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Feb 22, 2007

Lipstick Apathy

MorphineMike posted:

Any space in QGJ (or any active goon guidl)? I easily hit 600 tickets a day, even if I'm a bit low to contribute meaningfully to raids at level 63.

Ally code is 441-565-342

Message delivered.

e: you're in a guild already

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Nov 4, 2010

fishtobaskets posted:

Message delivered.

e: you're in a guild already

Yeah, didn't want to join a guild doing high level raids until I had a char with enough stars to actually get rewards from it, so found a pubbie one for a trickle of guild currency. I've just left my old guild. Thanks!

Doji Sekushi
Dec 26, 2006


Hey QGJ folks, I've been a little weak on ticket generation this week, been on vacation and have only really played mornings. Sorry, don't kick, etc.

I'm SA Noodles in guild.

Mar 16, 2010

I keep explaining what I'm up to, and people keep looking at me weirdly. I think I've even posted about it in here. I'll be running zeta lead Jyn, zK2, zzR2, Chaze. Once I get two more zetas, I can get this started, and then the next zeta will go to making Jyn unstunnable. This requires pretty specific mods to make it work, and has a lot of crazy interactions, so I'll do my best to break down what my plan is.

The first piece is Jyn's lead, which has two significant pieces to it. The first is that any time a rebel gains a buff, they recover 5% protection. The second piece is that enemies that suffer debuffs during Rebel allies turn have 50% chance to be exposed, can't be resisted.

Allies that give buffs:
Jyn, basic: advantage (self), special: advantage (ally).
Chirrut, basic: hot (self, ally), special: allies turn debuffs into hots, unique: allies gain a hot when crit
Baze, unique: taunt, retribution (self)
K2: taunt
R2: special: stealth (allies), foresight, advantage (ally

Allies that give debuffs:
Baze, Jyn, K2, R2
Unfortunately, the biggest source of debuffs will be counterattacks from K2/Baze, which will not trigger expose.

For Jyn and Chirrut, I'm probably looking at about 30-35k prot, for R2, 50k, and for Baze/K2, 70k. It's a little hard to get there, but here's how. R2 starts with 22k prot, and I'll give him 3x prot primaries, for 37510. With just a little bit of bonus protection, I can get that up to 41-42k. Since there are two droids, he gains 20% prot (and 50% health for rebels), which will take him to around 35k hp and 49-50k prot. This means he'll give everyone else 3.5k hp and 5k prot. Baze and K2 start around 28-29k prot. With 4 protection primaries (I really don't need them moving fast), that brings them to 54-56k prot, plus an additional 5k from R2 for 60k. From there, I need about 1500 prot in secondaries on each item, or about 5% (i have rolled a 4% prot secondary before). I have a couple 2k prot secondaries as well, so this is doable. This means that for every buff gained, K2 and Baze gain 3500 hp, and as you can see from the above, they'll actually get a lot of buffs.
Jyn and R2 will be running 100% speed, while Chirrut will be running my offense set (it's better than my best CD set).

Next up, K2's zeta gives him +1% max protection every time he takes damage, which works out to 700 prot. That might not sound like a lot, but in addition to increasing his maximum prot, he also gains that much current prot (e.g. 65k/70k to 65,700/70,700), and most of the time he takes damage, he'll gain one buff from his counterattack (taunt), and an additional buff any time he takes a critical. This also increases the amount of protection he heals over the course of the battle, so dots and burning actually do him a lot of good, especially if Chirrut can flip them into hots.

Then, there's R2's second zeta, which makes it so that anytime a light side hero crits, they cleanse themselves (in addition to +10% CC and Accuracy). For this reason, I'm running 6x CC set mods on Baze and K2, while R2 and Jyn will be speed/CC, and Chirrut will be Offense/CC. Everyone should have over 50% CC after R2's unique (and Chirrut will have around 70%). This is particularly significant for Baze, Chirrut, and K2, who also have very high crit chance (practically 100%), so debuffs will rarely stick on them for long.

Final cool piece? Jyn has a revive.

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Mister Blueberry
Feb 17, 2010

Mike, Steve, what the hell

K2 is negated completely by buff immunity (TFP, Anakin, i dont know who else) and revive is negated by Boba fett and DN.

It's good theorycrafting but the few teams i've seen people do this comp on my shard gave up on it in a few days. I don't say it won't work, but i doubt it will net you top 3

Mr. Neutron
Sep 15, 2012


Yeah, the guy who was running the R1 rebel team on my shard that I avoided like the plague recently went back to the standard Rex DN Chaze GK. He didn't have R2 though.


Mar 16, 2010

Mister Blueberry posted:

K2 is negated completely by buff immunity (TFP, Anakin, i dont know who else) and revive is negated by Boba fett and DN.

It's good theorycrafting but the few teams i've seen people do this comp on my shard gave up on it in a few days. I don't say it won't work, but i doubt it will net you top 3

K2 with high crit chance and R2 zeta has a good chance to cleanse himself, plus Chirrut can help with that.

I'm very well aware of Boba Fett and DN, but Fett is pretty far out of the meta, and for DN, I'm pretty confident in this team's ability to race.

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