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Mar 11, 2003

Tempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis

Chapter 0: Get Lost

The storm appeared out of nowhere. No ordinary meteorology could have predicted it. First dark clouds appeared out of the sky with lightning flashing within. The storm clouds seemed to grow as if they were pushing through a doorway. The winds began to pick up speed and lightning began to shoot out of the cloud. Thunder cracked offering up a aural menace to the storm. Little rain fell from the storm as the winds began to move in a circular pattern around the clouds. Anyone looking at the strange cloud formation might be forgiven if they thought it was some kind of anomalous hurricane. Just as the storm stopped growing, it moved. It laid waste to everything in its path. Whether by the strong winds or lightning, the storm wreaked havoc as it moved across the land. Those unfortunate who could not escape the storm found themselves carried off by the winds and into the storm itself. They lost sight of everything except the blackness of the storm and heard nothing but the winds of the storm.. And even though the storm's fury showed no mercy to the landscape those picked up by the storm found themselves unharmed.

After being carried by the winds for what seemed like forever, the clouds began to lighten up. The wind died off and the storm began to shrink. While the storm died down, those within the storm found themselves falling down. Bracing for impact, they hit water and begin to sink. They find themselves immersed in warm salty water. Bouncing up to the surface, their eyes adjust to sunny cloudless sky above them. Looking around, they see that they are in a sea or ocean and there's a beach.

The beach appears to have littered with trash, but on second glance it appears that what's on the beach is flotsam being washed in from the sea. Looking landward, beyond the beach about one hundred feet back there are palm trees and various green bushes. It becomes apparent that the only signs of civilization is in the debris washing up on shore.

Welcome to the second "Game of Worlds" game thread. This thread is for Team B aka "Sturm Und Drang" aka Storm and Drive. I'm running this game as same as I run my other games. Here's what you need to know before you post.

General rules for this game are as follows:

Post format:
Name - Location

In game text.

actions and rules stuff

Out of character posts can either be regular text without a name tag or in italics. If I need stat blocks, then use either [pre] or [super] tags. As long as things are fairly easy to read, I'm good.

I need people to be fairly consistent posters. I'd rather not have to repeatedly prompt people to post. If something comes up, just let me know and I'll work around it. If the game isn't working out for you or if there's some reason you want to drop, please let me know. If its a non-game related problem, I can work around it or at the very least make sure it doesn't impact the other players too much. If the problem involves the game itself, then I'll do what I can to resolve the problem.
The recruitment thread is here.

The characters start in the shallow waters off of a beach somewhere in the south pacific. Equipment and health are exempt from damage until they reach the shore.

Here is the list of Characters - Players:

Flavius Gavius Ignatius - Firesight
Sasha Ayze - ZiegeDame
Swampdog - Roland T. Dapperman
Captain Abner Langstaff - Beardless
Jake Wolff - BeefSupreme
Vojtech Liska - MohawkSatan

And possibly others...

Any and all comments, questions, or commentary can be posted in the Recruitment Thread.

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Aug 21, 2005


Sasha Ayze - The Pacific Ocean

One moment she's in the middle of Nebraska, the next she's in the ocean. Combine that with the strange weather patterns, and what had Greg called it? Bale... bay... bane... Banestorm, that was it. But that was supposed to be a freak occurrence. Well, worry about the odds later, not drowning takes priority. The sea is calm, at least, which is a small miracle, so swimming to shore is easy.

Once past the tide line she takes a moment to survey her surroundings, only to notice that she's not the only person deposited in the waves. Quickly, she pulls off her boots and throws her coat over a nearby log. "Hold on, help is coming!" she shouts, and then it's back out into the waves.

Name: Sasha Ayze
CP: 250/250
Free CP: 10
TL: 6+2(Medical) 

ST	11		[10]
DX	12		[40]
IQ	14		[80]
HT	12		[20]

HP	11
Will	14
Per	14
FP	12

Damage	1d-1, 1d+1/1d+1, 2d+1
Basic Speed	6/6.5
Basic Move	6/6
Basic Lift	24/45
Dodge	9

English (Native)		[0]
Navajo (Native/None)		[3]

Ads			[81]
Alternate Form	(Beast Form)	[28]
Acute Hearing	3		[6]		
Discriminatory Smell		[15]
Fit				[5]
High Tech-Level			[5]
Night Vision 2			[2]
Single-Minded			[5]
Speak With Animals		[15]
	(Land Animals Only -40%)

Disads			[-25]
Post-Combat Shakes		[-5]
Code of Honor (Doctor's)	[-5]
Charitable			[-15]

Quirks			[-5]
Distincti Features (Face Tatoo)	[-1]
Conflict-Averse			[-1]
Poor Self-Esteem		[-1]
What was it called again...?	[-1]
Self-Sacrificing		[-1]

Skills			[46]
Medic!/TL8	IQ/VH	IQ	14	[24]

Area Knowledge	IQ/E	IQ	14	[1]	
	(Dolittle 1 USA)
Brawling	DX/E	DX+2	14	[4]
Carousing	HT/E	HT	11	[1]
Cooking		IQ/A	IQ-1	13	[1]
Diplomacy	IQ/H	IQ-2	12	[1]
Fishing		Per/E	Per	14	[1]
Guns/TL6(Pistol)DX/E	DX+1	13	[2]
Intimidation	Will/A	Will-1	13	[1]
Riding (Horse)	DX/A	DX-1	11	[1]
Running		HT/A	HT-1	10	[1]
Soldier/TL5	IQ/A	IQ-1	13	[1]
Streetwise	IQ/A	IQ	14	[2]
Swimming	HT/E	HT	11	[1]
Veterinary/TL6	IQ/H	IQ	14	[4]

{Beast Form racial template, total points 14
ST+4			37
IQ-2			-40
HT+2			20

Will+2			10
Per+2			10

SM+1			0

Ad		62
Penetrating Voice	1
Fur			1
Temperature Tolerance	1
Talons			8
Fangs			2
Damage Resistance 2	6
	(Tough Skin -40%)
Regeneration (Regular)	25
High Pain Threshold	10
Hard to Kill 2		4
Hard to Subdue 2	4

Disad		-85
Bad Temper (6) 		-20
Bloodlust 		-10
Cannot Speak		-15
Semi-Upright		-5
Bad Grip 3  		-15
Weakness (Tobacco Smoke)-20
	(1d per Minute, Fatigue Only -50%)}

Equipment	4505/5000
Expensive Backpack, Small	$120	2 lbs
	Crash Kit (TL8)		$200	10 lbs
	Surgical Kit (TL8)	$300	15 lbs
	Medical Supplies (TL8)	$500	5
	Hemostatic Bandage x5	$100
	TDS Tester (TL 8)	$20
	Spare Batteries		$1.75
	Canteen			$10	3
	Matches			$0.25
	Fine Fishing Kit	$100
	Ivory & Gold Pipe	$33	1	+3 Stylish	
	Tobacco			$100	5
	.45 Long Colt Ammo x60	$30	3	 

	Belt			$10
	Belt Holster		$25	0.5
	Very Fine Colt SAA	$2500	3 lbs
	Leather Long Coat	$250	10	1 dr
	Boots			$80	3	2* dr
	Pocket Watch + Compass	$125

			Damage	Acc	Range   	RoF	Shots	ST	Bulk	Rcl
Single-Action Army	3d-2pi+	4 	120/1,300	1 	6(5i)	11	-2	4

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Dec 20, 2008

Hail SS-18 Satan, May His Passing Cleanse The Earth

Vojtech Liska- The Pacific Ocean

One minute, it's a loving sandstorm. The next, there's lightening. Then rain. Rain. In Afghanistan. In the middle of summer. Then Vojtech feels himself being lifted, like it had turned into a goddamned tornado or something.

