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May 20, 2001

"Can you see?"

Hey everyone! It's looking like we are racking up a lot of really swell characters! I'll be going through over the next day or two for any further reviewing and suggested tweaks--I've gotten in touch with a few folks as time has availed but I'll get a more general writ together here in the thread. Couple things then for clarity in the meantime:
  • Nobody should start with Knowledge (Mythos)
  • While there have been a range of Civilian occupation characters floated that are workable, just know that they'll need solid hooks to be brought on board for this expedition.
  • We'll be running through a precursor operation that leads to the actual Antarctica expedition as its catalyst--which also means that technically, the gang are not aware of what's going on in Antarctica out the gate. We'll need to do a little bit of finagling when it comes to the how and why for a particularly diverse team to be deployed to this operation, but I'm working on it.
  • After consideration after it slipping my mind originally, I'll clarify that we will need some skill expenditures for non-native language speaking / understanding.
On the matter of languages, then: I know this ends up being a bit of a hit for characters who aren't native English speakers (insofar as the primary drive of the operation being English speakers) but there is impact enough down to simply whether or not a character speaks German (or Russian, etc.) that I feel like having a character who is bilingual or further multilingual does present some interesting role-play elements (and possible advantages, at that) enough so that I'd prefer to go the skill point route rather than end up with essentially every character inherently knowing several languages (which is the Smarts-die-in-Languages approach.)

That being said, here's what you're looking at--any character can fluently speak their native language for free by default. Skill points invested in additional languages give you progressively more fluent grasp of those languages as follows:

Knowledge (Language) Table
  • d4 The character can read, write, and speak common words and phrases.
  • d6 The speaker can carry on prolonged but occasionally halting conversation.
  • d8 The character can speak fluently.
  • d10 The character can mimic other dialects within the language.
  • d12 The character can masterfully recite important literary or oral works.
So, for practical purposes--if your character is a non-native English speaker, two skill points in Knowledge (English) is quite sufficient to be able to readily and fairly easily communicate with English squad-mates, commanding officers, etc. Similarly, a character who takes Knowledge (German) will be able to glean most things you might hear from the opposition on the battlefield, etc.

On the flip-side, this means that Soviet characters in particular may end up able to crack jokes and discuss all sorts of things unbeknownst to their squad-mates if nobody picks up Russian, for instance. There is a little bit of tension between the Allies and Soviets during this joint operation, since the earliest seeds of the Cold War are creeping into play.


Fathis Munk
Feb 23, 2013

??? ?

For the whole language thing, the thing I meant was that I have Victoire speaking French as a flavor thing, I don't think French would be important in the antarctic. Anyways, I guess it's only fair to still have to put some points into her second language.

Second thing : How solid of a hook are we talking about ? I amended Victoire's story a bit to include Leclerc and Koufra because they were great thematically and also tie her more closely to allied armies. Would that be enough for a hook ?

May 20, 2001

"Can you see?"

Fathis Munk posted:

For the whole language thing, the thing I meant was that I have Victoire speaking French as a flavor thing, I don't think French would be important in the antarctic. Anyways, I guess it's only fair to still have to put some points into her second language.

Second thing : How solid of a hook are we talking about ? I amended Victoire's story a bit to include Leclerc and Koufra because they were great thematically and also tie her more closely to allied armies. Would that be enough for a hook ?

I'm fine with her French as flavor rather than mechanical, sure; Savage Worlds attempts to make a point of skills only being necessary when it's -really- going to be meaningful in the course of play (similar to how Common Knowledge works--e.g. if your background is that you're a Medical Doctor, SW is content to say that Cardiology might just be Common Knowledge--or a Smarts roll--rather than requiring you to spend the entirety of your skill points shoring up varities of Knowledge Cardiology etc.)

Victoire's got a fairly solid lead-in; mostly I was making note of that because if folks veer off too far it becomes very difficult to justify / explain why they're attached to the team for such an extreme undertaking.

Jul 13, 2004


3 Bennies; 1 Occult only Benny
1/6 Dementia

Name: Gráinne Flynn
Nationality: UK
MOS: MI6 Operative
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d10, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Fighting d4, Investigation d6, Intimidation d6, Knowledge (Cryptography) d4, Knowledge (Espionage) d4, Knowledge (Mythos) d4, Knowledge (Occult) d6, Knowledge (Psychology) d6, Notice d6, Persuasion d6, Shooting d4, Stealth d6, Streetwise d6, Taunt d6
Pace: 6, Parry: 4, Sanity: 6, Toughness: 5, Charisma: +6
Gear: Backpack, Bedroll, Canteen, Flashlight, Whistle; Normal Clothing, Winter Boots, Winter Gear; MAB Modèle D pistol, Utility Knife
•Charismatic: +2 to Charisma.
•Linguist: Starting languages equal to Smarts (Dutch, French, German, Irish, Italian & Russian) plus a chance to learn unfamiliar languages/dialects after a week of exposure.
•Strong Willed: +2 to Intimidation & Taunt rolls and +2 to Smarts and Spirit when resisting Test of Will attacks.
•Very Attractive: +4 to Charisma.
•Curious: To a fault.
•Enemy: Parapsychologist Dr. Horst Brandt.
•Vow: Uncover the truth behind her past.
Unarmed Strike d4 (Str)
MAB Modèle D (.32) d4 (2d6+1, 12/24/48, RoF 1, Shots 9, Semi-Auto)
Utility Knife d4 (Str+d4)

•Very Attractive and Linguist bought with the Curious, Enemy & Vow hindrances.
Advances: Novice: Spirit d8; Investigation d4-d6 & Stealth d4-d6; Intimidation d4-d6 & Taunt d4-d6; Strong Willed Edge; Seasoned: Knowledge (Occult) d4-d6 & Knowledge (Psychology) d4-d6; Spirit d10; Charismatic Edge; Persuasion d6-d8 & Streetwise d4-d6.
•Knowledge (Mythos) d4 from the Pabodie Expedition, Sanity reduced to 6.


"Light, Nature, Truth."

Gráinne Flynn grew up hearing the motto of the Spiritualists' National Union. Dinner dialogues on life after death planted a seed in her heart. It flourished from aspirations extolling reunions and wisdom. When she wrestled with a foreign tongue as a child, it didn't manifest as mere talent. A roiling spirit was reaching out to her and she acted as a medium for its message. The girl channelled an increasing number of the dearly departed across Europe. However, Doctor Horst Brandt nearly ended it all in Germany. He smoulders to this day in the ruins of his career. The prodigy herself did not escape unscathed. She watched the world change during her recovery with nothing but infuriating questions. No epiphanies came between boarding schools and foster homes. The doubt she felt about her past festered when she met with prominent spiritualists of the United Kingdom. They kept secrets as she played poster girl and toured locales eliciting déjà vu and déjà vécu. War cast a long shadow on her travels among the Allied soldiers. Grace ambivalently mimicked a hazy memory by "channelling" their comrades. In time a photo of the doctor from her past broke the cycle of deceit and guilt. She identified Dr. Brandt to the MI6 before they revealed he'd never forgotten her. The thought "Light, Nature, Truth" came unbidden as she resolved to confront the present with all her heart. Thus, she joined the agency to discover the secrets buried in her past.

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May 20, 2001

"Can you see?"

Alright gang, we’ve got quite a number of entrants in the thread now, though I know a couple folks are still putting together characters—and by a couple, by my count there are at least six individuals percolating. I am in the process of poking around to see just how many characters we can really bring aboard and whether or not more than eight would prove wholly untenable.

