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Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is the sequel to Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc by Spike Chunsoft and was released on Japanese PSPs in 2012 and the rest of the world on the PSVita in 2015. Both games also saw releases on PC via Steam in 2016. The localization was handled by NIS America, and by virtue of being Vita/PC titles feature higher resolution art assets and better sound quality. I will be playing the Vita version of Danganronpa 2 through my PSTV, unless I suddenly fall into $30 to re-buy it on PC. (Update: A copy of the PC version was generously gifted to me during Chapter 1 so I'm using it now. Expect 60fps videos during the Trials!)

The game is a visual novel, but like the first game contains a number of court trials that give the player control during the action minigames they're comprised of.

As for the plot, well, I don't really want to get into it! Just know that the game for the most part expects you to have played the first game. If you haven't, you'll miss out on a lot of details. That said, if you aren't familiar with the first game, I just finished up an LP of it that you can find here:
Let's Play Archive Link

And now, a warning from my previous LP:


A fair warning to anyone following the LP that has not seen the game before: There are a LOT of spoilers for this game out there online. Fan art, comics, reviews, even the official game artwork can reveal endgame spoilers if you're not careful. Even the names of the individual tracks in OST can be spoilers. I would recommend to anyone that hasn't seen the game before do not Google anything about this game series at all. You do so at your own risk.

More than that, there is a Danganronpa 3 anime series that has just finished airing that completely spoils every single aspect of this game, the first game, and the spin-off sequel. Additionally, there is currently another game sequel in development titled New Danganronpa v3 that is due to release in Japan next January and may even see its Western release during the course of this LP. Please, be careful should you be looking up info on this series. There are unmarked spoilers for this series everywhere.

When I began my Danganronpa 1 LP, I knew that I wanted to LP this game more. I liked it better than the first one, it was a little more polished, and there wasn't a finished LP of it on the board or LP Archive. So why didn't I? Well, the previous LP of DR1 done by orenronen was on the PSP using his own translation. Since then, the localized Vita versions had released and I had really enjoyed them. I decided to LP DR1 for two main reasons. First, I felt that it was worthwhile to have an LP of the localization done. Second, I didn't want to show up with an LP of DR2 nearly 3 years after his LP finished and require anyone interested to have to go back and read his whole LP as a prerequisite.

So that's why I decided to just go ahead and LP the first game before I tackled this one. I'm glad I did, too. In some ways, the first LP felt like a test run. I eventually established my workflow, but not before I had to go back and rewrite nearly 50 updates to make up for formatting changes I made partway through the LP. Now, with all the experience and time I put into DR1's LP, I think I can do an LP of DR2 even more justice than had I started with it last year.

Like the previous LP, this will be done in Hybrid format. Updates will be done in screenshot format with OST links, and supplemental audio and video will be provided whenever I deem necessary. Class trials will all have video links alongside their text updates because they are fully voice acted and I feel like something is lost when you don't see or hear them in motion. All videos will be behind Polsy links to avoid as many spoilers as possible and will be denoted with emotes surrounding them.

The game has a lot of spoken dialogue, as well as inner-thoughts and bolded words and phrases. As such, I'll be using normal, italicized and bolded text to represent those differences. When reading a conversation, if I have anything I need to say, I will preface my words with this image to let you know the game isn't talking at that moment:

A brief note about the update schedule. I am now a full-time student finishing my undergraduate degree. I no longer have the luxury to work all day long on the LP like I did this past summer in trying to finish DR1. I hope to keep a small backlog and a regular schedule of "as they get finished" when it comes to posting updates. I wouldn't be surprised if there will be times when I can post daily updates and times where I might have to drop down to once every three or four days, maybe a week depending on my workload and other commitments. Some might question why tackle such a large LP under these circumstances. I'm basically just doing it out of love for this game and series and the knowledge that there are still a number of people on this forum that have never finished this game after the first LP attempt was abandoned.

-You are allowed to talk about spoilers from this game with spoiler bars only.
-You are allowed to talk about spoilers from the first game without spoiler bars.
-You are not allowed talk about spoilers for the rest of the series. This includes the novels, the sequel Ultra Despair Girls, the Danganronpa 3 anime, and everything related to New Danganronpa v3 especially once it releases.

For those of you who haven't witnessed the game before, speculation and discussion is welcomed and encouraged. It was a lot of fun to read the speculation people came up with during the first LP and I'd love to see more of it here.

If you want to discuss the series in general, there is a series megathread over in Games you can post in.

Update: Both Betting Pools are now closed AND KILLING HAS BEGUN. If you are new to the thread as of mid-November don't click either of these links below because you will be spoiled!

A small thread contest has begun! Two Betting Pools have been created with the idea of guessing who the survivors will be at the end of the game. The two pools are divided as follows:

The No-Spoilers Betting Pool: For complete newcomers to this game. All 16 characters are listed.
The Spoilers Betting Pool: For those readers who read the original LP that stopped at the start of Trial 3. Only the characters still alive at the start of Trial 3 are listed.

Here is the link to the No-Spoilers Betting Pool (Updated 7/14/17). (Original No-Spoilers Betting Pool here.)

Do not click the link inside this spoiler if you were not someone who read the original LP because it spoils who dies up to Trial 3!!!
Here is the link to the Spoilers Betting Pool (Updated 7/14/17).

Each pool will have its own separate winner. Anyone who manages to predict the survivors of this game will be entered into a raffle to win a forums Avatar Gift Certificate. If no one guesses all the survivors correctly, I'll award a certificate to the person who has the most correct predictions. The cutoff for submitting predictions will be 24 hours after the first round of Free Times in Chapter 1. I'll update this section of the OP again when submissions are closed. You can thank Jimmy4400nav for the original idea for this contest.

Good luck with your predictions!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10

Chapter 1
Daily Life
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Deadly Life
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Class Trial
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13

Chapter 2
Daily Life
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Deadly Life
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Class Trial
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13

Chapter 3
Daily Life
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Part 16
Part 17
Part 18
Part 19
Deadly Life
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Class Trial
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Trial 3 Addendum
Monomi Mode

Chapter 4
Daily Life
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Deadly Life
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Joke Update #1
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Class Trial
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Free Time Roundup #1

Chapter 5
Daily Life
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Deadly Life
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Class Trial
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Joke Update #2
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part ??

Chapter 6
Part 0
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Class Trial
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 13
Part 13
Part 13
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15


End + Extra Content

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Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: Welcome to Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.

: I'm FPzero and I'll be taking everyone through this lovely, peaceful game.

: We'll be playing the game in English, with the Logic Difficult set to Mean and the Action Difficulty set to Kind. This means that during Trial sequences I will have more choices to choose from, but the action sequences won't be too terrible. I remember the action in this game being a lot more challenging than the first game so I'm going to keep it at a reasonable level. The Gentle settings will actually remove some gameplay mechanics so we want to stay far away from them.
: With that, let's begin!

No Music.

???: Hey... Can you hear me?

: Are you okay? ...You seem pretty out of it. To be honest, I'm also... No, everyone else feels the same, too. Since we put in this weird situation.
: ... ...Hey, are you listening?


...I don't understand.

Why am

...What happened? I should try to remember that first...

I began to think, disentangling the twisted knots that had formed in my mind.


As I gathered the fragments of my scattered memories, I began to piece together what actually happened...

... ...

That's right...I... I...

Click here to Start the Game!

: A few quick notes here about how the game displays text and how I'll be writing the updates. White text is spoken dialogue and will be written in the updates as unformatted text, accompanied by a character portrait for clarity. Blue text are the Main Character's inner thoughts and will be written using italicized text. Yellow text are important words or phrases the game calls out and they will be written using bolded text. I will try to keep my interjections to a minimum during conversations.

That wasn't just a typical day for me... It was a day that felt...truly significant.

And when that long-awaited day finally came, I felt proud in a way I can't really put into words. I fely like...I had just become a part of something greater than myself. Does that make sense? Actually, that's exactly what it was like... I was truly in a dream.

Hope's Peak Academy... That place was so much more than a school to me. Kids who love to play baseball will long to join the major leagues... Kids who love to play soccer will long to join a rep team... And ever since I was a kid, I've felt the same way about Hope's Peak Academy...

Hope's Peak Academy is a government-funded school for the privileged elite of society. It recruits top students from every imaginable field to inspire hope, and in doing so, shape the future. Whenever Hope's Peak Academy is mentioned, it's only a matter of time before someone says...

"If you come here and manage to graduate, you'll be set for life."

And just so you know, that's not a joke or an exaggeration at all. Many of the current leaders of various industries are actually alumni of this school... Well, that's basically what Hope's Peak is all about. As they say, it's truly the Academy of Hope.

There are two criteria you must meet in order to attend this school... One, you must be a current high school student. Two, you must be the very best at what you do. Unlike other schools, there aren't any entrance exams at this academy. The only way to get in is if the school scouts you itself... That is how Hope's Peak Academy operates.

Now, because of the talents of those who are chosen... The students of Hope's Peak Academy are called Ultimates. But even though I'm finally going to Hope's Peak Academy, the school I desired more than anything else... The truth is, my circumstance is a little different than that of my peers.

...Well, I guess I can put that aside for now. You'll find out soon enough, and it's nothing special worth talking about...I think. Anyway...I guess I should introduce myself first.

: Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch

: I'm not so special that I *have* to introduce myself, and formalities are always a little embarrassing... Well, this *is* what's expected... I guess that's how I should think about it.
: My name is Hajime Hinata. There's only one reason I came to Hope's Peak Academy... Because I admired Hope's Peak Academy. To me, attending Hope's Peak Academy is like being a celebrity or a superhero. In fact, instead of calling it admiration, it's more's always been a dream of mine. That's why, to feel like a member of society, to become someone I can be proud of, I always wanted to...

For that reason alone, I always wanted to...

For that reason alone, I always...

always always always always always always always always always always always always always always always al

Music cuts out.

ways...until now, I never wanted to admit how painfully ordinary I really am. That's why...hope...

I might have admired talent▪individuality...▪but I have finally...forever●tried my best...finally came tru3+d

No Music.


...What is this?

...It's a door.

There's a door.

...Still, I need to hurry.

Because I need to go inside this classroom.

...Need? ...What "need"?

No... I should hurry.

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Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: ...
: ...Huh?

Female Voice 1: ...Who goes there?

: ...Eh?

Female Voice 2: Um...are you feeling all right? You look quite pale...

: Ah, um...

Female Voice 3: Hey, could you be... You're also a freshman at this school, right?

: Ah, then... you're all...?

Male Voice: See for yourself. We're all freshmen, too.

These guys... Everyone? The freshmen who were accepted into Hope's Peak Academy... The Ultimates?

Female Voice 4: I assume...freshmen like us have been gathered in this classroom.


: ...Hey, why don't you just come inside for now?
: Eh? Ah, yes of course!

...Wait, why am I being so polite? I know they're called the Ultimates, but they're still high school students like me... That's right... First impressions are crucial in moments like this! I need to act more confident!

Thus, to hide my nervousness from the others, and while trying my very best to act cool... I stepped inside, closed the door behind me, and sat in an open seat at the back of the classroom.

: ...

Anyway...what just happened earlier?

I wanted to be here, and then a classroom door appeared right in front of me... As if I was drawn to it... did I walk to this classroom?

I don't remember... Something's...weird...

: Um...excuse me?

: ...What is it?
: Why are we all gathered in this classroom? No one said anything about coming here, there like, an entrance ceremony or homeroom happening now?
: Actually...we were just about to discuss that matter.
: Discuss?
: Well...since you are the last student to arrive, let's start the discussion.

: Eh, this is everyone? How do you know?
: There are only sixteen desks in this classroom, and this guy is the sixteenth student...
: It's obvious if you bother to think about it...!

: And just what are we gonna talk about? The reason we're all gathered here in this classroom?
: First, I need to confirm something. Out of everyone here... Is there anyone who actually remembers how they came to this classroom?
: ...Eh!?

We all looked around at each other. A surprised look appeared on everyone's face... Not one person raised their hand.

: So before you realized it, you were in this classroom... Then everyone here is in the same predicament...
: No matter how you look at it, it's unnatural. Even you stupid-looking ones would agree, right?

: I-It sure is strange. Nobody actually remembers how they came here...
: ...Hey! What do you mean, "stupid-looking"!?
: The moment you set foot on campus, you felt a strange dizziness, and now you're here and you don't know why...
: That is what I experienced before I arrived here. Am I correct in assuming that's true of all of you?
: Th-That happened to me too, but...
: Eh!? That dizziness wasn't just me? Everyone felt the same dizziness...that's weird!

: E-Even if it's just a feels too good to be true...
: So you're saying it's not just a coincidence, then...

: ...Hm?
: Meaning...we can only speculate who's responsible for this strange phenomenon.

Wh-Who's responsible...? What is it...? It feels like...this is going to get even stranger...

: Hah! I don't know what you're so worried about, but that doesn't sound like a huge deal...

: ...What do you mean?
: I mean it's a minor problem. Instead of trying to figure out why we're here, we should try to figure out why we can't leave...

: Huh? Whaddaya mean we can't leave?
: Eh!? S-Seriously!?

I watched him rush over to the door and try with all his might to pull it open, but...


: I-It won't open! I can't open it!
: ...Huh, why!?

: A little while after I got here, I tried to leave to go take a poo poo...
: But that door wouldn't budge at all!

: Hey, hey...what's going on?
: Even with all my might, I couldn't open it! It'd be absolutely impossible for all of you...

: Eh? What do you mean you couldn't open it? Why? That's not possible!
: S-She's right! It's impossible! Because...when I went through the door, it opened normally... It wasn't locked at all...!

: Though I don't understand what forces are at work here...
: ...There's no denying that we have been locked inside this classroom.

...Locked inside?

: Wh-What do you...mean...?

I suddenly became aware of how heavy my body felt... As though a feeling of unspeakable dread began settling on my shoulders.

: M-Maybe we're...getting mixed something dangerous?

: Or perhaps... Doesn't it make more sense to think that this is the entrance exam?
: ...The entrance exam? You mean, Hope's Peak Academy's?
: But...according to Hope's Peak Academy, no such entrance exam exists.
: They may say that publicly, but it's possible that this is actually a special entrance exam.

Music cuts out.

???: Ah, you're wrong. This is not an entrance exam.

: What was that just now?

: Hey, fatass... Why'd you make that cutesy voice all of a sudden?
: I won't dispute your blunt remark about my weight. But that voice you just heard was not mine...
: ...Huh? Then whose is it?

???: Um, it's actually mine!

: Who's there!? Where are you!?

: It sounds like it came from behind the teacher's desk...

Behind the teacher's desk...?

???: All right! I see everyone has arrived! Let's begin!

Click here for a video!

: that...?
: Um... It looks like a stuffed animal...
: That's right, I am a squeezably soft stuffed animal. Magical Miracle Girl ★ Usami...A.K.A. Usami! I may not look like it, but I am your squeezably soft teacher. Nice to meet you all!

: H-Huh? Am I hallucinating? Am I the only one who's seeing this?
: Nah, I see it too...
: What's with this talkin' Chihuahua!?
: Eh!? That's a Chihuahua!?

: Voice Actress: Rebecca Forstadt
: ...Does everybody here know what a rabbit is? It's a loveable animal that's very fluffy and soft.
: That's what I am! A singing, dancing, talking rabbit mascot!
: H-Hold on! Let me process this first!
: Okie-dokie!
: Um...what do you guys think? I-I've never seen a stuffed animal that can sing, dance, and talk before...

: I-It's probably remote controlled or something... Don't act like such a pussy over a child's toy.
: E-Even if it's remote controlled, doesn't it look too lifelike? That's pretty advanced for a toy...

: Its movements and mannerisms are not the issue. More importantly, based on what it just said...
: It seems you know something about our current situation...!
: Of course I do! I'm the lead teacher of this school trip!
: School trip...?

: Hey...what do you mean, school trip?
: A large group of students go on a chaperoned trip with a lead teacher! It's the biggest event of the school year!
: W-We're not looking for such a literal answer...

: Now let's depart for the fun school trip!


Click here for a video!

: ...
: ...Huh!?

I couldn't believe my eyes. Not just my eyes, but my brain, too... The world just stopped making sense... The classroom collapsed like a stage set, and what appeared before me instead was... Blue sky...white clouds... Blue sea...white waves...

: What...the hell is this!?

No matter how I tried to rationalize it, it was...abnormal.

Clearly unreasonable.

Utterly crazy.

Blatantly wrong.

: Um...
: Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha-What!?
: This is a joke...right?
: Wh-Where are we!?
: Huh!? Wh-What's going on!?
: Everyone! Please stay calm!

: There is no reason to panic! Seeeeee? Look around! Feast your eyes on this beautiful ocean... It's like your heart is being washed clean, isn't it...? It washes away everything...even all the bad things...

: Hold on, give us the details...! Where in the world are we?
: "Where," you ask...? Well, obviously we're...
: "Out where it's better! Out where it's wetter!"
: ...Out by the sea!

: I-I understand this is the sea, but...what are we doing here!?
: You throat's gonna get hoarse if you keep screaming like that.

: But...we were just at school and now we are by the sea... This is impossible...
: Please do not worry. The school trip has just started! That's all!

: But, like, why are we on a school trip all of a sudden!? You totally skipped alllll the stuff that comes first!
: Sh-She's right...! We're all supposed to be attending Hope's Peak Academy.
: Ah, Hope's Peak Academy... I seeeee, I seeeee... You don't say... You guys are feeling unsure about Hope's Peak Academy. Then, in that case...
: Please forget about Hope's Peak Academy! That's why we're having a school trip in the first place!
: ...Huh?

