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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

(Formating later.)

Akio: You really let Akane have it! As your fingers rub the lotion in you resolve to teach this witch a lesson, knuckling in and delivering a proper massage! Akane groans lightly and you can tell you're landing concrete blows as she relaxes further! When you're finished the menial task you can't help but admire your handiwork.. yessir, Akio was nobody's servant. Your perfect execution of the task was testament to that.

After asking how you've done, Akane rolls into her side and props herself up with one elbow, looking back at you with a smirk. "I guess Noriko really missed out.. not bad, A~kii~oo~!"

Akane sits up and faces you, shifting forward and reaching for your hand. "You know.. that felt really good.. a nice massage like that." W-what's this!? Akane is getting closer! Into your personal space. She's close enough to whisper. "I always liked that you look like the revenant in Zombie Boyfriend.. Noriko's got good taste.." This wickedly smiling little minx is now face to face with you, grinning mischevously

"And you know what else.. Noriko always said that we.. could share.." She squeezes your hand, then guides your arm up, fingers locked with hers.


"I want.. you.." She squeezes your hand again! You feel something brush by your swimsuit but you can't avert your gaze from those cat's eyes!

".. to get me a drink." The air of closeness is ruined as Akane laughs, peeling open your palm and handing you some yen with her other hand, then pointing you off towards the nearest boardwalk shack. "Hahahahaha! Hurry up, you got me all worked up... and I need to cool off!"


Sep 8, 2007

All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare.

Akio // Saturday, May 30 - Morning

"H-Hey, come on now, I can sense smells without having to sniff like some pervert..." Akio looks down at the ground in embarrassment.

Akio // Saturday, May 30 - The Beach

"Noriko's loss, huh?" Akio grins proudly as Akane compliments him on his technique. But he wasn't prepared for what would come next.

He looks at her in surprise as she moves in closer and takes his hand. "Ah... I'm glad you enjoyed it that much." He smiles a nervous smile at her. She was definitely getting kinda close, wasn't she... "Zombie Boyfriend? Haha, you really think so...?" He goes red in the cheeks as she presses on. "Um, I..." Wait, was she seriously coming on to him? What would Noriko- Share!? What! He stares at her wide-eyed. She may have said something like that, but surely she didn't actually mean... N-No! This wasn't appropriate at all! Not in the slightest! But even so he can't seem to make himself pull away as she says his name again. "Akane, I..." She wanted him? He could feel his heart pounding louder. He was at a total loss at what to do.

"A drink!?" He blurts out incredulously. A multitude of emotions wash over him, but at least relief was one of them. He exhales deeply and lets out a chuckle. "Alright. We can't have you bursting into flames, I guess." He shuffles around somewhat awkwardly as he gets up to his feet and thanks his lucky star that he had a reason to face away from her... As if she was the only one that needed to cool off after that exchange!

Making an educated guess, he gets something with way too much sugar for Akane and some ice-cold juice for himself. As he steps away from the shack the sounds of a commotion in the distance makes him turn his head. Was that an arcade? It sounded like something fun was going on... He knew he shouldn't be indoors on a day like this, but maybe he'd grace them with his presence, just for a little bit... He returns to Akane and hands her her drink with a smirk. "Here you go, princess." He looks back in the direction he came from. "Hey Akane, I spotted an arcade back there, I'm gonna go check it out. You wanna tag along? Otherwise, catch you later."

On the way to the arcade Akio opens up the DDW companion app on his phone. He couldn't stop thinking about his encounter with Adachi yesterday, he had to figure out who he was ingame and who he was meeting up with. Acting on a hunch, he sends Isabelle a message.

To Isabelle posted:

Ambrose: Isabelle, I have a somewhat odd question for you.
Ambrose: Are you planning to visit any beachside resort in the imminent future?

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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Satuday, May 30, The Beach

Akio: Accepting the coins you part from Akane, her hand dropping and fingertips brushing by your side again. It seems to be the same spot.. something deliberate.. but you're already hastening away thankful for the excuse to evade your foe in her arena of choice. You didn't need any help in the manufacture of awkwardness! You head for the soda shack with your goal clearly in mind, Akane's preferences being obvious.

