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Sep 8, 2007

All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare.

Akio // Friday Night - Other City

Akio swallows hard at Noriko's offer and quickly looks back down into his bag. "Oh, oh, um... That's, um... I've done it a few times in my room by my own hand, you know, as practice..." Finding the book he'd been looking for he grabs it, and only then realizes what he just said. "No! Wait! I didn't mean it like that! Um, what I wanted to say is... Uh, nevermind. But it'd be great if you could guide me! Since you're more experienced and all... Um! I mean, you've probably done it a hundred times by now, right? Er... Did you ever do it with anyone else back in Osaka? N-No! What am I saying..." He wisely shuts up and flips through the book in a mild panic, keeping his eyes fixed on it as he reads the instructions for the ritual, but he has a hard time focusing so he finds himself having to start over a couple times. Once done reviewing, he opens his bag again and takes out a black leather case containing his arcane toolkit and a jar of fine grey dust he bought at Borderless.

"If you don't mind, I'm going to try something that's a bit different from what we've done it before." Appearing much more focused and in control than a moment ago, Akio begins meticulously drawing a series of precise geometric shapes in the ground using the sharp end of an ornate brass rod. He points to the book he left open, propped up on his bag on the ground, displaying a diagram. "It's a style of magic based in mathematics, is probably the best way to describe it. But not quite like the magic squares and numbers we've used before, it's more of an actual equation with constants and variables relating to the energies involved, instead of calling on supernatural beings. It's about channeling precise amounts of various energies from the world itself to yield the desired result," he explains as he's tracing. "You can help me out with the drawing, or do something else to amplify the ritual, if you want?"

Almost ten minutes pass before it's finally done. Akio finishes by tracing a large hexagon that encompasses his entire drawing its edges serving as the tangents of the outermost points of the outlying shapes of the figure. "I don't know, this just seems to make more sense to me. It's... logical. As far as logic goes when it comes to something as unreal as this should be, anyway." He looks up and smiles, then he unlids the jar and pours a pile of the grey powder in the palm of his hand, and blows on it. The dust spreads through the air but quickly settles into the grooves in the ground as if drawn to them, and the entire shape begin to glow with a dull blue light. "Okay, that should be it! Now to cast the spell." He puts the brass tool away in the leather case and exchanges it for a silver wand with a blue crystal affixed to the tip. Stepping into the center of the ritual hexagon, taking care not to step on any of the glowing lines, he points the wand directly at the large metal construct with an outstretched arm. "If this fizzles I'm going to feel so stupid... Separate!" he calls out, causing the lines on the ground to shine bright and the wand to spark with blue electricity! He grits his teeth as the energy painfully courses through his body, but he concentrates on keeping the wand held steadily pointing at the gate. The chains of Fenrir begin to rumble and shake...

Spending 35gp worth of Residuum and one surge as part of the ritual.
Knock: 1d20+27+5 44


Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

Kasaya Itsumi

Itsumi grins and responds to Takashi in a bright tone, "You're welcome! You really did great back there! You're so strong!" She runs over and gives him a big hug before turning to the task at hand. "Hey, I'm gonna see if I can revive Muscles as a support persona... I think he'd help me heal you guys a lot better!" she says as she heads over to do just that.

Spending the 2300(?)gp to revive Muscles and equip it!

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Mar 25, 2011


"Oh god, you are a real weirdo you know." Tsukiyo growls back at Noriko, and then turns at the gate. "Uh maybe it has some DNA recognition thing? Like it sounds really dumb but I might try that."

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Other City

: "If you need my help, I'll be here." Keeping Ryuka and Hound as your Overseers, you bid Kunio farewell for the night. He'll still be available as an Overseer for future use.

Itsumi: A 4-Star will be 2,600 Gold, please! You have a moment to reconsider your purchase.

