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South Town guy
Jun 5, 2011

Real hurthling! posted:

op, add kof to the upcoming games list

This please - 50 characters is nothing to sneeze at, and the KoF XIII thread hasn't been used in years.

Alfalfa The Roach posted:

I've been on a real SNK fighting game kick lately with King of Fighters XIV on the horizon. I barely have any idea where to start, though I do know that almost everything I would need could be found on Wii Virtual Console (save for things like Garou, KoFXI, CvS2, and KoF98UM). I do have KoFXIII for 360 but I've touched it all of once and don't have any desire to pick it back up unless there's some neat story mode things I could check out (and at this point I would gladly trade in the 360 version for the PS3 version anyways).

Any good SNK fight game suggestions from you guys? Anything from KoF to Fatal Fury is appreciated.

If SNK story stuff interests you, the heart of it is in the Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury games, and the story-relevant chronological order for this is AoF1, 2 and 3, then FF1 (which is overriden by Fatal Fury Wild Ambition, if you can get it), FF2, FF3, Real Bout and Garou. The Last Blade series in is continuity with these BTW.
For KoF it's release order and you can leave out 98, 2002 and XII, with story arcs peaking at 97, 2001 and XIII, although the arc from 99 to 2001 is among the poorest in the series.
Mind you, story relevance doesn't always equate with technical excellence - there's a lot of love for KoFs 98 and 2002 as well as Real Bout 2.

Baal posted:

Don't play Samsho

SS2 is good, even if Ukyo has a reputation for dominating it, and SS5 Special is also pretty well regarded.


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