: The hell do you mean we should forget about it!?
: Hey...what are you? Just what are you scheming?

: Wha-Wha-Whaaat!? I'm not scheming anything! I'm doing this for everyone's sake! I'm praying from the bottom of my heart that hope will grow within everyone's heart!
: There's nothing dangerous on this island whatsoever! So please, there is no need to worry at all!

: Island...? Did you just say "island"?
: Yup, and it certainly is beautiful. It was prepared just for us, an island free from other people and danger.
: Are you saying...this island is uninhabited?

: brought us to this uninhabited island to make us kill each other...!?
: Ha-wa-wa!? K-Kill each other!?
: Nuh-uh! No way! Bloody business, like causing violence or inflicting pain, is a big no-no on this island! Even the word "kill"... Just saying it horrifies me!

: Kyaah! So scary!
: Then...what is this "school trip" you mentioned? What do you intend for us to do on this island?

: All righty! I shall announce it to everyone right now!
: While you all relax on this island paradise, you must get along and strengthen your bonds with one another! That is the main rule on this heart-throbbing school trip!

: "Heart-throbbing school trip"...?
: Spend these peaceful and relaxing days nourishing hope and lazing about, free from pain, free from suffering. Truly, this lovey-dovey heart-throbbing school trip is...

: ...everyone's homework!
: Wha-! What the hell does that even mean...!?
: Now then...
: Let the heart-throbbing school trip begin!

Music fades out.

It goes without saying, but...I had no idea what she was talking about. I couldn't follow her words at all...

And then, just like that... Like a curtain slowly lowering...

...My mind ground to a halt.

Click here for the game's Opening!

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Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

???: Hey... Can you hear me?

: Are you okay? ...You seem pretty out of it. To be honest, I'm also... No, everyone else feels the same, too. Since we put in this weird situation.
: ... ...Hey, are you listening?


: Hey, are you sure you're okay?
: ... ...Leave me alone.
: Th-There's no way I can leave someone alone when they look that pale...
: ...

White sandy beach... Crystal blue ocean... The sun's rays beaming down on me... This soft, tropical wind brushing my skin...

I...definitely don't know what's going on... I was supposed to attend Hope's Peak Academy. Why did this...? I here at a place like this?

: That rabbit thing said we're...on a tropical island.

: ...Yeah, you're right.
: ...

I have no idea what's going on. That's the only thing I can say with absolute certainty.

: Welcome to Dangan Island. I will explain the basic controls to you. With the left stick, you can maneuver the reticle on the screen. If the reticle responds, either tap the screen or press the X button. You can then examine that person or object. Also, you can shift your point of view with the directional buttons, or the L and R buttons. Plus, if you press the Triangle button, you can use a mysterious power to see everything you can examine.
: The world sure has become super convenient if you're able to do all this from the get-go. Now then, please search this beach thoroughly, and progress the story.
: Welcome to the game! A quick UI explanation: In the upper left, the game tells you the name of the music track playing currently. In the upper right, it tells us the Chapter, what time of day it is and our current Level. Leveling is new to Danganronpa 2 and you gain EXP just by walking around, examining things and talking to people. I'll explain what the levels actually do when the time comes.

: Like the tutorial said, you can see everything you can examine by pushing Triangle. Blue circles are things to examine and pink circles are people you can speak to.
: The bit at the end about everything being convenient is a dig at the original PSP release of Danganronpa 1, in which you couldn't run in the halls or use this observation technique until you unlocked them by doing Free Time events with specific other students. Never do that person's events? No running or observation for you! Not so in DR2. Both skills are automatically available to you.

: Another welcome change from the previous game is that the game will tell you what you're about to examine with a caption at the bottom of the screen. It's a small, but welcomed addition. It also saves me having to describe everything we're looking at every time.
: Let's start by seeing what's on this beach.

I guess it makes sense for there to be palm trees on a tropical island. That's a mighty fine palm tree... But now's not the time for me to be impressed by it...

Why is there a monitor in a place like this? The screen is blank... What is this being used for?

The crystal clear, shining blue sea... It's perfect for a tropical island... Just what's going on here? I never wanted anything like this at all...

: Hm. Is that a camera...? ...A surveillance camera? Are we...being monitored or something!?
: I wouldn't say we're being monitored... I think we're just being watched for our safety...
: Well, it's a waste of time to think about it. Best not to worry!

What's with this guy...? How can he be so calm in a situation like this? ...Maybe he's just a chill guy.

: So, how are you feeling? Are you calmed down now? Um...I understand your confusion after everything that's happened... But, why don't we start with an introduction?
: Introduction...?

: ...I'm Nagito Komaeda. Nice to meet you.

: Voice Actor: Bryce Papenbrook

: Ah, along with my introduction... I guess I'll also tell you about my talent so you know why Hope's Peak Academy chose me.

: Well, even if I tell you, in my case, it's a pretty disappointing talent...
: A disappointing talent...? What do you mean?
: I'm lucky.
: ...What are you talking about?

: It's not a joke or anything... That's my actual talent. I'm the Ultimate Lucky Student... At least, that's what I'm called anyway.
: Ultimate Lucky Student?
: Through a country-wide lottery, apparently only one ordinary student is selected at random to attend Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Lucky Student. And that lucky winner just so happened to be me.

Chosen by a lottery... Is that really okay? I luck even a real talent in the first place? ...How strange.

: Your face looks...troubled.
: Oh, no...I'm not troubled or anything.
: No, it's fine. I have mixed feelings about this, too.

: I never thought an average, talentless high school student like me would ever enter Hope's Peak Academy... At first...I declined. I told them I didn't deserve it. But they told me they really wanted me to attend... Apparently this so-called luck of mine is a talent that even the school doesn't fully understand... To research it, the school picks the Ultimate Lucky Student every year through an annual lottery.
: Hope's Peak Academy is amazing if they can actually research something as vague as "luck." Well, thanks to that luck, a guy like me was able to attend Hope's Peak Academy, so for that I'm grateful...
: But on the other hand...I feel a little out of place here.
: Ah, sorry. I have a bad habit of viewing most things through a pessimistic lens.

: Um, yeah, I guess that's it for my introduction.

Hmm... Nagito Komaeda, huh... He doesn't seem like the most reliable guy, but he doesn't strike me as a bad person either.

: Now then, it's your turn.
: Yeah...I'm Hajime Hinata.

: Then, let me ask you a question: What is your Ultimate talent?
: Um, I... I...I...

I opened my mouth but the words would not form. I felt my thoughts stalling in my head. As if I opened a book expecting to find words, and instead found blank pages. ...It was that kind of uncomfortable feeling. The memory I was trying to recall had completely vanished from my mind.

: H...uh...?

Without realizing it, my body began to shudder as waves of discomfort began pounding against me...

: Hajime... What happened?
: Ah... It's nothing...! I guess...I'm still pretty confused about all this... I'm having trouble remembering some things...
: ...I understand how your memory might be confused after suddenly getting into a situation like this...
: I'm sure you'll remember soon once you've settled down. So...I don't think you need to worry about it all that much.
: You're...right...
: Then, I guess we're done with our introductions for now. Even though I don't know what's going on... I hope we can get along.

*Beep Boop*

: Hey, did something just beep!? Wh-what a weird sound...

I hastily stuck my hand into my pocket. That's right... That strange, mechanical sound just now definitely came from the inside of my pocket.

: Wh-what the hell is this? It's like a PDA or a smartphone... Wh-Why is something like this inside my pocket?
: Usami was passing them out earlier... Remember?
: Oh right... You seemed pretty out of it when that was going on.
: N-Now that you mention it...I think I kinda remember but...what is this?

: It's an e-Handbook!
: What the...!? Where'd you come from!?
: Oh, did I startle you? I'm terribly sorry.
: Teehee... I know how to apologize like a good girl!
: Anyway, don't you think it's cool? That handbook is absolutely vital for this school trip, so make sure you don't lose it!
: Th-This device is that important?

: I've asked everyone to use their e-Handbook to gather all of the Hope Fragments!

...Hope Fragments?

: Um, on this island, you'll obtain Hope Fragments as you get along with your classmates. As your relationship with everyone improves, you'll be able to gather more and more Hope Fragments! Gather Hope Fragments so that the flower of hope achieves its full bloom. Truly, that is the main purpose of this school trip!
: Love! Love! *leaves*

: H-Hey!

...She's gone. A stuffed animal that moves, talks, and also appears wherever and whenever she wants... Regardless of who's actually controlling it, it still doesn't make any sense...!

: And...what was all that about Hope Fragments? What's her deal? It's like we're in a game or something...

: If this feels like a game, that's rather comforting. That means we aren't going to be in danger right away.
: Y-You're probably right, but...
: More importantly... You don't know anything about the other students yet, right?
: Then...I think it's best if you at least introduce yourself to them.
: Th-That's also true...but... Where did everyone go?
: Maybe they're exploring the island as well?
: Exploring the island...?

: As long as we're expected to live on this island, we should learn as much as we can about it. For example, what's this island's name? Is there a way to escape? What about food and living arrangements?
: So...why don't we finish introducing ourselves to the others and explore the island at the same time? I pretty much went around and introduced myself to everyone already, but I'll tag along with you.

So now he's decided to come with me... Well, I guess that's helpful for me. I know I'd worry if I was left on my own.

: Shall we get going then?
: ...

But... Is this really okay...? To feel so relaxed in such a strange situation...? Perhaps it's the tropical climate? Or is it that...what's-her-name...Usami's fault?

: What is it, Hajime? Let's get going.
: R-Right... Got it.

At any rate, if this is a nightmare, I have no idea if it's even started yet... Sheesh, what kind of nightmare is that...?

: You are now able to use the Handbook. You can use it to check various information throughout the game. You can open the e-Handbook with the Square button. It's super easy. It includes the Guidelines of the school trip and the Report Card which documents everybody's information...
: There are various features inside the handbook. You can also save and load your game inside the handbook. Please check out the System page as well. But with, there's more! You can also view the Transcript with the Select button!
: That's all there is about the Handbook. I strongly recommend you play around with it yourself. Now then, please go forth and look for everyone else. Oh right, you can exit the beach with the Circle button.

: Ah, about exploring the island... It appears a map of this island has been installed onto this e-Handbook. If you use this, you should be able to find everyone easily.
: To be honest, before I arrived at this school, I did some research about everyone on the Internet. I haven't learned everything about everyone but... I'm pretty sure I can give you some helpful info.
: ...Wait, you can research stuff like that on the Internet?
: Eh, you don't know? This school is so popular, there are message boards online dedicated to talking about its students.
: Then... was I also...?

: Hmm...I don't recall seeing your name there. I probably overlooked it...
: Well, it's not your fault if you really can't remember.

I'm sure my name was mentioned on there... It's not a mistake I was accepted into Hope's Peak Academy...

: Anyway, I'll help out too, so why don't we begin making your introductions?
:'re right.

So first I need to introduce myself to everyone else on this island, then...

: Oh, I should apologize. There was something I forgot to tell you. If you look at the map in your e-Handbook, you will be able to see where everyone is. You can also instantly travel to any location displayed as "Go!". Also, when you travel to a point with an "!" mark, the story will progress. It's super convenient! Now then, let's go.

: Travel on the island can be done through this screen. You can move with the left stick. You can run by holding the Circle button while you move. If you press the left or right directional buttons, you can also instantly move to the next area. When the reticle responds, you can go inside places by pressing the X button.
: You've probably realized it by now, but you happen to have your very own pet inside your e-Handbook. Your pet grows based on the number of steps you take, so try walking to places instead of using Map Jump. When you finish raising your pet, there may be...a small reward...

: Alright, I can finally take a little time to explain the Menu before we end the update. This is our e-Handbook. It's very similar to the one in the previous game but with a new look and the addition of the Pet feature.

: The Map shows a nicely detailed map of the area you're in and if you can warp to a place a GO! or IN! will appear. This is the 1st Island map.

: The map also shows which students are in each area at a given time in the upper left.

: We can also see the map of the Central Island right now, and it looks like one person is over there right now.

: This menu is unavailable right now but if you saw the first game you can probably guess what it will be.

: The Presents menu returns once more.

: We don't have anything right now but eventually we'll have a variety of items.

: The Report Card actually has a few new features in this game but we can't access all of them just yet.

: It does let you see your Hope Fragment progress with everyone at a quick glance. As you can see, we're 1/6 of the way completed with Nagito.
: I won't be showing everyone's individual Report Card just yet because we can't view them without meeting the person first. I'll save them all for a bit later.

: The Regulations menu contains the in-universe rules that the students have to follow. I'll show them off next update because they actually come up in a conversation.

: The Pet feature is new in Danganronpa 2.

: It's a very simple Tamagotchi Pet-like game. The more you walk around, the more the pet grows. Right now, our pet hasn't even hatched. I'll explain the Pet a little more once it hatches.

: Lastly, the System menu allows us to Save, Load, view the Transcript (a record of all previous conversation going back a fair bit) and change our Options.

: Next time, we'll begin meeting everyone.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Regarding spoilers, I made the policy as I did because I had assumed most people have played the game since the original LP by now, either on Vita or on PC. The posts this far seen to prove that. I was assuming people who haven't beaten the game would probably avoid clicking spoiler bars but I can institute a tagged spoilers policy if I need to.

And regarding that spoiler above, I was unaware that there was text in those instances. I'll definitely check them out when we get there!

Unrelated, I went home for the weekend so I'm away from my computer. Next update will be on Sunday.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

I guess I forgot to specify it (because I'd rather forget that game exists) but yes, UDG is also an off-limits topic. I'll make sure to add it to the list in the OP.

e: Ah, yeah I just referred to it as "the sequel". I fixed that now.

FPzero fucked around with this message at 05:20 on Oct 8, 2016

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Thesaya posted:

If you are implying what I think you are, you just inadvertently spoiled me. Please don't do that.

Don't worry, it's not a spoiler. I choose to interpret it as "hahaha reading this speculation is going to be good".

That said it was a bit ambiguous so I can see why you'd worry.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

No, I don't want to discuss it in this thread. You can take it to the series megathread in Games though. The link is in the OP somewhere.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: Walking to the right from the Beach, we come Airport?

This is an airport, right? So...those things over there must be...

: ...Airplanes? Couldn't we use those planes to escape this island?

: Nah, that's impossible. If they were damaged, I could fix 'em, but it looks like these planes are just for show...
: Just for show...?
: The engines have been completely removed. Nothing I can do about that.
: ...Completely removed?

Whoever brought us to this island must have also done that...right? The same person who's controlling that stuffed animal, Usami. But...who is doing this? And why did they bring us to this island in the first place? did they do it? The more I think about it... The less sense it makes.

: Oh yeah, that reminds me... You and me haven't been introduced yet, right?

: Name's Kazuichi Soda. I'm the Ultimate Mechanic. Nice to meet ya.

: Voice Actor: Kyle Hebert

: As expected from someone called the Ultimate Mechanic, Kazuichi is a savant when it comes to fixing machines. If he says it's impossible to fix this plane, it's truly beyond repair.
: Even actually remove the engine, whoever's keeping us here must've planned this to a T.
: You think so too, huh... Doesn't that seem pretty strange to you?
: Yeah, it's pretty strange, but I think it's an acceptable level of strange, y'know?
: ...Huh?

: Well, think about it... It's not like we're being forced to do something dangerous or anything...
: That was mentioned in the safely precautions for this school trip. Remember? The school trip guidelines written in the e-Handbook?

: It looks like we're being kept safe, so why wouldn't this be like any other school trip?
: There's nothing dangerous on this island... Spend these peaceful and relaxing days nourishing hope... Just as Usami said earlier. It seems these rules are in place to help us do that...
: Are you saying you believe what that thing told us? She forced us to come here, you know!?

: Don't be such a pessimist... You should look at this situation with a bit more hope, you know? Optimism is essential for people to live satisfied lives.
: Well, I guess it's okay if we just enjoy our vacation and see how this whole thing plays out, right?
: Heh-heh! If you stare closely at that strange-lookin' bunny girl, she might start lookin' pretty cute!

I'm actually jealous of how carefree he's being right now.

: Stop right there. If you value your life, do not come any closer.
: ...Huh?
: Hmph, I said stay back! Oh, very well...I shall accept that courage of yours.

Wh-What's this guy talking about...?

: Kehehe, would you like to know my name? Others may see your courage as recklessness... However...I welcome it.
: In honor of your courage, I shall reveal to you my name. May you never forget it as long as you live!

: You may call me...Gundham Tanaka! Remember it well, for it is the name that will one day rule this world!

: Voice Actor: Chris Tergliafera

R-Rule this world...? He's kidding, right? If he's actually serious, that's pretty out there!

: Now then, it is my turn to ask questions. Whose master are you?
: Eh...?
: Which tribe did you make your pact with? Answer me!
: ...Huh? What do you mean, "pact"?

: Answer me now! Though I shall cast you into a watery grave once you do!
: Then it's best if I don't answer!
: I think he's asking...if you used to have a pet...
: ...Pet? No... The only animal I've taken care of was a hermit crab we passed around in elementary school.

: So, a mere insect!
: Hah! Your Magic Essence caps at a lowly five! Trash!
: T-Trash, really...?
: Hmph! Is it wrong to call trash "trash"? Trash like you should not dare to speak to one as grand as me!

: Who do you think I am? I am the great and powerful Gundham Tanaka, Supreme Overlord of Ice!
: H-Hold on a minute! Something strange just came out of your scarf!
: Taming evil by using myself as a bed... Truly, this is the secret art of the Tanaka Empire!
: It's like something you'd see on a nature show. I guess he totally fits the bill of Ultimate Breeder...