Akio: Taking special care to manifest the most precise and powerful iteration of the humble Knock Ritual, you go through several projections of simple lock-picks, each shattering or jamming and clattering to the ground as they attempt to pierce one of the massive hanging locks binding the chains together. Greater arcane mastery leads to projecting more complicated sets of fully articulated sets of thieve's tools, penetrating deeper and deeper into the mess of iron. Slowly small sets of chains begin to slither off and land on the ground with gentle rattles until finally a satisfying CLICK!!! sounds. A portion of the chains across the entire mass unlocks and slides away... before being drawn into the massive primary chains that remain taut, still binding the two coffins beneath them. A Shadow rises and takes shape from the center of the mass, free of their imprisonment.

You've free the Support Persona! A grateful woman's form offers to change your fates...


Clotho (Fortune ****)
Clotho is one of the three Moirae Sisters, and is derived from the Greek personification of fate. The youngest, Clotho spins the thread of life.
Me Patra (Range 5, One Ally or Self(Daze Only), Removes Dazed/Stunned/Dominated. Costs 2 Fortune Points)
Mediarama (Close Burst 5, all Friendlies. Consumes 1 Healing Surge to restore 16+1 HP)
Magarula (Range 5, Burst 1, Vs Reflex, Deals 2d8+5(Boosted) Thunder Damage to All Enemies)
Wind Boost (Enhances Thunder Damage dealt by Persona. Enhances Thunder Damage Dealt by Wielder by 25%)
Great Sukunda (vs Will, Ranged 5, -4 Reflex/Fort UEONT)
Reflect Magic (Passive. First Non-Physical, Non-Ongoing/Passive Damage of the Encounter is Halved)
Resist Thunder/Lightning 10
Weakness: Cold, Force

More of the vision from before plays out, this time dancing around the remaining chains mass, visible to the entire group.

: Tsukiyo strongly recognizes this woman, but can't put her finger on it. She looks like the spitting image of a really annoying foreigner Genjuro had as a friend for middle school and most of high school named Abe. Noriko immediately recognizes her Fencing instructor, a teacher at Nekketsu named Abigail. She and Genjuro are chatting outside the Karaoke Bar, as well as a third girl who looks like a big motorcycle enthusiast with her full-body leather rider's suit. "Should you really be here?"

: "Uhm, why don't we have a night out together? It'll be fun! We can catch up!"

: Genjuro and Abigail both frown. "We don't get along." "Ve won't be doing zat."

The presence of the chains overwhelms everything in a flood of hissing static and the vision melts away again.

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Mar 27, 2011


"huh... Miss Abigail? that's my fencing instructor, and, uh... I think that's her girlfriend?" she looks puzzled. "I wonder what they have to do with Genjuro...?"

Feb 4, 2005


Friday - Other City (#beatthemidterms)

Takashi warmly returns Itsumi's hug, thinking maybe now isn't the best time to ask her on another date...

"You're taking that course at Nekketsu, right? Maybe the teacher used to be a student and knows Tsukiyo's brother from... however many years ago. The other girl is a mystery, but it looks like she'd be right at home in this other world. Maybe this partly her vision too?"

While he says all this, Takashi takes a moment to focus himself, doing some light cooldown exercises to relieve sore muscles. (cast Ritual Steady Strength, +2 athletics for 1 hour) When he is feeling suitably loose, he climbs atop the fountains, and aided by .attak's insane strength, attempts to rip the grating loose so he can get a better look beneath them. Still sore from jointly overpowering an actual oni, he is not able to bring all his might to bear, no matter how much the molten dog tries to help him.

Athletics: 1d20+29 34 strength check - to remove the grates

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Other City

Takashi: (Stretching this result a bit.) Scaling the fountain itself reveals nonsensical geometry and engineering. Further, there's no grates on the warped fountains themselves, just some submerged waterworks. This leaves the large, relatively normal(and thus out of place) grate on the ground. Your strength is sufficient to peel back the metal and examine the water flowing within. Although you do not discover anything, your raw strength disrupts the stonework and water begins to back up and overflow, soon creating a massive puddle that soaks every chain involved in Genjuro's Iron Gate. The water rushes into the other two fountain gratings once it reaches them, keeping the puddle contained to just the Iron Gate and the chains embedded in the ground.

