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Jan 24, 2007
i want to achieve immortality through not dying

If you don't know anything about From Dusk Til Dawn you should watch it.


Aug 21, 2007

Neat. Sweet. Petite.

It's a Tarantino film, so it's going to be very bloody, fair warning.

Jun 8, 2013

Uh oh. Do I use Ariadne thread or Goho-M?

Robindaybird posted:

It's a Tarantino film, so it's going to be very bloody, fair warning.

I've only seen two of his films, Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained, and his works are not for me. I'm not a fan of Killfests.

This game excluded, of course.

Doc Hawkins
Jun 15, 2010

Dashing? But I'm not even moving!

I too still bear the marks of my battle against the demon Smallpox.

E: Gundham, you loving goober.

Aug 21, 2007

Neat. Sweet. Petite.

Doc Hawkins posted:

I too still bear the marks of my battle against the demon Smallpox.

E: Gundham, you loving goober.

And reminded how early Fushigi Yugi - Miaka attempted to scare off bandits like claiming her smallpox vaccines were some kind of Demon mark - well, before the whole loving romance sapped away what interesting bits of personality she had.

Dec 29, 2009

Soiled Meat

Doc Hawkins posted:

I too still bear the marks of my battle against the demon Smallpox.

E: Gundham, you loving goober.

Is that what it was? I thought he just had a tattoo or something.

Aug 21, 2007

Neat. Sweet. Petite.

It's very highly unlikely for a Japanese teenager to have tattoos due to cultural connotations - and if anyone in the cast would have one, it'd be more likely Kazuryuu.

Jul 29, 2014

Go on an adventure ordained by fate?
-->Okay! I'll grab my stuff!


And here I thought he was referring to the scar over his eye and having got it from an angry dog or other animal as a kid.

Oct 11, 2012

What is there left to discover about donuts...?


silversatyr posted:

And here I thought he was referring to the scar over his eye and having got it from an angry dog or other animal as a kid.

This is the impression I got as well. He was remembering the time he went to the hospital for the scar over his eye.

May 10, 2011

You're an idiot,
so start acting
like one.

silversatyr posted:

And here I thought he was referring to the scar over his eye and having got it from an angry dog or other animal as a kid.

If I'm not mistaken, there was actually a little bit of information released by the author about Gundham's facial scar. It's not quite a spoiler, but I think I may keep it under my hat for now; it doesn't come up in the game, but it'll go pretty well with his Free Time Events. However, that information gives us an origin story for Gundham's scar, and that makes it seem more likely that Gundham's "mark of defeating the devil" was probably something left over from a disease or surgery. I always assumed an appendectomy scar.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: Welcome back. Today we're going to start with this movie theater. I wonder how the movies are?

: Welllllcome! We're currently showing right now, so please wait five minutes for the next showing to start!
: Showing...? What does that mean?
: Are your eyes just for show? Look around, this is a movie theater, right?
: Then I'm obviously showing a movie!
: Showing a movie...? Well...I guess there's no need to even ask. You're just gonna say this is the next motive, right? Just like Twilight Syndrome Murder Case.
: I'm definitely not going to watch your movie! Whatever it is, I'm never going to see it!

: My goodness! And I was thinking about giving you an invitation ticket!
: But I won't allow you to *not* watch it! I went to a lot of trouble to make this movie! If you don't watch it, I'm gonna be sad!
: I'm sure your movie is no different than that game you made.
: That game was a shoddy piece of crap, but this movie is definitely a masterpiece. Anyway, as long as I refuse to allow it, you will never have the choice to not watch it!

: I AM MONOKUMA! On this island, my word is law!
: If I don't watch it...what're you gonna do about it?
: There's no way I'd allow such reckless behavior... There's no way I'd allow it...but...
: I'll forgive you if you purchase a Monokuma Sticker at the goods counter over there.

Monokuma Sticker?

: While we have the opportunity, let's look around the theater. The first thing of note is the Hidden Monokuma on the right.

It's a video game poster. Hmm, looks interesting... I'm...definitely gonna buy that...

: This is a promotional poster for Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. It's...a bad game. I won't be LPing it, but I might write up a summary of it once this LP is done. Do you recognize the character? (Hint: They may or may not have shown up very briefly during the first game...)

: Maybe we can just sneak on out of here...

: Hey, where do you think you're going!? You either watch my movie or buy the sticker... I took the time to give you two choices so make one!

: Dang.

It's a food shop. A lot of things like popcorn, sandwiches, and drinks are all arranged here.

: That's enough putting it off. Let's see Monokuma's goods.

There's some...strange goods on top of the counter...

This one...looks like a tote bag made of hemp cloth...with a decal of Monomi's face on it...

: Ah, did that catch your eye? It's an all-purpose tote bag useful for a variety of common tasks! It's a limited item! Only one person can have it! By the way, apparently tote bags were originally invented to carry around ice.
: ...So how about it? Wanna buy it?
: ...I'll pass.
: Yeah, I thought you'd say that. I'll just be upfront with you, I cut a loooot of corners making that thing.

That's too upfront...

: Is this the sticker you were talking about?

: "I'm sorry, I was born stupid"...

It's not funny...and I don't understand its purpose... How half-assed is this...!?

: To tell you the truth, this is a very lucky sticker I received from a wandering, miracle-working priest!
: And it could be yours for the special price of only $1,500,000!
: $1,500,000...?
: Don't mess with me! I don't even have that kind of money!

: Then you can pay me back when you get off the island. If you don't like it, you could always just watch my...
: ...Fine, I'll pay it.
: Whoa, I'm surprised!
: As long as I can pay it after I get out of here...I'll pay anything! Even $1,500,000!

: Y-You're the first person to ever pay $1,500,000 for this sticker...
: In other words, you really don't wanna watch my movie, huh... That makes me a saaaaaaad Monokuma...
: But if I'm gonna make a huge profit, it's okay! I'm a mascot who has a hobby of counting money, after all!

You're the worst mascot ever...!

: C'mon, take it thief! And...slap it on your forehead, thief! Take advantage of this divine opportunity, thief!

The sticker I received was even thinner and more cheap-looking than I thought it would be... It's like a prize from a box of candy... Did I really agree to pay so much money for this piece of crap...?

...Maybe I am a little crazy.

: Whoa there! Looks like the showing is over! All righty, I gotta go collect those questionnaires!

At that moment, Monokuma started humming and skipped away toward the door leading into the theater...


The door opened violently, and one person appeared from within.

