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Mar 27, 2011

Memento-Mori // Noriko - The Heist!

"Ambrose!' Mori winces as she watches Headcount overload Ambrose. "I can get you out of there! Just let me know!"

Preparing a spell, Noriko rips through her spellbook as rapidly as she can. "Passive... passive... passive! Argh!!! Wait... Maybe...?"

Taking position nearby, Mori begins to channel one of her daily spells. "let the chill of the grave overcome your resolve! Headcount! I'm shutting you down!"

Party Chat posted:

Memento-Mori: i've just got too many passive CC spells... maybe I really have been hanging too far in the back. umm... i'm going to try something big. Maybe we can get him to shut down for a while... stop your attacks if we can get his shutdown protocol to engage..."

Move to H 2
Standard: Slumber of the Winter Court - Area Burst 2 aimed at I-4 Slumber of the Winter Court vs Headcount Will: 1d20+26 37

Headcount is dazed and slowed (save ends both)
-First failed saving throw: The target instead falls unconcious, ending after it takes damage or after 1d4 hours

Headcount should take -3 to his next saving throw from Slumber. Save Dc is 17.

Save DC on this is 17, not accounting for the -3 penalty or any bonuses he has.

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Mar 25, 2011

Tsukiyo - Monday 18th Noon

D-Did Miho just imply that Tsuki would beat up a teacher if she found it within reason? This isn't the kind of image that she wanted to give to her best friend at all, waah! And to think that all the teachers believe she is a delinquent too...!

"Start of June, then. I see, thanks, Mister Adachi." Tsukiyo quickly bows and leaves with the others as soon as Adachi starts rambling about the math nerd club. She already has cram with Miho so this stuff honestly isn't needed!

Flagelo - House of Fortune

Flagelo tries to stab at Headcount's body, but misses one of the strikes and only manages to hit him with the second blade!

Party Chat posted:

Flagelo: Holy crap, this guy has more HP than level 30 bad guys!!! Not even Fenrir was that beefy, how the hell did they get that as a guardian?
Flagelo: Mori has the right idea, we gotta flee, fast.

Standard: Twin Strike! Twin Strike vs AC (Main weapon): 1d20+27 28 1d8+1d6+2d6+8+2+3+4 31 Misses!!! Twin Strike vs AC (off-weapon): 1d20+27 45 1d8+1d6+2d6+8+2+3+4 34 damage hits.
Move: To I-1.

HP: 129/129 (0)	        AC:	31 (33) 	Passive Insight: 27
Surges: 7/9 (V: 36)     For:	32  (34)	Passive Perception: 27
Initiative: +16		Ref:	31 (33)	Action Points: 0
Speed: 8		Will:	29 (31)	Fortune Points: 3/3
Languages: Common, Giant	Vision: Normal

At Will			Encounter			Daily
Twin Strike            [ ] Second Wind           [ ] Second Wind
Careful Attack         [x]Sohei Flurry           [ ] Frenzied Skirmish 
Hunter's Quarry        [ ] Fox's Cunning         [ ] Attacks on the Run
Bancho's Pride         [ ] Disruptive Strike     [ ] Blade Cascade 
                       [ ] Cross Body Parry      [ ] Root Gate
                       [x] Armor Splinter        [ ] Howling Winds
                       [x] Stone's Endurance
                       [ ] Perfect Sohei Parry
                       [ ] Weave Through the Fray
[ ] Storm Strike
[ ] Be Gone

[ ] Sharpshooter (Day)
[ ] Mercurial Mind (Enc)
[ ] Great Tutor Armor (Day)
[ ] Torc of Power (Day)
[x] Belt of Lucky Strikes (Day)
[ ] Wildrunners (Day) 
[ ] Wolf's Fang (Enc)
[ ] Strikebacks (Enc)
[ ] Ring of Giants (Day) 
[ ] War Ring (Day)
Roll Twice on Ath rolls to Jump or Climb
Wield One-Handed Weapons as off-hand
Give up 1 damage die from HQ to Slow UEOTN
CA vs Immobilized/Slowed
Hit Immobilized/Slow knocks prone
+2 attack with Light Blades, +4 if enemy grants CA
Draw weapon/item with same action to attack/use
+5 Damage, +1 attack to enemy that I'm closest to or alone
Gain CA against all enemies during first turn
If crit with main weapon can do MBA with off-hand
+1 to AC and Melee rolls if dual-wielding
+2 to AC and reflexes UEOTN if hit at least twice with attacks this turn
Action Point: Can do MBA with main and off-hand with WIS mod bonus damage

