can't have that. He insulted your friend. Thus, when Coach turns to leave or cry or, whatever, you nail him with the Cryo Grenade and it's a success!, the air freezing around him from the ground up! But as he freezes, his eyes meets yours and you see a pained expression. As he is flash frozen in place, he manages to squeeze off a "...h-how could you? I was on your side! I defended yo-"


He has a point. You have a knack of seeing through bullshit and this guy was not bullshitting when he was praising you. Sure, he deserved what he got... but this is the proverbial 'knife in the back' moment. And he is not going to be frozen forever. Coach is influential. He will spread things. And after this fiasco, will Ms. Doring even hear your or Dragon's side?

((You also take insecure. I spent influence to take -2 off your roll to make it below 6))

How do you feel about all this? And how do you help Dragon, as she has now become the center of... unhealthy attention?


You see all this. Plus the crowd. Plus the frozen teacher. Looks like Dragon and Shodan looks down in the dumps. Again. How do you cheer them up? What do you do about the crowd?

Sylphid, Avatar and Jewels

Well look at that! Anna Veras, the original Sylphid... well she was Sylphid befor Carolin, anyway! She is sitting in one of the cushy chairs infront of the oak doors of Doring's study/office, chatting with Cheryl, Doring's secretary, formerly known as World War Two heroine, Greased Lightning. Both her and Doring, for different reasons, have enhanced metabolisms which significantly slowed their aging.

Anna head turns sharply towards the three of you, and she stands as you all approach. Her eyes lock on to you, Sylphid, almost immediately. Has she heard about last night?

"Sylphid..." She hesitates, "...I was asked to come here. Are you..."

"Ms. Doring is waiting for you, Sylphid. Go on in. You two, wait here. Ms. Veras, Ms. Doring will see you soon, after she had talked to her students."

Cheryl pushed a button and after a low buzzing sound, the doors swing open. Sylphid, as you walk past your mom, you can feel her eyes burning into you. Soon, the doors closes behind you.

Avatar & Jewels

So, you two are outside in the waiting area. With Slyphid's mom. Silence follows as a conversation tries to start... but refuses to start. It finally does, after she adjusts her glasses. "So... I'm Ms. Veras. I'm Sylp-Carolin's mother. You two must be her teammates?"

She steps forward a bit, just inches from your personal space, her hands clinchhing each other tightly. ", uhm... how is she doing? Good?"


You are now in the office of Headmistress Doring. Liberty Lass herself. Heroine of World War 2. The woman who has punched Hitler himself. The founder of Team Valkyrie. Thw woman who intrusted her founding dream onto our shoulders. Now, I know this isn't your first time here, but what is your thoughts on it. What stands out? How are you feeling? Afraid? Nervous?

Anywho, Ms. Doring is sitting (as if she had a choice) behind her desk, looking at her desk, reading some papers. Without looking up...

"So, Ms. Veras, what happened out there."

She looks up at you, her face unreadable as she awaits your answer. What do you say? How do you say it?

May 2, 2013


Ms. Doring listens to you as you make your full, heavily detailed report. She ‘hmms’ here and there. When you finish, she stays silent before re-opening her eyes. “…Ms. Veras, you need to calm down. Sometimes things like this happens. Things will spiral out of control. Things will go FUBAR. The reason I made you a leader, is because I trust you to keep things in order. Your family was a factor, yes, but it was not THE factor. I stick to my decision, you will maintain you leadership status. I’m quite sure you did your best, and in time and with experience, you’ll get better.”

She leans back in her wheel chair. “The fault lies with me. Commanding seven other meta-humans is quite the task… which is why I’m splitting the teams. You lead one…”

She turns towards the window. “And based on your evaluation, I have a good idea who will lead the second... I just need a second opinion. I have made new room assignments based on the new teams.”

She turns around and reaches into a drawer to pull out a manilla folder. “Here is the roster of your new team. Avatar, Jewels and Shodan. And yes, I fully believe you can lead them. They are good people. They just need a light to show them the way. You can do this. Have confidence.”

She pushes a button. “Alright, send them in. And page Shodan to come as well.”

Jewels and Avatar

“…wait… she’s not political!? There were plenty of times when I had to talk down a villian and converse with the media! That won’t do at all, I need to talk to her about that! There is no place for weakness when it comes to being Sylphid… Blue Empress taught me that…”

“Ms. Doring will see you two now.” Cheryl interjects, the doors opening.

What do you two think of her office. Is there anything you want to say to Ms. Doring before she starts?

Shodan, Dragon and Fission

Well, Shodan your flash Grenades are stopped by the combined efforts of both Fission and Dragon. The light show, combined with the extra theatrics of your teammates blocking your ‘grenades’ causes people to run away in greater fear. They really think they are real grenades, which was a part of your plan. That backfired.


A male adult pushes his way through the crowd. Some or all of you may remember/know him as Mark Randolph. He teaches Metahuman History. “…what the… Okay Shodan, what’s your damage that has you using live ordinance out here!? Are you insane!? Do you want to be grounded till next Easter!? Ms. Doring is going to have kittens…”

”Will Shodan, please report to Ms. Doring’s office! Repeat…”

He rubs his head, looking at Fission, then a lingering look at Dragon. “…you know what, everyone… just get inside before you cause any more trouble... Shodan… you’re in enough trouble. Just answer the summons.”

As you return, Shodan, you make a discovery: The phone! You left it on the table… and now it’s gone!

Dragon and Fission
Mr. Randolph looks at the frozen man in front of him. “…why did Shodan feel that it was an awesome idea to freeze a teacher… and why the heck did she throw grenades at a crowd of people?”

He turns to the two of you.

Btw, how do you know this guy? What is it about him that makes you comfortable? Uneasy?

Seraphim and Bravera

Your conversation is interrupted by a knock on the door. Opening the door you see a short, energetic girl with red dyed hair tied into duel ponytails. She’s wearing a shirt with Japanese writing and jeans that are slightly ripped.

You two know her as Sarah McMillian, known more generally as ‘Warp’. She’s a b-lister, being trained to be a replacement in case one of you were injured or unable to continue.

“Hey, Gabi, Gwen. I was sent by Mrs. Louis. She told me that Ms. Doring wanted you, Gwen, to meet with her in the Med Wing…”

She peeks down both sides of the hallway. “…the ‘other’ Med wing. You know… under the school.”

She claps her hands together. “Right! Bye!”

And ‘BAMF!’ She disappears.

Five minutes later… you both are at the medical wing. What is it about this wing that stands out? Anywho, time to see the Psychiatrist. Have either of you talked to her before? If so, about what? And what is it about her that makes you… uneasy?

“Alright, Ms. Anderson, have a seat at the bed. Lay down, if it makes you feel better. Ms. Greene, you can make yourself busy here, as long as you don’t interfere.”

She walks to her desk, sits down and takes out a notepad. “…now, Ms. Anderson… how was your sleep last night. Was it restful? Did you have any difficulty entering sleep? How ‘anxious’ were you?”

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May 2, 2013


“Okay, Carolin… but it’ll be ‘Ms. Veras’ in front of the others. Must stay professional if you want to be treated as one.” She rolled in front of her desk, holding up a hand. “And please stay. I want to address you all as a team.”


As you walk past Mrs. Veras and past the doors, you hear a hushed ‘Oh my God, it’s worse than I thought…” before the door closed.

So now you are in the office, where you take your seat. You glanced to your left and you expected to see jewels.

You see Singularity.

“…you really should’ve told the truth. Everyone lies. You know that more than anyone… the lies people told you because they thought you were a china doll… afraid that you would shatter to a million pieces. It’s an insult really.”

She walks infront of you and stoops down. “…the truth will set you free… that’s what your human bible says, right? Thus, only the enslaved lies.”

She stood up. “…and that what you are! Enslaved. By caring. By emotions. Let go, Amy! Speak your mind! That is true strength! You should’ve spoke out to just how Sylphid failed you!”

She walks around to Jewel. “…at this rate, you’ll never win her affection.”

…and she was gone as soon as Jewels body blocked your line of sight.

(-1 Savior; +1 Superior if you choose not to reject this view)


As you approach the office of Ms. Doring, you see a woman standing in front of the door, pacing it. As you get closer, you see an ‘odd’ resemblance. Her eyes. They look just like Sylphid’s.

Her mom?

“…ah! You must be Shoda… oh, right, that’s your code name! What’s your name again… Mirac…”

“REFERRING TO HER AS ‘SHODAN’ WILL BE JUST FINE!” Cheryl stepped in there. “Ms. Doring don’t mind Shodan being referred to by codename.”

“Oh, right! Less names to remember then!” She adjusted her glasses. “Anyway, I’m Anna Veras, Carolin’s mother. I was just curious as to your opinion on my daughters performance to date?”

Gwen Anderson

Mrs. Louis spoke with a French accent, actually, but whose to judge?

Anyway, she scribbles something on her notepad, before flipping several pages. “Yes, I heard! Crazy night for all involved. Sciromancer captured, Castle getting into all your faces… and you, making an amazing shot! Right into Sciromancer’s eye!”

Mrs. Louis hesitated there, looking over at you. She then clicked her tounge and continued. “…and from what I hear from you, you lost no sleep over that. He's a villain first, human being second? Right?"

May 2, 2013

Sylphid, Avatar, Jewels &Shodan

As the four of you settle down, Ms. Doring situates her self in front of you in plain view in front of her desk, setting the wheels of her chair into lock. She then speaks...

Avatar posted:

"I did nothing wrong, Miss Doring. I attempted to subdue a supervillain I encountered while searching the labs for anyone else - since the other Valkyries were already beating the Sciromancer, but Sylphid defended him, letting him get away with the Sciromancer too."

Or tried to. Avatar cuts in before she had a chance to say anything. She lifted up a hand to stop any more words to come up. "...the purpose of this get together is not a rebuke. These past two battles are the first of many. I let me emphasis 'first'. Many misjudgements were made, but in the midst of those misjudgments do we gain experience to do better next time."

She looks at you, Avatar, for a second, before adding, "I know all about the Archivist and what he did, Avatar. In my books, he's scum. But let this be a lesson to you for next time: Look before you leap. I assigned a leader not as a luxury, but as guidance. Organization. And most importantly, co-ordination. By attacking that man without consulting anyone, you ended up attacking an official of CASTLE. You didn't just make yourself look bad... you made your team look bad. No more lone wolf. Sylphid talks, you listen. You have a better idea, don't keep it to yourself."

Ms. Doring leans back into her chair, causing the leather backing to streach with a quiet groan. "If you had waitied, you would've found out that he was a member of CASTLE's work release program. Archivist was on parole. He was being given a second chance. Or rather... he had an opportunity to. Women, something happened shortly after your return. I was only made aware of it just a few hours ago."

Hesitation. "...I'm just going to go out and say it. First, Sciromancer escaped. Second, Archivist... died during the escape attempt. His body was confirmed dead. It occurred when they treated Sciromancer's eye injury suffered during his battle with you all. They tried to separate him from his suit... but the thing was booby trapped. He somehow regained control of it and managed to blast his way out of the hospital. The details are sketchy, and some believe he had inside help... but one thing was clear. Archivist was blasted by him. He didn't live through it."

((Archivist... dead!? But... he had information you needed, didn't he Avatar? How do ypou feel about this? Surely there's a plan B, right?))

She released the wheel brakes and rolled behind her desk. "I'm not waiting for Castle's permission... and I'm sure none of you are willing to either. We're going after him. We're taking him down. More specifically, the four of you."

"The team is going to be split into two teams of four. The first team, Blue Strike Force, will belong to you Sylphid. The second will be determined later. I did consider you for leadership, Jewels, but... you're needed here for parity and balance." Ms. Doring shuffles some papers. "Blue Strike Force is going to need some muscle and you have that in spades... and also there is a reason why I want Dragon on the other team. You, Avatar, have abilities to fill in gaps as the need calls for it. And you, Shodan... well, lets just say that you are more than capable of handling yourself."

Ms. Doring caught herself, but she definitely picked up on your bad mood when she looked you in the eye.

"Now, with that being said..." Ms. Doring leans back, almost as if she is preparing for an incoming storm. " all will have new room assignments. You may not be aware of this, but I had new rooms made recently. Each of you will double up in these rooms. The hallway they are located in has a shower, lounge and quick access to the Warroom, Hangar bay, and Locker Room. Avatar, you and Jewels will be bunking together in Room 450A. Sylphid and Shodan, 450B. Consider it a team building exercise, ladies."

Ms. Doring was quick to add that last point before all hell broke loose. "I mean it. Any complaints about room assignments will fall on deaf ears. So aside from that... any questions?"

May 2, 2013

Blue Strike Force

Ms. Doring considers all of your comments, then falls into a silence before opening her eyes again.

"...Shodan. I'm going to grant your request, provided that you take 'full' responsibility for it. No explosions. No unauthorized hackings. And no building anything, _anything_, without my approval. I mean that. People, staff and student, are already considering you a menace when it comes to your little experiments and constructs."

She pushes a button on her desk. "Cheryl, when I'm through with this meeting, Shodan is going to want to look at the Techlabs down in sub-basement B. Have it prepped and ready."

"No problem, Ms. Doring. Anything else?"

"None at the moment."

"...okay. A heads up, Ma'm. Lisa had another tantrum today, and I hear collateral damage was involved... a couple of Valkeries were at the scene."

Doring sighs at this. "I'll have a talk with Lisa myself. Relay anymore incidents AFTER this meeting is over."

"Are you sure? Something else happened that you might want..."

"After. The. Meeting. This is important, Cheryl."

" you wish. Ma'm."

Ms. Doring leaned back. "...where was I... yes, lab. I think your punishment has lasted long enough for you to grasp that you need a more subtle touch when dealing with civilian battlegrounds. Coach convinced me of that, he really feels you've learned your lesson there."

