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Dec 26, 2012

Good bye Steve, and good riddance.

Honestly wasn't expecting him to be a killer, but rather, a victim, but this works too.


Sep 21, 2002

Wanna see a demonstration of my school? It's called "Eight Leaves, One Very Big Stick"!

Taco Defender

Someone earlier asked what Nagito's murder plan was. If Togami hadn't brought the NVG, and Teruteru had missed Nagito, or only grazed his hand or something (or didn't know about the plot at all), how would he have killed someone? Well, you can walk in pitch blackness on level ground just fine as long as you take it carefully and keep a hand in front to detect obstacles.

It probably would have been him concealing the glow of the knife by hiding it, then walking towards someone who was talking, hopefully figuring out which way they were facing from the sound of their voice, getting behind them, (optionally putting a hand over their mouth) and then stabbing them in the chest or slitting their throat from behind (to minimize or avoid getting blood them), then dropping the knife and sneaking away from the body. Lights come up and there's a body and a knife in the middle of the floor and a lot of possible suspects close to the body.

IceBorg posted:

Teruteru used the door and the portable stove in his plan because he had to give himself also a alibi before the blackout in where he was moving from the kitchen to hall bringing food and make people think that it was impossible to go from the kitchen to under the floor without any light , if he wanted to wait before the blackout he would be suspicious as soon as the topic of who wasn't at the party started

In my view, it wouldn't have taken long at all to look at the clock, see "10:27" or "10:28", get the skewer and stove, peek into the hall to make sure no one was looking, scoot around the corner into the storage room, set up the stove by the hatch and turn it on, slip on the tablecloth, scoot under the floor and use the pattern of lights from above to find the knife table (the light on the murder table would be a help there as the light shining through the floor would be brighter in that area), and wait there for the 30 seconds or so before the blackout.

Sure, getting under the floor early would risk trouble if someone wandered into the kitchen, but no more of one than shouting up through the floor and hoping that no one noticed that it sounded much more distant than usual, and no worse a risk than getting under the table a minute too late.

MysticalMachineGun posted:

I'd assume Teruteru just wanted to escape - he seems like a pretty pervy, selfish type of dude

As for the more complicated kill being the correct one, that's just the way games and murder mysteries are! If they were simple the whole "gather everyone in the drawing room and lay out the murder step by step" done in detective stories would be awfully short and boring

You misunderstand me - more complicated is fine, I like complicated. It's highly implausible timing that I find questionable. I can only see the two timings of Nagito and Teruteru working if Nagito was taking an improbably long time to reach the table - and that is something which Teruteru could not count on happening.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

In regards to the timing of it all, there's actually another possible inconsistency that hasn't been mentioned. While Teruteru's appearance under the floorboards in time for the murder can be explained by suggesting he might have gone down there a few minutes before the blackout happened (though we don't know why he would be down there ahead of time at this point), Byakuya's own actions can't be similarly explained. When the blackout occurred, here's what both Nagito and Byakuya had to do to end up under the table:

Nagito: Bend down, find cord, follow to table, go under the table
Byakuya: Realize what had happened, "What the hell? What's going on here?", find his box, open it in the dark (it was locked, right?), get the night vision goggles, put them on, see Nagito moving, "Th-This is...!", run across the room, go under the table

Byakuya has to do about 10 different actions in the same amount of time Nagito does four. And Nagito's 3rd action takes place during Byakuya's 8th one. Unless Nagito fumbled around trying to find the lamp cord for a good few seconds, Byakuya moved and reacted very fast. That, or there's a little bit of stretching time for narrative purposes.

Regardless, this discussion of Teruteru's timing is interesting because I hadn't really given thought to the timeframe of it all before now. It's definitely true that if he left the kitchen after the blackout struck there should definitely be no way he'd be able to do everything in time to be at the murder scene. Overall, I don't think this plot hole ruins this trial, and I think it's one of the better ones in the game, comparable in the level of complexity and fakeouts as Trial 4 in DR1 was.

Aug 14, 2015

A lot of the time stuff can be explained because Nagito wanted it to happen this way. He wanted Byakuya to see him - he sent the letter in the first place to set Byakuya up. So maybe he stalled on finding the cord.

Jan 4, 2015

The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.

FPzero posted:

Nagito: Bend down, find cord, follow to table, go under the table
Byakuya: Realize what had happened, "What the hell? What's going on here?", find his box, open it in the dark (it was locked, right?), get the night vision goggles, put them on, see Nagito moving, "Th-This is...!", run across the room, go under the table

Byakuya has to do about 10 different actions in the same amount of time Nagito does four. And Nagito's 3rd action takes place during Byakuya's 8th one. Unless Nagito fumbled around trying to find the lamp cord for a good few seconds, Byakuya moved and reacted very fast. That, or there's a little bit of stretching time for narrative purposes.

Why not both? Byakuya obviously over prepared for the eventuality of the murder so him doing his actions super fast isn't implausible. Teruteru and Nagito's timing is the more suspect here, mainly because they weren't working together. In order for Steve to get his own plan in motion he had to know about the blackout and the knife.

Actually waitaminute, how do we know they weren't been working together? Nagito was in charge of cleaning and Teruteru was in charge of food prep. Did Steve truly have a motive for killing Byakuya or is Nagito pulling a double-con!?

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: I'm providing a video of this update even though it's mostly just text because these end-of-trial scenes usually feature unique voice lines and cutscenes. Watch if you want:

Click here to watch this update's video!

: Correct!
: That's right! This time, the blackened responsible for killing Byakuya Togami is Teruteru Hanamura!
: N-no...nononononono...!
: A-Are you serious...!? Out of all these people... Are you saying a ponce like him is the one who killed Byakuya?
: B-But...

: I-It was a mistake... I'm telling you it was just a mistake... I...was only trying to save you guys... I was only trying to stop Nagito from murdering one of you!
: ...Huh? "Trying to stop"... What do you mean?
: ...
: I spent all morning in the old building preparing the dishes for the party...a-and then... I heard a weird laughter near the dining hall...and when I peeked over there...

: ...I saw him. I saw Nagito, in the middle of cleaning duty, putting the knife under the table...!

: I had a bad feeling about I continued to watch what he was doing... And I saw him place the irons he brought in the storage room...and mess with the air conditioner timers... Plus, he was grinning... Just grinning by himself the whole time... S-So...I questioned him...
: Wh-When that happened...he...!

: ...Oh, I've been caught?
: B-Been caught...?
: What are you doing? What are you scheming!?
: ...I'm planning to kill someone, of course.
: Huh?

