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So what is Lucas Hood's real name anyway?
Ace O'Riordan
Dennis Mitchell
Guggenheim McFrankenbutt
Hood Lucas
Norman Krasner
This poll is stupid and undermines the thematic point being made by keeping Lucas Hood's real name a secret.
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Apr 8, 2010


That opening :stonk:

I can't wait for Calvin to get smacked down now that he thinks he's hot poo poo.

The whole scene at Carrie's house was badass. Disappointed that lady deputy got away. I thought for sure Carrie was going to end her gruesomely with that saw blade.

I hope Agent Dawson manages to get away from the serial killer on her own because she has been pretty competent so far.

Seriously, Calvin is so ridiculously in over his head that it's going to be hilarious to see him get completely ruined by Proctor.


Apr 8, 2010

10 Beers posted:

Yeah, I figured that Proctor sent Burton to finish off Cruz because she hosed up killing Carrie.

I mean, this is the same guy that beat an already beaten and tortured man to death in the back of a semi, so it wouldn't be a stretch.

I figure it's probably also a matter of tying up loose ends. They don't know exactly what kind of evidence the police has about the raid on Carrie's house, so by killing her now they lower the chance that the whole thing is traced back to her, and from there on back to Proctor.

Solice Kirsk posted:

I'm not digging this last season. I have faith that everything is going to go crazy in the last episode though, and it's not so bad that a good finale can't save it. Still, I wish the entire final season was just about getting Job back and knocking off Proctor/Nazis. The Satanists seemed like such a waste of time and wasn't at all interesting.

Yeah, the whole subplot around the satanists could have worked so much better confined to just a single episode, if it had to be included at all. Set them up as the most apparent (but false) lead, and compress Hood/FBI lady going after them and getting captured into a single sequence. That way horns guy could have been a somewhat interesting/memorable tertiary antagonist for Hood to ruin in an inventive way, like that MMA guy in season one. Then they'd have set up some breathing room to do some of the other stuff, and from there on could have revealed that Rebecca's actual killer was still out there in a stinger that would have lead nicely into the big final confrontation between everyone.

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