Item Passives
Wildrunners: When Running, Move your Speed +4.
Horned helmet: +1d6 damage when charging
Cloak: If bloodied can use two healing surges instead of one
Sharpshooter: +2 damage to lone enemy, Hit enemy gets -2 to ranged/area attack rolls UEOTN
Ring of Giants: +8 to crit damage
War Ring: +1d6 crit damage to jagged weapon, +1d8 to rapier
Bracers: +1d6 fire damage to melee
Jagged Rapier (Main Weapon): 19-20 Crit
Wolf's Fang: Brutal 2
Action Point: +2 all defenses UEOTN when using AP

Support Persona
Ravana (Devil) 
Maeigaon (+17 vs Will, Range 8, Burst 2, All Creatures, Deals 2d8+8 Necrotic Damage and -2 Fortitude)
Agidyne (+17 vs Reflex, Range 8, 1 Enemy, Deals 3d10+12 Fire Damage)
Demonic Decree (+17 vs Will, Range 5, Burst 1, Targets Enemies. Affected Enemies have -3 Attack/Damage(Save Ends))
Amplify Might(Passive): Adds +4 Damage to Melee/Ranged Weapon Powers and MBAs/RBAs
Ten Mantras(Utility, Daily): Forces a Result of 20 on a Skill Knowledge Check. Knowledge must be obtainable by Caster
Resist Acid 20, Resist Psychic 20
Immune: Necrotic
Weakness: Fire, Cold, Lightning, Radiant


Felix: Execution(Passive): Attacks that reduce a target to 9 HP or less instead reduce them to 0 HP.
Ninjutsu(Daily): All PCs may Shift up to 6 Squares this turn. Movement lost if not used.

Ryuka: Blowhard(Passive): +4 to all Damage.
Greater Fireball(Daily): 1d20+19 vs Reflex in Ranged Burst 2(5x5), deals 4d6+11 Damage to Enemies

Redd: Hot-Blooded(Passive): Gain Fire and Cold Resist +10, adding to existing Resistances.
Hercules Swing(Daily): Starting at Range 3 from Any one Ally, make a 1d20+22 Attack vs Fortitude on one Enemy. 
On a Hit deal 3d10+18 Damage and Push 5. On a Miss deal Half Damage and make a Bull Rush (1d20+22) vs Fortitude with Push 1 on a Hit.

Rank 2 Academics *** [+2 Int/Wis Skills]
Rank 2 Charm **** [+2 Dex/Cha Skills]
Rank 3 Courage ***  [+3 +Str/Con Skills]

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Sep 8, 2007

All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare.

Akio // Tuesday - Karate Club

"What! F-Flirting? With Madoka!?" Now it was Akio's time to try to appear incredulous, though his face flushes and he quickly gets on the defensive. "How have I been flirting, she was the one that gave me the juice! And she was just being nice! I saw her abysmal mid terms results the other day and ended up offering her my help to study so I guess she just wanted... Ah, why am I trying to explain myself to the ravings of some madman lost in the desert!" If Kane hadn't stepped away Akio probably would've tried to flick his hat off his head.

"Oh, Kane-Sensei is it?" Akio still feels off balance but does his best to act nonplussed as he downs the rest of the orange juice, then takes up the stance he's been practicing most recently. "I may be a bit green, but I haven't been slacking off, you know." As he focuses on his form he takes a deep breath and feels a great calm spring within him. He bows formally to Kane, but rises with a grin. "And Madoka is a pretty fierce teacher, so I'm eager to see how I match up to you. Let's go!" Following what he's been taught, Akio closes the distance and tests Kane's defenses with a series of rapid jabs, feigns a leg sweep only to move in closer and deliver a strike with his elbow, then attempts to seize Kane's wrist and throw him to the ground.

Kumite! (Endurance): 1d20+21+2 42!

Ambrose <the Black Blade> // The House of Fortune - Heist

Ambrose clutches his head and cries out in pain as the intoxicating arcane energies overload and racks him with agonizing feedback. Before his vision has returned to him he can hear Mori's alarmed voice call out to him. "Sorry. I got reckless..." he replies with a cough. "It's okay." He opens his eyes and fixes them defiantly on Headcount again. "I'm fine." Seeing Headcount's movements slow down, he retaliates with a swift strike, then performs a series of evasive teleports to get himself out of being cornered.

Party Chat posted:

Ambrose: We're not fleeing.
Ambrose: We defeat Headcount here.

Regenerating 3 HP.
Standard: Booming Blade vs Headcount: 1d20+25+4 48 vs AC, hit! 1d8r2+14+4+2 26-5 = 21 Physical Damage.
Booming Blade: If Headcount is adjacent to me at the start of his next turn and moves away during that turn, he takes 1d6+18 Thunder Damage.
Vanishing Blade: Teleport to E-1.
Move: Armathor's Step: Teleport to I3. Leaving Mirror Image behind at E-1 and overwriting my old one.