And then it died down, and Vojtech fell. Into water. What the gently caress? Struggling, he tries to get his feet under him. Desert soldiers don't really practice swimming, after all.


252/260 points

	12	12	10	12
Secondary Characteristics[44]
	DMG	1d-1/1d+2
	HP	15[+3, 6 points]
	FP	15[+3 6 points]
	Will	12[+2, 10 points]
	Per	13[+3 15 points]
	BL	29
	BS	6
		Dodge 9
	BM	6
	Other Features
		Odious Personal Habits[-5]
			Chain-smokes constantly
		Cultural Familiarity [2]
			Arab 1
			North African 1
			Czech N/N
			Arabic N/N [6]
			English N/N [6]
			Tuareg Native/not applicable [3]
Advantages [78]
	Absolute Direction [5]
	Combat Reflexes [15]
	Common Sense [10]
	Danger Sense [15]
	Very Fit [15]
	Hard to Kill 2[4]
	High Pain Threshold [10]
	Higher TL(TL8) [5]
	Night Vision 2 [2]
	Temperature Tolerance 1 [1]
		High Temperatures
	Weapon Bond: Czechmate [1]
		A customized Vz-58 Pi, stolen from the Czech army when Vojtech left, 
		heavily modified to accept a modern Russian night-vision optic. It's 
		been with him for the last 26 years, and seen an absurd amount of wear and tear. 
		To Vojtech, it's his good luck charm, and the closest thing to an old friend he has.
	Alcohol Tolerance [1]
	Cross Trained [1]
		Assault Rifles
	Trademark Move[1]
		Pinning the Vitals: All out Attack(determined) 3 round burst to the vitals
Disadvantages [-30]
	Addiction [-5]
	Chummy [-5]
	Code of Honour [-5]
		Never work for people who hurt kids, always do the job, and never let a backstabber survive
	Easy to Read [-10]
	Truthful\lness [-5]
Quirks [-4]
	Careful [-1]
	Likes Kids [-1]
	Bad/Dad Jokes [-1]
	Optimistic [-1]

Skills [78]
	Area Knowledge IQ/E
		Middle East [2]
		Northern Africa [2]
	Camouflage IQ/E [2]
	Carousing HT/E [4]
	Cartography IQ/A [2]
	Climbing DX/A [2]
	Current Affairs IQ/E
		Regional: Middle East [2]
		Regional: Northern Africa [2]
	Diplomacy IQ/H [2]
	Driving DX/A
		Automobile [2]
		Heavy Wheeled [4]
		Ammo [2]
	First Aid IQ/E [2]
	Geography IQ/A
		Middle East [2]
		Northern Africa [2]
	Guns DX/E
		Rifle [8]
		SMGs [2]
		LAW [2]
		Pistols [2]
	Hiking HT/A [2]
	Intelligence Analysis IQ/H [2]
	Interrogation IQ/A [2]
	Knife DX/E [2]
	Navigation(land) IQ/A[2]
	Observation Per/A [2]
	Running HT/A [2]
	Scrounging Per/E [2]
	Soldier IQ/A [2]
	Stealth DX/A [4]
	Survival Per/A
		Desert [4]
	Tactics IQ/H [2]
	Throwing DX/A [2]
	Leadership IQ/A [2]

$144 in US currency, approximately 55.3 pounds of gear
Weapons and Ammo
	Vz. 58 Pi(basically as an AK, with adjusted weight)
		Dmg 4d-1(2)pi- inc, 4 Acc, Weight 6.3/1.5, RoF10, 24/30(3) shots, bulk -5*, ST9t, Rcl 2, $750/$30
		Rifle Sling, 1lb, $10
		PSO-1 Scope (x4 mag, +2acc), 1 pound,  $300
		Detachable Baffle Suppressor, Rifle
			-2 hearing, $500, -1 bulk, 1.5lb
		5 magazines of API(150 rounds, $202.50), $352.50, 7.5 pounds
	Vz. 61 Skorpion (currently in Jake's possession)
		Dmg 2d-1 pi-, Acc2, Weight 3.7/0.9, RoF14, Shots20(3), Bulk -3, ST7, Rcl2, $350/$27
		Military Holster, 2 lbs, $50
		2 magazines of APHC, 1.8 lbs $108
	Roman Spear
		Dmg 1d+1 imp, reach 1*, parry 0, weight 4
		two hands Dmg 1d+2 imp, reach (1,2*), parry 0
	Improved Fragmentation Vest
		Covers torso and groin, fitted with front trauma plate. DR is 22/20(4/2 from back), $2200, 15.5 lb

Misc Gear
	Czech Web Gear
		1 ammo pouch(4 magazines), canteen holder, entrenching tool, canvas bag(for general gear). 
		Holds 20-30 pounds of gear. $20, 3 lb
	Cigarette Lighter
		Lights stuff, $10
	Desert Camouflage Clothing
		Default set of clothing, worn
	Folding Shovel
		It's an entrenching tool. $10, 3 lb
		Tells time. $25
		loving lots of them. $20, 1 lb
	Cell Phone(TL8)
		$100, 0.5 lb, S battery/6 hours
	First Aid Kit(TL7)
		+1 to first aid, contains two doses of sulfa drugs, an autoinjector with one shot of morphine,
		 a handfull of bandages, foot powder, insect repellant, antimalarial pills, amonia inhalants,
		 analgesics, antibiotic ointment, and water purification tablets. Good for one major wound,
		 or several smaller wounds. $50, 10lb

Carried/ on Web Gear/Worn/in pockets(54.4 pounds total)
	Vz58v(Loaded, carried on sling, 12.3 pounds)
	4 magazines for Vz58(web gear, 6 pounds)
	Folding shovel(web gear, 3 pounds)
	Carton of cigarettes(in med kit, 1 pound)
	lighter(pockets, neg weight)
	first aid kit(web gear, 10 pounds)
	desert camo clothing(worn)
	body armour(worn, 15.5 pounds
	Holster, 2 lbs
		Skorpion 3.7 lbs
		1 spare magazine, 0.9 lbs

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Aug 21, 2005


Sasha - An Ocean

His clothes were unfamiliar, but they certainly didn't look conducive to swimming. Sasha had her arm around him in moments. "It's alright, I've got you. Shore is this way."

chin up everything sucks
Jan 29, 2012


The storm forming outside the Temple of Mars was a glory to behold, surely a sign from one of the gods, perhaps Jupiter or Caesar himself. Standing on the steps right outside the temple, Ignatius found the restrained fury of the gathering clouds to be breathtaking. Still, he reminded himself to stay near the pillars. Lightning wasn't uncommon in a winter storm in Greece, and he didn't want to be caught by one.