: Teruteru...just to let you know, it's pointless of you to stop me. If you stop me now, it doesn't matter. I will never give up. Whether it's tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or the days beyond that... I'll definitely start the killing.
: Wh-What? No matter how much you want to leave this island, that's just...!
: ...I see... So that's what you think...
: But, that's not it at all. This isn't just about my survival. I just...want the killing to start.
: Wh-What are you saying...?

: I love everyone here. That's why I want to be of good use to them. I love all of the Ultimates...and I admire them for being symbols of hope.
: That's right... In the name of hope, I love everyone's talents from the bottom of my heart. That's why...
: I don't want them to lose against something like killing. I want them to prove to me that hope will never lose, no matter how daunting the despair they face may seem.
: I want everyone to prove to me that "hope will never lose to despair"!

: Wh-What are you saying...? I don't understand at all!
: See, isn't it typical that if you face a stronger enemy, you will become even stronger yourself...? Which means...the stronger the despair you face, the stronger everyone's hope will become, right?
: I...want to see that brightness. And in order to see it, I'm going to become everybody's stepping stone. I want to make your hopes shine... It's as simple as that...

: That's right, I yearn for a powerful hope that can overcome any kind of despair!
: A-Are you kidding...? Don't tell're actually serious...?
: So you don't understand... That's fine...I don't really mind...
: I'm just an obsessed fanboy so it's all right that this love of mine is unrequited. I suppose...I can be called the Ultimate Ultimate Fanatic!

: Y-You... There's something wrong with you!
: Really? Do you really think so? Do you really think...there's something wrong with me?
: But...isn't that what love is?

: N-Nagito...what is the meaning of this? E-Explain it to me! I don't understand...anything about this story at all!
: You see, if you have a favorite boxer, don't you want him to fight against a strong opponent and win?
: You better not compare us to that.

: Huh? Am I wrong? It's a given that the trials are necessary to become strong, and the harsher the trial, the stronger you become, no?
: For mere humans, killings are simply a tragedy, but...for worthy humans, a trial such as this can elevate their status to an even higher level.
: It's amazing to me that someone as untalented as myself can become that trial! There's no point in someone like me surviving... It's far more significant for me to die as everyone's trial.
: There's no greater honor than becoming the foundation so that your values may ascend to brave new heights!

: S-Stop it... You're seriously...starting to piss me off...
: I-I don't understand at all! Are you saying you basically wanted to commit murder for fun!?
: It's not the same as someone killing for fun, but...I guess it'd look the same in your eyes.
: I have no intention of surviving and leaving you all to die.
: Is that didn't mind when Teruteru discovered your plan?
: Or perhaps that was intentional too?
: ...Huh?

: Nagito wanted to involve us in the killing... Plus, it'd be better for him if the mystery was more complex... Is that why you blatantly revealed your plan to Teruteru? You expected to pique Teruteru's curiosity... And you looked forward to the mystery becoming more complex.
:'re basically right. It's true I was looking forward to that. That's why I took the time to tell him about the secret passage I found while I was cleaning...
: That was your doing as well?
: I just casually mentioned it: "Oh, it's dangerous if you fall, so don't get too close to it."
: U-Ughhhhhh...

: This dude... He's seriously batshit crazy! He's insane!
: Th-That's right! That's why I tried to stop him, you know!
: But why...why did you kill Byakuya instead?
: I-I don't know! Because...Nagito was the one who was supposed to take that knife... Th-That's why...I aimed and thrusted the iron skewer there...

: But why is Byakuya the one who died!? It was supposed to be Nagito, not him!
: Byakuya...probably tried to stop Nagito from grabbing the knife... And place of Nagito...

Music cuts out.

: ...No, I don't think that's it.
: ...Huh?

: Byakuya was probably protect Nagito.
: Wh-What did you say!?
: Cuz...Byakuya said so, didn't he?

: Don't worry, as long as I'm the leader, I won't let anyone become a victim.
: I will guide you all! That much, I promise.

: C-Could it be...? In order to keep that promise...?
: As long as he was wearing the night-vision goggles... I'm sure he saw someone moving under the floorboards. And that someone...was aiming for Nagito.
: S-So Byakuya gave his life to protect Nagito? Even though he was trying to take the knife?
: I see... Byakuya is amazing... To keep his promise to protect everyone, he actually threw his own life away... And yet...

: I never expected an ending like this... Such despair!
: Wha-!?
: But...we shouldn't let him die in vain. I'm sure everyone will become even stronger by overcoming this despair...
: Could it be...? You knew Byakuya would protect you, so you set him up to fail?
: ...Of course not. I'm not that good at calculating. I just took some precautionary measures. The results of that were going to be my fun for later... Just kidding.

: But I never expected it would turn out like this. I never thought I'd be the one to survive. But since it was my life that had been saved, I didn't want to just waste it... So that's why I decided to help Teruteru.
: Why...why...?
: Well, because...Teruteru decided to commit his crime because he also had strong hope, right? Which means his actions were motivated by hope... If he was willing to go that far, I thought he might truly be the person whose existence I was waiting for.
: I thought he might be the hope that could defeat any type of despair. In order for me to confirm it, I decided to help Teruteru!
: Wh-What do you mean, "confirm"!? Just stop it already!

: Plus...I couldn't really help myself when I also empathized with Teruteru... After all, he wanted to kill me but he ended up killing Byakuya instead, you know? If I left him in that confused state, this trial might have been ruined, right?
: But in order for our hope to grow, this trial was absolutely necessary. That's why...I decided to help him! I told him, "I don't care if I die, so you should just focus on escaping this island..."
: Those were my exact words to him before the investigation... Isn't that right, Teruteru?
: Ugh...ughhhhhh...ughhh...
: In the end, my help just wasn't enough, and this turned out to be a bad ending for Teruteru...
: But you should be proud of yourself. You will not die in vain!
: You will become a splendid sacrifice for everyone else so their hopes can grow even more powerful!
: S-Sacrifice...!?

: S-Seriously, stop it already! I'm gonna go crazy just listening to you!
: Hey, is it really okay for us to just leave this crazy bastard alone like this?
: Isn't it better if we just loving kill him off!?
: Kyaaaah! "Kill," he said! High school students are sooooo violent these days!

: But the person who's gonna get killed now isn't Nagito. It's Teruteru.
: ...Eek!?
: Puhuhu, you didn't forget, right? Cuz I told you already at the beginning, right? If the blackened killer loses...a fun punishment awaits them.
: H-Hold on...

: Th-That should I put accident... act of self-defense... Uh...not intentional... Anyway...I feel it's possible it's not my fault...
: It doesn't matter if it's an accident, self-defense, or intentional, a murder is still a murder! If you kill someone, that's murder!
: B-But... Isn't there anything like sympathy judgments, extenuating circumstances...or maybe even probation...?
: I don't accept any of those claims!
: Th-That's not...

