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Mar 18, 2009

Give back the glasses. The protag is so adorably clumsy with saying more than he should that I want to see him accidentally admit that he stole her glasses in the first place.


Jun 10, 2016

Give back the glasses. Emily's going to need those, and we're arguably her friend anyways. Besides, what the heck would we get out of keeping them?

Mar 24, 2009

...your cybernetic implants, the only beauty in that meat you call "a body"...

Grimey Drawer

Brerose posted:

Give back the glasses. Emily's going to need those, and we're arguably her friend anyways. Besides, what the heck would we get out of keeping them?

Additional game content

Sep 30, 2014

without love it cannot be seen

Update 10: Foreshadowing


{Video: Kori Appearance}


Kori: This is another past for you to change.
Ethan: What are you talking about?
Kori: I saw a picture of this place once already...because you changed it with your Pen.
Ethan: You know about my Pen? You don't have one, too?
Kori: No...I don't. This "Hollow Pen" you speak of is invisible to me. But soon you'll realize...
Ethan: Realize what?
Kori: The pictures you and I see only appear because someone's changed the past. And that includes the changes you make yourself.
Ethan: ...So are there others like me out there, with Pens like mine?
Kori: ...... Never mind that. Are you going to make some changes here or what?
Ethan: Oh, er...
Kori: I won't get in your way--this time.

And she leaves.

Ethan: (Who IS this Kori character, anyway?)

Ethan: (It pays to be extra careful when fiddling with the past! You've got to do what you can to avoid unforeseen side effects...)
Ethan: (That should do it.)

As always, we close the Hole and prepare to receive our new flashbacks.



: (Olivia sounds cheery enough...)
: C'mon, lighten up!
: Argh...
: (Huh? Ben's still moping around!)

: Sure--after work would be great!
: (Did she just say "Sure"?)
: ...Who's that guy?
: Huh? Oh, er...
: .........
: I think his name's Aaron.
: My bicycle is, like, completely out of commission--if it's not one thing, it's another. The key's missing, and it turns out my brakes are cut, too.
: Hey, maybe someone's got it in for you.
: Ha ha ha! I don't think so! Well, probably not. I'd feel safer if you swung by to pick me up, though. That's really why I called in the first place.
: Sounds good. See you later!

The bells on the door ring as he goes.

: Bye!
: ...
: ...Ethan, you look lost.
: Long story short, Ben here has had his heart broken today.
: How can you be so glib? I'm hurting here!
: ...W-wow...
: (I'm not sure this is worth changing...)
: (Sorry, Ben.)

Now that's just cold. Anyway, one scene cut later, we come back to...

: (I didn't have any time to look for clues for Mom and Dad... ...... So other people have Pens like this one...?)

: (......)
: (No way... Was someone behind Mom and Dad's disappearance, too?)

Kori: And that includes the changes you make yourself.

: (How can she move around like that if she doesn't have a Pen?)
: (I'll have to ask her at school tomorrow.)

???: Ethan...Kairos.
???: Well, let's see what he's capable of. And if he gets in the way...we can just erase him.


Our standard end-chapter status update, brought to you from the future.

Flashback: Fixed Fridge posted:

Ethan:I'd better put that bicycle key back one of these days.
I don't think he ever does.

Flashback: No Accident posted:

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Blueberry Pancakes
Aug 18, 2012

Jack in!! MegaMan, Execute!

You missed a tag on "EthanShock".

Sep 30, 2014

without love it cannot be seen

Hobgoblin2099 posted:

You missed a tag on "EthanShock".

Thanks, fixed.

One day I'll write a script to replace my placeholders with the proper images...

Feb 18, 2011

Press X to jump, then press X again!

Toilet Rascal

He's a bit dim, isn't he? Well meaning, but dim. "My time travel powers work through my pen" -> "Only pens like mine can allow time travel," rather than "The one time travel tool I know of seems to be an imbued tool, maybe there are other imbued tools like it, or even people who just finger-paint."

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

I dunno, the guy hit the ground running and he's doing his best. From what I gather the time changes just basically plop him in situations and force him to do his best to figure poo poo out.

I did like the "I don't think this is worth changing" line

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Clapping Larry

SSNeoman posted:

I dunno, the guy hit the ground running and he's doing his best. From what I gather the time changes just basically plop him in situations and force him to do his best to figure poo poo out.

I did like the "I don't think this is worth changing" line

Well, having your heart broken is what being a teenager is for.

Getting squashed by a refrigerator is not what a dog is for.

I'd say it was the right call.

Sep 30, 2014

without love it cannot be seen

Update 11: And Now for Something Completely Different

: (I went to talk with Kori, but...)

: Hey, Ethan--what's on your mind?
: Oh, er, nothing.
: You hiding something from me, hmm?
: Of course not!
: 'Cause you know I'll find out eventually!
: I-I know...
: (Morris... I know he means well, but he can be a little rough around the edges.)
: (Girls would flock to him if he'd only tone down his attitude a little.)
: What, you psychoanalyzing me? Get outta my head, man!
: ...
: (What the heck--why not ask him for advice?)
: Listen, Morris...

: I know you're here to study, but can I ask you something?
: Guess I can spare a second or two.
: You know my parents went missing...right?
: Of course I do.
: Now, this is going to sound crazy, but hear me out, okay?
: That depends.
: Well, until a few days ago, my mom and dad were still around.
: Huh?