Given that we’ve gotten very solid interest, even the larger squad size intended for this expedition may not quite fit everyone (at least, potentially not from the outset), so in an effort to avoid ending up going too much over the deep end, I’m going to draw a deadline.

Please try to have any remaining submissions completed by Wednesday the 28th.

To recap thus far and for my own point of reference, here are the current entrants for this dangerous and daring expedition:

Izoldah Rostov, submitted by Shogeton, a Soviet Scout
Sgt. Ted Willis, submitted by Mukaikubo, an American Army Engineer
Bradley Gewitt, submitted by DocBubonic, a British SOE Agent specializing in the occult.
Victoire Doucet, submitted by Fathis Munk, former French Resistance and Medic
Sgt. Ronnie Thomas, submitted by Fraction Jackson, an American Commando of the 1st SSF Devil’s Brigade
Harry Manahi, submitted by Oracle, a Maori Commando of the Z Special Unit
Gráinne Flynn, submitted by Razeam, a British Spiritualist

If anyone has any questions or needs a hand yet, you can typically find me via IRC on under Gaist. Let's try get this wrapped up and begin our intrepid and perilous journey together!

Redeye Flight
Mar 26, 2010
I liked it--it was witty enough and a lot more impressive than I was expecting for a girl's toy cartoon. So I thought, "Hmm. I'm on Something Awful. I don't see a thread for this anywhere, but other people might like it--it's not like it would be the first cartoon for kids that SA's taken a shine to." So I made a real earnest thread and put it up in TV/IV. And I was both right and wrong, because the forum blew up and fell over, and the thread got raided to shit by FYAD, and in like I think two weeks the show was banned outright because people kept causing fucking drama.

Name: Irakliy Kuznetsov
Nationality: U.S.S.R.
MOS: Starshiy (Senior) Lieutenant, Special Operations Group 4044. Currently attached to the 1st Tank Brigade, 35th Red Banner Army.

Attributes: Agility 6, Spirit 8, Smarts 8, Vigor 6, Strength 6
Skills: Persuasion: d8 / Intimidation: d4 / Notice: d8 / Shooting: d6 / Repair: d6 / Knowledge: Communications: d6 / Fighting: d4 / Survival: d4 / Healing: d4 / Driving: d4 / Knowledge: English: d6 (basic conversational)
Pace: 6, Parry: 4, Sanity: 5, Toughness: 5, Charisma: 2
Gear: Alcohol (Scrounged, Varies), Ammo Pouch (x4), Backpack, Bandage, Bedroll, Binoculars, Cigarettes, Entrenching Tool, Gas Mask, Mess Kit, Lighter, Pistol Holster, Socks (4 pairs), Suspenders, Tanker’s Helmet, Toolkit (Basic), Web Belt, Winter Boots, Winter Gear (cloak/parka)
Rank: In the military hierarchy, has edge over the lower orders.
Command: All allies in command radius who can see/hear gain +1 to recovery from Shaken.
Command Voice: Command radius increased from 5" to 10".
Hold the Line (S): All men under command have +1 Toughness.
Combat Reflexes (S): +2 to recover from Shaken.
MacGuyver: No penalty for using basic or makeshift tools. In a pinch, can jury-rig devices for one use.
Heroic: Will always throw himself into the mix if someone needs it.
Loyal: Does not leave men behind.
Shell-Shock (Minor). -1 to Sanity. When a Quirk is taken or Phobia lost, roll Spirit or be mentally incapacitated for 1d6 rounds.
Unarmed Strike d4 (Str)
PPSh-41 (7.62×25mm) d6 (2d6, 12/24/48, RoF 3, Shots 71, Full-Auto)
Nagant M1895 Revolver (7.62×38mm) d6 (2d6-1, 12/24/48, RoF 1 Shots 6 Revolver, can be silenced)

Advance 1: Combat Reflexes
Advance 2: MacGuyver
Advance 3: Strength from 4 to 6
Next Advance: Intimidate and Fighting to d6



In March 1940 an incident of unknown type was reported near the closed city of Chita. Fearing a Japanese attack and a threat to the Trans-Siberian Railway, Premier Stalin ordered elements of the 2nd Red Banner Army to investigate the region. The incursion was traced to the village of Vershino-Shakhtaminskiy, close to the border.

It is now known that non-scientific elements were the cause of the Vereshino-Shakhtaminskiy Incident. These elements were destroyed utterly, along with most of the village, at the cost of [REDACTED]. Survivors were immediately removed from the 2nd Red Banner Army and placed under the jurisdiction of NKVD 4th Department, which would become the core of SMERSH, and organized into Special Operations Group 4044. Since then they have been deployed selectively when non-scientific elements (NSE) are suspected in contact with Red Army units as experienced advisors.

Irakliy Kuznetsov is one of these NSE “advisors”, though he laughs every time the phrase comes up. Born in Magnitogorsk in 1915, Kuznetsov grew up surrounded by ironwork and was immersed in the formation of the new Soviet Army. Seeing the evolution of such machines as the future, he signed up to join the force shortly before the start of the 1930s Purges and volunteered for the then-nascent armor corps. Kuznetsov was present at Khalkhin Gol and participated in the bloody later stages of the battle, and as a result was promoted to command of a BT-7 tank in the 59th Tank Division. Reports from the time paint him as a driven, inspirational figure slated likely to continue climbing the command tree.

S. Serzhant Kuznetsov volunteered to lead his brigade into the region around Chita after reports of an incursion there in 1940, and his brigade was part of the response to the initial encounter at Vershino-Shakhtaminskiy. He came out of the encounter with his sanity—just. He was then transferred, along with all other survivors, to the jurisdiction of SMERSH, which shuffled them into a new unit, the 4044th Special Operations Group. Kuznetsov and his crew(s) have been all over the Union since then, chasing the trail of Hitler's non-conventional warfare elements, and he was preparing for a push into Germany itself—when a call came down from on high to ship back to Siberia. Kuznetsov doesn't KNOW why he's been picked for the Antarctic mission, but he can drat well guess—there's only one thing they call on him for anymore.


Psychological Profile

What was once a man with complete confidence in himself, his cause, and his Union was shattered in March 1940. Now Irakliy Kuznetsov is a quiet man, contemplative, given to dark philosophy and troubled sleep. He knows absolutely that SOMETHING is out there, something dark and vile... he just doesn't know what to make of it. What he does know, is that they can be stopped. And if anyone’s going to stop them from hurting anyone like that again, it’s going to be him, and his fourteen-ton tank.

Despite his own internal demons, Kuznetsov remains a competent commander and one devoted to getting his people through the fire to the other side. His early charisma has not been damaged, and his ability to inspire remains largely intact. He has experience as a small-unit commander both in and out of his tank, though the latter is rather… ad-hoc.

