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Nov 3, 2006


kastein posted:

WTF, why is the clutch master all the way over the gas pedal, did Ford really put the clutch pedal on the left side of the brake and the clutch cylinder on the right side of the brake? I expect these kinds of shenanigans from native-RHD vehicles that have been converted to LHD by their foreign makers for the USDM, but not from Ford.

Yep. Concentric shafts in the pedal box.


Nov 3, 2006


I hope it's not too much of a derail to ask a couple IDI questions in this thread. I have a friend with a '91 E350 short bus, 7.3 zf5. So pretty similar to yours, but like a ton lighter and RWD. It's been getting pretty miserable fuel economy and yet it seems pretty slow to me. I think he can barely crack like 73mph in 5th. Slowness seems reasonable I guess since it's a 25 year old NA diesel, but I was surprised about the fuel economy. What kind of numbers do you get? Since power is also lacking, I was thinking about maybe sanity checking the timing. Is there a hobbyist way to check timing on the IDI? You mentioned you adjusted yours by a single degree, so I guess you have a way. Obviously there are no spark plug wires to clamp a timing light onto; I'm a little out of my element here, although I've read about how to adjust the injection pump. Obviously I'm not going to go turning screws without being able to measure timing and EGT, though.

Oh yeah, and what was that about a $600 turbo setup?

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Nov 3, 2006


cursedshitbox posted:

Ask away! get it all tuned/running well THEN turbo it.

I adjusted it by ear. right now its 2 maybe 3 deg advanced where it was at time of purchase. Fueling is approx 1.5 flats less than whatever it was when i got it. . Fuel economy was dogshit when I got it, fuelling was way up, smoked all the time, got 11ish. Right now its 15s for mpg. I've had it to 85... I ain' doing that again. nope nope nope.

Run a few bottles of this through it. One per month is what I do.


Luminosity: you can get an old snap on reader, pull the #1 Gp, (3 on vans) and drop that in there. it wont time the same as a ferret type pickup that claps on the fuel line.

keep an eye out for a J-33300-A tach n time on ebay. whatever you do, don't gently caress with the timing while its running. the pump is responsible for keeping the timing gear in place. make a mark with a chisel, be gentle!
3 bolts hold it in. go towards the heater core for advance, towards the brake master for retard. 1 deg works out to about a dimes width. If you dont like the results you have the mark to return it to before.
(8.5* iirc is the spec)

you'll have it ~right when it sounds kinda like a 7.3 PSD with the cold timing advance on, it'll start pretty much instantly when hot.

at first I didnt want to gently caress with timing, went down 3 flats on fueling, it would still smoke at idle, and p much all the loving time, so definitely timing. bumped it once, left fueling alone. it was better, but revs would hang when cold which drove me nuts. MPG was 12-13 regularly, cold it was one cranky SOB. even with 8 new glows, it would take a few revolutions before it would start. This says timing or worn pump/injectors. considering the pump is a reman from ? and the injectors are new, I attacked timing.

2-3 weeks ago I bumped it again, and went up 1.5 flats on the fueling. smoke is gone, has enough power for my likes, it'll haze a bit above 3 grand, which is fine to me. Starting is a lot better too....except now I suspect a failing starter motor, haha! I need to find my inductance meter and see how many amps the fucker is pulling.

as for EGTs: a NA will run away in EGTs with poo poo timing or a bad pump. I don't have a pyro yet, and probably won't get around to having one till we move. Factory exhausts on these trucks are undersized too, which doesnt help.

Thanks, this is all good info. The comparison to a powerstroke isn't necessarily helpful to me, since like I said I've never really worked on diesels before, although I think I have a functional idea of how they work.

What are the symptoms of worn out injectors or pump besides lower performance? As far as I know it starts OK (maybe a couple revolutions when cold) and doesn't smoke; I'll have to pay more attention to these things going forward. I think he's getting like 10-12mpg which is kind of not great. I think he'd be pretty happy with 15.

No over-fueling black smoke but reduced economy and performance implies to me that it's probably more likely to be timing than fuel amount, does that make sense? I'd think under-fueling would get great economy but awful performance, and over-fueling would cause a bit of a smokeshow. I'll keep an eye out for the snappy or GM tools, probably get one cheaper than a ferret adapter. But for now I'll see what we can get by making small, reversible changes. What does too much timing look/feel like? Obviously it won't ping, because that's how diesels always sound, haha.

Yeah I'm not going to turn the fuel any higher than it is now without a pyrometer in the exhaust, but I guess down is always safe to see what happens. Do they have to be installed right at the exhaust port, or can you put them farther down the pipe like an O2 sensor? I guess closer to the exhaust port is better, but it's really cramped in there. Like a finger's worth of space, maybe, between the driver's side manifold and the floor/doghouse. I think he's going to redo the exhaust at some point to try to reduce the restriction; it's got the stock bus exhaust on there which is like, a single 2.25" system which seems way too small for 7.3 liters of fury.

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