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So what is Lucas Hood's real name anyway?
Ace O'Riordan
Dennis Mitchell
Guggenheim McFrankenbutt
Hood Lucas
Norman Krasner
This poll is stupid and undermines the thematic point being made by keeping Lucas Hood's real name a secret.
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May 24, 2012
Binged through the entire show in the past two weeks or so thanks to Jon Gabrus's podcast selling me on it. Was saying in Couch Chat that the end of season 3 was the best loving thing. So many emotions. Crosscut ammo loading scenes, sniper fights, knife fights, decapitations, fingers getting shot off, Sugar getting to kick rear end, Job getting to kick rear end, them both being hilarious, Gordon's death :smith: , hispanic gangster with eyebrow tattoos cutting off hands and heads with a loving chinese dao sword...Any other show would've had it be a katana, but Banshee don't play that poo poo!

Unfortunately coming down from that, I found the season 4 opener a bit of a disappointment. Positives: Timeskip is fine, Kai being Mayor totally makes sense, Brock is cool, Burton still gets to kick rear end and I find Bunker's brother to be quite an interesting character. Just that idea of some mild-mannered office worker family man secretly being a hardcore white supremacist is unsettling, even before he's crushing heads in vices while ranting about non-whites being on welfare.

But I think the show looks weird. I guess this is the season where they had to change shooting location? I thought it was season 3, but all the new buildings and the way it feels more like a city and less like some little backwoods town just feels really OFF to me. Even Sugar's bar somehow looks different and that's just a set so I don't even know why.

Also it still feels like they don't know what they're doing with Carrie. The resolution of the Dalton thread was real weak, and just reeks of hurriedly changed plans. The serial killer thing does seem tonally jarring for what the show is where it's suddenly gone from Bloodsport to The Killing (but I admit it's unfair to say based on one episode) or some poo poo. Where is Billy Raven? And I know this is the point, but I really miss Job (and Job's outfits). :smith:

Oh, and I'd like to believe that it's part of Lucas Hood's skillset that he can trim his beard down to a designer stubble with a pair of shears and also give himself a professional haircut.

Aphrodite posted:

What happened between Hood and the one handed guy? I don't remember that episode.
Glad I wasn't the only one left wondering. Maybe they'll flash back to that at some point?

But did no one else lol at the loving Sarah Palin t-shirt?


also therapist Doakes, motherfucker!

...! posted:

Rebecca. :(
Her and Dava have unfortunately been the most dead weight characters in the show for me, so I'm not that sad. Rebecca crossed too many lines to be sympathetic and was nowhere near cool enough to be interesting like Kai and Burton are.

It does seem like a bit of a waste, because back when she was left homeless and was basically forced to rely on her criminal uncle, who has her lovers strangled to death in front of her, like some terrifying hostage situation - that was interesting and she was sympathetic. But in season 3 they kinda chucked that out the window and she was just like "ooh, crime is fun".

Qmass posted:

I think I need to see Rebeccas corpse a time or two more, its not seared into my drat retinas yet.
Yeeeah, this got real tiresome.

Tokubetsu posted:

Are these old (the feel like somethign that would have been on s3s dvd so idk)? Cinemax has been uploading these small "origin" stories to yt they're pretty cool:

Bunkers and Jobs being my favorite
Oh drat, thanks for reminding me. I've still got all of these Origin thingies to watch.

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May 24, 2012

Rocksicles posted:

Brock told Hood, Billy Raven is the new Chief at the ResPD
Oh thanks, I totally missed that. Nice end for the character. But I wonder if that's them writing the actor off the show and we'll never see him or the lady who didn't shoot Chayton ever again...

On a totally unrelated note, given the reveals with Dalton and Hood's backstory at the end of season 3, I was feeling like the only way this show and name-mystery could end was with the line "My name is Michael Westen..."

Given that he's now driving around an old muscle car, I have to assume this is actually canon.

May 24, 2012
I hope there's more funny moments, because the show has some surprisingly good humour sometimes. Brock meeting Platinummm springs to mind. Also basically I just wanted an excuse to post this:

May 24, 2012
Looks like Jon Gabrus and pals are doing a podcast for each episode of the show, and are promising special guests. (Hoon Lee will apparently appear on a future ep, and I'm scared to hear his real voice without ending sentences with "motherFUCKA")

Season 4 ep 1 podcast:
Note: they've watched a few of the eps and recorded these out of order, so they SPOIL a couple of things - nothing too major, but hey. You also might find Gabrus intolerable, they go off-topic a lot and they misremember story elements and names, so there's that too!