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A Velociraptor!
Aug 20, 2007

Name: SGT Richard ‘Dicky’ Barton-Morewood
Nationality: British
MOS:: No. 73 Squadron RAF
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d8

Skills: Driving d4, Fighting d4, Swimming d4, Shooting d8, Stealth d6, Notice d6, Repair d6, Survival d4, Piloting d8, Knowledge (Navigation) d8.
Pace: 6 Parry: 4 Sanity: 6 Toughness: 7 Charisma: 0
Gear: Leather flight helmet, Goggles, Oxygen mask, Spare uniform, Flight jacket, Boots, Electrically heated suit, Leather flight suit (jacket, trousers), Shoulder holster, Life preserver, Survival kit, Parachute, Backpack, Canteen, Bedroll, Bandage, Socks x4, Scarf, Pipe, Tobacco pouch and Lighter.
Rank (NCO): +2 Toughness
Combat Reflexes: +2 to recover from being shaken
British Pluck: +2 Spirit to resist Fear, Intimidation or arcane powers
Dodge: -1 to be hit with ranged attacks
Brave (+2 vs fear)
Loyal (Minor)
Overconfident (Major)
Quirk: Always carries his father's lighter and pipe (Minor)
Unarmed d6 (Str)
Knife d6 (Str+d4)
Webley Service Revolver (.30) d6 (2d6+1, 12/24/48, AP 1, RoF 1, Shots 6, Revolver)

Perks (2):
Raise an attribute (Agility)
Raise an attribute (Spirit)

Advances (4):
+1 Edge (Combat Reflexes)
+1 Rank (NCO) +2 Toughness
+1 Attribute (Smarts)
+2 Skill increases lower (Navigation + Stealth)

Seasoned (4)
+1 Edge (Dodge)
+2 Skill increases lower (Shooting + Notice)
+1 Attribute (Vigor)
+1 Edge (Brave)

Distinguished Service Order (awarded from actions at Hoffman Base)

Richard ‘Dicky’ Barton-Morewood had wanted to be a pilot since the day he knew what a plane was. His father had been a highly decorated top-notch flying ace during The Great War, but had been shot down over Belgium only weeks before Dicky came along. But despite never knowing the man, Dicky shared his father’s undeniable passion for soaring through the skies and set himself out from a young age to carry on the man’s legacy by getting into the air himself.

He was already attending flight school when the war broke out, having learned to operate aircraft since before he was old enough to legally do so. Wasting no time to continue his father’s efforts, he joined the RAF and the recently reformed No. 73 Squadron. His time with the squadron saw him flying over nearly the whole of Europe and serving with distinction and steadfastness in the face of near overwhelming odds during The Battle of Britain.

But his most notable achievement to date began on the 25th of May 1940 when Dicky’s Hawker Hurricane ran out of ammunition over the outskirts of Troyes as the 73rd were covering the evacuation of allied bases. Rather than return to re-arm, Dicky continued the fight and rammed his plane into the side of a Do 17, sending the enemy crashing to the ground but also ensuring the same for himself. Although lucky enough to escape by parachute, Dicky was trapped behind enemy lines. Through sheer grit and determination he sneaked and fought his way back to allied ground whilst also hampering German operations and providing useful intel on enemy positions upon his return. The boys in the mess could hardly believe their eyes when Ol' Jolly Dicky came swaggering back in to squash all talks of his heroic death. And he never let them forget it!

The media took a particular shine to Dicky too, what with his winning smile and ‘can do’ attitude, and he was often sought out by reporters for a quick interview and photo opportunity when his boots were on solid ground. If you were a regular reader of British wartime press, his name and face might seem very familiar indeed.

Towards the end of the war, Dicky found himself stationed in Malta wondering to himself just what he’d go on to do when the whole mad business finally came to an end. Thankfully, he wouldn’t have to give it much thought for a while longer yet as a new and dangerous assignment was soon to come knocking.

Having clocked well over 4000 hours of flight time in over 30 different aircraft he wasn’t all that surprised when some top brass chap came knocking to pull him from the 73rd to a freshly formed squadron in what sounded to be flying into the roughest ordeal of the war yet.

Never one to refuse an order -or deny a challenge as he might see it-, Dicky was quick to gather his things and to take to the skies for wherever the next mission would place him.

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May 20, 2001

"Can you see?"


Izoldah Rostov, submitted by Shogeton, a Soviet Scout
Having a scout along for the expedition would certainly be an invaluable addition to the team. I had figured someone else might submit a sniper or marksman in the mix that Izoldah might pair up with and I’m surprised that didn’t surface. Even without a direct partner, however, this is a character I can see being a great fit for the team and the game alike, conceptually.

I dig the background and I like the direction you’ve taken in general; I’ll note that Language English at d4 might make it difficult for Izoldah to communicate with the rest of the team beyond Russian-speaking characters. Woodsman and Alertness coupled together are a pretty rock solid combination. Technically the Infantry MOS wants Throwing as part of the basic training package. You’re currently one point over on your skill spending prior to your advances to seasoned, also.

You’ve got Clueless, Doubting Thomas and Small—all three of which are Major hindrances, though—so you’ll need to swap two of the three for Minor hindrances instead. On the plus side, you are due one more perk in exchange for your Hindrances, since you covered two edges, an attribute increase and two skill increases with your advances to Seasoned—which can translate into another edge, another Attribute increase or potentially two more skill points to plug into skills that are under their linked attribute still. Personally, my recommendation would be to snag an extra point in English and Shooting to shore both up a bit.

Sgt. Ted Willis, submitted by Mukaikubo, an American Army Engineer
Bringing along an engineer can only help the team on this expedition, so Sgt. Willis’ expertise in demolitions and repair would likely go a long way in the mix. There is no shortage of obstacles and challenges ahead such skills would help. If the team ends up accompanied by military hardware, or commandeering such in the field, those skills are all the more handy to have along. Sgt. Willis is another great fit for the team.

Background is solid and sensible; Slow is a pretty brutal Hindrance. Technically you’re going to want at least a d4 in Throwing to satisfy basic training (and being an engineer it wouldn’t hurt to be able to lob a grenade or satchel charge, at that.) You’ve still got your four advances to spend from the shift to Seasoned, as well—you might consider Tank Hunter as an edge from one of those, and possibly either a boost to Spirit or Vigor for an attribute increase to further boost Ted’s resiliency. National Identity for US is Lady Luck, which gives you a d6 roll whenever you spend a Benny—letting you keep it on a roll of 6; you might consider that as an Edge as well.

Bradley Gewitt, submitted by DocBubonic, a British SOE Agent specializing in the occult.
Mr. Gewitt (Professor Gewitt?) is an interesting fellow; invariably, the team will have need of at least one individual or more who are able to weigh in on matters of the occult and strange discoveries. Balancing academia with the ability to still participate and survive in the field on this expedition is going to be a challenging feat, which can really be said for anyone submitting such a character. Operating with the SOE does give Bradley a solid lead in with the expedition, however, and as presented he seems like a strong candidate for inclusion to help fill the team’s academic niche.

You’ve shared some of your background ideas with me on IRC, though they’re not in the post at time of writing this; I think you were on a good direction though from what I know for Bradley thus far. Mechanically, I’ve got a number of possible suggestions for you—the first of which would be to use one of your advances for an extra edge, moving Alertness to that advance, and instead taking Linguist as one of your two initial edges. This would give Bradley Languages equal to his Smarts die (a staggering 10, in this case) many of which he could devote to the likes of German and Latin.

With Linguist, you’re also considered fluent in those languages—and after the shift in advances, leaves with you an aggregate 3 spare skill points you could distribute wherever you please (such as purchasing Fighting, Knowledge (Espionage) and Stealth during character creation much more cheaply than spending three advances on them after the fact.) Alertness is a +2 bonus to Notice, rather than +1 as you have listed, just as a heads-up.

You could spend advances on an attribute increase (such as in Spirit, to further improve Bradley’s Sanity and make him more resistant to fear and terror) as well as on Edges like National Identity (British) for Stiff Upper Lip, a +2 versus Fear, Intimidation or arcane powers or even Scholar if you’d like to double down and be even better at your wrangling of the Occult or the like (a +2 bonus to two Knowledge skills at d8 or higher).