: ...
: Ah, Nagito! Please answer my questionnaire!
: It doesn't matter if I answer it... That movie was so boring it was torture. Minutes felt like weeks while I was watching it.
: U-Um...

: Well...I guess that's what art is...because it's not really art unless it surpasses common sense...
: I thought it was going to be another motive, but I guess that's not the case. What a letdown... If money would've settled this...I should've just settled it with money...

N-Nagito is so depressed... The movie must've been really, really bad.

: ...I definitely made the right call by not watching it.

: Sounds like we dodged a bullet...

: *Sigh* I'm so tired from boredom... If money would've gotten me out of seeing it...I should've just settled it with money...
: Let me ask you something... If you were told you could pay $1,500,000 and *not* watch that movie...
: I'd gladly pay it.

Quick answer... The movie must've been *that* bad, huh.

: Moving on, our Pet has almost grown again but because of the time-warping powers of doing a screenshot LP we won't see it until next update.

: Instead, let's check out the aptly named Electric Avenue.

There are a bunch of street booths filled with electric appliances at the back of a narrow alleyway. Machines and other parts are cluttered together on display. It definitely seems fishy...

...But wait. With this many machines, we can probably find something we can use for two-way communication, right?

: ...Looks like it's best if I search around here.

: Electric Avenue has five different shops to check out. But first, there's another Hidden Monokuma up in this window.

: Unsurprisingly, Kazuichi is here. Makes sense since there's a ton of machinery around.

: Grrrgh...are you serious...!?
: Arrrgghhh!? Are you making GBS threads me!?
: What happened? I thought you'd be happier about being surrounded by so much machinery.

: Argh, don't say stupid things! I'm the Ultimate Mechanic, you know! Of course I'm happy when I'm surrounded by machines!
: should look happier.
: Dude, try to I'm feeling...

: I have this unexplainable, conflicting feeling about whether or not I should be happy!

I can't understand that kind of feeling...

: But why...why do you feel so conflicted?

: There's all this machinery lined up here...
: Hot drat, I wanna take them apart! I wanna dismantle them and look inside! That's how I usually think, right?
: But, I know now's not the time for me to do something like that...and that's why I feel so conflicted.
: Is...wanting to dismantle normal?

: Hell yeah! It's like, if you have the hots for a chick, you wanna take off her clothes, right? And you wanna check out her bone structure, right? Like, her ribs or where parts of her bones stick out, right!?
: That's not normal! That's a pretty acrobatic sex fetish!
: Seriously!?
: I wanting to see a chick's bone structure makes me a little perverted...

...Pretty much.

: He's never gonna change is he? Anyway, let's check out the stores starting with Corner... what

: this?

There are so many machines. Just by looking at them, I have no clue what they're used for...

: Ah, I don't really recommend that section...
: Hm? What do you mean?
: Well, I'm pretty sure amateurs won't really get it... All that stuff there... It's all machines used for stuff like wiretapping or recording secret videos. Looks like there's some ancient-looking surveillance cameras, too.
: Machines used for recording secret videos!?

: Ah! Heeyy!? Don't get it twisted! I just have mechanical knowledge of these things! I've never actually used them before, all right!?
: No one said you did...
: Hey, speaking of surveillance cameras... We're being constantly videotaped and wiretapped by Monokuma, right...? Like, I'm kinda jealous because...what does he see when he's watching Miss Sonia...!?

He says he's never used these before... If I let him be, he's the type of person who'll eventually use them.

: Don't worry Hajime, he only wants to examine Sonia's...bone structure... Okay, I think Kazuichi is generally a well-intentioned guy but man can he be creepy whenever Sonia's involved.

: Let's buy a TV.

There's a lot of CRT TVs lined up here. They all look really old. It looks like they're not designed for terrestrial digital broadcasting. Not that it matters... It looks like the TV signal isn't reaching here anyway...

: I forgot we already have HDTVs in our cabins.

: Maybe we'll have better luck with the cellphones at the other side of the alley.

So this is the cell phone corner. Looks like they don't get reception... Even with all this variety, they may as well be paperweights...

: ...

Teruteru would've never used this old microwave... He would've proudly used the latest kitchen equipment... And cooked the World's Tastiest Dishes. With those dishes, he would've made a lot of people smile... But...that's no longer...

: ...

: It makes sense that Chiaki would be here too.

: ... looks like she's fishing things out of the pile of electrical appliances...

: Chiaki, what happened? Are you looking for something?
: ...

: Yeah, I was wondering if there are any game consoles in here. Sometimes old hardware is treated like junk.
: Ah, so that's what you're doing.
: I already have a TV in my cottage, so it doesn't have to be a non-portable device...I'll settle for anything.
: If you do find something, let me know. I'll help you carry it back to your cottage.
: Yeah...I will.

But I...don't want to play video games for a while. I'd rather not be reminded of the previous incident...

There's a lot of electric appliances in this mess, including home appliances and acoustic equipment... All of these look they even still work?

: Laptops huh? I wonder...

Various desktop and laptop computers are arranged in a disorderly manner like a pile of oversized trash. Though they're a little old-fashioned and rundown, they all look like they can still be used...

: I know...if we can connect to the internet, we might be able to call for help with these...!

As soon as I thought of that, I grabbed a random laptop, pulled it out of the pile...and turned it on.

*Startup noises*

I tried to see if it would connect to the internet...

: ...It's no use. Looks like it's not connecting.

Well, there's no way it'd be that easy... But just when I was about to give up...

My eyes noticed the strange icons arranged on the desktop.

: Usami X File...what is this?

Music fades out.

Without thinking, I clicked that strangely named icon...

: It's a document file... Based on the looks like it's some kind of report.

I scanned across the words displayed on the screen.

"About the Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History"

This horrendous event originated with some students of Hope's Peak Academy causing a revolt. The students of the Reserve Department were dissatisfied with being treated differently than the Primary Department, and began to fight the academy. At first, the dispute was confined to the campus, and hopes were high that it would settle down someday. But things quickly escalated.

Behind the scenes of that rebellion, a huge authority was exerting its influence. Eventually it spread like an infection, provoking riots in various parts of the world. It was unlike any previous act of terrorism or coup d'etat. It seemed to have a much different purpose.

However, no matter what we assume, we simply cannot apply reason to this subversive movement. Nonetheless, the destruction is not choatic or disorganized. It is both purposeful and malicious. Ther▪fore, it is a subvers▪ve movement fu▪l of despair.