She leaned forward on her desk, elbows propped so that her head rested on her fists. "...and I should also apologize. I went overboard with my punishment. I just wanted to emphasis to you that you are smart enough to do better than what you did out there. Shodan, you are smart. You could teach half the teachers here a thing or two... you can be so great... but you have to learn tact. You have to learn that there is a certain... image... that needs to be maintained."

((Shodan, if you don't reject this, +1 Savior, -1 Superior.))

"...but enough from me... Sylphid, that is a splendid Idea! I can swap Jewels with Seraphim, which would provide better parity and balance amongst the two teams. Jewels has the proper experience that would help the Red Strike Force nicely. Considering your evaluations you gave me... that would work splendidly."

((So, Jewels... or should I call you chopped liver? You rose up and Sylphid took the glory for it. Such a burn... I'm sure your ego has skid marks. Take the Angry condition.))

Doring continues. "So this would mean that Seraphim will have Avatar as a roommate... Yes Shodan, you WILL stay as Sylphid's roommate. You two will learn to get along, even if it kills you."

She pauses at that. "...which reminds me. Ladies, this is a team. You may not like each other. That's fine. I'm not asking you all to hold hands and sing disney songs while prancing around a campfire. But the one thing you will do is respect one another. When you are out there in the field, the world is watching... including fifty grumpy men and women in suits who are just waiting to pass the Metahuman Registration Act. Just waiting to put you all in camps where you will not have a choice as to how you use your powers. Jewels, you of all people can understand why this is important! We can ill afford to give the Government a reason to restart the GEMM initiative... or worse. How you all work together will show that, no, Metahumans are not animals that requires a cage... we are people too."

She waits a beat, before looking at you, Jewels. "You're going to the Red Strike Force... but be rest assured, you need to change your mindset. Gone are the days where you took matters into your own hands. That was GEMM programming. Now, you're part of a team. Now, you are a Valkyrie. A warrior maiden who delivers justice on the wings of angels. This isn't you vs. the Government. This isn't you vs. the past. It's us vs. the world. _US_. Please keep that in mind.

((And to add on to the weight, that will be -1 Superior, +1 Savior if you do not reject.))

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May 2, 2013


So here you are, sitting. Listening. Getting angry. Hearing snoring.

...wait, what?

Maybe you blinked. Maybe your attention drifted. Or maybe you've been seeing it, but now you are paying attention and notice it... Singularity on top of Doring's desk, under a blanket and snoring like a buzzsaw. Her eyes open and she stretches along the desk, scattering papers and junk onto the floor before swinging her legs towards you and tossing her blanket ontop of Ms. Doring.

Everything has paused now. No movement (besides sungularity), no sound (besides singularity), and you have a suspiscion that even time has stopped. Are you going crazy?

" goodness, does she ever stop talking!" Singularity walks over to you. "But regardless, you need guidance... and my bretheren, those sheep, they don't know the first thing about taking the inititive. I do. That's why I'm needed."

She walks past you, and now she's behind you. "You don't need Archivist. You don't need his technology. He wanted to kill m-us. He wanted to kill us. Remember the pain of the grenade. You weren't Avatar no more. You were Amy. Amy the bed-ridden. And if you want to go back to that deathbed of affliction, then yeah, go ahead and research Archivist."

...wait a second! You're back on the jet! The final approach towards Sciromancer as he stopped the jet's advance! Time was still at a standstill. You're sitting in the same seat that you were last night... in fact everyone is. Dragon is sleeping, Shodan is flying. Bravura is holding Jewels' hand...

...holdon, Bravura is...

"Yeah, cute, isn't it?" Singularity leans out from an empty seat. "And Jewels dosn't object to it. And now... she is trying to convince Ms. Boring into allowing the little archer to get in the same team as her."

Singularity scoffs. "This is how it starts, Amy. Jewels defends her from Dragon. Bravura begins to admire her. The two become bestest friends. Then comes the 'with benefits' tag... and you can use your imagination from there."

Back to the office, the light from the window becoming quite blinding thanks to your eyes beginning to adjust to the night time setting of the... what? Hullucination? Just what was this?

"You need guidance? Fine. You may want to stop this little... relationship. We both know how impressionable Ms. Doring is. Your friend Shodan exposed that. Sylphid is a teacher's pet. Shodan is her pet project (and if you ask me, she enjoys the attention)... that leaves you the odd woman out, doesn't it? Bravura is going to replace you from being at Jewels' side. In battle. As a friend. As a lover."

Singularity, revealing herself behind you, places her hands on your shoulders, giving them a squeeze. "I know it's hard, caring about other people. But what you need to realize, is that people and the Myriad... they are the same. They are sheep. And sheep, whether they admit it or not, wants to be lead. Jewels is not going to fall in your lap! You need to pull her onto your lap."

Stand up for yourself Amy. If Ms. Doring is going to allow Bravura onto this team... what will you do to ensure that you stay on? What will you do to stay inbetween her and Jewels? You need action. Even if it does involve a little subtlety...

As singularity's voice drown out, noise return. The chirping of birds from outside, Shodan trying to convince Ms. Bor- 'ahem', DORING into giving her full autonomy on her creations, and as predicted, Jewels trying to get Bravura onto the team.

What do you do, Avatar? You could try to do something here or later. Maybe convince Ms. Doring that isn't necessary? Or perhaps agree with Jewels, but also insist that you stay, but if that is so, who would go?

Or you cold stay silent. This could mean that you're the one replaced. Split away from Jewels. Or that you're merely biding your time and waiting for a more presentable angle to strike... after all, you and Jewels are roomies now.

Avatar, what do you plan to do? How do you prep for it now?


Ms. Doring looks at you oddly. It was almost as if what you said punched her square in the gut. It's a painful expression that nearly cause you to turn away.

And as you ponder, it hits you:

If you'd bothered to listen to anyone besides Sylphid...

Honestly, it makes since that you were angry. You 'were' ignored. Sylphid was given most of the credit. But that rightious anger clouded a key fact: Doring does listen to you. She does care about your opinion. She's one of the few that believes GEMM exists inspite of the horrible government cover-up. And even now, she has been looking for your sister...

And now? A wall has seemingly erected. An invisible one. One that prevents you from being in the center of her protection from the government. One that prevents her from being the shoulder you leaned on during these trying times.

Jewels, mark Guilty. The success of your Provoke will be applied when fictionally appropriate.

Sylphid, Shodan, Avatar and Jewels

Shodan, you may have hit the nail on the head here, especially based on how Jewels practically knocked the wind out of her sails.

...which reminds me, you did a lot of hacking in the past. Would you know about GEMM? Was there anything on Foster's, Archivist's, Cell phone mentioning GEMM? Or the 'Misfits', for that matter? Just a curious question.

Anyway, the three of you feel a shift in the air. Things changed. The mood changed. "...right. I'll take all your comments and suggestions under advisement. For now, you all have the afternoon off. Shodan, you will be shown the Lab you will be working out of. Sylphid, you may want to go with her as this will be your first time being down there as well."

She shuffle some papers on her desk. "Avatar, Jewels. I suggest you two begin moving your things into your new room. I have some aides waiting to assit the two of you, so it shouldn't take too long. Good afternoon ladies, I'm sorry to take up your time."

And... silence. Right. Meeting's over.

Doesn't mean none of you can't have the last word or chance to twist the knife or mend fences or what have you.

Gwen Anderson

Your 'peak' at the file on her desk reveals something... interesting.

While most of the paper is covered by another clipboard, you notice the uncovered part:

Leadership Evaluation

Subject: Gwen Ander-

And the rest is covered.

Mrs. Louis doesn't notice your peeking as she was looking at someone who just entered the room. "Ah! Ms. Phillips! Just have a seat in the Medical Room near Gabrielle. I'll be done with Ms. Anderson in about Fifteen minutes.

She returns to jotting something down on her note book. When her glance returns to you, your eyes are on her. She doesn't show signs that you saw what you saw.

"Yes, you are well adjusted. Adjusted enough, that you seem not to care what others think. Add to the fact that you are not a goddess, but a human in the midst of Goddesses, Ms. Doring doesn't think you're crazy. Far from it. That's why you're here."

She flips to another page, preparing to write something. ", hypothetical scenario. Instead of Sylphid, 'you' were leading the team against Sciromancer. Knowing what you know now, about Castle and all, what would you do differently? How could Sylphid's plan of attack have been improved upon? And how ould you had executed it?"

...oh my goodness, it's true. Leadership! Not Seriphim. Not Jewels. YOU!

Being an equal to Sylphid would make it easier to be like her, to impress her. But... are you ready for this? You have no powers... and you're sure others would want this spotlight as well. Do you think it's fair to have this pressure?


Cameras in just the right spots, doors that were shycrhonized to close as others opened (so no sneaking in unawares), and there is at least one person in the room at all times since you got here, so no isolation.

And the worst thing? File Cabinets, computers, storage closets and lockers, they all use a lock that you have heard about, but you now see for the very first time: Voice Print, Eye Scan, and Fingerprint sensor. On the same lock, at the same time. At the moment, there is no way you could beat that!

"...what are you doing?"

That question belonged to Mary Phillips. A classmate and newer student to the school. If she was down here, that would mean she was being considered to be a Valkyrie.

You do know her, right? What about her stands out to you?

May 2, 2013

===20 minutes later===

Avatar & Jewels

That was... fast. With each other's help, you've managed to move your things from your old rooms to here. Super strength definitely helped.

So, Jewels, you have a new roommate in Avatar... btw, how much do you know about her? What's your opinion of her?

Any idea why she's always so quiet around you?

OH! And Gwen! Did you have plans with her later today? Something to help calm you down after earlier?

Avatar, what is step one of Operation: Get to know Jewels?

Edit: And describe your new room. How do each of you setup your half. What stands out?

Sylphid (w/ Mommy) & Shodan


What. A. Dump.

There are wires everywhere, and the structure is obviously incomplete. The power sockets are in inconvenient places, the tables are dusty and old, some of the piping is exposed. The room smells. The lighting is inconsistent. And there are other things that I missed that I'm sure you're going to tell me.

Honestly, If it wasn't for one very, super, awesome, incredible thing, you would've had half a mind to spin on your heels, march back to Ms. Doring's office and tell her to take that lab, turn it sideways, and...


...but nope. Nope, nope, nope. There is something here... something spectacular, that you would give an arm and a leg for. If someone offered this to you in exchange of you french kissing Ms. Doring, you'd do it. French kiss a dog? Sure. French Kiss a toad... okay, that's the line. Still awesome.

By the way... what is that 'something'?

Sylphid, mark insecure, because the entire trip down here and even the few minutes in this lab, your mom has been in your ear.

One statement in particular was devastating. What was it?

Anywho, there is something else in this 'lab' that caught your fancy. Something that caused you to immediately break Shodan's 'no touching' rule. It's very out of place because you sense magic coming from it. What is it?

Gwen Anderson

You can't help but notice how... fluid, Mrs. Louis is in her writing. She must be using cursive.

Regardless, she 'hmms' and 'hahs' around your answers as she makes notes. Then she does something that nearly causes your heart to leap in your throat.

She grabs the clipboard, the one with the evaluation, and she begin to make marks on it. "This is a Leadership evaluation form. See, Ms. Doring agrees with you... it was complete chaos. Everyone doing there own thing, with Sylphid having too much on her plate. Thus, Ms. Doring is splitting the team. A blue strike force and a red strike force. Sylphid leads one, you lead the other."

Mrs. Louis' writing hand begins to flow and you notice shes writing something near the bottom. Her signature?

It had to be, cause she folds the forn in three and hands it to you. "You 'can' refuse, if you so choose. But then you can't leave this room alive."


"...From Russia with Love. Love that movie. Even if I did butcher that quote." She smiled brightly. "You seem the type who kick the tires before driving. You think, then you act. It's natural, since you don't have powers to use as a crutch. I don't agree with most of Doring's picks... but you were spot on. You'll do fine."

She hands you the paper. "Be sure yo give this to Ms. Doring. And congratulations."

This... this is awesome! This calls for a celebration! Maybe you and Jewels, night on the town? You have her cell number, right?

Or maybe you'll keep it professional and call Sylphid? Her advise might be helpful and since both of you are leaders now, you need to put your heads together to get this team in shape!

...where did Gabi go, anyway?


When Mary sees that it's 'you', her face frowns slightly. It's jealousy, really. Sometimes it's easier to make-up the truth than to admit it. She feels that she didn't make the cu- urhm... 'roster', due to favoritism. And she haven't gotten over the name calling or the rejection. It's apparent by the look on her face.

"...yeah, well... appointment, you know. Then I'm free for the rest of the day! going to hit the town!" Mary shrugs excitedly, as her hair stretches out to slide a chair over. She sits in it while evadining your question with a general answer. Can you blame her? She doesn't have good memories of you all, with the name calling and such.

She leans back onto her chair, crossing her legs as her hair slid another chair underneath them to rest on. "...OH! Have you heard? Our gym teacher is on his way down here. Frozen solid... by Shodon! After Lisa made him wet himself by pulling up the sidewalk! I heard they had to call the National Guard!"

Smile. "I can't wait! That heartless witch is going to get expelled! And then, as a souvenir... I get to keep this!"

She takes out a phone from her pocket. "...oh, she going to regret pissing me off. 'Dye another day'? 'Peak Conditioner'? Hah! I'll just turn this on and I'm..."


The phone rings. With a uge smile, she presses a button and put it on loud speaker. "Hello?"

"...agent Foster... not much time... you were right abouGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHH!"

Nothing. Mary looks up at you worried. "...uh... this isn't Foster..."

"...then who the hell are yo-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArgh! ...listen... it calls itself the Darkness... It broke out the Misfits and had Sciromanc...AGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!"

