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Nov 8, 2009

but not today

There's an Afghani place near here that sells handmade curry sauce by the jar. It ain't all that hot but slap the green on some chicken or the red on beef and it's like Jesus himself shat on yer tongue.


FedEx Mercury
Jan 7, 2004

Me bad posting? That's unpossible!

Lipstick Apathy

The Iraqi people make a spicy mango sauce called amba that is just the bee's knees.

Jan 12, 2006

revdrkevind posted:

Not just bland food. I mean obviously if a food is already at your preferred level of spice you wouldn't sauce it, but that's almost into semantics.

Vinegar actually does wonderful things to food. Plenty of hot sauces also contain garlic and onion. These are good things.

So like a pierogi is loving delicious. It does not need anything. Save for some traditional fresh sour cream, of course. But sometimes, probably when you're high, you slather on a bunch of Red Hot and goddamn.

Or if you want a real guilty pleasure:

That's right, you sons of bitches. Pour hot sauce over Cheetos and eat it with goddamn chopsticks so you don't get it on your hands. It's one of the worst foods that ever has or ever will be consumed. It's also fantastic. It's salty and crunchy and makes your eyes water. It's a goddamn S&M dungeon for your taste buds.

Hot sauce news for that one rear end in a top hat:

The Sriracha company is regarded as a nuisance by locals who get clouds of cayenne to the face when the wind blows the wrong way. Probably because they're pussies. Old article:

There now it's GBS. We're commenting on an old rear end article that's barely relevant. Discuss.

are you having a stroke right now?

a bone to pick
Sep 14, 2011

I'm the insufferable piece of poo poo who eats cheetohs with chopsticks

Feb 19, 2014

eat the hot sauce cheetos off the floor like the filthy pig you are

Apr 15, 2007

Have a great day,
ya look like a purse!

How are people saying Cholula. I bought some and it's basically vinegar water, barely any flavor at all.

Gringo Bandito Green and Super Hot are two good ones.

For bhut jolokia sauces you can't beat

Avoid those pepper extract bhut jolokia sauces like Dave's

Aug 5, 2014


Y-Hat posted:

i already said that sriracha hot sauce is overrated, so i've never tried their chili paste. this is what i buy instead, i first got it at a chinese grocery store and never looked back

it's great in korean dishes because there's usually a lot of garlic in them to begin with
I loving plow through their chili black bean paste. It's my go to stir fry base for a quick meal.

a bone to pick
Sep 14, 2011

Cholula is great, not too spicy but has a great taste, at least to me.

Sep 1, 2006


Roke. posted:

Gringo Bandito Green and Super Hot are two good ones

Came in here to post gringo bandito, all varieties are pretty good plus it's made by the singer from The Offspring.

Also there's a recipe for a prison burrito on the website that I made once out of curiosity.

Drunk Nerds
Jan 25, 2011

Fun Shoe

Dreddout posted:

Recently picked up this

It's pretty good, but hot enough that your body needs some time to recover from consuming it. I like how the flavor is subtle and doesn't ruin the taste of what ever you put on it.

That's some good flavor. There's another similar brand that smokes the peppers beforehand and you really get more flavor.

That's my test as to whether or not a "super" hot sauce is good: Does it evoke flavor that mixes well with the searing heat? So far, I've not found anything that beats homegrown peppers dried and blended into a powder. Last season it was Naga Viper, this year I got some decent Ghosts, enough to fill about 1/3 of a salt shaker.

If I just want circus-level heat, I go with the Satan's Blood, which I bet has already been mentioned in this thread, 800,000 scovilles

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Drunk Nerds
Jan 25, 2011

Fun Shoe

Bimmi posted:

I try to keep a bunch of different kinds around too, but my neck of soCal is surprisingly barren of variety in the hot sauce aisle, and far too many of the minor brands around here are vague jalapeno-based fluids that are often bitter, devoid of character, and genuinely do suck.

Amazon. I hear there's a specialty shop in Los Angeles proper, too. IT's where my friends go to get me gifts for events and stuff.

Nov 8, 2009

but not today

Yeah, I have to get my Pukka sauce online even though it was readily available in stores 20 years ago. Again, I blame the conglom-Os proliferating their base brands and crowding everyone else out (recently noticed that Try Me Tiger Sauce has disappeared from my local grocer's... not my favorite but not happy to see it go, either.)

I do find it weird that I had a better hot sauce selection at any given supermarket in overwhelmingly white Seattle than I do in southern goddamn California, although Orange County is an enclave of the blandest possible poo poo anyway so maybe that has something to do with it.

Bimmi fucked around with this message at Sep 21, 2016 around 01:50

Mar 2, 2007

ive been making chili oil out of poo poo in my garden and szechuan-style ingrediants. does that count?

Drunk Nerds
Jan 25, 2011

Fun Shoe

Bacon Hat posted:

ive been making chili oil out of poo poo in my garden and szechuan-style ingrediants. does that count?

Well, is it hot? What makes it hot?

Bea Nanner
Oct 20, 2003

Je suis excité!

tobasco habanero close thread

grill youre saelf
Jan 22, 2006
I use my real name, because I'm cool like that.

Bea Nanner posted:

tobasco habanero close thread

I keep buying big bottles of this stuff. Goes quickly on my eggs/pizza/pastas


Jul 17, 2012
Can't post for 3753 days!

Shredded Hen

i'll share my weird exotic favorite from peru -

it's more of a tasty hot sauce than spicy (mild heat)

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