Hope's Peak Academy became the or▪gin of the incident, and was forced to put an end to th▪ir long history. As f▪r the students who surviv▪d, they w▪re f▪rce▪ to k▪ll e▪ch o▪▪er as a lesson in despair ▪x▪

...It's no use. The words are too garbled to read beyond this point.

: But...what is this?

: normal... It's not normal like a dog barking. It's such a normal reaction that it's actually quite novel.

: Hey, can't you react with more gusto!? Don't you know how very, very important this scene is!?
: Could it be...? Were you the one who created this file...?
: ...My my, what makes you think that?
:'s obviously the only thing I can think of! The biggest, most awful, most tragic event in human history... Riots in various parts of the world... And...Hope's Peak Academy getting destroyed...? It sounds like something stupid you'd make up.
: And? And?
: What's Hope's Peak Academy's Reserve Department? I've never even heard of that before...!

: ...Huh, really? That's weird...of all people, you should definitely be the only one who knows about it...
: Wh-What do you mean...?
: I guess you forgot about it, along with the memories of your school life. So it can't be helped.
: ...While we're on the subject of stupid things...that file said something about students who survived. Is it referring to us? Then the rest of that file is...
: H-Hold on a sec, you guys!

: Just...what the heck have you guys been talking about!? It doesn't make any sense...
: Movies with no images, music with no sound, novels with no words... These are things that truly don't make any sense.
: So you can't say something this simple "doesn't make any sense"!
: Who cares about that? Just answer me! Who are the students who survived!?

: I wouldn't know an important story like that! Cuz the only thing I'm good for is being cute! *leaves*
: Dammit...! He ran away again...!

: H-Hey...Hajime...
: D-Don't worry, it's going to be fine... I'm sure he's making all that up...

That's it...that's definitely it...!

May 2, 2015

I wonder if those blanked out letters in Usami X file has any meaning, only managed to get the first half of them before giving up. Anyway, I'm gonna guess that the protagonist of that other game is Makoto's sister, just since she's the only one with normal looking hair and is not Asahina or confirmed dead.

Mar 27, 2010

They spell out e-i e-i e-i o.

It's the Old MacDonald chorus with an extra 'e-i'.

Jan 4, 2015

The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.

TheDavies posted:

They spell out e-i e-i e-i o.

It's the Old MacDonald chorus with an extra 'e-i'.

And on this island we had a murd-murder...

Double Punctuation
Dec 30, 2009

Ships were made for sinking;
Whiskey made for drinking;
If we were made of cellophane
We'd all get stinking drunk much faster!

TheDavies posted:

They spell out e-i e-i e-i o.

It's the Old MacDonald chorus with an extra 'e-i'.

What? I read "eilieoeeodiath".

Also, I knew there was a problem with the number of students, even with the spy present. The Reserve Class thing answers that question.

Apr 5, 2005

Clearly the world has been destroyed and the reserve department students were cryogenically frozen to survive which affects their memories and this game is actually set in 4251...

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Hey sorry, I'm in finals right now and I pulled an all-nighter a couple days ago working on a paper so I haven't really had the time to work on the updates. I might be able to put one out tonight or tomorrow night. Good news is that in a week's time I'll be finished with finals and I'm planning to spend a large portion of the week I have off before my summer class starts trying to build up an update buffer that I can post from while I'm taking that class.

Oct 21, 2010

Excuse me, I'd like to
speak to the moderator

No worries man, your future is more important than entertaining us chucklefucks

Jul 1, 2008

Just wanted to say this has been an excellent read so far - keep up the great work. And take your time, life gets busy.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: On the way to the next location, our Pet meter goes off.

: I wonder what's happening!

: When your Pet hits their second growth, they lay an egg.

: And then they leave.

: But not before giving us a gift for carefully raising them!

: The coins are the real gift here. The gift changes depending on the Pet you raise.

: Thanks, Pet! See ya later!

: And then the cycle begins once again. I think there are 6 or 8 different pets you can get and they're all dependent on how filled up the Hope/Despair Meters get before a growth. We should be able to get definitely one, maybe two more Pets full grown before the game's over.

: Next stop, the Motel.

: It's a small building with guest accomodations and a parking lot... This is supposed to be a motel, right?

I've seen them before in movies...but it's my fire time actually seeing one in person.

: Wow, what a rundown motel. It looks pretty unsanitary, too. It's just like Hajime's house!
: ...You've never seen my house.
: Oh, I didn't know you were here! You don't stand out at all so I didn't notice you!
: ...

: Anyway, this place is seriously rundown. It's like the perfect home for minimum-wage workers.
: ...That's a bit harsh, don't you think?
: But we gotta make sure we check it out thoroughly. It's possible that there might be a clue here.
: If you think so...why don't you go inside and look around instead of standing around here doing nothing?

: You're probably too vulgar to get this, but there's a saying: "Praise a fool, and you may make him useful."
: ...What's that supposed to mean?
: Akane was checking out the inside. After I gave her a little praise, she got really excited about it. A dumbass like her is pretty rare, so we gotta make sure she's treated well.

I-If her rotten attitude is this extreme, I can't really take it personally...

: Nice to see Hiyoko really hasn't changed yet.

A rundown, rusted, and rotting car someone abandoned. Heh, maybe it'll start up if I keep staring at it...

It's a bunch of similar-looking private rooms... The insides probably look the same, too. It's dark and slightly dirty. There's no doubt that a room like this would be perfect in a crime movie...

: ...If it's just to stay the night, the cottage is good enough.
: That's all to see at the Motel.

: Next up, the Music...Venue...? (Wow what a name)

This building, with its gaudy and tasteless neon lights, obviously looks suspicious...

: I can't say for sure there's no danger... I should cautiously check what's inside...

: Let's go in.

: Yahoooooooooooooooo!
: ...What the--!
: Yahoooooooooooooooo!
: Why are you shouting so suddenly!? Don't surprise me like that!
: The truth is so overwhelming that I can't help shouting out!
: Cause this is a music venue, right!?
: Yeah...looks like it.

: I never expected to find a music venue. I can't help feeling excited!
: I never expected to find a music venue. I can't help feeling excited!
: Huh, did I just say that twice?
: Huh, did I just say that twice?
: Are you okay? You're giving off a weird vibe...
: Not at all, I'm totally fine!
: Not at all, I'm totally fine!
: Huh? Did I just say that twice again?
: Huh? Did I just say that twice again?

...You don't look very okay.

: Man, with a venue like this, Ibuki has no choice but to lend a helping hand!
: This is just the beginning!
: Yahoooooooooooooooo! I'll invite everyone to feel this wonderful feeling! It's like the smug feeling you get when you explain something with an elaborate metaphor no one understands!

