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Mar 25, 2011


Tsukiyo blushes a bit, and looks down as Miyuki compliments her. "Awawa... Oh yeah, thank you... I just wanted this whole dumb feud to be over with. Even though I just learned of it a few days ago, I still think it was my duty to..." A sudden interruption!

She listens to Fujio's heartfelt confession with complete calm, and she crosses her arms, looking a bit distraught before readying the following devastating sentence. "I am really sorry to say this Hea... No, Fujio-San. But... With what happened the last few months... I've been starting to learn stuff that I didn't do before and... Well, suffice to say. I don't think I'm into men. But we can always be friends... Right?"

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Feb 4, 2005


Friday - Other City (#beatthemidterms)

Accepting Itsumi's hug is easy. When she leans against him, it is remaining standing that is the real battle, but he puts on his best smile, "Nah, I've still got a few laps in me tonight. I look worse than I feel," which is decidedly untrue, "A second date sounds like a welcome change from the last few days," he leans in to kiss the side of her head subconsciously, putting his arm around her.

When Fujio begins his confession, Takashi goes perfectly still, but then Tsukiyo's reply turns it into a visible wince. Ouch, that's got to be brutal for Sir Heart.

Sep 8, 2007

All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare.

Akio // Friday Night - Other City

Once Anne leaves them, Akio stands up just in time to witness the public execution take place on the stage. Unable to avert his eyes, he grimaces as things take a turn for the disastrous for poor Sir Heart. The second hand embarrassment was painful enough, there's just no way to tank a hit like that...

"Ouch. At least he gave seizing the day a shot..." he comments to Noriko, then turns to face her and takes her hands if she lets him. "Hey, uh, thanks for that. I mean, I totally had it under control! But also kinda not... Anyway!" He looks her in the eyes with a sly smile. "He he. You called me your boyfriend. Even prefixed with idiot it was pretty nice to hear. But, uh, you weren't serious about punishment, right?"

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Other City

: Fujio recoils! His hand flies to his heart as it is torn apart in real time! He slowly slumps to one knee, looking like he was just slugged in the gut! Behind him Higuchi is wiping the sweat from his brow with a handkerchief. Miyuki looks mildly embarrassed on behalf of her friend and the silence hangs long for several moments... when Fujio thrusts himself up and grins. "Alright! I can respect that! Thank you for your honesty!" The strength of his sincerity carries through in the crowd's silence.

Thou shalt have the blessing of the Emperor arcana...

Support Personas of the Emperor improve to +2 Attack/Damage/Healing! Perhaps Fujio isn't as dead as was previously suggested. The rest of the night runs late as you've made several new friends and are at a little city festival, after all. Eventually you return home and evade the watchful eyes of parents and guardians, desperate to just rest!


That Night

When your head hits the pillow you can't even recall how quickly you went into deep sleep. As readily as heroic posturing comes to you, the after-effects of the struggle aren't so romantic. Your dreams drift between amazing actions performed by idealized versions of yourselves, swirling between eddies of darkness, shapes present between each changing scene as watchful guardians. Eventually your own point of view recap of the night fades away... and one of the shapes lumbers forward, wide and tall, pulsing with raw power. A snapshot of a mythical being captured at a certain point, only Akio would be aware that he still has both hands.

The brutal and cruel frog lord hefts up his massive black-iron cleaver and sneers at you, finding something he doesn't like. His cracked lips parch and he murmurs. ".. Unworrrthy verrrmin.." before slamming the blade to the ground edge first, embedding it. Fenrir's Persona, the Ranger Lord Bael'waag departs and leaves in his wake a pair of benevolent spirits who are soon joined by a third.

: Shikome is wearing her blue velvet dress this time and waves to you, gingerly stepping up to the great blade. She reaches up with her long sleeve covering her hand and gives it a testing poke a few times. Caution satisfied, Shikome reaches up and channels her ghostly aura into the blade for a moment before wresting something out! A flickering mass of raw chaotic energy that rapidly shifts between all known colors and some inbetween is held in her wrapped hands for a second before she presses it to her chest and absorbs it. She looks to each of you one at a time and bows politely. "G-Good Evening! In light of your amazing efforts tonight, Guardian Spirits of Naoki and Nekketsu have emerged from the seas of your souls." She brushes her hands together and shuffles them up and down, the sleeves shimmering with the light of her aura. "And I can help you too, you know!"


