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Dec 1, 2005

I may be soon working for a production company that pushes out a lot of video through channels like Youtube, Amazon Prime and iTunes. Unfortunately, the way they do this currently, is through stopgap automation scripted piecemeal by people who are non-professionals in the field of scripting. Their systems automate tagging, ripping audio from video and uploading video, so people who aren't the most computer savvy, can push out content they have created in a way that's optimal. Sometimes they make mistakes, though.

I was wondering if there exists an out of the box CMS that can do things like...
upload video/audio to several different websites in one task,
automate optimal tagging, contextually, based upon initial inputs,
catalog video metadata in a way that's easy to look at
and etc...

It would also have to have a relatively easy to understand GUI because non-computer people would be using it. Does such a thing exist? Am I dumb for asking?


Dec 1, 2005

None of my normal avenues for fact finding are turning up results. Would anyone know of a resource I could look at to answer my questions?

Sep 14, 2000

In the right direction, but not a complete answer:

Sep 12, 2008

Alan Rickman Overdrive

There are quite a few CMS options out there for video/photo/ fact I work for a company that does this sort of thing as our bread and butter. Though most of them require a heavy amount of customization to get where you want them to be. Examples include Cantemo, CatDV and Reach Engine (low to high range)

CatDV is my wheelhouse, I'm in the middle of a major install right now. It consists of CatDV Server with the web client, two Worker Nodes (for automation) plus an Akomi add-on. Their workflow is the asset is dropped into a watch folder and worker node pulls it is, analyzes it, creates thumbnails and places it in a catalog based on the folder path. Then it kicks off an automatic proxy creation workflow using Episode Pro/ffmpeg. It can also kick off transcodes to various other formats.

Now in this case the metadata tagging is mostly manual but you can select an entire range of clips and apply metadata to them. However there are ways to pull info from the clip name or file path if they are both consistent as it is done using regex in Worker Node. Metadata fields can be used to trigger events in worker node such as dumping out edit proxies into a certain folder, uploading to YouTube, uploading to FTP, uploading to Aspera (for Amazon delivery).

I don't have much experience in Reach Engine but it's the super hardcore one. It is not an out of the box and it works solution, it requires a ton of customization and custom workflows but man does it work. We have multiple clients using it in various ways including one who is using it as part of a custom publishing platform.

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