: H-Hey! Save me you guys! I was only trying to stop!
: Be honest... After learning about Nagito's plan, you saw an opportunity, right? You probably thought nobody would find out if you killed him after messing up his plan, right...? That's what you thought, right?
: Y-You're wrong! I--!
: There's no way a person who has no malice...would kill someone like that.
: ...Ugh!

: In truth, you were just desperate to kill Nagito...and willing to sacrifice everybody else to survive, right? Just be honest least, in the end.
: Ugh, ugh, ugh, ughhhhh...
: T-Teruteru...!
: If only you didn't try to kill Nagito... Byakuya would still be alive... Why did you try to commit murder!? Answer me, Teruteru!

Music fades out.

: U...Ugh... I...I just...I just wanted to go home...

: I needed to go back home no matter whaaaaaaaaat!

: Because...she's waiting for me. waiting for me at home. She's waiting all by herself...for the day I graduate Hope's Peak Academy and come home.

: Okay, I'm going now! When I come back, I think we should talk again about opening an Aoyama and Azabu location!
: Oh my, you're still talking about that...
: I'm serious. The academy guarantees success for its graduates, right? So, I know it's gonna be difficult by yourself, but...wait for me until then, okay?
: Yes, you're right... Then I'll just have to do my best to keep the Hanamura Diner from going out of business until then...
: Mom, you don't have to work so hard! What if you collapse again while I'm gone!?
: ...I'll be fine. Moms are strong. I won't lose to some illness...
: Haha...I know that already...

: ...I-I know that...already...

: I...promised... I promised her I'd become a full-fledged cook and save the Hanamura Diner. waiting for me to keep that promise. Even though she's sick...and alone...she's still waiting for me.

: That's why I need to go home!
: T-Teruteru...!
: B-But...if we were told our memories were stolen...and that several years have passed since our first day...
: Then what happened to the Hanamura Diner!? What happened to my mom who's still waiting for me!?

: So you did believe what Monokuma said...
: You were saying all along... "It's okay...I'll never believe something like this..." So...WHY!?
: I-I still don't believe it!
: There's no way I can believe it... has to be a lie...

: That's why I wanted to go home!
: I wanted to...go home and confirm it... I wanted to make was all just a lie...
: I wanted to make sure that I still have a place to call home!
: Gh...!!
: I don't believe it... I don'
: ...

It's not that Teruteru...didn't believe it... He...believed it more than anybody else here. That's why...he kept denying it... Because he believed it, he needed to deny it...

Dammit...! If I only knew how he felt, something like this never would've happened!

: I-I...wanted to confirm by any means necessary... I had to do something... That's when I heard Nagito's plan. I-I found out he was going to kill someone if I felt him alone... That's why... That's...why...
: Soooooo you wanted the first kill?
: ...I'm guys... It doesn't mean I wanted to sacrifice any of you. was the only thing I could do... And...I ended up killing Byakuya...instead of Nagito...
: Ah...I see... I think I'm the one...who went crazy.
: T-Teruteru...
: I see, I see...interesting. But...

: As far as motives to kill are concerned, wanting to see your mom is boooooooooooooring.
: Wha-!?
: Sooooo...

: It seems there's no point in basking in the afterglow, so let's hurry up and begin the punishment!
: N-No! You can't!

: Jeez! Get outta my way!
: Gyaaaaaah!

: that the annoying little sister has been dealt with, let's get back to business...
: H-Hold on a sec... I'm not asking...for forgiveness anymore... least...

: I've prepared a special punishment for Teruteru Hanamura, the Ultimate Cook!
: Call me "Chef"! No, wait, that's not what I--!

: P-Please... Please tell me at least... What happened to the Hanamura Mama?

: Let's give it everything we've got! It's...PUNISHMENT TIIIIIME!

: L-Lies... I won't believe this... I...won'!



Nov 28, 2014

Now I feel pretty safe posting this comic that illustrates the difference between Naegi and Komaeda:

(original source, translation source currently unknown because it was uncredited on tumblr and didn't come up when I used saucenao. no spoilers in source)

Apr 1, 2011

Ambassador to Moonlandia

I've updated the deadpool to reflect our latest death!

Also wow, I actually feel kind of bad for Steve there, having that moment of self realization before getting volcano slammed. Just like the first game though, our first murder has a little bit of sympathy, but quickly looses it when you look at what lead up to what happens.

Game one: Leon claims self defense, but as others point out, he did peruse Sayaka to kill her.

Game 2: Steve hears of a murder plan, but decided to kill rather than warn the others.

Double Punctuation
Dec 30, 2009

Ships were made for sinking;
Whiskey made for drinking;
If we were made of cellophane
We'd all get stinking drunk much faster!

Note: Teruteru died on the way back to his home planet.

Sep 21, 2002

Wanna see a demonstration of my school? It's called "Eight Leaves, One Very Big Stick"!

Taco Defender

I had forgotten how incredibly batshit bugfuck nutso Nagito is.

: Byakuya was probably protect Nagito.
: As long as he was wearing the night-vision goggles... I'm sure he saw someone moving under the floorboards. And that someone...was aiming for Nagito.

I don't agree with this at all. I think it's just wishful thinking.

I like the parallels this first case has to DR 1. In both DR 1 and 2, the viewpoint character gets a friend/assistant for a little bit at the start, and in both cases, that friend/assistant is the first one to attempt a murder. And in both the first case of DR 1 and DR 2, the ACTUAL killer wasn't intending to kill at first, it's only realizing that another person is going to attempt a murder which forces their hand. In both games, the actual killer had a choice whether or not to kill, they could have walked away and told someone else. But because the seeds of doubt and fear were planted by the knowledge that a fellow student was willing to kill, they chose to kill to try and get out of the situation.

Also, good riddance to that horrible little pervert.

May 31, 2011

Well, if I really HAVE to shoot you in the bollocks to shut you up, then I guess I'll need to, post-haste, for everyone else's sake.

...Goddamn, Nagito has definitely avoided being Makoto 2.0 by a wide margin, huh. Still, I've got to hope that at least he'll probably be the next one offed because everyone thinks he's a creepy little gently caress (even more so than the little madam ... which is saying something).

Also, toodle-oo Steve. Can't say many will miss you here.

Stabbey_the_Clown posted:

: Byakuya was probably protect Nagito.
: As long as he was wearing the night-vision goggles... I'm sure he saw someone moving under the floorboards. And that someone...was aiming for Nagito.