Victoire Doucet, submitted by Fathis Munk, former French Resistance and Medic
Of course, the inclusion of a medic with the team would be a tremendous boon—inevitably, injuries and wounds are going to happen as a matter of consequence dealing with firefights, frigid conditions and terrors beneath the snow. While not a military medic per se, Victoire is remarkably talented—and I can see this character being an excellent fit for the game.

It’s a bit of a finagle for a resistance fighter to be a participant, technically—but I think a workable one. I like Victoire’s background and the direction you’re working towards. Mechanically, there are a few snags: you’ve got the Healer Edge, but only a d6 in Spirit (Healer requires a d8 in Spirit) and your skill points don’t quite add-up—as minus your advances used to bring Shooting, Fighting and Biology up by four ranks collectively, you’re two points overspent.

Is it possible that you interpreted the Healer +2 as making Healing’s d10 a d12? The skill points work out if I drop Healing to d10 otherwise (as going from d10 to d12 is 2 skill points, since that is exceeding your Smarts.) Technically, the way you’d represent Healing with /Healer is d10+2 (which is arguably better than just d12, since you’re guaranteed at least a 3 on every check.)

My recommendation would be to eschew the advance to Shooting and Fighting to leave both at d6 initially (d6 is perfectly serviceable to start off with, and technically otherwise Victoire is showing up better than most Infantry at shooting and fighting off the bat. Not that this is a bad thing, mind you, just something to consider.)

I’d suggest using that advance instead for an edge—and swap out the extra edge you got from Hindrances for an attribute boost at character creation, bumping Spirit up another die type. I'm not actually clear on what you spent your other Hindrance perk(s) on, presently--since you get an Edge for free anyway, which goes towards College Girl. This would then make you eligible properly for Healer and have the added bonus of a higher Sanity, which is always excellent.

Will be editing in more as I go!

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Sep 12, 2016

Sebastion always had the grand plan of being an explorer like his Grandfather was on his Mothers side, but his father had plans for him that would take him away from that glamorous but dangerous lifestyle. Sebastian studied History and Lit. he developed that into a passion for books and rare writings which his father though was very safe until he insisted on going to middle east to help uncover some ancient scrolls that were brought to light, or into a crypt in France for some novel that had never seen the light of day. He specialized in the strange and bizarre the rambling of what people would call madmen in their time. Things like that fascinated him. he put a lot of time into the study of fringe science as well, specters, mythical creatures and legends that seem almost impossible. The two other parties that were lead to this site in Antarctica greatly interested him. Sebastion studied and even put in a bit of training so that he would be prepared for anything there. Exploring unknown ruins and possibly digging through he things left behind by the Nazi occult specialists made him want to risk the extremes to get there.

Name: Sir Sebastian Taylor II
Nationality: British
MOS: Antiquarian
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Skills: Shooting d6, fighting d4, Knowledge Cryptography d8+2, Knowledge history d6, Investigation d8, persuasion d6, notice d6, Knowledge occult d8+2, survival d4, Latin d6, French d6, German d6, Arabic d6, Ancient Greek d6, Aramaic d6, Spanish d6, Portuguese d6, Egyptian d6, Hebrew d6

Pace: 6, Parry: 4, Sanity: 5, Toughness: 5, Charisma: 2

Gear: Ammo Pouch (x4), Backpack, Bandage, Bedroll, Canteen, Gas Mask, Mess Kit, Pistol Holster, Socks (4 pairs), Spare Uniform, Suspenders, Web Belt, Winter Boots, Winter Gear (cloak/parka), writing supplies,

College Boy: additional 4 skill points to spend on any Smarts related skills
Linguist: skill points equal to smarts for languages (Latin d6, French d6, German d6, Arabic d6, Ancient Greek d6, Aramaic d6, Spanish d6, Portuguese d6, Egyptian d6, Hebrew d6 )
Scholar: +2 to two different Knowledge skills (Knowledge Lit. d8, Knowledge history d6)
Noble: +2 Charisma; Character is noble born with status and wealth
Level Headed: Act on best of two cards in combat

Curious (Major): Character wants to know about everything
Stubborn (Minor): The character always wants his way
Quirk (Minor): The character has some minor but persistent foible- elitism

Unarmed d4 (Str)
Knife d4 (Str+d4)
Webley Service Revolver (.30) d6 (2d6+1, 12/24/48, AP 1, RoF 1, Shots 6, Revolver)

Vigor D4 - D6
Level headed

(edits -1 notice +1 shooting. Changed Curious to Noble. dropped Knowledge Lit for Knowledge Cryptography. added the rest of the languages for linguist Aramaic d6, Spanish d6, Portuguese d6, Egyptian d6, Hebrew d6. And edited Bg a bit to give a greater hook)

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Fathis Munk
Feb 23, 2013

??? ?

Oops, yeah I played around a bit with her stats for a while, especially to advance her and I guess I lost count ?

I did actually understand what healer did so it's probably just me not counting right. Will fix it tomorrow evening, it's too late here so I'd probably just make a mistake again

E: from memory I spent hindrances on skill points I think.

Oct 14, 2006

Name: Doctor Yulia Naraantuyevna Khulanova
Nationality: Soviet (Ethnic Evenk)
Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Skills: Climbing d4, Fighting d4, Investigation d8, Knowledge (History) d8, Knowledge (Archaeology) d10, Knowledge (Occult) d6, Knowledge (Psychology) d6, Knowledge (Cryptography) d4, Knowledge (Soviet Doctrine) d4, Notice d8, Riding d4, Shooting d4, Stealth d4, Survival d6 (25/25)
Pace: 6, Parry: 4, Sanity: 6 Toughness: 5, Charisma: 0
Gear: Ammo Pouch (x2), Backpack, Bandage, Bedroll, Binoculars, Mess Kit, Pistol Holster, Socks (4 pairs), Binoculars, Leatherbound Map Case (x2), Suspenders, Web Belt, Winter Boots, Winter Gear (cloak/parka), Leatherbound Journal (x6)
•Linguist: Starting languages equal to Smarts (Russian, French, German, English, Greek, Latin, Mandarin, Tibetan) plus a chance to learn unfamiliar languages/dialects after a week of exposure.
•College Girl (History): +4 Skill Points for Smarts Skills (History +2, Archaeology +1, Occult +1)
•Hot Blooded: +2 on any Vigor rolls to resist Fatigue & ignore two levels of Fatigue inflicted by cold.
•Slow: Draw two cards in combat & act on the worse of the two.
•Under Suspicion (Minor): -2 when dealing with Party Faithful, due to heritage & academic career
•Quirk: Constant Digression

Unarmed Strike d4 (Str)
Finka Knife d4 (Str+d4)
Nagant M1895 (7.62) d4 (2d6-1, 12/24/48, RoF 1, Shots 6, Revolver, can be silenced)

•College Girl & Hot-Blooded purchased through Hindrances.
•Seasoned advances: Smarts d10; History +1 & Investigation +1; Notice +1 & Investigation +1; Survival +1 & Knowledge (Archaeology) +1

Concept: Soviet Academic Conscripted For Adventure!

