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Aug 9, 2009

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As the title says, I'll be in Addis Ababa for a layover from early morning to late night. I jumped through a lot of hoops to get a visa in advance so this should be OK.

Initially I wanted to just go out and wander around the city, get some local food, see some stuff and gently caress off. But as I was researching stuff to do, I came across some highly recommended tours like this one:

This basically takes care of everything, including sights and food, for the day for $130. Not an insignificant amount for me but doable. Besides the cost (there's a lot I could do there for that much, I think) I'm a bit concerned whether it would be a real experience of the place rather than an on-rails showcase. On the other hand, I probably won't get mugged or murdered with a tour.

Needless to say I'm not familiar with the city or country at all. Has anyone been to the city and/or done a tour like this? For reference, I'm quite tanned now and made it out of South Africa with all my poo poo intact so hopefully not completely clueless.


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Apr 25, 2008

by Nyc_Tattoo

Is this still relevant? I visited Ethiopia in January. Addis is quite walkable, assuming you are ok with 3/4 km walks between places. Taxis from the airport are a ripoff, but you can walk 500m to the street and get a good one. Tours? Not a big fan myself, though Ethiopia is almost on par with India in terms of hassles per meter walked, so a tour could help with that if you can't be bothered telling them to gently caress off yourself. Ethiopia is very safe by African standards, so muggings are out of the question anyway. I met one French guy that was mugged, but that was out of town and it was dark. Some kids tried to pickpocket me (it was obvious) near the airport but they were bad and some cop told them to go away. The Merkato has some pickpockets as well apparently.

There wasn't a single day in Ethiopia that I spent more than $40 btw, and that includes accommodation (not transport though).

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