: One of my Four Dark Devas of Destruction, Mirage Golden Hawk Jum-P, has this to say: "We're not used to going easy on our don't make us angry. You wouldn't like us when we're angry." Fuhaha...!
: Fuhahahahahahahaha!

: Um, yeah... I know he seems a little odd, but apparently he did splendidly as a member of the Breeding Club. I've heard he can tame any animal and even managed to succeed at proliferating an endangered species. Rumor has it he can speak to animals... Well, that's probably just a joke.

Speak with animals...? Well, he's certainly eccentric enough in that regard... I mean, there's no way a normal person would attempt to raise hamsters inside their own scarf...

To go so far as to completely remove the plane's engine... Do they want to keep us here that badly? For what purpose?

: That's all we can see here in the airport. Let's move on to the next area.

: On the way, a notification popped up in the bottom left corner.

: It's there to notify us that something has happened with our Pet.

: Congratulations, it's a Chibimi! Our Pet has hatched from its egg. So the way Pets work is that when you walk the amount of steps specified under the "Until next growth" header, the pet will evolve. What it evolves into depends on how full the Hope or Despair meters are. The Hope meter fills up when you give it any Present and the Despair meter fills up when you don't clean its room for a time. If you forget about your pet for too long and the Despair meter fills up, it will die and you have to start over.
: I almost guarantee that I'll forget about this pet at least once. I've done it every other time I've played.

: Additionally, as we walk over, we Level Up. I'm still not ready to explain what Levels do for us yet. The time hasn't arrived. I won't be calling out Levelups during the rest of the LP but you'll always be able to see my current level whenever the UI is visible.

: Let's check out the market

: So this is the supermarket... It's pretty big.

If we're on a tropical island... Does that mean we're in international waters?

: Thanks to this place, we won't need to worry about food and other necessities for a while.
: For a while?
: I-It's just a figure of speech.
: But there's no guarantee anything here is edible. What if all this stuff is poisoned?
: Hm... You certainly are the skeptical type.
: Of course I am. Even this supermarket is strange. Look around! We're in this gigantic supermarket and there's nobody else here except us!

: Well, that can't be helped. Didn't Usami say this island is uninhabited?
: Th-That's exactly my point... ...Ugh!
: What happened?
: It's nothing...

: ...

She's staring at me funny...!

: Ah, uhhhh, um... know... ...

: ...I-I'm sorry.

Wh-Why is she crying!?

: Bullying a girl... Not cool, Hajime.
: ...I didn't do anything.
: Ah, so your name is Hajime... If it's okay with you, may I please remember your name?
: O-Of course... I don't mind you remembering it, but...

: M-My name is Mikan Tsumiki. Um... From the bottom of my heart, I hope we can get along.

: Voice Actress: Stephanie Sheh

: know...
: um um um...
: mind is drawing a blank...from nervousness... And...I went through all the trouble of preparing 5,000 different topics to discuss after introductions!

That seems excessive...

: It's okay if you take your time and remember slowly. We'll wait as long as it takes. We'll wait for you forever if that's what it takes.
: Huh... Aaaaaah!

Isn't he...just putting more pressure on her?

: Well, I guess I'll just ask you since I won't get anywhere asking her, so... What's her deal?
: Ah, Mikan is the Ultimate Nurse. If you ever get injured, you'll need her help, so it's best if you get along with her now. If you get wounded and don't treat it, there's a good possibility you'll get an infection and die.
: Don't say something so morbid so naturally...

: Heh heh, hehehehe...!
: Ah! I-I'm sorry for laughing so suddenly!
: I-It's just...I can't help it. I'm just so happy, I can't remember the last time I made any friends...

: Ah, not that you actually want to be friends with me! I'm soooo sorry I said something so...presumptuous!
: I'll do anything you say... Just...please don't hate me...!
: Bullying a girl... Not cool, Hajime.

Seriously, why does this keep happening?

: I'm sorry...I'm so, so, so sorry!

: Couple things we can check out here.

That's one big cola bottle...! I bet it'd go flat before you could even finish drinking it.

So these are military goods, huh... They even carry night vision goggles... I can't believe this supermarket even sells stuff like this.

: Peeking, peeking...
: Oh haiiiiiiiiiii! Who're you!?
: U-Um... I'm Hajime Hinata...
: Hellooooo? Your tension is super low! Are you feeling all right?
: Ah, that's right! Introductions are a go-go!

: "I," "Buki," "Mio," "Da!" Put it together and what do you get? Ibuki Mioda!

: Voice Actress: Julie Ann Taylor

: All right, introductions are finished! More importantly, check out this bombtastic supermarket!
: They got hamburger, ramen noodles, chili beans, bratwurst, pasta... Ooooh, melons!

: Americans, Chinese, Mexicans, Germans, Italians...and even people from Yubari would shop here!
: Man, I'm getting hellaaaaaa stoooked! I'm thirty-one flavors of stoked for all this deliciousness!
: And when I'm excited, I get hungry-mungry! I-I don't understand it myself... Why do I get hungry when I'm excited? Why do I get excited when I'm hungry?
: Kyahaha, the human body sure is a mystery!

: Um... This energetic young lady is known as the Ultimate Musician... She used to play guitar in an all-girl band that was super popular with other high school girls. Apparently their hit single, "After School Poyoyon Hour" sold over a million copies.

A super popular, all-girl, high school band... That sounds familiar...

: Due to creative differences, she left the band to pursue a solo career.
: ...Creative differences?
: Are you interested!?
: Wah!? You could hear me!?
: Duh! Ibuki's a musician, after all!

: Like Schubert, Bach, Edison, Van Gogh, Perez, and Senna...I, too, am an awesome musician!
: Oh, so you're saying you have good hearing... Wait, most of those people you mentioned weren't musicians at all.
: Don't sweat the details!

: That's enough introductions for today. Next time, we'll continue meeting people.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: Time to check out this hotel.

: Wow...this is a pretty nice hotel...!
: The Hotel Mirai, huh? It looks like it's named for the Japanese word for "future." When we were told to live on this island, I was worried we'd have to pitch a tent or something...
: If we can live in a grand hotel like this, I don't think we'll have to worry about being comfortable.
: Comfort isn't an option here... We don't even known why we're being forced to live on this island... How can you just accept this!? You're way too excited about living here!
: Well, it seems obvious that this area would make a good base, so why don't we look around for a bit?
: ...

Why is this calm? It's like he doesn't think this situation is a big deal at all... Has he been through a lot of trauma or something?

: A map will be displayed if you press the Triangle button. I said the Triangle button. Don't make me repeat myself.

: The hotel is a 3D area like the hallways in the first game. As such, there's a map of it. The hotel and rooms are the dedicated Dormitory area.

: To the north, the male dorms.

: To the south, the female dorms.

: In the middle, there's a gigantic pool for everyone to enjoy.

: And off to the right...

: Hm...? That's right... You haven't told me your name...
: My name...

: I am the Ultimate Team Manager, NEKOMARU NIDAI!!!

: Voice Actor: Patrick Seitz

: U-Um...hello. I'm Hajime Hinata...
: Hold it right there! Your voice is too soft! Let your voice rise from the bottom of your stomach!
: U-Um... I'm Hajime Hinata!

: Noooooo! You can be louder than that! Do it again!
: My name is Hajime Hinata! Pleased to make your acquaintance!
: I AM NEKOMARU NIDAI! Don't forget it, even if you go to hell! I am the Ultimate Team Manager, NEKOMARU NIDAI!!!
: Y-You don't need to repeat your name so much. I won't forget it...
: Gah-hahaha! I agree to your terms!

H-He sure is boisterous... It's not just his voice, his whole body seems loud.

: Nekomaru Nidai is known as the Ultimate Team Manager.
: The Ultimate...Team Manager? So he's not on a team, he just manages one?
: He's not just a team manager... After all, he's an Ultimate. He's traveled to numerous towns and played an active role in various sports clubs managing their teams. For instance, he led some high school rugby team full of delinquents to victory in the national play-offs... He also rescued a baseball club on the verge of being shut down, and led them to national victory as well... Rumor has it he's even training that famous Japanese pitcher who plays in the American League.

I-If that's all true, he totally deserves to be called the Ultimate Team Manager, but...

: Gah-hahaha!

But...with a build like his, he'd be better off playing on a team instead of managing it.

: ...Who the hell are you? Don't talk all friendly and poo poo to me, dumbass.

This guy is already in a crappy mood.

: What're you lookin' at!? You got something you wanna say, bastard!?
: ...R-Relax, Fuyuhiko. We're only here to introduce ourselves.
: ...What? Introduce yourselves?
: See, you haven't been properly introduced to each other, right?
: Hmph... ...

: Name's Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu... Just so we're clear, I don't plan to act friendly and poo poo with you guys.

: Voice Actor: Derek Stephen Prince

Even though he's got a babyface, he's also incredibly rude...

: Fuyuhiko is a high school student and heir to the Kuzuryu Clan.
: Eh? The Kuzuryu Clan... Don't tell me he's--!?
: I'm sure you've at least heard of them before, right? The Kuzuryu Clan is the largest criminal syndicate in the nation, with a membership surpassing 30,000.
: Which means...he's the Ultimate Yakuza.

Th-The heir to a yakuza clan... And it's *the* Kuzuryu Clan, no less...?

: By the way, mentioning his babyface around him is expressly forbidden, so you better be careful. ...You'll run out of fingers before he's done with you.

Th-That was close...I nearly lost all my fingers...

: Nagito... You're, like, my savior or something.
: Haha, you're just exaggerating...uh, guess not.
: Hey, bastards... If we're all done here, how 'bout you dumbasses make like a tree and gently caress off?

: There's an old building by the pool.

: Ah, no, no, no! This old building is in the middle of a renovation project, so you cannot go inside! It's dangerous, you know! *leaves*

Showing up out of nowhere is even more dangerous...

: Hey, aren't you the guy who was squatting on the beach earlier and burying your face in your arms?
: Uh, y-yeah...
: gotta keep it together, you know? At times like this, it's the boys' job to keep the girls safe.
: Y-You're right...
: Did you want me to introduce myself? I haven't done it yet, right?

: Let's see... I'm Mahiru Koizumi. I'll be counting on you from now on.

: Voice Actress: Carrie Keranen

: Mahiru is known as the Ultimate Photographer. She has a promising future as a photojournalist. I'm not an expert on photography but I hear she's a young photographer who has won numerous awards. On that note...she's known for her skill at taking pictures of people.

The Ultimate Photographer, huh... Well, there is a camera hanging from her neck... I kind of assumed that already...

: Honestly, I'm a little relieved. You guys seem decent enough.
: ...Hm? Decent?

: Well, there's a lot of weirdos here. I can't tell if they're really Ultimates or, like, just insane... I'm eager to get along with everyone so we can get off this island, but I was worried things wouldn't go well.
: Get off this island...? What do you mean?
: Huh, you don't know? That's what that stuffed animal Usami was saying.

: After you finish collecting all the Hope Fragments that you earn by getting along with everyone...
: This joke of a school trip will be over, and we can all leave this island together.
: Th-That's all we have to do and we can go home!? Is that true? Did she really mean that!?
: Hey, you should be paying closer attention! This is like, really important!
: Well Hajime, now that you know this, you must feel a little relieved, right? As long as we live here peacefully, we'll be able to leave this island soon enough. So there's no reason for you to act so panicky.
: E-Even so... What's the reason...? Why do we have to do something like this? I mean, to go through all the effort of bringing us here so we can all live together and get along... It doesn't make any sense.

: I may not know why we're here, but if that's all we have to do to go home, then that's all there is to it.
: Overall, I'm glad. I mean, it's really not that big of a deal.

Not a big deal...? Really? We're told we're on a school trip without any warning, then we're taken to a place like this... And then we're forget about Hope's Peak Academy... Is he *sure* this isn't a big deal?

: Hey!
: Eh!?

: Don't "eh!?" me, what about your introduction? I've been waiting, like, forever, you know?
: Ah, sorry... I'm Hajime Hinata.'s nice to meet you, too.
: I see...Hajime Hinata, huh?

: Sorry to disappoint you, but I've already made a mental note to remember you as "Unreliable Hajime."
: It's gonna be tough for you to change my mind. You better man up and try even harder to do your best!
: ...I see you're whipped already, Hajime.
: I'm talking to both of you! You better man up and do better! Got it!?

: Next time, we'll enter the hotel.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: Yeah... Even the inside of this place looks grand, too.
: If this was really a normal school trip, I'd be smiling by now... But...why are we the only ones in this hotel?
: It's an uninhabited island, it can't be helped.

For an uninhabited island, this hotel looks pretty well kept, and it seems electricity won't be an issue... What in the world is going on with this island...?

: ...State your business.
: Well, I just want to introduce myself. Is that all right with you...?
: An introduction...
: Understood, I don't mind.
: I'm Hajime Hinata. Nice to meet you.

: My name is Peko Pekoyama. It is nice to meet you, too.

: Voice Actress: Janice Kawaye

: This dignified-looking woman is known as the Ultimate Swordswoman. It's hard to believe someone with a cute name like Peko Pekoyama could be so skilled with a blade. I've heard she's a kendo master and that most adult men don't even stand a chance against her.

Well, there's definitely something up with her.. Her eyes are really intense.

: If what that rabbit said is true, we are expected to live together on this island.
: Yeah, you're right...

: It is necessary for men and women who live together to respect each other. Don't try anything inappropriate...
: I would prefer...not to kill anyone.
: Kill...? Isn't that sword on your back made of bamboo?
: Though it may seem impossible to kill someone with this, a misaimed blow can be fatal.
: Well, an aimed blow can be fatal, too...
: ...

...I'll keep that in mind.

: ...

There's some girl playing an arcade game, and she looks completely absorbed by it...

: ...

: Hajime, you haven't properly introduced yourself to her either, right?
:'re right...

She seems really focused on her game, but I guess I should try to talk to her.

: Um, excuse me? I'd like to introduce myself...
: ...
: ...Hey, Chiaki?

: Oh, sorry... I must've been...a little too focused on my game...
: A little...? Are you sure about that?
: Let's see... Oh, right, introductions. Got it. ...

: I'm Chiaki Nanami, the Ultimate Gamer. Video games are my hobby, and I'm a fan of all genres. ...
: Nice to meet you.

: Voice Actress: Christine Marie Cabanos

: I'm Hajime Hinata. Nice to meet you, too...
: ... ...
: Yeah, totally.
: It seems like this conversation is going rather slow...
: Well, she is gaming right now...

: It's more like... ...
: I'm the kind of person who has to gather my thoughts before I can start talking. Like, I can't talk that well unless I've already prepared everything I want to say in my head... Especially when I'm meeting new people... Well, if I get used to them, I can usually talk a little faster.

...She's still focused on her game, and she hasn't looked at me at all... She may be the Ultimate Gamer but how can she play video games at a time like this...?

: Yaaaawn...
: ...I'm sleepy.

: Let's go upstairs.

: So...this is the hotel restaurant.
: It's enormous. We could easily hold a banquet here. It kind of has this tropical, open country feeling.
: ...Open? Even though we're stuck on this island?

: Are we really stuck here...?
: What else could it be...?
: ...
: Oh well...let's finish introducing ourselves first. Look, there are two people talking over there.

: That's right... I'm having a hard time because it's full of poison. It really sucks. Speaking of which, it'd be great if you could use your mouth to suck it out...
: Poison...I see...
: you guys have a moment?
: Whoa...denied...


: Hello, it is nice to meet you.
: name is Hajime Hinata. Nice to meet you too.
: Why, hello there. You must be the new guy.

: My name is Teruteru Hanamura. On the streets, I'm known as the Ultimate Cook...
: But could you guys call me the Ultimate Chef instead? It has more of a...big-city flavor to it, ya know?

: Voice Actor: Todd Haberkorn

: Mmhmhm, I hope we get along well.

: Oh, that reminds me, I have not properly introduced myself either. I am terribly sorry to keep you waiting!

: My name is Sonia Nevermind.

: Voice Actress: Natalie Hoover

: I am a foreign exchange student from a small European kingdom called Novoselic. I may cause trouble here and there, but I hope we can get along well.
: S-Same here... I hope we get along, too.

White procelain skin... Sparkling blue eyes... And her hair glitters like fields of wheat... It's like...she has this mysterious charm that I want to gaze at forever...

: ...Are you enchanted? Well, that probably can't be helped. She's known as the Ultimate Princess, which means she's actual royalty.

The Ultimate Princess...? Normally I'd be surprised to hear that, but... It's not just her beauty, she's just so graceful... I'm completely at ease even though she's a real princess.

: Um, this may be rude of me to say, but...truthfully, I feel happy.
: Huh? What...are you happy about?

: In my home country, I...did not have a single friend my age whose standing in society matched my own. So, to be able to do something like this with everyone is a new experience for me...
: ...I shall extol your virtues.
: "Extol my virtues"...? Th-Thanks.

What the...? I suddenly feel the urge to drop to one knee and bow.

: H-Hey, you three, am I being left off the menu or something?
: No...that's not it...
: Oh Teruteru, it's so like you to check out the restaurant first. As the Ultimate Chef, do you like it?
: Mmhmhm...I would be lying if I said I wasn't interested. And since I do not want to be a liar, then truthfully...
: Yeah, I like it.
: Though I like the big-city flavor of my hometown, a country atmosphere like this is also splendid. Mmhmhmhmhmhm...!
: Hey, are you...?