Temporary effects: +2 AC/Ref (Cloak of Translocation). Regeneration 3 (Perfect Donut). +2 AC (Dragon Scales).
AC/F/R/W 43/28/35/32

HP: 98/111 (THP: 0)	AC:	39 	Passive Insight: 31
Surges: 13/13 (V: 42)	Fort:	28 	Passive Perception: 24
Initiative: +12		Ref:	33 	Vision: Low-light Vision
Speed: 7		Will:	32 	Action Points: 1
Languages: Common, Elven, Deep Speech	Fortune Points: 1/3
Resistances: Physical +15, Fire +10, Cold +10
Weaknesses: Fire, Necrotic

Melee Basic Attack: 1d20+25; 1d8r2+14

At-Will			   Encounter		  Daily
Aegis of Shielding	   [X]Fey Step		  [X]Vanishing Blade
Booming Blade		   [X]Armathor's Step	  [ ]Swordmage Shielding Fire
Sword Burst		   [X]Dimensional Slash   [ ]Reaper's Challenge
			   [ ]Argent Rain	  [ ]Impenetrable Warding
Encounter Interrupts	   [ ]Beguiling Strands   [X]Dragon Scales
[ ]Countering Thunderclap  [ ]Brawling Warrior	  Fate
[ ]Dimensional Vortex	   [ ]Insightful Riposte  [ ]Compact of Peace
[X]Transposing Lunge	   [ ]Second Wind	  [ ]White Tiger Rage
			   [ ]Perfect Arcana      [ ]Rune of the Undeniable Dawn
Magic Items
[ ]Gauntlets of Zeal (Enc, Free): Lose up to 5 THP to deal extra Force/Radiant Damage.
[ ]Shogun's Kimono (Enc, Interrupt): -13 damage from attack against me and allies by marked enemy.
([ ]Band of Jade Venom (Daily, Free): Targets hit by a daily take 8 Ongoing Poison. Save DC 12.)
[ ]Black Death (Daily, Free): Target hit by this weapon is dazed UEONT.
[ ]Bladed Bolter Bandolier (Daily, Free): Spawn a Bolter within Range 5.
[X]Cloak of Translocation +3 (Daily, Minor): Regain the use of a teleportation encounter power.
[ ]Eladrin Boots (Daily * Teleportation, Move): Teleport 10.
[ ]Guardian's Whistle (Daily, Move): Teleport ally within Close Burst 10 to an adjacent square.
[ ]Incisive Dagger +3 (Daily * Teleportation, Minor): Teleport 10.
[ ]True Eladrin Ring of Passage (Daily * Teleportation, Move): Teleport 8, does not require LOS.
2x Beginner's Mocha (Minor): Spend a Healing Surge. Gain 6 HP and +2 Defenses USONT.
1x Thread of Fate (Free): Gain BV THP or Succeed on Skill Check or Regain 1 Daily & max Fortune Points.

The Song, Weakness Bonus: gain 1/2 Surge Value as THP, stacking up to twice with existing THP.
Eladrin Will: +5 bonus to saving throws vs. charm effects.
War Wizard's Expertise: -5 penalty to hit allies with arcane attacks.
Cowboy's Hat: Aegis boosts my next attack +2 damage. Teleporting boosts Aegis +2.
Ring of Uncanny Judgement: Automatically know distance and direction to marked targets.
Swordshield Action: After spending an action point, gain +2 to all defenses UEOMNT.
Eladrin's Challenge: Penalty of my mark is -3.
Improved Silver Shield: Gain 14 THP when using Aegis of Shielding Interrupt.
Superior Will: Save vs. dazed or stunned at start of turn, even if not save ends.

Support Persona: Seiryu (World ****)
Ziodyne: +23 vs Reflex. Range 8. Deals 2d8+7+7 Lightning and 2d8+7+7 Thunder Damage to one Enemy.
Dragon's Breath: +23 vs Reflex. Close Blast 3. Deals 2d4+4+7 Fire and 2d4+4+7 Force Damage to all Enemies.
Divine Wind (Encounter, Move Action, Range 5): You or target Ally can Fly up to 7 squares and do not provoke OAs.
Glimpse of Megido: +25 vs Will. Range 5. Auto-Crits for 2d6+6+7(25) Divine Damage that cannot be Resisted. 
	Activates any benefits related to Critical Hits. Costs 2 Fortune Points.
Blessing of Wood (Passive): +20 Maximum HP.
Resist Physical 15
Weakness: Fire, Necrotic

Social Stats
Academics: Rank 3 [2/7]
Charm:     Rank 2 [4/5]
Courage:   Rank 2 [3/5]

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Feb 4, 2005


The Devil's Bridge - (#attakisback #thedrifter)

Getting Headcount away from his damage zone was the order of the day, so as soon as his allies clear the path, .attak charges through the dazed machine's legs, raking his claws through exposed mechanisms as he goes. Once clear of the robot, the dog pivots and begins the signature headbutt charge... ramming the much larger creature with freight train force!