Previous eps: (the one where they sold me on the show.) (the one where they talk to the series creator.)

May 24, 2012
DivisionPost, what happened to the mea culpa?! Maximum rape and women in need of rescue. (At least Carrie/Ana is sorting her own poo poo.)

Anyway, I'm enjoying Hood v Brock, but man, I was really hoping for more ridiculous fight scenes between the badasses of the show (like Ana v Olek and Nola v Burton, and the two times Hood and Proctor went at it) and less of this True Detective schtick...

May 24, 2012
Ep 2 podcast with guests Burton (Matt Rauch) and one of the writers (Adam Targum).

Some fun notes for those who can't be bothered listening:
  • The writer is high pitched and goony as gently caress but brings enough enthusiasm and loudness that him and Burton's actor can actually get a word in over Jon Gabrus.
  • One of the comedians accidentally gives away that SPOILER FOR PRESUMABLY THE NEXT EPISODE: we're apparently going to get to them trading for Job REAL QUICK, no dragging it out.
  • Anthony Starr (Hood) really hated the fake beard.
  • A lot of talk about the Burton v Nola fight. Apparently Odette Annable accidentally punched Matt Rauch at one point in it. He also had a ligament injury days before and you can actually see his leg brace when he kicks her into the car. Oh and the original version of the scene had him slamming her head through the hood ornament, but showrunner Jonathan Tropper decided to make it even more extreme.
  • Cinemax actively encourage the crazy poo poo the writers doubt they could get away with.
  • Adam Targum claims he got death threats on twitter after they killed off Siobhan. (Citing "It was your neck that should've been broken" and claiming that while he went home to check all his guns had ammo, he also thought that passion meant they'd done a good job.)
  • The more serious, less villain-of-the-week tone was apparently what they always wanted for the show, and they felt they couldn't really go any crazier after season 3 because they don't have the budget to make it "a Zac Snyder movie".
  • Ulrich Thomsen (Kai Proctor) is apparently the weirdest man in the world. I hope they get him on the podcast!
  • The scary dog in this episode was apparently a great actor, and was super nice on set when not commanded to be scary. (The actual face-biting was done with animatronics I believe.)

  • Big one is that the writer also confirmed that we will NEVER find out Hood's real name (!!!!) or Burton's exact backstory and his genital situation.

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May 24, 2012
I really hope Hood buzzcuts his hair again, I don't like him having the fashionably messy male-lead do.

On a follicle related note, I'm surprised Hoon Lee has so much hair on front, figured he'd be way more balding.

May 24, 2012
Ep 3 podcast with guest Hoon Lee (Job!):

Not much talk about the actual episode, basically just a lot of interviewing Hoon Lee. He's very actor-ish, talking about process and character. They don't quite go enough into detail about some of his mannerisms and fabulous outfits for my liking, but some interesting tidbits.
  • Hoon Lee says Job's "voice" was clear in the script. I have no idea how this could work.
  • When he explodes his own salon behind him in the pilot, he was told the explosion would be about as loud as a traschcan being dropped. They lied!
  • He appreciates that Job being asian has pretty much never had attention drawn to it.
  • Notably he talked a lot about the character's closeness to Hood. Noting that Hood never comments on his style or affectation, that Job very rarely swears AT Hood, calls him baby (and not motherfucka), that they've known each other longer than any other characters, and the first time Job speaks this season is when he sees Hood again.
  • They consciously constructed a story/character beat to Job's fights with the one guy on the military base in season 3. Basically, the first time they fight, the guy keeps hitting Job with kicks and to keep him at bay and beat him down. But in the finale, how Job "solves the problem" is to use his belt to defeat the reach advantage, then takes out the guy's knee.
  • At the end of the episode, Jon Gabrus fanboyishly asks Hoon to call them motherfuckers. His response in Job's voice: "Bitch, I ain't a dog and I don't do motherfuckin' tricks."