Morris: Sorry. We'll be good.

: Keep it down, will ya? ...So then what?
: ...And then, a few days ago, suddenly everything was as though my folks had been gone for years. It's still like that...and I want to know why this is happening.
: ...
: It's really whacked-out, I know. But it's true, all of it.
: It's no dream--and I'm not crazy.
: You know what I think...
: (Oh, no, here it comes...)

: ...? Parallel worlds?
: There used to be a book in our secret hideout, "The Mystery of Parallel Worlds".
: (Now that he mentions it... Someone put it in our hideout to class up the place. I've never read it.)
: (In fact, I don't think anyone's read it--besides Morris...)
: Basically, your situation is right outta that book.
: Eh?
: Why don't you go looking for it, find yourself some answers?
: ......
: Look, I've wasted enough time on your petty little problems.
: M-Morris...

There's the sound of a phone buzzing, and Morris picks it up.

Morris: Yeah? ...I'm at the library.
Morris: I'm studying, what else? Did you even have to ask?
Morris: You want results? All I have to do is apply myself and those grades are in the bag.
: (Who's he talking to? His parents?)
Morris: Right now I'm wasting prime studying time talking to you...
: Hey, Ethan?
: Yeah?
: This is gonna take a while. I'll be right back.
: Sure thing.

: (...Not sure he wanted me to hear that conversation, anyway. ...... ............)
: (...Let's see. Maybe I should look for that Parallel Worlds book. .........)
: (Nah...I can't be bothered. ......... I'd like to talk with Morris, so I can't go home just yet...)
: (Think I'll go get some fresh air myself.)
: (Didn't I see some kind of antique shop on my way here?)
: (I think it was called "Aeon"... Maybe I'll go check it out.)

:'re all set?
: Yeah. Don't worry about it. My folks are just getting on my nerves, that's all.
: All right. Glad to hear that it wasn't anything major.

Now Ethan's phone starts going off.

: Phone's buzzing.
: Yeah--I put it on silent mode.
: ...It's Vin. What does he want?

Vin: Ben's m-murdered someone! Hurry!

Ethan: What? Ben!? Got it. I'll be right there.
: What is it?
: W-well... Ben...k-killed someone...
: WHAT!?
Sara: Silence!
: I'm headed for Chronos. Are you coming?
: Do you have to ask?

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Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Was the text this awkward in the original Japanese version? "Yeah dawg, I think I get what you're talking about. It's Parallel World theory. Anyhow gently caress off I have my own problems without your bullshit."

Mar 18, 2009

Flow is slightly awkward but I can at least accept the reasoning. Ethan kind of makes himself look stupid/weird with all the off-ball questions, so this one, while more personal, is just another one. Therefore, it's not all that important.

The fact that Morris reacts strongly to 'Ben killed someone' kind of implies to me he's not callous, it's just that Ethan asks those sort of questions all the time.

Mar 28, 2010

SSNeoman posted:

Was the text this awkward in the original Japanese version? "Yeah dawg, I think I get what you're talking about. It's Parallel World theory. Anyhow gently caress off I have my own problems without your bullshit."
I just checked, and: yes.

Sep 30, 2014

without love it cannot be seen

SSNeoman posted:

Was the text this awkward in the original Japanese version? "Yeah dawg, I think I get what you're talking about. It's Parallel World theory. Anyhow gently caress off I have my own problems without your bullshit."

To be fair:


: Why don't you go looking for it, find yourself some answers?
: ......
: Look, I've wasted enough time on your petty little problems.
: M-Morris...

Morris did provide a way for Ethan to solve his problem on his own time, and that last part only came up when Ethan wanted more information on top of that.

Sep 30, 2014

without love it cannot be seen

Update 12: I wonder if this is the place that started it all

When last we left off, we heard Ben had killed someone. What's notably different this time, as opposed to the last two chapters, is that there was no flashback immediately preceding this happening. But enough talk, let's hop on over to Chronos and find out the details.

: (Was there really a murder here?)
: Something's up--I can feel it.

Let's start with the obvious.

*Examine: Bloodstain*

Morris: Look--Ben's got blood on his hands.

*Conversation: Jacob*
: :: sniff ::
Ethan: (Huh? What's Jacob doing here? Has he gotten caught up in some kind of trouble again?)

*Conversation: Vin/Ben*

Vin: All right, all right--calm down!

This part is, in my opinion, one of the worst-designed interfaces I've seen. Let's go over how this works.

Each of these four people you can talk to starts with a few questions you can ask them. Certain questions prompt other questions, as always...except this time there's a catch. Asking one person a question can allow access to another person's question, which you need to proceed. Except you don't know if you've unlocked a new question, and of course you don't know who might have a new question available. Normally this would be no more than a minor hassle, but there's one final complication. Once you talk to someone, you can't back out of the conversation. You have to ask them a question, and click through their answer. Each answer isn't terribly long, but it gets ridiculous combined with the earlier part.

I get to do this seven times. Theoretically it gets easier towards the end because conversations 'max' out at three options, but even that doesn't help much, if at all.

*Conversation: Morris*
: What?