: You pass by your good ol' pal Kunio, carrying a pair of seafood skewers and some drinks. He gives you his usual casual smile.. then suddenly reverses to a flat look of disapproval. He gives you a simple and powerful shake of the head before departing.

That's odd. You get in line and hear the occasional wisp of conversation on the wind. Bits of laughter. Surprised yelps. You get the drinks and there's a bit of pointing. References to nautical terms.

: ".. hey Akio, you feelin' alright?" Your friend Sato passes you in line once you're finished to place his order, his eyes involuntarily darting downwards before he forces them back to looking straight ahead.

You have a building sense of dread that something.. has.. happened.. you turn to return to Akane and see her tell-tale gesture of both hands brought up to her face, all of her fingers covering her lips like a mischievous little imp. Her laughter bubbles forth uncontrollably!

: "M-Master! Your swimsuit!" Dahlia whispers to you as she becomes aware of the strange air... but it is too late!

The invitation to rub her back. The "accidental" brushes. The highly staged flirting. Akane doubles over and holds her stomach while laughing, having afflicted you with her beguiling touch! You appear to be at full mast. However you recover... it seems she likes your next idea...

: "Oh, for sure! I was hoping one of us would admit it.. hee hee hee, spending all day actually outside.. pssh.." (I'll do a follow up and introduction for the arcade scene and Isabelle's response next post.)

Noriko: Arcana: Barnabus is connected by a strand of fate.. to an unseen location far in the distance! Back towards Kobe?! And he is bolstered by several layered incantations and magical boosts, swathed in a fiery power. It's like pure arcane power.. a rare effect to see!

The big owl hoots and then begins to deliberately walk forward on his talons, very vaguely attempting to gain speed in something that could charitably be compared to a charge! "Dorrr-yaahhh! Prepare to die, kid!"


Noriko herself abuses the rapidly fading laws of physics to become a little bat and poof between spaces in the maintenance structures needed to keep a modern building working. She appears on top of the elevator and camps it out as it rises. It stops every few floors and after two stops and checks you see Adachi depart on the fifth floor. You can trail him from the vents or at distance and watch what he does..

: Adachi stops at room 517 and produces a key card, opening the door and stepping inside. If he's the one waiting for somebody to come to him.. you wait for the second person to arrive! A little under 20 minutes later...

: A foreign woman! A short foreign woman, a westerner that's maybe 4'5" at best! She's dressed in a very haute couture black striped violet business suit with full power heels, classy glasses and a top of the line designer bag. You could undoubtedly call her attractive.. but she's clearly an older, more mature woman. She strides up to Adachi's door with an aura of confidence like she owns the place and gives it three sharp compact banging knocks. "Hey, what's the big idea! You're ruining my vacation, bird-brain!" When Adachi answers the door she lets him have it in oddly accented Japanese, clearly the product of her upbringing and almost comically American!

: "Please, please. Forgive me, Miss Griffin.. come in. It's nice to finally meet you! Call me Riku.." Adachi welcomes her into his room and the door closes, sounds of conversation cut off entirely with a Do Not Disturb sign hanging on the locked doorknob.

Takashi: Akane rolls her eyes at Takashi's bravado and sequesters herself off with Akio and Noriko..

: Takano smiles and flips out the full length of her hair with one hand. "Well done, Takashi-chan." The two of you strike up your own Beach Royalty set up and sun magnificently!


: Pressing her own sunglasses up neatly, Takano hums. "Hmm? Sounds like sore losers.. let's investigate." Suitably intrigued she hops to her feet and tags along with you, pressing for an arm in arm walk together.

A loud powerful laugh pierces the shared commotion of the crowded beach, this stretch of the coast surrounded by onlookers cheering or condemning either side of the tug of war. With a crashing wave swell and a rising breeze the distant side wins again, several boys and girls cheering for the front of their line, the terrible and brash Queen of the Beach:

: "Paaaa-haahahahaha! Hiiihiihii! It's just so easy!" Hayate! The disguised Tengu! Abusing her power to dominate this friendly event! She lets the rope go now that the other side has fallen into the waves and raises her arms in a domineering flex with a small hop.

: Takano whispers sharply to Takashi. "... She's a very strange girl.. and obnoxious, really. And isn't she from Nekketsu?" Her gaze bounces between the pullers on either side and hardens to a glare. "A few of those on her side are too! And they're against everyone from Naoki.. oooh, how brazen.."

