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May 16, 2003

Clearly their proficiency at shooting is supernatural, not practical, in origin.

I attended Berry's Steel Open 2016 in Southwest Utah! Berry's Steel is a multi-discipline outlaw steel match. This year it was 18 stages, combining 6 Steel Challenge stages, 6 Par Time Pro-Am style stages, and 6 Time-Plus format stages. Roundcount was around 500 but I shot about 750.

Previously known as 'the match where you shoot a lot of steel', it is now known as the match where you 'shoot a lot of steel and get your nuts crushed'. Nobody was expecting them to take last year, add more stages, and crank up the difficulty.

These fuckers were everywhere:

2x4" rams, 2x3" chickens, 2" square targets, etc, all over, and at distance. They had two of those dixie cups against the berm at 18 yards on one par time stage, apparently nobody hit one. Pretty funny trap though.

I thought it was incredibly fun though as mentioned, challenging. Having an optic was a huge bonus, it seemed like many of the irons shooters were frustrated at the difficulty. I think an ability to go as close to 1 for 1 on the steel as possible would help though.

I managed 8th in my division (out of 62) and 80% of the national champ who took 1st so I was pretty pleased. My lack of interest in steel challenge definitely brought me down but I was consistently decent at the par time stages and gained ground on the time plus stages.

Here's the video if you wanna see and poo poo.


May 16, 2003

Clearly their proficiency at shooting is supernatural, not practical, in origin.

Paper Diamonds posted:

Looks like a hell of a match. The "Plates a plenty" stage looked like a ton of fun. I'm very interested in your gun. Can you tell me more?

It's an STI 2011 in .38 super. What do you want to know?

Lunchboxx posted:

Wow every single match out here will cancel at the first sight of lightning.

I would love to shoot something like this. Steel is awesome, immediate-feedback practice.

Haha, yes. Lately I've been using it because of the feedback, but to ignore the feedback, so as to call my shots and leave and not listen for a ding. It's interesting practice.

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