*Question: Did Ben kill somebody?*
: I still can't decide. I mean, they haven't found a weapon.

*Question: What weapon did this?*
: With all this blood, it'd have to be a knife or something else with a sharp blade.

*Conversation: Ben*
: I...I'm not the bad guy here!

*Question: What happened here?*
: wasn't my fault... I wanted to go to Chronos, that's all.

*Conversation: Vin*
: Hmm?

*Question: Did you see what happened?*
: Well, I didn't see the actual moment it happened or anything...
: He was already flat out when I got here, and at first I thought he was dead.
: But no, Aaron was still breathing. They just took him out of here.

*Conversation: Jacob*
: ...
: I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.
: (...So the reality where I'd already spoken with Jacob has been erased. I guess that means the Jacob that knows me is gone, too...?)
: (...)
: (Gah, my brain hurts.)
: (I'll just introduce myself...again.)
: I'm Ethan Kairos, but call me Ethan.
: I'm Vin, and this guy in the glasses here is Ben.
: Morris.
: I'm Jacob Eleven. You can just call me Jacob.

I'm suddenly glad we don't have to actually earn Jacob's trust each time we re-meet him for the first time.

*Conversation: Jacob, reprise*
: Uh-huh?

*Question: What were you doing here?*
: I was taking a walk with Lucky...
: L-Lucky?
: Going by the name, I'd say Lucky is a dog.
: Uh-huh. My dog.

Everything after here is unlocked by a previous question. Pretty sure this first one comes off Morris's appraisal of the weapon.

*Conversation: Ben; Question: Did you have a knife?*
: I-I don't know anything about that, you hear me!?
: ...Dammit... Everyone's ganging up on me... But I...I didn't do anything...

This one comes off Vin's previous answer regarding what happened.

*Conversation: Vin; Question: Who's Aaron?*
: Olivia's boyfriend. He was already at Chronos when we got here.

Which leads to this:

*Conversation: Ben; Question: Why Aaron?*
: Well...
: He just came out of the cafe. And then...
: After the boy with the glasses hit Lucky...
: ...I thought he was gonna hit me. But then the other boy saved me.
: That's when they started arguing.
: Y-you don't know what you're talking about!

I have no idea how this is triggered. Probably off Vin's Aaron answer. Definitely came long before we even knew there was an argument.

*Conversation: Jacob; Question: Who started it?*
: That boy in the glasses saw Lucky and got really mad.
: Hey! That dog went after ME!

Now that we know there's an argument, this becomes available.

*Conversation: Jacob; Question: Where's Lucky now?*
: Lucky's not used to being yelled at like that. He got scared and ran away...

*Conversation: Vin; Question: What do you think about it?*
: Well, it pretty much adds up, doesn't it? At least going by what Jacob says.
: Ben, you said you hated Aaron, right?
: Well, with him being Olivia's boyfriend and all...
: Stop it! That has nothing to do with this!

Finally, now that we have all the information, we can go back to Morris.

*Conversation: Morris; Question: Now what?*
: I dunno...seems like they don't need us all here... How about we leave Ben with Vin and go looking for Lucky?
: Vin, is Aaron in the hospital now?
: Yeah, the ambulance just took him. Olivia's with him.
: So if there's any news, they'd be getting in touch with Chronos.
: We'll go look for Lucky. Vin, you take care of Ben.
: Yeah, I've got him under control.
: I wanna go, too!
: No, Jacob--you stay here. Someone else might want to ask about what you saw.
: Okay... Oh, and about Lucky...
: He's white with a brown patch over his eye...right?
: Uh-huh. That's Lucky. I hope you find him.
: This dog a friend of yours?
: Well, you know...

: ...Yeah.
: Let's start over by the station. Maybe someone there saw Lucky.
: Okay.

: Oh, Ethan.
: Er...Kori...
: What?
: Oh, um...nothing.
: (I'd like to ask her a few questions...but not now.)
: We're looking for a dog.
: A dog...? I haven't seen any around here.
: Oh...
: See you.
: You bet.
: Later.

And she's gone.

: No dogs here, I guess. Let's try somewhere else.

: ? (What's going on? Suddenly Morris has this really sour look on his face.)
: About Ben... I wonder if this is the place that started it all, made him change.
: Here?
: Don't you remember? It used to be our secret hideout.
: They've turned it into a fancy shop, I see.
: Oh, yeah...there was that tree right out here. (Now it's an antique shop named Aeon.)
: Ben was the one who brought Shiloh here, and the one who cared for him the most.

Ethan: (Shiloh was a darling pup who took to just about everyone. If only there hadn't been a lightning strike during that typhoon...)

: Yeah, I think he's been different ever since that lightning hit.
: (Shiloh couldn't get away from the hideout and was hit by lightning during the storm. Ben had forgotten to tend to Shiloh that day...)
: ...He's not here.
: Who? Shiloh?
: No, you idiot. Lucky. Where to next?

With that, Aeon becomes a new marker on our town map.

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Mar 31, 2013


Grimey Drawer

Well that escalated pretty loving quickly

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Looks like White Gloves decided to take a more proactive approach.

Sep 30, 2014

without love it cannot be seen

Update 13: Weapon Disposal

So let's go searching for Lucky.