: Refined? Cultured? Guilty as charged!
: No, not that... You just don't seem very worried, huh?
: Worried? What's there to worry about? Actually, I'm really happy.
: Happy? Why is that...?
: If I can get serious real quick... I have a sneaking suspicion that Miss Peko is actually a bit of a freak, if you catch my meaning. What do you think?
: ...What?

: She's probably wearing a black thong, too. What are your thoughts on that? Now then, shall we discuss this somewhere privately? C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
: ...No thanks.
: Well, putting that aside for now... This might also seem unexpected to you, but... I feel like Miss Sonia over there has a good chance of putting out. You see, everybody knows princesses are groomed to lack common sense, right?
: For example, I could tell her my "loins" are full of poison and ask her to suck it out...

Is that...why he was talking about poison earlier?

: ...Pardon me, what are you talking about?
: We'll discuss this later!
: ...I'd better not see you try that again.
: Anyway...when I fantasize about stuff like that, I can't help but look forward to living on this island.
: When it comes to cooking and love, passion is the most important ingredient. Mmhmhmhmhm!

This guys seems...dangerous, but for a completely different reason.

: There's an exit down to the pool from the restaurant.

: Quick check on our Pet and we can see it's been doing its business. Cleaning just entails getting rid of it.

: We're most of the way to having everyone's first Hope Fragment.

: Next time, we meet with the remaining students.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

In terms of personality alone, I think Teruteru is my least favorite character. He's such a creep. I won't actually mention who my overall favorite and least favorite characters are yet because I don't want to give away any hints.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: Let's check out the Ranch.

: This looks like a ranch.
: ...Though there aren't many animals around.

: found it out!
: You again! Seriously, where do you keep appearing from!?
: I can show up anywhere, anytime! The system allows me to appear anywhere on the island!

: It's all thanks to this handy-dandy Magic Stick!

Magic Stick, huh? ...Is she talking about that toy she's holding?

: Hmmm...still, I am quite troubled... A ranch without any moo-cows is like a soccer team without any balls.
: You might want to rephrase that...

: All righty! Just leave it to me and my handy-dandy Magic Stick!

: Bibidi Bobidi! Bibido Bobidi! Bibidibibidi! Bobidibobidi!

: Bu! Turn into a moo-cow!

: Harumph! A huge success! *leaves*
: Wh-What was all that just now...? A-A chicken...changed into...a cow!?
: Nah, it's probably some sort of trick or illusion. I bet it was set up before we got here. She was probably trying to make us happy, but...I guess it had the opposite effect on you, Hajime.

...A trick? An illusion? W-Well...if you think rationally, it makes sense... A chicken can't just change into a cow. Messing with living things like that is just not cool, you know?

Based on looks like just a regular, run-of-the-mill cow. What kind of trick is changing a chicken into a cow, anyway?

: Squish! Squish!

What's this kid doing? She's sitting down and she keeps pressing her finger onto the floor with all her strength.

: Um, are you okay? I haven't introduced myself, right? My name is Hajime Hinata...
: Hmmm?

: I'm Hiyoko Saionji.

: Voice Actress: Kira Buckland
: Squish! Squish!

She hasn't stopped pressing her finger onto the floor... Seriously, what's she doing? And...her appearance and voice are so young... I can't believe she's actually a high school student.

: Hiyoko's talent has made her known as the Ultimate Traditional Dancer. As a rookie, the Japanese dance industry expects a lot from her. She's already performed overseas many times. It seems her performances are popular among young audiences, which is rare in the Japanese dance industry. Well, then again, her fans are mostly men.

It's probably because she looks so young... Her fans probably all have the same niche or something.

: Squish! Squish!
: Hey, what exactly are you doing?
: Hmm? I'm squishing!
: Squishing what?

: Mr. Ant, of course. I'm squishing lots of Mr. Ants.
: Come again?

: Hehe... If you squish their tummies just right, it makes this awesome sound.
: Wanna do it together!?
: H-Hell no!
: Aww, okay.
: Hmph, you wuss...

Th-This kid... Her attitude doesn't match her appearance at all.

: Heeeey! Who're you dudes?
: It's nice to finally meet you... I'm Hajime Hinata.
: Gotcha... And who's this other dude?
: ...Huh? Haven't we already met?
: Oh, haha! I'm sorry! I pretty much suck at rememberin' names, and I've met so many interestin' characters today.
: I'm Nagito Komaeda. If you can, please don't forget my name again...

: Yo! The name's Akane Owari! Nice to meetcha!

: Voice Actress: Wendee Lee

: Akane is known as the Ultimate Gymnast, and an all-around super athlete. Rumor has it she's a wild troublemaker, but her athletic ability is off the charts. However, her basics and fundamentals are all over the place, so her gymnastic routines are mostly improvised. If she's in her groove, she performs splendidly. But if she's not, she loses interest and switches it up.

How self-centered... No matter how you cut it, she definitely sounds like a troublemaker... Even though, she's called the Ultimate Gymnast for a reason, so her performances must be amazing to see...

I...can't visualize her as a normal high school student. I mean, she's got the physique of an Olympic athlete...

: Huh? Don't tell me you...
: Oh, I get it! So, you have a thing for sexy bodies, huh?
: You're being really loud... I know you're doing that on purpose...

: That's everyone on the 1st Island, but if you'll remember there was someone on the Central Island.

: Hajime... It looks like if we go across this bridge, we can reach another island not far from here.
: Is
: That's what we're going there to find out, right?

It it's not safe when we get there, then what will you do...?

: The Central Island connects to all the other islands here.

: Going to the right, the first closed bridge we come across is labeled "5". Looks like there are five exterior islands in total.

I see a bridge in the distance but it looks like there's a gate blocking it.

: It looks like there's another island on the other side of the bridge, but it seems we can't cross it.
: Yeah, that seems to be the case.

: Between the 2nd and 3rd gate, we come across this Park.

: So...this is a park...
: A park surrounded by the ocean...
: Hmm, it feels so nice.

Such a laidback attitude... But...if we weren't in a situation like this, I'd probably be enjoying some lazy sunbathing myself.

"If" being the key word.

: How are your introductions going? I'd like to inform you about another feature. You may have already noticed, but you have a level assigned to you. It's displayed on the top right corner of your screen. Your level increases by performing various actions, such as walking, examining, and talking to others. Every time you level up, you will become stronger than you were before. The number of skills you can equip will also increase, so please try your hardest to level up often.
: I guess since the game brought it up I'll go ahead and explain Levels. In this game, Levels are your Skill Points. Every level you get gives you +1 Skill Point. The cost of skills has been increased to accomodate this, but in my experience I've never had trouble having most, if not all of my skills equipped at the same time. I think levels also affect your HP and Focus Gauge in trials, but it's been a while since I played and I'm not positive about this claim.

: ...What do you want?

Th-This guy's presence is overwhelming. He doesn't seem very approachable... Even his body is overwhelming.

: Ah, Byakuya... Have time for a small introduction?
: ...Introduction?
: C'mon, Hajime.
: Um, hello. My name is Hajime Hinata.
: ...

: My name is Byakuya Togami.

: Voice Actor: Jason Wishnov
: ...I'm done. That's it, right? Back off.

I-I can tell...this guy is thumbing his nose at me...

: Well, I suppose that's Byakuya for you...
: What do you mean?
: That guy is particularly special, even by Ultimate standards... He's next in line to inherit his family's massive financial conglomerate. He's already begun managing the business operations, and his net worth is, well, enormous.
: It's completely accurate to call him the Ultimate Affluent Progeny. He's the epitome of "exceptional."

That's like...a manga origin story...

: You there, Hajime, was it...?
: Eh?
: Tell me...why did Hope's Peak Academy choose you? What is your ultimate talent?
: Um... Th-The thing is... I honestly can't remember.

: You don't remember...?
: Apparently he lost his memory due to shock... He can't really remember much.
: Hmph, how foolish. ...
: Um...

: ...I do believe we have finished talking. How much longer to do you intend to stand there?
: Move along! That's the only thing you skinny types are good at, it seems.
: Let's just leave, Hajime...
: Yeah, sure thing...

His build and that overwhelming aura of refinement just pushes people away... Is this what it means to be the Ultimate Affluent Progeny...?

Music fades out.

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: Was that a school bell just now...?
: Hajime. Look at that monitor over there.

: Congratulations everyone! It appears that everyone has finished collecting the Hope Fragments! I'm...*sniff*...I'm so happy... Soooo...I've prepared a present for everyone that'll make you all veeeeery happy! I apologize for the trouble, but please gather at the beach! Tee hee hee! May shining hope be with you all!

: She said to meet at the beach...
: I-Is that going to be okay...? I'm starting to have a bad feeling about this.
: Thinking won't solve anything. We can do that after we go to the beach.
: Is that precaution really enough?

To be honest, I'm really worried...but it would look bad if I was the only one who didn't go.

: Before we go, let's take a look at this statue.

It's a bronze statue of various animals. Plus, it's pretty huge.

: Wow! What a grand statue!
: Yeah, it's grand...but isn't it also kind of creepy?
: You think so? I think it looks splendid. I mean, look at it. It probably symbolizes the whole island.

It sure is grand...

: This island's symbol, huh...

: Next time, back to the beach.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

I just compared the openings of this game and the previous one. The first game is much more explicit in saying Hope's Peak is a high school, whereas this game only mentions it in passing real quick. This isn't a deliberate omission on the part of the game or anything. The characters are definitely meant to be high school students. There probably some level of assumption being made that the player already knows the setting of Hope's Peak given that this is a sequel.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Lord_Magmar posted:

I always thought it was the last three years of high school. So from an Australian perspective they do year 9 (first year of HS) elsewhere. Then get scouted by Hope's Peak and spend 3 years there.

Pretty sure it's mentioned in the first game but just in case *spoiler cut out*

More importantly the first game says they removed 2 years worth of memories but not that they were graduating before they sealed themselves in the school I'm pretty sure. Plus 3 years at Hope's Peak sounds more sensible in my head than 2.

I could be wrong of course.

I actually don't think the first game goes over what your spoiler mentions. In fact, I think that's something from the novel DR0, not the first game. Could you edit it out just in case? If I'm totally wrong (since I don't have time to go back through the previous LP to look for it) you can put it back later.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

I'm not planning to do UDG. Personally, I really disliked the game partially due to the mishandled portions and partially due to how bored I was by the end of it. It would also have to be even more of a hybrid LP than this one considering it has both action gameplay and long dialogue scenes. More than that though, I imagine the interesting thread reactions you're thinking of might cause it to devolve into chaos unless I outright cut out that section of the game and never show it. I know I don't care to revisit certain scenes in the game.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: You guys are the last to arrive. What are you dilly-dallying for?
: Sorry to keep you all waiting.
: Well, it's all right... More importantly, this is our only chance to talk between ourselves before that rabbit returns.
: Kyahaha! Let's talk!
: Now then, let me hear your initial impressions of this island.

: I happened to notice numerous blocked off bridges on the central island...
: Oh, those are there so everybody doesn't get lost! I tried to cross one of them and that rabbit showed up and told me, so I'm telling the truth!
: So we don't get lost...? Is this island really so big?

: But if you look at it in depth, it's just a normal island, right? It's got a resort and everything! Well, not that I've ever been to a resort before, but...
: Also, there's a biiiiig ranch!
: Um...there's also a large supermarket, too... It looks like it stocks everything from food to living amenities.
: The hotel was really nice, too. It'd be great if we can stay there.

: The restaurant inside the hotel was also very nice. It seemed to cater to a more plebeian taste.
: Can you guys listen to what I wanna say, too? I...found something very important on this island.
: Girls! Very, very cute girls! Aha! All over the place!
: Grooooooss! I'm getting goosebumps!
: All of you are fools... I can't believe nobody has mentioned the most serious truth.

: ...The most serious truth?
: If no one here realized it, you're all bigger fools than I thought.
: What did you say, you fat bastard? Don't be talkin' all big and poo poo!
: Small dogs shouldn't bark so loud.

The most serious truth? What does he mean?

: You have to speak to Byakuya to proceed with the conversation but if you want to, you can talk to everyone else for a few comments. I won't be showing side conversations like these unless they're really funny or interesting because they're usually one or two lines long and not worth devoting update space to. Since you get experience for talking to people I'll be making sure to read them on my own time. I want those Levels!

: Hey, what's the most serious truth? Did...did you find out something about this island?
: ...
: Have you all gone to the park that's across the bridge?
: The park with that weird bronze statue of all those creepy animals, right?
: When I saw it, I remembered a story I'd heard before.

: There's an island in the Pacific Ocean, a beautiful island paradise where summer never ends... It consists of a central island surrounded by five different islands... It's also said that five holy animals symbolize each of those surrounding islands.
: Eh...?
: That island's name is... Jabberwock Island.

: Could this island be...?
: Jabberwock Island?
: Still, there is something on my mind. In fact, according to what I've heard, Jabberwock Island is already... ...
: ...Never mind.

: Hold it right there! That's a rather incomplete story you've told us.
: No need to shout. I'll let you know once I obtain more information.
: Meh, I don't care what this island's called. Nikoniko Island or Papua Island or whatever... Doesn't change the fact that we all gotta live here, right?

: Living together on this tropical island sure is exciiiiting! I'm super looking forward to it!
: Right on! This ain't a bad school at all!
: H-Hey? You guys?
: Hmm, I like this island too!
: ...Can't say the same about the rest of you cretins.
: Huh? Did I hear something?

: I'm still worried, but I don't feel as worried as I did earlier...
: Yeah, since there's no danger or inconvenience, I feel like this won't be a problem!
: Hey, listen to what you guys are saying. We need to stay calm and think about this...! We're all here to attend Hope's Peak Academy, right? But we're living on an island like this instead... No matter what, it's completely weird!

: Why don't you stop talking for a while? Go cool your head off or something.
: ...Eh?
: P-Plus even if we wanted to leave, there's no way we can...
: There's no ship, and the planes are just for show...
: From what I've discovered, there's no way to contact the outside world, either... In would be impossible to call for help.

: Then, why don't we just swim home?
: There's no way we can swim that far...!
: I'm telling you, that's impossible!
: Th-Then...what if we cut down some trees and made a raft...?

: Nuh-uh! You can't do that! That's the biggest of no-nos!
: Please recall the guidelines of this school trip! "Littering is not allowed. Let us coexist with this island's bountiful nature in mutual prosperity." Got it? I want everyone to get along and live peacefully on this beautiful tropical island.
: Wh-What's with these rules? Who cares about that...!

: Stop. This rabbit seems to be rather finicky about these so-called rules. Based on that, what if your actions place everyone here in danger?
: Th-The word "danger" is a bit much! I wouldn't do something like that!
: Hajime...I understand how you feel, but you need to calm down a little, okay?

: F-For long as we don't do anything weird, it seems there is no danger...
: And as long and we gather the Hope Fragments, we'll be able to get off this island soon.
: Y-You're all just gonna believe that...?
: There's no other choice but to believe...for now, that is.
: ...
: Anyway, Usami! What's this present you mentioned in your announcement earlier?
: Ah, that's right! Well, of course I didn't forget...

: Love! Love! This is it! Don't be upset! I've prepared one for you all, so don't worry!
: ...What is this...?

: Pfft, teehee! It's an Usami Strap! If you squeeze the tummy, it talks.
: "I'm Usami...Magical Miracle Girl ★ Usami. I'm an itty bitty girl who's sweet like milk!"
: Isn't it cute? Love! Love!
: ...What a waste of time.

: Man, and I got my hopes up, too...
: I'm ashamed I even had my hopes up!
: Really? I think it's pretty cute. Especially how the ears look like a rabbit's...
: Well, Usami does mean "rabbit," you know!

Regardless, a large number of Usami Straps ended up on the beach anyway... As I figured, after everybody received their strap, they just tossed them on the beach.

: Hey! You can't taint nature with trash!

: See? Even you think they're trash!

Usami sadly picked up the straps and looked at us with a lonely expression on her face.

: Ugh... And I even prepared one more present, too, but now I don't wanna give it to you bad kids...
: Hm? You have something else?
: Well, compared to the Usami Strap, it's not that big of a deal...

: Basically, I've prepared a motive for everyone.
: A motive...?
: That's right. A motive for everyone to get along. We've come all this way to a tropical island, so I thought it'd be great to do something island-themed.
: Like what? Are you thinkin' of throwin' a big party or somethin'?
: Coooorrect!

: Is it a festival? Or maybe a miniature shrine? How wonderful!
: Excuse me, Miss Sonia...
: My loins are still full of poison, and I'd appreciate it if you could suck it out with your mouth.
: Knock it off, Teruteru!

: Oh, your tenderloins? You betcha.
: Just ignore him, Sonia!
: If we're talking about fun parties on a tropical island, maybe it should be a barbeque or something?
: Ah, a campfire sounds fun, too.
: Let's find a hoop snake and kill it!
: Is looking for one not enough for you!?
: It seems everyone has different ideas, but if we're gonna be at the ocean, then first...

: Tadaaa! This is what it's all about!
: A swimming bag?
: Coooorrect! Love! Love!
: Whoaaaa! Then that means...

: That's right. I have swimsuits for everyone. Well, school swimsuits actually. I hope that's okay.
: A-Are you telling us to go swimming...? In a situation like this...?
: It's not like I'm ordering you guys to swim or anything. It's just, if you wanna go swimming, you can...
: Th-There's no way I'm going swimming! There's no way anyone would be so thoughtless as to go swimming in a situation like this...