Move: to F-4, through HC via Thunder Hooves
Minor: Thri-Kreen Claws vs AC: 1d20+26 35, hit 2d8+16 25 - 5 (DR) == 20 damage
Standard: Brutal Slam vs Fortitude: 1d20+26 36, hit 4d6+20 33 + 1x Brutal Reroll: 1d6r1 6 + Thunder Hooves: 2d6 10 + 8 (Carnage) -5 (DR) == 51 damage
Brutal Slam: Push Headcount 3 squares to F0 (Top Left Square)
Statuses: Fury, Rage

HP : 117/128 (THP: 00)   Passive Insight    : 27    Defense Sets : AC/FT/RF/WI
Surges : 9/9 (V: 36)     Passive Perception : 32    1 Defend       35/33/31/30
Initiative : +14         Vision : Low-light         2 Fury         33/33/31/30
Speed : 10                                          3 Bloodied     +1/+1/+1/+3
Action Points : [0]      Fortune Points : [3/3]     Fate Points : [2/3]

At Will               
Jarring Smash               Stalk and Strike            Vengeful Guardian
Defender Aura               Kord's Force                Strutting Bull

[x] Brutal Slam             [ ] Curtain of Steel        [x] Blood for Strength
[x] Thri-Kreen Claws        [x] Takedown Strike         [ ] Screaming Hawk Strike
[ ] Stone Fist Flurry       [ ] Second Wind             [ ] Perfect Howl of the Alpha Wolf
[x] Lunar Blessing

[x] Thunder Hooves Rage     [ ] Vengeful Storm Rage     [ ] Ancestral War Band Rage
[ ] Ignore Pain             [ ] Fearsome Presence       [ ] Hive Consciousness
[x] Inspire Fervor (Fate)   [ ] Mark of Victory (Fate)  [ ] Tactical Withdrawal (Fate)

[x] Grip of the Abyss (Daily, Free)
[ ] Red Prayer Beads (Daily, Minor)
[ ] Deadeye Watcher (Daily, Free)
[ ] Mask of the Guilty Corpse (Daily, Free)
[ ] Kord's Mighty Strength (Daily, Minor)
[ ] Ring of Strutting Bull (Daily, Free)

Elemental  :  DR13 vs. Fire, DR3 vs. Cold, DR3 vs. Thunder
Defender   :  Aura 1, -2 to attack rolls that don't include me - +2 AC while active
Fury       :  Lose Defender Aura, gain +2d8 damage on at-wills
Stalker    :  +CA vs. isolated enemies, +2 damage vs. blooded targets, Reach 1 when wielding Gouge
Carnage    :  If any weapon damage die show a max result, deal 8 additional damage when wielding Gouge
Wolfhound  :  When Raging, allies within Aura 5 gain +2 damage on melee attacks
Nightmare  :  On AP, all enemies suffer -2 attack UEOMNT
Unyielding :  +1 AC/Fort/Reflex, +3 Will when Bloodied
Trained    :  Roll saves vs. Daze/Stun at start of turn, +3 to all saves
Heartless  :  +2 attacks/damage for 1 turn after using Second Wind
Armed      :  Once per turn, draw or stow as a free action
Leap       :  Always considered to have a running start, roll Athletics twice and use the better result
Nap        :  Gain benefits of extended rest after 4 hours

Megalodon (Strength *****)
Colossal Bite (+18 vs Fort, Melee, Deals 3d8+8 Physical Damage to one Enemy. Add +4 to Attack/Damage if they are Bloodied and heal Str+Con Mod HP on successful hit)
Crashing Swell (+18 vs Fort, activate on Charge. All Creatures. Deals 1d6+6 Physical and 1d6+6 Cold in CB2, Pull 1, and creates CB2 of Difficult Terrain UEOMNT. Costs two Fortune Points)
Great Terror (+18 Fear, vs Will, CB1, Enemies Shift up to 4 Tiles Away from caster if it is possible for them to Move, then have -4 Attack on their next Turn)
Shark(Passive): Gain +2 Attack/Damage UEOMNT on Bloodying Enemy, once per Round. Grants Swim Speed equal to Move Speed and Underwater Breathing
Half Damage Taken: Fire, Cold, Lightning, Thunder (Apply Resists after Halving)
Weakness: Fire, Force, Psychic