Under the tsars, the world rarely cared to notice the Tungusic people, spare the odd naturalist - they lived as they had for centuries. Choghtu, Yulia's grandfather was a wise man though, a šamán - shaman - and recognized the signs. A star fell from beyond, rending the earth and hailing the new era. Iron rails cut a path through the taiga, steel heralds singing the end of the tsars and bringing Bolshevism to the far reaches of this new Soviet state. Choghtu knew that his people, too, must change. They put down roots outside Krasnoyarsk and were greeted by enthusiastic revolutionaries, eager to embrace the notion of a united Soviet people.

The state sent officials to coordinate the process of sedentism, students from academies to give written form to the Evenk tongue, and a researcher to document the culture of the People. The professor Nikolai Rerikh came to learn the art, the speech and the myths of the Evenk people, spending months alongside Choghtu, even as he prepared his next expedition south and east. The professor learned at the feet of the shaman, and the shaman's granddaughter at his.

For Yulia, Rerikh was a man who had traveled and known more of the world in his life than her entire people had in their nomadic history, an emissary from the Western world, an explorer of the East, an artist, a philosopher - the platonic ideal of the best virtues from this new society Choghtu's people had joined. She waited on her grandfather's guest all the while, patiently digesting his every word. When he returned from his five year expedition through the entirety of Southern Asia and boarded the westbound train, Rerikh brought a new pupil. If Yulia's parents were the first Evenks to read and write, then she would be among the first to attend a university.

Lenin's favor of Rerikh, and Rerikh's favor of Yulia shielded her from politics for most of her education and she flourished for it. In a country hungry for young Soviet academics unburdened by ties to the Tsarist past, the work of her and her fellows was deemed of preeminent import - culminating in the young Dr. Khulanova's own expedition to the gates of Lhasa. The trouble with a permanent revolution, however, is that change remains the only constant. As Lenin's legend outgrew the memory of the man, his favor mattered less. Stalinists had distinctly less use for academics who spent more time abroad than at home and the presence of disparate ethnicities became less of a sign of pride than a cause of suspicion. Rerikh's relocation to Finland and then New York cast his work in an unfavorable light, and Khulanova's face and name became enough cause for suspicion.

When Leningrad née Petrograd née Petersburg fell under siege, Yulia found herself conscripted and relocated to a place where her work was heavily scrutinized and strictly directed. Confined to a cathedral in Kuibyshev, she found herself not quite a zek but hardly a free woman either. Toiling in the stacks, translating documents was hardly a place to complain when she'd only just sidestepped the gulag. Still loyal to the state, and believing in the core of the Soviet ideal while regretting it's missteps, she was present and willing when the Politburo and Comrade Stalin's thinking on her work had changed. In 1944, amidst a curious scramble for talented researchers with loyalty to the state, Khulanova was given an opportunity to serve the Motherland more openly once again, albeit under the auspices of the NKVD.

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May 20, 2001

"Can you see?"


Sgt. Ronnie Thomas, submitted by Fraction Jackson, an American Commando of the 1st SSF Devil’s Brigade
Covering those niche roles and duties in the team is important--while it is certain, at the same time, that the expedition will be in need of perilously capable and dangerous men and women as well. Sgt. Thomas is a fine commando, and in your pursuit of concept, you pegged in one that bit of serendipity: despite the 1st SSF being historically disbanded in 1944, in the Acthung! Cthulhu timeline they're reinstated--specifically for this expedition to Antarctica. What can I say? Sgt. Thomas is perfectly suited for the team.

Excellent, beefy background and great interplay with your picks; I don't think anyone with boots on the ground would regret having a member of the Devil's Brigade watching their back and helping keep them alive when the going gets tough--as long as Sgt. Thomas can keep it together and keep his wits about him as the going gets far more terrible than mere machinations of war can present. As we'd already worked through some pretty direct one on one feedback for this sheet, my critiques and suggestions were really worked through prior to the posting--so there's not a lot else to be said for this character here.

Harry Manahi, submitted by Oracle, a Maori Commando of the Z Special Unit
A commando as well, though of a very different stripe from Sgt. Thomas; Harry is a fine representation of the pretty remarkable Maori Battalion and its New Zealand infantry--further honed for the Z Special Unit. Another strong combatant all around, particularly when it comes down to raw resiliency and fighting strength. In short, this is another character that the team would very likely be glad to have along the way and is well suited for the expedition--at least, as long as his luck doesn't run out with one too many bayonet charges.

Fun, fitting background with plenty of moxy ready to go; we've also done one on one feedback for the sheet itself, so there's not really too much else to be said mechanically here--but along the mix he's ended up with a point over in skills than he ought to be able to, due to Fighting being > its linked attribute Agility at the moment. Correctable, but it'll need a nudge.

Gráinne Flynn, submitted by Razeam, a British Spiritualist
Grace is an interesting character--highly persuasive and influential in a social sense, certainly, while bringing knowledge of both the Occult and Psychology. It's worth note for Grace (and in general, really) that Psychology is one of the key weapons available to players to combat the pressure of Dementia creeping up on their Sanity--with the assistance of a psychologist, you have greater odds of diminishing your build-up of Sanity-fraying elements before permanent loss is hit. In this regard, Grace would be quite helpful for the team.

I like Grace and her background--but I must confess, I have doubts about whether or not she'd pan out with the expedition in a fashion that will be fun for your participation as a player. She is very much not a combatant and by all accounts would be encouraged to hold back from engagements where possible for her personal safety (especially considering she's a pacifist to boot.) She's exceptional at her strengths, but I feel like many of her greatest facets would be left underutilized on an expedition largely away from civilization as it were.

In a European / more urban-centric campaign, she'd make for a fine Investigator assuredly. Ultimately, my main concern would be that you'd find yourself with particular circumstances where you'd be able to certainly shine--but often in other stretches without much to do in the thread. Mind, this is liable to be a general challenge for most any academia-oriented character in this campaign--so we're apt to have the task of deciphering how best to keep this undertaking fun and interesting in those cases.

Irakliy Kuznetsov, submitted by Redeye Flight, a Soviet Tank Commander
This is a tricky character concept to pull off, I'll say that right out the gate: not only is this a character with strong ties to running an armored fighting vehicle, but it's a leadership-oriented concept as well. That being said, having a character who can bring the heat in those regards could potentially be a large boon for the team on this expedition--and you've done a pretty snappy job of attempting to tackle this premise in your character's creation.

I dig Irakliy's background such as things are; we'd had some back and forth discussion about some elements for this campaign in prior discourse along the way. Mechanically, there's a lot of tricky business to consider in all this--starting with simply having the operation of a vehicle which has an actual crew independent of yourself. Savage Worlds does account for (and scale pretty well with) having more or less any size 'entourage' with player characters; typically the way this is handled at live tabletop is that the players get to 'run' any allied characters who are along for the ride. This would shimmy a bit in PBP.

You've made a point of presenting Lt. Kuznetsov as being capable of operating beyond the scope of just an AFV presence though, both mechanically and in his background, so that goes a decent way to head off those concerns as stated. That being said, I have some critiques and suggestions; Savage Worlds endeavors, where possible, to keep things tight and focused when it comes to skill and edge expenditures--and in doing so, encourages the occasional 'heads up' when those things ought to be nudged depending on a character and their concept.

For Irakliy, I would suggest that leaning as heavily into Persuasion and Charisma as you have may be a mixed-bag in live play--since really, the brunt of where those two elements of the character would come into actual use are with Allied and Soviet soldiers accompanying the squad--which is not always going to be the case.