That was his final thought before the storm released it's rage, lightning striking hundreds of places across the city simultaneously, even as the winds and rain whipped up out of nowhere. But Ignatius wasn't conscious to be bothered by the stinging icy water flying into his face. One of the lightning bolts had struck almost right next to him, despite the towering stone structures around him. By the time the priests raced to the doorway to see what the noise was, Ignatius had already been pulled into the sky.

If it wasn't for the wooden surveyors tools in his backpack, he would have drowned when he landed in the water. His armor, packed tightly away in his backpack, tried to drag his unconscious form into the depths. Instead of a rapid plunge down to the bottom, his pack merely pulled him down gently, so that his head was a mere few feet under the water when his eyes shot open in panic. Swift thrashing brought him to the surface for a moment, letting him cough out water and get a brief gasp of air before being pulled down again. Another effort, this time less thrashing and more controlled, brought him up again, giving him time to look around.

It appeared that the shore wasn't far off, and the water was clear enough to see that he was only a few paces away from where the sand rose up from the depths to form the beach. Other figures were struggling out of the water even as he was gathering his wits about him. The strain of staying above the surface was already telling on him, because of the weight of the pack.

After another gulp of air, Ignatius let himself sink back under the waves, letting the weight of the pack pull him down while he put all of his effort into moving closer to the beach. His lungs were burning by the time he managed to touch his hands against sand. Gathering his legs back under him, he shoved his feet against the bottom and pushed himself towards the far too distance shine of the surface, kicking as hard as he could to counter his packs weight. A moment later, sweet air hit his lungs in a rush, and he let himself gasp a few times before repeating his underwater approach. This time he touched sand much sooner, and the distance to the surface was less. The next time, he found his head only a pace under the water when he kicked off the bottom. One final attempt put him into water shallow enough for him to just barely breath while standing, letting him slowly, and tiredly, wade his way towards shore.

His panic finally began to ebb, and as he struggled through the surf towards a few other people, he looked at the unfamiliar beach and the strange objects washing up on it.

"Where am I? Mars, where did you send me?" he asks himself in Latin.

Ignatius is not wearing his armor. His military gear is strapped in his pack, except for the spear which is strapped to the side of the pack. He's darkly tanned from a life in the sun, and currently wearing a waterlogged winter tunic, leg wrappings, and boots

Name: Flavius Gavius Ignatius
Race: Human

Attributes [149]
ST 14 [40]
DX 12 [40]
IQ 12 [40]
HT 12 [20]

HP 14
Will 12
Per 12
FP 15 [9]

Basic Lift 39
Damage 1d/2d

Basic Speed 6
Basic Move 6

Ground Move 6
Water Move 1

Social Background
TL: 4 [0]
Cultural Familiarities:
Languages: English (Accented/None) [1]; Greek (Accented/None) [1].

Advantages [42]
Combat Reflexes [15]
Language Talent [10]
Very Fit [15]

Disadvantages [-25]
Low TL (-3) [-15]
Xenophilia (12 or less) [-10]

Skills [84]
Architecture/TL5 IQ/A - IQ+1 13 [4]
Armoury/TL4 (Heavy Weapons) IQ/A - IQ+0 12 [2]
Artillery/TL4 (Catapult) IQ/A - IQ+0 12 [2]
Brawling DX/E - DX+0 12 [1]
Carousing HT/E - HT+0 12 [1]
Carpentry IQ/E - IQ+1 13 [2]
Cartography/TL4 IQ/A - IQ-1 11 [1]
Chemistry/TL4 IQ/H - IQ-2 10 [1]
Climbing DX/A - DX-1 11 [1]
Electronics Operation/TL5 (Communications) IQ/A - IQ-1 11 [1]
Electronics Repair/TL5 (Communications) IQ/A - IQ-1 11 [1]
Engineer/TL4 (Artillery) IQ/H - IQ+0 12 [4]
Engineer/TL5 (Civil) IQ/H - IQ+0 12 [4]
Geography/TL4 (Europe) IQ/H - IQ+0 12 [4]
Hiking HT/A - HT+1 13 [4]
Intimidation Will/A - Will+0 12 [2]
Leatherworking DX/E - DX+0 12 [1]
Masonry IQ/E - IQ+1 13 [2]
Mathematics/TL4 (Applied) IQ/H - IQ+0 12 [4]
Merchant IQ/A - IQ+0 12 [2]
Scrounging Per/E - Per+0 [12] [1]
Search Per/A - Per-1 11 [1]
Shield (Shield) DX/E - DX+2 14 [4]
Shortsword DX/A - DX+2 14 [8]
Spear DX/A - DX+1 13 [4]
Streetwise IQ/A - IQ-1 11 [1]
Swimming HT/E - HT+0 12 [1]
Thrown Weapon (Spear) DX/E - DX+0 12 [1]
Warrior! DX/WC - DX+0 12 [24]

Stats [149] Ads [42] Disads [-25] Quirks [0] Skills [89] = Total [255]

Hand Weapons
1 Dagger LC:4|4 $20 Wgt:.25
Dam:1d-1 imp Reach:C Parry:8 ST:5 Skill:SK:Sword!, SK:Knife, ST:DX-4, SK:Force Sword-3, SK:Main-Gauche-3, SK:Shortsword-3 Notes:[1]
1 Roman Scutum, Large LC: $200 Wgt:22
Bash Dam:1d cr Reach:1 Parry:No ST: Skill:ST:DX-4, SK:Shield (Buckler)-2, SK:Shield (Force)-2, SK:Shield (Shield) Notes:[5]
Rush Dam:slam+3 cr Reach:1 Parry:No ST: Skill:ST:DX-4, SK:Shield (Buckler)-2, SK:Shield (Force)-2, SK:Shield (Shield) Notes:[5]
1 Shortsword LC:4|4 $400 Wgt:2
Swing Dam:2d cut Reach:1 Parry:11 ST:8 Skill:SK:Sword!, SK:Shortsword, ST:DX-5, SK:Broadsword-2, SK:Force Sword-4, SK:Jitte/Sai-3, SK:Knife-4, SK:Saber-4, SK:Smallsword-4, SK:Tonfa-3
Thrust Dam:1d+1 imp Reach:1 Parry:11 ST:8 Skill:SK:Sword!, SK:Shortsword, ST:DX-5, SK:Broadsword-2, SK:Force Sword-4, SK:Jitte/Sai-3, SK:Knife-4, SK:Saber-4, SK:Smallsword-4, SK:Tonfa-3
1 Spear LC:4|4|4 $40 Wgt:4
1H Dam:1d+2 imp Reach:1* Parry:10 ST:10 Skill:SK:Spear, ST:DX-5, SK:Polearm-4, SK:Staff-2 Notes:[1]
2H Dam:1d+3 imp Reach:1, 2* Parry:10 ST:9 Skill:SK:Spear, ST:DX-5, SK:Polearm-4, SK:Staff-2 Notes:two hands