: Hey, Ethan--why does this girl know my name?
: Huh...?
: Aw, Morris, what difference does it make?
: So what's up with you guys?
: We're looking for a dog. He's got a brown spot around his eyes. Have you seen him?
: A dog? Nope, haven't seen him. Right, Emily?
: ...Ummmmm... A dog...nnnno, can't say I have.
: Okay, well, thanks anyway. Let's check somewhere else, Morris.
: What's up with that weird groaning girl, anyway?
: Never mind that. Let's get going.
: What, already? See ya!

Okay, more seriously this time. If anyone's curious, the other spot Lucky generally shows up at is the Intersection.

Dog: :: whine ::
: Hey, it's Lucky!
: That dog fits the description, eh?
: Yep.

Morris: Poor thing. He's scared. C'mon, Lucky--here, boy.
Lucky: :: whiiine ::

Lucky: :: whiiiiiine ::

Ethan: (So Morris is a dog-lover. Who'da thought it?)
Morris: There, there. C'mon, Lucky--let's get outta here.
Lucky: Woof!

So we return to Chronos to deliver our lucky dog.

{Soundtrack: Silence}

: Uh-huh. How're things here?
: ...Aaron's dead.

: !
: Dead...?
: Olivia just called the owner.
: Did anyone call the police?

You'd have thought they would have been called well before now.

: No--Ben said he was going to turn himself in.
: Ben wouldn't kill anyone! I'm gonna go look for him. Ethan, you look after Lucky.

He immediately runs off.

: Why don't you give Lucky back to Jacob? He's waiting inside. They already got his contact info, so he can probably go home now.
: Yeah, sure.
: Thanks. I'll look for Ben, too.

Vin also runs off, leaving us alone.

: (But first, I should return Lucky to Jacob.)
: Wait here a second, Lucky. ...Lucky?

Ethan: What is it, Lucky? What's over there?

Ethan: (Are these what Ben used on Aaron? But why pliers? These are only used for cutting wires and stuff.)

I wonder why a wire-cutting tool was around the spot a wire was recently cut. While he's thinking to himself about pliers, Jacob comes out.

: Lucky?
: Jacob...
: (Probably shouldn't let him see this with all that blood.)
: Hey! Are those...
: (Too late...)
: Those were over there.
: Over there? Jacob, do you know something I don't?
: When the one boy shoved the boy with the glasses...
: ...he picked those up and...
: So they were just laying around over there. Thanks for telling me, Jacob.
: (This poor kid definitely saw some nasty stuff.)
: Here, take Lucky and go on home. Will you be okay on your own?
: Uh-huh. Bye now.

I sincerely hope you can figure out what we're expected to do here.

First order of business, as always, is clearing up the relevant flashback.

Flashback: Dropped Murderpliers posted:

: (Hey...the Pen's glowing. ...Can I make it so that all this never happened?)
: (I think I'll give it a try. Who knows--I might be able to change the past.)


Here I mess around a bit. I spend a little too much time overall messing with Ashley and Emily, probably because the reactions are pretty unique compared to some of the other possible ones.

Back to the real topic, which is actually surprisingly easy to miss even when you know it's there. It's hidden behind the planters on the left, behind where Past-Emily's standing, and you have to maneuver the screen around after you open the Hole to see them.

: (There they are--right where Jacob said they'd be. So they've been here as of precisely this moment...)
: (...Hang on. Did someone use the pliers to cut her brake line?)
: (But who would do that?)

Pliers posted:

If you found and grabbed them when you had a chance to beforehand, this chapter changes as a result. I may show the change off after the LP's finished.

: (This should get rid of the pliers back in "now". I've got to be careful. Let me think this through...)
: (.........)
: (...There's no other likely weapons--I should be okay.)

Close the Hole, etc.



: (No Ben, no Aaron. So what's changed...?)

Ethan's ringtone goes off. I can't place anything it's making a reference to, and it doesn't seem like it's mimicking a part of the game's soundtrack. May just be a generic ringtone.

Vin: Hey, it's Vin. Ben...Ben's in trouble.

Ethan: What? Y-you mean he didn't turn himself in after all?
Vin: Turn himself in? For what? Ah, never mind. Grab Morris and come down to Central Hospital. Take the bus that leaves from the station. Got it?
Ethan: Wait, Vin! (What's changed...?)

Ethan's not the fastest thinker when put in a tight spot, but he's actually pretty quick on the uptake, and I haven't really given him credit for that thus far.

Ethan: So what happened to Aaron?
Vin: Huh? He's a cop, isn't he? Didn't Morris tell you they took him in?

I feel like something got lost in translation here, because those sentences do not logically connect. Maybe it's supposed to say something about him being with the police instead of him being a policeman. Also, interesting that the police got called this time when they didn't for the stabbing and manslaughter.

Vin: C'mon, Ethan, get a grip! Anyway, hurry up! Ben's unconscious!

And he hangs up.