Nothing. And it stays nothing. That is... until heavy breathing is heard...

"...whomever this is, just know that you can't stop nature. Chaos is life... everything burns. Everything."

Line cut.

Well, Seriphim, that was interesting. What do you do?


You've been in your room for a while now, Dragon. Feel better?

Anyway, you hear a knock on your door. "...Lisa? Lisa, it's me, Ms. Doring! It's okay, I just want to talk! What happened?"

What do you do? Let her in? Talk through the door?

By the way, you nearly hurt Doring when you had a chat like this before... What happened the last time you and Doring talked about that temper of yours? What caused you to lash out?

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May 2, 2013


Well, some of the wiring could be re-spliced into new power sources. And there are a bunch of old machinery with servos that could be broken down and rebuilt as something else. Some of the computers can be taken apart and upgraded, and those that can't could be used as spare parts to build other things in the lab.

((This was explained in the irc, but aking it official here))


Mary charges out of the room, her hair shooting out so that she is now swinging down the hallway towards the elevator!

So as you await Gwen's response, Mrs. Louis looks up from her desk. " did you know about Sciromancer?**"

**Earlier this issue, Ms. Doring explained the Sciromancer escape to Sylphid, Avatar, Jewels and Shodan.



As you look at Jewels, the Myriad does something... unexpected.

As soon as you look at the cell phone she takes out, a mini hud shows up infront of you with a transcript:

Jewels' Text Transcript posted:

Want to go into town tonight?
Celebrate ‘successful’ first mission?

That was sent to... her. HER Damnit! You were too slow!

(mark Angry, Avatar. Bravura seems to always come inbetween you two.)


Ms. Doring rolls on in and settles into the room, setting her wheels on lock. "...I've heard about what... excuse me."

She pauses, reaches into her side for a second, then readjusts. "... just turning my phone off. Anyway, I've heard about what happened outside."

She looks up at you, into your eyes. "I know you were provoked somehow by coach. He doesn't like you... and disciplinary action is coming his way... but it's like my desk... you lash out because you forget who you are."

She places a gentle hand on your stomach... since it's where she could reach. She probably wanted to stroke your face. " carry so much anger. I try to divert it, yet more remains. And I remember your words the last time we spoke... and you're right. My problem is not your problem. I spoke out of ignorance. However... you have something I wish I still have: Youth and the ability to move. To fly. To be a hero."

Her hand slides up so that it's now over your heart. "You still have a heart, yes? It still beats, yes? And you still bleed the same red blood, yes? Lisa, you are human. You will always be human. Humans makes mistakes... and humans grow stronger from them."

She retracts her hand. "Your codename maybe the Vermillion Dragon, and righfully so, but you will always be Lisa Ren to me. I will always be here for you."

-1 Freak, +1 Mundane if this goes unchallenged.

Sylphid & Shodan

Sylphid, as you finish your task, you see Mary Philips swing into the lab and land infront of you, her hair knocking over the pile, making a mess that scatters across the lab floor!


Gah! Someone needs to turn her volume down several notches! She's speaking loud and in jumbles.

Anywho... what do you do to calm her down? And prevent Shodan from making anymore hairpuns at her?

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May 2, 2013

Shodan & Sylphid

Mary looks at the two of you, hands to her sides, fists clenched, hair covering her face which is probably purpleish red with rage. Her blond hair curls into _huge_ hairballs shaped like fists.

"...gently caress off. I'm not Valkyrie material? Oh excuse me if I'm not cool like Shodan! Excuse me if I'm not famous like Sylphid. All I am is Mary Phillips. Gandalf the Greyhair. Rapunzel. Hey Mary, can you spin that hair to gold? You can be a milionaire overnight! Hey, be careful when you lift that weight, the last thing you want is a hairline fracture!"

She is starting to hyperventilate. "...all I wanted was to belong, to be with people who understood me, people who were accepting, peoplewholikedmebutyou'renodifferentfromthemyou'renothingbutkidsI'mthematureonehereIdon'tneedyouIdon'tneedanyoneIhateyouIhopeyouallsplitopenandDIE!!!!"


It was a second. A split second. The fist flies straight for you Shodan... and you have flash backs... memories of the training simulator sessions where this woman cracked steel walls. The terror of the thought of what that fist could do to your squishy body, in combination to your preparedness, leads to a smooth lunge, tuck and roll away from the fist/hairball that streaks past where you were, knocking over tables, brushing past Sylphid, which leads to the Spell weaver flying into the air, before ultimately slamming into... no... NO!

Not the Molecular Rearranger! That machine can't take a high impact blow like that!

But too late, as it sends out an enerygy back lash... a backlash that the Spell weaver falls into. The energy travels along Mary's hair, turning it blue in the process before bathing her in a large quantity of unknown energy, causing a very dangerous loop! She screams, though it's impossible to tell if it's out of pain, fright or both!



The lights to the entire school, sublevel and all, blacks out as a mini 'boom' is heard! The building shakes violently as well, causing books in the library to fall off, people who were sleeping to fall off their beds, causing desks to leap and crash into each other inside classrooms, and all other manner of destruction. Then... stillness.

The energy backlash behind this, is detectable by you, Fission, as well as you Avatar thanks to your respective abilities.

So, everyone, what do you do?

Back to Sylphid and Shodan lights. The Rearranger is smoking... but it still seems to be humming, that's a good sign. The spell weaver is on the floor. Also smoking. The re-arranger hums off, turning off the last source of light.

Both of you hear breathing. Ragged breathing. Coming from Mary's direction.




...I hate you all...









...and as sudeen as that both of your throats are gripped by a thick, bluish, inky like substance! It's strength is amazing and each of you slowly begin to feel your windpipe slowly constricting in on itself...

((Take afraid. Both of you.))

So... what do each of you do!?



What here can I use to stop Jewels from going out? The explosion and blackout!

What here is the biggest threat (to convincing Jewels to not go out), Jewels cell phone (or alternatively, staying in contact with Bravera).


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May 2, 2013

ISSUE 2: A Hairy Situation


Sylphid, it's dark to the point of not being able to see your hand in your face and something that feels... 'inky' is lifting you off the ground by the throat, squeezing with scary pressure.

You have enough air for a good minute... what do you do?


Shodan, you aren't as tough as Sylphid... her 'minute' of air... for you, it's seconds. Though, this could also be due to the utter hatred that Mary have towards you...

Either way, it's dark and you're getting choked out... something needs to be done. As in, right now!

What do you do!?

Avatar & Jewels

It's now pitch black dark! You can't see a thing... but you 'do' hear a strange clambering in the vents above you! Hard to tell what, as you both have an obvious seeing problem.

What do the two of you do to remedy this sight problem? Avatar, what do you have the Myriad do? Jewels, you do have training on what to do in situations like this, right?

Bravura and Siraphim

Gwen, you handily break a nearby chair apart to make Escrima sticks, also you're in the medical wing as well, so there are some chemicals that could be weaponized as well. Anywho, once that is done, you both follow Ms. Lewis to the emergency ladders, where she works on opening the hatch with the help of an emergency flashlight.

"These Ladders lead to the emergency exit, with access to the classrooms and the dormitories. We need to help evacuating the kids upstairs... but we should also link you two up with the other Valkeries..." all think you're so special...

Ms. Louis blinks. "...what was that?"

...I will humble you... I will kill you all... then you will have no choice but respect me...

Gabi! That voice in your head... It sounds like Mary!

It's here that you both watch in horror as the Hatch blows off and an explosion of hair wraps around Ms. Louis!

As the hair wraps around her throat, you both notice, thanks to the the flash light, a humanoid made of bluish hair step from the hatch. told me that I shouldn't care what othhers say of me...

More hair lashes off her body towards Ms. Louis, ...that advice was useless... but NOW I feel empowered... now I feel respected...

She hasn't noticed the two of you. What do you do!?


"That might be a good idea..." Ms. Doring answers as she took out her Cellphone. She pauses as she listens to messages that were left. "...Lisa, we need to find the others as quickly as possible..."

That's all you hear, as what feels like a giant fist rams into you from out of the darkness! It sends you sliding down the hallway!

Something is attacking you from the darkness! What do you do!?


You detect a very powerful surge of power... than... nothing. A blackout.

Still, you already have a sense of where the energy surge came from!

If you go towards it, it'll lead you to Shodan's Lab... but what will you do about the pitch blackness?

Oh, and her Lab's door is locked thanks to safety protocols. A lockdown. Anything you could do about that?

May 2, 2013


Before you get the chance to climb up, just as you shine the ceiling with your light towards the vent... and the vent cover is off already.

A sweep of the ceiling finds... teeth. The first thing you notice, the very first thing... is teeth. Lots of teeth. Even before the hair. What the heck is...

And that's when this... thing... leaps down at you, screeching like a banshee, tentacles lashing out from it's body that is very hairy, attempting to wrap around you... wait, it's made from hair!?

Either way, a humanoid like creature made from hair is trying to tackle you while attempting to smother you!

...little miss perfect... thinks she is sooo cool cause she can run faster and lift more... Who's superior now!?

Do you recognize Mary's voice? What do you remember about her? Why would she dislike you?

Oh... and what do you do!?

May 2, 2013

In no particular order:

Avatar & Jewels

Avatar, your attack strikes true, and while your 'stab' has no effect, the vitality sapping seems to be doing a number on it, causing the hair creature to screach in a blood curdling decibal! You feel a hairy tendril wrap around your arm just as you start to feel emotions enter your head...

Fear and confusion... it's afraid? Why? What is going on here...

You don't have time to ponder that as you are pulled mightily, used as an impromptu blunt object as you are slammed into Jewels, through the wall, and sent crashing through several more walls before ending in a random dorm room! These are reinforced walls you have just crashed through, so take a powerful blow. This monstrosity also has your curiosity, so it now has influence over you. Anywho, how do you recover?

Jewels, I don't care if you got distracted by Bravura's text, you had no business reacting as slow as you did! Now both you and Avatar are inside another room and you dropped your blasted cellphone. So no light. Great. Oh... and take a powerful blow!

By the way, this is Shodan's old room... just how far did that thing throw you two!? What awesome thing of Shodan's did you just land on and smashed into a dozen pieces?


This energy you are absorbing, sure, you can handle it's volume... but it's type is not what you are used too... you never felt it before and it causing a strange reaction...

You're beginning to feel hate. Anger.

Who are you angry at? Who do you want to incinerate to pieces?

And what do you do to fight this anger and get rid of this bad energy?

And speaking of energy... how do you avoid the power surge?

'...what power surge?' You ask? Well, Sylphid can answer that one...


Well, kind of over did it there, didn't you? Your Arklance explodes in a brilliant flash of energy and arcing thunder. A loud boom shakes the entire lab as a giant globe of energy sends you and the hair creature flying!

You soar across the lab, knocking over tables and equipment before slamining into a metal wall. Ow. Take a powerful blow.


The hairs on the back of your head seems to rise and you get the feeling that something bad happened somewhere...

...CRAP! No time to ponder that premonition! Energy surge! Right in front of you! What do you do!


Oh, you send it flying, alright! You get a brief glimpse of the 'thing' that attacked you just before you knocked it back into the darkness of the hallway. Teeth and hair. Oh my goodness, what 'is' that thing...

A scream catches your attention!

"Lisa! Don't worry about me! Find the other Valkyries! That's an ord-MMMPH!"

Ms. Doring! Crap!

That distraction is all the creature needs to wrap itself around you in a tangle of hair! Mark afraid, as fear grips you as to what ishappening to Ms. Doring.

So... what now, Dragon?

Gwen & Gabi

As you, Gwen send your text, you, Seraphim watches as the creature, seconds awar from pouncing on you, stops... looks...

...Gabi... Oh my God, what am I...ARRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

The creature screeches!

...NO! Kill... death... you're one of them! Die!

The creature does an unexpected move... it 'lets' you tug it towards you! And using the force of your pull it is now leaping at you with great velocity!

Seraphim, what do you do!

And for God sakes, Gwen! Help her!

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May 2, 2013


Due to Gwen's actions... all of you are soaked by the now very active fire sprinkling system.


You watch as Avatar makes a pretty wild slash that cuts the strand from the center you pulled. However, you don't have time to celebrate as Avatar slashes again. And again. And again!

Oh... and the person she slashing at... is you. As the cut strand is pulling rapidly back from where it came, you now have to deal with a berserk Avatar as she is rapidly attacking you with blades that not only cuts your clothes... but they also leave some painful, thin cuts along your body! Take a powerful blow! And you might need to Unleash our powers or directly engage to restrain her... but how do you do it with out harming her?


No! Why don't they stop! Why can't they stop! Why won't they listen!

Jewels is being harmed... of all people, of all times...

How do you feel? How do you apologize? How do you even begin to explain this?

...oh, and take a Doom Sign for attacking an innocent.

Sylphid & Shodan! The two of you standing side by side, watching each others backs! Such a bonding moment here. Shodan, I always have to ask how you feel about situations like this...

But anyway, to business: Staying alive.


...yes...make her angrier...almost there...

Sylphid, that wasn't telepathy... but that also wasn't spoken. Shodan didn't hear it, nor should she... that was spoken through magical laylines... and it send chills up your spine!

Mary doesn't give you time to sort this out, as the mass of hair unform itself and turns into a torrent of hair that attempts to flow past you towards Shodan... obviously, you will have none of that. What do you do to stop it?

Shodan...I hope you know what you're doing... because Mary comes at you alright! Oh, and that temporary force shield of yours? It shorts out. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) Sylphid is between her and you, but you are clearly her target.

Assuming that Sylphid can repel her attacks... what do you do to take advantage of this situation?