Ranged Weapons
1 Dagger LC:4|4 Dam:1d-1 imp Acc:0 Range:7 / 14
RoF:1 Shots:T(1) ST:5 Bulk:-1 Rcl:- $20 Wgt:.25
1 Spear LC:4|4|4 Dam:1d+3 imp Acc:2 Range:14 / 21
RoF:1 Shots:T(1) ST:9 Bulk:-6 Rcl:- $40 Wgt:4

Armor & Possessions
1 Backpack, Small $60 Wgt:3 Location:
1 Blanket $20 Wgt:4 Location:
1 Boots $80 Wgt:3 Location:feet
1 Bottle, Ceramic $3 Wgt:1 Location:
1 Legionary Helmet $150 Wgt:6 Location:skull, face
1 Lorica Segmentata $3400 Wgt:26 Location:torso
2 Pouch $20 Wgt:0 Location:
1 Scale Sleeves $210 Wgt:14 Location:arms
1 Winter Clothes $180 Wgt:4 Location:
1 Surveyor's Kit $245 Wgt: 40 Location:
1 Personal Basics $5 Wgt: 1 Location:

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paper bag with a face
Jun 2, 2007

Swampdog - Where the gently caress am I? I'll be linking my character sheet like this. Thanks again to Axe Man for sharing his cool spreadsheet! Also I'll note that at the moment, Swamp is not wearing a mask so you can see him in all his hideous freak glory.

The Union speedboat struggled, being tossed willynilly by the mysterious storm. At some point, Swampdog's seatbelt came undone and he was thrown from the boat. If his thoughts weren't already some variation on "poo poo!" or "gently caress!", they would've been, "Figures those assholes gave me the one seat with the broken seatbelt." Swamp had long been able to work around his strangely dense frame in the water, but the turbulence caused by the storm was too much. He sank like a rock into that dark depths of the Gulf of Mexico.

Swampdog felt a brief tingle as the darkness of the storm abruptly vanished, the water no longer churning. The raider forced himself up to the surface, sputtering, "GODDAMN CLAVO BULLSHIT! Meyers, you rear end in a top hat, help me out here! Meyers?" No response. Swamp looked around, no boat or Meyers in sight. Shore in the distance. Swamp realized there was something off (by his warped standards) going on here; he was nowhere near land when the storm hit.

Swampdog began the swim to shore, passing by a couple of people he could only assume also got caught up in the clavostorm. When he made it to dry land, he fished a packet of cigarettes out of his coat, tossing it and the rest of his soaked, heavy items on the ground. Swampdog opened the box of cigarettes, to find them all completely soaked and worthless. With a groan of frustration, he tossed the smokes aside.

Fuckin' clavo poo poo.

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Aug 12, 2011

I am Centurion Titus Polonius. And the only trouble I've had is that nobody seem to realize that I'm their superior officer.

Abner Langstaff - The Pacific Ocean

As the storm raged around him, the cries and shots from behind him faded into the roar of thunder and rain. He couldn't see more than a few feet in front of, and Abner knew that at any moment the canoe would be dashed on the jagged rocks, and he along with it. But then he felt a jolt, not from an impact, almost as if the canoe had been lifted from the water. Then everything went dark.

Abner came to, floating in water, and thrashed around for a moment before regaining his senses. This was not the river he had left, this water was calmer, warmer... and saltier. Staring around, trying to get his bearings, he saw his canoe, floating beside him. Hauling himself into it, he saw a small island, and several people struggling onto the beach amongst the flotsam. He picks up a paddle and begins to move towards the shore, jumping out in the shallows and pulling the canoe gently out of the surf. Struck suddenly by the heat of.. .wherever he was, he pulls off his buckskin shirt, and then begins to check his belongings, making sure everything was in one piece.

Abner Langstaff
30, 5'6", 140 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes.

255/-35/5 unused

Attributes [172]
ST: 12 [20]     HP: 14 [4]
DX: 13 [60]    Will: 13 
IQ: 13 [60]     Per: 14 [5] 
HT: 12 [20]     FP: 13 [3]

Basic Damage: Thrust 1d-1, Swing 1d+2
Basic Speed: 6.25
Basic Move: 6 
Basic Lift: 29
Dodge: 10 (+1 from Combat Reflexes)

Languages [6]
English (Montcalm-1) Native/Native [0]
French (Montcalm-1) Native/Native [4]
Iroquois (Montcalm-1) Native/None [2]
Huron (Montcalm-1) Accented/None [1]

Cultural Familiarities [1]
Western (Montcalm-3)
Native American (Montcalm-1) [1]

TL: 6 (Accounted for in Disadvantages)

Advantages [31]
Combat Reflexes [15]
Fit [5]
Language Talent [10]
Weapon Bond (Fine Kentucky Rifle) [1]

Disadvantages/Quirks [-30]
Addiction (Tobacco) -5)
Bloodlust (15 or less) [-5]
Code of Honor (Soldier's) [-10]
Low TL (1 below campaign) [-5]
Responsive [-1]
Mild fear of horses [-1]
Doesn't trust Hurons [-1]
TBD [-1]

Skills/Techniques [74]  
Axe/Mace 14 DX+1/A [4]
Boating (Unpowered)/TL6 13 DX/A [2]
Brawling 13 DX/A [1]
Camouflage 13 IQ/E [1]
Cartography 11 IQ-2/H [1]
Climbing 12 DX-1/A [1]
Diplomacy 13 IQ/H [4]
Fast-Draw (Ammo) 15* DX+1/E [2] (+1 from Combat Reflexes)
First-Aid/TL6 14 IQ+1/E [2]
Gesture 13 IQ [1]
Gunner/Tl5 (Cannon) 13 DX/E [1]
Guns/TL5 Rifle 16 DX+3/E [8] 
Hiking 13 HT+1 [4]
Holdout 12 IQ-1/A [1]
Intimidation 13 Will/A [2]
Knife 13 DX/E [1]
Leadership 13 IQ/A [2]
Naturalist 13 IQ/H [4]
Riding 12 DX-1/A [1]
Observation 14 Per/A [2]
Running 12 HT/A [2]
Savoir-Faire (Military) 13 IQ/E [1]
Sewing/TL5 13 DX/E [1]
Skiing 11 HT-1/H [2]
Soldier/TL6 13 IQ/A [2]
Stealth 14 DX+1/A [4] (Eff. Skill 15 with moccasins)
Survival (Woodlands) 15 Per+1/A [4]
Swimming 12 HT/E [1]
Tactics 13 IQ/H [4]
Thrown Weapon (Axe/Mace) 13 DX/E [1]
Tracking 14 Per/A [2]
Traps/TL5 12 IQ-1/A [1]
Wrestling 13 DX/A [2]

Targeted Attack (Guns/TL5 (Rifle), Vitals) 14 Def-2/H [2]


Weapons: $1,155, 12.75 lbs
Fine(Acc, Rel) Kentucky Rifle, .45 Flintlock (4d-1 pi+, Acc 4, Range 110/1,200, RoF 1, 
   Shots 1 (60), ST 9t, Bulk -6, Rcl 3, Eff. Skill 17, 15 for TA (Vitals)) $700, 7 lbs
   Loading time w/ Powder flask & Greased patch: 37 seconds, 30 seconds with Fast Draw.