I feel like I understand...but at the same time I don't understand...

: ...Oh well. If you've really taken a liking to this music venue, I'll leave you to investigate it.
: Leave it to me! Like, lemme bite you!

...I'm tired. I should hurry up and go check out another place.

: Not so fast Hajime. There's a ton of stuff to look at in here.

There's a stage... I'll probably never have a chance to be in the limelight...


So this is the baton lighting's control panel... Apparently you can control the baton lighting with this.

: What a splendid place, Hajime! This must be the fabled disco!
: ...Disco?
: It is where hip youngsters wear feather fans and tight clothes as they dance their go-gos and lambadas!
: ...

I have no clue what Sonia is talking about!

: Let's check out the storage room.

It says "Staff Only" on the door. It's probably some sort of storage room...

: I might as well...check inside.

There's a lot of different instruments here including drum sets and guitars. Looks like there's stage design stuff too... Paint, stage lights, wallpaper, and curtains... I guess there's nothing special here we need right now.

: There's a lot to look at in here.

There's carpeting, wallpaper...even different paints. It's probably stuff used for livening up the stage design or live performances.

There's a lot of stickers with the venue's logo placed here. It's like they made a bunch of them and had too many left over... It feels somewhat depressing.

There's a lot of different musical instruments lined up here... I know about guitars and drums, but there are also instruments and machines that I've never seen before.

You can see your whole body in this huge full-length mirror. It's probably used for checking costumes... With a mirror this big, it'd be easy to check how you look...

There are two stepladders next to each other. These must be required for stage design. They might even be used for stuff like film projects.

: That's everything to see in the music venue.

: By the way, our Pet egg hatched a new Chibimi.
: At this point we've now explored the whole 3rd Island and the main plot will move forward. From here on out, we won't be skipping around my recording like we were doing earlier in this island's exploration.

: Hajime, over here! Please hold on!
: Sonia...did something happen?
: Just now...I went to the hospital, and... It appears Mikan has made a very serious discovery at the hospital!
: A very serious the hospital...?

It's not...strange drugs or thick needles or anything like that, right?

: Hajime, it are the same as me.
: ...Huh?

: It is the same as "If I Turn Around, He's There", but I also remember "That Person in the Wind."
: ...Wh-What are you talking about?
: Jeez, are you so unrefined!? It is Japan's legendary medical drama! "That Person in the Wind" aired in 1984 and set the standard for every trendy drama that followed!
: It is about a righteous rookie doctor and an elite senior doctor who fight over their mutual love interest... Actually, the lead actor and actress got married in real life.
: Hold on...why do you know so much about old Japanese medical dramas...?
: Anyway, please hurry. We will be waiting at the patient's room at the back of the hospital's 1st floor. *leaves*

: The patient's room at the back of the hospital's 1st floor...?

I don't really understand...but I might as well head over to the hospital.

: And now you see why I skipped around the recording. In the recording, I had just left the hospital. Only Mikan and Gundham were there. When I left, suddenly Sonia appeared, said she had been to the hospital and talked to Mikan, who had only left seconds before to explore the hospital wing. Basically, the order of events didn't make sense so I put the hospital exploration at the start of the 3rd Island instead of at the end of it. Kind of a weird oversight on the game's part.
: Next time, the hospital (again).

Nov 16, 2004

"It's cute," he said to himself warily, "but it's not normal."

What sort of self-respecting disco club has a banjo on hand?

Jan 4, 2015

The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.

An Electric Banjo is a perfectly valid disco instrument.

Plus they might do hoedowns. It's Titty Typhoon are you going to tell it what it can and can not music venue!?

Apr 5, 2005

FPzero posted:

: Hajime, it are the same as me.

Uhhhh... where is this going? Related? Same race? Clones?

Jan 22, 2012

This could be the most one-sided fight since 1973 when Ali faced an eighty-foot tall mechanical Joe Frazier. My memory isn't what it used to be, but I think the entire Earth was destroyed.

Somebody's definitely gonna get murdered with a banjo at Titty Typhoon. I'm gonna guess it involves some sort of weird trick involving the mirror and the lights.

Aug 21, 2007

Neat. Sweet. Petite.

FPzero posted:

: It is where hip youngsters wear feather fans and tight clothes as they dance their go-gos and lambadas!

Never change Sonia, never change.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: You're late, Hajime. Looks like you're the last one.

Are the others...already here?

: There are patient rooms lining the hallway, but everyone is apparently gathered at the room in the very back.
: ...You're not going with them?

: Miss Sonia... As expected from the Ultimate Princess... She cordially asked me to come... She's very much in touch with the feelings of us common folk.
: Nevertheless...I know my place, and I'm not reckless enough to go along with her. Since it's going to be such a touching scene, a worthless thing like me would just be a nuisance, right?
: ...A touching scene?

: Hajime...I'm jealous of you.
: J-Jealous? Of me?
: You don't know what your talent is, but you're showing no distress and you're even opening up to everyone...
: That must mean you have a lot of confidence in yourself, right?
: ...Are you being sarcastic?
: N-Nope! Not at all...

: But still...I do wonder what sort of talent you really possess. Since you've dragged it out this long already, I'm sure it must be an appropriately magnificent talent...
: Wh-Who knows...? It's not like it's my fault for dragging this out.
: You're right...
: Ah, I'm sorry...I'm sorry for stopping you for such a foolish conversation...
: ...Please go on ahead. Take care.

After all that...what did he really want to say to me...?

: The hospital hallway is a 3D environment to walk around in.

: The patient rooms are on our left and some operating rooms are on our right. There's also a second floor, though I didn't explore it yet because there's no need to at the moment.

: The Exam Room is on the right.

: There are a few morbid scenes of Monokuma nurses and doctors playing hospital.

: What makes these scenes creepy is the combination of the music playing and the fact that all of these standing figures shake, move or jitter as if they were animatronics sliding around on a track.

: Surprising no one, these Monokuma doctors aren't very good at saving patients.

: He's dead, Jim. The spirit is also the 3rd Hidden Monokuma.

: Anyway, we were told to go into the last patient room, making Room #4 our destination.

I can hear voices...on the other side of the door.

: Sounds like they're all really here but... What are they doing here?

I had a feeling something bad was happening again... Cautiously, I opened the door.

Music fades out.

: ...Huh!?

I...couldn't help raising my voice.