May 24, 2012
  • Episode title was maybe the best thing about it.
  • First thoughts on the intro scene: Banshee is now Hannibal. But oh great, more horror movie violence against women. This is totally what we wanted out of our silly fun '80s movie action show. :smith:
  • "I knew that was a lie too!" Oh, Brock. Poor sweet innocent Brock.
  • Job's "Don't leave me alone" moment was tough to watch, genuinely emotional. I'm also sad that he's still out of his fabulous outfits.
  • TV loses a kinda disappointing Black Canary and gains a cooler one! Not sure why the excessive eye makeup is part of her vigilante costume though. But man, Ivana's got a great stonefaced action movie expression. When she's running from the explosion she looked like a beast.
  • I was hoping Job would run in and save her.
  • Never seen a flamethrower like that before, was it based on something real and functional or just silly prop?
  • The quick fist fight in the drug lab was edited really choppily. Feels like we haven't had a good fight scene this entire season and we're halfway through.
  • Burton eating ice cream is somehow creepy as gently caress.
  • Is Eliza Dushku on crack? Of all the addictions to give her...?
  • Feels like Kai Proctor has done gently caress all this season (again HALF WAY THROUGH) and it's sad.
  • What was up with Forehead Bumps, anyway?

bou posted:

While witnessing Carrie cleaning house it hit me:
She would be perfect as desillusioned, cynical Lara Croft in her thirties, just killing her way to whatever plunder or revenge.
Isn't it crazy that she's 41?

May 24, 2012
I wanted each episode to kill off a main cast member with an amazing fight because that would be Banshee as gently caress. Just a terrifying countdown, till it's like Hood and a vengeful Burton beating each other to death in the wreckage of the burning town.

Instead we haven't had any big fights, and the only major character killing so far happened between seasons.


May 24, 2012

pahuyuth posted:

Maybe the satanists actually summon the dark lord himself and Hood has to fight him :v:
Okay, THIS is the payoff that could make it all worth it.

May 24, 2012
I had no idea people hated Eliza Dushku so much...?

May 24, 2012
I'd be fine with the satanists if they were having badass fist fights with people instead of more random sadism against women...

Anyway, new podcast up:
Guest is O.C. Madsen who directed some of your favourite eps (Think cage fighter and albino). No big news from this one, some curious little nuggets about the behind-the-scenes. And a repeat of the sad fact this is intentionally a slower season with briefer action scenes...

Also some possible spoilers/speculation:
- He basically let it slip that Hood and Dushku are totally going to bang.
- He didn't react much to the Deva-is-the-killer theory, but he didn't deny it or laugh it off either...

May 24, 2012

...! posted:

Eh, if I remember correctly, the first number that the combination lock stops on in the opening credits is the number of deaths for that season. It's in the low twenties this season, which seems pretty low.
Holy poo poo, I never knew that was a thing.

Sounds like season 2 didn't do it though? And I have no idea on season 3.

May 24, 2012
Latest podcast ep features Chris Coy (Calvin Bunker):

Nothing huge in this one, but Chris Coy was actually a really enthusiastic and entertaining guest. He was apparently a big fan of the show before he was on it, and originally auditioned for the part of Leo the hacker guy.

Couple of points:
  • Apparently Jonathan Tropper has pretty much said at wrap parties that if he doesn't like working with an actor he can fire them via killing them off. Which is weirdly true!
  • There's a S1 sex scene where Hood says to a woman (can't remember if it was Rebecca or the bar lady or...) "And you are?" and then it just cuts to them loving. Apparently she originally replied "Already wet." but they went with the more immediate smashcut to intercourse instead. Classic Banshee!
  • They pointed out the jailed white supremacist father-in-law was Godfather in Generation Kill - it had been bugging me the entire time, what I knew him from!

May 24, 2012

spudsbuckley posted:

Hands Hood over to Rabbit and then apologises to him by cheating on her husband with him and ruining her family. Completely ignores her son over her daughter unless he is having a plot-advancement asthma attack. Fucks up killing Rabbit.
Yeah this whole section was really bad.

Especially when instead of handing Hood over and going through all this...she could have just killed Rabbit the FIRST time she sneaked through all of his guards and got into his room to propose any kind of deal.

May 24, 2012
The fight scene at the house was pretty much what we've been waiting six episodes for. It worked as an exciting story beat and it was good for the characters, though sadly, the actual action was technically pretty sloppy. A lot of jarring jump cuts skipping movement, the part where Cruz kicks Carrie off the counter looked like they both completely messed up the choreography and didn't touch each other to me (?) and Job very clearly didn't hit that guy in the face with the butt of the rifle. But again balances, like the Deva sequence was perfectly plotted (if predictable).