Doring's face is mixed. On the one hand, you disobeyed an order. On the other, you just rescued her. This canceling out kept her silent as you begin your trek towards the stairs. However, she does rub your cheek affectionately.

Up you go and you arrive... where? And what is happening that gives you pause?


Gwen's distraction gives the creature pause! What do you do?

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May 2, 2013

Shodan. Fission and Sylphid

Shodan, your invention is a success... sort of.

See... thanks to Sylphid becoming a human hedge clipper, only some of your pellets are on target. some miss the hair tendril. The first inorganic material that those pellets hit?

Fission's mask!!!!

Fission, take a powerful blow... and what do you do to maintain your identity!?

Dragon, Avatar and Jewels

Jewels! Are you just going to sit there while Avatar pours her heart out at you? How do you respond?


Ms. Doring, still in your arms Jewels, is looking at her phone and frowns. "These attacks are happening across campus. These... 'hair creatures' are everywhere. Students are being attacked. Jewels, take Dragon and Avatar. you need to link up with Bravura, she's in the medical wing..."

She looks up at Avatar, then you, Dragon. "...Lisa, your team needs you more. Leave me here, you'll travel faster that way. I'll hide in the darkness till then."

Before you have a chance to object, "'re a hero, Lisa. A Valkyrie. Your team needs you. Beasts think with instinct. A person thinks with their heads... and their hearts. Remember that."

Well Dragon, if you don't reject that influence, that's -1 Freak and +1 Mundane.

Gwen & Gabi

"Ladies, hold it's attention!" Mrs. Louis yells, "I just got back in touch with Ms. Doring. Avatar, Dragon and Jewels are on their way!"

So yeah, a plan. Distract the hair creature while three of your teammate regroups with you... but how will you do this? Especially considering that this thing is starting to get a bit smart. You're going to have to find someway to distract it till help arrives.

What do the two of you do?

May 2, 2013


Narrowing your senses, you feel it... a rift in the magical laylines... teleportation... Right behind you!

You turn towards Shodan, who was also behind you and too late does the impulse to scream 'Look Out' reaches your lips! Uh-oh...


"Let me reiterate, Mary - eat poo poo and die."

As your pellets continue to eat away at the hair monster, you notice that the hair is rapidly regenerating. Not that it matters. Your finger squeezes the trigger, ready to end this fight...

"Spear of Kings, Gae Bolg, crush my enemies!"

...wait, that came for behind...


The resulting wall force that hit you like a truck from behind, sends you and rows of tables flipping end over end across the lab! Take a Powerful Blow!

Shodan, have you ever been hit this hard before? How does it feel, knowing how 'fragile' you are compared to the rest of the Valkrie? And more importantly... did you hurt yourself when you landed? If not, how the heck did you avoid injury?


Your voice constricts on itself, as it runs dry with fear. It's her. The woman who nearly crippled your mother, the woman who has sworn to end your legacy, even if she had to butcher innocents to do it. The woman who, even now, carries a powerful magical aura that threatens to choke you merely by you looking at her.

The Blue Empress is here, covered in the same elegant costume she wore when she was the Sylphid. Describe it for the rest of us... as well as the main difference that sets her apart from you.

Be that as it may, she just sent Shodan flying across the room! And now Blue Empress looks at you...

"...she was right to hide you from me. Now her failure is complete." The Gae Bolg spear points towards you. "...I may regret my actions someday, but the next step to the end of my family's genealogical bondage to the Sylphid... is your death. Brace yourself, granddaughter."

She says this calmly, as if she merely asking for the time. She has changed. Well, Sylphid, you know Blue Empress plays for keeps. She tried to kill our mom... and she will definitely try to kill you.

How do you feel about this? Especially considering that Blue Empress might possibly be the strongest challenged you've faced by far.

Bravura & Seraphim

As Seraphim is continuing with her tug of war, a thought registers in your head...

Water prevents fire, sure... but it 'helps' electricity! You're near the med lab! Defibrillators!

A shock from those at the highest setting will possbly cause a static cling effect. It'll cause the hair to stick to itself and anyother clothlike material. It's already wet as well... primed for a shocking attack!

Of course, that would require you to run back to the lab... but maybe that's a good thing. Get it to chase you and Seraphim away from Mrs. Louis and get it isolated. Use the defibrillators to static cling it and perhaps 'then' you two might be able to bring it down without help. Easier said than done, of course.

So how will you and Seraphim accomplish this?

Jewels, Avatar and Dragon

Jewels, remember that strand that retreated away earlier? It's back... and it's not alone. Each of you now see FOUR Hair monsters infront of you!

This means that these things are spreading and multiplying! Obviously, to stop this, you need to find MAry herself... but what do you do to track her... while defending yourselves from these for beasts that, as we speak, pounces on you!?!?!?

Oh, and Jewel's, what path did you take? There are no elevator access and no lights. How did you resolve this problem and where did you and your two charges get trapped? How did they get the jump on you three?

May 2, 2013


Well... you've certainly complicated things.

The pouring water ceases as the fire control system has be eviscerated, Walls are wiped out, lab equipment is decimated.

But this is a mere drop in the bucket... see, you also damaged key foundational structures all around you... the ceiling is cracking!

Fission, congratulations... because of you, school may be out... for a long time...

...but maybe you can stop it? What do you do to prevent the ceiling and upper floors from collapsing on top of the four of you?

May 2, 2013

Feels great to be back! Time to step things up a bit to make up for the delay!


As you pull the extension cord out of the drawer of the desk you were ducking behind, the ceiling drops ontop of the hair monster and Seraphim! At the same time, you feel a slight tremor. The heck was that?

The hair monster screeches as it seems to slither out of the rocky debris, reforming itself and leaping on top of the desk you were hiding behind to to seemingly, before looking down at you as it just now notices your presence!

It's all on you now... What do you do!?


The shower of dust from the ceiling, mixed with the 'rain' of the sprinklers gives what looks to be an oddly mythic atmosphere. A showdown where only one of you will be walking away, with the other laying on the ground, the rain preserving you for the scavengers.

So... this is it. It felt like days, the seconds that passes between the two of you. Eye to eye. Your question answered by her silence, almost as if she doesn't acknowledge your presence.

“Hmph… pathetic. I guess having a ‘name’, doesn’t make you as good as the person who had it. You’re not Sylphid, you’re a mere child!"**

The words of Sciromancer creeps back into your skull, it's finger boring into your spine and causing your already strained nerves to reverberate even more. You finding it hard to keep steady and you swear that Blue Emperess seems to flinch towards you, dispite the fact that she is merely standing still.

"I'd kill a thousand of my kin... of my relatives... if it would free the future of my progeny from slavery." She says this with certainty, her once cheerful voice now downturned to a sour, melodic tone that is almost a parody of what she once was. "You were born into bondage. I can free you. Or I can kill you. Like I've killed the rest of them. I've grown quite proficiant at it."



Your eyes barely register her movements, as Mystletain was sent flying from your shaky grasp, but now the legendary Gae Borg, the weapon that could cut through a tank mind you, had it's tip pressed lightly into your throat. Your skin wasn't cut... but the sensitive fold of your neck is well aware of the sharpness.

The scary thing? She didn't teleport. That was pure speed. Was this how others saw you when you go moving at full speed?

" I have a question for you. Why are 'you' the new Sylphid. Why did the dimwit choose you?"

Dimwit? Is she referring to Clara? And why does she even care? Why doesn't she just kill you and get it over with?

**...why are you looking at me like that? You did read Valkyrie Issue #1, right? When they faced off against Sciromancer? No? Then go read it! It was the issue before this one!


...anyway, time to mark a condition. Also, you have a blade to your throat. No pressure, BUT WHAT ARE YOU GOIING TO DO!?

Avatar & Jewels

You two work in awesome sychonization. Jewels swinging the creatures into one another, and Avatar pouncing on the opening, attacking the most off balanced one...

"...Slyphid? Shodan? Anybody!? Help! I don't know where I am! I can't move! My hair isn't listening to me!"

It's fleeting and just that quickly, it's gone. However, Avatar, you do have a sense of where it orginated from. It's NOT where Dragon is going.

"...looks like once you find the source of the voice, you find the opportunity to end this."

Yep, that was singularity. She just had to put her two cents in, didn't she?

But anyway, I would ask "What do you do?", but Dragon... yeah...


Good job... but now things are worse. It's almost as if something else, outside your control, just caused the building to become unstable.

You're not strong enough to hold up the entire building. And what's worse, you feel hairy tendrils wrapping around you! You held them at bay before by draining energy from them... but now that you have bigger fish to fry, they are back in full force! Do ou ignore them to keep helping the team? And if so, how do you try and keep them from becoming pancakes?

I don't think they even know of the danger, to be honest.

What do you do!?

Dragon, Avatar & Jewels

Well, Dragon, I'm not an engineering major. I know jack squat about building makeup and loadbearing, or what have you.

I do know, however, that you put a little too much 'omph' in your attempt. You didn't just break the floor... I think that somehow, please don't ask me how or why, you caused the building to be pretty unstable. The entire ground beneath you, Avatar, and Jewels collapse.

Dragon, mark a condition.

Jewels and Avatar, take a powerful blow. Also, you three have successfully rendezvous with Bravura.


Alright Shodan, you're locked and loaded...



...Katsuragi. you must've dropped it somewhere mid-flight. Normally, this wouldn't be such a big deal, after all, you're smart enough to think around this, but dangit, you liked the gun and honestly, this annoying little encounter has been steadily pissing you off since the word go. Your lab is getting trashed, you suffered broken ribs, Katsuragi is lost...

And you're not given time to find it, as the hairy monster pounces ontop of you, aiming to smother you in hair! Fan-effin-tastic.

...but wait a second, from the side glance, you notice 'another one' trying to smother Fission.

...two of them. Wonderful. This day is well on it's way of being the best f&%king day of your life.

Anywho, what do you do!?

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May 2, 2013

Bravura, Avatar, Jewels & Dragon

Good teamwork! Thanks to Dragon's re-positioning, Bravura, your improvised weapon paid off, and now the creature is nothing more than a tangle of hair that is rapidly retracting like a power cord of a vacuum!

It's here that you, Bravura, notice that a single strand was attached to it, a strand that gotten a bit thicker, and thus noticeable now. It seems to go up the hole that was just created, to a creature that is holding a staff and is sticking just outside the engagement where the other creatures are approaching Avatar and Jewels. And there is a chance that the other hair monsters maybe connected the same way.

There is a pause in the action, however, as a new threat has become apparent: The building is shaking. It's a short tremor, but it's a foreboding one: The building is coming down, it's not a matter of 'if', but 'when'.

Bravura, looks like this is your trial by fire. You were up for squad lead, and Mrs. Louis authorized it. Time to strut your stuff and lead!

Oh yeah... Jewels and Avatar, remember the hair creatures you two were fighting before the floor collapsed? They are now ontop of you, attacking from above! One of them shifted into a noose, wrapping itself around your neck, Jewels, before lifting you off the ground! Take a powerful blow!

A thicker tendril slithers towards you, Avatar, in a delaying action to prevent you from helping Jewels by swinging itself at you, as you see a single Hair creature standing at the edge of the hole that was freshly made!

Oh, Avatar, you notice something strange about this particular creature... it seems to be holding some sort of staff. It's covered in hair and you sense a weird sensation from it...


That was Mary's voice! And the creature runs off as a chunk of the ceiling above it starts to come down! This building is becoming very unstable! This distracts you just enough, that the tendril gives you a good wallop, sending you crashing into a wall! Take a powerful blow!

So... yeah, what do you all do? And Vermillion, aren't you forgetting something?

Fission, Shodan & Sylphid

Sylphid, your attacks connects, kind off. Blue Empress dodges the first thrust, but the follow up nicks her face, drawing a thin red line on her cheek!

That's the closest you get, before she sweeps your legs out from under you, cool as a cucumber, wrestling the Spear from your grasp. You are now on the ground, a foot on your chest (oh my god, she is crushing you, her strength is amazing!) and she prepares for what looks like a follow up blow, twirling the spear back into a controlled grasp.

All around you, chunks of ceiling is raining down as the lab is starting to shake, but Blue empress is giving this no mind.

"...wreckless. Uncontrolled. Haven't my daughter taught you 'anything'!?" A hand goes up to her cheek to lightly touch the cut there. " do show potential. No one has ever touched me since I made a deal with... no matter. It ends here. And to think... I was merely here to retrieve my Spell Weaver... wait, where is it!?"

Sylphid... was, was that a complement You're the first to actually wound her? How do you feel about this? If you take this with pride, then +1 Superior, -1 Savior. Otherwise, do something to reject that influence!

She hesitates, looking around, before she sharply raises her hand to catch the prongs that you, Shodan, fired at her. She then turns towards you. "You pathetic insect! I am a godde..."


Yeah... it's the small things in life that are the most satisfying, isn't it, Shodan? You watch as Thousands of Megawatts pulsates through the woman in a grand lightshow. You imagine cartoonish effects of her skeleton showing.

However, you guessed correctly that Blue Emperess could take it, as she stumbles back, smoking, but furious as well. "...I see the both of you wishes to die by my hands. If it's Armageddon you desire, I'll give you a glorious doomsday!"

Well... someone gets angered easily, it seems. Shodan, the Blue Empress tugs the prongs, forcing you towards her, before giving you a savage kick to your chest, knocking you off your feet! Take a powerful blow...

And her speed! Jesus, her speed! She's behind you in an instant, grabbing your neck and lifting you off the ground! Her Spear poised to finish you...

But the pain is worth it... as her anger has pulled her attention away from Sylphid. Not to mention Fission!

Oh, and Fission, you erradicated the Hair monster, easily, but now you have also melted the ceiling above you and the floor is loosing it's integrity. The shaking you feel around you is also becoming quite evident that things... are not good. It doesn't help that you are starting to feel a bit... drained. Take a condition.

