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Mar 10, 2006

Funny to see not only another guitar builder around, but someone who also bought a pitbull guitar kit.

Got a question for you AlphaDog, how did you find the kit quality?

I ask because mine was really poorly bookmatched (SG-1L kit), with 1/4 of the body being a solid chunk of flame maple, and the rest is basswood, less than fantastic routing and a few other niggles, and I was wondering if it was an overall thing, or just the fact that I doubt they get a lot of left handed kit requests, and had mine sitting around forever.

I've found that Tru-oil's a pain in the rear end if you're not careful with dust and debris from between-coat sanding. My guitar wound up looking like a donut with one gust of wind.

Also, was your LP a set-neck or bolt on? If it was set-neck, what did you use to glue it in?

All in all. lookin great, dude.


Mar 10, 2006

That's about what I figured, with regards to quality. I figure they had it sitting around forever and I was the first poor shlub to come along and buy it. Next kit I'm going to order fresh, but probably not basswood because my god its so soft. I'm really tempted to replace the bridge and tuners from my kit, because they're total garbage, and the bridge buzzes because of the saddle screw retaining clip not sitting properly.

I wound up asking in Bunnings on what glue to use, and I wound up buying a small pot of polyurethane glue, and so far its worked well enough. The argument was that because I had finished the neck beforehand with polyurethane, it would have an easier time bonding the neck if i failed to sand any off from the neck pocket.

I'm glad I avoided Dingotone. I didnt like their initial colour selection, and they want like 45 bucks to make up a custom colour for what amounts to about 5 bucks worth of ink/dye and Tru Oil. I wound up buying a pot of Ink from my local craft store for the same price and it wound up looking so much better.

I'm with you on the whole LPs feeling wrong or uncomfortable, also being a bassist primarily. I'm more an Ibanez/Schecter/Warwick/BC Rich fan. Ever played around with a 5 string? I know pitbull do a bunch of them, I'm probably going to wind up picking up an IB-5 at some point.

It might also be worth pointing out to folks reading this thread around the world that most guitar kits come from a small handful of factories in china, so they're all basically the same, regardless of who resells them. If they come in a square cardboard box, they're from the same factory, so most of the experiences in this thread will be similar, give or take a few things.

Phew. Sorry to poo poo up your thread with this wall of text. If you do pick up a new kit, please consider doing a build log here in DIY.

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