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Mar 25, 2011

Flagelo - H&R

"Sniping time!" Flagelo says as the Sharpshooter materializes on her hand, just before she lets out a quick aimed shot at the massive boss' sinews, piercing them!

Free: Switching to Sharpshooter
Ranged Basic Attack vs AC: 2#1d20+17 35 35 1d10+14 19 damage. Muscles gets -2 to attacks UEOTN.

HP: 96/96 (0)	        AC:	27	Passive Insight: 18
Surges: 7/12 (V: 26)   For:	25	Passive Perception: 18
Initiative: +11		Ref:	22	Action Points: 0
Speed: 5		Will:	19	Fortune Points: 1/2
Languages: Common, Giant	Vision: Normal

At Will			Encounter			Daily
Duelist Assault		[ ] Second Wind		       [x] Quick Fullblade
Battle Wrath          	[ ] Sohei Flurry	       [ ] Great Tutor Armor
Berserker's Charge      [ ] Stone's Endurance          [ ] Wildrunners
Banchou's Pride         [ ] Power Strike               [x] Belt of Lucky Strikes
                        [ ] Sohei Parry                [x] Sharpshooter  
                        [ ] Ignore Weakness            
                        [ ] Trip Up
                        [ ] Masterstroke
                        [ ] Clearheaded
                        [ ] Zephyr of the Burning Sands
                        [ ] Strikebacks
[ ]Storm Strike
Roll Twice on Ath rolls to Jump or Climb
Sword: +2 all defenses against opportunity attacks
Wildrunners: When Running, Move your Speed +4.
+2 Damage +2 Bull Rush when Charging
When Charging: Push Charged Enemy 1 Square, take his place.
Can reroll first attack in encounter and use either result
Can spend action point to reroll any roll instead of taking another action
Sword: When using Power Strike can slide all adjacent enemies 1 square
+1 Item bonus to Opportunity Attacks
If bloodied can use two healing surges instead of one
When using Fortune or Action Point, gain +2 to all defenses UEoTN
+1d6 damage when charging
Sharpshooter: Hit enemy gets -2 to ranged/area attack rolls UEOTN
Spear: +2 Damage when Charging
MBA with Spear aims Reflex or AC


Hound - +1 Fort, +2 Against Forced Movement

Support Persona
Bake-kujira (Hierophant)
Mazionga  (+14 vs Reflex, Range 5, Burst 1, All Creatures. Deals 2d4+7 Lightning Damage)
Tentarafoo (+14 vs Fort, Close Burst 2, Enemies Only. -2 Reflex/Will UEONT)
Passive: Immune Lighting / Reflect Necrotic
Weakness: Radiant, Force at 50% Damage Taken

Rank 1 Academics - [+1 Int/Wis Skills]
Rank 2 Charm * [+1 Dex/Cha Skills]
Rank 2 Courage *** [+2 +Str/Con Skills]


Sep 8, 2007

All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare.

Ambrose // Hound and Raccoon

Ambrose slowly runs his hand along the edge of Ame-no-Murakumo as he whispers an incantation, conjuring a blazing fire that engulfs the full length of the blade. He makes a thrust with the sword, sending a jet of flame that crashes into King Muscle. The arcane fire washes over the great owlbear but fails to burn through his potent defenses, instead it dances around him and spirals upwards, coalescing into the image of a burning heater shield that hangs over his head.

"And that would mean that you're marked," Ambrose declares imperiously as he gestures with his hand, beckoning the guardian of the forest over to him.

Standard: Swordmage Shielding Fire vs King Muscles: 1d20+15+2 23 vs Fort, miss.
Aegis of Shielding Fire: King Muscles is Marked until the end of the encounter. This mark remains in effect even if I mark other creatures with my Swordmage Aegis. In addition, whenever I reduce the damage King Muscles deals using Aegis of Shielding, King Muscles takes fire damage equal to the amount of damage prevented.

HP: 97/97 (THP: 3)	AC:	33 (=)	Passive Insight: 25
Surges: 8/11 (V: 28)	Fort:	23 (25)	Passive Perception: 18
Initiative: +9		Ref:	27 (=)	Vision: Low-light Vision
Speed: 6		Will:	26 (=)	Action Points: 1
Languages: Common, Elven		Fortune Points: 3

Ame-no-Murakumo Longsword: +18, 1d8+11 (MBA/RBA)

At-Will			Encounter			Daily
Aegis of Shielding	[ ] Second Wind			[X] Vanishing Blade
Booming Blade		[ ] Argent Rain			[X] Shielding Fire
Sword Burst		[ ] Fey Step			[ ] Hellspike Assault
			[ ] Armathor's Step		[ ] Impenetrable Warding
			[ ] Sword of Sigils		[ ] Rune of the Undeniable Dawn (Fate)
			[ ] Brawling Warrior
			[ ] Arcane Mutterings
At-Will Interrupts	Encounter Interrupts
Aegis of Shielding	[ ] Countering Thunderclap
			[ ] Dimensional Vortex
			[ ] Transposing Lunge*
Magic Items
[*] Acrobat Boots (At-will, Minor Action): Stand up from prone.
[ ] Ame-no-Murakumo (Encounter, Free Action): Miss enemy with weapon attack, make a basic attack against a different enemy within range 7.
[ ] Bladed Bolter Bandolier (Daily, Free Action): Spawn a Bolter within Range 5.
[ ] Cloak of Translocation +2 (Daily, Minor Action): Regain the use of an expended teleportation encounter power.
[ ] Gauntlets of Zeal (Enc, Free Action): Lose up to 5 THP to deal that much extra Force/Radiant Damage.
[ ] Shogun's Kimono (Enc, Imm. Interrupt): Reduce damage of an attack by a marked enemy that targets me and one or more allies by 13.
2x  Beginner's Mocha (Minor): Spend a Healing Surge. Regain 6 HP and gain +2 Defenses USONT.

Overseer - Hound: +2 to Fortitude Defense and Resist Forced Movement 1.

Damage Resistance: 10 Fire, Cold, Lightning, Thunder
Vulnerability: 5 Physical
Eladrin Will: +5 bonus to saving throws against charm effects.
War Wizard's Expertise: -5 penalty to hit allies with arcane attacks.
Cowboy's Hat: After using Aegis Interrupt, next attack deals +2 damage. After teleporting, Aegis prevents an additional 2 damage.
Cloak of Translocation: +2 to AC and Reflex UEOMNT after using a teleport power.
Ring of Uncanny Judgement: Automatically know distance and direction to marked targets while mark persists.
Swordshield Action: After spending an action point, gain +2 to all defenses UEOMNT.
Eladrin's Challenge: Marked enemies take -3 penalty from mark instead of -2.
Improved Silver Shield: Gain 13 THP when using Aegis of Shielding Interrupt.

Support Persona: Mucalinda (World)
Passive: Resist Fire, Cold, Lightning, Thunder 10
Passive: Vuln Physical 5
Zionga (+15 vs Reflex. Range 8. Deals 2d6+8 Lightning Damage to one target.)
Magaru (+15 vs Reflex. Range 5, Area burst 1. Deals 7 Thunder Damage to all targets.)
Divine Breath (Immediate Interrupt. Triggeres on taking Damage. Splash 1/4 of Phys. Damage taken in CB 1. Auto-Hit, All Creatures.)

Social Stats
Rank 1 Charm     (Dex/Cha) [2/3]
Rank 1 Courage   (Str/Con) [2/3]
Rank 1 Academics (Int/Wis) [2/3]

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