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Jun 21, 2006

Nice guy.
Tries hard.
Loves hot dogs The Game.

Interest posting!


Jun 21, 2006

Nice guy.
Tries hard.
Loves hot dogs The Game.

Captain Naivara Ulcahne, PSICOM Team 1
Half-Elf Battlemind

Where are you from? That is, What planet are you from? What kind of world is it (climate, size) and what is its role (trade, military, mining, colony, something else)? How populated is it? What part of it are you from?

So in other words, where’s home? I come from Nuinia. It’s basically just a smaller version of Yhivale, really. Which is pretty weird, since we’re not exactly neighbors. Though, we are just a few jumps away. It’s a pretty boring place, honestly. Don’t get me wrong, it has a special place in my heart, but I was a pretty big fish in a small pond. I’m from Uluhver, specifically. Nuinia itself is mostly a trade hub. Uluhver is the largest port. Well…it was, anyway. Being a trade hub, we were obviously an important target to the Imperium. You take it from there.

Name one thing that made you who you are today.

Oh, my powers of course. Without them…poo poo, I’d be a whole other person. When I was about...10? 12? Somewhere around there? I went through the same tests every kid did. I mean, with the Imperium practically around the corner, the Homeworld wanted everyone – and I mean everyone – to be ready and prepared to repel an invasion. No way would we let some damned Drow take us over without nine hells of a fight! Anyway – I did the testing. You know, they tell us we’re going on a special camping trip, blah blah blah. Really, it’s just scaled-down field exercises.

Me, personally? Not to brag, but I did pretty drat well. Someone on the opposing team somehow snuck into our camp and stole our play weapons. Everyone was freaking out, except for me. That’s when they noticed my powers. I figured out how to blur step – and let me tell you, it’s pretty freaky when it happens on accident – and I stripped some poor scout of their weapon and “took out” their entire team. The next morning, I got to say goodbye to my mother. That afternoon, I was on a shuttle to Qimoira Station, where I lived for the next 10 years. That evening I was having brain surgery to have my augmentation installed in my skull. Without my powers, I wouldn’t have gone through my training and learned who I really am, and what I’m truly capable of.

Who is your best friend? Your worst enemy?

My best friend is definitely Davkas Mialana. He’s another half-elf like me. Not that it means as much now as it did in the olden days, but it’s good to have that in common. We went through PSICOM training together. By virtue of being designated for PSICOM, we were training to be special forces – not much use for us other than that. There aren’t enough of us to be part of the regular infantry. Anyhow, the training was brutal. Our trainers expected nothing less than the best, and they got it out of us by any means necessary. You either come out a superman, or a wreck. Some of the kids I came in with died trying.

Davkas and I bonded in a sibling kind of way. We always hung out together after exercises. We mourned when our classmates would pass away, or flame out to go back home and try to lead normal lives. We were study partners and later became battle partners. He had a bit too much of a mouth on him, though. The trainers were pretty harsh on him, which says a lot about the trainers and him. We served together on some ops after graduation, and we’ve always had each other’s backs. Though, I always got the feeling after all the “extra attention” he got, he was never quite right. He seemed to like the fight a little too much, if you catch my drift.

Now, enemies. I’ve made a lot over the years, so it’s hard to tell who my worst enemy is. I guess if you put a gun to my head and made me pick, I’d have to say Filraen Vrammyr. That bastard and I went toe to toe a bunch of times. Judging by what info I can gather from our intel, he seems to be the one in charge of the imprisoning and interrogating of high-value targets. Resistance leaders, local politicians that survive the initial invasions, and so on. Davkas was there with me the last time I saw Filraen, now that I think about it.

It was our job to go in with a small strike team – they’d free the prisoners and get them to safety. Our job was to go in and gently caress up as many officers as we could. Filraen was a high priority target, given his role in organizing the capture, interrogation, and execution of resistance leaders. Well…a very long story short, we lost a lot of good soldiers. Davkas did what he could to try and save them. Some of the resistance leaders got out while Davkas provided some cover and a distraction. This left me alon with Filraen. I don’t know how, but I couldn’t get a shot on him, or a punch or anything else. That beast almost killed me, quite frankly. Which is probably why I don’t remember how he did it. I woke up to Davkas telling me everything would be okay, and just loading me onto our extraction vehicle. I managed to sneak a peek at myself, and Filraen had drat near rearranged my face. And a couple internal organs, judging by how long it took to recover. I can’t let this stand – the things he does to people, the poo poo he did to me. Karma’s a bitch and so am I.

Why were you on Teris when the Imperium took over?

Not the most exciting answer, but I was sent there. The brass above my head realized that Teris was a likely target, but they weren’t going to be able to repel a full Imperium invasion on their own. I had gone there with a few other PSICOMs – we’re spread out in order to be more effective. Us and some strike teams were sent in advance to try and bolster the resistance. We were told to lay low until given orders to activate. It was hard to watch from the underground, knowing I could do something and not being able to. The timing just wasn’t right. Now that there’s an actual resistance built up, we have something to work with. It’s my job to make sure the resistance forces have the firepower they need to get the job done.

Why do you fight? What did the Imperium do to make you decide to risk your life to join the rebellion? What are you sacrificing to be here?

I may have been on a space station most of my life, but we weren’t that cut off from the world. Plus, we weren’t always out in the field since they expected us to understand strategy and tactics, too. They’d use the Imperium as examples to teach us what we were fighting against, what factors to account for in battles, all that stuff. I saw what the Imperium did to people, to cities. After a while, they revoked our leave time- saying we had to focus on our training. Not like anyone wanted to go home anyway. I stopped hearing from my mother, and that told me everything I needed to know.

What am I sacrificing? I gave up a lot just to be here. I didn’t have a childhood, just training and more training. All the things normal kids, and other people my age do? Never gonna happen. And I’m at peace with that. Now other people? They don’t deserve to have their marriages, births…all that stuff taken away from them by the Imperium. The resistance is giving up far more than I am, really. They had to do what they do just to survive.

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Jun 21, 2006

Nice guy.
Tries hard.
Loves hot dogs The Game.

Just sticking this here for later:

Naivara Ulcahne
HP: 34/34		AC:	17 	Passive Insight: 18
Surges: 13/13 (V: 8)	Fort:	15 	Passive Perception: 11
Initiative: +0		Ref:	11	Vision: Low Light
Speed: 5		Will:	16	Action Points: 1
Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven

Broadsword: +7, 1d10+2

At Will			Encounter			Daily
Battlemind's Demand	[ ] Second Wind			[ ] Steel Unity Strike
Whirling Defense	2/2 Power Points
Demon Dance		[ ] Speed of Thought
			[ ] Eldritch Strike

Blurred Step (free): Trigger: adjacent marked target shifts. Action: Shift 1 square
Mind Spike (immed. reaction): Trigger: adjacent marked target damages ally with
        attack not targeting you.
    Action:Deal force and psychic damage to marked target equal to damage dealt

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