However, leadership 'path' character development -can- benefit other player characters, provided the leader in question is recognized as being in command, is actually being followed order-wise, etc. More specifically in mechanical terms, though, is that your leadership perks tend to be limited to your 'command radius' which defaults to 5" when it comes to grid combat. My main general suggestion, then, apart from 'contemplate if you're 100% this is where you want your skills to be spent' would be to consider trading out Charismatic for Command Voice instead--which doubles the size of your 'command radius' to 10" instead.

I would also suggest considering taking another edge advance instead of doubling down on minor skill advances, you might consider the Command edge itself, which gives the benefit of +1 to Spirit to recover from being Shaken in the command radius (that's a huge perk! Being Shaken is ruinous.) All that being said, Lt. Kuznetsov -could- be a solid fit for the expedition's team--but this will definitely be one of the most challenging characters to -play- in the course of such, even if he ought to be generally applicable to most situations. Edit: Silly me, you did have Command.

Richard Barton-Morewood, submitted by A Velociraptor!, a British Royal Air Force Pilot
In a vein similar to Redeye's tank commander, this is a concept that could be a bit challenging at stretches; that being said, also like the tank commander, the expedition team could certain benefit from having a capable pilot in their roster as well--and it's little secret that the Nazi presence in Antarctica is not without its own air retinue. You've also made a point of setting Dicky here up as having had ground combat experience, which helps for the same reasons.

I like Dicky's background--happily, I've been digging everyone's backgrounds throughout. Mechanically, there are some things you can nudge and push around that will probably make your life a lot easier--near as I can tell, you had to burn one of your advances ona singular skill increases due to linked attribute caps (moving Piloting from d6 to d8).

Considering how many of Dicky's skills are Agility based, it would be a bit more practical to go the route of twin attribute increases off of hindrances so that you can get your Agility up to d8 as well--which would then let you raise both Pilotry and another Agility based skill (Driving, Fighting, Shooting, Swimming, take your pick really--or even a non-Agility skill still sub-Attribute) then you still scoop Alertness and Combat Reflexes from advances afterward (and your third Attribute boost). Same overall setup with a slightly higher stat and better long-term growth--provided Dicky remains sane and alive.

More to come to wrap up the rest of the new submissions!

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Jul 13, 2004


I think I'd have fun playing the slower stretches as an orthodox Lovecraft story. Internal monologues and diving deep into a character's emotional state feels extremely complementary in this setting to me. What I imagine is that there'd be a lot of opportunities for reflection on what the field team brings in and dealing with everyone's psychological fallout. Dramatising the internal struggle to rationalise the mythos is appealing to me as a player.

I do think a stronger impetus to get her involved in less introspective sections makes sense. I just realised that Curious wouldn't be a suitably big disadvantage if Grace is mostly immobile. Maybe, say, dropping Pacifism and gluing Curious and Enemy together with a Vow about finding the truth about her past. If all else fails, I assume it wouldn't be difficult to spin her background into, like, an intelligence operative or Signalman. A similar history that ends up launching her into a military career instead of adhering to the Spiritualist ties of her youth. So, she'd end up actively trying to analyse and disrupt the Nazi plans during the expedition. Although this is just a rough draft of ideas that immediately come to mind!

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May 20, 2001

"Can you see?"

As mentioned to folks who were on via IRC, after consideration of a number of angles, I've decided to opt for the madcap approach: we're going to bring everyone who has applied up to this point, as it actually gives us some very interesting possible spreads, splits, combinations and whatnot with the variety we have present and the possibilities in the story ahead. My hope is, if we can execute it all well enough, is that we'll be able to plume a great deal on both ends of the spectrum.

Additional recruiting for the beginning of the expedition is now closed--but that being said, it is inevitable that there will be casualties and death over the course of this campaign. Many of these characters may not make it in the long haul, and any who survive to the very end will be exceptional--but it should be a remarkable journey either way.

With this in mind, this means that not only are we going to have a variety of different expertise among the more combatant-oriented characters--but we're liable to have a great wealth of knowledge and the like among the academia characters.

Given that we're going to have what amounts to a complete party worth of 'traditional' Investigators alongside the military operations, I would further note in this feedback that you folks should discuss to some extent among yourselves if any of you would like to shift or maneuver your expertise around; in this way, you may be able to cover different weaknesses, compliment one another, etc.

Sir Sebastian Taylor II, submitted by animedragonfly, a British Affluent Antiquarian
Sebastian has a heavy scholarly lean, but we'll need a little more of a hook for his involvement with the expedition; it's possible that he may be by extension a colleague of Bradley Gewitt, perhaps. As I've noted with the other academia style characters, the challenge is going to be engaging and entertaining during the spans when the expedition is particularly combat intensive; it is partly my hope that having multiple academics will help to mitigate that--but I would also suggest being mindful of giving Sebastian a little something extra besides his knowledge of literature, history and the occult--lest he be consistently left somewhere safe for his own well-being until the team can clear the way.

Mechanically, there are a few minor notes as written: Scholar applies to two knowledge skills at a d8+, so it can't be applied to History in this case; it could be applied to Occult instead, if you so please. Linguist gives you languages equal to your Smarts die at automatic fluency, rather than equivalent skill points: so Sebastian can technically pick five more languages and they'll all automatically be considered the equivalent of d6 anyway (they don't use skill points at all.)

Edge-wise and skill-wise, the main concern I would have for Sebastian is--in keeping with Savage World's intent on nudging skills and the like towards what is likely to be practical and usable--that Sebastian is very focused on getting his hands on and analyzing books. He's obviously very good at this, but I feel that he's going to find himself with longer spans of inaction.

I believe I remember it being mentioned on IRC that you intended for Sebastian to be an 'upper crust' wealthy adventurer sort of scholar. If that is the case, after considering Sebastian's character pitch and the rest of the cast, I'm going to say that in Sebastian's case I'll let you swap out Charismatic for the Noble edge--which essentially applies the same Charisma bonus while also baking in the Rich edge. Mind, that wealth is not necessarily going to be particular useful--but with the right creativity, you have some operating room with it if you'd like to propose special ammenities he might bring along.

Doctor Yulia Khulanova, submitted by Ambivalent, a Soviet Academic Conscript
I am a big fan of the care you've clearly put in to research and flesh out ideas off of this character concept; Dr. Khulanova was one of the three characters of the lot who was drawn from lottery options and the results are pretty excellent here! I'm also keen to have an academic from the Soviet side of things in the mix--I can't stress enough that the dynamic between the Allied and Soviet sides while undertaking this joint operation is liable to get very interesting.

On an aside, the Soviet characters can breathe a sigh of relief that they have their own Psychologist to trust with their feelings!

Mechanically, you're going to need to adjust how you handled skill point distribution and advances--any 'new' skills taken after character creation require an entire advance to begin at rank d4, so for instance you could not purchase Knowledge (Cryptography) and Knowledge (Archaology) as an advance, since your end Cryptography was only a d4.

I think it's interesting that Dr. Khulanova is the only character who can Ride.

As advice for ALL Academic characters, you may want to consider at least a d4 rank in Stealth if you don't have it--because if you can't fight or shouldn't, you sure want a better chance of trying to avoid notice!

So! Let's make any adjustments we'd like to make and over the next day or two I'll start rolling out the details for our starting operation and finish putting the OP together for the active play thread. As noted before, everyone is invited to join us on IRC at in the channel #aotmom for live discussion.

Please feel free to talk shop among yourselves for any other last minute changes, now that you know the full range of everyone you'll have the chance to play off of.

May 20, 2001

"Can you see?"