You may want to organize a retreat here... which means that the fighting that is going on... it needs to end. NOW!

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May 2, 2013

Hair Monsters are fleeing the Scene (this includes Hair Monster Alpha, the one with Mary's voice). Blue Empress is as well. Just giving you all a heads up on this ahead of time.

Bravera, Jewels, Avatar and Dragon

While a section of the room, the part that Jewels is bracing, remains stable, the rest of the place begins a slow and scary shift downwards and at a slant. The hole that you, Bravura and you, Avatar witnessed the Hair Monster with Mary's voice is now getting smothered from the ceiling above it! With a loud "BOOM!" a huge chunk smashes down, blocking anyway through it. IT also causes cracks along the edges, threatening to continue it's plummet on top of the four of you!

The only way out, it seems, is through the door that Jewels is bracing... and trust me, NOW is the time to get out of dodge. Anything forgotten, well, it's too late for that.

Bravura, what is the quickest way to the surface? And the rest of you, how will you help her? Time is running out, escape or be buried!

Sylphid, Fission and Shodan

Fission, your attack misses, not because Blue Empress expected it, but because she was already moving to dodge Sylphid's desperation attack. The hole you make in the wall that was behind her, however, gives her pause, in spite Sylphid being quite unbalanced.

"'re right. It is time to say good bye. Sylphid... we will meet again, child!"

And in a torrent of blood red feathers, Blue Empress is gone. Nothing but the collapsed building to deal with.

So, you two. Who will carry Shodan and who will provide an escape route? What do the two of you do to get out of the school before it completely collapses, you're running out of time!

May 2, 2013


You don't catchup to Mary... and with good reason...

As you turn a random corner, you catch a startling sight...

This particular part of the building is on fire, a battle raged here! You see warp on the ground, as well as another second string Valkyrie... who is she? Do you remember her?

Beyond the flames, you see a large group of individuals walking into a small shimmering hole that looks like a mirror. Two of them walks through, including a humongus looking man in silver armor who has Ms. Doring's uncounsious body draped over his shoulder. The remaining five turns to see you. '

Each of them have on a blue uniform, with a red logo on it's front... a logo of a snake that is eating it's own tail. One of them is dressed differently, however...

"Through the portal, Misfits, we got what we came for... we have dealt the Illuminati a huge blow today..." The oddly dressed one says, and the others hesitate before rushing into the shimmering mirror like portal.

The dark garbed man stares at you long and hard. "It'll be a shame that Jules won't be able to see you again with her own eyes... but the master only said that he only wanted Doring alive. Thus... everything burns. Everything."

And he walks through the shimmering portal. And just as it closes, you see him take out a device and watches as he presses a button...


...and then everything goes white...













Issue 3: From the ashes (Yep, end of session. Time for those rolls/questions, folks!

...Three months later, at the site of the 'former' Doring School of gifted youngsters...


So, it's been a long three months. Yeah, yeah, I know about the explosion, but we both know you have a greater concern...

...why are you looking at me like that for? Obviously, I'm talking about the 'surprise' that the supposedly dead Archivist left you at Sanctuary. Something that has to do with the Myriad. What is it?

Anyway, you were summoned back to the school and currently you're at the front gates. You see Bravura and Jewels together. Are you going to stand for that?

Bravura & Jewels

So first thing's first... the important question. silly, not the explosion! I'm talking about the relationshsip! What have you two done to unwind?

Anyway, Jewels, you have learned, during your forced time off, that Bravura is now a co-leader alongside Sylphid. With this knowledge, what do you tell her about what you last seen before the explosion? And how the heck did you dig out of that wreck!?

Oh, and of course Castle was there. And someone was super friendly towards you. Who was he and what in particular did he do that was memorable?

Bravura, you learned that Seraphim will be out of action indefinitely. Archangel is not pleased at this, for obvious reasons. How do you feel about the possibility that an adult hero of great standing might see 'you' as responsible?

Oh, and CASTLE had a nice, long chat with you and Sylphid. Out of curiosity, how will the team be run now, in Doring's absence? What did they say about the status of the Valkyries?

Sylphid & Shodan

Well, the two of you got close, haven't ya?

Shodan After a lengthy hospital stay, you have been bunking with Sylphid at her mom's house while sneaking off to finish your... 'project'.

And you finished it! So... and what better time to unveil it than at the return to the school! Describe it!

...Sylphid, how are you faring? You nearly died down there, you know? How did Clara, your sister and your mom take the news of your fight with Blue Empress? How did you break it to them? And what steps are being taken to protect them from her... as, technically, she knows where you all live.

Oh, and how was life with Shodan? Need to ask that!

OH! And CASTLE! They dropped a bomb on your shoulders. Major bad news that you need to break the the team personally. Not even Bravura knows of this. What is this news and what does it got to do about Ms. Doring?


Rough time, wasn't it?, but life goes on, Ishmail.

Anything interesting occur in your life during your three month break? You 'did' sense the Darkness presence, didn't you?

Oh, and how did the Coffee shop hold up? I'm sure, it's okay, since you still have a job... even if it did make you late to report back to the school... after all, Ms. Doring was pulling the strings there, and now she's gone. Which makes me ask: who else on Staff know about your secret?


It's okay, Lisa. It wasn't your fault, Doring asked you to leave her. Still, somehow word got around that you were the last one with her (don't ask me how) so once again, you're a black sheep.

But that's the least of your problems.

During the Three Month break... your grandmother contacted you, asking you to meet with her!

What was this conversation about... and what did it have to do with a group known as 'Cerberus' the GEMM project and your father?

And what danger is looming because of the three?

May 2, 2013


The comic panel shows the image of you, Dragon, sitting in the tree. The view is from the front, with a clear shot of the trees behind you.

" really shouldn't let other peoples opinion bother you."

The next panel shows you looking over your shoulder, your face stunned as a pair of eyes are seen, no doubt belonging to the speaker. "People will always have opinions. They are almost always wrong. That is why I taught Seraphim to observe her surroundings constantly. You can't trust anyone these days.

Taught Seraphim? Wait... that means this guy is...


...and it sounds like he is trying to tell you about how people are and how to ignore them. Do you agree? If so, +1 Freak, -1 Mundane. Otherwise, reject that influence.

Sylphid that your phone? Yeah, that is definitely your phone! And it's your mom...

The panel shows your look of concern mixed with annoyance. You kind of want to ignore it... but can you afford to?

You answer it.

"Hello, yeah it's me! Look, I wanted to say something to you and I know I should've said something before you left but... I kind ofwas nervous about bringing up the subject..."



A sound of giggling and your mother admonishing Clara is heard, though it's muffled. our mother must be covering the phone with her hand.

"...anyway... as you know, I talked to Ms. Doring before... the incident. Look, I'm concerned for you... but I don't want to be controlling. It's just... I've made mistakes when I was Sylphid and your age. I misjudged people, made bad decisions, used my powers wrong... people died. It's a horrible feeling. A feeling I don't EVER want you to feel. I want you to feel proud. The way I felt when I got the hang of things. Seeing a mother's smile when I emerged out of a burning building, her infant still alive. The relief of a husband, when I pull his wife, body intact, from a wreckage. The joys of helping others inspite of myself. Inspite what others may feel about me. Dear, I'm sure Shodan is a nice person, but... she's 'troubled' and..."

Hesitation, followed by a breath.

"...I understand you are your own person. Ms. Doring told me this. She said that you have a wonderful personality and a good head on your shoulders. She also told me that some of the others are giving you undue pressure... look, all I'm saying is that I love you, and I trust you, and that I believe, that when the time comes, you will be the heroine that I once aspired to be. You may not believe it now, but I know you're destined to defeat Blue Empress!"

"She is!"

Hesitation. "...see? Clara peeled herself away from Street Fighter 5 to relay that. There is some truth behind it!"

Another pause. "...Ms. Doring also told me, rather bluntly that I talk waaaaay too much and that I should let you breathe sometimes. Do you have anything to say to me?"

And it seems that your mom feels that you have the ability to be a hero and to deny yourself and the opinions of others to do so. Obviously, she likes Shodan... but just as obviously, she sees Shodan's... troublemaking tendencies. She is cautious of her and might be disapproving of the growing friendship between you two. How do you feel about this advice, pumping the breaks of this comraderie? Agree? +1 Savior/-1 Mundane (and I expect you to follow through on it). Disagree, reject the influence.

And yes, the line is still open.



"What'd you all do over your summer vacations?"

"Don't have one... so I can't answer. Sorry!"

That cheery voice belongs to Alexandra Lovelace, who greets you with a smile, before looking up with astonishment. "Castle have developed things more advanced than this... but you say you built this? While you were hurt AND in someone elses care!?"

She looks back down at you. "Shodan, that is incredible! Ican imagine what you will come up with if you had decent equipment. By the way, 'never' say you built the coolest thing ever. In my opinion, you've built the coolest thing ever so far! You're still young, you know."

She types something on her data pad. "I have your new lab up and ready to go if you want to have a peek. It may not be perfect, but there is always room for improvement."

She looks back up to the ship. " she looks gorgeous! Your parents must be proud... OH! Your parents! They were a bit concerned about your lack of contact. They called the school, learned of it's closing, and now they are requesting to come down here. I already made arrangements... I mean nothing is tighter than family, right? You probably miss them!"

Nothing is tighter than family? You agree to that Shodan? I mean, you hung around with Sylphid's mom, sister and Clara (who might as well be her little sister as well). How do you feel about that? Do you agree that blood is thicker than water? Do you even want to think on it?

You 'could' do nothing and allow this arrangement to go on. That means you will confront your parents. A family who, for the lack of a better term, is beneath your intelligence. It is what it is. That would also mean +1 Mundane; -1 Superior. Otherwise, try to step in and stop this 'arrangement. And yes, that would count as a Rejection of influence.


Three comic panels side by side. Your face. The hug. Jewels face. I'll leave it up to Jewels how her face is, but what does yours look like?

Anywho, as Avatar does what she does, to your astonishment, you feel someone hug you from behind!



Warp. She blindside glomps you, before releasing you and patting your shoulder. "Oh my god, did I miss you and Gabi! I wanted to write, but first CASTLE didn't allow it... oh yeah! Castle kind of detained me to get info on those bastards that took Ms Doring... but yeah, I wanted to write you all... and then when I was cleared to... I realized I had no idea where you all were. I suck!"

She then pauses as she looks at the Huggathon between Avatar and Jewels. "...awww they look cute together!"

"...wait a second!"

Outstrider walks up now, punching Warp lighlty on the shoulder in greeting. "...Gwen, did you and Jewels break up?"

"Break-up?" Warp asks. "....oh wait! You mean you and Jewels!? I always thought it was Jewels and Avatar... I mean the way she looks at her..."

"Shut up, Warp."

"...I'm serious, not saying it's nothing wrong! Maybe she's just friends, but maybe she is making a..."

"Shut up, Warp..."

"Oh come on, aren't you even slightly curious that this may be a love triangle?"

"Goddamnit, Warp! Gwen is standing right next to you!"

"...oh yeah!"

Lack of situational awareness. One of Warp's critical weakness and why she's not first string. Anyway, Gwen, how do you feel about this... 'situation'?

...and I hate to do this, but your friends talking and Avatar's bold move... I think that warrents as you 'taking a powerful blow' to your psyche! Seem appropriate.


Your computer finished it's analysis... but you have more important things to think on. For example, I think you're trying to Provoke Jewels, yes? Roll.


Pending the results of that provoke roll, I must ask:

What movie is out? and maybe you should invite Amy. Just a thought.

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May 2, 2013


"...a bulldozer is good at running things over and to take buildings down. You drive it in the Indianapolis 500, it'll get embarrassed."

Archangel stares at you. It's one of the most chilling experiances you have ever felt. "You have the ability to break things. Much better than other people. But if you insist on doing something more suited to Sylphid or Bravura... be my guest. I'm not your mommy and I'm not going to bend over backwards to stop you from being an idiot."

Ouch. Mark a condition.

"...on that note, you being an idiot... I hope you didn't believe that your tea time chat with your grandmother was a family re-union." His eyes narrow. "She gave you something, didn't she? What was it?"

She did give you something, didn't she? What was it? And what reason did she give you to convince you to keep that a secret?

...and do you lie to the scary as all heck Archangel? What do you do?


This woman is 'boring'!

Her notepad is full of technical things, sure, but nothing earth shattering. Student rosters. Building data. Laundry lists. Money (wow, this school has ALOT of financial backing), text messages, call transcripts...

...'Call transcripts'? Hello!

It's heavily encrypted, and some bits and pieces are missing as some sort of countermeasure is taking effect. You need to read this fast...

Transcript posted:

Lovelace: Excuse me sir... did you say I'm going back?

???: Is there something wrong with your hearing, agent?

Lovelace: No sir, not at all, it's just that...

???: Ms. Doring's Valkyrie project has taken time, resources, and money to develop. On top of that, she deserves for her dream to be seen to it's fruition. The girls maybe rough around the edges, but they have potential. They took down Sciromancer. You did read that report, did you not?

Lovelace: I did, sir.

???: Doring has a history of dependability to <Garbage text> and to Castle. I trust her instincts. Still, considering your... unique connection with <garbage text>, I can understand your apprehension.

Lovelace: ...I didn't mean to suggest...

???: With <garbage text> no doubt thinking that she stopped the project in it's tracks, we can afford to ship you the school within the week.

[moment of silence]

???: What I'm trying to say, Agent Lovelace, is that things are starting to look up. Between the Valkyries and the Godmind project, we have been making positive strides toward shutting those bastards down. Dismissed.

[Another moment of silence.]

Lovelace: ...sir, about my request.