I don't agree with this at all. I think it's just wishful thinking.

To be fair, a bit of genuinely hopeful wishful thinking after the great Nagito insano-ramble is a nice contrast as to show what hope actually is.

Feb 26, 2016


Justice was served.

Feb 19, 2013

That's it! No more hiding in tomato crates! It's time to show that idiota Germany how a real nation fights!

For pasta~! CHARGE!

drat Nagito is insane; idle speculation, but our boy Nagito "definitely not Naegi" Komeada has to be the Monobear spy, mostly because his whole hope shtick feels really forced, like he's still mulling actual Naegi's words in the last trial of the first game but he's simply not getting it.
I'm kinda torn between wanting every trial having a Nagito section where he pleads guilty and having the Yakuza dude break all his legs and arms before tying him up and chucking him in his room under guard.

In unrelated speculation, I wonder who's piloting the rabbit. I dunno why, but she doesn't feel like Naegi; maybe Asahina? Comedy option Kirigiri.

Oct 11, 2012

Somebody call for an ant?

Im hoping for that he IS Makoto and the world outside was just that hosed up that he turned into that broken shell of a kid

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: Kyaaaah!
: Phew! The adrenaline is rushing through me!
: T-Teruteru!
: Gh...oooohhhh...! A-Are you...loving serious...ughhh...!
: Ah...aaaahhhh...aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh...!
: Wh-Why...? Why...did you do something so cruel?

: Huh? Didn't you learn when you were in elementary school? If you badmouth someone... The teacher writes it in a note, and makes whoever you badmouthed read it to you in front of the class...
: When that happens, only then do you think about how it feels to be badmouthed. The same applies to murder.
: Y-You're the one who drove him to do it!
: cruel... This is just too cruel...!
: Well, it can't be helped. Rules are rules and this is the killing rule after all!
: What...rule...
: You're the one who's breaking the rules!

: Huh? I can't just let that slide... What do you mean?
: When you mentioned the motive... Didn't you also promise something!?

: However...there's a catch.
: Don't tell me the catch is...
: Puhuhu...figured it out yet?

: That's right, you guys have to kill each other! That's my bargaining point!
: You guys wanna know, right? You want your school memories returned to you, right?
: Then you better start killing! A penny for your thoughts, and a murder for your memories!

: Wh-Why...why didn't you tell Teruteru about his mom or his diner!? He had a right to know!
: too... We all have a right to know...!
: Hey! Hurry up and tell us! What did you mean earlier when you mentioned our "school memories"?

: Oh yeah, I did promise to return your memories after the killing began...
: Huh? You're gonna do it? But...telling them is kind of...
: But I never told you guys that I'd tell you right away.

: Wha-...!?
: Th-That's not fair!
: Of course, I'll keep my promise to return your memories someday.'s still not clear when that "someday" will actually be...
: Bwah-hahahahaha! *leaves*
: U-Um... I must excuse myself as well! Th-There's something that I need to do! *leaves*

: Wh-What the heck...!?
: That's not fair! They both ran away!
: M-Monokuma had us wrapped around his finger after all...!
: stupid...!

: An ending like this is just full of despair... A seriously tragic despair... But still, at times like this...
: As the symbols of hope, you guys need to keep doing your best!
: You...why're you smilin'?
: How can you smile in a situation like this, you creep!
: Hold on...I'm sad too, you know. ...Didn't I tell you? From the bottom of my heart, I truly love you all. You Ultimates who inspire hope...and your splendid talents. There's no way I can be happy when we've lost such a talented individual.
: Don't go sayin' creepy poo poo! I'll loving kill you!

Music cuts out.

: ...Please, kill me any time.
: ...Huh?

: If you hate me, I don't mind you killing me! I've already prepared myself to become your stepping stone!
: If absolute hope can be born from that...then my life is nothing special.
: messed up are you...!?
: However, if you're going to kill me, make sure you discuss it with me beforehand, okay? You see, if you do that, then I can cooperate with the killer.
: Are you seriously...intending to help the killer?
: It's really not that big of a deal. If you're students of Hope's Peak Academy... If you're the symbols of hope who possess the chosen talents...
: Then it shouldn't matter to you guys at all if I cooperate with the killer, right!?

: Hmph... Declaring so confidently that you'll side with the killer...
: Maybe this was his plan all along. Since he's willing to work with the killer, he wants us to think it's better for us not to kill him...
: Well, I don't mind what you think of me... In actuality, thanks to Byakuya, I'm starting to feel a small desire to live.
: Mostly, I just want to watch everyone destroy all the despair that comes for you, one after the other...!
: Ahaha, just kidding!

: Hey, can I punch ya? I just won't be satisfied till I punch ya!
: Fine... Let's stop this already. It's just going to be a waste of time...if we keep dealing with him...!
: Huh? Even Hajime hates me now?
: That stings... I felt you and I were quite similar.
: What does that...?

: You hold a special feeling toward Hope's Peak Academy...just like me.
: Don't put me in the same category as you...!
: But how can you say you're not? Monokuma said it himself... We don't know anything about each other's true nature.
: No, if it's true that our school memories were stolen, it's the same as not knowing our true selves, too. Especially for you...right? Someone who can't even remember what his talent is...
: ...
: Akane...please feel free to punch him.

: ...Will do!
: ...H-Hold on!

: P-Please stop this at once! Nothing will come from fighting like this. There...there is something else that we must do.
: Something else...?
: We must not argue with each other in a place like this. something more important we must do.
: ...Which is?

: Do our best.
: ...Hm?
: We must first leave here...and get some rest. And then...we shall all work together and do our best. Do our best so we never have to come back here again.
: That is what...I believe we must do right now...
: I am sorry... If only I was a better motivational speaker...
: No... That really touched my heart...! You're totally right... What we need to do right do our best...! If we do our's definitely going to pay off, right?
: Yes, that is right.

: But...what do we have to work hard at?
: I do not know, but we must do our best!
: ...Jeez, I don't get you at all. Are you some kind of moron?
: It's fine if you don't know. What matters is that you hold on to the feeling that you have to do your best.

: So...let's do our best. Let's make sure a killing like this never happens again.
: It's scary but...doing our best is our only option. There's no way I'm doing what Nagito said.
: All right! I dunno what you're talkin' about, but let's do our best for now!
: Very well... Even if we are not able to change the future, I guess I should at least change my tomorrow...
: drat fiend...I won't give up until the very end! I won't die in vain...
: I'll give my entire existence, my entire power, my entire body and soul, and fight to the very end!
: Yeah, you're right...

: Let's definitely work together and leave this island!

"Do our best..." We kept using that phrase over and over again. Even though we knew they were, meaningless, empty words...