: How's Ben. Not so good?
: Vin says he's unconscious...and that we should get to Central Hospital on the double.
: ...Because he hit his head, huh.
: (This isn't good--I still don't know what the situation is.)
: Can I ask you a favor, Morris?
: At a time like this? ...What is it?
: I need you to tell me exactly what happened to Ben in the order it happened.
: Give me a break!
: Oh, fine. I'll break it down for you, okay? This is where Aaron hit Ben. The whole thing started when a dog walked by.
: Jacob's dog.
: Yeah, I think that was the owner's name. So the dog startled Ben, who got into a fight with Jacob. That's when Aaron came out of the cafe and happened to walk by...
: Aaron tried to stop Ben, and the two of them started arguing.
: Aaron knocked Ben over, and Ben hit his head. Got it?
: Got it. Thanks.
: (It wasn't exactly a change for the better...what should I do?)
: Then let's high-tail it to the hospital already!
: Oops--yeah.


Flashback time!

Flashback: Fight posted:

Ethan: (How could it have come to this--just by taking those nippers?)

This one was updated last time, but I forgot to include it.

Flashback: Secret Hideout posted:

Ethan: (We all took turns looking after Shiloh.)


I'm going to be closing off the Emily-Glasses vote after next update, so any late voters should finish that up. I think the count's just barely in favour of giving her back the glasses right now.

Cyouni fucked around with this message at 05:58 on Mar 17, 2017

Feb 21, 2013

chill bug

I'd say we should give back the glasses.

Mar 18, 2009

I do like how the game compounds its problems after the first solution doesn't work. It generally makes sense... the pliers evened the odds for Ben getting his poo poo beat in. They're not there, so he's in the hospital now. Admittedly the truck stuff is more chaos theory with the changing victim, but eh. If I remember correctly, choosing the wrong place to stop the Emily/Ashley fight has more of the sensible expanding problem.

The police thing definitely looks to me like a translation flub, but oh well. poo poo happens.

Despite the weird little 'huh' spots that pops up occasionally in this game, I do think overall it's still pretty good and can't wait to see more.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

So I guess what we'll do is untie the dog so that it doesn't spook Ben.

Apr 20, 2008

Keep the glasses.

Feb 18, 2011

Press X to jump, then press X again!

Toilet Rascal

If jerks are going to continue to vote to deprive Emily of her glasses, I'll have to actually throw my hat in for give the glasses back. Besides, we're about two timelines away from the theft by now, Ethan can probably handle saying he 'found them' [on her face].

Mar 31, 2013


Grimey Drawer

Keep the glasses

Mar 28, 2010

I just checked my file, and it turns out I'd marked in red that line about the cop and included a note saying it was unclear, because Aaron sure didn't seem like a police officer, and was it possible there was a cop onscreen he was referring to that I couldn't see (working only from the text)? Apparently no one noticed or cared. :/

Edit for Japanese speakers: The line was え? って......あの人は警察だろ?

Hirayuki fucked around with this message at 22:55 on Jun 19, 2016

Aug 6, 2013

Give the glasses back. Also, we clearly just need to go so far back we save Shiloh and thus Ben can focus on the dog and not on romantic love. Or something.

Sea Lily
Aug 5, 2007

Everything changes, Pit.
Even gods.

Never give the glasses back, property theft via time travel isn't illegal so they are your glasses now

Sep 30, 2014

without love it cannot be seen

Update 14: Telling Secrets

So where's this hospital anyways?

Right. There. So let's not waste any time.

: Oh--Kori...
: The whole revision process not going too well?
: !! How did you know...?
: Didn't I tell you I can see pictures, too?
: What are you two going on about? Revision? Pictures?
: Forgive me, but it's none of your business.
: My, aren't we blunt?

Pot, meet kettle.

: C'mon, Ethan--let's get outta here.
: Y-yeah, okay.
: Ethan?
: Yeah?
: Shouldn't you keep many times as it takes?
: ...
: I mean, Ben's your friend, right?
: ...Uh-huh. (...She's right.)
: ...But...
: I don't know if you have enough Time to keep on trying.
: (...!)

Ethan: (That part of Dad's letter does concern me a little...)

And she's off.

: Quite an interesting chat you two had.

: Morris...
: So what's this "revision" you're doing for Ben, huh?
: (Even if I told him, I doubt he'd believe me...)
: If you don't wanna talk about it, I'll stop asking... I was just wondering if you had a plan in mind to save our friend.
: ...Actually...
: (Should I tell him everything?)

So let's have a vote on this. Should we tell Morris or not?

No, that's not how this is going. Ethan has no idea where to go from here, and he knows it.

: Morris, there's something I need to tell you.
: Yeah? What?

*Question: Do you believe in paranormal phenomena?*
: What kind of question is that?
: For example, do you believe in a world where Ben was totally unharmed? What if there's a way to change THIS world into THAT one.
: ...I won't deny the possibility. But we have to consider the facts, too.

*Question: What if you could change the world?*
: Huh...? Is that even possible?

Yes, that question was a one liner. No, I don't know why it was made separate.

*Question: Can you keep a secret?*
: If you want me to, yeah. No prob.
: ...Okay, I'll tell you--and you alone--my secret.
: Never mind her. She apparently already knows it.
: What is it, already?
: I can change the past by...swapping out worlds, sort of.
: ...Just a tiny bit, though.
: Wha-a-at!? H-how do you manage that?
: It's a long story... (Should I just show him the Pen?)

Ethan: Huh? (Can he not see the Hollow Pen?) Er, well...yeah, something like that.
Morris: O...kay...then what?
Ethan: (That seems to have satisfied him, anyway.) So, um...first I have these flashbacks...