: Eh?
: Aw yeah! That's what I'm talking about! With weather this nice, there's no way I'm gonna pass on swimming!
: I agree!
: Even my loins agree! See?
: Your tenderloins? I understand!
: S-Seriously, don't try to understand!
: How long has it been since I last swam in the sea?
: Allllllll riiiiiight! Let's go change!!!

Those of us who were excited to go swimming went to get their swimsuits from Usami and ran straight to the hotel to change.

: What are you going to do, Hajime?
: ...
: I understand how you feel, and I won't force you to do anything you don't want to do...
: But if you feel up for it, I'd be happy if you came along, too.

After he said that, Nagito ran over to the hotel as well.

Music fades out.

: ...

There is no danger on this island...

There is nothing tragic waiting to happen on this island...

Is that really true? If so...

Am I actually...wrong?

: Hmph.

: The plot will proceed once we speak with three different people.

: You're not gonna swim?
: Mmm, I'm like really, really sleepy right now...
: I-I see... It'd be a problem if you fell asleep while you were swimming.
: I'd probably drown.
: More like definitely drown...

But to be sleepy in a situation like this... She's sure got some bold nerves...

: You're not gonna swim, Byakuya?
: Of course not.
: However, don't think that makes us friends or anything. Our reasons couldn't be more different.
: Different reasons...?

: You cannot accept our situation because you're nothing but a coward, right?
: C-Coward...!?
: That Usami thing is not lying to us... You're starting to realize that, aren't you?
: Th-Then...why aren't you going to swim?
: I simply don't like ocean water. It's too salty.

That's not something to boast about... Little kids say the same thing when they don't want to swim.

So, it looks like she's staying, too... That's unexpected. She seems like the more active type.

: Hey, you're not gonna swim?
: Hm? Of course I am, why?
: Then why didn't you go with the others to change?
: I don't need to change. All I gotta do is take off my clothes.
: No, what about your swimsuit?

: There's no way I'm gonna wear somethin' as embarrassin' as a school swimsuit.

She's just...wrong about so many things.

: Soooo, let's hurry and swim!

With those words, Akane quickly began taking off her...whoa, hey!

: Hey there! Shameful behavior like that is a no-no! If you're going to swim, you gotta wear a swimsuit!
: Tch! What a pain!
: Phew...! Phew...!
: That makes three, so on with the plot.

: Ah! Speaking of which, everyone has returned!

As Usami said that, I turned around and... I saw a group of people wearing swimsuits jumping into the ocean and shouting with joy.

: Yaaaay! The sea!
: Aaah, the water is so cool. It feels great!
: Uah! Too salty! This water's too salty! It's not going easy on me!
: Heeeey, I got some suntan lotion from the supermarket. Would anyone like a rub down?
: Oh! You're quite considerate! Not then, will you apply it right away?
: Eh? Rubbing lotion on a muscular man...? All right, no problem! My tastes are pretty open, you know!
: You seem a little *too* open... Like you're covering too many bases by yourself.
: Mmhmhm... I'll make sure to slather you with lots and lots of oil.
: Wh-What is this feeling of intense bloodlust!?

It feels like a resort... There's no other way to describe it. Seeing the other students having all this fun...


: Yep yep! I'm very happy. Everyone seems to be getting along with each other, so I'm very happy. I thought this would be hard until everyone got used to this, but they're all acting like Ultimates!
: Let's keep up the pace and all go out best to peacefully enjoy this heart-throbbing school trip!

: ...

What's this feeling of alienation? I can't really put it into words...

Am I really...wrong about all this?

: ...Fine... I just gotta do it, right?
: Then...I'll do it! That's right, I'll do it!

: Hajime? Did something happen?
: Hey! Hand me one of those swimsuits!

Jeez, I can't believe I was the only one worrying! I feel like an idiot!

I'm gonna seriously enjoy myself and have fun!

: Heeeey you guys! Don't forget about me! Hey hey! Wait for me! Let me join in the fun!

: ...Wait, huh?

No Music.

Suddenly...the sky grew cloudy... Huh?

What is this!?

: What's happening...? These strange clouds... This doesn't look natural at all...!
: Eh? Huh...?
: Hey, what's going on? What did you do!? This is obviously not right! It was sunny just a few minutes ago!
: Wha...wha-wha-wha...

: Wh-What is this!?
: ...Huh?
: I didn't do anything... What is all this...? There's no way! Something like this shouldn't be happening!

...And, at that exact moment.

Just when it seemed like this couldn't get more confusing, it suddenly happened.

: Ahh, ahh...! Mike check! Mike check! Ah, ah! Ah, ah! Can you hear me, can you hear me?

That voice was so laidback and so gleeful that it seemed out of place. But, it was different than Usami's... As if an endless storm of malice could be felt raging behind that laidback voice...

The moment I felt it, my body shuddered.

: Puhuhu... Surprised? You were totally surprised! ...Riiiight? Now then, sorry to keep you all waiting for so long. Let's leave all this worthless entertainment behind... It's time for the main attraction! You guys better hustle over to Jabberwock Park!


: Could it be? This voice...! I-If this is... Oh, this is very bad. I gotta do something...
: It's all up to me! *leaves*
: H-Hey! Wait!

: It seems that...was an unusual occurrence...
: It's best if...we go, too... Jabberwock Park, was it? Let's hurry. *leaves*
: H-Hey! Wait! *leaves*
: B-But what about everyone who's swimming?
: There's no time to wait for them to change. I have a bad feeling about this... I'll head over first. *leaves*
: poo poo, just what the hell is going on...? I'll be really pissed if it's something loving stupid! *leaves*

What is this...? What the hell is going on...?

: O-Okay... Jabberwock Park...right?

: Boooo! There's just to many Mr. Crabs!
: Fiiiine, I'll just step on them later. *leaves*

You crabs better run while you still can...!

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

As we arrived at Jabberwock Park, Usami's shouting voice could be heard ringing throughout the park.

: Wh-Where are you!? Where are you hiding!?
: H-Hiding? Who are you talking to?

Music cuts out.

???: Puhuhuhuhu!

: ...Eh?
: Hey-hey! Where are you? Show yourself!

???: Ahhhh-hahahahahahaha!

Click here for a video!

: Why, hello there! Thank you all for waiting! Long time no see guys! I am Monokuma! I'm the headmaster of this academy!

: Voice Actor: Brian Beacock

: Ahem, now that I have made my dashing appearance, the first thing I need to say is...
: This is so friggin' lame! Lame, I say! Lamer than the lamest lamesauce!
: Oh, wait. Lamesauce!? Is that tasty?
: Just as I thought... It was you!
: Why is Monokuma here!?


: Aw shaaaadup!
: I'm livid, you know... And I'm about ready to barf thanks to your lukewarm attitude!
: Just what's with this "heart-throbbing school trip" crap anyway!? I'm bored! So hopelessly bored!
: This just ain't fun at all! You better knock off this farce right now!

: You've gotta make this, you the demands of the world. Nobody wants to see high school students living calm and peaceful lives. What everyone wants to see is...
: Other people's misery...and despair...
: Wh-What the hell is with this stuffed animal...!? Nothing he's saying makes any drat sense...!
: What...what is going on? What is that thing?

: Be careful, everyone! Stay back and leave this to me! I don't know why Monokuma is here, but as long as I have this Magic Stick--

Music cuts out.

: Yah! Opening!

: Hai-yaa! Hai-yaa!
: St-Stop...!
: Chi-yah! Chi-yah!
: Kyaaaaaaah!

: Dun-dun-dah-dahhhhh! VICTORY!
: Noooooo! My Magic Stick!
: Now then, what to do after my flawless victory... First of all, you're too plain. White rabbits are faaaar too plain. Soooo, I'm gonna make you in my image! Aaah-hahahaha!

: This is what happens when you defy me... I'll crunch ya! I'll bite ya! I'll rip you apart!
: Kyaaaaah! Stooooop it!
: Hey, hold still! This wooden stick...isn't gonna shove itself in, you know!
: Noooooooo! That's a no-no! THAT'S A BIG NO-NO!!!

: Taaa-daaa! ALL DONE!
: Wha-...! What is this!?

: I'm not supposed to look weird like this! Change me back to normal!
: My, my... Defying your big brother's fashion sense. Is Monomi a little troublemaker?
: ...Big brother? Monomi?

: Your current position is too wishy-washy, so I'm setting you to be my little sister, Monomi.
: ...Though it's only an external setting, after all.
: Wh-Why do I have to be your little sister!?

: ...Big sister, then? You wanna be the older sister that got separated at birth?
: Hmm, that doesn't really feel right... Yep, you're definitely more like a little sister.
: Soooo that's how it's gonna be... Monomi! From now on, if you ever disobey me, I will never forgive you!

: H-Hey! I won't let you make up your own settings!

: Stupid fool! Do you think you can win against me!?
: Owww! It hurts a lot when you punch me!

: How about that!? Now you've learned your lesson! this...? Living stuffed animals fighting each other... That's like, completely insane...!

: Ugh...if only I still had the Magic Stick, I could have totally beaten that awful Monokuma...
: Puhu! It's your fault for leaving yourself open! Even a one second opening is life-threatening on a battlefield.

: Hey...what's with this stupid performance...?
: Wh-Who friggin' knows...!
:'s obvious something bad is happening.
: Whaa-!? What is this!? What's going on!?

: Ugh... *Sob!*
: Huh? Now she's all weird-looking!
: Weird-looking...? She matches me now, you know! How insensitive...

: There's more of 'em!?
: Wh-What does this mean? What *is* that black and white tanuki...?
: I'm not a tanuki, I'm a bear! I'm Monokuma!

: I-I don't understand it myself, but...a new stuffed animal appeared? I mean...why is that stuffed animal even talking...?
: Seriously, I'm not a stuffed animal, I'm Monokuma! The headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy!
: Monokuma...?
: Did you say...headmaster!?
: appears everyone has gathered. Now then, as the headmaster, I shall make a formal declaration!

: From this point onward, the killing school trip will now commence!

Killing school trip...?

: A school trip where everyone gets along has no stimulation at all! And it's so drat boring! Nobody wants to play a game like that!
: You guys agree with me, right!?
: Sooooo, let's begin out killing school trip!

: Naturally, you guys are the contestants!
: K-Killing...contestants...?
: Wh-What are you saying!? I will absolutely, positively not allow such bloody events!

: Ugyaaaah! Owww! It hurts a lot when you kick me, too!

: Jeez... Your brain sure is tiny, Monomi! How many times do I have to tell you? Pay attention this time. Except in manga, a little sister is never smarter than her big brother.
: Ugh... Ughhhh...!
: Now then, we got off topic for a while, so let's go back to the explanation of the killing school trip.

: Wh-Wh-What do you mean, "killing school trip"...?
: Isn't it obvious? You guys are going to kill each other!
: Kill each other...I see...

: Wh-What are you saying!? That's impossible!
: Well, don't you think it's kinda lame and boring that you can't leave the island unless you all get along? So I'm changing the rules!
: If you want off this island, then please kill one of your friends! And then, make it through the class trial without getting caught!
: ...Class trial?
: That's right! The class trial is the real charm of this killing school trip!

: If one of you gets murdered... The surviving members must participate in the class trial! At the class trial, there will be a showdown between the blackened killer and the other spotless students. During the trial, you'll present your arguments about who you think the blackened is. The outcome will be decided by popular vote and if you arrive at the correct answer... Only the blackened killer will be punished. The rest may continue their school trip. However...if you choose poorly...then the one who got away with murder will survive, and the rest of you will receive your punishment. As far as the class trial rules go...that's all there is to it!

: Which means, if you kill someone and make it through the class trial, you get to live and leave this island. However, if you are found guilty during the class trial, then you will be punished.
: Puhuhu, it's a familiar but simple rule, right?
: You...keep repeating that word "punish" over and over. What's the deal with that?
:'s an execution!
: E-Execution!?

: The pleasing punishment that follows the class trial! This is one of the perks of the killing school trip. Puhuhu, what sort of spine-tingling punishments will we see? I can't help it, I'm already getting excited! There may even be some unique punishments, like impaling you through the head with a Thingamajig Claw!

: Ahem, any method is fine. Popular ones like bludgeoning, stabbing, strangling, and poisoning... To shooting, beating, running over, burning, bombing, slashing, drowning, electrocution, crushing, cursing... Please, choose whichever killing method you prefer. No time limit, so you can kill as you please... It's an All-You-Can-Murder Buffet... A theme park of murder...
: That's what this killing school trip is all about!
: ...!

I clutched my chest without realizing it. With each beat of my heart, a sharp, stabbing pain coursed through my body. I didn't understand...what was happening to me.

: D-Don't gently caress with me...
: Th-That's right! Who on earth would kill someone?
: I'm not ordering anyone to kill. Whether or not you kill someone is entirely up to you.
: But be careful! Youth doesn't last forever! It'll be too late if you guys wait till you're in your forties to start killing each other!

: I-I don't believe any of this... I don't believe any of this... I don't believe any of this...
: Wh-What if nobody ever gets murdered? Does that mean we'll never leave this island?
: Who knows!?
: Anyway, I'd like for you all to go through with this killing school trip in a healthy and positive manner.

: W-Wait just a minute! Why do we have to do this!?
: Well, it's obvious. There's a reason you all need to kill each other.
: ...Eh?
: Hold on... You've been running your mouth for quite some time now...

: I don't want to get violent, but if I do, I have no idea what might happen!

: What, a fight? Do I need to beat the crap outta that black-and-white bear?

: Who would dare try to kill...? I'll put a stop to it, with force if necessary.
: If you keep saying stupid stuff, the athletes in our group are gonna lose their patience!

: Ah, is that so...? Well, I guess I expected this reaction...
: If you guys wanna do things by force, then I'll have to fight back with a little force of my own...
: Force? What are you gonna do...!?

Music fades out.

: Surge... O gods who dwell between light and darkness... In accordance with our contract, I summon thee now...
: Come forth, Monobeasts!

Click here for a video

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Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Two things not related to this discussion but still important to the LP (well, one of them is) :

First, my Danganronpa 1 LP just went live on the LP Archive and I am very happy right now.

Second, and more importantly, I need to bring up Free Time Events with you all. I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle them this time around. In the first LP, I did events as I saw fit, sometimes at random and other times because I was trying to get specific skills. My explanation for skills is still a couple updates away from this point but let's just say that I don't have to worry about doing specific Free Times for specific skills as much this time around. As such, I'm considering thread votes for at least some of the Free Time events. I know that there are a lot more people reading this LP that haven't played the game or watched it all the way through, so it makes sense to me to allow some form of thread participation and let you all see the events of the characters that interest you the most. It also helps that I don't expect to be swamped by a huge wave of tumblr votes from manic fan communities like probably happened during orenronen's LP.

There are a couple potential hiccups in this plan though. One would relate to my actual process of recording and writing updates. If I allow thread voting on Free TImes, that means that I'll be unable to keep a backlog when Free Times are concerned, potentially slowing down the LP when we get to those points so that I can hold the vote, record the events using the results, and then write the updates. That said I think I have a couple options available to me here. I could either preempt the Free Time Events and hold generic votes at the start of the Chapter or a couple updates before the next set of Free Times to get a feel for who people want to see instead of waiting until the update that precedes the Free Times goes up and then holding the vote. Another option would be for me to make the decision for who to do one or two events with on my own based on either general thread discussion or leftover poll results from the previous chapter. Basically, I would choose a couple events and then you all would vote on the rest of the ones for that Chapter.

Another hiccup is character availability. This game is kind in that unlike the first game, where you could sometimes do a Free Time with someone even when they're not in the mood and not get credit for it, if someone is unavailable for a Free Time you simply won't be able to find them to even initiate an event. However, for a variety of plot reasons throughout the game, characters will come and go in terms of availability. This begs the question, do I make the poll and only list the characters that will be available or do I list everyone and if someone is unavailable but was the top vote in the poll is simply to go with the second highest vote and delay the top vote until they become available once more? I'm not too keen on listing who's available if I choose to post the polls ahead of time to give myself time to write a backlog since I don't want to give away accidental spoilers regarding who is and isn't available due to some story event that happens prior to Free Time.

The last issue I can think of is how many polls to post? My thought was to do one poll per Chapter and look at the highest scoring characters to determine who to visit with. The concern I have here is that if I do it this way, all I know is the top three or so characters and not if people want to do multiple events with a character in that chapter. I think orenronen's LP did one poll per Free Time and I can do that too if I don't mind running lots of polls.

There's really no good way to plan this out. If I do thread polls, I'm leaning towards doing one or two events without a poll (my choice) and one single poll for the rest of the events. There's also the option of not doing thread polling at all and saving myself a small headache. If anyone has any thoughts on this matter I'd love to hear them. Do you want thread voting for Free Time Events? I'm sitting at the Chapter 1 Free Times unsure of what to do and wanting to record again soon, especially since I'm slowly running out of a backlog now.

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Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Well there seems to be a pretty clear consensus that I should just do it myself. In that case, I'll handle them on my own. That said, I'll try and gauge who the thread seems to like the most or is most interested in learning about as we go and do some character events based on that.

Cool. Well this means I can start recording again.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

I've seen lots of strange and surprising things since I first arrived at this island. But still...the phenomenon taking place right in front of me was blatantly out of this world.

: Huh...huh...?
: Wh-Why...did the statue move?
: That's no statue! They're Monobeasts!
: M-M-M-M-Monster!
: No, I just said they're Monobeasts!

The strange thing about genuine surprise is that when it happens, your voice won't let you express it. I...was forced to accept that. The sudden appearance of a monster might be normal in anime and video games... And that's precisely why...I couldn't grasp the reality of this situation...

I couldn't even feel fear. All I could do was stand aghast.