: "You did it! Oh! Uhm, you did... part of it!" Ryuka must be holding her cell phone up to her computer speaker because a familiar sound chimes over your own cells, a bit distorted.

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Sep 8, 2007

All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare.

Akio // Friday Night - Other City

Akio scratches the back of his head, looking at the mess Takashi made. "Great, so, uh, we've got wet chains now?" He picks up one of the chains freed by the knock ritual and looks up at the nearby lamp post sparking with electricity. He furrows his brow. No, that's stupid, why would that work? Then again... " game logic?" Making use of his support persona's lightning resistance, he teleports himself up on top of the lamp post and quickly ties the chain around it before hopping down.

Mar 25, 2011


"Brother used to hang out with Nekketsu students before, was friends with their banchou before he raided their school."

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Other City

The chains briefly loosen as an effect of Akio's sincere effort to manipulate them, the objects not readily obeying the laws of physics as you know them. After he releases the single chain it attempts to draw itself back and rejoin the tight binding wrap but gets stuck on the lantern briefly, wrenching it so strongly that the ground at the base begins to flake and crack, the entire pole rising a foot clear up yet not emerging! This hard contact channels electricity from the crackling lamp head that races across the whole mass of the Iron Gate Binding.

All of it blinks in a steady .5 second interval several times before fading away entirely, revealing the glass coffins it concealed of the two women sitting together, Miss Abigail and their friend.

: "That's not true! You guys used to hang out all the time!" The second girl stands up and leans forward on the table, giving them both a pout. There's nothing unusual or warped about her, no imagery of the Shadows. Just a real life biker...

: "... Yes, Genjuro, I wanted to talk to you about zat. Maybe that's why you're here?"

: "Chh.. shaddup, Fuji." Tsukiyo is vaguely familiar with the three, when Genjuro was in his second year of High School and she was looking forward to starting Middle School, a bit young for teenage drama. Genjuro sneers and pumps his arm, holding the melted Nekketsu trophy. "I'm here for a reason, alright. But I'm not gonna ask anyone to forgive me."

: "Then what are you doing?! Is there any part of you left that isn't an rear end!?"

: Genjuro rolls his eyes and lets his eyelids hang half open, grinning sullenly. The expression makes him look rather unsettling, like a morbid onlooker to his own conversation. "You must've knocked it out of me." In place of static a set of red lines briefly pass between the vision and the coffins before iron chain links weave around them, binding everything harder to the vision with a loud sound of metal slamming shut.

... You can see Genjuro and Abigail as teenagers, the latter dressed in a Nekketsu's boy uniform, Genjuro in Naoki's. The two's friendship plays out like a cheesy young crime drama where-in the supposed Lone Wolf of Naoki is always fighting back to back with his best friend. Numbers or odds don't matter because they have true fighting spirit!

: "Isn't this enough time to cool your head, Gen?" Abigail sighs. "I'd feel a lot better if you just gave that back. You don't have to apologize."

: "Yeah! Forget about that stuff! Kobe's a nice town, they'll let it go, why not put it all behind us?" Fuji pumps a fist and beams. "We forgave you a while ago, Genji!"

... Back in their second year, Fujiko transferred to Nekketsu and met the two. They got along famously with the classically pretty girl, knocked a few heads that gave her a hard time then began to butt heads themselves over her affections. It comes to a head one day when Genjuro and Abe are arguing in a crowded lunchroom at Nekketsu, the two thugs gripping each other's coat collar in a classic throwdown showdown.

: "You're always riding my rear end, Abi, loving around! Maybe you'd be better off acting like a girl and just getting out of my way!" A younger Genjuro fires off with a sharp barb in the past and "Abe" retorts with a classic counter: decking him in the center of his face. The lunchroom breaks out into spectacle over the sudden outburst! The "legendary betrayal" Kunio was told about by his brother?

: In the present day Genjuro's gaze is still hazy, his tone evasive. "As much as I'd like that..." His voice wavers a bit, then he hefts up the trophy again and speaks angrily. "There's something I have to do. You wouldn't get it."

: "... I guess I wouldn't. Goodbye, Chavez."

: "Heh. See ya, Camus."