On the subject of Deva, she looks totally different to me. Like she actually aged the two extra years of the timeskip. Dunno if it's the lack of neon hair, or make up or what...

Oh and I was glad Job finally tried on Carrie's clothes. Feel like we've been waiting for that to happen for nearly as long as the Carrie/Cruz showdown!

I like that Hood was so deeply affected by Siobahn that he isn't a gently caress machine anymore. (Anyone else spot that they miscredited her as being played by Rieste Kelly Dunn in the end credits?)

Capn Beeb posted:

Sugar and Job as ultimate champions
Where the gently caress is Sugar anyway?!

evilmiera posted:

The only thing I can fault the show for is that the style and tone has shifted a lot from earlier seasons, but then Hood is in a completely different situation now. It felt like they make up plotlines as they go along, which is fine when the show is this good, but it also means the overall arcs of characters (or even existences of characters in the aforementioned son case) gets wobbly. Proctor being taken down was slowly being built up over the course of one arc, which has now been seemingly completely dropped.
That reminds me - remember the Mayor from season 1? 'cause season 1 didn't!


I can't wait for Calvin to get smacked down now that he thinks he's hot poo poo.

The whole scene at Carrie's house was badass. Disappointed that lady deputy got away. I thought for sure Carrie was going to end her gruesomely with that saw blade.
Yeah, Calvin's officially wearing out his welcome with me now. I like the actor, but they're not really giving him much to do that he hasn't done already now. There's not much nuance to seeing him seethe at people a bit more. I was really hoping Proctor would fight him right there in the office and teach him what it means to play criminal in Banshee.

Also disappointed Cruz got away. Would've been hilarious if she had the gall to show up at the crime scene in uniform afterwards.

May 24, 2012
Podcast ep 6 feat. Ivana Milicevic (Carrie/Ana!):

To be honest, my notes are pretty much just spergin' about Ivana.

I was pretty curious about her, not because of her looks (She's not my type!) but because she's the cast member you see the most enthusiasm for. I remember showrunner Jonathan Tropper singling her out as being especially good to work with. I know whenever the cast and crew post goofy selfies and the like, she's usually involved. especially with the other women on the show. And one of the Seans on the podcast made her sound nice when he related that story of meeting her and Anthony Star (Hood) at a clothes shop back when the first season was just airing.

Anyway, turns out she is fairly charming and I see why people are pulled in by that charisma.
  • She talked about being super tight with the girls on set, including Cruz, this season's newbie.
  • She referred to seeing Calvin Bunker's penis this episode as it being about time we saw "some worm."
  • Talking about fight scene training, she repeatedly emphasised how they're supposed to pronounce dojo (kinda "doojoo") to comic effect.
  • Sounds like she was trained in escrima fighting (given that the show gives each character a specific fighting style) early on, but season 4 is the first time they've actually got around to giving her sticks.
  • The most interesting part for me was she kept referencing them not really having the time or budget for action scenes but doing them anyway...Which definitely explains some of the sloppier choreography I mentioned earlier...
  • There was speculation that Eliza Dushku's character gets her wicked detective-ing skills FROM the crack she smokes.
  • When Jon Gabrus issued the standard podcast host half-apology, "We're jumping all over the place here" Ivana immediately, sweetly and seriously reassured him that "It's okay". I've literally never heard that on a podcast!
  • She talked about trying standup comedy as a teenager in-between modelling and acting. I had no idea.
  • Re: Sean's story about meeting her and Anthony Star - the story is that Sean and his wife went up and said they liked the show, Ivana politely and enthusastically thanked them while Anthony Star said "yeah I like it too. I jerk off to all my nude scenes". She remembers the encounter (because her and her co-star do not go clothes shopping together often) and described it as a "very Ant thing to say" and also that he was probably just nervous.
  • She seemed legitimately sad when the comedians revealed their observation about how Hood and Ana/Carrie's genes made a strong interesting burgeoning criminal daughter, but Gordon's weak rear end genes made a forgettable asthmatic problem boy. (She also said the show couldn't kill the son off because it would ruin Carrie and Gordon's characters too much.)
  • Apparently it's pronounced Mill-eech-ee-veech. (I always figured Mil-lih-chev-itch).