General Notes
Knowledge (Science) is available as a new knowledge skill meant to more broadly encompass biology, anatomy, chemistry, physics, etc. for generally science-minded characters.

Cold-Weather Vehicle Maintenance is handled via a Repair roll and Dogsled Handling is handled via a Driving roll. Note that by default, characters have a -2 penalty when using skills on environments or vehicles they are not familiar with.

There is also a new Professional Edge available specifically for the expedition—though note that anyone who survives the first operation will certainly have at least one new advance to use—so don’t feel like you ought to re-configure your character for this Edge right away if it appeals to your concept. Without giving too much away, there will be a bit of a time skip once catalyst set the expedition proper in motion, during which time some additional training can be rendered.

Professional Edge: Antarctic Trained
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+, Vigor d6+, Driving d4+, Survival d8+
Some people have had the opportunity to deal with the harsh environment of the coldest parts of Earth and survive. Characters with this Edge gain the following:
  • Their skill with skies and snowshoes mean they can move through deep snow normally, ignoring Difficult Ground penalties. When traveling overland, the character treats ground as Average per the Overland Speed Modifiers Table.
  • They gain a +2 bonus to Repair rolls when performing Cold-Weather Vehicle Maintenance.
  • They gain a +2 bonus to Driving rolls when driving dogsleds.
  • At the Keeper’s call, they gain a +2 bonus to the specific use of skills when they are used for something particular to the Antarctic. The exception are rolls related to Cold (use the Hot Blooded Edge for that.)

Mar 14, 2006

"You treat her like a lady... and she'll always bring you home."

Updated sheet with all four advances. Reposting it here and editing out first copy.

SGT Theodore "Ted" Willis

Human (+1 edge)
Nationality: American
Role: Army Engineer

Attributes: +1 in lieu of third edge)

Agility d8 (+1 Advance)
Smarts d8
Spirit d6
Strength d6
Vigor d6

Sanity: 4
Charisma: 0
Pace: 6/1d6 running
Parry: 4
Toughness: 7

Skills: (15/15)

Driving (Agi) d4 [1]
Fighting (Agi) d4 [1]
Intimidation (Spi) d4 [1]
Know(Demolitions, Sma) d8 [2] (+1 advance)
Know(Engineering, Sma) d8 [2] (+1 advance)
Notice (Sma) d6 [1] (+1 advance)
Repair (Sma) d8 [2] (+1 advance)
Shooting (Agi) d8 [2] (+1 advance)
Survival (Sma) d4 [1]
Swimming (Agi) d4 [1]
Throwing (Agi) d6 [1] (+1 advance)

Cautious(Minor): Never makes rash decisions, likes to plot things in detail
Shell-Shocked(Minor): -1 to Sanity, tends to stare a lot
Slow(Major): A bit 'slow on the uptake'/sluggish, draw 2 cards and take the worst for action order
Rank(NCO): Sergeant +2 to Toughness
Demo Man (+2 to all rolls to set, disarm, or improvise explosives and booby-traps)
+1 Attribute
Combat Reflexes (+2 to Spirit rolls to recover from being Shaken)
Brave (+2 to Spirit rolls against fear)

Gear: Standard soldier gear, toolkit
Bayonet (str+d4, touch range)
Thompson Submachinegun (2d6+1, RoF 3, range 12/24/48, AP 1, Auto)

4 advances: (new edge / 1 skill increase that is equal or graeter / 2 skill increases lower / new skill at d4 / increase one attribute)
-Increase Agility d6 -> d8
-Increase Repair d6 -> d8 and Knowledge (Engineering) d6 -> d8
-Increase Throwing d4 -> d6 and Shooting d6 -> d8
-Take Combat Reflexes edge (+2 to Spirit rolls to recover from being shaken)
After game start: 2 more advances
-Buying the Brave edge
-Buying Notice from d4->d6 and Know(demolitions) from d6->d8

Sergeant Ted was just one of a few million other American farm boys. Nothing real special about him, maybe he worked a bit more on the tractor than most, maybe he was a bit more slow and steady than fast, and maybe a bit more bookish than witty, but he got swept up in the draft all the same. He didn't see combat until 0710, June 6, 1944, on Omaha Beach as part of the second wave of troops into the meat grinder. He did well enough. He lived, which is more than a lot of people can say. Blew up a lot of obstacles to let vehicles get ashore better. Blew up some of the barbed wire blocking infantry off from getting up the shingle. Even fixed a few balky radios while he was there in his own plodding, unhurried way, all in one of the worst hells of the war, with no exposure to combat yet. After that, he got promoted, and kept going for a few weeks in the hedgerows before finally getting a minor wound, getting sent back to the hospital, and contriving to stay there. He never got officially diagnosed with combat fatigue, but his battalion got rotated back to construction duty instead of front line work soon after that, and he stuck with that stubbornly for most of the rest of 1944 before being picked to "add some combat experienced NCOs" to an engineering battalion being sent to Antarctica. Whatever. Doesn't matter none. Can't be worse than Omaha. He'll blow up what needs blowing up and fix what needs fixing. Hell, he's been living on borrowed time for months. Of course that's no reason to take stupid risks. Just gotta take the rest of the war one job at a time.

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Fathis Munk
Feb 23, 2013

??? ?

Name: Victoire Doucet - Ex French Resistance (Ex-ex-Med student)

Nationality: French
CO: Resistance Agent

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Pace: 8+1d10, Parry: 5, Sanity: 6, Toughness: 5, Charisma: 0 (-4)
Skills: Fighting d6, Healing d12+2, Knowledge (German) d6, Knowledge (English) d6, Knowledge (Biology) d8, Notice d8, Shooting d6, Stealth d6
Edges: Fleet-Footed, Healer, College Girl (healing d10, biology d6+d8)
Hindrances: Deathwish (Minor), Bloodthirsty (Major), Claustrophobia (Minor)

Agi d8
Stealth d6, Notice d8
College girl (healing d10, biology d6+d8)
Healing d12

Steel Helmet +2, First Aid kit, Ammo Pouch (x4), Backpack, Bedroll, Binoculars, Entrenching Tool, Gas Mask, Mess Kit, Pistol Holster, Socks (4 pairs), Web Belt, Winter Boots, Winter Gear (cloak/parka), Glasses, Prescription snow goggles, cigarettes.

Unarmed Strike d6 (Str)
M1911A1 d8 (2d6+1, 12/24/48, RoF 1, Shots 7)
Winchester M12 Shotgun d8 (1-3d6 dmg, 12/24/48, RoF 1, Shots 6)

Victoire was born in 1919 in Strasbourg to Emile and Liselotte Doucet. She grew up in this binational family, learning French from her father and German from her mother.

Emile was head of the Medical Faculty of Strasbourg and quickly realized Victoire was growing into a brilliant child. He soon started to give her extra class work after school and introduced her to life sciences in general and medicine in particular. Using his considerable influence at the faculty and thanks to her incredible aptitude, he managed to get Victoire accepted as the first female student in 1936.

When the war started in 1939 the French government had the whole town evacuated and the Doucet family moved to relatives in Grenoble. After the annexation of France in 1940 her parents moved back to Strasbourg, accepting to live under German occupation. Victoire however stayed in Grenoble, uncertain of what would await her in her hometown.

Her left leaning political views led her to become close to the SFIO and to eventually join the Resitance alongside them in 1942. The maquisards of the Vercors plateau could certainly use a medic of her skill and she quickly became an important part of their organisation. Life as a maquisard was hard and dangerous and she was forced to learn how to take lives as well as save them.

