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Doctor Dogballs
Apr 1, 2007

what about internet at small


basement jihadist
Oct 3, 2002

geraldo at large

The Dennis System
Aug 4, 2014

Nothing in Jurassic World is natural, we have always filled gaps in the genome with the DNA of other animals. And if the genetic code was pure, many of them would look quite different. But you didn't ask for reality, you asked for more teeth.

In an idle hour I thought of former days;
And former friends seemed to be standing in the room.
And then I wondered "Where are they now?"
Like fallen leaves they have tumbled to the Nether Springs.
Han YŁ swallowed his sulphur pills,
Yet a single illness carried him straight to the grave.
YŁan Chēn smelted autumn stone
But before he was old, his strength crumbled away.
Master Tu possessed the "Secret of Health":
All day long he fasted from meat and spice.
The Lord TsĎui, trusting a strong drug,
Through the whole winter wore his summer coat.
Yet some by illness and some by sudden deathÖ
All vanished ere their middle years were passed.

Only I, who have never dieted myself
Have thus protracted a tedious span of age,
I who in young days
Yielded lightly to every lust and greed;
Whose palate craved only for the richest meat
And knew nothing of bismuth or calomel.
When hunger came, I gulped steaming food;
When thirst came, I drank from the frozen stream.

With verse I served the spirits of my Five Guts; 3
With wine I watered the three Vital Spots.
Day by day joining the broken clod
I have lived till now almost sound and whole.
There is no gap in my two rows of teeth;
Limbs and body still serve me well.
Already I have opened the seventh book of years;
Yet I eat my fill and sleep quietly;
I drink, while I may, the wine that lies in my cup,
And all else commit to Heaven's care.

Hector Beerlioz
Jun 16, 2010

aw, hec

Doctor Dogballs posted:

what about internet at small

That's where the fun zone is, I think it might be the kids section on the AOL homepage.

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