Regardless...we still said it. And we continued to say it over and over again without stopping.

Thus...The curtain had fallen upon the class trial where Byakuya and Teruteru were sacrificed.

Afterwards, we left the trial grounds and returned to the mainland of Jabberwock Island... For the time being...we decided to go back to our cottages.

: ...

After experiencing something like that...there's no way I could fall asleep. I gave up, got out of bed, and began walking around the hotel grounds for no real reason. After not doing much of anything...I dully looked up at the sky.

And there, just like before...there it was. The night sky brimming with stars. Stars that looked like they were about to fall into my hands like fluttering snow... As I looked up at such a beautiful night sky...

"I can...go anywhere..."

That thought crossed my mind for some reason. The sky is connected to anywhere, even to my daily life. That's why...I might be able to go home.

That's right...I'm definitely going to go home.

: ...Hm?

Music fades out.

...That's when it happened. As I stared up at the night sky, I felt a strange convergence of sensation. And then...while I continued to stare at the night sky, I felt my entire body stiffen with that sensation.

Isn't this...?

: ...Is someone watching me?

: You have obtained a present: 3 Star Badge.

: You have obtained a present: Wooden Stick.

Oct 21, 2008

Oh god, what is that timer countdown thing doing? It probably just shoots confetti everywhere knowing monokuma, but hopefully we can investigate.

Oct 4, 2015

We Have Unlocked Woke Junpei Mode
Fuck Up Cops 2020
Beloved Forums Poster
Evolved Heightened Level Junpei
Junpei Is Not Ironic And That Is Why He Is Good

Man, I forgot how absolutely insane the executions in this game are. They're only getting better from here, folks!

I would also like to mention that this game's final three cases are my favorite three cases in the series (not in the order we'll see them, though).

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

While I'm working on the next update, I just want to take the time to mention the following. Danganronpa V3 released in Japan today. Please be careful with your internet browsing if you don't want any spoilers for it. Additionally, it continues to go without saying but this thread is no place for discussion of that game. Even once we get details about an English release, or even once it's out in English, I still don't want to see any discussion of it in here.

Update will be up either tonight or tomorrow.

Jul 29, 2014

Go on an adventure ordained by fate?
-->Okay! I'll grab my stuff!


Yeah, do take care when looking up DR stuff guys. One of my friends who is a huge fan of the series accidentally already got spoiled for the culprit of the first case of the new game, just by googling images. Be careful!

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

For a long time, humans have been taught that if you try hard enough, you can accomplish anything. Even if we weren't told this directly, you'd know it just by looking at the world around us. The Internet, TV, and newspapers are overflowing with hopeful messages that say exactly that... But people who can't win...people who don't try to win...people who try their best and still can't win...

They are all worthless trash.

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who are born with worth, and everybody else. No matter how hard a lowly human tries, they will never be the same as someone who was born worthy. They say that "effort breeds success"... But that's a complete lie. The world is not that accomodating. No matter how hard a small dog tries, it will never become a large dog... No matter how much a penguin tries, there's no way it will ever soar through the sky... Which means...unworthy humans will never become worthy, no matter what they do. People with talent don't become talented... They're just born with their abilities right from the start.

That's right...just like you guys. That's why I have so much respect for you all. Ah, just so you know, what I feel is different from admiration. Admiration is...wishing you could be like the object of your admiration. But what I feel is not so self-serving. How should I put it? What I feel is...more pure... More like a selfless love that wants nothing in return... So...I want you guys to believe me when I say...I don't mind if you kill me, but if that happens, I want you to let me help. I don't care if the killer survives, or if everyone but the killer survives. I just...want both sides to do their very best. I want to see with my own two eyes...the absolute hope that lies ahead. Yep, I'm really lucky! Someone as insignificant as me will be there when hope and despair collide, and unleash their energy...

So please...let me help you... If you're planning to kill me, I would be honored to help you carry out your plan. I want you to use me as a stepping stone so everyone can shine. I want you to kill me in a way that befits--





...Byakuya and Teruteru died just last night.

An ordeal like that doesn't change the fact that I still get hungry... I learned this firsthand as I headed toward the hotel restaurant with dreary, sullen footsteps.

: ...
: Ah,'re already here... Good morning...
: Y-Yo... ...
: Good...morning...

Just as I thought...the atmosphere in the restaurant is pretty gloomy. But after what happened yesterday...that's to be expected.

Byakuya, who appointed himself our leader, was killed... And the person who killed him was our friend...

And...that friend was also killed right in front of us. After experiencing something like that, it's impossible not to feel sad...

: Huuuh? You guys don't look so good. Your faces all look like you just attended two funerals in a row.

I guess some people don't feel so sad...

: That's, like...what happened! Byakuya...and Teruteru got killed...!
: I'm not talking to you, you ugly bitch!
: Waaaaaah! Wh-Why are you always so mean to me!?

: Still, I understand about Mr. Ham Hands, but is there even a reason for us to be sad about Teruteru's death?
: Wh-What the heck do you mean...?
: Well he was a crazy guy who killed someone! He totally deserved to die!
: I understand how you feel, but you're going too far.
: Huuuh? Is it all right to defend a killer? Are you trying to justify murder?
: No...that was not my intention, but...

: Then you gotta hate him more than ever. You gotta hate him from the bottom of your heart. He's a stupid, piece of trash, bastard who committed the lowest crime possible. He deserved to get killed. In fact, I'm rather relieved he was executed. If I could have, I would have totally spat on him too.

: ...Hm? ...Hmmmm?
: Hey, what gives? Does a peabrain like you have something to complain about?
: Well, it's not about that, but...
: ...Somethin' smells, don'tcha think?
: Eh, again!?

: Don't tell me... It better not be another dead body!
: No, it's not the smell of blood...this time. It just smells really bad.
: S-Smells bad...?
: It's kinda like how a bar or nightclub smells after closin' time, ya see.
: I don't know those smells! You must've had a pretty rough life!

: ...Now that you mention it, I do smell something. It's like a sewer or rotting garbage...
: Kyahahahaha! I know what it is! Nekomaru's breath probably stinks!
: Gah-hahahaha! You've got me there!
: She didn't say anything remotely funny just now...
: No it's not Nekomaru. This smell is comin' from...

:, Hiyoko.
: ...Huh?
: Whoa, it's true! reek!
: Tch! A rotten smell stings my eyes...! As if a demonic eclipse is about to commence...!

: Ah...aghhh...
: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
: Oh, she's crying!

: I've said it before, but you guys are really insensitive!
: Ah, actually doesn't smell *that* bad... I mean, as long as I breathe with my mouth...
: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
: Are you even takin' baths?