: N-No...this can't be... This is just...too weird...!
: Am I...having a nightmare or something...?
: Kyahaha! A nightmare, he says! He just admitted his brain is a total flower patch!

: Jeez... You guys sure are a skeptical bunch... If something doesn't fit within your narrow notions of common sense, you just deny it outright... How stupid. Ignorant cavemen are better than you all!
: Classifying events according to their genre is a disease of the modern age.
: Everyone! Please stay back! I-I will protect everyone!

: Even at the cost of my own life...I will protect everyone!
: Hurk! ...Huh? What's this? Blurgh... Ugh...
: Ah, I know! This is nausea! Your sickly sweet sense of justice makes me wanna puke!

: All righty then, it's decided! You'll be my example to everyone!


: Wah... Waaaaah...
: Wh-What is that!?
: A-blub-blub-blub-blub... It's only the first stage...and Monomi is already dead...!

: I-Is that a demon...!? Or perhaps it's...a weapon from the future...!?
: Monobeasts are dreadful weapons of destruction!

The sudden appearance of a monster... Even though a life-threatening monster appeared, not a single one of us tried to run away. It's not that we didn't realize it was a monster... We were just...vastly out of our element. We had never experienced anything like this before, and had no idea how to deal with it.

That reality was very lethal at this particular moment.

: Puhuhu... That's right, this is what I wanted. This feeling of despair! Giving an example was totally the right call!
: Ah-hahahahahaha!

Unlike the exuberantly laughing Monokuma, we were completely frozen. As though we'd forgotten to breathe... We just stood there, horrified.

We were powerless... No different than ants washed away in a storm.

: Now then, I believe I've made my point...

: Just so we're clear, you guys can't defy me. If you don't want to end up as fish food, you better not disobey me! Just so you know...I don't feel mercy or sympathy. Cuz I'm a bear, after all. An excuse like, "I got high off this tropical atmosphere," won't work on me at all!

: Also, in addition to the killing school trip, I've already updated the e-Handbook. There, the rules for the killing school trip are written, so you better read them thoroughly.
: Ignorance of the rules is no excuse, either. Well, that's also true of any society, really. Now then...
: Enjoy the remainder of this liberating and harsh school trip! *leaves*

No Music.

After he said his piece... Monokuma and his Monobeasts vanished before our eyes... In truth, I...was horribly tired.

Everything was just so unreasonable... I didn't even care if this was the aftermath.

Everyone else...looked the same... We all had this tired expression on our pale faces.

: Wh-What just...happened...?
: U-Um...Um...
: I-I...just won't believe it... That's it... That's all there is to it...
: I-It'd be one thing if we were up against a human or even an animal...

: What the hell can we do against a monster like that!?
: I-It's impossible... Why is something impossible happening...?
: Well, it's not...really impossible. Those Monobeasts or whatever they're called are machines. Thus, Monokuma must also be the same... As long as they're machines... It means someone made them, and is controlling them.

: Who could be responsible...? Why were we put into this unexplainable situation...
: Hey, who is it!? Who!?
: Aha...haha, it could be anyone. It's not like I believe it anyway. There's no way I'd believe something like that.

: More importantly, are you guys hungry? Let's stop thinking about this and just eat.
: ...You can eat first.
: No matter how confused or upset you are, I don't mind. However, remember this... I don't know who in the world is orchestrating this but... We don't need to be cautious of those machines...or even of whoever's controlling them... More than anything, we must be cautious of...

: ...Ourselves. Being brought to a tropical island with complete strangers, and ordered to kill each other to escape... That creates fear in our minds, and the desire to escape that hopeless our worst enemy.

We looked around at each other's faces... It was obvious from looking at their expressions. Everyone...was forced to admit the truth of what he just said. We had to be honest with ourselves and admit that we also had that potential.

Only a student who kills a classmate can escape this island...

Which means in order to escape this hopeless situation, we must sacrifice a person... However, there's a possibility that a killing may never occur. But... Even I'm no different... So can I be truly confident that something like that isn't gonna happen?

...No, there's no way I can know for sure. In this nightmare of a situation, I don't have the confidence to say that outright. Once you're suspicious of something, you'll start to be suspicious of everything...

Even of yourself.

That's why it felt so hopeless.

That day became a day unlike any other. A day which held a more significant meaning. It was a special day... A very meaningful day full of despair.

That was the beginning.

The killing school trip had begun, and this tropical island was the stage.

Click here for the True Opening!

: You have obtained a present: Fosho Broken Wand.

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Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Jimmy4400nav posted:

Also since I'm coming into this completely blind, I've taken the liberty of making a spreadsheet for a Danganronpa 2 Deadpool.

Here is the link

For all of you who are following blind like I am, feel free to predict which characters you think will live or die by the end of the game!

But don't think about posting in if you know already who lives or dies! Spoilers are unbearable!!!

I like this idea a lot. This could be a fun little betting pool. I know a fair number of people reading have seen part if not all of the game but it would be fun to read unspoiled or newcomer predictions.

In fact, how about we sweeten the deal? If, at the end of the LP, someone manages to guess the survivors correctly I'll put their name into a random pool (assuming there's more than one) and award one or two winners an avatar gift certificate. If no one gets it perfectly I'll award the certificate to the person who gets the most correct guesses.

Obviously, if you know how the game ends, please don't make predictions that would spoil everyone's fun. I know who the survivors are so if I suddenly see the correct combination a lot I'm going to get suspicious. Not to mention a fair number of you have already said whether or not you've seen the game before.

FPzero fucked around with this message at 02:06 on Oct 16, 2016

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Yeah I'll award it to the person who got the most correct guesses.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

I've gone ahead and also added the contest to the OP in its own section. Have fun guessing, newcomers!

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

BlazeEmblem posted:

Good luck to the people guessing. It will be fun to see what people guess just from initial impressions.

Although, you should put in a cutoff. It should be early enough that the game hasn't hinted who will be the first to die, so maybe after the first round of free time is done?

That's a good idea. Once that first round is complete, I'll give 24 hours notice and then I'll ask Jimmy to lock the sheet so it can't be edited any longer.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Double Punctuation posted:

Question about the survivor for FPzero (spoilers for I guess the end of the game, I don't really know):

Are we just considering who doesn't get murdered/executed to be a survivor? If so, I wouldn't know, but if we're being technical, then I'd have to sit out.

The "survivors" are anyone from this cast of sixteen that make it to the credits alive.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

To the person that has predicted everyone will survive, I like your optimism!

Also, a couple people didn't seem to finish their betting. There are a couple blank spots on the Byakuya column and one person only filled in about 25% of their guesses.

I spent some time last night trying to think of any way to make some sort of thread contest that people who already know the survivors can participate in but I couldn't really think of anything. The best I could think of is a separate betting pool for those people who read the first LP and haven't seen anything past what orenronen got to (which I think was Chapter 3 but I don't know if it was Daily or Deadly life). That would allow those who only know partial spoilers for the game to also place their bets. Such a pool would exclude those characters that no longer apply past the point that LP left off at. It shouldn't be too hard to implement; I'd just need to go find the old LP and see where it left off before making such a pool.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not but I'd gladly take some feedback on the idea. Prizes and selection would work exactly the same way. I'd just be likely to post the link inside a spoiler in the OP to avoid people accidentally clicking that one instead of the non-spoilers pool.

No update tonight because I'm taking a day or two to gather some more backlog before starting Chapter 1 in full.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Alright thanks for the point of reference. Hmm... I'm not worried about a second pool being extra workload because honestly, it's not that difficult to set up a simple table like the one that's already been made. Let me think about it a little more and I'll make a decision either before or after posting the next update.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

As I raised my head from the e-Handbook with a heavy sigh... I saw the dark courtyard of the hotel. I sat on the bench, paralyzed with thought.

: Is he...really going to make us do this...?

There was no way I could believe that this was now my reality. Even so...this was undeniably real.

No matter how much I didn't want to believe it, the moment I experienced and felt it for myself... It became undeniably real. a reality that could not be more different from my usual daily life. School, studying, exams, job hunting, going for walks, going to school, riding the train, lectures... That kind of daily no longer mine.

: ...

As I looked up, I saw stars glimmering in the night, covering the sky like a sheet. They looked as if they were about to fall into my hands like fluttering snow... For the first time since I arrived at this island, instead of the night sky I'd grown accustomed to... I saw a night sky that was far too beautiful... As I stared blankly into that night sky, I suddenly imagined those words in my mind.

"The student who murders their classmate will be able to leave this island..."

When we were forced to hear those words, we just stood there silently. Nobody said a word, and eventually... Everyone scattered and vanished.

And it led straight on to the first night. A night so beautiful it enchanted me...

And yet, my heart was horribly upset. That kind of beauty was definitely...far different than my usual daily life.

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: Ahem... Hope's Peak Academy's School Trip Executive Committee has an announcement to make... It is now 10:00 p.m. Nighttime can be confusing... If you're out at night and accidentally meet a killer, then it sucks to be you! But if you're worried about that and can't sleep, I've prepared a cottage on the hotel grounds for each of you. Every single one of you, please feel free to rest in your own rooms. However, before you go to bed, I strongly recommend you lock your doors. You never know who might be planning to kill you! Puhuhu! Bye-byeeeee!

drat...that's ominous...

: ...A cottage, huh...

: We briefly gain control here so that we can find our way to our room for the first time.

: If you'll remember, we have a map of the hotel area. Hajime's cabin is right near the entrance.

: ...
: ...drat it!

As soon as I entered the cottage, I collapsed onto the bed.

: ...What the hell!?

As I screamed silently to myself, I buried my head in my arms. I didn't want to see anyone anymore. I just wanted to be alone forever...

I have nobody I can trust... Because, even if I wanted to trust them...I don't know anything about them yet. The only person I can trust is myself...

No, even I don't believe that. In truth, after I was forced to hear that dumb rule, "You can't leave unless you kill someone"... I realized there's a part of me that really wants to get off this island...

And, at that moment... I let out a scream.


A scream erupted from my mouth.


It rushed from my mouth like water from a collapsed drat.

: AAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!? I have to go through with this...!?

: AAAAAaaaaahhhhh...

I began to lose my voice, and it faded entirely not long after. What followed...was silence.

No, not complete silence. I heard the faint sound of crashing waves in the distance. As if the waves were murmuring into my ears, "This is no longer the world you knew..." And once again, I buried my head in my arms.

Why am I here? What am I doing here?

I forced my eyes shut. I wasn't tired or anything, but...I just wanted to sleep, if only for a short while. I wanted to put an end to it all. And if, by chance, I managed to wake up the next day... It would be awesome if I was back to my normal life.

With these meager expectations, I fell into a light sleep...

: Ahem... To those of you who purchased "Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair"... Thank you very much. To those of you who are borrowing "Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair" from a friend... You always risk losing friends when you borrow their things, so you should buy your own copy just to be safe.
: And to those of you reading a Let's Play of "Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair"... I hope you're enjoying it so far.
: Now then, it's been a while since the main story started... So I'll give the keynote address right now! From now on, I promise you'll be charmed by this world! It genuinely deserves to be called a true game! So...make sure you get excited, and immerse yourself in the heart-throbbing action to your heart's content!
: Now then, until the very end, please enjoy this game to the fullest.

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: Ahem... Hope's Peak Academy's School Trip Executive Committee has an announcement to make... Gooooood morning, everyone! Looks like today is gonna be another perfect, tropical day! Now then, let's show some enthusiasm and make sure to give it our all today!

: ... definitely wasn't a dream after all...

I was forced to acknowledged that yet again...which put me in a bad mood from the get-go.

: I guess for now...I should go outside...

: No, no, no! You're not allowed to go out!
: M-Monokuma!? Why are you here!?
: Hey now, don't be so worried. I'm here for fun reasons!
: Fun reasons...?
: I want you to find my stuffed animals.
: I got ahead of myself and made too many.

: But I thought it'd be a waste to just throw 'em away so...I've hidden them all over the island.
: They're scattered all over various areas, so you just go right ahead and look for them all!
: Wh-Why do I have to do something like that!?
: Cuz I said so! You can't say no! I've already hidden one of 'em in this room, and I won't let you out until you find it!
: Gooooood luck! *leaves*
: Dammit... That selfish stuffed animal...!

: So before we start looking for this hidden stuffed animal, let's have a quick look at our e-Handbook. This is the first opportunity we've had to look over everyone's Report Cards.

: The Report Card screen gives you a general overview of everyone's Hope Fragment progress.

: Each individual student's page gives various details about each of them. New to this game are Likes and Dislikes for each student. In Hajime's case, Kusamochi and Sakuramochi are two different types of Japanese sweets.

: Hajime's page is unique in that it also has a few gameplay statistics on it such as our Level, EXP, Influence (HP) and Focus (Concentration ability). It also tells us our current SP. And yes, had I taken one more step I would've hit Level 7.

: You can also equip skills through a separate page on Hajime's card instead of only being able to do it in the Trials as the first game did. As you can see, we have none currently. Where do we get skills from? I'll get to that in a moment.
: Before that, here are the Report Cards for everyone else:

: So where do you get skills? Just click this Usami icon.

: Danganronpa 2 makes the majority of skill acquisition nice and painless. Those Hope Fragments that we collected during out introductions? They're essentially a currency that we can spend on any skill we want which eliminates the hassle of practical and useful skills being locked behind Free Time Events as they were in the first game.

: This actually allows first-time players to get the skills that are helpful to first-time players without getting lucky and happening to pursue someone's Free Time Events all the way to the 4th or 5th event.
: In addition to the 20 or so skills in Usami's shop, there's incentive to get all of the Hope Fragments from someone: When you get all six, you receive a unique skill from that person as a reward.
: I haven't decided what I want to buy yet but I wouldn't be surprised if I have a similar skill loadout to what I had during the first Danganronpa LP. I'll be taking care of skill purchases offscreen. When a trial comes around, I'll be sure to detail what skills I've bought and equipped.

: Back to the game. We need to find this stuffed animal. Let's begin by looking around the room.

This pretty comfortable...

Monokuma contacts us through these monitors... I really want to break it, but who knows what would happen if I did that...

: I guess...I gotta leave it alone...

This room has a lot of windows... They probably wanted it to feel tropical and open. Well, this isn't really the time to be grateful for that...

What is this...? It looks like a shelf... I feel like I shouldn't put anything here...

There's a room for showering beyond this point. It's pretty large and it looks easy to use, but I've never really felt comfortable showering.

: Well, it's this kind of situation after all...

Wherever I go...there are surveillance cameras all over the place. It pisses me off to think I'm being watched by a lunatic... But there's nothing I can do about it...

: I think we've found it.

: Just to make it a challenge, Hidden Monokumas do not show up through Observation.

: Every Hidden Monokuma gives you 10 Monocoins.

: Good job! I've also left you some Monocoins! I'm so generous!
: These coins can be exchanged for fabulous items at the beach and the Rocketpunch Market. I've also hidden the stuffed animals in other places too, so do your best and look for them!
: If you find them all... Surprise! Surprise! *leaves*
: I'm not actually sure what the surprise is for collecting them all. I didn't manage to find them all on my previous playthroughs. I could look up the reward but I think I'll just find out when we get there. I'm gonna make sure to get them this time!


: Never mind...I should just go.

This is where the Monokuma plushies are placed... Putting stuff like this here without my permission...

: Alright, let's get out of here.

: Uwah!
: ...Oh, it's just you. Don't scare me like that.
: I-I could say the same for you...!

: B-By the way...did you see them?
: Ahhh man...not good... What the hell are they...? Definitely not good...!
: Wh-What are you talking about...?
: The bridge, you know... Remember that bridge at the central island?
: Did something...happen to it?
: No poo poo! Why the hell else would I be here!?
: Th-Those monsters are in f-front of the bridges... They're...they're blocking them off...

: They're not monsters. They're Monobeasts.
: The Monobeasts are the guardians of Jabberwock Island. They're making sure you guys don't think about ignoring the progression by going to the other islands. *leaves*
: ...If those monsters are his's better if I don't get close to them.

: annoying...I can't stand this anymore...
: H-Hey! Get a grip...! Your face is...getting weird...
: I can't... There's no way I can get a grip. We're gonna get eaten by monsters. There's no way I can enjoy vacationing here now...

: Hey, what's with all the noise?
: And I came all the way here to get you both, but if you're going to call me a monster...
: ...Eh? You're here to get us?
: I was told to come get you because we kept waiting and you two never showed up... Everyone is waiting at the hotel restaurant...hurry up and join us. *leaves*

: Everyone's waiting at the restaurant?
: Ugh... Whatever, man...I don't care...I don't care at all...
: H-Hey! Where are you going!?

...That's what I tried to say, but Kazuichi sprinted away like lightning.

: ...I guess I'll head over to the restaurant.

: Generally in the mornings we can find a few people around the pool. Today, though, everyone's in the restaurant.

: Now, there's an entrance into the restaurant from this pool area but it's generally a good idea to go in through the lobby.

: See, you can usually find one Ultimate Gamer hanging out at the arcade machines every morning...

: Huh? I thought everyone was waiting at the restaurant?
: ...
: I thought I'd get some gaming in until everyone else arrived...
: But...I guess I should get going, too. *leaves*

Playing video games all morning, huh... She truly is the Ultimate Gamer...

: Next time, the restaurant meeting.

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Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Alright I've made a decision. There will be a Spoiler Betting Pool for those people who followed the original LP and would like to try and guess who survives the rest of the game from Trial 3 onwards.