Fine (Reliable) Wogdon Dueller, .45 Flintlock (1d+2 pi+, Acc 1, Range 70/800, RoF 1, 
   Shots 1 (20), ST 9, Bulk -3, Rcl 2) $375, 2.75 lbs

Tomahawk (Hatchet) (1d+2 Cut, Reach 1, Parry 0, ST 8) 
   or (1d+2 cut, Acc 1, Range 12/18, RoF 1, Shots T(1), ST 10, Bulk -3)  $40, 2 lbs
Large Knife (1d cut or 1d-1 imp, Reach C,1, Parry 0, ST 6) $40, 1 lb
Small Knife (1d-1 cut or 1d-2 imp, Reach C,1 or C, Parry -1, ST 5) 

Armor/clothes: $140, 8 lbs
Leather jacket (DR1* onTorso, Arms), $50, 4 lbs
Leather pants (DR1* on Groin, Legs), $40, 3 lbs
Moccasins (DR1* on feet, +1 to Stealth) $40, 1 lb
Leather Belt, $10,  neg.

Gear: $567
Possibles Bag: $10, l lb (4.25 lbs loaded)
	Self-measuring powder flask (30 rifle shots), $30, .75
	30 .45 balls w/greased patches, $3, .75 lbs
	Pemmican, 3 meals, $6, .75 lbs 
	Patch Knife (Small knife), $30, 0.5 lbs
	2 spare rifle flints, $5, neg
	Sewing Kit, $1, neg
	Clay pipe, $1, .25 lbs
	Pipe tobacco (4 oz), $5, .25 lbs
	Flint, steel, and tinderbox, $5, .25 lbs
	Compass, $25, neg
Canteen (1 Quart), $10, 3 lbs
Blanket Roll (Carried over shoulder, all items rolled up inside of blanket) (24.6lbs)
	Blanket , $20, 4 lbs
	Trail food, 12 meals, $24, 6 lbs
	 Hemp rope, 10 yards, $30, 3.6 lbs
	Fishing Kit (TL5), $5, neg
	Black powder (80 rifle shots, in a horn), $30, 2 lbs
	Bullet-molding gear (.45 Flintlock), $25, 1 lb
	Lead ingot (108 .45 caliber balls worth), $2, 2 lb
	Ordinary clothes (linen hunting shirt, trousers, socks), $120, 2 lbs
	Winter clothes (wool coat, wool trousers, fur hat), $180, 4 lbs
20' Birchbark canoe (HP 22, Hnd/Sr +1/1 HT 12c, Move 1.25/3, Load 1600 lbs, Sm +3, 
Occ. 4, DR 1, Range F, Locations O, Draft 1), $220, 160 lbs (includes 4 paddles)

Stowed in canoe: 353 lbs
	50 lbs of tobacco (53 lbs in wooden barrel), $600
	20 lbs of tea (22 lbs in wooden box), $720
	100 lbs of gunpowder (105 pounds in wooden keg), $500
	6 Short Land Pattern Muskets (66 lbs in wooden crate), $600
	6 sets of Bullet-molding gear (.69, for Brown Bess, 7 lbs in wooden box), $150
	100 lbs of lead (10 lb ingots), $10
Weight Carried: 
Combat Load, excluding Blanket roll: 28. lbs, no encumbrance
Marching Load: 52.6 lbs, Light Encumbrance, Move 4, Dodge 8

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Dec 20, 2008

Hail SS-18 Satan, May His Passing Cleanse The Earth

Vojtech Liska- The Pacific Ocean

Gasping, Vojtech takes the strange woman's assistance, and makes it to shore. Then it sinks in. There's an ocean. It's sunny out, not night. This is very much not Afghanistan.

"Okay, well, this is unexpected. Normally one doesn't drop from the middle of a desert to... uh, where ever this is. Where are we anyways?" Vojtech asks, looking around, before he digs into his med pack, hoping that his smokes aren't soaked.

doing a quick check to see if I lost any gear/see if my smokes are wet

Aug 21, 2005


Sasha - An Ocean

The rest seemed to be able to get themselves ashore easily enough, which was good, as Sasha was in no hurry to demonstrate CPR. One of them even had a boat.

"All I can say for certain is that we are in an Ocean. And most likely on a different world from where any of us were ten minutes ago."

Aug 12, 2011

I am Centurion Titus Polonius. And the only trouble I've had is that nobody seem to realize that I'm their superior officer.

Abner Langstaff - The Pacific Ocean

Abner looks over at the woman who spoke, a puzzled expression on his face. "What do you mean, a different world? Surely we are still on Earth, and have not been transported to some other place. Or are we hear all Gulliver, washed ashore in Lilliput?"

Aug 21, 2005


Sasha - An Ocean

"Um, well, no... I think... I think we're still on Earth, but I different Earth. At least I think that's how the storm works. They didn't really go into much detail. I suppose meeting an army of tiny people is not out of the question. I'm not really clear on just how different 'different' is."

Aug 12, 2011

I am Centurion Titus Polonius. And the only trouble I've had is that nobody seem to realize that I'm their superior officer.

Abner Langstaff - An Island

"A different earth? I'm afraid I don't know what you mean". He looks around at the island and the ocean around them. "This place is certainly far from where I was when that storm hit, I can't say that I know of any island like this in the Dominion or Quebec."

Aug 21, 2005


Sasha - Not Quebec

"Yes, well, probably best not to worry about it too much. Focus on survival first, worry about the rest later. Is anybody hurt?"

Dec 20, 2008

Hail SS-18 Satan, May His Passing Cleanse The Earth

Vojtech Liska- The Pacific Ocean

"Another world? Like some sort of science fiction movie? Well, at least we aren't in Kansas. No worry about running into the ex I guess!" Vojtech chuckles at his own joke before continuing. "Vojtech Liska," he says holding out his hand, "work as a bit of a problem solver, yeah? Mostly in the 'desert warlord' vein of problems. Last I knew, I was in Afghanistan. And it sounds like you, sir, were in Canada. And I am uninjured, miss...?"

Aug 21, 2005


Sasha - Ocean

"Ayze," she says, tentatively shaking the offered hand, "Sasha Ayze. Doctor Sasha Ayze, I suppose. I don't know about Kansas, but I was in Nebraska when the Banestorm took me. If that matters."

paper bag with a face
Jun 2, 2007

Swampdog - The Keys or Further South?

Swampdog strolled along the beach, both looking for bits of flammable material as well as taking the opportunity to size up some of the other people who had washed up with him. All normies, for one. Interesting, but not too weird. Two of them were dressed (and armed, for that matter) all old timey like. Either survivalists or maybe those weirdos that were supposed to live up North. Another was dressed like a soldier, but in the tan colors reserved for desert combat. And then there was the lady with the cool ink.

Swampdog strolled over to see what they were talking about, hoping they weren't fundie racists or Arco fucks. "Sup, name's Swampdog. Or just Swamp if you like.", Swamp said in his gravelly smoker's drawl, "Sounds like ya'll get caught up in some clavo poo poo too." Swampdog was dubious of the 'another world' theory, but maybe there was something to it. Swamp had a gut feeling that something was missing, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He scratched at an odd grey scaly patch on his bloated, malformed face and continued "You seem to know more about the clavo shitstorm what got us here in the first place. Anythin' you left out? And who the hell is Gulliver?"