: Ugh... *Hic...* *Hic...* ...No.
: Y-You haven't bathed...!?
: I...I can't help it... I can't tie my kimono sash by myself...
: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!
: H-Hey...Hiyoko... You don't have to cry so much... I'll tie your sash for you, okay?
: *Hic...* *Hic...* ...Really?

: I can only tie a simple knot, but...if that's okay with you, I can teach you.
: Yaaaaay! I love you Mahiru! I'll give you a kiss!
: H-Hey Hiyoko... You don't have to hug me.
: ...Kehehe, she appears to have taken a liking to you.
: Welcome to the world of girl love! It's slippery when wet!

The air's...suddenly not so tense anymore... Well, I guess it's better than being down forever... If I was all by myself...I probably wouldn't have been able to put my feelings aside and move on like this... I guess...I have these guys to thank...

: Um...anyway... What happened to Fuyuhiko and Nagito? It seems they are both...not here...
: Ah, now that you mention it, you're right...
: I saw Fuyuhiko earlier near the hotel. I invited him to breakfast, but he declined.
: Well, that's just Fuyuhiko being Fuyuhiko, but...

: Who cares about Nagito!?
: He is cursed... A child who summons misfortune, so to speak.
: Well...that may be, but...

: J-Just letting you know...I don't know anything!
: W-Without hesitation, I-I don't know anything about Nagito at all!
: He's right, forget him! Let's just forget about that creep already!
: ...
: ...They're obviously acting suspicious, aren't they?
: I-I'm not suspicious!
: Hmph! That's right! I-I'm not suspicious!

: What's up? Did someone get kidnapped or something?
: Y-You came just at the right time!
: Hm? At the right time?
:'s nothing...

: I don't really get it, must've yearned for me. Your outlook on life has changed due to my cuteness, so your body can't stand to live without me, huh? "I-I can't help myself, you know... M-My body...reacts to Monokuma...on its own..."
: ...Somethin' like that?
: ...Who cares about that? Just hurry up and tell us why you're here.
: To be honest, I'm searching too. My valued servant...has disappeared.
: Servant...?

: You know, my Monobeasts... One of them just disappeared...

Huh? One of the Monobeasts disappeared?

: Maybe I cut back on the cost of their food too much? Perhaps they're boycotting me?

: "But...that guy is the weakest of the League of Four... How shameful for a Monobeast to lose to a mere human..."
: ...That's what you want to say, right?
: Hm?
: Though this is merely the prelude, the climax will occur soon after...
: Now then, let me hear your scream! I shall make such sweet music for you!
: Hmhmhmhm!?

: Hey Gundham... You should stop playing with that stuffed animal.
: I'm still being called a stuffed animal... Oh well... It looks like you guys don't know anything about my Monobeast either... Then it's a waste of time for me to worry about it. I don't wanna go bald from worrying too much.
: A wise catbot once said, "Our eyes are on the front so we can keep moving forward!" *leaves*

As Monokuma said those familiar-sounding words to us, once again...he disappeared.

: Hey, what do you think he meant just now? He said something about a Monobeast disappearing...
: Hmm... The only possibility I can think of is...

: Um... Were you in the middle of something? If so, I can just come back later...
: Then leave.
: Kyaa! At least ask me to leave kindly!
: Ah, before you leave, I want to ask you something. Did you have anything to do with the disappearing Monobeast?
: Ah, yes! That's right!

: Tadaaaaa! I'm the one who defeated that Monobeast!
: Defeating a monster like that... How the hell did someone like you pull that off?
: I'll talk about that in more detail in a different mode. Anyway, I've released the bridge gate for you all!

: If the gate is open... That means we can go to the new island across the bridge, right?
: Ahem! That's totally right! Now that you all can go to more areas, let's all get along and live a fun life together for sure this time!
: Love! Love!

: L-Living together on this island isn't what's important... W-We need to find a way to escape.
: Of course! Escaping from this island is our main goal!
: ...Huh?

: Nobody wants to live in a swashbuckling, Hollywood type, action film!
: I want to live a life where I can be more average...a life where nothing happens... That's better for me...
: All right! If you find anything that can be salvaged for boat parts, let me know immediately!
: I-It seems that...everyone's united on a path that's different from what I had planned...
: Fuhahaha! Then let's disperse! the time has come to release the cursed seal!
: All right! Let's find a way to leave this island!

: That is...impossible...
: ...Hm?
: Leaving the no longer possible...
: ...No longer possible? Hey...what does that...?

*Monomi leaves*

: Ah...!

: Hey Hajime... Just leave that thing along already! After all...she's the same as Monokuma. It's better if you don't get that close to her.
: Y-You're right...
: ...

It seems everyone's attention has shifted toward exploring the new island. Expecting to find something that'll help us escape this situation, everyone filed out of the restaurant.

: Everyone's gone but Mahiru and Hiyoko. Let's see what they're up to.

: A new island, huh...? I should go find some clues too...
: Eh, you can't! You promised you'd tie my kimono sash!
: Th-That was... We can do that after we finish exploring the new island...

: B-But...if I don't hurry and go take a bath... They'll *sob* call me smelly again... They're *sniff* gonna bully me again...
: O-Okay...then let's take a light shower first...
: Yay, we're gonna wash each other!
: Huh? Wash each other?

: H-Hold on. I-I don't think it's a good idea for me to go in too...
: Now now, we're both girls. There's no need to be shy!
: B-But...
: C'mon, let's go! *Both leave*

Hiyoko pulled Mahiru's hand, smiling like a child before a school trip, and headed toward the cottages.

: ...

...Wash each other?

: ...

I-I see... Washing each other, huh...?

: This is actually the trigger for another bonus scene if you have the proper present. I'll come back to it eventually. I'm not gonna come back to this one. It plays out exactly like you'd imagine.

: Early in the thread I was requested by another user to check the cottages of the recently deceased students. I hope these small scenes are what they were talking about.

: Byakuya...

You really tried to keep your promise, huh. Your promise not to allow even one victim...

: ...

I'll find out about the Hanamura Diner... And when I do, I'll make sure I let you know...!

: Let's head to the second island.

: As was mentioned, there's no Monobeast here now.

She's right...the Monobeast that was blocking this bridge is gone... Plus...the gate that was blocking the bridge is now open...

: I guess Monomi was right after all...

What lies beyond this bridge?

: All right, I guess I should find out...!

FPzero fucked around with this message at 04:46 on Jan 14, 2017

Aug 14, 2015

I think the more interesting time to check the cottages is considerably later in the game, at pretty much the last time you can check them. That said, they still have some musings by our protagonist here.