Yomotsu-Shikome(Hermit ****) *Upgraded*
The Yomotsu-Shikome in Japanese mythology are residents of the underworld, servants of Izanami-no-Mikoto. They are spirits known as the "old hags of the Yomi" and relentlessly chase the living if they disturb the rest of the dead. They are said to be obsessed with food above all else.
Great Sukunda (vs Will, Ranged 5, -4 Reflex/Fort UEONT)
Great Tarunda (vs Fortitude, Range 5, Target -4 Attack UEONT)
Mamudoon (vs Will, Range 5, Burst 1, All Creatures. If this targets a Minion, kill it. If this targets something with 15 HP or less, set it to 0 HP. Fails against Necrotic Resist. Otherwise, deal 2d8+6 Necrotic Damage)
Glimpse of Megido (vs Will+2, Range 5, One Target, Auto-Crits for 2d6+6(18) Divine Damage that cannot be Resisted. Activates any benefits related to Critical Hits. Costs 2 Fortune Points)
Passive: Resist Necrotic 10, Resist Cold 10
Weakness: Radiant, Force, Poison

Black Frost(Fool ****)
A sinister rendition of a figure from a popular children's series. A snow elf who brings in cold weather during the winter and is thought to be responsible for the frost that forms on the windows of homes and buildings, he is fond of wounds caused by falling icicles during long-term cold weather.
Maragion (vs Reflex, Range 5, Burst 1, All Creatures, Deals 2d4+4 Fire Damage)
Bufula (vs Fortitude, Range 8, One Target, Deals 2d8+9(Boosted) Cold Damage to one Target)
Cold Boost (Enhances Cold Damage dealt by Persona. Enhances Cold Damage Dealt by Wielder by 25%)
Matarukaja (Close Burst 2, Self and Allies, Grants +2 Attack/+1 Speed UEONT)
Passive: Resist Fire 15, Resist Cold 10, Resist Necrotic 10
Weakness: Radiant, Acid

Mithra(Temperance ****)
In Zoroastrian mythology, Mithra was a deity of contracts who was the protector of truth and the enemy of error. He was created by the supreme deity Ahura Mazda as the greatest of all Yazatas and an important aid in the destruction of the demonic forces led by Angra Mainyu. He was one of the three Yazatas alongside Rashnu and Sraosha who judged the souls of the dead.
Makouga (vs Fort, Range 5, Burst 1, All Creatures. If this targets a Minion, kill it. If this targets an ally, grant them 5+1(And Bonuses) THP. Fails against Radiant Resist. Otherwise, deal 2d8+4 Necrotic Damage
Seal Bomb (vs Will, Range 5, One Target. Deals 2d10+8 Radiant/Necrotic Damage and Target may not use Fortune Actions USOMNT. Costs 2 Fortune Points)
Vigil (Party has +3 AC in Surprise Round.)
Greater Evade Ranged (Grants +4 Defenses against direct single-target Ranged attacks)
Passive: Resist Radiant 10, Resist Acid 10, Resist Poison 10
Weakness: Lightning, Thunder

Something in Bael'waag's Black Blade beckons you to test it. You feel as though in a video game or story, a giant greedy frog would be more of a mid-level foe, an obstacle a hero conquers before facing true life-changing peril. All the same, he and Fenrir personified the raw force necessary to even stand in this arena. One question he threw at you still burns in your busy dreams... what if your enemies weren't polite enough to face you one by one? Taking hold of the handle of the sword which tunnels further into the ground to accommodate your height, you withdraw something made of raw power... an answer forged from your own willpower.