We fade to black, and when we come back...

: Aha. I think I got the gist.
: And you want to use this power of yours to change the current state of affairs somehow.
: I want to erase the reality where Ben gets into an argument with Aaron...
: I already tried it once, but this is how it turned out.
: Guess it didn't go too well.
: I have to really get to the heart of the matter if I want to fix it up.
: So you can change other people's lives. You're like a god, Ethan.
: (...!)
: No way--it's nothing like that!
: It's just that...if I don't...what'll happen to Ben?
: I want to make sure I help him out this time.
: Then we have to do some hunting.
: Huh?
: We have to hunt down some other points that can be changed.
: Your finger has to glow before you can do anything, right?


: Er, yeah...
: (Morris is going to help me out! I'm glad I talked to him after all.)
: We gotta think of another way to get that finger of yours glowing.
: Er...yep.

I bet he's regretting going with the finger story now.

: So what have you already tried?
: Well...I opened a Hole in the Chronos parking lot. I wanted to try and keep Ben and Aaron from getting hurt...
: I see...
: But that didn't get rid of the fight itself.
: Oh...
: It just changed the reason for their fight. Not very helpful.
:'re right.
: You've gotta get to the root of the problem and change that instead. So...any ideas?
: Um...

*Keep Aaron from leaving Chronos*
: I...could...try to keep Aaron from leaving the cafe?
: Keep him inside so he never meets up with Ben...hmm.
: Think it'll work, Ethan?
:, that's no good. I never had any flashbacks from inside Chronos.
: Okay, so let's scrap that idea.

*Change Lucky's walking route*
: I know! I've had a flashback of Jacob walking his dog!
: I could pass Jacob a note, get him to take a different route...
: You could...but I don't know about that Jacob kid. I doubt he'd do much with a note from some stranger.
: Oh...
: (He's got something there... And I don't really know when that flashback is, anyway...)

*Keep Aaron from leaving Chronos, reprise*
: That won't work if you haven't had any flashbacks there.

*Change Lucky's walking route, reprise*
: We can't count on Jacob to follow through.

: ...Isn't there a better way?
: How about if I work off of my flashbacks, then?
: ...?
: I have these flashbacks of place and times where I might be able to open a Hole.
: I see what you're getting at, but I don't have those flashbacks.
: Oh, right...
: Can you take me to these places that look Hole-worthy?
: Sure. Come on.

So we have three places we can go that Morris will comment on. Let's take them in chapter-order. But first, let's talk to some random people.

: You mean you just found out? Duh! That is totally old news!
: But Vin hardly ever comes to practice or games or anything...
: Oh, 'cause he has an old injury. That's what the assistant coach said.
: Hey, how come you know all about this stuff, anyway?
: Well, maybe you've just been living under a rock!
: Hey! Just what do you mean by that!?
: (......)
: (Vin sure is popular...)

There's someone else you can talk to to find out that every student here today is part of the basketball team. You may have already guessed this from checking Vin's profile.

: Er...n-no, sir. I'm fine.
: Say, I didn't expect to see you in detention.
: Oh, no, I'm not.
: Ah, I see... Okay, time for a pop quiz!
: Huh?
: Let's see how you do! Question 1!
: Y-you mean...there's more than one?
: Finish this saying: "Don't fire until you see..."

I'm just going to be assuming Ethan's not an idiot for all of these from now on.

*Answer: ...the whites of their eyes*
: Bingo! Well done, Ethan! Now, onto question 2! What's the meaning of "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes"?

*Answer: Attack at just the right moment*
: Bingo! Fantastic job!
: Er, okay... Guess I'll be going, then.
: Have a safe trip home.

: I saw this place in one of my flashbacks, too.
: Wow--the school, too? Your flashbacks sure do get around.
: It's not like I have tons of them, you know.
: there anything you can do for Ben here?
: Hmm...
: ...Some way to prevent him from getting into that fight...
: ......... ...Hmmmmmmmmmm...
: ...I guess not...
: ...Next.

: But you've already tried something here, and it didn't work out.
: Right.
: Then why are we wasting time here? Let's move on.

: Not far from Chronos, huh.
: This is where I saw Olivia from a distance.
: Olivia? What about Aaron and Ben?
: They weren't in my flashback.
: Can you leave Olivia a message so she'll keep Aaron inside the cafe?
: I don't know... The refrigerator's nearby, but Olivia's kind of far away.
: Refrigerator?
: Yeah, the truck carrying the refrigerator.
: ...Aaaanyway... If this plan is bound for failure, we should just quit now while we're ahead.
: I think so, too.
: (I don't want my "corrections" to cause any other problems to crop up...)
: ...Then let's try something else.

After you're done the school dump and intersection, you automatically head here.

: (This is where our secret hideout used to be...)
: Hey, do you have any flashbacks for this place?
: Here?
: Yeah--this is where Shiloh used to be.
: The place where Ben...changed.
: If you can save Shiloh, who knows? Maybe Ben won't change.
: ......! That's it! Yeah!

: I have the flashback, but I can't open a Hole yet.
: Oh, yeah...? Well, shall we go in and take a look? The tree would have been further in, in the back room.
: Yeah! Let's check it out.