: What...? You all look like you've seen a ghost...
: F-Fuyuhiko...are you all right?
: Heh... It's just a scratch.
: Th-That's not a scratch at all, though...
: Well, I'm relieved to see you! I was worried you were done for!
: Heh... There's no way I'd die from something like this...


: There's no way...I can die...

: Earlier...I asked Monokuma and he showed me his medical records... There's a lot of sword-related wounds... But...they were relatively light wounds. No organs or nerves were damaged...
: Considering how fiercely he was attacked...this is pretty miraculous!
:'re a ballsy one. Is this what's called "having the devil's luck"?
: ...Who knows? Maybe it wasn't luck.

: Maybe...Peko gave her life to protect Fuyuhiko.
: She protected him...while she was getting attacked by that horde of marionettes!?
: But if she really wanted to protect Fuyuhiko at all costs... It's not strange to think...that she would've done that. No, I think it's better if we think about it like that.

: You think so too, right Fuyuhiko? That must've been what you thought... There's no way you can die, right?

: ...

: Who knows...?


After forcing out those words, Fuyuhuko turned in his bed away from us...and stopped talking.

: Um...I think Fuyuhiko should rest here for a while. His wounds haven't fully it'd be bad if he overexerted himself.
: No need to worry. I'll take care of him for the time being. I mean...that's what nurses are for.
: ...You hear that, Fuyuhiko? Just relax and get some sleep.

: I'll be the one who avenges you!
: Seriously, he's not dead!
: shouldn' so front of the injured...

: Akane...Fuyuhiko has finally come back to us. You better not do anything reckless... I can't stand...the thought of losing someone...any longer.
: I know that! I just hafta win, right!?
: This is bad...she doesn't understand at all...
: Heh...then do whatever you want!
: H-Hey...Nekomaru...!

: You're the kind of woman who refuses to listen once her mind is made up. I know that all too well... So do whatever you want. I don't care about you anymore.
: However...I'm never going to do "it" to you again!
: ..."It"?
: P-Please keep your voices down!

You're the loudest one here...

: H-Hey... Wait a sec, Nekomaru... I-It was my first time... I never thought...something that feels sooooo good even existed in this world... M-My body still hasn't forgotten... And now you're sayin''re just gonna stop all of a sudden...?
: body's gettin' all hot again just thinkin' about "it"...!
:'re kidding me... I-Is "it" what I think it is...?
: If you're not going to heed my warning, it's unfortunate but "it" must come to an end! *leaves*

As he spat those words, Nekomaru left the patient's room.

: H-Hold on! I...I can't live without "it"! *leaves*

With a voice that sounded like it wanted to cling on to Nekomaru, Akane rushed out of the patient's room.

: I swear this isn't going where the game is making it sound.

: ...I wonder what that was all about?
:'s finally quiet... It's such bad manners to raise your voice inside a hospital.
: ...Humans are such foolish creatures.

: ...
: ...Hey, Hiyoko?
: ...
: It's...nothing...

Something's definitely wrong... I mean, she's glaring really hard at Fuyuhiko. ...But I guess it makes sense. the one who got Mahiru killed by Peko. And Hiyoko was nearly framed as her killer... There' way she's just going to get over that.

: ...
: ...Hey, why are you making such a scary face?
: matter what, "It" means..."it", right?

He's still talking about it...

: Suspicious! It's definitely suspicious!
: All we gotta do it follow them! You think so too, right!?

A fire that didn't need to be started...has become a towering inferno.

: So at this point, we're allowed to talk to one person before we head back to our rooms. Except...while I hate to indulge Kazuichi's creepy tendencies...

: ...if you speak to Kazuichi right now while the R/C 4WD Battler Taro present is in your collection, you can access a bonus scene.

: Since I'm trying to show most things off, we're gonna talk with him. It'll also resolve this silly "it" joke so that we can don't have to keep thinking about it going forward.

: It's probably impossible but...are those two in, like, an intimate relationship?
: An intimate relationship...? That's not how a teenager would describe it.
: But didn't you hear it? How Akane was pleading as she ran after Nekomaru... Her voice was...oozing sexiness, dude...!

The more he talks about this...the more he sounds like a dirty old man...

: But following after them is scary, too. If I ever got caught, they might rearrange my face... Tch...if only I had more courage...
: Hey Kazuichi... "Those who won't run will never see the goal!"
: ...Huh?
:'s a quote from a manga I happened to see, and it just crossed my mind...

: Wh-What an inspiring quooooooooooooooooote!
: Huh?
: Hajime, my eyes are open now, thanks to you! All right! Let's go run together!
: Huh? Me too!?

Crap...I should have kept my mouth shut...

: Let's go! To our horizon!
: What have you done, Hajime?

Kazuichi was filled with a weird sort of energy as we left the hospital together... He was practically dragging me.

: Allll riiiight! Our horizon is right here!
: A-Are you stupid!? If you don't lower your voice, we're gonna get caught!
: No problemo! They're already inside the cottage... Once they start getting into "it", there's no way they'll be able to hear their surroundings!
: Okay then, let's go my friend! Let's run to our goal!

I seriously should've kept my mouth shut... There's no way I'll be able to stop him.

Music fades out.

: ...
: So how about it, Hajime? Do you see anything?
: No... But if we keep peeking like this for much longer, we might get caught soon.

Female voice: Nngh...aah, haaaaaaaaaaaaah!

: ...What the? Was that...Akane's voice just now?
: Hey hey hey hey hey...! What the heck was that...? That's a chick's voice, and it sounds hot!

C-Could it be...are they really...?

: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
: M-My body...just can' without this...anymore...!
: There's only one Ultimate Masseuse and that's me! NEKOMARU NIDAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! I'll knead every pressure point throughout your body, and I'll help you see a brand new world!
: Nngh...aah, haaaaaaaaaaaaah!
: Atatatatatatatata! I'll blow away your fatigue! How about it? You just can't live without "it" anymore, eh?
: ...
: ...
: Not pictured here: the lightning animating out from Nekomaru's hands.

: Hey, Hajime... Horizons...are beautiful things...that you keep chasing after, right...probably...?
: Yeah, that sounds right...
: Soooooo...what exactly is a "horizon" anyway?
: You were using that word without knowing what it is!?
: Well, you know, it sounds kinda cool, right? Of all the words I know, that one sounded the coolest!

Dammit... In the end, getting lugged around like this just made me even more tired...

: Leaving the text in that image is not a mistake on my part. For whatever reason, the game wouldn't allow me to turn off the HUD during this conversation. Oh well.

I arrived at my cottage much earlier than usual, and fell into a deep, deep sleep.