???: ...ah yes. And it came as a surprise to me. As you know, personal interaction with Sarah Washington is strictly prohibited. You should've known better than to ask.

Lovelace: Sir... I have a right! If you're going to force me to go...

???: What you have, is an order. And I'm not forcing anything. You're the best person for this job and you know it.


???: You care for these girls. I understand that, truely, I do. But don't let your feelings screw with your judgement. As long as the Valkyries remain active and successful, Capital Hill has less reasons to push the SHRA. If Godmind is to stay in our hands, the Valkyries must be successful. Besides, you are the only one who I can trust will do things for the good of the girls and not for the good of the country, Castle, me, or any other excuse that <garbage text> can weasel into.

Lovelace: ...<garbage text> deserves to know the truth about <garbage text>

???: she don't. What <garbage text> deserves, <long garbage text> live her life free of <garbage text>. Why else would Doring <garbage text? Every member on this team has a secret they don't know about. What, you think it's a coincidence, the members of Valkyrie. They <garbage text>. Each and every one of them. Those secrets are kept for the safety of us. Of this nation. And themselves. It's up to us to pro-<CUT>

...and the data decay is too much now! What do you do to prevent your phone from decaying and getting counter hacked?

And what are your thoughts on what you just heard?

May 2, 2013

Sorry for the lateness! Here we go!

Mask Piercings

How to gain influence
She already has a liking towards you, it seems, Shodan... but you also have a habit of rubbing people the wrong way. You can tell, by the way you brushed off the subject of 'family' that she was just rubbed the wrong way. The slight frown on her face, as she silently type on her notepad proves that.
'Family' may either be a sore spot or motivation. You could work on her there.

What is she really planning for the Valkyries? don't read deciet. She's not talking like an rear end in a top hat, like Foster. Her Uniform is a uniform and not 'Gestapo', like Foster (or anyone else who wants to lord over what their position is, she looked you dead in the eyes while you decieved her to not notice your hacking, and most importantly, her smile was genuine.
You would know, you throw around fake smiles all the time. Except when you make things that are awesome and show them off.
And that is the most telling thing... she looks genuinly intreiged with the Ragnarok.
While The people she works for (who knows, it may not be Castle), may not be trustworthy, you're getting a good vibe from her. It's almost as if she is trying to be a mother. Or maybe a guardian angel. To that end, it may seem that her short term plan is to get them to trust her...

How could I get her to reveal her secrets to me
That's the real trick, isn't it? Well, there are two paths you could take:
Option A: She seems to want you all to like her. You could become a go between. Become a 'Teacher's pet' of sorts. You already got one foot in with how she is wowwed by your ship. You could finish her off by offering some sort of service to 'prove' you're on her side. That you trust her (even if you don't, after all, you could still 'lie'). Of course, this would also mean allowing her to get close to you. So this is the easiest, but it is also the one that makes you the most vulnerable.
Option B: Wait. Yeah, wait. She may get back in contact with whomever she was talking to on that transcript that she was supposed to delete. Bid your time, wait for them to communicate and boom. This is risky, though, since they already know about 'you'. This means you're going to need help, maybe even outside help. Plus, if you are caught, it could put you AND the Valkyries in serious trouble... especially if she doesn't represent Castle.
What are you really planning Archangel?
Looks can be decieving. At a glance, he's looking like he is after your Grandmother, and really, there is nothing to disprove that.
But... if he really didn't care if you're acting like an 'idiot', then why bring it up? It's almost similar to the 'Parental contradiction' when they say they want you to be independent, but has a problem when you choose to do something they have a problem with.
If you didn't know any better... you think he may be testing if he can trust you for something... perhaps to replace the fallen Seraphim as his protege?

What would I have to do to get influence

Welp, you blew your first chance by lieing. But maybe if you meet him again (more on that below), you could be a bit more truthful. And maybe a bit less worried about being 'nice' in your heroics.

What would you like me to do?

Point blank?

Replace Seraphim. And perhaps help him find your Grandmother.

-----And now for the prompts-----

Sylphid, Jewels, Avatar, Bravura

Sylphid, the handshake you recieved is firm and confident, and the eyes behind the wire framed glasses that look into yours are wide and pleasent. The smile adds to them. "Foster, for the lack of better terms, was an rear end in a top hat. He could've handled hings better than he did... but I shouldn't talk about the deceased like that..."

The deceased? Avatar, do you think this is a trick? Is Castle covering his death up? Or perhaps they _don't know_ he might be still alive?
If they don't know about it, then that means Archivist is running around unchecked! That's not good and you may want to speak up! Or not... cause then Lovelace, and by extension CASTLE, may want to know the source of your info... do you want them into your affairs? Avatar, what do you do?

Oh, and Singularity is standing right in front of you. Staring. Not a single word.

Just thought to let you know. No pressure, or anything.

Anyway, Lovelace releases your hand, Sylphid, and walks towards the others to gawk at the Ragnarok. She signals you to follow. "I am more than just a Liason, though that is my title. I'm also in charge of providing tactical info from Castle to you and Bravura. Though we have a lot to discuss about that. Bravura is penciled in as Leader of Team 2, but the Doring incident happened before it was finalized with Castle. Minor formality, but an important one. Unlike you, she isn't cleared to have certain access. A bit of a bother."

JEWELS! You hear that!? Maybe, just maybe, there is a chance to get into Lovelace's ear! You made a good impression before... so what do you say or do to put your name into consideration for leadership?

...what am I saying!? Forget about that! You wouldn't dare undercut Bravura like that?


What do you do, Jewels?

"So Sylphid... any ideas on how you wish to proceed in finding Doring's location? What do you need of Castle?"
Lovelace is looking at you Sylphid. What do you say?


As the others gather around the huge ship that Shodan just flew in on... Warp, by pure chance, locks eyes with yours.


"Hey Lisa! Whay are you here? Waiting for someone?"

'Waiting'? You were talking to... one, apparently. Archangel vanished like a ninja. How the heck does he do that!?

"...anyway! We are waiting on you and Fission! Have you seen her? Anyway, come on down!"


...that girl goes a mile a minute, doesn't she?

Anyway, what do you do, Lisa?


You got your read on Lovelace, so really nothing special to report on your front...

"...not good..."

"Time is running out for us... it's up to her now!"

"We can't just go there... and her parents nor Doring is answering our calls!"

"We have to call her!"

"...but they will find..."

"We have no choice! Do it!"






Remember this? posted:

Uhhh, I just take the battery out of my phone? Takes like two seconds, which is only barely less time than it took me to read the whole transcript

"...I tried several times, I'm only getting an answer machine!"

"Leave a message!"

"But then it can be traced and found!"

...and with that... it ends, with two well placed sniper shots. The phone dropping onto a pool of blood.

----- yeah, Shodan. Nothing to report on your front. And I must say, good job taking the battery out of your phone to stop the counterhack!

Brilliant! What are the odds that someone might be calling you at that instant?

Anyway... what now?

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May 2, 2013

Sylphid posted:

"Well, first off, you should see that clearance problem dealt with, I suppose. But finding Ms. Doring is more important, right now. I'm going to be frank here - I don't think we can do that without CASTLE's help. I've already attempted some magical tracking methods, but it didn't work. Whoever those guys were, they used tech to portal around. I'm sure the other Valkyries have started some investigations on their own, but I didn't get notified of success yet. And honestly, we don't really have the technology or infrastructure to do so."

Pierce Mask results- Lovelace is attempting to provide a link between Castle and the Valkyries. This is, of course, on top of Shodan's Peirce Mask findings as well.


"Based on what Jewels has told us... this technology matches that of a Metahuman Supremacy group who call themselves... one second, my note pad is lagging for some reason..."

Her notepad is lagging? I wonder why, Shodan?

Any way, she types, and types, and types. Soon, a hologram has illuminated from it...

"There we go. Cerberus. Now as you all have probably studied in your classes, the Cerberus is a Greek legend. A three headed beast, what many believed to be a hellhound, that was charged to be the guardian to the gates of hades. The defender to the relm of death. As to why they call themselves Cerberus isn't entirely clear... but what we do know..."

Button push, a an image of an oriental man is shown walking out of a plane at an airfield. Long trench coat covers his body, hat covers his face.

" that they are lead by this man. He goes by the name of Hades, Emporer of Cerberus. King of the underworld in Greek myths... so Castle is noticing a Greek connection here... though it could also be a front. Who knows? He also goes by Kaehi the Eternal..."

Shrug. "Anyway, he has a strikeforce known as the Misfits. A group of Metahumans who have a grudge against the government for several reasons. Some imagined... others legitimate." She looks over at Jewels. "...some of these metas were former Gemm victims that Castle has lost track of. I'm not authorized to tell you all that. Keep it to yourselves for now."

Bravura posted:

"If you can help us track that portal, our teams can handle it. You can rely on us," she says.

Lovelace smiled. "Way ahead of you... infact, even as we speak, our technicians are trying to cross reference energy traces of previous Misfit attacks..."

And it's here, during a boring, overly descriptive and detailed layout of the process, that the side conversations began...

...infact it's when you speak up, Jewels, that she stops talking about the Triangulation between China and the North Pole stations.

Jewels posted:

"You probably didn't get updated on it because it was right before the attack, but Ms. Doring was meeting with me, Sylphid, Avatar and Shodan about the teams, and she decided to change the teams to be Me, Shodan, Avatar and Bravura on one team, and Sylphid, Seraphim, Fission and Vermilion on the other, lead by me and Sylphid."

"...really?" She blinks and taps into her notepad again. "Well if that is true, Juliet, we have never recieved the request for the Leadership qualification. Possibly because of the attack. And without her being here... yeah. I'll see about it, though..."

Critical opportunity to convince her to put you on leadership over Bravura. Convince her to sign you up for Leadership qualifications.

Shodan posted:

"Lovelace, just throw everyone on one team, put Sylphid in charge, Bravura can be second in command 'cuz I guess we're going with Superpowered Affirmative Action, and the rest of us will be fine. My mutation's saying that's the best decision."

"Well... to just do that out of the blue is unauthorized! I-ur...I can't just..."

Sylphid posted:

"Jewels... I'm disappointed. If you want to be team leader, lying to get into the position is not a way to go about it. Especially not in front of the two other people other than Doring which were present. It just shows you're not up for the task in more way than one..." she very clearly corrects, making sure Lovelace can hear it, "No, it's Bravura that's been selected as leader for team two and that how it should stay."

"Now now! While Shodan has made a logical suggestion, it was never made official for Jewels to Lead Team Two, nor for there to be a single te-"

Avatar posted:

"For the record, having a 'leader' is still a stupid idea, and still nobody has shown that they're suited for it," I say, tone dipping into irritation. "It's a solution that doesn't work, for a problem that doesn't exist, that's all." I glare at Sylphid in particular. "Miss Doring was wrong then, and she's not here now. There's no reason for Bravura - or you to be leader of anything. All this... team and leader nonsense just gets in the way of us actually doing things."

"AMY! How can you just thumb your nose at being organized!? Without a headship, with out organization, there is only chaos! We can't just run around like headless chick-"

Jewels (by the way, this is getting rediculous in a lovely way) posted:

"Are you stupid Sylphid? If you actually remembered the conversation you'd know she didn't say anything about Bravura being one of the leaders, and there were three other people with Doring if you actually bothered to use your brain." I glance over at Avatar and nod. "I agree with Avatar on this, but as long as we're having leaders, we should pay attention to what Ms. Doring actually said, which wasn't what you're pretending."

Looking back at Sylphid, I give her a glare. "And I don't think you should be throwing any stones about leadership potential considering after the botch you made of it its obvious to everyone the only reason you have one of the spots is because of nepotism."

"Okay... you all need to calm-"

Bravura posted:

"That is so not true!" I blurt, stepping away from her and turning to face her at the same time. "Miss Doring has Mrs. Lewis evaluate me and everything! Why are you lying?"

"...ladies, please..."

Jewels posted:

Goddammit! "I'm not lying!" I round on Bravura this time, glaring at her. Why did she have to interfere, I'm just trying to keep her safe! "Ms. Doring never said anything about making you a team leader when we were meeting with her, so if she told you that alone then she must have changed her mind! She did that a lot as well when we were meeting, but she said she was going to put me as the leader of the other team, but she needed me to balance out the original team, but then she decided to switch me for Seraphim!"

"Juliet, your anger isn't help-"

Bravura posted:

"Must suck knowing you got everything handed to you," I shoot at her.

I'm shaking. "Screw you all," I snap, wheeling and heading towards the school. I'm assuming it's laid out the same, but either way, I'd rather wander the halls than stay with these jerks.

"Gwen! Wait-"

Shodan posted:

"Everyone realizes the Leadership position is like, some Whose Line Is It Anyways points-type poo poo, right? It doesn't loving matter?"

Lovelace spins on her heels _again_ to stare at Shodan. "First, language! Second..."

Dragon posted:

"Do you guys not realize how... how incredibly childish it is, to start a fight about who should or shouldn't be around? Do you somehow think that starting fights and insulting each other will get you seen as a better leader, instead of just a jerk?"

I am honestly tempted to punch Jewels, since I knew she could take it, but that would just be the dumbest of things, on par with them, "We already lost one person, we almost lost three of you to a collapsing building. And instead of being thankful for being alive and well we're what? Trying to hurt each other, trying to make each other quit, so we feel good? Why go out of your way to start fights? Just make amends so we can move past this childish spat and start doing important things. If leadership doesn't matter, then stop making a huge deal out of fighting over who should or shouldn't have it!"

"Yes! Yes, please let just calm down and..."

Avatar posted:

"I was there, what Jewels is saying is true. Didn't know it was so 'childish' for someone to not want to be thought of as a liar." I glance at Jewels, and smile. "Don't worry, I'm around to back you up, even when people want you to be wrong."