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Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Holy poo poo this is gonna backfire horribly.

Jun 10, 2016

Man, Morris is a great friend. "Hey guy, I can change the past with my SHINING FINGER!" "Okay cool I believe you, let's go fix the past."

Sep 30, 2014

without love it cannot be seen

Update 15: Bargaining

: ...Further in. I'm picturing it on the other side of where the counter is now.
: ...What should I do?
: What else CAN you do? You gotta go back there.
: I know, but... Can I at least get all the facts straight before I do?
: (I hope going behind the counter nets me all the info I need...)
: What kind of facts do you need? I can tell you a few things.
: Let's see...

*Question: Where was Shiloh?*
: Our hideout was up in that tree, and Shiloh was tied to its base. It would have been about where the counter is now--beyond it.

*Question: What day was the typhoon?*
: I get it. If Shiloh hadn't died in the typhoon that day...
: Is that the angle you're thinking of taking this time?
: Yeah, that should work.
: You know when the typhoon hit?
: Not the exact date...I know it was August, ten years ago.
: I wonder if we can look it up somewhere.
: ...How about the library?
: Huh?
: So we can look up the date of the typhoon. They should have back issues of the newspaper. Those'll do.
: Then let's go to the library first.
: Yeah. We'll be back later.
: Hmm? Oh...okay. See you.
: C'mon, Ethan.

But first, since we're going to the library, let's take the chance to be not-a-jerk.

*Give them back*

: Hey! Are...are those my glasses?
: Um, yeah. I found them on the ground, so I picked them up for you.

And that's it. Emily's glasses are restored, and all is right with the world. Back to the main reason we came here.

: ...In the newspaper archives, right? What would you like me to look up for you?

*By date*
: (We came here to find the date, so obviously we can't tell her what it is.)

*By event*
: Are there any articles about the August lightning strike in Kako, ten years ago?
: One moment, please...

Clacks as she taps at the keyboard.

: There's one match. I'll copy it for you.

Lightning Article posted:

Morris: 5:40 PM on August 12, 1998. Will that do?
: That should be enough.
: Let's head back to that shop.
: Uh-huh.
: (They probably think we're some kind of weirdos over there...)
: (But who cares? We've got to help Ben!)

We can't go back inside the shop until we verify our flashback, so let's do so now.

Flashback: Lightning Strike at Hideout posted:

Ethan: (I guess now I should be able to undo the incident with Ben.)

All clear now, we head back inside.

: Er, excuse me...
: Yes?
: May we please see the back room? We'd like to get a good look at the furniture in there.
: (That's good enough. If I change the past, this'll all be fixed up, anyway.)
: Um, actually...those aren't for sale.
: Please, just this once!
: ...Are you students over at Kako High?
: Th-that's right. I'm Ethan Kairos, a sophomore.
: Really? I graduated from Kako High myself.
: Yeah?
: That was about 20 years ago now. I remember my homeroom teacher...Mr. Twombly--yeah, that was it.
: Oh, we have him for homeroom now. The English teacher, right?
: Yeah, yeah--that's the guy! Wow, now you're taking me back!
: It must be fate! So how about doing two fellow Kako men a favor?
: ...Ah, why not. Just this once, though.
: Thank you so much!

: I think so, too.

Shopkeeper: I had two girls from Kako buying a clock in here not too long ago. They said it was a birthday present for an upperclassman. Seemed pretty happy about it.
Ethan: (Ashley and Emily, I'm guessing?)
Morris: Yeah, those two throw their money away on the dumbest things.
Shopkeeper: Ha ha ha...maybe so, maybe so.
Ethan: (Hey, Morris...! Watch the attitude, eh?)

Ethan: Thanks, Morris! Now I can--

{Soundtrack: Silence}

Ethan: Huh?

Ethan: Sure.

Morris: When you're done with this little project of yours...
Ethan: Yeah?
Morris:...use your power on me.

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Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Yeah here we go. We're gonna do something that's gonna butterfly effect into catastrophe

We got this flashback during the first case, so wait does this mean we're gonna mess up Emily's fate by changing the past?

Feb 18, 2011

Press X to jump, then press X again!

Toilet Rascal

I have no idea what you mean. I'm sure that letting a dog loose during a thunderstorm and a typhoon would have no negative consequences at all.

I sure hope it doesn't interfere with whatever Morris wants us to correct in his past. Maybe he 'lost' a treasured teddy bear years ago, and he wants us to be the ones who caused the loss by taking it into the present.

Dec 25, 2014

A vase to face encounter.

...Vase to meet you?



SSNeoman posted:

Holy poo poo this is gonna backfire horribly.

Not empty quoting, except now in response to something different.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Clapping Larry

Morris really does not seem to be happy with his current life. I wonder what he'll ask for.

...I mean, he's got to ask now, right?

Sep 30, 2014

without love it cannot be seen

Update 16: A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings...

Ethan: On you?
Morris: I got a horrible score on my last exam. Horrible enough that I might not get into my dream college.
Morris: Please, Ethan! Just once, I swear!
Ethan: ...I don't know, Morris...
Morris: What, and after all my help? C'mon, I'm begging you here! You don't know how embarrassing this is for me!
Ethan: (Morris...) ...J-just let me take care of Ben first, okay?
Morris: ...Okay. We'll talk again later.