The mingling visions fade. There's nothing to do but move past the broken Iron Gate.


The Velvet Room

: "Uhm... if you need anything else, please ask. This is as far as I can go." Shikome waits patiently and happily to assist you, looking quite content in the warm bath. A cheesy sentai opening theme plays on the little karaoke TV to rally your spirits.

Last chance to swap Personas or Overseers or to use Actions to prepare! Only something used here that can carry over will count!


Iron Path

Bearing witness to a moment where Genjuro's pride was slighted doesn't seem to line up with what you witness stepping into the cold darkness beyond the broken chains. Monolithic constructs of strange metal framing and massive chains stretch across an endless expanse leading down a singe path. The massive pieces of metal are linked to fractured works of greater metallurgy, articulated pieces of clockwork that once rotated yet now lie dormant, fractured and broken, bound by the chains that rise up from the infinite darkness. Any warmth and sound coming from the Karaoke Bar was lost as soon as you passed the Iron Gate.

(Path continues to the North.)

: "Is all this really over some high school drama?" Munch munch munch. Ryuka has scavenged a bag of chips. "He's your brother, Tsuki. Is he always like this? And Fenrir's really cool too..."

Tsukiyo knows that her brother has had a less than inspiring run at college and now spends most of his days at home, letting any natural talents he had fade away in idle hedonism, your grandmother urging him to at least settle into steady work somewhere as a salaryman or similar... all the darkness you walk through now seems a terrible reflection of what has settled in his mind, to reflect such a miserable and barren Mindscape.

State Marching Order! (No Actions other than Free/Reaction are Possible, Surprise Round Status undetermined presently!)

: "I was wondering who'd come through there!" The helmet-muffled, metal-tinged sound of Brave_Fenrir <the Invincible> cuts through the silence! You can't spot the source of the deep, menacing voice! "The meek follow the strong as closely as a shadow, hoping something will be left behind! Free to take! Free of conflict! But you guys... you're calling upon that power... drawing out those shadows..."

The chains begin to shake and rattle, slowly building in intensity.

: "Do you know what it means to draw a blade!?"

Mar 25, 2011


Tsukiyo stands silent as she watches and listens the scenes unfolding in front of her. So this is what happened that time, huh... She should have known it was some dumb thing like a love split that resulted in all of that drama... That stupid brother of hers... She walks through the gloomy walkway, weapons in hand as she approaches the darkness. "Genjuro, you dumb... You dumb rear end! I followed through hell and back to find you, and you are messing around with ORDER and trying to get yourself killed by everyone! You lashed out at best friend, you lashed out at your ex, you lashed out at grandma, you lashed out at me! You keep hurting everyone, and most of all, yourself, because you are so stubborn!"

Preparing with Berserker's Charge Stance ready before the path. Carrying the Longspear.

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Sep 8, 2007

All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare.

Akio // Friday Night - Other City

"Abigail was the lone wolf's 'bro'? Huh... Even though the coffins were obviously special I didn't think about that..." Akio comments after the scene fades. "He said she wouldn't get what he was doing here, which makes me think he's mainly here for the game and not for sentimental reasons. I guess we're gonna have to fight after all..."


Hearing Fenrir's voice again makes Akio remember the first time he heard it, right before it all started, in Etemenanki. He wonders if he would've been happier if he hadn't gotten involved in the game at all and just lived a normal life. Ignorance is bliss, right? He throws a look behind him, at Noriko, and at his friends. What a stupid thought. Walking forward, he feels worry take hold, and not just because they would face a dangerous opponent. Fenrir would likely recognize Ambrose. Would that get him into trouble? Danger? Either way, all he could do was press on.

He leaves the talking to Tsukiyo, not wanting to get between the siblings, at least not before the fighting started, and draws his figurative 'blade'. With a burst of static it takes on a more literal appearance as the phone transforms into his avatar's spellblade. He hefts the sword in his hand and stretches the fingers of his other hand, getting ready for an imminent battle.