And hey, Hiyoko made a friend! Friends are people who offer to help you out of pity and whose good will you exploit beyond what they wanted to do in the first place, right?

Sep 21, 2002

Wanna see a demonstration of my school? It's called "Eight Leaves, One Very Big Stick"!

Taco Defender

If your one Talent is "dance well in a simple costume", then shouldn't you at least be able to put on the costume? Now I admit that I haven't mastered a lot of knots, but if it was my job to tie things up, I'd probably make an effort to learn a few.

Oct 22, 2016

Stabbey_the_Clown posted:

If your one Talent is "dance well in a simple costume", then shouldn't you at least be able to put on the costume? Now I admit that I haven't mastered a lot of knots, but if it was my job to tie things up, I'd probably make an effort to learn a few.

It could be the case that she physically can't tie her sash without the help of another person.

Oxygen Deficiency
May 19, 2008

FPzero posted:

: A wise catbot once said, "Our eyes are on the front so we can keep moving forward!" *leaves*

Rogue 7
Oct 13, 2012

Stabbey_the_Clown posted:

If your one Talent is "dance well in a simple costume", then shouldn't you at least be able to put on the costume? Now I admit that I haven't mastered a lot of knots, but if it was my job to tie things up, I'd probably make an effort to learn a few.

A kimono is the complete opposite of simple. When I was teaching in Japan, one of my students was an older woman who was literally taking a class on how to properly put one on so that she could wear it for her daughter's wedding.

Aug 21, 2007

Neat. Sweet. Petite.

One of the things is the sash tie goes in the back - it can't be done and undone by yourself easily, one would either need assistants or a lot of practice. You never tie it in the front.

Oct 10, 2012

The Inquisition.
What a show.
The Inquisition.
Here. We. Go.

College Slice

FPzero posted:

: Early in the thread I was requested by another user to check the cottages of the recently deceased students. I hope these small scenes are what they were talking about.

Yeah, they are. It's just a little thing, but I think it's nice to see Hajime keep his fallen friends in memory.

Feb 19, 2011

Oh God no the ball is gone.

FPzero posted:

: ...

...Wash each other?

: ...

I-I see... Washing each other, huh...?

: This is actually the trigger for another bonus scene if you have the proper present. I'll come back to it eventually.

oh no game why

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Gihyou posted:

oh no game why


Oct 11, 2012

Somebody call for an ant?

FPzero posted:

: ...

...Wash each other?

: ...

I-I see... Washing each other, huh...?

: This is actually the trigger for another bonus scene if you have the proper present. I'll come back to it eventually.

No, it's ok. You really don't have to do that for us.

Nov 12, 2010

Objection! I object! That was... objectionable!

Taco Defender

Gihyou posted:

oh no game why
This is the same game that has Steve and Mikan in it. Are you really surprised?

Sep 21, 2002

Wanna see a demonstration of my school? It's called "Eight Leaves, One Very Big Stick"!

Taco Defender

FoolyCharged posted:

No, it's ok. You really don't have to do that for us.

Indeed. Sometimes an LP is better served when "bonus content" is omitted, rather than shown.

Jun 8, 2013

Uh oh. Do I use Ariadne thread or Goho-M?

FPzero posted:

: This is actually the trigger for another bonus scene if you have the proper present. I'll come back to it eventually.

Please don't.

Jul 24, 2013

Grimey Drawer

Is it worse then the equivalent scene in the first DR?

May 10, 2011

You're an idiot,
so start acting
like one.

Hunt11 posted:

Is it worse then the equivalent scene in the first DR?

Oh my god it's so much worse. DR1 had towels and distance; this scene gets hair, steam, and right in your face. With Mahiru and Hiyoko. I'd expect FPzero would get some uncomfortable mod attention if they posted pictures of that scene.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Yeah, I'll skip it. I was just on autopilot thinking about how I would be showing off almost all the game's content eventually. I wasn't enthusiastic about the prospect to begin with so I'll gladly pass on showing the scene. It's as skeevy as it sounds, though not as bad as the mandatory similar scene in Ultra Despair Girls. (This isn't a green light to talk about UDG's or that scene, it's just a point of comparison for those people who know both.)

FPzero fucked around with this message at 04:57 on Jan 14, 2017

May 10, 2011

You're an idiot,
so start acting
like one.

I don't think I've ever been more pleased to be denied content in an LP before.

In fact, DR2, while still being a fantastic game I'm going to love until I die, is somehow also a game I'd also rather die before I 100% completed. I'm certainly never going to make the mistake of watching this scene again for the rest of my life.


Spielmeister posted:

What's worse is that this is the only bonus scene that isn't unlocked by showing an item to someone so you have no way to say no to it. It's forced on you every time you start this chapter once you have the item.

That's...kind of true? As far as I'm aware, the trigger is talking to Mahiru after everyone leaves. You still don't get a choice if you talk to her, but you can just, y'know, not talk to Mahiru to avoid the scene.

dancingbears fucked around with this message at 19:41 on Jan 14, 2017

Mar 31, 2014

What's worse is that this is the only bonus scene that isn't unlocked by showing an item to someone so you have no way to say no to it. It's forced on you every time you start this chapter once you have the item.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: So this is the new island... The ambience seems different...compared to the 1st island with the hotel.

...Well, now's not the time for me to make carefree observations. There might be a clue here that tells us how to leave this island. I need to find it...!

: Welcome to the 2nd Island.

: There are a number of places to visit here so let's get to it.

: First off, this gigantic...ruin?

Wh-What is this...enormous building...? It has the ambience of an ancient ruin, but...its shape doesn't resemble a ruin...

: ...
: Hey Chiaki...
: ...Ah, sorry... I was dozing for a bit.

You didn't look like you were dozing... You looked like you were completely asleep. While standing up.

: Anyway...what's this huge building?

: It looks like some sort of ruins...or a historical landmark.
: Ancient ruins... That's what you think too. But it's not just a typical ancient ruin, don't you think? I don't know how to say it clearly...but...
:'s a mysterious building. It feels like a special place...
: A special place...
: ...I'll...check around here a bit more, so you can go somewhere else.

: C'mon, just go somewhere else.

I-Is she trying to make me go away...? She probably wants to be she can sleep without being interrupted.

: I get it, better not sleep. Let me know if you discover anything.
: Yeah, leave it to me.
: ...

Jeez, she's completely doing her own thing, but her smile is so innocent...

...That's even more annoying to deal with.

: Next up, a Library.

Wow...that's an impressive amount of books... It's probably a library, but...nevertheless, it looks pretty overwhelming.