: Huh!? You admire superheroes? Don't you understand what superheroes are like? Superheroes live to stop people from achieving their hopes and dreamd, y'know? They immediately attack people in groups because they don't have many friends themselves, y'know? They're all short-tempered and say stuff like, "Now I'm mad!" and "I won't forgive you!" and laugh, y'know? They're lazy people who'll run away once the other guy starts fighting back, y'know? They're willing to use weapons even if they're fighting someone who is alone or unarmed, y'know? They're always the winner, so they don't know what it's like to have a weakling's worries, y'know? And they like to wear flashy costumes, y'know? Which means they're all a bunch of smart, good-looking, violent, stubborn elitists who don't have many friends.
: Do you really wanna admire people like that?

Jan 19, 2007

Hair Elf

Well. That's, uh, pretty Japan of you, Japan. Alrighty then. Moving on...

Catching up on two updates at once here, so, was Sonia's disco line something different in the original version? Kind of had to laugh a little at 'I think this is a motel' regarding the building with MOTEL in giant letters all over it.

With the attention given to the 'music venue' and the mirror and the lights it does seem like that's probably going to be where the next murder happens, though if Fuyuhiko winds up shanked in his hospital bed I think we already know who the obvious suspect is.

May 2, 2015

I think we've hit peak anime pretty early on... this isn't even close is it?

Jun 8, 2013

Uh oh. Do I use Ariadne thread or Goho-M?

Ah, yes, "it".

At least it reveals that Nekomaru has two Ultimate skills, being both the Ultimate Team Manager and Ultimate Masseuse. Two Ultimate skills is pretty rare.

Feb 24, 2015

"Welcome to pound town, Slifer slacker!"

BlazeEmblem posted:

Ah, yes, "it".

At least it reveals that Nekomaru has two Ultimate skills, being both the Ultimate Team Manager and Ultimate Masseuse. Two Ultimate skills is pretty rare.

I think it's also a bit that they're technically related skills, in that Nekomaru is meant to know how to make sure people perform at peak capability. So of course he knows how to massage tension out of muscles to help warm up and cool down during training sessions. Still a really awkward scene.

Aug 18, 2006

Lipstick Apathy

Can Kazuichi please die already, god drat.

Oct 11, 2012

Somebody call for an ant?

Huh, I was honestly expecting another sparring session

Aug 12, 2013

Kazuichi's not bad when he's not talking about girls. I actually quite like him. Though I did do his free time quite early on, which probably coloured my opinion a bit.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: Ahem... Hope's Peak Academy's School Trip Executive Committee has an announcement to make... Gooooood morning, everyone! Looks like today is gonna be another perfect, tropical day! Now then, let's show some enthusiasm and make sure to give it our all today!

: Uh...ugh...

Thanks to Kazuichi, I didn't get much sleep. My head hasn't cleared up that much...

: Oh well... I might as well head over to the restaurant...

: There are a ton of people out here this morning.

: Good morning, Mikan.
: Ah, Hajime... Good morning...'s almost time to meet with everyone at the restaurant, right?
: Yeah, I was about to go as well.
: I'm so glad... I went to check on Fuyuhiko, so I thought I was late...
: I see, you're so busy this morning.

: N-Not at all... I'm only useful in situations like this anyway...
: How's Fuyuhiko doing...? might be better to ask you at the restaurant when everyone's together.
: I understand... Then I shall go on ahead. *leaves*

I guess I should go to the restaurant...

: Yo, Nekomaru.
: Your voice is too soft! Project your voice more from your stomach!

Jeez...does he have to be like this in the morning...?

: G-Good morning!
: Gahahahahaha! All right, now your voice will reach the sun!
: our departed, Mahiru and Peko.
: ...You're right. I'm sure they heard it.

: I'm just a mere team manager... Therefore, I don't know anything about art. However...when I saw Mahiru's photos for the first time...
: My vulgar heart was greatly shaken! Truly, that is a splendid thing! It's a pity what happened to Mahiru, but I will never forget how she taught me the value of art!
: Yeah...I'll never forget it either...!

: Yo, Gundham.
: Kehehe, for you to actually greet me in the morning... I praise your admirable endeavor, slave.

When did I ever become your slave...?

: Speaking of slaves... Peko, too, was a foolish soul...
: Huh?
: I accept her desire to merely remain her owner's loyal tool. However...that's a limitation of base creatures. My Four Dark Devas of Destruction are not tools, nor are they slaves...

: They are healthy underlings...and also friends who loyalty is matched by their devotion to military rule! At times, we clash over our ideals and our tempers flare... But that only bolsters our power, and allows us to reach greater heights!
: That is why I will one day exist as the Supreme Overlord of this world!
: ...
: Hmph...just as I thought, apparently it's too difficult for a simple human to understand... *leaves*

: Friends, huh...

I think he's saying something very cool, but the fact that his friends are hamsters is a bit problematic...

: Hmm...hmmmmmm... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
: ...Wh-What's happened?
: I wanna listen...
: ...Huh?

: I wanna listen to songs by Ibuki's favorite artists! There's no TV or radio here, you know!? I'm starving to death from musical deprivation!
: Um... Don't they sell CDs at the supermarket?
: They do, but there's only the classics and the usual mainstream pop.
: Right at this moment, new albums are plopping out all over the world!
: I do have this CD but... It's not the kind of music you like, right?

: Ah! This is...this is "Summer Festivitrees"!
: Ahaha... You must not be scared of anything if you seriously showed this to me, Hajime...
: Huh? Is there something wrong?
: Awww crap! I seriously can't believe you don't know!

: The song "Summer Festivitrees" is by The Black Cherries. Those guys always got hyped as rivals of my old band. Concert promoters would be like, "Battle of the bands! An epic showdown between the chicks and the dudes!" And they always liked to compare their ticket sales and concert attendance numbers with ours.
: Oh, really? Then...
: But it doesn't matter to me anymore since I left the group!
: Like, music shouldn't be reduced to sales numbers!
: ...Y-Yeah, you're right.

: However...thanks to that CD, I've thought up something awesome.
: ...Something awesome?
: Okie-dokie, Hajime, I have a question for you! Are you free tonight?
: Th-That's sudden... And what time is "tonight" exactly...?
: Hey, I'm the one asking the questions here! Hurry up and answer meeeeee!

Tonight, huh... Hmm...

> I'm free.

: Well, I guess I have some free time.