Activating Impenetrable Warding and taking a forward position that's no further than 5 squares away from anyone in the party, if possible.
HP: 104/109 (THP: 0)	AC:	35 (==)	Passive Insight: 28
Surges: 5/11 (V: 31)	Fort:	24 (30)	Passive Perception: 21
Initiative: +12		Ref:	31 (36)	Vision: Low-light Vision
Speed: 7		Will:	29 (35)	Action Points: 2
Languages: Common, Elven, Deep Speech	Fortune Points: 3/3

Ame-no-Murakumo Longsword: +23, 1d8+17 (MBA/RBA)

At-Will			Encounter			Daily
Aegis of Shielding	[ ] Second Wind			[X] Vanishing Blade
Booming Blade		[ ] Argent Rain			[ ] Swordmage Shielding Fire
Sword Burst		[ ] Fey Step			[X] Hellspike Assault
			[ ] Armathor's Step		[X] Impenetrable Warding
			[ ] Dimensional Slash		[ ] Dragon Scales
			[ ] Brawling Warrior		[ ] Rune of the Undeniable Dawn (Fate)
			[ ] Arcane Mutterings		[ ] Cull Weakness (Fate)
			[ ] Beguiling Strands		[ ] Corellon's Boon of Arcane Might
At-Will Interrupts	Encounter Interrupts
Aegis of Shielding	[ ] Countering Thunderclap
			[ ] Dimensional Vortex
			[ ] Transposing Lunge*
Magic Items
[ ] Ame-no-Murakumo (Encounter, Free Action): Miss enemy with weapon attack, make a basic attack against a different enemy within range 7.
[ ] Band of Jade Venom (Daily, Free Action): Targets hit by a daily power take 7 Ongoing Poison Damage. Save DC 12.
[ ] Bladed Bolter Bandolier (Daily, Free Action): Spawn a Bolter within Range 5.
[ ] Cloak of Translocation +2 (Daily, Minor Action): Regain the use of an expended teleportation encounter power.
[ ] Gauntlets of Zeal (Enc, Free Action): Lose up to 5 THP to deal that much extra Force/Radiant Damage.
[X] Guardian's Whistle (Daily, Move Action): One ally in Close Burst 10, teleport ally to an adjacent square.
[ ] Shogun's Kimono (Enc, Imm. Interrupt): Reduce damage of an attack by a marked enemy that targets me and one or more allies by 13.
2x  Beginner's Mocha (Minor): Spend a Healing Surge. Regain 6 HP and gain +2 Defenses USONT.
1x  Perfect Donuts (Minor): Gain Regeneration 3 for the rest of the Encounter.
1x  All-American Cheeseburger (Minor): Spend a Healing Surge. Restore Bloodied Value in HP.
1x  Chain (Standard): Ranged 4/6, +2 vs Reflex to Deal 1d6+Primary Stat Mod and inflict Root (Save Ends DC 10).

Overseer - Hound: +2 Fortitude, Reduce Push/Pull/Slide by 1.
Overseer - Ryuka: +3 to all Damage.
Super Shrimp Bowl: +2 Attack/Reflex/Initiative.
Beer: +2 Damage, +2 Damage Reduction. -1 Speed, -1 Reflex.
Band of Jade Venom: Deal Poison damage instead of Physical.
Impenetrable Warding: +4 Fort/Ref/Will.

Damage Resistance: 12 to Fire, Cold, Lightning, Thunder. 2 to all. Vulnerable 3 to physical.
Eladrin Will: +5 bonus to saving throws against charm effects.
War Wizard's Expertise: -5 penalty to hit allies with arcane attacks.
Cowboy's Hat: After using Aegis Interrupt, next attack deals +2 damage. After teleporting, Aegis prevents an additional 2 damage.
Cloak of Translocation: +2 to AC and Reflex UEOMNT after using a teleport power.
Ring of Uncanny Judgement: Automatically know distance and direction to marked targets while mark persists.
Swordshield Action: After spending an action point, gain +2 to all defenses UEOMNT.
Eladrin's Challenge: Marked enemies take -3 penalty from mark instead of -2.
Improved Silver Shield: Gain 13 THP when using Aegis of Shielding Interrupt.
Superior Will: Can make a saving throw against dazed or stunned at start of turn, even if the effect is not save ends.