: First things first, a new chapter means five new Hidden Monokumas to locate. The first one is hiding up above.

: Let's see what Peko to say about the place.

: This is a huge library, but there are no other human beings to be found here at all... Just as I thought... It might be safe to assume that this island is also uninhabited...

This is...a bronze statue of Monokuma. It looks so arrogant...what lame taste.

The bronze statue of Monomi...I mean, Usami, before she got redesigned. Looks like it broke when it got dropped. Getting treated like a nuisance even as a statue...that's pretty sad.

: Next, let's talk to Sonia.

: I am a little surprised! I never expected to find such a splendid facility. It rivals even my homeland's national library...
: But isn't it strange? I mean, does a resort really need a library like this?
: That is very true and...just as expected, nobody is here either.
: You're right... The fact that we're the only humans around here is even more strange...

: Tadaaaa! Monomi is here! I'm reading a book!
: Ah, since you've come here, would you like me to explain this library to you?
: I-I see...
: It's clear from your face I'm a nuisance... Since I was more energetic than usual...I feel even emptier now...
: ...And what about your explanation?

: Well, you're all basically students, right? I was thinking you needed a place where you can do homework...
: Soooo, I have prepared this library!
: Prepared... You?
: Hehe, everyone can get along and study together. It's a student's duty to study.
: ...Don't act like a teacher.
: I am a teacher!
:'re even more confusing than Monokuma. So what's your real identity? What's your purpose?
: R-Real identity...? Now that's silly... ...G-Good-bye! *leaves*
: Running away as soon as things get inconvenient... That's even more suspicious.

: I cannot believe that she is the one who prepared this grand facility.
: Yeah, she's probably lying.
: According to this island's guidebook, many of their guests are wealthy and stay for weeks at a time...
: These are probably things that they donated.
: H-Hold on. Did you just say this island's guidebook?
: I found it in this library. Would you like to take a look?

: ...Wh-What language is this? I have no clue...
: This makes even less sense in this version. In the Japanese version the pamphlet was in English too, but in the English version the pamphlet is still in English but Hajime doesn't know it? I know, implied Japanese speech and all that but it still reads funny.

: Then I shall read it on your behalf.
: You can read it, Sonia?
: Mmhm, I am fluent in thirty different languages. It is a requirement for members of the royal family.

Thirty languages... DOes the royal family have a limit?

: "Jabberwock Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean known for being a paradise of eternal summer..."
: ...That is what it says. This is...exactly what Byakuya told us before.

: "Jabberwock Island consists of a small central island surrounded by five other islands. The outer islands were developed as resorts, while the central island houses a large administrative building."
: ...Huh?

: Th-That is strange... I mean...the central island of Jabberwock Island...
: There was no sign of any buildings at all... The only things there were...Monokuma Rock and the park.
: A-Also, according to this guidebook... It says that there is a bronze statue in the lobby of that building which symbolizes the island...
: Huh...isn't that...!?

: Are you talking about...that bronze statue that turned into the Monobeasts? But...that statue was in the middle of the park, not in the lobby of some building.

: Th-That is not all... There is another description that strikes me as strange. According to this guidebook, the only way to travel between the five islands is by boat...
: ...Huh?
: "While some people wanted bridges, critics worried about their effect on the environment, so none were built..."
: Wh-What does that mean? Then...what are we using to move between islands...?

: ...There's...a possibility that this place is an artificial island like Palm Jumeirah...
: Palm Jumeirah...? Artificial island...?
: Palm Jumeirah is a huge artificial island and tourist site located in the Persian Gulf. Similarly...this island might be an artificial island designed to *look* like Jabberwock Island...
: Th-That especially might be why...we are the only ones on this island... ...
: ...Well, something like that would be impossible anyway. No island of this size could be completely artificial. This guidebook must be old, too. It contradicts everything about the island's current situation...

: My're very intuitive to assume this is an artificial island!
: Now *you're* here!?
: However, those guys are the only ones who could do something on such a massive scale!
: Th-Those guys...?

: The hint is... You know, the enormous organization you guys were talking about before.
:'s true that those guys totally deserve to be called a horrible group of people.
: Wh-Who are you talking about...?
: Oops...that was a slip of the tongue... I should excuse myself before it leaks onto the internet... *leaves*

: H-Hey! Hold on a second!

But before my voice could reach him, Monokuma disappeared as usual.

: Could it be...this island is completely artificial...? There is no way that is true...
: Th-There's no way... That's probably just old.
: You...are right...

That's right...that's obviously what it is. He's just saying strange things just to confuse us... Dammit...there's no way I'll fall for that...!

Hmm, what language are these books written in...? French? Italian? ...I don't even know.

: Hmm... Such an interesting description.
: What are you reading? Are those political books, or maybe some kind of philosophy...?

: The newest issue of Occult Magazine! It breaks the lid off underground mysteries and the wonders of the world!
: Th-That's quite a surprise...
: I-It is not like I read it often. I am just reading it because it has a special article about serial killers!

That's not a good excuse at all...

: It seems...this writer has very good taste. I mean, even Genocide Jack is mentioned in the article...
: Hm...that Genocide Jack or whatever... I feel like I've heard about her before...
: Genocide Jack is an alleged Japanese serial killer who has a reputation even among casual internet users. She is very popular among youths and is known for writing messages in blood at the scene of the crime.
: Apparently she is a high school or middle school student who wears a sailor uniform. Be careful Hajime.

Do you know how many high school and middle school girls wear sailor uniforms these days...?

: Ah...this one is a particular favorite of mine... Sparkling Justice is a regular subject of these kinds of exclusive articles. I shall explain it to you just in case...

: Sparkling Justice is a serial killer who calls themselves "The Ally of Justice"! Wearing a wide variety of hero masks, Sparkling Justice is a delightful serial killer who only kills criminals!
: S-Sonia...calm down...
: Thanks to the masks Sparkling Justice wears, nobody knows their real age or gender. After all, it is essential that serial killers be mysterious! What an expert, yes!

: Hey, you two... I've been listening in for a while now, but... Why are you talking about mere murderers with such enthusiasm?
: I...haven't done any talking.

: Please hold on! It is a mistake to refer to these people as mere murderers!
: Coming in contact with a value system that differs from your own is a very important matter. Serial killers...their value system is very different than the norm... What a marvelous existence!
: Haaaaah! I am totes intrigued!

I-Is this kind of like...a young lady crushing on a total bad boy...type of situation...? ...Regardless, it's clearly different from a princess who's obsessed with serial killers.

: That's it for the library. Next time we'll keep exploring the 2nd Island.


Jul 24, 2013

Grimey Drawer

Huh. Never noticed that little detail about that place

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