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Stefan Prodan
Jan 7, 2002

I deeply respect you as a human being... Some day I'm gonna make you *Mrs* Buck Turgidson!

Grimey Drawer

I sell poo poo on amazon and unfortunately you are competing with tons of people who have lots of reviews, many of which are gotten like this, and there's no way to compete at all initially without seeding it with a lot of these reviews just to get the star graphic and the # of reviews up.

I would honestly love if no one had them at all and it was all just organic reviews but that just isn't the way the game is played anymore. Apparently on some Amazons sites it is, like I have heard on Amazon Japan it's not uncommon for the #1 item to have like 10 reviews and have an average of 3.8 or something because people don't think being okay deserves a 5 there like they do here, where having a 4.7 on uber will get you fired and killed.

Also when I first started I for some reason thought people would really leave me honest reviews and that's actually what I really wanted because they were like test orders of products that I was trying to figure out if I wanted to sell a lot of, and it would have been really useful to get like 100 people's honest opinions, but it's obviously basically a wink wink nudge nudge kinda thing like everyone knows. It sucks and I wish it didn't work like that but seriously good loving luck launching something on Amazon without doing it because your actual customers are gonna leave reviews at a rate of like 5% if you are SUPER lucky or have some sort of awesome e-mail followup that people respond to well, and since it's gonna be hard to get sales to begin with without reviews, 5% of a very small number is gonna take forever to get any reviews.


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