: Yaaahoooo! NICE answer! Just as expected from Hajime!
: Then let's see... Two hours before Monokuma makes his announcement... Let's all meet at the supermarket! OKAY?
: Yeah, I got it.
: Heeheeheeheehee, I'm looking forward to it! *leaves*

I only casually promised her...but I guess it's okay. I should try not to forget.

: Well that was different than usual. What just happened? Well, as it turns out, we've unlocked another bonus scene as a result of having a specific present at a specific time just like when we talked with Kazuichi last update.

: Specifically, we needed to have this present, "Summer Festival Tree," in our inventory today to get Ibuki to come up with her idea for tonight. I notice that the names of both the present and the band name in the description don't match the names Ibuki gave them. Chalk it up to inconsistent translation or Ibuki playing with words like she's been shown to do in the past? Regardless, we now have an appointment to keep later tonight.

: Yoooo Hajime!
: Hey, good morning.
: Oh, you're lookin' better than usual. Everyone I've met is like that, too. Did somethin' happen?

Well, Fuyuhiko is safe... That's probably why.

: I dunno why but I also feel like I can eat more delicious food than usual.
: Speakin' of which, why don't I challenge my limits!? I'm gonna eat everythin' in the restaurant! *leaves*

Even though she's not aware of it, Akane definitely looks happy too...

: Doesn't it feel like we're forced to meet up at the restaurant every morning? There's something I need to find at the supermarket today...
: Something to find? Want me to help you?
: It's fine. I'm just gonna look for a camera, and I'll probably find it really fast.
: I have a camera. Well, it's actually a toy camera.

: Huh, really?
: Hmmm, if that's the case... I'd probably need a real photographer anyway...
: Wh-What are you planning?

: Hey Hajime! I have a favor to ask you.
: ...I guess I'll listen to what you have to say.
: Come to the music venue right after breakfast! Bring a camera, too. You've got some free time, right? So it's okay, right?

...What should I do...?

> I'm free.

: Kyahaha! I don't dislike anyone who knows their place!
: Then it's a promise! You definitely have to come! *leaves*

Somehow I ended up making a promise, but is this really okay? I hope she doesn't make me do anything weird...

: Once again, we've unlocked another bonus scene. This time the trigger was having the present "Toy Camera" in your inventory when talking to Hiyoko this morning.

: Anyway, that's everyone outside so let's go into the hotel.

: I said that was everyone outside. There are more people in here.

: ... ...G'morning.
: What happened? You don't sound that excited.
: Kazuichi's...playing that arcade machine over there.
: You can just play it together.

: Mmm... I played one match with him earlier. He told me to give it my all, so I did and... I got yelled at for winning a flawless victory. He said I was childish for playing seriously against an amateur.

Kazuichi...I wonder which one's more childish...

: Yo Hajime! How are ya!?
: Are you playing a game? It's rare to see you playing games.
: Yeah well, Chiaki's always playing it, right? I couldn't help noticing. ...So she's letting me play for a little while.
: It's not like...this is my machine. There's no reason for me to give you permission.

: You say that but... You're like the queen of the arcade machine.
: ...Really?
: You're not aware of that at all!?
: W-Well...after getting beaten up in the previous match, I'll definitely return the favor!

: You don't have to return the favor.
: What did you say...!? Are you saying I just have to stay a loser...!?
: Then lemme tell you this. You'll definitely catch this topic's bait! You wanna listen, right? Right? Right?
: You just really want to say it.
: Then...what is it?

: Hehehe, listen and be amazed... There's a street on the 3rd island with lots of busted machines, right? I found some portable game console thing in the junk over there!
: Huh, really? Is that true?
: See, what'd I tell you!? You totally took the bait!
: But still, it looks like this is out of order.
: useless...

: Hold on, hold on! Who do you think I am!? I'll definitely fix it up till it's like brand new!
: Then when it's all fixed, I'll give it to you!
: Hmmm... Then I'll wait but I won't look forward to it...probably.
: "Probably"!? Look forward to it! Otherwise I'll be sad, you know!? Just watch! I'll completely fix it up, and I'll make you say thank you with tears running down your face!

Isn't his intent...kinda off?

: That's finally everyone spoken to. Let's go eat.

The faces of everyone who gathered at the restaurant all look somewhat lighthearted. Everyone...must be really happy that Fuyuhiko's safe...

: Um...the day ended halfway yesterday, so let us try to put together our information about the new island.
: In the end, we couldn't even find a way to escape from this island, right? guys are useless...
: But there's a music venue!
: I got that but...what about the clues that we really need? Clues like...information about the island...or anything that might help us understand what's happening to us?

: In the town with all those machines, I found a clue contained within a file inside one of the laptops.
: You...saw that, too?
: I...was told about that by Nagito, so I checked it as well...

: I saw it, too. It's about the fact that Hope's Peak Academy has already been destroyed.
: Huuuh!? Hope's Peak Academy has been destroyed!?
: It's probably just another one of Monokuma's pranks. There's no way Hope's Peak Academy would fall. But...even if it is a prank, it's not something he should be allowed to do...
: A symbol of hope getting destroyed... It's not something you should even joke about...!
: Well, if you're still wondering about it, it might be better if you just confirm it for yourself.
: I-If I remember to do it, I'll give it a try...

: So basically, on that island we found no way to escape, nor any useful clues this time around...
: Oh hold on... It's "this time again", not "this time around". Kehehe...
: You don't have to correct us each time!

: However, it is not all bad news! Fuyuhiko will be able to return to us!
: That guy pisses me off, but it sure makes me happy to think that he's gonna come back to us!
: He's recovering extremely well so...I'm pretty sure he can be discharged from the hospital in one week. However...

: He's...probably lost the use of his right eye...forever.
: He totally deserves that...
: H-Hey...aren't you going a little too far?

: Maaaaan, I sure did eat! I'm stuffed today, too!
: You certainly eat a lot, without even listening to what the others are saying...
: ...Okay then, since I'm stuffed, I should go train now.
: "Train," you say? You hate training. How rare of you.
: If I don't do it, I won't get stronger... I have to do it. ...Bye now! *leaves*

: She's like...really pumped up.
: Ha! I hope she's not thinking about doing anything bad!

With that, our morning meeting ended, and we all went back to our cottages.

Sep 23, 2012

Does this look like the face of mercy, kupo?

I take it those scenes have locked in the free times for the day?

May 10, 2011

You're an idiot,
so start acting
like one.

curiousCat posted:

I take it those scenes have locked in the free times for the day?

They haven't, actually! They really are "bonus" scenes - they don't affect your free time or anything, they're just extra things you can do.