Do not click this link if you were not someone who read the original LP because it spoils who dies up to Trial 3!!! (Link is inside the spoiler)

The rules and prize will be the same but when the LP is over I will draw from both pools separately. You don't have to worry that I'm going to combine them together and accidentally give someone in the Spoiler Pool an unfair advantage by virtue of them having to guess fewer characters. You'll be able to find the link to this Pool in the OP in the same section as the other one.

Good luck with your predictions!

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: You're late, Hajime...and where is Kazuichi? I thought you were together.
: He...ran off somewhere.
: Huh? Where?
: Well...he pretty much said he was...running away, but...
: Running...but where?
: There's nowhere *to* run anyway. What a weirdo.

: However, after what we witnessed yesterday, his behavior is understandable.
: Eh? What do you mean? Did something happen yesterday...? I don't remember anything happening. And even if I did, it looked totally fake anyway.
: Yep yep, not worth remembering at all.

It'd be a lot easier to deal with all this if I could just deny it outright like that...

: So? Why have you gathered us here?
: Not yet...not until Kazuichi arrives.
: Ah, wait a sec... That means the reason you told us to come here is...
: Oui! Apparently Monsieur Byakuya has something to tell us!
: Really? What?

: Obviously, we're here to discuss our strategy for defeatin' that monster!
: Th-There's no way we can fight that thing... I has heavy weapons and everything!
: A bold boast... However, let me give you some advice.

: The truly not raise their voice so recklessly.
: Hey, hey! Let's start talking already!
: Hmph... This is probably some lame attempt to make us feel better or something...
: Don't make me repeat myself... When everyone is here, then we can start talking.
: Aw, jeez! Fine! I'll just bring Kazuichi myself, then! Everyone wait here! I'll find him and bring him here, even if I have to tie him up! *leaves*

: Mmhmhm...I'm s little jealous now. Getting tied up by Miss Mahiru...
: Maybe I should run away, too... JUST KIDDING!
: Disgusting moron...
: Now then...let's have breakfast while we wait for everyone.

: Let's eat!

The moment he said that, he started wolfing down the pile of food in front of him...

: Um, where did that food come from anyway?
: When I arrived this morning, it was already here.

: Ah, they even have crab and shrimp!?
: Crab and shrimp are such a pain to eat. I hate them as much as I hate Mikan's ugly, stuttering face.
: M-My ugly, st-stuttering face...?
: That's it! That's the face right there!
: Wh-Why...are you being so mean!?
: Heh, heh, heh... You're the kind of girl that bullies just *love* to torment, aren't you?
: You should stop now.

: Ah, I got it! Teruteru prepared this food, right?
: Mmhmhm... Unfortunately, it wasn't me.
: You see...the food I make doesn't taste as lovely as this does.
: This is bad? Tastes yummy to me.
: *Just* yummy...right? Compared to the world class dishes I make, a dish that tastes "yummy" would still be considered poo poo...

: In fact, even comparing them is out of the question! Comparing MY dishes to this lowly peasant food, how rude!
: H-Hey... Don't take it so personally...
: I'm just saying, if you guys ate my food, you wouldn't be able to control yourself.
: What does that mean...?

: Well, let's just say your jaw wouldn't be the only thing that drops!
: In fact, your panties would drop, too! Like the black thong Miss Peko is wearing, for example!
: You creep! How do you know about that!?

H-He guessed correctly...?

: *heavy sigh*

: However, if Teruteru did not prepare this food, then the one who did is...
: Could it have been Monokuma!?
: ...Is it safe to eat food cooked by something like that?
: That's why I'm tasting it for poison, to make sure it's safe for consumption.

But you don't need to eat that much to check it for poison...

: Okay, thanks for waiting! I brought him!
: Hey, straighten up a little more! Shouldn't a man like you be embarrassed to walk like that?
: St-Stop...don't pull... You're gonna rip my sleeves...
: Kyahaha! Even though you look all flashy, you're actually a big coward!
: Are you gonna be okaaaay? People like you are usually the first victim, you know?
: I-I just wanna go home alreadyyyyyyy!

Music cuts out.


Female Voice: AAAAAAH!

: What the...!?

: no no no no! I-I-I tripped!
: C-Can you even call that tripping?
: How in the world did you end up in such a...compromising position after tripping!?
: Well, it certainly makes me happy! I'm veeeeery happy right now!
: Noooooooo! I'm so embarrassed! P-Please help me!
: Awwwwww! She looks so adorable when she's embarrassed! It's sooooo moe, I'm practically snorting with joy!
: W-We should help her up!

: M-Mikan...are you okay?
: Ugh... My head is throbbing a little, but I'm okay...

Your head's...definitely not okay.

: She's beyond being just a clumsy girl. That fall of hers was like a magic trick or something...

: Anyway...everybody's here now, right? Then let's get going...
: Since...I'm getting sleepy.
: You're right... Though I am not quite ready to stop eating breakfast, I should begin my talk.

So, it's finally starting... That took waaaay too long...

: Once again, we can talk to everyone before talking with Byakuya to get extra conversations. The only conversation worth showing this time is with Akane.

: ...Can I listen while I eat?
: No.
: But I got all this food on my plate!
: Hmph...
: What the hell is he scoffing about...?

: Such a cluttered, vulgar way of piling food. There's no semblance of theme or principle on this plate...
: But most you honestly think *that* is a large pile of food?
: Wh-What'd ya say!?

: Let me say this... Do not even think about copying what I do. This much food is beyond you lowly peasants... I'm the only one who could possibly eat this much food, for I've overcome the hardships of the past...

The hardships of the past...? With his confident attitude, it doesn't suit him at all to talk about stuff like hardships.

: Hey, I can't just ignore somethin' like that!

: Akane, you shouldn't... If you attempt an eating competition, you'll ruin that perfect figure of yours!
: Why you... Do you have any idea how much money I spent sculpting my physique?
: Are you telling me I need to lose weight!?

What are these guys even fighting about?

: Let's get on with it.

: First, I have a question for you all. That Monokuma thing ordered us to kill each other... So under these strange circumstances, what do you think we need right now?
: Tch, who the gently caress knows? Get to the point already.
: If you want me to get to the point, you better hurry up and answer my question.

: What do we need? We need food and sleep, obviously. Right?
:'ve forgotten about making GBS threads...
: Which means the answers are: a good appetite, a good night's sleep, and a good poo poo!!!
: ...Does anyone have a real answer?

: Could it be...a bond?
: Bond...?
: This is what I believe... As long as the Ultimates work together, there's nothing we can't accomplish...

: You'll all be able to create a hope that can overcome any despair. That's why...if we want to escape this island, we need to promise each other that we'll work together!
: Wow, he said that with a straight face! How is he not embarrassed?
: Ah...just as I figured. That was kinda lame, huh?
: However, he does have a point. That must be why Monokuma is enforcing a rule that will cause us to be suspicious of each other.

: I see... That was a pretty good answer. Since it's impossible to face our enemy as individuals under these circumstances, we must fight as a group...
: However, what we need to achieve that solidarity is not something as easygoing and optimistic as a..."bond."
: Then...what?

: What we need right now is a disciplined leadership, provided by an unmistakable leader!
: I see... Even sports teams need captains, after all...
: Rejoice. I shall accept the position.
: ...Huh?
: Now then, I'll wrap up this introduction, and let's move on to the main question.

: Wait just a second!
: ...What is it?
: Wh-What did you just say...? I don't care how you excuse it, you're being too forceful! Deciding to be the leader all on your own...and why does it have to be you, anyway!?
: Who is more fit to lead other than me? I am the Ultimate Affluent Progeny of the Togami household, destined to stand above all others.
: S-Seriously! I'm telling you that attitude of yours is too forceful!
: ...Mahiru, please wait. It's true that Byakuya may be a little forceful, but given our current situation... I believe it's a leader's duty, under circumstances like this, to be forceful to a certain degree...

: That may be true, but...if we just need someone who can lead people, then even Sonia can...
: No, perish the thought. I am merely a figurehead.
: Well...he must have the qualities of a leader if he can accept the role under these circumstances.
: If everyone's okay with it...I'm okay with it, too...

: Then, I guess we've made our decision... Don't worry, as long as I'm the leader, I won't let anyone become a victim.
: I will guide you all! That much, I promise.
: Kyaaaa! Soooo reliable!

It's true he's reliable but... I'm a little surprised... I didn't think he was the type of guy who'd say something like that. I expected the "Ultimate Affluent Progeny" to look down on us like we're bugs or something...

: Now then, let's move on to the topic at hand, for real this time... I have something to show you all.
: ...Something to show us?
: It's at Jabberwock Park at the central island... Come, follow me! *leaves*

After saying it so bluntly...Byakuya turned and left the restaurant, stomping his feet along the way.

: J-Just as I thought...he sure is forceful...
: Jeez...we may have made a mistake in choosing him as the leader... *leaves*

Though everyone made similar complaints, they all followed Byakuya out of the restaurant...

: Before we go, Gundham and Akane are still here.

: My Four Dark Devas of Destruction! Let us venture to the end of the earth...Jabberwock Park...!

There's no need to shout. Just hurry up and go already...

: Ya don't hafta pay attention to me, just go...! I'll catch up with ya soon...!
: ...You don't seem so persuasive when you have that look on your face.
: I can't help it... When I...get hungry, I lose most of my energy... Sooooo...!

After she said that, Akane ate the entire pile of food on her plate in one gulp...

*Scarf-snarf-glormp! Om-nom-nom!*

: Man, that was good.

You ate so fast I doubt you even tasted it...

: Ugh!
: Wh-What happened? Are you choking!?

: C-Crap... Now that I've eaten a little, I'm even hungrier...
: ...
: Jeez... Byakuya better finish his talk fast. Cuz once he's done, I'm gonna eat as much as I can! *leaves*

I guess...I should go for now.

: Next time, the park.

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Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Well, I have some bad news. My capture card, which I use to record this LP, has died. Or at least, it's no longer functioning well enough for me to record anything for longer than about 10 seconds. This obviously leaves me with a problem, not just for this LP, but also for the other one I'm doing right now.

I'm not happy with the prospect of dropping ~$150 on a new card. Putting aside the other LP, I think my best course of action would be to spend $30 and buy this game on Steam and continue from there. (Too bad i didn't take advantage of the sale on the two games recently.) The only downside is that I won't have access to my complete save files any longer. That throws a wrench in my plans for doing Free Time Roundups during the LP unless I play the whole game again offscreen and do no Free Times the whole game, leaving me with a completely blank School Mode.

Whatever my choice, I need to make it soon because the next update is the last one in my backlog. I was trying to record more today when I made this fun discovery. Tomorrow's planned update might only be posted on Saturday so I can space things out a little more and establish a new workflow for recording from PC instead of console.

I'm rather annoyed right now.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

I may have jumped the gun. As I type this, I'm currently recording a test video on the pstv home screen, having just done an 8 minute test recording on my Wii U. I don't know what necessarily caused the card to stop working, but I looked at Hauppauge's website and found an update for the Capture software that came out a short while ago. Installing that and rebooting my system appears to have fixed my issues for now.

I'm going to hesitantly say that the LP is back on. Sorry for the confusion and mixed messages. Let this be a lesson that you should regularly update the software you use for LP.

I hope to get another few updates recorded either tonight or tomorrow night. I'm happy to have this fixed in time for this weekend since I have a couple days off classes for Fall Break.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

I better hurry and follow after Byakuya... He's at Jabberwock Park, I believe.

: Before we leave the hotel, Kazuichi is hanging out by the gate. (I've been informed that I apparently missed extra dialogue in the hotel lobby from a couple other characters but this update was recorded way in advance of learning that. Oh well.)

: What are you doing? You should hurry over to the park...
: Wah!

Didn't this same thing...happen last time, too?

: Hajime! How many times are you gonna surprise me!?
: I just spoke to you normally... Anyway, you should hurry over to the park.
: Shut up... I'm going back to my room... Seriously, this is all just one big hassle...
: Argh! Dammit! Seriously, if we're on a tropical paradise then why are we in this situation in the first place!? Isn't that right? Isn't a vacation supposed to be nothing by lounging around and sipping coconut juice!?
: R-Relax... Snapping at me won't change a thing, okay?

: Hajime! It's decided! You better come to the beach with me later!
: Huh?
: For coconuts, dammit! I saw some big ones that fell onto the shore! I haven't figured out how to split 'em open...but once I do, we're gonna have ourselves some coconut juice!
: You can't just will a coconut open... Just give up and get some coconut juice from the supermarket.
: Argh! You just don't understand! Fine, be that way! I'm never gonna ask for your help again! *leaves*

...He left. I hope he goes straight to the park. Now then, I should hurry too...

: On the Central Island, we can see for ourselves that the Monobeasts are blocking the gates to the other islands.

That strange Monobeast is blocking the bridge...! I shouldn't carelessly approach it...

: ...For skinny people, you're awfully slow.
: It are just too fast for us.
: J-Jeez...I never expected a fatso like him to move so fast...

: So...what's supposed to be here?
: "Here...?" Really...?
: Hmph... If you haven't noticed it yet...then I was right to dismiss you all as idiots.

Wh-What is...that...?

An obviously out of place object, placed in the center of a peaceful park...

: It looks like a clock, but...something seems off... It's...counting down...!

: Was this here when we came last time?
: No...I'm pretty sure it wasn't!
: I found it this morning...when I was exploring the island one more time. It's unknown...when it was actually placed here...

: Monokuma must have placed this object... What does this countdown even mean?
: Hmm... I have no clue.
: Mmhmhm, once again, something has appeared that I don't understand... But it's got nothing to do with me. Because I refuse to believe this is happening.

: Could it be...? It better not be a bomb!
: A b-b-b-b-bommmmmmmb!?
: If they wanted to blow up the island, they would have done so by now. There's no need for a countdown...

: Then...what are they counting down?
: It's a mystery...
: ...A mysterious mystery, isn't it!?
: Kyah!

: Kyaaaah!
: M-Monomi!?
: Wh-Why are you here!?
: I heard everyone while I was patrolling, so I came over...

: No, not that... Didn't Monokuma kill you?
: Ah, so that's why you were surprised?
: Pfft, hehehe! You don't have to worry about that! After all, I can never die!
: I see... You must be an undead abomination, risen from the foulest depths of the Netherworld by black magic...
: *Gasp!* Do you want me to make you my thrall!?

: Monomi's a mechanical stuffed animal, right? Doesn't that mean she can't die in the first place?
: Now that you mention it...she'd only need like, a spare or something.
: "A spare"... What a mean thing to say!
: However, you have arrived at the perfect time. There's something I wanted to ask you.

: What is the meaning behind this timer and this countdown? Answer me...
: Huh? Countdown...?

: Ha-wa-wa! What is this!?
: ...U-Um... I'm sorry... I...don't know what this is...
: (By the way, the numbers flicker back and forth randomly whenever this object is in view so don't read in to the fact it says 90:43. Next frame it could say 13:65 or something.)

: You really don't know...?
: I-I'm sorry... I don't really have a grasp of what Monokuma is up to...
: You don't know, even though you're Monokuma's little sister.
: I'm not my brother's little sister!

Did she accept the role or not? Which one is it?

: A-Anyway...let's all do our best! Let's kick the evil Monokuma off this island!
: If you don't know what the countdown is for, you're useless to us. Get lost.
: Um... Let's...together...

: I said get lost!
: Kyaaa! I-I'm sorry! *leaves*

: Um... Perhaps you are being a little too harsh? I am starting to feel sorry for it...
: Miss Sonia! May I call you Miss Sonia!? No, I insist on calling you that!
: There's no need to feel sorry for that thing. She's obviously working with Monokuma.

: Who the gently caress cares about that stuffed animal...? More importantly, what the hell is that clock?
: Looks ominous, doesn't it... Who put that object here, and how did they do it in just one night?
: Hmm...I can't imagine...
: Which means it doesn't make any sense! Also, it's deadly!

: However, that's not all that's unimaginable... This island is full of mysteries that we can't begin to imagine... For were the sixteen of us brought to this island...?
: I wasn't trying to think about that since it's been bugging me too, but...he's right. That *is* a mystery.
: There's more... Why is Jabberwock Island, which was known for being a popular resort destination, now an uninhabited island? There is no sign of tourishs or even citizens on this island... Is something like that even possible?

: All civilizations are destined to collapse... Nothing begets existence...and existence begets nothing...
: So it...collapsed?
: Society is much like fruit. Once it matures, it is inevitable that it will eventually rot. As the economy grows, the private sector stagnates as elders and bureaucrats become more and more powerful... As time passes, this power becomes the status quo, and crushes the seeds of any possible reformation...
: ...Such a sad trend.
: Mmm, I don't really understand all that, but I feel like the situation here is somewhat different...

: Maybe...the Monobeasts killed everyone on this island?
: And that's how it became uninhabited!?
: That's a possibility, but...we don't know that for sure.
: This mystery remains a mystery, it seems.

: Grrrrrr...! It's like everything here is just full of mysteries!
: You're right... It's mysteries on top of mysteries... However, since these mysteries are overlapping with one another, I doubt some no-name group is behind this...
: Wh-What are you trying to say...?

: I mean...this situation we're in is undeniably the work of some enormous organization.
: ...Enormous organization?
: Monomi, Monokuma, the Monobeasts... They're all machines that require major technical skill to operate.

: Plus, they'd need a ton of funding. And there's no way those things were made just for the hell of it...
: That organization might be controlling these machines and monitoring the island with those cameras...
: Could those fiends be hiding on this island?
: Not likely. They're probably running this from somewhere else. Somewhere safe.
: Where would that be...?
: I don't know... Anyway, there's no mistake that an enormous organization is behind all this.