Sword Emblem: +1 attack/damage (per target) UEONT when striking weakness.
Lunar Blessing: (Encounter, Free) Adds 1d6 Cold/Lightning to Next Attack

IRL Stats
Rank 3 Academics   [13/17] [+3 Int/Wis Skills]
Rank 3 Charm       [10/17] [+3 Dex/Cha Skills]
Rank 2 Courage     [09/10] [+2 Str/Con Skills]

Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

Kasaya Itsumi

Itsumi notices that Headcount is at a lowered operating capacity temporarily. She quickly types out in party chat,


[Party] [Sunbright] lets smash him!

She then attacks with Sunbright, connecting and giving Akio some THP before moving just out of his reach.

Standard: Energizing Strike (0) vs AC: 1d20+25+2 34 1d10+12+4 24
Move: to I4.

HP: 93/111 (THP: 0)		AC:  34		Passive Insight: 25
Surges: 9/10 (V: 31)		Fort: 28	Passive Perception: 25
Initiative: +13			Ref:  27	Action Points: 1
Speed: 7			Will: 34	Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, Elven

Saving Throws: +2 to all, +2 to all death saving throws

Conditional Defenses/Resists
Polearm Expertise: +2 bonus to all defenses against charge attacks
Mantle of Clarity: +4 bonus to all defenses vs OAs
Foxpad Ring: Resist 10 Necrotic

Basic Attacks
MBA (Hellraiser Greatspear): +19; 1d10+6 [Reach]

At-Will				Encounter			Daily
Focusing Strike(0)		4/10 Power Point		[ ] Implanted Suggestion
Energizing Strike(0,1,2)	[ ] Action Point		[ ] Specter of Doubt
Demoralizing Strike(0,1,2)	[ ] Second Wind                 [ ] Feast of Despair
Foward-Thinking Cut(0,1,4)	2/3 Ardent Surge(+4d6+1d6+6)	[ ] From the Brink
				[ ] Adept's Insight(0,1)	[ ] Burgeoning Reserves
                                [ ] Ardent Alacrity		[ ] Mental Rejuvination
                                [ ] Sympathetic Agony
                                [ ] Enforced Competence
                                [ ] Argent Strike(0,2)

2/3 Yomotsu-Shikome (+20/+4)

[ ] Name of Might (Paladin 5)
[ ] Wrath of the Gods (Paladin 6)
[ ] Visions of Paradise (Invoker 9)

Item Powers
[ ] Hellraiser Greatspear +4 (Daily)
[ ] Phylactery of Action (Encounter)
[ ] Cardshark Holster (Encounter)
[ ] Cardshark Holster (Daily)
[ ] Foxpad Ring (Encounter)
[ ] Hero's Forgemail +4 (Daily)
[ ] Mask of the Guilty Corpse (Daily)
[ ] Mercurial Mind (Encounter)
[ ] Guardian's Whistle (Daily)
[ ] Timeless Locket +3 (Daily)
[ ] Gloves of the Healer (Daily)

Racial Features/Class Features/Feats/Triggers
Mantle of Clarity: Allies within 10 gain +4 Defense against OAs and +2 Insight/Perception
Restoring Critical: On crit, one Ally within 5 can spend a Healing Surge
Vitalizing Action: On AP use Self and Allies within 5 gain 2 THP
Wind of Sympathy: On Second Wind, Ally within 10 can also Second Wind
Martyr's Surge:: +1d6 to Ardent Surge while Bloodied
Bolstering Mantle: On Healing Surge use, Ally within 10 gains 5 THP or makes Saving Throw
Superior Will: Roll saves at Start of Turn against Stuns/Dazes 
Bolstering Wind: On Second Wind Allies within 10 heal for 9
Mantle of Caution: When bloodied, allies in mantle gain +2 to NAD
Widened Mantle: Ardent Mantle radius increases to 10
Action Surge: +3 to attacks with AP action
Argent Devastation: Crit on 19 or 20 with ardent or argent soul powers
Alacrity of Fortune: Allies can shift 1 sq when they make a save in Ardent Mantle
Improved Ardent Surge: Ardent surge heals additional HP equal to CHA mod (+6)
Gloves of the Healer: When I use a power that lets one or more creatures spend
	a healing surge to regain hitpoints, one target regains an extra 1d6 hit points
Hero's Forgemail: When I spend an AP, gain +2 to all defenses UEOMNT

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