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halleys comet posted:

Some even go so far as to say that theres a fyad poster whos made 20 pages of posts about donald trump, more than anyone else in history.

food on the table

abuse culture.

ableism. abuse culture. academic elitism. ageism. adultism. ahistoricalism. allism. anthropocentrism. antisemitism. antiziganism. appropriation. asexual hate. atheist dogma. audism. authoritarian models and hierarchies. bdsm hate. binarism. body modifications hate. body policing. bullying. capitalism. cartesian dualism. casteism. christian supremacy. chronologism. cisgenderism. cissexism. classism. coercive diagnosis. colonialism. colorism. communalism. compulsory schooling. conservatism. cultural appropriation. cyber / online / internet culture hate. democracy. determinism. diet shaming. drug use enforcement. drug use & culture hate. educationism / educational institutionalism. elitism. enforced silencing. enforcing and policing dichotomies. enforcing attitudes. enforcing the self / body and self / mind dichotomies. environmental destruction. erasure. ethnicism. ethnocentrism. eurocentrism. evolutionary psychology. fascism. fat hate. food policing. fundamentalism. furry hate. gender policing. genderizations. genderqueer hate. generalizations. globalization. government ideology. grammar / spelling policing. gridmapping. GSM / GSAM (gender and (a)sexuality marginalized) hate. healthism. heightism. heteronormativity. heterosexism. hierarchalism. hindutva. hueism. imperialism. individualism. islam hate. jingoism. kink hate. kink policing. language(s) policing / imposition. liberalism. libertarianism. linearity. logocentrism. looksism. majority rule. marginalization. marriage as an enforced norm. militarism. misogyny. monoamorism. monogamism. monosexism. nation-state ideology. nationalism. nazism. neocolonialism. neoliberalism. nerd / geek hate. nonconsent culture. nonconsensual / coercive fetishization. nonconsensual / coercive sexualization. nonhuman hate. normativity. objectivism. oppression of undocumented beings. oppressive family structures. oppressive notions of science. oralism. orientalism. otherkin hate + erasure. parentism. patriotism. policing. policing selfhoods. privatization. progressivism. property ideology. queer hate. racism. surprise sex culture. rationalism. republicanism. religious / spiritual discrimination. reproductivism. revisionism. saffronization. scientific dogma. sectarianism. sex work hate + shaming. sexism. sexualism. shaming in general. singletism. sizism. speciesism. standardized work and education. statism. stealth shaming. stigmatization. the academic industrial complex. the adult / child dichotomy. the "all dichotomies must be false dichotomies" philosophy. the bigoted myth of neutrality. the prison industrial complex. therian hate. totalitarianism. transabled hate. transmisogyny. trans (*) hate. universalism. victim blaming. war. zionism.

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