Swampdog continued to comb the beach for flammables. He wanted to get dry as soon as possible and no doubt these strangers would appreciate it as well.

Rolling Scrounging 13 to gather enough stuff to start a small fire to dry myself with.

Also have a (rough) reference image for Swamp's level of ugliness!

Aug 12, 2011

I am Centurion Titus Polonius. And the only trouble I've had is that nobody seem to realize that I'm their superior officer.

Abner - Not in Kansas

Abner looks over at Vojtech, taking in his strange clothing and gear, before responding. "I've been to Canada, yes. Both British and French. I'm from the Dominion of America, myself. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with, where was it?" He starts to respond to Sasha, but then catches sight of Swampdog and starts, his mouth hanging open. "What, ah, what happened to you, sir? Were you injured?" Trying to disguise his staring, Abner pulls out his tomahawk and begins to gather wood himself.

paper bag with a face
Jun 2, 2007

Swampdog - The Ocean

Swampdog knew that look. That was the look of someone who had been in the shelters too long and didn't know poo poo about the Outside. At one time, he might've been hurt or insulted by such a look, but nowadays it was more amusing than anything else. Swampdog briefly considered trotting out the ol' "I played too close to a thresher" story, but eh. Enough weird poo poo was going on without a hideous stranger trying to feed everyone a line of bullshit. Instead, Swampdog smirked and said, "What's the matter, normie? Never seen a mutant before?"

Definitely not one of those crazy fundie types, at least. They would've been opening fire and screaming, "Demon!", or some poo poo already.

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Sep 14, 2007

Jake Wolff

A wave rolls over Jake, sending salt water right up his nose. He splutters and coughs, his arms flailing in the water. He regains enough of his bearings to realize he is in water, and is sinking slowly. He can see the shore in front of him and starts to swim--and fails. His legs aren't working, for some reason. More specifically, he can't seem to separate his feet.

Only at this point does Jake see his hand. what the...? Jake is completely confounded by the snow glove on his hand. Then he realizes not only is he wearing snow gloves, but full snow gear--jacket, helmet, goggles, pants, the whole deal. And then he realizes his biggest problem: he's strapped into a snowboard. With great effort, he reaches down and unseats one boot, then the other, being careful to hold onto his board. He then makes his way to shore.

Once ashore, Jake takes stock of his situtation. How the hell did I end up on the beach? Jake can't figure it out. He remembers bombing down the mountain on the craziest run of his life. He remembers realizing the storm was coming in faster than he'd realized, with unusual force and suddenness. He remembers trying to skirt the edge of the storm and failing. And that was it. Was there a beach I didn't see? Did Chet drug me and toss me in the ocean? Where is that rear end in a top hat?

Only then does Jake realize that there were others on the beach. Not anyone he recognized. Not the kind of people he expected--but anyone can be a tourist, he thinks. He strips off everything but his athletic shorts and t-shirt, dropping everything in a pile on the dry part of the beach. He walks toward the others.

"Are you guys here to surf New San Diego?"

Jake Wolff

Human male, age 24, 6' 180 lb
TL:	8

Attributes	135
Advantages	 46
Disadvantages	-28
Skills		 97
Earned		  5
Total		255

Attributes  [135]
ST	12	[20]	
DX	13	[60]
IQ	11	[20]
HT	13	[30]

WILL	12	 [5]
PER	11
FP	13
HP	12

Basic Speed	6.5
Basic Move	6

Advantages			[46]
Languages			[12]
	Language: English (Native; Spoken (Native); Written (Native))	[0]	
	Language: German (Spoken (Native); Written (Native))		[6]
	Language: French (Spoken (Native); Written (Native))		[6]
Fit				 [5]
Flexibility			 [5]
Daredevil			[15]
Attractive			 [4]
High TL 1			 [5]

Disadvantages & Quirks		[-28]
Impulsiveness (CR: 9)		[-15]
Overconfidence (CR: 12)		 [-5]
Curious	(CR: 12)		 [-5]
Likes Adrenaline Highs		 [-1]
Proud				 [-1]	
Horrible Hangovers		 [-1]

Skills						[97]	
Brawling				14 (DX+1) [2]
Carousing				15 (HT+2) [4]
Climbing				16 (DX+3) [2]
Computer Operation/TL8			11 (IQ+0) [1]
Current Affairs/TL8 (Sports)		13 (IQ+2) [4]
Driving/TL8 (Automobile)		14 (DX+1) [4]
Driving/TL8 (Motorcycle)		14 (DX+1) [4]
Electronics Operation/TL8 (Media)	11 (IQ+0) [2]
Explosives/TL8 (Demolition)		10 (IQ-1) [1]
First Aid/TL8				11 (IQ+0) [1]
Games (Volleyball)			13 (IQ+2) [4]
Games (Golf)				11 (IQ+0) [1]
Hiking					13 (HT+0) [2]
Housekeeping				12 (IQ+1) [2]
Carpentry				12 (IQ+1) [2]
Musical Instrument (Guitar)		12 (IQ+1) [8]
Naturalist (Earthlike)			12 (IQ+1) [8]
Navigation/TL8 (Land)			12 (IQ+1) [4]
Parachuting/TL8				14 (DX+1) [2]
Piloting/TL8 (Light Airplane)		13 (DX+0) [2]
Scuba/TL8				12 (IQ+1) [4]
Skiing					13 (HT+0) [4]
Sports (Surfing)			15 (DX+2) [8]
Sports (Skateboarding)			15 (DX+2) [8]
Sports (Snowboarding)			15 (DX+2) [8]
Swimming				15 (HT+2) [4]
Throwing				12 (DX-1) [1]

Equipment				[$3,633, 34.15 lb]
1x Backpack, Small (holding 16.65 lb)	120	3.0  lb 
	1x Small First Aid Kit		10	1.0  lb 	
	3x Snack			6	0.75 lb
	1x Cellular Phone		100	0.5  lb	
	1x Headphones			50	1.0  lb
	1x Micro-Camcorder		200	0.25 lb		(1hr rech. battery. Holdout +1.)
	1x Cigarette Lighter		30	---  lb		(Windproof. Waterproof.)
	1x Smart Flashlight		300	0.5  lb		(50-yard beam. 2xXS/2hrs.)
	1x Water Pack (2qt)		25	5.0  lb
	4x Battery (XS)			2	0.4  lb
	1x Rope, 1/4" (25 yds)		75	1.5  lb	
	1x Ice Axe			100	2.0  lb
	1x Multi-Tool			50	0.5  lb
	1x Blanket, EmergencySurv. +1)	5	0.25 lb
1x Arctic Clothing			1,500	7.5  lb		(Snowboarding Gear, Status 2)
1x Snow Boots				300	3.0  lb		(Flexible (Based on Arctic Boots))
1x Snowboard Helmet			50	2.0  lb		(DR+1 vs. cr. (Based on Hockey Helmet))
1x Snow Goggles				35	0.0  lb		(Based on Ballistic Sunglasses)
1x Snowboard				175	5.0  lb		(Based on Skis)
1x Diver's Watch			500	---  lb

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Aug 21, 2005


Sasha - A Beach

It is only two decades of being taught how to remain silent that prevents an explitive from leaving Sasha's lips at the sight of the man who called himself Swampdog. "Mutant, you say? Do you perhaps suffer from, what was it... ah, Proteus Syndrome, Mr. Sawmp Dog?"