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May 24, 2012
Wow, shocked y'all are so disappointed. I thought that was the best ep of season 4, some classic Banshee right there.

We got Kai being ridiculous and beating his poor tortured henchman to death for the shame of being robbed by a guy called Calvin.
We got Burton being a badass.
We got Calvin being pathetic AND crazy. Walking shirtless through the office covered in blood and swastikas like that. God, can't wait for him to brutally die.
We got some scenes of actual tension and a good breakdown for the satanists. Even Eliza Dushku got to do some stuff despite being tied up for most of the episode.
We got Hood and Brock having a GREAT and satisfying and emotional scene with quality characterisation.
We got Job and Sugar being all Job and Sugar.
We got Job finally being full on fabulous again.
We got to see Leo get his comeuppance in a legit clever, unpredictable and satisfying way.
We got some good fight scenes.

That was Banshee as hell, guys.

My only questions are 1) is it just me or would Hood's leglock (does that count as a triangle?) have totally not strangled the evil doctor? 2) what the gently caress was with the lingering shot on the satanist corpse at the very end? I was expecting the eyes to open and the show to go full on supernatural and actually end with that fight between Hood and The Actual Satan as one goon prophecised.


No final showdown between Carrie and lady deputy :(

:barf: the Carrie reveal that she still loves Hood. Way to make the shittiest s2 ep even shittier by having it mean nothing. The scene with Hood confessing to Brock was great though.
Yeahhhhh, Cruz getting mysteriously shower-murdered by Burton for no reason was probably my biggest complaint with the episode. Wonder if that's setting up something, or just the sudden end to the plotline. Seems like Carrie and co. should've just shot her last time if so.

Yeahhhh, Carrie and Hood both having revelations about how much they care about each other was a bit...ugh. I thought they said the show was not going that way.

Crusty Nutsack posted:

So that was the end of the who killed Rebecca thing? That little fizzle? All loving season built up to that?

And couldn't even see pointdexter (I always forget his name) kill all those nazis.

And Brock was sooo surprised that Hood wasn't Hood and was a criminal? He's the one from the beginning that always doubted who he was. He's seen his badassness. I mean come on.

Job getting revenge is GREAT, but it just came out of the blue like huh? A random scene stuck in between serial killer stuff and FBI McTits breaking down because she needed to get high or whatever.
I think it's pretty much certain that the satanists DIDN'T kill Rebecca. There's literally nothing tying them to her, other than the way she was killed, and the show conveniently killed anyone who would know. I think the mystery still lingers. Burton and Deva are the top of my suspect list.

It was a bit of a shame we didn't get to see Burton in action, but I thought the shot was cool enough anyway. It's not like there would've been much tension to actually show him beating them down.

Brock's surprise made sense to me. It's one thing for Hood to be a criminal, but a guy who served fifteen years being the boss of a straight-arrow cop?

Did you want lots of boring scenes of Job typing at a keyboard talking about how "we have to find Leo"? They did it in the most Banshee way possible. They used the Leo thing as a capstone to the subplot they've been building up of Job's slow recovery, that was the big "he's back" moment, and they didn't waste their time.

May 24, 2012

Zorak of Michigan posted:

I never thought it would be Hood vs Satan. I briefly wondered if the Satanist was going to get his comeuppance when they revealed that Hood was the devil, though.
Oh that's even better. Have like a shot where there's a fire behind him...Finale is the Fallen Angel versus God.

...! posted:

Predicting the final episode opens with Burton murdering Deva to get back at Carrie, not realizing she's Hood's daughter. Shitstorm ensues wherein literally every character except Hood and Carrie dies. Then Hood and Carrie blame each other for not protecting Deva and shoot each other in the face. Then Job's computer catches fire and burns the entire town (including the Amish and Indian areas) to the ground.

Honestly, that would be really cool and fine with the show.

Except I would bet that whatever happens in the finale, Hood survives and walks away from the town. He's the Man With No Name, after all. (If anything, I'm worried everyone will survive...)