By 1944 Victoire was a changed woman, hardened by the fighting and the cruelty of war, her role as medic forcing her to confront all of it directly. She had started to harbor a deep seated hate against the French collabos and their German helpers but what pushed her over the edge were the events of 1944 when the German army decided to assault the Vercors maquis to try and squash the Résistance. It was a slaughter, the maquisards being too lightly armed to deal with a Panzer backed German offensive.

Victoire had the bad luck of being in Vassieux-en-Vercors during the punitive expedition mounted by the German army that left the village in ruins, most of its inhabitants slaughtered. She survived by hiding in barrel stashed in one of the cellars, hearing the slaughter happen all around her. The experience has only reinforced her bitter hatred and left her feeling uneasy in enclosed spaces.

Later that year Victoire managed to join up with the troups of General Leclerc, moving from Paris to Strasbourg in accord with the Oath he took at Koufra to put down his arms only once the French colors were flying on the Cathedral of Strasbourg again. She gained some notoriety thanks to the symbolism of an Strasbourgeoise leading the armed forces to retake the city, reminiscent of Delacroix's La liberté guidant le peuple.

Back in her hometown in late 1944 she was finally able to see her father again. Sadly her mother had perished in the turmoil of wartime. She spent a few days with him but soon realized she couldn't sit idle while the war was not over. All she had been through alienated her from her old friends. She joined back up with Leclerc's forces intent to continue pushing into Germany.

When allied command needed to assemble a strike team for a special mission in early 1945 the French army commended her for the task, realizing her skill at guerrilla warfare made her a valuable asset for any team of restricted size.

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May 20, 2001

"Can you see?"

Word from the front: we're now LIVE.

Redeye Flight
Mar 26, 2010
I liked it--it was witty enough and a lot more impressive than I was expecting for a girl's toy cartoon. So I thought, "Hmm. I'm on Something Awful. I don't see a thread for this anywhere, but other people might like it--it's not like it would be the first cartoon for kids that SA's taken a shine to." So I made a real earnest thread and put it up in TV/IV. And I was both right and wrong, because the forum blew up and fell over, and the thread got raided to shit by FYAD, and in like I think two weeks the show was banned outright because people kept causing fucking drama.

For reference, Shogeton made tokens for everyone!

Apr 26, 2007

"Little by little the old world crumbled, and not once did the king imagine that some of the pieces might fall on him"

Eh, not sure who did it, but it wasn't me.

Fathis Munk
Feb 23, 2013

??? ?

It'sa me!

Redeye Flight
Mar 26, 2010
I liked it--it was witty enough and a lot more impressive than I was expecting for a girl's toy cartoon. So I thought, "Hmm. I'm on Something Awful. I don't see a thread for this anywhere, but other people might like it--it's not like it would be the first cartoon for kids that SA's taken a shine to." So I made a real earnest thread and put it up in TV/IV. And I was both right and wrong, because the forum blew up and fell over, and the thread got raided to shit by FYAD, and in like I think two weeks the show was banned outright because people kept causing fucking drama.

That was my bad, it was Fathis.

May 20, 2001

"Can you see?"


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Redeye Flight
Mar 26, 2010
I liked it--it was witty enough and a lot more impressive than I was expecting for a girl's toy cartoon. So I thought, "Hmm. I'm on Something Awful. I don't see a thread for this anywhere, but other people might like it--it's not like it would be the first cartoon for kids that SA's taken a shine to." So I made a real earnest thread and put it up in TV/IV. And I was both right and wrong, because the forum blew up and fell over, and the thread got raided to shit by FYAD, and in like I think two weeks the show was banned outright because people kept causing fucking drama.

For the historical record:

IRC posted:

[01:51] <RedeyeF> Does Dimitry need to make a Horror roll?
[01:53] <Gaist> Yes
[01:53] <Gaist> !wild d6-2
[01:53] * AchtungBot rolled a (1d6-2) with wild die for Gaist and got ( 0 2 ) Results: 2
[01:53] <Gaist> RIP dimitry
[01:54] <RedeyeF> Well goddamnit
[01:54] <Gaist> !roll d20+2
[01:54] * AchtungBot rolled d20+2 for Gaist and got 11
[01:54] <RedeyeF> I swear, I was trying to keep the guy safe, and I figured that he would be better served as the support with our PC shooting scores
[01:54] <RedeyeF> And bennies, etc..

Oct 9, 2004

handy link since we're about to get in the poo poo for realz:
Savage Worlds Combat Survival Guide

Fathis Munk
Feb 23, 2013

??? ?

Edited my char sheet after the prologue

Dropped German one level to d6 because while thematically appropriate it was just too much points sunk in languages. Changed d4 swimming to stealth because as a resistante she should have that one and added the point I got from dropping German for a d6 stealth.

Also greyscale yulia

Oct 14, 2006

I see you, and I appreciate you - thank you very much!

May 20, 2001

"Can you see?"

animedragonfly has elected to bow out of the thread. Redeye Flight, it's been more than a week since your last post and I can't wait any longer for an update, so I've proceeded to do so.

Redeye Flight
Mar 26, 2010
I liked it--it was witty enough and a lot more impressive than I was expecting for a girl's toy cartoon. So I thought, "Hmm. I'm on Something Awful. I don't see a thread for this anywhere, but other people might like it--it's not like it would be the first cartoon for kids that SA's taken a shine to." So I made a real earnest thread and put it up in TV/IV. And I was both right and wrong, because the forum blew up and fell over, and the thread got raided to shit by FYAD, and in like I think two weeks the show was banned outright because people kept causing fucking drama.

That's fine. I'm... still kind of election comatose, creatively. I'm following the thread, just... every time I try to get up the steam for a post it falls flat.

I don't want to LEAVE, I've been having fun, just, real life decided to REALLY kick me in the nuts with this. When I get back the steam you'll be the first to know.

Fathis Munk
Feb 23, 2013

??? ?

Fathis Munk
Feb 23, 2013

??? ?

Hey gaist, I had asked in the chat but didn't see your answer, are the bennies we have right now gonna be refreshed before the landing? Or are they for montage time and landing?

Fathis Munk
Feb 23, 2013

??? ?

Kinda love our elaborate heist plan set up to just talk to a man who may or may not be dead already!

Redeye Flight
Mar 26, 2010
I liked it--it was witty enough and a lot more impressive than I was expecting for a girl's toy cartoon. So I thought, "Hmm. I'm on Something Awful. I don't see a thread for this anywhere, but other people might like it--it's not like it would be the first cartoon for kids that SA's taken a shine to." So I made a real earnest thread and put it up in TV/IV. And I was both right and wrong, because the forum blew up and fell over, and the thread got raided to shit by FYAD, and in like I think two weeks the show was banned outright because people kept causing fucking drama.

Is that what we're doing? I was under the impression we had decided this Ralph had replaced him by force and were going to track down Ralph before grilling him so hard the walls of the room we were in started melting.

That was my plan, anyway. I was going to lead the questioning. I get to use all this Persuasion, it's going to be so good, you guys. Totally won't stuff it again.

Fathis Munk
Feb 23, 2013

??? ?

We have no clue where/who Ralph is so the team wants to go after Wilkins, hoping he'll give us Ralph.

May 20, 2001

"Can you see?"



May 20, 2001

"Can you see?"

Bollocks, mis-posted thread again trying to reference sheets and update.

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