Support Persona: Mucalinda (World)
Passive: Resist Fire, Cold, Lightning, Thunder 10
Passive: Vuln Physical 5
Zionga (+19 vs Reflex. Range 8. Deals 2d6+14 Lightning Damage to one target.)
Magaru (+19 vs Reflex. Range 5, Area burst 1. Deals 13 Thunder Damage to all targets.)
Divine Breath (Immediate Interrupt. Triggeres on taking Damage. Splash 1/4 of Phys. Damage taken in CB 1. Auto-Hit, All Creatures.)

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Mar 27, 2011

noriko is in the back

her crow is hanging about 8 squares back from the group

kinda depressed sorry this post isn't better

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Iron Path

: "And why are you here, Tsukiyo!? Why are they here?! You all want something!"

Passive Perception 25(Takashi): Only your senses clue you in to an anomaly in the strange noises. There's silence from above, a set of chains far overhead remaining entirely stationary! You can see the massive armored Fenrir hefting something overhead before leaping down! Takashi gains +4 Defenses against Fenrir's first Round!


Surprise Initiative

Tsukiyo: 20 + 12 = 32
Itsumi: 18 + 10 = 28
Noriko: 19 +12 = 31
Takashi: 13 + 11 = 24

Genjuro: 6 + 15 = 21

Akio: 5 + 10 = 15

At Takashi's shouting most of you react reflexively and run ahead of the incoming weight! Akio is caught flat-footed and a massive slab of fractured metal wrapped in barbed chains slams down at the transitioning point of the bridge, separating your group! As Fenrir takes a moment to straighten himself from the impact he defies expectations and hefts his load up again before curtly dropping it with a dash to the side, smashing Akio for 45 + 5 Vuln Physical Damage! He Pushes Akio 2(-1) Squares and inflicts him with an Immobilize(Save Ends) as iron chains tear up his legs and waist! Fenrir stands and turns to face the group as the massive metal mess begins to grind and drag itself by animated chains further South!

Brave_Fenrir <the Invincible> is a towering, intimidating knight with a distinct appearance and a constant, forward-leaning stance. His sheer readiness to enter combat radiates from every inch, the raw power of an epic-level Avatar not done justice by simply reading about it or following them in game: Fenrir is pure strength!

: "You called upon your conviction the moment you came here! Once one guy draws a knife, the other can't give him the advantage! I'LL CRUSH YOU AT FULL FORCE!" Radiating a Persona of similar brutal power, Fenrir manifests a massive black butcher's blade playing at being a properly weighted greatsword. Looming over his shoulder is the cruel smile of a giant frog.

The sheer intensity of Fenrir washes over you like a bucket of cold water. He possesses Reach 1(or two squares out from any part of his pog) until you succeed at a Saving Throw -4!

Music --- (Everybody is up, including Akio! Fenrir acts Tuesday Night!)

White Aura: Iron Gate Attacks any who enter it with a Push 3 and Root. Moving South.

Fenrir: Damage Taken: 0
Attack +35, d8+29 Improvised/Unarmed, d12+29 Greatsword
AC/F/R/W: 31/30/26/29, Reach 1
Immune: Fire

Terror: Fenrir functions as Large with enhanced Reach(Autohit All, Save-4 Ends)
Unstoppable: Fenrir ignores Push/Pull/Slide and Dominate/Daze/Stun/Restrain/Immobilize/Prone/Slow.
He can be Blinded, Deafened, Weakened, Marked, Petrified, Teleported and grant CA/Flanking.
For every non-Mark CC/Debuff running on Fenrir, he has a stacking -1 Attack Debuff.


Food Buffs Reminder

Akio, Noriko: Beer for +2 Damage, +2 Damage Reduction stacking with any other Source, -1 Speed, -1 Reflex
Tsukiyo: Big Meat Bowl for +2 Damage/Fortitude/Surge Value.
Akio, Itsumi, Noriko, Takashi: Super Shrimp Bowl for +2 Attack/Reflex/Initiative.