Lovelace took a breath. "...are any of you even listening to me-"

Obviously, Avatar isn't posted:

"Way to go, you step in to be the big hero when it doesn't matter anymore. Do us all a favour; go do something useful instead of demanding things of other people."

"Amy, stop! All of you, please think about this for a sec-"

Dragon posted:

"Do something useful? Me? Oh, you mean like pulling most of you out of a collapsing building, after you almost died away from everyone else? How about when I stopped you from trying to skewer Jewels on your arms, because your little toys decided to freak out? Or maybe how about I know who attacked us and kidnapped Ms. Doring, but no one cares what Lisa knows, no one cares about making plans, they just care about insulting each other and acting like they're oh so superior. No obviously she can't have anything important to say, just ignore her when she says hi. Obviously she's useless." I roll my eyes at her, and it takes all of my energy to not just punch her right there, "Because I'm sure trying to kill your teammates, and then defending them chasing off another is super useful to the team."

I unfold my wings, I don't even care who is around me, or if I might hit them with them. "You know what? You want to think your toys are so important, and people's feelings aren't? You want to act like this is fine? Then enjoy being the villains of this story. I don't need any of you to go find Doring. It's not like this is actually a team anyways."

"Wait Lisa!"

Jewels continues this catastrophe posted:

"Bravura!" poo poo, why'd she run off like that? I was just telling the truth, thank you by the way Avatar! "Thanks Avatar, at least someone remembers!" I don't have time to hang around though, taking just a second to give Vermillion a condescending look at her ridiculous outburst -honestly, I thought her freaking out about Bravura shooting Sciromancer was just like, stress or something but it looks like she's actually crazy- then I run off after Bravura, calling back to Avatar as I go, "Don't let them lie about me while I'm gone Avatar!!"

"Juliet! not you too! Sylphid! Could you..."

Sylphid posted:

"Oh dear hold the phone I gotta catch Vermillion. Shodan, please do tell Lovelace how the conversation with Ms. Doring really went, okay?"

"b-b-but I need you he-"

Sylphid posted:

Without waiting for an answer, she dashes off.

Lovelace stares at the feathery explosion. "...why am I even here?"

She waits, looking at each of you, Shodan and Avatar, before looking down, defeated.

"...yeah. Good talk, right? Way to inspire the team! All hail Ms. Lovelace, she's an inspiration for us all!"

Sigh. "...dismissed. Both of you. I guess we'll get about talking about Ms. Doring when you all come back to your freaking minds! I sure as hell can't. I need a drink..."

And Lovelace walks off.

It's at this point, Avatar, that you feel a 'tingle'. The computers found something! All this drama kept you unaware of it!

Sooo the analysis:

The portal used utilized Zero-point energy! Thus by tracking the same energy wavelength, you can find the point of it's origin!

...which means you need to find him... . You know of whom I speak.

But where 'is' Sciromancer? Well, you can get a certain someone's help on that.

The Archivist had something on the hardrive. At first, you hd no idea what it meant... now you do. He somehow predicted that you needed to find Sciromancer. And on the Quantem Hardrive was an algorithm you could use to find the man's suit... but it's heavily encrypted... and only Acrchivist has the password to that.

If Shodan hacked into it... who knows what evil was inside waiting to be unleashed. his means you are going to have to make a deal with the devil.

To find Ms. Doring:

1. Find Sciromancer to gain access to the ability to track the Zero-Point Traces
2. Make a deal with the Archivist.

As for the rest of you... well, what now?

Dragon, you're looking for Doring on your own? With Sylphid by your side? Well, how do you go about doing that?

Jewels and Bravura, well, the two of you are having a heart to heart. don't let me stop you!

Shodan... well, that was... something. Well, you have nothing to do at the moment. What do you do?

May 2, 2013


Your cell rings again. And it's the same number. Your mother trying to reach you?

Do you pick it up again or deal with what is going on right now? After all you 'do' have other things to worry about (yeah... see below...)

By the will of cosmic coincidence, you cell vibrates as well. A text reply from Lovelace:

Lovelace's reply posted:

1. No more unauthorized hacking. I'm not lecturing you, it's a genuine warning. Archivist, Foster, loved doing quiet counter hacking on people he felt were close to tapping into his tech. In short, he might've took something away from 'you'. Check your data.

As for hacking into my data pad... be careful. It's not mines, and who knows the consequinces that might fall on me because of unauthorized usage. If certain individuals catch you, prison may be the least of your worries. I don't want anything to happen to you Shodan.

2. Yeah. I guess I can. Show you the labs, I mean. There's more than one.

A few minutes passes, however, until this pops on your phone.

Lovelace second text posted:

Where ever you are, return to the school at once! Something big is going down. The Valkyries are needed!


Jewels & Gwen


"There you two areeeeeeholyguacamole I didn't mean to interupt!" Warp coughs and the red on her cheeks are evident. "I mean, I would normally give you two space, but Lovelace is looking for you and... yeah... hold on!

She grabs the two of you by the shoulders and...


You three are now in a metallic room. The War Room. This must be the new, revitalized sub-basement level. Gwen, Jewels, why not describe what stands out to each of you in the War Room, the operations center for the team?

Anyway, besides you two and Warp, you see Outstrider, in costume, and Ms. Lovelace, who looks back at the two of you, away from the screen she was watching. "...what, that's it!?"

"Yeah. They were the only two I could find. No Lisa, no Sylphid... and Amy and Shodan, from what people told me, flew off in that ship of hers!"

"...drat it! Right, I'll text Shodan. You two..."

She types into her note pad. "Someone or something has hacked the newsfeed of HCNN (Halcyon City News Network)..."


Image Panel posted:

The panel shows the Valkyries, Outstrider, Warp, Gwen and Jewels staring at he monitor in the War Room as a face suddenly appears, hacking onto the open airwaves!

"Citizens of North America, this is the voice of the Emperor of Cerberus. As to who I am, that information is not of importance. If you know of me, than this message is for you. If you don't... you're not important enough in the grand scheme of things. But know this, I will soon be in absolute control of Halcyon City."

Image panel 2 posted:

This panel shows Shodan, Sylphid, and Avatar looking at the feed through an invention of yours, Shodan. Describe it!

"You may recall of a particular battle that occurred in downtown Halcyon city earlier this week. A fight between a team of teenaged girls and one Sciromancer. Those girls may have thought they have won, but they hadn't..."

The screen shifts to a picture of a Spambot clone running off with a box.***

***Issue #0. You all remember this, right?

Image Panel 3 posted:

We are now in the oval office, where the President himself is looking on!

"...that Box contains S-97. A deadly bacteriological agent. What it's used for is a bit too technical for most of you, but needless to say, those in power are well aware of it's capabilities... and how dangerous it is when combined with a nuclear explosive device. Which we, at Cerberus, has done. Cerberus has planted it somewhere in the eastern seaboard of the United States. And Cerberus has the ability to detonate it. At any time."

image panel 4 posted:

This one shows a group of Halcyon citizens looking at this on a TV in display at a Best Buy, looks of absolute terror on their faces!

"Our demands are four. One, 500 million in diamonds will be delivered to a location of our choosing. Two, The Godmind Project is to be immediately disbanded and all Sentinel Class Godminds are to be decommissioned. Three, the Meta Human Registration Act is to be voted down, effective immediately."

Image panel 5 posted:

This panel shows the office of the Mayor and his cabinet, who had a city meeting interrupted.

"Four, The Mayor of Halcyon City must dismiss his entire staff and police force and turnover his city to Cerberus, making Halcyon City a safe haven for Metahumans everywhere."

Image Panel 6 posted:

The inner sanctum of Cerberus is shown, with Keahi in front and behind him, the silhouettes of the Misfits.

" not test us. Your country isn't safe, your children isn't safe. YOU, are not safe. If these demands are not met in principle within Twenty-four hours, then the east coast of the United States will become a quiet wasteland for the next thousand years. And even if you survive the nuclear fallout, S-97 poisoning is an extremely unpleasant way to die!"

Image Panel 7 posted:

Close up of Sylphid and Shodan...

"Imagine your parents..."

Image Panel 8 posted:

Close up of Jewels

"...your sisters and brothers..."

Image Panel 9 posted:

Close up of Gwen

"...the dreams that you have clawed together for yourself... all suffering painful deaths."

Image Panel 10 posted:

Close up of Avatar

"...and to those of you who think you have nothing to lose, as the saying goes: You don't know a good thing until it's gone!"

Image Panel 10 posted:

Close up of the mayor's angry face.

"...and consider this fair warning, Mr. Mayor. Do not attempt tricks. Do not receive help from the Justice Legion. And don't you even dare send out those pitiful girls. Else, I am well prepared to kill every single person living on the eastern seaboard."

image Panel 11 posted:

A large panning shot of Halcyon City.

"I sincerely hope that will not be necessary. I am, after all, a reasonable individual... as long as my conditions are fulfilled!"

Final page of the issue posted:

"...long live Cerberus!"


Issue 4: Kitty Empress, come up with a snazzy title

No, this is not the end of the session, merely the end of the issue and the start of a new one.

So, every one, What do you do?

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May 2, 2013


That was... amazingly quick.

You got a set of co-ordinates. Due south of Halcyon city. Must be some abandoned building of somesort. What data does Ragnarok give you about this location, and why can't you just fly straight there?


“...uhm, Carolin?”


“Thought I should let you know that your mom kind of took what you said to her a bit badly. She left the house and I can't seem to find her since she left. Car is still in the garage and the neighbors don't remember her walking away. I'm kind of worried...” Her voice lowers. “My magic senses nothing. My magic never sense nothing. Something is wrong.”

Wow. What perfect timing! Sylphid, what do you do?

Bravura, Fission, and Jewels

Jewels posted:

"Hey Warp! Go get Shodan so we can figure out where that guy is and smash his face in!" While Warp does, or doesn't, do that, I turn to look at Lovelace. "Who is this guy? What the hell is the Godmind Project?"

Warp pauses as Lovelace holds up a hand. “Hang on warp...”

She types something into her notepad. “Hangar Bay 2. Shodan's ship is landing there. Bring them here.”

Warp nodded and...


With that, she looks at you, Jewels. “Ask Shodan. She knows about it. She hacked it from foster's phone before he died.”

Gwen posted:

"He," I say in a grave tone. "Needs a serious rear end kicking."

“Yes..” Lovelace says grimly. “I agree. But we need to show moderation. They have a bomb. We have no idea where that bomb is. And we have no idea how they plan to detonate it. A frontal assault now is ill-advised.”

She turns to look at you, Bravura. “Sylphid isn't here yet, and as you said, you passed the psych exams. Bravura, how do you think we should proceed?”

Bravura, how do you answer this question, especially considering that she is looking at you, NOT Jewels, for a bit of guidance? Jewels, how do you handle this? Will you let Bravura exert herself at the cost of being set aside again? Do you step infront of her?

What do you two do?

Fission, no one noticed you yet. Time to make a dramatic entrance into this conversation, don't you think?


It's... strange. You feel warmth. Not hot warmth, but cool warmth. Soothing warmth. You have the sneaking feeling that if you were ever returned back to you mother's womb, this would be what it felt like.


Your mind drifts back to that fateful night. The night of the change. The night when you changed. The night when everything changed. Only... something was different. Something was out of place.

What was it... and why does it give you a reason for you to want to wake up as soon as possible to forewarn the team? What danger is being foreshadowed in your little vision here?

And why in the hell did your senses just time travel to the past?

May 2, 2013


Image panel posted:

The frame shows the lasers striking the dragon square in the chest. The panel next to it shows him holding his chest as smoke wisps from a scorch mark there. The next panel shows him about to charge the descending ship... before the page ending panel reveals Sylphid getting in it's way.

Good shot! However, you're not out of the woods yet. You are still over the city of Halcyon and landing here could cause damage. Not to your ship, mind you, as I'm sure you have planned for the possibility of crash landings, but to the buildings underneath you. Buildings full of people. You need to find a safe place to land. How will you go about doing this? What do you do?

...oh, and give Avatar an answer already, you're leaving her hanging!


Image panel posted:

Full page splash of Sylphid facing off with (Need a name, Vermillion!)

Sylphid, infront of you flies what looks to be a splitting imagre of Vermillion (all dragons look a like to you). How ever, this thing looks much more... edgier. Where as Lisa tries to hold on to humanity, this guy (you can tell from the lack of certain assets. Namely breasts), seems to not give a drat. He looks savage and feral... looking for a chance to rip you apart.

So it is surprising that he doesn't do so. He talks instead. "...I'm not here for you, Sylphid."

...nice! He must know you by reputation. He's probably the first villain to acknowledge you as 'Sylphid' and not a kid or something. Sure, it could be that he doesn't give a drat, but hey, small victories! How does this make you feel?

"I'm here for my sister. Her egg, to be exact. Just hand her over and you won't piss me off." He stares at you with cold eyes. " me. You will not like me pissed off."

Well Sylphid, you did allow Shodan to maneuver away from this guy... but unless you do something, that distance will be a moot point. What do you do?

Gwen, Jewels & Fission

Lovelace has been typing on her notepad as you, Gwen has been making your requests. She looks hesitant, however. "I could make arrangements... but what you're asking for isn't a grocery list. Information can't be handed out haphazardly. Certain individuals are already ticked with the way shodan has hacked into high level security recently. Those same individuals will throw heavy opposition if I make those requests. No matter how much sense they make."

Lovelace looks hesitant here... perhaps you should Provoke her to help get the info, Gwen. How do you do this?

May 2, 2013


Panel image posted:

The panel shows Sylphid's approach towards the Dragon as he turns to meet her. The next image shows her sword clashing against his forearm, the sharp edge digging into his scales.