: I see, a big organization, huh... I can't imagine what kinda people they could be...
: Well, let's see... There's my Togami Corporation...Sonia's Novoselic Kingdom...and the Kuzuryu Clan... It would definitely have to be an organization as powerful as one of those groups, if not more so.
: Huh!?

: I'm used to being mistrusted... Do what you will...
: Hold on! I don't care about you or the Kuzuryu Clan, but I won't allow you to doubt Miss Sonia! Miss Sonia is a hot blonde princess! There's a sharp distinction between her and you punks!
: Yeah, yeah... Just shut up already, loser...
: L-Loser!? Are you talking about me!?

: It's obvious from your flashy clothes that you just wanna stand out because you're actually a loser.
: Hehe... It must be hard to make your living in the Lam-rear end Loser Industry.
: Too far, dude! That's going way too far!
: Hey, Byakuya... Were you serious just now? About this being related to your family and Sonia's and such...?
: I'm just using them as an example. I'm not saying they have anything to do with this.
:'re certain that we're up against a huge organization, right?

: Even if such an organization exists... Why would they make us go through something like this?
: Whatever. How long are we gonna keep talking about this? Why don't we talk about something more realistic?
: Our enemy's purpose is still unknown... As long as we find out who's behind this, we'll learn their purpose.
: So what we must do now is find out who our enemy is. If we do that, we'll be that much closer to a breakthrough. Luckily, according to the e-Handbook, we are free to explore this island...

: There will definitely be a clue about the enemy on this island somewhere. Let's start looking.
: All right! Let's get this crap done!
: ...Uh, what're we looking for?
: ...Akane, were you even listening? We need to find clues that will tell us who our enemy is.
: No problem... No matter how large this organization may be, they will not be able to stand against us...

: They are destined to fall and turn to ash at the might of my Four Dark Devas of Destruction!
: Wow! Hamsters came out of your scarf!
: Tee-hee! They are so adorable!
: say...?

: ...Th-Thank you.
: You're pretty happy about that, huh?
: Look at that guy talking to Miss Sonia all casually... I'm definitely gonna beat the crap out of him later...

I don't get it. In this tense situation, we all need to be a lot more cautious... And yet, I'm relieved everyone is in such high spirits. It's strange, but...I feel like I can rely on them. This...must be what it means to have the confidence of an Ultimate...

Then...what am I? Am I...confident enough to call myself one of them? ...drat it...I still can't remember... What talent am I supposed to have!?

: ...Anyway, let me just say this. There's no time to think about something as foolish as killing each other. You must do what you have to do. Observe, speculate, recognize, comprehend. Even if it seems impossible...just persevere. But most importantly, follow my lead. I'll make sure to return you all to your normal lives.
: This is your leader's order. Understand?
: Uhaha! That's, like, TOTALLY awesome!

: That right hand of his is soooo plump. I've got the perfect nickname for him: Ham Hands!
: H-Ham say...?
: Hmph... I never thought I'd see the day when someone called me something like that...
: ...Huh? Why aren't you getting mad?
: Why would I get mad at something as petty as that...? She observed me directly and thought up a nickname. There's nothing dishonest about a name like that...

: Perhaps...I've always yearned for this. Though it may seem ironic for me to realize that in this particular situation...

He's...totally monologuing right now.

: Don't worry about it. I was talking to myself just now.
: I-I see...

I don't really get it, but...I guess this guy isn't just some overconfident, narcissistic jerk after all. Despite our situation, he's mysteriously calm. He might just be a reliable person after all...

: All right then. We should listen to Byakuya and not waste our energy thinking about pointless things! It's true that we're not in the best situation, but it's also not the worst.
: Because we're not alone. We have friends we can count on to support each other.
: Seriously? That sounds so lame!
: Ahaha, I knew it. I was thinking to myself just how lame I sounded for saying that.

Friends, huh? Until now, I never really thought about friendship. That sort of thing seemed embarrassing. I never would have thought about it in this situation... No, actually, it's more like...*because* of this situation...

In the end, we never solved the mystery of the ominous countdown... But without losing heart, we all went back to the hotel.

Believe in your friends, huh... It'd be difficult to believe in them right away, but it'd be nice if it could happen a little at a time...

Huh. If I'm starting to think like that, doesn't that show I'm making good progress?

Now then, there's no reason to hole up in my room and stare blankly into space. Since there's'd be a great idea if I went ahead and talked to everyone.

: I know it's sudden, but it's time for a brief tutorial. During the school trip, there will be moments called Free Time. During Free Time, you will be able to strengthen your friendship by spending time with the other students. Also, if you give them a present afterwards, you might make an even better impression. You can obtain presents from the MonoMono Yachine and the vending machine at the supermarket.
: When you strengthen a friendship, an intimate event is activated and added to the Report Card. Also, if you show any Hope Fragments you've gathered to Usami via the Report Card, you can gain new skills. Feel free to strengthen your friendships with as many people as you want.
: Also, when you spend time with someone, time will pass and you will return to your cottage afterward. After passing the time several times, your Free Time will end and you will continue on to the main story. By the can skip Free Time by resting in your cottage bed. Although I don't really recommend it...please use it if you want to just continue the main story right away.

: Free Time works almost exactly like it did in the previous game. I'll have a more detailed explanation of its mechanics next time.

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Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

I am aware of them, yes. I touch on it next update, but my plan is to view them during the main playthrough if I have the items at the time. For the ones I miss, I'll show them off as bonus content towards the end.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Yeah the only reason Monomi wasn't in the poll was exactly that: She was "dead" at the time of its creation, so i didn't want to call out her "reveal" even if was pretty obvious. I could add her but I don't want to have to make everyone go back and edit her in. I may or may not count the Monokuma column when the time comes since the students are the real people we want to know about. It's still fun to speculate.


serefin99 posted:

Well poo poo. Thanks for giving me a heads up, even if I am just now seeing it.

I don't know if you changed it yet but the box for Byakuya is still not filled in. Make sure you're pressing Enter after putting in the prediction to make sure it's saved to the spreadsheet. My guess is that you might originally have put in your prediction and closed the tab before committing it to the sheet, which wouldn't have saved it.

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Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

serefin99 posted:

Frikkin' A... Thanks for the heads up, as well as for telling me how to make sure it gets saved. I swear if it still doesn't work after this...

You're all good now!

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: Welcome to Free Time. We have two Free Times allotted to us right now, but before we can do them we need some Presents to give as gifts. And in order to get Presents, we need Monocoins. The only way to find those we know of is to locate those Hidden Monokumas, so let's get searching.

: There are five Hidden Monokumas in each Chapter. They aren't all available at the same time, and some can be missed. Additionally, they disappear between Chapters, so if we miss any of the five in Chapter 1, we can't get them any more without replaying chapters.
: We've already found one in our cabin. The second is located at the Airport.

: This one can be found riding around on the luggage conveyors.

: Each Hidden Monokuma gives us 10 more Monocoins.

: The third one is at the Market.

: Hiding behind the aisles is number three.

: That's all we can find for now, which leaves us with 30 coins in total. Much better than the 15 you could find at the start of the previous game. Let's buy some presents!
: In Danganronpa 2, there are two locations to obtain presents. The first is this Vending Machine.

: One option to obtaining presents is to buy them from here. It doesn't offer all of the presents, but it offers a decent selection of various generally well-received items.

: At the bottom of the list are some very expensive gifts. Each one of them can unlock a special bonus scene at some point during the game, like how unlocking the bathhouse scene in the first game was contingent on having a specific present. Now, I'm not planning to buy any of these because they also drop randomly from the other presents machine. Also, we've already missed one scene. I have no idea how you're expected to have the item for it by now. My plan is to show off any bonus scenes I miss at some point during the game or as part of an Extra Content segment at the end of the LP.

: There is now a new palm tree on the beach. It's actually the second location to get presents.

: This is the Monomono Yachine. No, that's not a misspelling on my part. No clue what it means. It's basically the same machine from the first game.

: Adding coins up in the top corner will allow you to roll the dice and get a present. The more coins that you add, the less chance you have to get a repeat item. I generally prefer to just put in one coin at a time and get a large quantity of presents as opposed to trying to get them all.

: That's all there is to it, really.

: Though occasionally you'll get a Lucky roll which gives you a free gift.

: So begins our Present collection. This game is pretty nice in that any new presents you find are called out with NEW icons and pink bars on the side. It helps if you are going for all-presents completion. Anyway, that concludes my explanation of how to get presents. Now it's time to do Free Times.

: If you're somehow unfamiliar with Free Times, they are essentially one-on-one relationship-building events with the other students. As I've mentioned before, each event will give you one Hope Fragment, and finishing all of one student's events will give you a special skill. It's in your interest to do all of the Free Times the game offers instead of skipping them.
: There will be times when some students are not available for Free Time. Unlike the first game, this game won't allow you to start events with characters who are unavailable or not in the mood. This means that if you can find a character, you can do an event, end of story.
: The thread had an informal vote that I should handle all of the Free Time Event selection and choose characters as I see fit instead of leaving it up to a thread vote. I'll be doing that throughout the LP, but my plan is to also gauge thread reactions and try to see who a majority of posters are interested in getting to know better. Since the majority of skills are no longer tied to Free Times, I don't actually have any long-term plans for who I want to visit with.

: That said, I'm pretty sure most people are probably curious what's up with Nagito and Byakuya. Byakuya is an obvious choice considering, well, he survived the previous game, so what the heck is he even doing here? Nagito is also a curious figure, reminding a number of people of Makoto in more ways than one. So let's meet with them both. We'll start with Nagito.

: Byakuya is very reliable. As expected of the Ultimate Affluent Progeny.
: With everyone working together under such a splendid leader, we'll be able to overcome any difficulty!

What should I do? Should I ask Nagito if he wants to hang out?

> Invite Nagito to hang out

: Then let's do what we can, just as our leader ordered us to do.

I spent time with Nagito today looking for clues. Nagito and I grew a little closer today.

> Definitely!

: Here's where our presents are useful. Every present we own can have one of five invisible ratings with each individual character. The ratings, as I've chosen to name them, are as follows: Terrible, Bad, Neutral, Good and Amazing. If you give a Terrible or Bad gift, I think the Free Time opportunity is lost entirely (I've never tried giving presents like these to people because I admit to using a gift-giving guide). If you give a Neutral gift, nothing happens right away and you're given the option to give a second gift. Both Good and Amazing presents will start the Free Time immediately but with different positive reactions. Amazing presents in particular are usually related to the character and their personalities in some way but otherwise don't give added benefit over Good presents.

Earring of Crushed Evil: An earring created by the legendary home tutor. Crafted from silver and gold into the shape of a wing. The gold is said to increase luck, while the silver is said to accumulate luck.

: don't know how to say this, but...
: This is the first time I've ever received a gift that made me this happy... Thank you.
: This game does not have a reaction from Hajime as feedback for how well-received the present was like the first game did with Makoto. It's too bad, that reaction was a good way for me to separate the reaction dialogue from the Free Time itself. Instead, I'll go ahead and mention whether the present was Good or Amazing, since I don't intend to give Terrible or Bad present and I shouldn't have to resort to using Neutral ones at any point.
: This present has a Good rating for Nagito.

: Hajime...are you feeling sick?
: Huh? No, not at all.
: I see...then it's okay. I thought you looked pale or something. I thought something was worrying you... Ah, but it'd be weird if you weren't worrying in a situation like this.

Nagito is laughing in a carefree way. But seeing him laugh like that was enough to distract me from my worries.

: Wh-What? Is something wrong?
: should I put it...? I was just thinking about all the ways you've been helping me so far. Th-Thank you...

: No...I haven't done anything to receive your thanks. But...for someone like me to be useful to you, and to even receive your words of gratitude...makes me happy.
: You're being too hard on yourself.
: I talent is just having good luck. It's not like it comes from hard work, and it's not like I can use it to do anything amazing. Regardless of how lucky I am, or if that luck even exists, I'm just too unimpressive to truly matter. Haha, unlike you guys.

Why do you sound so happy about that?

: It's possible that my talent might be more meaningless than yours, you know? I mean...I can't even remember what it is.

: That's not true! I'm sure you have an amazing talent! I mean...if you didn't, you wouldn't have been accepted into Hope's Peak Academy.

Somehow...when I see the way Nagito doesn't doubt me at all, I start to believe he's right. He really does help me in so many ways...

: I know. If you'd like, let me help you remember. Let's see...a talent that suits Hajime...

: What about the Ultimate Serenity?
: Which part of me did you look at to come up with a title like that...? Is that even a useful ability?
: Hmm, I'm pretty sure the ability to bring serenity to others just by being there is really amazing... Let's see...
: What about the Ultimate Clumsy Student?
: Well, considering that I suddenly forgot what my talent was, that might be fairly accurate...

: Then...what about the Ultimate Scatterbrain?
: Don't go that far... I don't want an Ultimate talent like that...
: Hey, don't take it seriously. It was just a little joke! Hmmm, then...
: How about the Ultimate Spiky Hair?
: That's not an ability at all!
: I know, right? Hahaha!

: But it's going to be fine... I'm positive you have a talent that's brimming with hope.

Jeez...he's totally messing with me... But thanks to him, my feelings are lighter than they ever were. Could it be...? Was that his goal all along? If so...maybe he's a good person after all.

Well, I guess it's too early to say. I need to get to know him better from now on. I hope we get to understand each other better, even if it's just a little bit at a time...

: After each event, we're rewarded with one Hope Fragment and Hajime returns to his cabin.

It's still bright out, and I've still got some time left... I don't feel like doing nothing, so maybe I should go somewhere.

: Next, we're going to meet with Byakuya. Our map shows where everyone is. Looks like Byakuya is poolside.

: Why did the organization behind this matter kidnap us...? I'd like to think about it...but there just aren't enough clues.

What should I do? Should I invite Byakuya to hang out?

> Invite Byakuya to hang out

: Very well, I was just starting to get hungry from overthinking.
: Let's eat something light... Follow me.

I spent time with Byakuya today watching him eat an obscene amount of food. Looks like Byakuya let me get a little closer to him...

> Definitely!

Cod Roe Baguette: This thin load of bread is stuffed to the brim with butter and crushed cod roe. A perfect fusion of French and Japanese cuisine.

: You have quite a rare item there... Even a noble such as myself has never touched something like this... Interesting. I'll be keeping this.
: This present has a Good rating.

: ...Hey, Hajime. Let me ask you one thing.
: Huh? Me? I don't really mind, but...
: There's something I've been wondering for a while, and I'd like to purge that question from my mind...

: So let me ask you! What is your body fat percentage!?
: ...Huh? Well...I don't really know the exact number. I've never had it checked before...
: Never had it checked before...?
: Are you saying you have no intention of understanding the ratio of fat stored within you...!?
: I swear... This is why I dislike commoners.

For some reason...Byakuya's mood seems abnormal... I'm starting to think I've actually done something wrong...

: However, just by looking at you, I'd say that you're a, maybe an eight...
: Regardless, it's probably around one digit.
: Be grateful this is a tropical island. If you were somewhere less hospitable, you'd freeze to death.
: I-I see...
: Anyway, you still can't remember what your talent is...?
: Y-Yeah...not yet...
: I see... However, there is no need for you to be depressed about it.
: Huh?

: ...What's with that face?
: Nothing, I just thought I was going to get yelled at again...
: Hmph, how foolish. Do you really think I'd get mad about something like that? A person like me has a responsibility to watch over you weaklings.
: long as I'm here, it doesn't matter what your talent is.
: As long as Byakuya Togami is in charge, you will all know peace.
: I-I see...

His personality is so overwhelming...

: The Togami Corporation is famous worldwide, but it will grow even more rapidly under my command... You should feel lucky that someone as talented as me is here.
: Just believe in me. If you do, everything will turn out fine.

I-I don't really understand, but...he's extremely confident. So this is Byakuya Togami, the Ultimate Affluent Progeny...

: Just make sure you don't get in my way. A commoner should know their place and stay put...
: However...if there is anything troubling you, I don't mind if you rely on me. *leaves*

After saying that, Byakuya gallantly strolled away. He was being pretty condescending, but he doesn't seem like a bad guy... I feel like...I got to know a little bit about Byakuya.

*Ding dong dong ding*

: Eh!? That bell just now... Could it be...!?

: Ahem! Hope's Peak Academy's School Trip Executive Committee has an announcement to make... Hello everyone! The fun time you've all been waiting for is about to begin! I wonder what festivities await you? ...Oops, don't wanna ruin the surprise! It was a little "meh" at first, but anyway, please gather at Jabberwock Park!

: Did he just tell go to the park? It's the middle of the night... What's he up to?

I suddenly had a bad feeling about all of this, and goosebumps sprung up all over my body.

: If we're not allowed to defy Monokuma...then there's no way I can ignore this, right? Which means...there's nothing I can do except listen to him. drat it! What is it now!?

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Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Alright, I'll be closing the Dead Pools in about 24 hours time. If you haven't made your predictions yet and you want to participate, now's the time to get those predictions in!

Here is the link to the No-Spoilers Betting Pool.

Here is the link to the Spoilers Betting Pool.

Happy predicting!


Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Oxygen Deficiency posted:

Who is this Ben? The secret 17th student? Mastermind?

I never even noticed that. I wonder if it will be that way in all future Byakuya Free Times.

Yeah, DR2 is not as well edited as the first game was. I've been silently fixing misspellings and the like during updates if they appear. I'm not sure what could've caused the increase in english text errors over the previous game. Maybe it was the fact the first game's Vita released came out in early 2014 and the second game something like 6 or 7 months later.

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