The latest man to drag himself out of the sea diverts her attention for a moment. "I don't know where you'd find New San Diego, but I am reasonably sure that none of us is here intentionally."

paper bag with a face
Jun 2, 2007

Swampdog - The Ocean?

The words 'Proteus Syndrome' sounded vaguely familiar to Swamp. Maybe Nik or some other Brain mentioned it at some point? He shrugged, "I dunno what that is." Hmm, 'syndrome'. "Is it, like, something you catch or get born with? It started with me cuz I was stuck in a shelter with one of those lovely leaky generators."

Swamp turned to meet the new arrival, "Naw, we all got caught up in some clavo poo poo. I ain't even been that far west. How hosed up is it?"

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Mar 11, 2003

Tempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis

Unknown Beach

Along with the people washing up on shore, there also appeared to be debris carried in on the waves. Branches from trees native to North America got carried in by the surf. Swampdog sees pieces of his boat floating in the surf as well (unfortunately there's not enough to make a seaworthy craft. Also part of a car tire has come to rest in the shallows of the shoreline. Further down the shoreline there's half of a mast from a wooden sailing ship with some ropes still attached to it. Out in the water there appears to be other debris which doesn't seem to be from the area.

Swampdog and Abner find some dried wood pieces along the tree line. Along with the wood, they come across plenty of kindling for a fire. On the ground, they also spot some old rotten coconuts. As they gather up what they need for a fire, they don't see any signs of other people having been through the area.

Sasha checks on those who allow themselves to be checked. None of them appear to be suffering from any new injuries. It appears that what happened to them didn't cause any problems for them.

When Swampdog and Abner come back to the group, they start up a fire.

Besides the stuff listed in the first paragraph, to go looking through the debris on land will require a scrounging check. Also anyone doing that should give me a general idea of what they're looking for. Scrounging on land will take up to a half hour.

If anyone wants to search the water, then there will be another scrounging check. A strong success (like five below skill number) will mean the character found something in the shallows. Just a success means the character will find something, but they will have to swim out to find it (and have to make a swim roll).

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Aug 21, 2005


Sasha - Beach Party

"I believe PS is genetic, so you'd be born with it, but it can manifest later in life. You say you think a leaky generator caused this? What kind of shelter are you talking about?"

chin up everything sucks
Jan 29, 2012

Ignatius - On a beach

The languages of the others on the beach was, oddly, the New Tongue brought over by Johnsonius and his rich foreign friends. Ignatius hadn't known that anyone outside of Rome itself spoke the language. At least in the Empire.

"No, no. Do not just pile the wood. It will burn poorly and waste heat. Start with a small pit, and then..."

It took a few minutes, but between his instruction and the strange tiny fire striker the horribly burned man had, a strong fire was soon going above the high tide line on the beach.

Ignatius sets his gear down and spreads things out to dry, muttering about rust under his breath, before he removes his clothing and strides back into the water.

Searching the water. Perception 12

Scrounge Roll: 13 vs 8 - fail
Perception Roll: 17 vs 12 - fail

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paper bag with a face
Jun 2, 2007

Swampdog - Non-Apocalyptic Beach Party

Once the fire was going strong, Swampdog walked down back the beach to where he dumped his coat, police vest and various gun holsters and carried them back to the fire to dry. There, he emptied out the pockets of his duster, revealing (among other things) a wickedly sharp machete and a small pygmy skull made of a single piece of flawless black crystal with a chain going through the eyeholes. He set down and began to take apart his shotgun for cleaning, chatting as he did so.

He gave Sasha a funny look before rasping, "Man, I was thinkin' you were fulla poo poo with the whole another world thing but now I'm not so sure! I'm talkin' about a fallout shelter. Where the hell you from? And yeah it was definitely the generator. I didn't think it at the time, but after enough time walkin' around outside I figured it was the only thing that coulda caused me to get muted up in the first place."

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Mar 11, 2003

Tempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis

Made an edit to my last post, the necessary skill is scrounging, not scavenging. Also for those without scrounging its Per-4, if anyone is scrounging, also roll for perception to see if they spot anything interesting.

Dec 20, 2008

Hail SS-18 Satan, May His Passing Cleanse The Earth

Vojtech Liska- The Pacific Ocean

Vojtech strips and oils his firearms as he listens to the others talk. Seeing the freak, Swampdog, was startling for a second, but then explained with more science fiction junk. A mutant, from fallout.

"So, we're all here, from different world's then? And a 'Banestorm' is the storm that does you somewhere else, Sasha?" he asks the woman, who seems to know what the hell she's talking about. Fitting the bolt back into his rifle, Vojtech eyes the man muttering about rust. "You from a tourist attraction, my friend, or you from a world where Rome never fell? Can't imagine anyone else going un-Czeched, using a pitomý sword and spear when the fine weapons of my homeland are available."

paper bag with a face
Jun 2, 2007

Swampdog - Non-Apocalyptic Beach Party

Swampdog watched Vojtech clean his rifle intently. His gun looked a lot like an AK-47. A goddamn Commie weapon. Not that Swampdog had any problem with that; he was a bit more forgiving of the Russians than most. After all, the ruskies were probably just as hosed as everyone else, and it's not like none of that poo poo before the bombs really mattered any more. "Hey, man.", Swamp croaked, motioning at the other man's gun cleaning kit, "Can I borrow your kit when you're done with it? I didn't think I'd be goin' for a swim and I left mine back at the compound."

Aug 21, 2005


Sasha - Beach

Well, a white man is telling people what to do without introducing himself, so it appears some things are constant across worlds. Comforting, in it's way. Sasha finds her pack washed on shore nearby, and miraculously the contents seem dry for the most part. She drags a log near the fire to sit on, and sets her boots and jacket to dry near the flames.

"Fallout? Fallout... fall- oh, oh my. That means your world was... I'm so terribly sorry. And you believe the radiation did this to you? I'm not sure if I have anything in my bag to treat that. Radiation poisoning isn't exactly a common issue in 1871, after all.

"And yes, Banestorm is what I think it's called. More than that I can't really say. My training was focused much more heavily on medicine than para... para... than cross world travel."

Aug 12, 2011

I am Centurion Titus Polonius. And the only trouble I've had is that nobody seem to realize that I'm their superior officer.

Abner - Island

Abner checks his rifle and pistol, and satisfied that they are dry and in good condition, begins to empty out his canoe. "We ought to explore this island, and see if there is any other land nearby. It looks like most of my cargo here came though without harm, so we shouldn't run out of powder or shot anytime soon". Heaving a barrel out of the canoe, he sets it down, and then pulls a pipe out of his leather bag and begins to fill it. "I even still have all of my tobacco, if any of you need some." He indicates the barrel in the sand. "It was meant for some Abenaki, but in the circumstances we might as well break into it". Most of the Swampdog's talk of shelters and generators goes over his head entirely, and he decides to make inquiries later, when they are in a more secure position. Now puffing away at his pipe, Abner regards the sky, and the forest beyond the beach. "It's warm enough that unless it rains, we shouldn't need to much in the way of shelter tonight. And along those lines, how are all the rest of you fixed for food?" He walks among the flotsam, wondering at the unfamiliar debris.