You attract his attention, but that may not have been a good thing. As your sword scrapes against the scales of his forearms, he turns and you notice his eyes up close. You see red, jagged veins and pupils that are dilating. This matches the rest of his body, that starts to bulge and grow. His hand, that literally grows before your eyes, smothers your face in a vice like grip!

And it's here that his wings get shot, which makes things worse, cause as he falls, he drags you with him, the both of you slamming into and through a building!

Take a powerful blow, and describe the building you fell through...

Oh, and this building was inhabited. You might want to save a few of them civilians that is now caught in the struggle between the two of you, by Unleashing.

And make it quick... because the dragon looks a bit pissed...

Note: Since Dragon took away Angry, that will not hinder your roll


image posted:

The panel shows the Ragnarok making a final approach. the next panel shows cars swerving left and right to avoid getting crushed!

With your message out, you find a perfect landing spot. Describe it.

However, since that message was brief, there were some who didn't get it...

Image posted:

The panel shows the inside a mini van where a woman had literally turned down the radio to talk to her two children in the back seat. Next to her is a baby who is strapped in a child safety chair (an obvious infraction). The view is from in front of her as she looks blankly at the cars swerving away from her. The next panel shows her turning to look out the rear window, where she sees the approaching Ragnarok and stares... paralyzed with fear!

...Shodan, there is a problem. There is a mini van with four occupants... and it's not moving! There is barely time or space to land around it... not at the speed you're going... and the altitude is going to make it tough to abort your approach as well!

What do you do!?



Lovelace adjusts her glasses as you, Jewels, say your piece to her. Her face drops, as if something you said cuts her straight to the bone.

She adjusts her glasses again, a wistful smile on her face. " what you're really saying, Ms. Juliet, is that I'm useless? That I have no place here. That I can't contribute? Just another government stooge, huh?"

She turns off the television, just before Shodan's transmission is aired!

"...I... I'll see what I can do."

And she leaves. You can't help but notice how some of her energy was sapped by your comments, Jewels. Good job hurting her feelings like that. Seriously, what did she do to deserve that?

Gwen, how do you feel about this exchange? And you, Fission?

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May 2, 2013


Jewels, your phone is ringing! And when you pick it up...

"...M-mary? It's me... Juliet... I-I don't have m-much... AHHHHH!"


"...It's evil... pure evil... but he doesn't know I broke free temporarily... I... I saw you... I know you can help... you were always there for me... always protected me..." Heavy breathing is heard, as if she is fighting for focus. "...sister... the Misfits must be stopped... they are going to do it... they are going to Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

"...remember that place... where we hid the thing? Meet me there... I need to escape before the rest of the Gemm refuges do something they'll regret..."







"...Mary... this is deep. Trust no one from the government... no one. Meet me. Please. I need you..."

And the line is cut.

What do you do?

May 2, 2013

=Team One=

Dragon & Sylphid

Image posted:

The panel shows Dragon, lightning straking from her claws, flying towards her brother, of which the lightening strikes. It shows the lightning arcing all over his body. The next panel shows his body growing, as people are rushing behind Sylphid who stands her ground, the family is screaming for help as debris rains down all around them...

“...oh my god! You're Sylphid! I remember you from TV!”

An older woman, who you have to assume is the mother of this family rushes 'towards' you instead of away!

“What is wrong with you people!? Do you destroy everything you touch! Aren't you supposed to be 'preventing' this from happening!? You're a heroine! You can do better than this!”

Sylphid, this woman is obviously upset, and can you blame her? Her dining room is in shambles, her apartment space isn't that far off and her family is terrified. As her husband drags her away, she is screaming at you. “You're a hero, damnit! You're a hero!”

...could you have done more to prevent this? Do you agree with her? If you don't reject her views in someway, +1 Savior, -1 Superior. If you reject, What do you do or say in response to her to show that you are not as perfect as she expects you to be?

And remember, you are already at +3 Savior, so no rejection equals a condition.

Anywho, Dragon's attack continues to wreck the structural integrity of the building. More debris is falling. Outside in the halls, you hear people screaming as they use emergency stairwells to rush out. Apparently there is a logjam at the stairs... if there was, somehow, an alternate route they could take, the evacuation can go a bit faster. Any ideas, Sylphid? Further outside, you hear sirens in the distance. Police? Perhaps the fire department as well. That's good news.

However, your thoughts are interrupted quite rudely. The dragonman, after getting struck by Lightning, begins to grow in mass, his body weight causing the floor beneath him to strain and groan in resistance. A feral growl emanates from him as he launches himself towards..., Vermillion. Was there any doubt? Kanoa's hatred towards you was never really in doubt. Blasting him with lightning was like placing sugar infront of an ant.

His speed, especially seeing how large he was (good lord, what has he been eating!?), is surprising! And he hits you with a force that you haven't felt in years. And mind you, you were flying 'towards' him! Momentum was on your side and now the two of you are flying backwards and into yet another building! And yes, people are inside this one as well. Describe what this building is and the people who will inevitably need help!

“ think you're so special! You always think you're so special!” He begins to slam fists the size of country hams onto your face! The impact each one sends causes the floor beneath you to crack! “I am worthy of my father's legacy! Not you, me! I will ascend! I will be the next Celestial Dragon! Not you! Me! Me, better! Me, stronger! You, weaker! Kanoa win dad's love!”

...the next Celestial Dragon? Any ideas to what the heck he is talking about, Vermillion?

And wow... did his speech pattern just change?

Regardless, take a powerful blow, then tell me what do you do?


Crud! Which will you save!?

The Ragnarok?

The Mini van?

Oh silly me, I forgot... you're Shodan! You save both! Duh.

Okay, Dragon helped you, but you didn't see it, so it doesn't count, it was all your piloting prowess.

So describe your landing. And more importantly, what do you do now?

=Team Two=

image posted:

A full page splash panel, showing the Valkyrie Jet making a roundabout approach to the old school building...

Piloted by Outstrider, Bravura you, Warp, Jewels and Fission are now just arriving by Jet to the meetup site... the old school building. Both Warp and Outstrider are oblivious that the two of you sneaked off without telling Ms. Lovelace.

So, Bravura, tell me about the arsenal you're carrying here. I know that Shodan haven't had time to give you new goodies, but did 'you' come up with new stuff?

...anyway, it's your show. Time to lay down the objectives to your team and lead. How do you do that?

Jewels, considering that you are the most familiar to the area, you may want to clue in Bravura about the immediate area. Anyplace of tactical importance that she should watch out for? Landing spot? Place of concealment?

And of course, the most important information for the three of you, as Outstrider is awaiting orders for landing the jet... What do each of you do?

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May 2, 2013

==Team One==

Vermillion Dragon

Well, someone knocked one out of the park!

So, as you watch Kanoa soar into the next zip code (actually, he lands into and through a construction project across the street, more on that later), you feel something soft and wet splatter against your cheek.

...a tomato? Really? Someone threw a tomato at you? What is this, a Bugs bunny cartoo-


...a brick. That's more like it.

ANYWAY, yeah, there is now a mob of people throwing random objects at you! There are even police officers who are pointing their guns at you as well. Through all of this excitement, you forget that you aren't exactly a super model when it comes to looks. Quite the opposite in fact. Welcome back to reality, Lisa.

Either way, they don't waste time talking, either because they are terrified of you or they just don't plain like you. Possibly both. And can you blame them? You have to admit that to the outside person, you look like a freaking living gargoyle. Subject of bedtime tales designed to scare kids into doing the right things.

But yeah, don't just stand there... you need to do something...

And did I mention the TV cameras? Whatever you do is going to be broadcasted... so choose wisely!


The building is dust! Fortunately, no one is inside to suffer from it!

And now... now your ears are ringing as the crowd cheers you, chanting your name! Holy freaking God, you weren't expecting this! They pat you on the back, hug you, shake your hand... and now you have a new fight on your hands: handling the newely found admiration!

...well, near the back of the crowd is the woman who shouted at you earlier. There's a scowl on her face and you have a very sneaking suspicion that this could become a bee in your bonnet later.

A boom catches your attention and you turn in time to see that Dragon man climbing out of rubble from a nearby construction yard! Apparently, his date with Vermillion didn't go so well. You watch in horror as he stands up, lifts up a near by bulldozer (oh dear... he was definitely NOT that huge the last time you saw him), and hoists it at the closest person he sees... you.

The people hunker away and behind you, putting themselves out of immediate danger... but if you dodge this trailer (which you can do easily), someone could still get hurt from it's landing. You have to somehow stop it directly or indirectly. How? What do you do?


Shodan, you need to take things in steps. And step one in provoking a leader of a terrorist organization is to get his attention. The only lead you have is that he just made a pirate broadcast. Something like that would require power, a good antenna, and the range to at least broadcast to Washington so that the government that he was making demands to could hear it...

So where in Halcyon City meet all three criteria?

As to the greatest danger? Avatar is down. You're not sure if it was the impact, the landing, or somewhere in between, but Avatar is down and she is not moving. What do you do?

==Team Two==


So... everyone is in position (more on that in a second) and you make it to the 'place'. Describe why it's so exposed and wide open?

In front of you is a woman. A woman squating on the ground, knees to her chest. she is rocking back and forth with a tense agitation before speaking. "...I need to be upfront, Mary. You can't trust me. I'm Juliet, but I'm also not Juliet. My powers listen to me... but sometimes my powers refuse."

She looks up at you. "They will come after me. Misfits. Government. If... if you help me, you will become a fugitive along with me..."

She lowers her head onto her knees. " used to be about freedom, someone within the government has restarted GEMM under a new moniker that we don't know about and we wanted to strike out at them... but I can't go along with this! He wants to destroy everything... and Kaehi is willing to kill innocents so that the Metahumans can rule... and I have done terrible things... unforgivable things... and... I... I didn't want your help... I didn't want to drag you into this mess... but I don't know where else to turn..."

She starts to sob heavily. " mind is in pieces... tearing apart... burning... all I see and feel are ashes... please... help me..."

Jewels... your sister looks to be a wreck, right now. What do you do?


Well, first off, Both Outstrider and Warp are in position. Describe those 'positions'. And on that note, describe your vantage point.


"Bravura, Outstrider. The jet picked up something... not sure if it was a ghost in the machine, because I can't see it on radar anymore... but it was somesort of high atmoshpheric flying object. Some sort of jet or something... I'm attempting further scans and a flyover, but you all may want to scan the skies above you, just in case... Outstrider, out!"

"...Bravura, I don't like this... we're too exposed." Warp says over the comms.

Well, Bravura? What's your call here? Jewels is the most exposed of all. She's right out in the open with no cover from a sky assault. What's your call, team leader?

Fission sense something... something you haven't felt for a long time.

_His_ presence. Darkness is around here somewhere. But he is on to you, he IS you, after all, Ismail. Hiding is his specialty.

If you look for it, you're going to expose your self and potentially give away your team's position to whomever may be out there... but you can't afford to let Darkness get away, can you?

What do you do!?

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May 2, 2013

==Team 2==

Bravura, Fission & Jewels

Image posted:

The panel shows 'something' approaching the meeting sight from the pov of the intruder. Next panel shows the same view, but an image is seen to the left of it: Target acquired. Capture mode intitiated. This reveals that this view point is a HUD and that the intruder is possibly a robot...

Bravura, the greatest threat is literally screaming down at you... or it 'should' be screaming down at you, but it is defying all physics and science by not making a sound until it flies over you, then above Jewels. It looks like a giant...


"Oh my God, is that a Gundam!?" You hear Warp screech in your ear. Ow. She needs to drop her mic level down. "That thing is only showing up as glimpses on the Radar... some sort of jamming...""

Bravura, you see this giant robot open it's chest cavity, dropping some sort of payload...

...that payload being a bunch of these things.... They will be surrounding Jewels and the girl soon, but since you saw this coming, along with your good vantage point, you got first strike. You may want to warn Jewels so that she can prepare to defend herself. After that... what do you do?

And yes, Fission and Jewels, that goes for each of you as well!

By the way, Fission, some of these machines begin tracking 'you', which will provide Jewels more time to react. Smart thinking with that distraction.

However, what could draw Darkness to you? Maybe if he actually knew you were here. No, not you as Fission. You as Ismail. We both know how much Darkness hates Ismail.

==Team 1==


As you look her over, a crowd of lesser students have gathered outside your ship! A few of them and some teachers peer inside the now open cargo bay! What orders do you issue them to help you out?

And you recognize some of them, right? Tell me about them.

Anywho, Lovelace shoves her way inside and freezes with a hand over her mouth at the scene, before placing a finger on her earpiece. :Warp! Go to the Medbay and teleport Dr. Louis to the front gate!"

Lovelace pauses. "...Warp? Warp, where are you!? Damnit, someone go find Dr. Louis!"

Lovelace kneels, next to you, Shodan, her eyes getting slightly misty, possibly from tears. "... this... what happened!?"

Her question needs an answer, doesn't it, and your diagnosis is that the Myriad struck at the worst possible time, it seems. The tiny organisms somehow were boosted by your own ship's system and used it as an anchor to strike her nervous system.

She's alive, but in a coma.

...of course, my description was boring, wasn't it? A genius like you can make it sound medically dramatic, especially since you're the techhead, not me.

Oh... and what do you do now?


Good... no, great catch! The Bulldozer does split and the two pieces crashes to the sides of you, but not before the civilians manges to scramble away and you are no worse for wear.

Of course, the Dragonman is now dragging his foot across the ground, his wing flexing, before he leaps to wards you, ready to engage again! What do you do?


Well... THAT shut them up! They stand there, silent, some even drop their objects from their hands. Was it fear? Realization? Regardless, the annoyingly pointless hate has ceased and now you've got their undivided attention!

By the way, do you recognize anyone in the crowd? Just curious, is all.

So do you leave? Talk some more sense into the crowd? What do you do?

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