: ... (I guess not even Morris is entirely worry-free...)
: (But Ben comes first. I've got to save Shiloh...)

I'm obliged to note that it's possible to screw with everyone here and cancel the Digging session, and the shopkeeper will just keep letting you back in every time you come back.


Hope you remember our goal.


Ethan: (If I could only do something with that rope tying Shiloh up...)

Ethan: (Now Shiloh's free.)

Close the hole, and...



: You about done in there?
: Oops--yes, all set! Thank you!

: It's not really for sale, but I could be persuaded...
: Er...not today.
: Oh! Oh, I see... B-but I can give you a discount!
: Thanks--I'll keep that in mind.
: Here's my card. The shop's address and phone number are on there, too.
: Thank you very much.

: See you later.
: I should have some new pieces in by then. Let me give you a call when they arrive. Just write down your telephone number for me, okay?
: Huh? But...
: We're getting a shipment from the same company that made the furniture in the back room. I'm sure you'll love it!
: Oh, I see...
: (He did let us poke around his store and all--I guess I should go through the motions.)

Shopkeeper: Thanks for stopping by!

And with that, we're left alone outside Aeon.

As always, the bells clang to symbolize our entrance.

: Yo, Eeth! Over here!
: (Thank goodness--everyone's here.)

I think Ethan needs his eyes checked, because that's pretty obviously not 'everybody'.

: What's up? You seem kinda spacey.
: Huh? Oh, n-nothing.
: What can I get you?
: Just a hot coffee, please.

: (Everyone's fine. I did it!)
: (...But where's Morris?)
: Phew--that's enough for me. I'll bring the rest home for Shiloh. Hey, Olivia? Can you wrap this up for me?
: (So Ben's looking after Shiloh. That's great.)
: Sure thing! Giving it to your doggy again, eh?
: Uh-huh. It's one of his favorites.
: Well, then...guess I'll be going.
: All set, guys?
: But Ethan just got here!
: Oops! Sorry about that, Ethan.
: I don't mind. We can all leave together.

Ben: Thanks, Morris!
Ethan: Hey there, Morris!

Ethan: (He quit school? What's he talking about?) You remember what I told you, Morris?
Morris: Huh?

: ...Never mind. It's nothing.
: Well...if you say so...
: See ya tomorrow!
: Roger!
: Yeah...see you later.
: Almost forgot! Here, Ethan--this is for you.
: What is it?
: My flyer. If you know anyone with a dog, spread the word, okay?

Morris: See ya!

Morris walks off.

: Shall we?
: Hey, this what Morris is doing these days?
: Yeah, he has a part-time job as a dog walker. Says he's saving up for obedience school.
: Since he decided to quit school, he says he has to earn the tuition all by himself.
: ...Wow...
: I remember it was always Shiloh this, Shiloh that...
: I'd say he made the right choice, taking the plunge and following his heart...wouldn't you? He definitely looks a lot happier now.
: Y-yeah...he does.
: (So Shiloh had the biggest impact on Morris, not on Ben...)
: Well, I've got some places to go, so...
: Okay. See you later.

Vin heads off.

: I should head back... (What a day! I'm exhausted.)

There's the sound of footsteps.

Kori: Ethan?

: Kori...
: How did you fare this time? Better?
: ...I think so.
: Good.
: But all kinds of other things changed, too...
...Well, yeah.
: But your experiences have become "undone". Not everyone remembers the same things you do... Even those who know what happened "before"...
: None of them realize that they themselves have changed.
: ...Kori...
: Yes?
: I-I need to know...who ARE you?
: I told you that I don't have a Pen.
: ...
: But I know other people who do. Like your father, for example.
: !! Y-you know my dad? Is he alive!?
: ...... I met your father a long, long time ago... Now...I don't know. Same as you.

: ...
: ...But...
: But what?
: Who gave you that Pen, Ethan?
: ...! (That's right--my dad's name was on that letter...)
: Hasn't that Pen been passed down in your family for generations? It's your inheritance.
: ...Actually... (The letter said as much...)
: I'll go home and talk to my uncle. Thanks!

: (...... So this Pen belonged to my dad? ......)
: (Maybe Uncle Derek knows something about this.)
: (I'll track him down and ask him tomorrow.)

Ethan: (I dragged my uncle into something big...)


Standard end-chapter flashback update, this time with no need for time travel.

Flashback: Safe Shiloh posted:

Flashback: Walk in the Park posted:

Ethan: (It's the whole gang--recently, too--and Shiloh, being all buddy-buddy with us.)

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Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Well...crisis averted I suppose. And I guess if Morris is happy who are we to say boo?

Blueberry Pancakes
Aug 18, 2012

Jack in!! MegaMan, Execute!

I always thought Onegin sounded like some kind of gambling game. Or a strong liquor.

Mar 18, 2009

The game isn't all that consistent with where it warps Ethan back to after he messes around with stuff. It kind of makes no sense to me that he'd still be in the shop after messing around with time here.

At the same time, this is as far as I've known the story, so all new to me past this.


Dec 25, 2014

A vase to face encounter.

...Vase to meet you?



That was a pretty great roller coaster.

"Use your power on me."
"Because I got a bad grade!"
"I'm totally different now."

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