Apr 5, 2005

That's a nice touch, then. If this were a game like Persona the rest of the day would be cutscenes.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

I'm supposed to meet Hiyoko now... What does she want me to do with a camera at the music venue...?

: Hey Hiyoko, I'm here.
: You're late, Hajime!
: My my, if it isn't Hajime! What's up?
: Huh? Ibuki and Chiaki, too? Why are you guys...?

: Ah, could it be...? Does "the cameraman" mean you, Hajime?
: "Cameraman"...? Wait, hold on, I don't know what's going on...
: Man, you sure are dense... You won't get it unless I explain it to you.

Dense or not... It's impossible to find out without a hint or two.

: Apparently we're gonna hold a memorial for Mahiru right now.
: Mahiru...?

: Mahiru told me she wanted to take pictures of me jamming on an instrument. And she also said she wanted to take pictures of Hiyoko dancing...
: So we decided to do it all together here! I shall call this, the "Memorial Jam Session"!
: Ah, I see... So I have to take pictures of that. I guess that's a great idea. I'm sure Mahiru's going to be happy.

: If you think so... You're gonna accept the cameraman position, right?
: ...But that's a huge responsibility.
: Huh? Are you saying you don't wanna do it because of that?
: No, I will. There's no way my pictures will be as good as Mahiru's but...I'll take as many as I can.

: I'll be counting on you. I'll do mybest to play an instrument, too.
: Huh, you too!?
: At first, I heard about the idea from Ibuki and I was just planning to watch... But look, I found this in the storage room.
: Is that...a triangle...?
: Even I can play something like this, so is it okay if I participate?
: Instead of watching, I can join you guys... I want to mourn for Mahiru.

: No problemo! You don't need skill on this stage, just heart!
: W-Well...I guess it's okay. Mahiru's probably gonna be happy about that.
: But if you suck, I'm gonna make you stop, okay!?

And so we finished our preparations...and the memorial service for Mahiru began.

: GWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR! My eyes are crushed by the silent serenade, even the tips of my fingers are crimson red!
: La-la-la-la-la-la-li-la-la-la♪
: ...
: Hahahahahahaha! It's so electric! It feels aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesoooooooooooooooome!
: ...

Chiaki's hitting that triangle with intensity... The combination is crazy and everyone's doing different things...but strangely, it's harmonizing really well. Even though our paces are all different... Will we be able to be like this in the future?

: ...

Mahiru, can you hear this performance? Are you seeing Hiyoko's dance...? Not just Mahiru... Peko...Teruteru...Byakuya...are you all watching? We will never forget about you. Ever! And we will not waste your deaths... We will survive and get off this island!

I finished my job without any problems, and decided to go back to my cottage for the time being...

: Now then...what should I do today...?

: Conveniently, the bonus scenes don't actually take up any time, so we still have two Free Times available to us. Today we're going to keep pushing forward with Sonia's events since she's still alive and it turns out that we're only two away from completion with her.

: When Fuyuhiko recovers, we should all celebrate!

What should I do? Should I invite Sonia to hang out?

> Invite Sonia to hang out

: Yes, that is fine! Let us go somewhere and talk!

I went to the park and had a lovely conversation with Sonia as I basked in a really nice breeze. I probably don't deserve it, but it looks like Sonia and I grew a little closer...

> Definitely!

Biggest Fantom: An ancient fan that has been passed down since the Heian Period. Those who possess it will be able to speak with ghosts.

: You are giving me this...?
: What a wonderful item! Then I shall accept it without any reservations!
: Now then, what shall we discuss today?
: This present has a Good rating.

: I would like to discuss friendship between men and women as depicted in "Light My Heart With Fire"!
: ...
: ...Has something happened?
: How can you be so calm...? We've been involved in this...terrible situation for so long now... can you have such an unchanging attitude?
: ...

: Do you think I am a cold woman?
: Huh...?
: ...It is fine. I understand. Because...I see something that everyone else cannot.
: Wh-What is that...?
: ...Destiny. Although I cannot allow killing under any circumstances, the lives of humans are shaped by destiny... Just because we make an effort to prevent danger, it does not mean we can defy destiny.

: life belongs to my country and its people. If I were to die, it would be for no other reason than the sake of my country and my people. If I die would be meaningful to my country and my people.
: So...I do not fear death. The moment I was born into the royal family, I was destined not to die a meaningless death.

What she's so foreign to me... They're the words of someone who lives in a world that is completely different from my own. Well...I guess that makes sense...

: You...really are a princess.
: Yes. Since the day I was born.

: Also...this is not my first brush with death.
: Though the royal family has governed for many years... Coup d'états and terrorism still occur in our land. I, too, have been abducted twice by insurgents in the past.
: A-Abducted...!?

: If I showed my fear, it would fill my people with despair... That is why...I had to wait in silence until rescue arrived. I actually think this situation is easier, since I can honestly feel fear for a change.
: You're expected to cope without feeling fear...? I know you're a princess and all, but that's still...
: When I am in my country, I am a princess before I am a person.
: Th-That may be, but...

: And because of that...I was truly looking forward to this visit. I thought when I came to Japan I could be a regular girl...
: But in the end, no matter where I go...I am nothing but a princess.

Right then...I noticed that Sonia's hands were shaking. Of course she's afraid. There's no way she wouldn't be. She's just... She's just good at hiding it.

: B-But even're still a regular girl to me. I mean, I'm not a citizen of your country. I'm not even one of your vassals. So...when it comes to myself and the others, you're just our classmate. You're a regular girl. ...You don't need to try so hard.
: Hajime...

: ...Thank you.

I still couldn't stop her hands from shaking...but I definitely feel like we understand each other better...

...That much is certain.

After talking about some other things for a while, I parted ways with Sonia and returned to my room...

It's still bright outside. There's no way I should stay in my room and stare into space. It might be good for me to talk to everyone...whenever I have the time.

Jul 22, 2007

Battler, the literal stupidest man on earth. Why are you even here, Battler, why did you come back to this place so you could fuck literally everything up?

I always kinda liked that extra scene with the ladies; it's kinda if a bit weird, and the novelty of seeing Hiyoko actually do something nice for someone else (and practice her Ultimate talent, which doesn't really come up otherwise) would be worth it all the same.


Sep 21, 2002

Wanna see a demonstration of my school? It's called "Eight Leaves, One Very Big Stick"!

Taco Defender

A nice bonus scene, thanks for showing it off. (How far are we to the next page? This one has a lot of images on it.)

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