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dont be mean to me
May 2, 2007

I'm interplanetary, bitch
Let's go to Mars

Oof, last-reply-on-the-page update. Dang.

1B - Stop loving up. Seriously. Nisa is too big of a deal to gently caress up gracefully anymore. ... I can understand the impulse to apologize, but seeing as how the dolphin seems to be more worried about us than itself, I'd rather use the knowledge of our mistake as a cautionary tale for ourselves than apologizing for it as a salve for our conscience.

2D - Figure out a way to let Zoni know that someone other than Manos knows she exists, and that Nisa is down for a summit meeting. Being the ocean and having access to what Oracle knows, we can figure out some way to add a mutation to some common life form that does nothing until it runs into where Zoni is or was, and then leaves a message that is recognized as little as possible by anyone else (certainly not enough that it's a tell for anyone else), but speaks volumes to her. Speaking of which.

3C - obviously Nisa will have to pull that information from Oracle, and she might as well request a whatever-scopes-are-relevant-to-her security briefing while she's at it. I see no reason this has to be mutually exclusive with talking to anyone else, though.

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I ride bikes all day
Sep 10, 2007

I shitposted in the same thread for 2 years and all I got was this red text av. Ask me about my autism!

College Slice

1D - Follow the sympathetic link between the dolphin and his pod. Give both groups a subtle desire to travel in the directions that will lead to them reuniting.

2D - There exist a reality in which Nisa rapidly expands her sea life to scour the oceans for the target, no doubt at huge cost to the ocean's ecosystem. Look in on that reality, see where Nisa found the target.

3E - Disassociate from human concerns. The last human concern is vengeance, and even that is secondary to simple safety. God doesn't need friends.

Jun 17, 2007

Toilet Rascal

1C Being this powerful means never having hosed up in the first place.
I ride Bikes' 1D. Skip the hard work and exploit the result.
3E Write the news. What I will shall have happened.

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