Black Death (+4 Mind-Rending Longsword(Lvl 18))
A katana forged of the darkest edge of night. Absent anything but the most utilitarian hilt with finger grips, there's nothing to this blade but black malice. No room to add anything personal, kid.
Daily(Free Action) Use this when you hit with an Attack using this Weapon. Target is Dazed UEONT.
Brutal 2, Critical: +4d8

Hellraiser (+4 Jolting Guard Greatspear(Lvl 18))
A huge black iron spear frame crafted around a contained blade of burning magma. The metal is warm and the impacts give off waves of heat that distort the air. Even striking this weapon with another is dangerous.
Encounter(Opportunity Action) When an Enemy Misses with a Melee Attack, Weaken them UEONT.
Brutal 2, Critical +4d8

Darkest Night (Modified +4 Accurate Orb of Sweet Sanctuary(Lvl 18))
This orb is so perfectly black and smooth that it looks as though you are holding nothing at all in the dark. If lit, nothing is reflected, instead absorbed so that it seems you are carrying a hole in reality itself. This orb generates power yet never hums or channels it, instead abruptly summoning it.
Daily(Move Action) Add 5 + 4(Item Bonus) to your Defenses UEOMNT.
Brutal 2, Critical +4d8

Grip of the Abyss (+4 Tyrant's Trident(Lvl 18))
A cruel weapon with a head of two thick prongs with hooked points. A length of black iron chain leading from the tip of the haft lets the wielder freely throw and pull in their catch. It is unbalanced and heavy, all the better for maximum impact.
Daily(Minor Action): UEOMNT, your Attacks with this Weapon deal an extra 4d6 Damage to a Blind/Prone/Restrained/Helpless Target.
Brutal 2, Critical: +4d8 and Knock Prone

Wolf's Fang (+4 Weapon of Surrounding Fullblade(Lvl 18))
A massive black-iron sword with a heavily fractured tip. The raw, jagged spikes of metal work just fine for cutting targets and grant the raw presence to intimidate and direct the battle.
Encounter(Free Action) Use this when you hit an Adjacent Enemy with this Weapon. Teleport to a different square Adjacent to the Enemy.
Brutal 2, Critical: +4d8



List your retrains and gains and post your final choices and new combat blocks in the OOC thread


Level 16, Perfect Utility Choices, New Support Personas, Loot and 90,000 Gold each. You may Retrain as much as you want. You may retrain your Fate Powers. You may purchase lost Support Personas and Fuse New Ones.


Saturday, May 2nd

(Setting a spot to begin the next day, update will come this weekend.)

You wake up in the morning aching and sore, muscles protesting. Akio feels certain he has a tiny fracture on some rib under a tender burn, Takashi's knuckles are scraped and his wrists ache, Noriko escapes a physical sign but is utterly drained, Tsukiyo has a fresh but healed gouged on her right shoulder and Itsumi has a few long scratches alongside her midsection that won't scar but leave a small bit of red in her bed's linen.

Akio: There is an old hamburger sporting a fresh growth of mold in your satchel. Gross.

Tsukiyo: Genjuro did not come home yesterday and is gone from the house in the morning. Grandmother has left a note saying she'll be back tonight.

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Mar 25, 2011


Tsukiyo lifts out of her bed, bruised and drowsy as her cellphone alarm rings with no sign of stopping. She starts searching around the house for the others, to no avail. "Where is everyone..." It can't be that Genjuro left the house for real forever with no sign, right? ...Right?


Mar 27, 2011


"a foreigner? there sure are a lot of them around these days..." Noriko remarks to herself once Anne heads away, ignoring Akio's groveling while Heart makes his confession.

"oooh. cold-hearted!" Noriko seems to nod with approval at Tsukiyo's handling of the situation. " seemed pretty obvious now that i think about it but i still didn't think she was the type..."

Turning back to Akio, she smirks as he vacillates between being cute and being pathetic. "you are my boyfriend, right?" she says with a hint of bemusement. "heh heh. was i serious?"

Noriko's expression twists into a weird grin as a muffled caw echoes ominously from her bag!

"we'll just have to see"

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