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Mar 25, 2011


"I came here because you are a a complete dumbass who never gets to think about his actions! All these years, all that time that I wanted to defeat you... Because you always managed to win effortlessly while I worked myself to the bone... I thought it was because I just wanted to prove myself, but now I know... The reason that I need to defeat you is because it's the only way to put you back on the right path!" Tsukiyo leaps towards her Persona that materializes as a billowing motorcycle! Riding atop it, her Avatar's spear forms on her hand as she drives straight towards Fenrir's direction, rolling over him with a powerful crash before she turns the bike around, whalloping her spear right into her brother's shins with a mighty slam before the bike disappears.

Saving Throw: 1d20-2 14
Standard: Charge to E-8! Using my Free Persona action to Overrun! Melee Basic Attack vs reflex: 1d20+25 29 1d10+1d6++29 35 Phys/Fire Damage: 2d6+6 14 and Immobilize (Save End). I also move to H-8
Free: Trip Up! Trip Up vs Reflex: 1d20+21 35 1d12+21 23 Those would be good if he could get Prone and Immobilized!

HP: 108/113 (0)	        AC:	32	Passive Insight: 20
Surges: 10/12 (V: 34)   For:	30  	Passive Perception: 20
Initiative: +12		Ref:	24	Action Points: 0
Speed: 9		Will:	21	Fortune Points: 2/2
Languages: Common, Giant	Vision: Normal

At Will			Encounter			Daily
Duelist Assault		[ ] Second Wind		       [ ] Quick Fullblade
Battle Wrath          	[ ] Sohei Flurry	       [ ] Great Tutor Armor
Berserker's Charge      [ ] Stone's Endurance          [ ] Wildrunners
Banchou's Pride         [ ] [ ]Power Strike            [ ] Belt of Lucky Strikes
                        [ ] Sohei Parry                [x] Sharpshooter  
                        [ ] Ignore Weakness            [ ] Ultimate Parry      
                        [x] Trip Up
                        [ ] Masterstroke
                        [ ] Clearheaded
                        [ ] Zephyr of the Burning Sands
                        [ ] Strikebacks
[x]Storm Strike
Roll Twice on Ath rolls to Jump or Climb
Sword: +2 all defenses against opportunity attacks
Wildrunners: When Running, Move your Speed +4.
+2 Damage +2 Bull Rush when Charging
When Charging: Push Charged Enemy 1 Square, take his place.
Can reroll first attack in encounter and use either result
Can spend action point to reroll any roll instead of taking another action
Sword: When using Power Strike can slide all adjacent enemies 1 square
+1 Item bonus to Opportunity Attacks
If bloodied can use two healing surges instead of one
When using Fortune or Action Point, gain +2 to all defenses UEoTN
+1d6 damage when charging
Sharpshooter: Hit enemy gets -2 to ranged/area attack rolls UEOTN
Spear: +2 Damage when Charging
MBA with Spear aims Reflex or AC
+ 9 HP when using Stone's Endurance.

Support Persona
Columbanus (Chariot)
Overrun(Free): (On Successful Charge, Shift to opposite side of target, deal +2d6+6 Physical/Fire Damage and apply Immobilize(Save Ends.) 
Costs 2 Fortune Points.)
Maragion (Range 5, Burst 1, Vs Reflex, Deals 2d6+1 Fire Damage to All Enemies)
Agidyne (Range 5, Target 1, Vs Reflex, Deal 3d8+6 Fire Damage)
Evade Ice: Grants +2 Defenses against attacks that deal Cold Damage
Reflects: Radiant
Weakness: Cold, Force
Go Fast(Passive): +1 Speed


Hound: +2 Fortitude, Reduce Push/Pull/Slide by 1.
Ryuka: +3 to all Damage.

Food buff
Big Meat Bowl: +2 Damage/Fortitude/Surge Value.

Rank 1 Academics ** - [+1 Int/Wis Skills]
Rank 2 Charm * [+1 Dex/Cha Skills]
Rank 3 Courage  [+2 +Str/Con Skills]

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