Survival (Woodlands) 15, Naturalist 13, and Per 14 to try and figure out if it will rain, and also to search the flotsam.

Dec 20, 2008

Hail SS-18 Satan, May His Passing Cleanse The Earth

Vojtech Liska- The Pacific Ocean

"No problem, kamarád," Vojtech says, handing over his kit to the mutant. To the still unintroduced man he nods at the mention of tobacco before stopping, surprised. "Powder and shot? Like old, what is the word, flintlocks? And is that an entire barrel of loose tobacco? You wouldn't happen to have some rolling papers too, would you?"

paper bag with a face
Jun 2, 2007

Swampdog - Non-Apocalyptic Beach Party

"poo poo, thanks man. I woulda been pissed if I lost this baby to some clavo bullshit.", Swampdog said, taking the gun cleaning kit. It wasn't quite right for his shotgun, but it would do the job good enough. "That's a sweet piece you got there. Is it a civvie model or military? Do ya'll even have that? I dunno how Russia works." After wiping down his M4 and applying some gun oil, he reassembled it and moved onto his Glock.

When Abner rolled out the barrel of tobacco, Swamp was pleasantly surprised, "Goddamn! My fuckin' hero over here! I got some rolling papers if ya'll want some, just don't use em' all." Swampdog got up, tossed Vojtech his bag of blunt wraps and walked over to the barrel to open it. On the way over, he responded to Sasha, "Hah, you sound like one of those Brains at the University. They gave up tryin' to figure out why rads do it after the bombs dropped when it 'parently didn't do it before. All I know is that you walk around for too long in the wrong places without a suit or drugs, you're gettin' muted up."

Sep 14, 2007

Jake Wolff -- The Beach

Jake looked around. This was definitely not New San Diego. It didn't, in fact, look like any place he'd seen on Lucifer-7. He looks back and forth between Swampdog and Sasha. "Dude, you're straight of The Goonies. This is some crazy stuff." He looks over the others--an old Roman looking type, Sloth from The Goonies, a colonial, a soldier, and Sasha. Where the hell did these people come from? "Wait wait wait. Banestorm? Other worlds? Cross world trav--oh poo poo."

He looks at Sasha intently, as she seemed to have the best handle on what is going on here. "Are you telling me I'm not on Lucifer-7 anymore? And that... The rest of you are from other worlds? How the hell did we all end up here?"

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Dec 20, 2008

Hail SS-18 Satan, May His Passing Cleanse The Earth

Vojtech Liska- The Pacific Ocean

Vojtech takes the offered wraps and rolls a few, lighting one immediately before speaking. "Vzor 58. Model of fifty-eight. Czech, not Russian, and very much the military model. Stole it after my conscript service ended after the Velvet Revolution, right after communism fell in my homeland. Russian communism went kaput a few years later though. Not much radiation either. Unless you end up in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone."

Looking towards the man in shorts, Vojtech shrugs. "Does it matter? We are here now. And what is Lucifer-7?"

chin up everything sucks
Jan 29, 2012

Ignatius - On a beach

Distracted by the strange conversations going on on the beach behind him, Ignatius finds himself unable to focus on his search for useful goods in the water. Finally, he gives up and returns to shore as he ponders over the strange words he had overheard. Mutant, cross-world, banestorm, clavo... obviously he hadn't learned the new tongue as well as he had thought. He could only get a vague grasp of what they were talking about, which seemed to sum up to "we don't know how we got here". The strange equipment that some of them carried looked vaguely like gear that he had seen carried by guards accompanying tourists in Rome. Maybe they came from the same place?

Ignatius approaches the fire naked and dripping wet, a scowl on his face. "Hello. My name is Glavius Ignatius, of the Flavius family in Rome. I will be honest, I had not expected Mars to intercede with Jupiter quite so... quickly, after my prayers. Since you speak the New Tongue, are you from the strange country that Johnsonius has so many friends in?"

Aug 21, 2005


Sasha - Campfire Smoking Circle

Sasha begins searching her bag for her pipe at the offer of tobacco. It is always hard to tell what a white man means by offering the leaf, but based on everyone's behavior so far they either don't know or don't care what the marks on her right cheek mean. Very likely the former, and probably best to keep it that way. But still, it would be rude to refuse the man's generous offer.

As she loads her pipe, the man from before returns and introduces himself, fully exposed and flapping in the breeze. Sasha left any bashfulness behind during the war, but it is still a gesture she is not sure how to interpret.

"I'm afraid I've said about all I know on the subject of where we are or how we got here. Perhaps it would be helpful if we all gave a more thorough introduction of where we've all come from. I'll start: for those that missed in, my name is Sasha Ayze, and on my world the year is 1871 by the Gregorian calendar."

Dec 20, 2008

Hail SS-18 Satan, May His Passing Cleanse The Earth

Vojtech Liska- The Pacific Ocean

Vojtech shrugs again. "I am Vojtech Liska, if you did not hear,, and where I am from, it is the year 2017, by Gregorian calendar. So either I have moved back in time to the past, or you have had a very long nap and look great for your age."

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Jan 29, 2012

Ignatius - On a beach

"I do not understand, what is a Gregorian Calendar? It is 1670 years since Caesar ascended to Olympus to join the Gods, but why are we comparing years, the year should be the same for all of us."

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Jun 2, 2007

Swampdog - Non-Apocalyptic Beach Party

Swampdog rolled himself a cigarette and lit it up. Ah, just what he needed. He felt like he always needed a smoke when clavo poo poo was involved. "Uh, once again, my name is Swampdog. Just Swampdog. And I think the year from where I am is, like, 2030-something.", he turned towards Vojtech, "And I don't remember the commies ever falling, but then again I was a kid at th-hold on a sec." Out of the corner of his eye, Swampdog spotted a cherry red fragment of fiberglass washing up on the shore. poo poo.

He waded out into the water to look for any traces of Meyers or the Union guys. Maybe if he was lucky he could find some useful stuff too! The Union boys brought along a decent amount of spare parts and tools, as well as a big cooler full of food.

Perception to find any trace of Meyers or his little pals: Success! (12 vs 12)
Searching for speedboat loot: Success! (13 vs 13) But I gotta swim for it!

Swamp thought he could see something in the distance. He took off his shirt and motioned in the direction of the object, "I see somethin' out that way. Gonna go check it out."

Swimmin': Success! (5 vs 12) Despite being denser than a normal human, Swamp has no problem makin' the swim.

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Aug 12, 2011

I am Centurion Titus Polonius. And the only trouble I've had is that nobody seem to realize that I'm their superior officer.

Abner - Beach party

Abner looks on as Swamp dog wades out into the surf, and then turns back to others around the fire. "I'm Captain Abner Langstaff, and I'm from the Dominion of America, New Hampshire in particular. Last I knew, it was 1797." He sighs, and puffs on his pipe again, looking at Sasha. "Pardon the question, but might you be an Indian? I don't recognize that tattoo mark though."

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