Tsukiyo: Miyuki separates from the two of you for this one, leaving you with Miho and a few other students and tourists who are interested in seeing the site.

: "This one's really cool, Tsuki-chan. Uhm.." Miho has opted for a simple too-large blue t-shirt with a big logo for DEATH CYCLE 2020 concert tours made up of rings of interlocking white skulls. "Are you familiar with old myths about the islands? Like how they were made by the Gods?" Miho's confidence level rises when she gets to speak with expertise about something! The lot of you embark on a beach-side trail made of set stones leading up one side of the undeveloped cliffs by the side, the waves breaking peacefully to the side.

(Will also do follow up for this later.)

Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

Kasaya Itsumi

"I'm um... I'm thinking I like him," Itsumi says to Madoka before heading to meet Ryo. After he asks her where she's staying, Itsumi looks down at her feet and chuckles, "I'm um... staying with... a friend a little bit away from the beach." She leans in and whispers to him, quiet enough that Madoka can't hear, "I gave back that money, so I had to make alternate arrangements..."

Mar 25, 2011


Saturday Noon - Prayer Spot Tour.

"Hm... The stuff about Izanagi and Izanami churning the primordial sea with a spear and raising the islands..." Tsukiyo pensively answers as she walks alongside Miho on the trail. "What about it...?"

Sep 8, 2007

All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare.

Akio // Saturday, May 30 - The Beach

"My swimsuit?" Still confused as to why his friends had given him such odd reactions, Akio turns his eyes away from the cackling Akane to look down at himself as Dahlia warns him. He raises an eyebrow in surprise as time slows down to a crawl. That's funny... I don't remember gearing up to go spear fishing? Oh no... Oh no! His eyes open wide in terror and the color drains from his face in an instant. People had seen him, solid as a rock, in these speedos! NOOOO!

Unable to properly cover himself since he's holding drinks in both of his hands, Akio resorts to crossing his wrists in front of himself to salvage whatever tiny shreds remained of his dignity as he waddles over the rest of the way to Akane in a hurry. "You sinister little...!" The color has returned to his face in force, taking on the bright red shade of a tomato. "Royal Boner, is it!? I have half the mind of bending you over my knee to teach you some manners, but you'd just twist that around on me. No, I've got something else in mind..." He drops the drinks under the umbrella and steps forward to tower over her. The threatening image ruined somewhat since he has to use one hand to cover himself... He leans in to whisper in her ear. "Tit for tat. You make me hard, I make you wet." He pulls away and flashes a dangerous grin as he slips his other hand behind her back. "Dimensional pinch!" And thus, with a little sting to her behind and a dash of arcane power, he banishes the diabolical witch to the fathomless depths of the ocean! Well, in truth he only teleports Akane as far as he can reach, which wasn't terribly far into the water. Still satisfying, though.

[And to restore integrity to the timeline] As Akane returns he hands her her drink with a smirk. "Here you go, princess."

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Mar 27, 2011

Noriko - Saturday Morning, Trailing Adachi

Acrobatics: 1d20+22 38

Crowley tenses the muscles in his legs, shifting back as the Owl charges into his space; he leaps up and back with a mighty beat of his wings, rolling to the side and gracefully landing on his feet a few feet away. "Hmph! Too slow! You're a hundred years too early to try to keep up with me!" His eyes twinkle with ferocity!

"Crowley! Adachi's meeting with a foreigner lady right now... i think she might be american...? i'm going in after them, keep in range in case i need an exit!" Skittering to the grating of the duct, she teleports across the hallway, landing in the vent for the hotel room Adachi went into. Moving through the vent, she looks for a good vantage point. She tries her best to keep noise to a minimum, though her little bat claws make tiny pattering footfalls she can't really avoid.

Stealth (+6 for batform per doom): 1d20+21 26

While Noriko performs her sneaking mission, Crowley continues his standoff with Barnabus. "This territory isn't yours any more than it is mine, so I think I'll stay as long as I'd like! You're far from home, Owl, I can smell the city stink on you. What are you doing here? A master on vacation doesn't entitle you to the whole roof."

Diplomacy: 1d20+27 46

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