GobiasIndustries posted:

I'm almost positive that there's more to Rebecca's death and I'm guessing it was Burton or Cruz. Given Deva's reaction to the break-in and shooting that guy I'd be surprised if it was her.
That's a really good point. I think some of it for me goes back to that weird episode where Rebecca kinda raped Hood and there was a shot of Dava turning up at the cabin or something? Maybe the implication was just that they at least talked during the time skip, but I really thought there was going to be a reveal there.

To be honest, I never really suspected Burton until I was trying to figure out why he murdered Cruz this episode...

May 24, 2012
The preview has me unhyped.

I'm just really worried they're going to be too scared to kill off major characters or change any status quo beyond Hood inevitably leaving.

May 24, 2012
Nah, they killed Blackwater last season with Colonel Crazyeyes.

I have no idea what the senator is going to do.

May 24, 2012
Thought it was decent. A little disappointed about what could have been, I thought they played it a little safe, but it was a perfectly serviceable sendoff.

Things I liked:
  • In the opening credits, Hoon Lee's name had a picture of a hand flipping off some cows. Great callback to my favourite Job moment.
  • The river looked rad and had nice cinematography. It wasn't the SAME river from season 1, was it? Because it kinda looked like it.
  • The Brothers Bunker fight. Compared to the choppily edited quick fight scenes in the rest of the season, this one was longer and had a lot of static, clear shots, and even wide-angles so you could really see every hit and it was nice and brutal. I also thought the actor who plays Kurt did a really great job.
  • Pretty much every scene with Brock. Good funny moments. I think in a weird way, he's the heart of the show. (Although his denouement about basically being pro-police corruption is a little...Worrying.)
  • The way they handled Carrie and Hood's relationship. They love each other, but they're not in a romance per se.
  • "Banshee, Pennsylvania...Suck mah tit!" *Job out*
  • That variant on the theme tune at the very end. Please tell me that's going to get released!

Things I didn't like:
  • Felt like even at the end they didn't really know what to do with Carrie/Ana. :smith: She appears in a truck (given her lack of weapons, we have to assume Job killed all those dudes), then ducks and then has a house. The end. At least she got the line about being Carrie.
  • Deva. "I guess I'm off to college now, bye." Just had nothing to offer the story at any point, really.
  • The Hood/Burton fight wasn't anything special. And Hood fighting back from unconsciousness with the power of fatherly love was a bit weak. It works as a character piece, but I think they needed to change the context within the fight to something more satisfying. (Like him barely being able to stand up from Burton pummelling him, and then finding that dogged drive to just keep standing and keep fighting, instead of his inner strength disregarding the need for air in his lungs or whatever)
  • The pacing of some of the scenes was intolerably slow. Way too many shots of cars and roads.
  • I know this is weird, but I really wanted Kai to end up shirtless with his consistently surprising amounts of muscle and his insane crucifixion tattoo. Think that would've made that final shot even crazier.
  • Total nitpick: but why the gently caress didn't they cut to credits on the shot of him driving behind the "leaving: BANSHEE" sign instead of having that longshot of him just literally fading out on a road?


Of course Burton would have a super creepy doll collection in his creepy secret murder dungeon.
Hah! Yeah, that was so weird.

egoslicer posted:

What a great show, and such a great way to wrap it up. Cast farewell here:
Aww, everyone loves Ivana. Matt Servito is rad. And Anthony Starr's accent throws me every time. Also oh hey, we found out how old Deva's actress was - I'd been guessing anywhere between 14-24.

Also Matt Servito apparently wrote this little piece:

VagueRant fucked around with this message at 11:32 on May 21, 2016

May 24, 2012
Huh. Apparently Lili Simmons (Rebecca) and Tom Pelphrey (Kurt Bunker) are in a relationship. That's a fun story. "Well, mom, I met him when he had this nazi tattoo on his face and I knew right then..."

May 24, 2012

Solice Kirsk posted:

So how did they close out the younger asthmatics son's storyline?
Carrie mentions that he's coming to stay with her at the very end. (Implying she got custody.)

May 24, 2012
I'll only care when Job is a character in the MCU.

Man, I miss Banshee. :smith: How is that new Cinemax show y'all were talking about?


May 24, 2012
Quarry confirmed to be a prequel to Banshee! (Or at least set in the Banshee-verse.)

(Headline on the right. Apparently in the background of an episode of Quarry. Complete with a nod to Jonathan Tropper, creator of Banshee. Do reddit images count as hotlinking?)

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